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What Does God See In You; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 8, 2015 12:30 pm

What Does God See In You; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 8, 2015 12:30 pm

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Jesus many I would pump there's lots of reasons to be excited. One of the main reasons I'm excited is venues back with as many were so glad everyone will like. Thank it's great to be is great that we missed you and it's great to have you back in so we got to for the five of us here today.

We got there, Robbie and me in and well now and the admitting that we are still missing.

Denniston says and thinks he's got going on.

So were looking forward to when we can get him back to being here with us as well, but I know he's here with us in spirit and today were to be talking about the Scripture that comes from Samuel, one of the samples first one to him that him anyhow not Sandman but Samuel yeah yeah the good one and so have Al read the Scripture here in just a second or have Robbie read. It is out and bring his glasses with him and refreezing from Samuel that I think that's the first Samuel 16 seven first, it is the best one now and so what is the first Samuel 16 seven but the Lord said to Samuel do not consider his appearance or his height at scary casino. For I have rejected him.

The Lord does not look at the things people look at people look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart so there's a sure thing scheduled we planted RC with underwater Sam for letting me that's a familiar passage. How often we take time to really let it sink in it.

We live we let it sink in.

When we think of David and Ali say that to this is talking about is her looking at who God wants to be king, and so they bring all David's brothers along the way that to be looked at in and God doesn't want any of them for that particular position, and they think David which would be the least likely to be picked out of that family. According to Scripture the way and so you see that your sick table. That's was saw something in David, obviously, but what's good seeing you what's things that he sees inside you when he looks at you is that a comforting thought. Interesting thing about you not to me. It's fascinating that he picked me to protect my family. You know Robbie is the guy for Tammy and Mariah and Robbie and Tessa and Leslie. Obviously he saw something there that you know was capable of having a unique position to be the head of that particular family and I'm like wow really picked me and it kind of goes along with our first crypto cell because I think if if the if the world was looking at the right person to protect them all. You know, in the in case of really terrorist coming in and trying to take over a whole bank. They probably would look at the exterior appearance of possible art like this, boy short here this guy just doesn't have what it takes I may need falls out of the second because of no insulin shock and in others.

Just as in the guise it isn't so lonely here little bit more about Walmart pop art all life next year. I just shows the cracks of the heart will always protect you issue a citation for the job will you get a laugh at the house is jelly what is a block. You brought up the point before the clip that if you looked at the outside of this person especially when you're watching a movie you really the skies not be able to do this right that come with the Scriptures talk about its exact and if you watch the movie, which I have and I thoroughly love. He is protecting his daughter and his would-be girlfriend that he's, you know, that's a lot of what's going on and you see his heart engage in this, that in spite of the fact that he's clearly not capable. You know he he is wholeheartedly in the role of trying to protect these people at his mall etc. etc. which is cool to think why turn it back on my own life that God saw that in me for Tammy for Mariah for you know my family in spite of the fact that on the outside. I'm sure there's I have a lot of talk Paul Barth -like characteristics. It's definitely something to think about is for me is you.

I see myself anywhere near the way God because society and the enemy comes at those things and tries to make it all about appearance, about how other people perceive you and less about what God sees me don't really ever hear that other mission on Sunday morning, potentially, was in a show like this talking about the topic.

What does God see when he looks at you and said is that a profound thing for you guys to think about is what is it really that God sees when he looks at me, which I think is a particular employment thing for many right this minute because I know you one of the many big things in life is always been to protect his family to be there for Nancy and now you find yourself in a completely different place, but apparently God still thinks you're the man I'm glad he does because who else can I have on my side, that would be better than God. Yeah I I am the type of man that I want to protect my family and whatever it takes, that's what I'll do, but I find myself now that elderly age looking towards God for the answers and I find my solace in strength and prayer. Me and Nancy both of us. I don't know I have been here for weeks but I have gone blind and Nancy is blind and hard of hearing and now isn't that a combination I don't know whether to go buy a piano and saw something in a vice.

But he put it on me to accept what he put on me and the love even more. My family, so I'm very very very happy that you know when I wake up in the morning. Now everything is dog and I can tell morning from night, but I can tell my life you know that's easy enough.

And we just make up our minds that was the best with what God has given us. That is really easier than most people think smog dude.

I'm finding that but I'm sure everybody has a story like mine, and it's all how you want to handle it is not. No crying in your beer. I'm sorry for the via boat all you Baptists out there that is the saying, however, just get up and do what you gotta do what you got most of the time, but God is in your heart and that's God's wish and he puts it, you gotta do is use it so but doing okay with God's help.

I couldn't do it out as a know that it would be easy though to let the enemy take a little bit of truth and make that become seem like the biggest truth in your life and make it a try to please him these lies. I know that the truth is, you can't see like he did, but the enemy like you to believe that that means you're not effective and I can promise you you're probably a lot more effective in some ways like he said in prayer run event and will in a long time. You've always been a very faithful warrior and prayer man wants what's been unleashed now in use somebody that has the opportunity to pray and spend time with God even more intentionally yeah I just have a lot more time to do it in that's okay with me and not it's getting better and better and I realize that no I think I told my buddies here a half-hour ago that I do like to play in the dog and I feel like I'm alone with him and is just listening to me and no. I want all of his attention will now he's given me all of this attention 24 hours seven days a week and I think that makes a better person and why cry over spilt milk and I will just keep on going and I don't believe I really do believe that God is sand upon my shoulder and he's telling me you're not finished yet. So you now reach over and grab a show I had a really kinda quiet. There is food. We come back really talk more about starting to yourself, the way God sees you how to do that, you start to have those eyes. God has towards you is more you might be led to believe from some sermons out there is more to the story. What the Scripture really tell us about who you are and him back Robin Roberts as a news anchor. I asked tough questions, athletes, business leaders, even the president. So here's a question for you. You have the power to save a life with you.

I have a chance to survive because my big sister answered yes my marrow donor.

You can go to sure to someone with the disease like leukemia cells. What will your answer – technology available engineer with over 200 sectors is altering design is beautifully formed with the resistant reliable, astonishingly high performance even the most challenging of circumstances is also the finest search technology. There's nothing else quite like a search dog be part of the search Google search on to see how you can help in Nairobi. I'm looking at me saying that the Holy Spirit within the yet was in my signed it was that there was some sparkle there is a veteran and do some of the point were talking about today God's eyes you are beautiful. But that's not what the world would want you to believe not necessarily individuals in the world are some of the world as it, in the sense of one of our enemies in the world standards the things that the world looks at me and what were talking about today comes in first Samuel 16 seven but the Lord said to Samuel do not consider the parent his appearance or his height. It's good for you out. I have rejected the applicant thinks people laugh when you're in script short people not give a reason the lab during Scripture.

You're one of the few people I'm taller than I got a start that over and try to be serious with the Lord said to Samuel do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at people look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart is when God looks at you. What does he see it is that hard for you to answer probably where does your mind go. This does he see you as a sinner saved by grace, what's true.

You are a sinner saved by grace, but as a how God sees you. Is that how Jesus even sees you well. I know that Scripture Jesus talks about seeing us as his friend. I know that God talks about seeing us as his beloved children through Moses.

Things are true. There's a deeper truth underneath that that's what were really talking a lot about today is you have any talked a little bit earlier about he's in a season right now where he's blind. But what does God see that he sees an incredible warrior that's fighting like he always has, just in a different way. You know when you're fighting away right now that's phenomenal fighting for the hearts your family fighting for the hearts your friends. I II wonder if any has any idea how encouraging it was for us to have him come into the studio and and not only calm but he came engaged and when he shared in all his prayer revelation of, you know, when he sold three years that he loved to pray in the dark and and now he's seen that God's given him an opportunity to to really unfold at its it's phenomenal what that does for my heart, and also because that's the season of life that were all headed towards where in our physical abilities, whatever they may be. You're gonna diminish. Maybe you have other abilities like Hobart, we all have we all have things that the world would look at and say there's limiters there you not perfect. That brings me to a clip as we try to do that is going to go to the club to listen to a a clip that's from a group called the soul project and when I looked at them online. This this one video they had was tremendous by confining else from inside of it, so I never did.

But it was really pretty good and pick up in the middle of this little bit longer segment of the lady talking about who she has her name is cat McKenna pick up in the middle of it is she talks about who she is and the fact that she's not perfect story is someone releasing strange and nine I'm not silly. I will soon come after you. Not perfect.

Well, eventually. Okay eventually we became a bit earlier with the question, what does God see when we look to you. What does God see in your heart does he see the lies of the enemy tries to get you to believe. Now I think we could look that said no he doesn't see that that's probably not have a season's busy see you as a sin you committed. God talks about that your sins are cast as far as the east is from the west right so got 30 dealt with that he brought. He sent Jesus to deal with that washes away so God's not going to see you through that land.

So what what how else does he look at you. How does he see under the that and who is that person that's there now. The reason I came years and I can poke funny how they act, not now, not now, maybe a little bit it's not over yet you tell little bit of the story of how you wake up every morning.

Well I will preface that when I came from Robbie's cube today I went to go find Robbie limiting our air and he wasn't there but as I passed the key.

There was little sign that says it doesn't have to be a perfect day to be a wonderful day and I think the same thing is true for people.

You don't have to be a perfect person to be a wonderful person and I look at you Sam. That's right, but when I wake up in the morning and I think that goes back to my relationship with God as a father.

Jesus said pray like this, our father, he said on the way the truth and the life. No one gets to the father except through me. It's constantly father and I will look at that instant when I wake up I had this father-son. It's kind of at home is giddy kind of excitement. The first thing I do is I just look up and out point, you know, like love you, love you man but more I love you because I'm going to do my Bible study the next hour and 1/2 is me reading the Bible, which pray and and it's with somebody that I absolutely love it's somebody love to share time with them in my prayer I feel that love in you know the rest the world and come down but as long as I get that time.

I'm happy and full of joy but would you feel that way if you felt that God saw you at the highest level as your son. I did not feel that way at all.

When I viewed myself through the sinner's eyes when you look at yourself through God's eyes will ask him to reveal his love for you, you who he see you as it's a whole other world. I mean, I spent a lot of my life afraid insecure and angry when I was fathered by God in our beloved friend Todd Clark when I heard him give that dog a completely changed my life. It turned me around. It was the same thing when when Robbie came up, I never meant flyfishing.

He came over and offered to let me use his fly rod to teach me how to do it like something came alive in me that home every time I've been to a boot camp he came alive and that was father come after me saying I know what you like, as I put you together that way. And these are things that I like to. That's why major like that. So we have these things together in a don't fall into the trap of looking at yourself through human eyes through anybody else's eyes or even your own eyes asked father to reveal to you what he sees in. If you know why he came down you know he's crazy about you, put you together for a reason, so he can spend time with you and that's love. When you listen to the clip the. I'm not perfect. Anything that I like about listening that I've heard it a few times, obviously in is affected when she looks in the mirror. That person truly didn't change that reflection didn't change how she saw that reflection changed when you see yourself differently.

Everything else changes probably when you see yourself differently. Is it that you treat people differently. That's an amazing kind of thing. This is because of what I'll describe the father's love and I bought into a bunch lies before I started in this well I'm still buying into a bonsai world were on the Morgan process world and on the back in working on a Mac, but those lies have me thinking poorly about myself when I can reason through those and spend time with the Lord, and he breaks those chains and those lies come off and I can love myself more than all of sudden I'm in a position to forgive more of what other people do which then puts me in a position to love God more than brings me back to me where my reflection is changing. It's like the circle that the bill makes nicely described a couple weeks ago on my show that you know we love God more. We love ourselves more. Forgive ourselves more forgive others more love others more in a circle. We we keep going spiraling out. It's a wonderful journey. So how do we encourage ourselves how to we could encourage others to go see ourselves more like God sees us. Robbie, how are you going to go see yourself more like God sees you a row I have some incredibly important that if we emphasize enough for any can't have networks but just last week and we were in a conversation you know after the show and in a discussion.

I was talking about how I viewed my brother is a better husband and my son you my brother loves his wife and ways it is just it's incredible in because I have a very dear brother named Sam… Me goes, Robbie. I'm sensing agreement here that and as soon as he told me that you see the love of my brother showed me something that I needed to work out with Christ and the next morning because I have the time I cow you know Vinnie's it's at night.

You know I got a chance to go there and work through that and saw that I was taken on a lie that was affecting my whole marriage was effective a lot of things, but because of the band of brothers and in how God is working on my part that there's freedom that's the solution so you can walk with others. So would you do if you don't have others luck with God you always have him and see good him it's a good covenant silences that's a good how do you see me through the condemning voice of the enemy don't hear the world's and father's loving voice when he tells you how much he loved much he delights in you and let yourself live in that is in your world and everyone else's will be different

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