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Embarrasing Moments (What's God Telling You?)

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 23, 2016 12:30 pm

Embarrasing Moments (What's God Telling You?)

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 23, 2016 12:30 pm

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Jesus makes masculine money losing life feels more like a losing battle than something, request no decided about the topic they share with you. I'm in the studio with our good Sam and Alan Ginny, and you may recall were hoping you listened last week last week show.

If not, by all means go to management and get the podcast last week show. We talked about what do you fear that that would be of mass community radio that's concerning That's why there is so here's the thing we talked about fear and what it is that you fear and how that may be a change in your particular armor is interesting thing that fear leads to post and sometimes telling a fib or two in those could leave to one of life's embarrassing moments one of those moments where you're exposed for what really is going on and so as we examine exposure today that we can all embarrassment or awkward word right and so that's where were going in one of the most awkward scenes. We found a movie with you got admit this guy was posing just a little bit with his future father-in-law and got caught up in a few stories and next thing you know he's milking a cat versus you must have vegetables fresh is a not growing up on a farm that goes on a farm many times and try no no no effect. I should clarify this and actually grew up in a farm per se house that we grew up and was originally erected in the early Dutch farm colonial style, so that was a lot pets which wanted you milk them.

He said he pumped milk Account account. Once your story. My sister had a cat and the cat birthed a litter of kittens is been 30 and there was this one little runt. This little sweet little, little engine that could run who could want to get up there and couldn't really get access to the Philip to the teat teat. What have you.

I went in and just simply no until the saucer and then took the saucer and fed it to Geppetto. So I named Geppetto a cat you can milk anything with nipples.

I have nipples. Greg could you milk me. Perhaps course, that's what happens when you start down the browser to Rachel. You can find yourself exposed and when you find yourself exposed what it you know it's an interesting thing as Todd would say may be a time to check under the hood.

You know if it is we think about our own, you know, exposure stories, I can just share one real quick is the Christian car guy you know sometimes I take questions and and sometimes I don't have the answers to the questions and everyone's well you don't want to admit that you don't have the answer question, but this sometimes you think you have the answer the question you don't have the answer but a lady called in with the Jaguar and she had a skip in the engine and she was telling us in a Robbie it's got the skip and bought a bottle and sitting across from an actual technician that works on cars every day of his life. Not that I don't know a lot about cars but I don't know as much as he doesn't. Bill Kratz is an easel Carolina poblano service. I said well that may be on your spark plug wires. How many miles on the car, and she's and Bill quickly tells me Robbie that model Jaguar doesn't have spark so total exposure right there you are with one of those embarrassing moments and what does that tell you about her situation out what was going on inside Robbie's head. At that point, other than pure. I got my beer from all the people you believe me ask you how did you play it off would you do right after that when you're exposed. I probably laughed, knowing me. I said well there you go. That shows how much I know see and that's it's how you react.

A lot of times the defined you with all fall into those situations, but how you react really defines how you feel about yourself and I like to share similar story but not about me about my son, Josh. We were to 10th Ave. N. concert New Year's Eve at liberty University in that the lead singer says the word grace and have a beautiful song about race.

My son hears it he starts screaming job but is the only one in the arena and what he did not hear was the sentence leading up to it. The sentence leading up to was. Is there anybody that ever felt like they didn't need grace or want grace or what did know what to do with grace, struggled with grace and my sons like in the lead singer goes word the whole vine sinner turnaround is look at my son and he just bust out laughing because it didn't hit him with what he'd said and what he had done.

But instead of being embarrassed. He laughed because he saw the humor in that and that to me was one of the greatest moments I've seen greatest examples that don't try to oppose your way out of it or play cool. He just laughed it that he's is this human is anybody else sure.

I wish I had just had a great night it was your son yet was in okay well and so you know that's that's one kind awkward moment where you find yourself in a story that they've gotten too far off, such as the Story, but it here's another situation and I think we've all been there.

We don't have enough money in our checking account to meet certain obligations, whatever that may be, and how can you set up this clip forms because this is really embarrassed is a great movie to TD Jakes movie on disk from not easily broken.

And this is a situation where the wife is an architect and the husband is a general contractor and his wife is trying to sell one of her plans to a group of people that she, I think there there church folk people she knows people.

She deals with friends and in the midst of that she offered to take the check in her husband's eyes get huge because there is a very expensive restaurant during the limited limited income and let's see what happens next. To check your prescriptive life you know anything Chris puts her mind to us and be successful.

So you all impressive but more importantly, of the general contractor and ensure your prescriptions from a professional level project.

My approach would approach in a way that actually work on a moment of the smaller family constructs. This is no place in so I think I'm sorry but your card has been declined.

Please, nice music, yes, that's if you've ever been and I have it's a scary situation and the Vinnie and in your experience. Back in New York back in the day and what is that mean back in the 30s and 40s and 50s. So maybe when you know before a situation and sometimes you are put in a position based on your friends and family that you worked around of collecting money and Robbie there I go, so you find these people in the situation where if you got a story yeah they're all will you got me there was plenty of them situations when they didn't have the money to get another pay their obligations.

But the did you say you played with it, but I'll okay well I borrowed the bat from I'll and we went to play softball instead of just to be friendly. Robbie get me out of this. So somebody that they have a line like you. At one point in time you actually bought a lot and now they're sitting there and they're trying to get to got a bad situation here. They're all very very nicely. Truthfully most of them will be an honest with me when we got they were young with families and children. I had a soft thought, but I had no that was the my job is to go get the money know how did a pretty good rivalry.

Yes, that explains those situations like we are right now.

Yeah, the other sometimes you know there's different types of embarrassment, old English thinkers embarrassment to you bring on yourself like when you're posing I think there's just when you misspeak times and in I think that people can get confused on on really what were talking about a man I think about a time when I ask a lady very well meaning you when the baby was due and she said she wasn't pregnant, you know that that was a very embarrassing moment I and I still think she looked like she was pregnant but that was just me and that's not necessarily. I guess it could time to that.

It's what you do with that. On the backside and so I think that you know we have the embarrassment that just a situational where the embarrassment that we kind to like you heard from Greg from the movie put in the health and yeah and then and from the other movie date. They kind of put themselves there and then assist embarrassing situations that occur yeah absolutely at him as you were saying that I thought about my 25th high school reunion. I went back and some friends that I really we were good friends and we are in high school and one of them. It said, and I saw him and I will and I met his wife, and I said so is this the girl you met with you in Chapel Hill because everyone And I'm like what and I said and he said no. I would Like to state this is same girl and I thought well we really don't know which is Colleen and you've got an opportunity to listen tomorrow right after these messages to messenger the radio that large sampling here for messenger new radio show partial often focuses on healing and freedom expounds her walking more intimately with father.

I know no one wants to see a counselor, but often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help return to my friends and seasons of the heart catheter experienced counselors and help find healing through the father. For more information on seasons of the heart masking her new radio that's messenger new no magic to our madness and that is what my help us out. We find ourselves in the awkward, embarrassing moments, either for someone else and how we can call them out and into their glory around God come through or in our own situations and so out that particular music really has a message there for those who might find themselves embarrassed you think so because the gentleman that wrote it before he died he wrote chamber music, and he toured his chamber music.

He was sick but is chamber music tour throughout Europe. Opening night he got a 20 minute standing ovation. A standing ovation. Throughout for people who love chamber music.

He was a great orchestra leader composer but he also had his rock music. He surrounded himself with the best musicians but he wrote songs that nobody else whatever income was. People didn't get him and his name was Frank Zappa and he was never embarrassed because he knew who he was. He was comfortable with his skin and that was his identity. I think the important thing for us is that when we do make a mistake. That mistake doesn't define us. Everyone makes mistakes.

It's how we react to that mistake that defines and I think that there's times when our focus becomes what other people think that embarrassment takes on a different view.

Then if I'm really grounded in what God thinks right or or what I know God thinks of me in on that makes a big difference on how I'm going to react to that situation.

It's still embarrassing. Yes, you know there's still embarrassing times does it have a long-term effect on you or is it just as there are laugh at it and it's gone. I think that directly has to do with where you are in this identity thing so often we hear people want things perfect or they become controlling and there's a wonderful plaque down the. The office area of the studio. It says it doesn't have to be.

Things don't have to be wonderful or am sorry I missed that whole that's embarrassing it things don't have to be perfect for it to be a wonderful day and to me. I love that plaque because you know when we accept it. Things are to be perfect and we can start enjoying better and this next clip we have is Reese Weatherspoon. She is not quite accepted the fact that she is in perfect and so she's got she's got an appointment with an analyst, but she is a little too embarrassed to really go there and what happens is absolutely remarkable from another angle of this that we were talked about after you listen to what happens to poor grease and the analyst so strengths and successes is difficulty standing stupid question is this general thing that you found in years to generally trailing situation. It's a great question. This is what you want to learn how to ask for is that you came here which was hard for you so hard. So you think you are right so much in that clip out it blows me away that the wisdom that's involved in all that's transpiring. There is no love that clip and that is a wonderful clip free to bring. I'm glad you did in. I love the fact it he recognizes her frailty and her embarrassment and he calls out her glory in your you talk about that so often, but there's we have to do that. We all have that frailty, but even more so to be on the lookout for people's vulnerability and to be able to call out their glory. When you see that moment coming.

I think that's that's also a good lesson for us concede he speaks to her, you know. You're stronger than you think and then he gives are actually some phenomenal wisdom just for all time to figure out what it should what it is that you want and then figure out how to ask for. Those are good things to ponder and I think it's a phenomenal cool thing to ponder and I've enjoyed it many times to take to God like God. What do you call me your dog what you think about me right now. What youth you know and and so you figure out what you want from you and then you gotta figure out how you ask it that's it's a phenomenal thing and it it can change your life right they can, you know, and I think that there's times the even if you been fortunate were God, you have been able to hear God not that he's not been trying times. We just don't always have the ears to hear, you know, we don't let ourselves be quiet enough to were really here that's still small voice and he'll also be very gracious about reminding you of things.

It is told you before and I'm always amazed that it seems like it's the first time I heard it and you have the back and say yeah you remember this and it really helps me to get re-grounded in that truth. And when you can be grounded in the truth that only God can give you this, other things tend to kind of wash off your back a lot easier to play a little game you know monopole is complete. Sam here and ask the question that nobody was ready for, but there are a lot of these lies most embarrassing moments in the Bible and as you think through Bible stories of like low that's awkward how about let's just throw this one out there so all is King Saul. Not Saul of Tarsus, but Saul, King Saul and he's been told he supposed to kill King Goggin's post to take out the Amalekites and he supposed to keep the ship Hill all the sheep and so you know Samuel comes up to him and says, in an installed complete pose mode goes all praise God, you know I'm listening to that of the and not a praise the Lord and Samuel says why didn't you do with the Lord said all I've done everything the Lord commanded and then Samuel says what's this lowering of sheep awkward. I mean it.

History changes right there with that particular comment. Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. In no Woody because right then he realizes you may lie to me, but you can't lie to God and now I see who you really are and you can find that either. And that's that's once we get to that point where we can be authentic with God then we change because we don't when you put God first and you develop that relationship and that authenticity, then the rest the world doesn't matter as much and as you think on Sam one that's not really an embarrassing moment, but it kinda is when you look back. So when Solomon is talking to God and he says you know what would you like if I give you anything he says about wisdom seems like a wonderful answer doesn't. But when you think about what his father said what his father want more than anything.

He just wanted to dwell in the house of God.

The rest of his life. Without speaking of his father. There was a sort of an embarrassing moment just just a little bit Nathaniel showing up and he gives him the story about the she is neighbor with the sheep that you only had one sheet yeah but the rich guy next door.

He took his sheep and and and what you gonna do it and the Nathan points the finger at David, you are that man and you are that man.

I watched think with me a minute about here. Saul and this is his sin and he gets confronted with it and here's David and his Saul continued to go down from the point in time. He is found out the David actually repents and and and I think about the two situations and here's where I see hypocrisy versus authenticity and sincerity in and Saul's case, it would appear that he's regretting that he was busted. He's regretting he messed up that he can. He is no longer King he's done this, but what David and it's clear in the Psalm that he wrote what David was upset about was. He knows he broke God's heart and sincerely it's only against you, Lord, that I sent.

This is I've hurt you. I've hurt my father with what it is that I've done and so as these embarrassing moments come about in our lives. I can't help but wonder as I find myself there many many times being who I am that God's given me an opportunity to seek sincerity in a way to repent versus you know busted.

You know here that the guys gotta take the check or whatever the situation is and those are those are challenges that we all face and opportunities as we find ourselves in that awkward moment right now. Absolutely, you know there's a joke in my family that when I get flustered or am extremely tired. My communication goes down to one or two words but now that we all know it. My sons, they will just pick it me when I just give the one-word answer in the they're going the wrong direction. Not all I can do is say the same phrase of the same word it in now with the authenticity.

I know had the communication we laugh to we cry when I have that problem. It's that we know it's it's no longer a family stressor. It's a it's a moment of humor and a transition or something else that is on all our hearts today is we have really phenomenally wonderful announcement to make. Today we have boot camp April 28 through May 1 that I got a just tell you I don't know of a single experience short of my own salvation that I have had with God that impacted my life more then the boot camps that we pretended about you sent.

Absolutely. You know good and I had the pleasure of attending some in Colorado summon the areas in Danville, Virginia. They were all very good and each time God had something in store for me there. That was really about restoring some peace in my heart are helping me understand identity are helping me pass the wounded place for stepping more into a role he wanted me to play. There's always a gift waiting there into a part of that excitement of bringing one to a new area that hasn't been in the Mount Airy area is really exciting and and will be rolling out more about that and let you know it's time to register on the website. Discounts all ask of you think about April 28 through May 1.

This is gonna be awesome but there's so much of this camp is called the old Vineyard will and now just go to mass or if you want to go to? I live contest or messenger enumerating other

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