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The Adventure of A Man; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 13, 2016 12:30 pm

The Adventure of A Man; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 13, 2016 12:30 pm

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The Masculine Journey
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Jesus many life is like a losing battle when something very vertical. I would about you, hope you okay thank you as you listen to the interest is attitude. You expect the just the intro talks about every man's heart is a great adventure but life doesn't always feel that way to visit a clip here just a few seconds on that working to be talking about the topic of adventure and how sometimes it's really taken out of context and God designed a man's heart for it, not just only adventure but not absent of adventure either sort talk about this topic because we have something coming up in April don't probably at some adventure is venture which would be what another boot camp another boot camp which is April 28 through May 1 and it's going to be a very new location of very cool location actually to be named later. But it's a very nice place will be going to with lots of activities.

Beautiful, beautiful setting out there and so were to me how an adventurer and me talking about this topic as part of the core desires of man's heart is. Over the next few weeks really talking about right. So we have these base talks that we do a good camp in Lagos talks actually opens up the boot camp is recorded desires of man's heart to get them to begin to ask God to come after them.

In this adventure that will be on obviously. April 28 through May 1, but the way the things really happen if the boot camp as we have an opportunity to talk about them having a chance to interact with God on the adventure and open their hearts to what adventures he would like to take them on that. Maybe they'd missed out on or and let their heart, fall asleep on the issue of network will talk about that we are in over the next couple weeks. We talk about the other core desires which would be albumin within the core desires there would be the adventure yes and he remembers I battle to fight in beauty to rescue neither risk thank you I appreciate you throwing your welcome so I can be of assistance.

Thank you for working to go to a clip right now about a million says you know what's really wrong with my life and he discovers he was probably made for a lot more than the way he's been living in this is from wild hogs. Wonder what you really had such great plans for my life my work venture, suburban, Dennis would never overturn job all night say so just said is Robbie Al or Vinnie need to steer this guy's voice is finally discovering something really missing in his life.

But there's more that was meant for his life to be is that we we hear that all the time and the boot camp where that's it seems to be one of the symptoms. A lot of folks have in the Christian walk is it wow I thought it was going to be so much more than that. I thought it was going to be an adventure and I thought this was going to be something and is that hope begins to die leads to the spirit, scary place.

Amanda lives without adventure just becomes resigned and sets around in his biggest adventures watching the TV playing video game else's adventure and so this adventure is pretty critical to our soul as a man in an when were talking about adventure. It could be a variety of things that there's different types of adventures were talking about God can use all of those for good in our life. Then I would ask you a question about adventure you in on talk about the topic of boot camp and you had an adventurer your first became to say that I didn't know what to expect. Robbie had told me a friend of laws to come and enjoy it, but I got up there I was shocked at the subject's and the honesty of the people I was speaking as a man I'd never say anything like that. No bicycle to find that stuff on. But as the day after the first day I got this little icon feeling inside of me and I felt safe because people being so truthful, which I wasn't used to denote some of the subjects and it just brought me closer and closer to God and the adventure that started with God at that price. Boot camp unit is a big adventure with Emily.

God allows us of these boot camps to be a part of that adventure with team but was really cool was to see what he has in store for each person that goes whether they go and expect something or they go in there uncertain like you talked about the just going on that adventure right God usually rewards that somewhere. Another either now or down the road, which kinda leads me to a clip about a reluctant adventure and this is from Shrek like Shrek and so this is when Shrek and donkey are sent off on a journey or an adventure to go rescue the princess last year on a quest to get your PHS in the deal. This quest for me and I'll give you your swamp exactly the way it was down to the last slime covered toadstool on the spot as good as gone. What kind of quest with you to pray for just the only don't have. Maybe there's a good reason donkey shouldn't talk. How you doing is good reason.

Sam the dog is there is a good reason to talk to and I was really referring to that in any way shape you need to rescue the battle to fight in the right at all. He did donkey seated but he was reluctant to go on this adventure.

And so I guess I'll throw it out to you first and then to the rest of us have you ever went on a reluctant adventure only to find that's what your heart really did need all made it I'd say I will my first McCabe I think was Vinnie's first because I was so miserable. I was in the same mundane job. It was long hours.

It was just go home and disappear into a TV set in just veg and I was so dead, so miserable in. I remember that once that once I started seeing the talks in the movie clips and in my heart, came alive as the first thing you want to do when I got out was I wanted to have an adventure, and so I told my family. I hate heights used to love roller coasters a kid working to do it. It took me to another place where I was.

Course I don't recommend this if you're afraid of heights, but my first adventure ended up in the very front seat of the intimidator for my first roller coaster 40 years so for 30 years so it was, but it will dictate what I came alive in the second one will happen in your second draft you were done free first.

Yeah, it was the one where you completely inverted.

It looks like you got a face plant and I'm coming down and then once we pulled up, I just started laughing. I mean it was like I I was get a live I knew I was 11 when I was so afraid of is a guy just put me in his hands started shaking me about like Robbie was saying earlier people could break. It's like got you, you got to learn to trust me, I'm to take you places you never been do things you've never done see things you've never seen, and I want you to enjoy it. Don't worry. Trust me, and sometimes in the reluctance God has to get around our own objection help us really refine that life that he meant for you told Al to turn yourself about that. It's almost hokey, but thinking yeah the Robbie have you ever had a reluctant adventure that ended up just exactly what it is that when you fell out of the tree. The cars, thank you for the radio exam.

I will go to my first boot camp and say that you know I thought you know these guys need some moral support and alive help them advertises things on the go.

Sort of a mercy visit humor is getting a room so I know there they at least had some people show up for the boot camp so I went. This is somewhat a reluctant participant and I was not aware that I had fallen into a form of legalism that was killing my heart that one of the things it says in the in the masking journey read on the promo it says we've given men permission to go after what God really designed them to be in this legalism that it entered into my life had taken away the permission to do a lot of things that made my heart come alive. I thought good Christians. They didn't go hunting good Christians.

They didn't. You know, see said movies and made they didn't do certain things and I didn't realize all those things I take away my permission slip and as I started to give myself permission back got started going there with me and I got to do those things but I got to do them in a way that I'd never experienced before in that was partially fishing without it out because I love to fish but you know, why would a Christian, you want to kill efficient. Why will I kill a deer that always things that I don't know how I got it my mind, but that's what what I needed.

I needed permission to be a man in those things we try to insulate herself from choking the life and that's a double edge sword. It feels comforting at first started to strangle out the light life we come back and talk about how to regain that life and that light in your life like your life can really be focused on the good of interest God has for you during radio's list are supported very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share a really easy way to support its use Amazon to purchase things you need to do is a charity contribution site and from there slick good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase, donate or watch a video on how to do this under the radio that's masking journey domain here for masking journey radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking more intimately with the father.

I know no one wants to see a counselor, but often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help turn my friends and seasons of the heart human catheters. Counselors help you find healing through the father.

For more information on seasons of the heart masking that's masking journey welcome back to masking journey.

We are really glad that you're with us for the second half of the show because I think you're going to really be excited about the venture were going to be on the second I am very cited. It is a boot camp coming up.

It is enrolled through May 1 and we need a little more music just to emphasize the fact that it's coming up April 28 through May 1 and if you're thinking well now I need those kind of things we've inspired you the beginning of the show go to masking journey I understand and there you click the register now banner and if you scroll through that you can put in your name and all that stuff and we can there's an early bird special going on right now there's a huge earlybird special and so it's going to end without notice. If you really want to get registered. It's can save some money to go to. I think this is the least expensive boot camp we've ever had. Four days yeah of this experience and only hundred $69 for the that's earlybird yes it does go out it's awesome. There's so much to do there is we've got stuff. We've never had before. When you have some horseback riding and there's a pistol range. This time, but actual professionals to restrict anything and paintball and all sorts of stuff and it's even got a fishing which has some striped bass I'll have the man told me what 24 inches. He was told striped bass in this like like this, so that's an adventure. Also there is a room with some game stuff and it billiard tables and things and so lots of things to do lots of beautiful land is to get out and look at some of the views.

There is amazing and I'm really excited about this location were going to this really about having that boot camp again because I think at our hearts on it and were excited about what God can do there but were really excited about what God has in store for you. There is another thief puts it on your heart to come is going to meet you there was something special and sometimes he puts it on your wife's heart right now because what that your wife instrumental your birthday. My wife and coworker they just he brought it. My wife have been talking about it coworker brought me the invitation. The fire the flyer.

So he brought me a flyer in then my wife when I showed it to her.

She'd sign me up and downloaded wild at heart. In the my phone so that I can listen to it on the way to work, but I tell you, there's good to be begin to think I don't want to give up a weekend or on a want to do this or is the eyes that the grind I need to unwind.

This is it. If if there's something telling you not to go but there's no real definitive reason is the enemy trying to stop you from getting healed because it is a friend of ours Todd had said he was a PhD in counseling and more healing and growth from a weekend boot camp and I think he said from just about years of counseling never seen, and I think it is this this is really and it's designed after the wild at heart boot camps. The John Eldridge and Rance Mark puts on. And there's something about the way God had enlightened that group of men truly understand the man's heart you know and that's really the cool thing you talk about Riley about getting permission and seems silly that we need to have permission, but it it's okay to want some of those things and so were to listen to a clip from a movie that was about a couple men towards the end of their life, literally realizing that adventure may lead them into something much deeper than what they originally imagined. This is from the bucket list. Let's listen to the two men as they get ready to skydive in and in and of you that you do is you watch that movie. These guys have a form of cancer meet in the cancer ward right and so they decide that when I was rich and the others not as much and they decide that they're going to go on all these series of ventures what the really find along the way of life, and they find brotherhood and things that they really didn't remember ever having if they ever did in their life and they found healing along the way and adventure was a piece of that clogged that help them get there any you had some adventures that that they had to do with some of this or that was a great leader and what happened to me. I was that Myrtle Beach with my wife and Hassan and his wife and a bunch of nephews whatever they want and that me and Nancy decided we were going take a ride just to look around Myrtle Beach. We went to where they would what he called a balloon that they go up in the sky you know you and balloon okay so way you want to go up. I said yeah why not list right we was 75. At that time so we got on. This is not a chair it's a strap and use it and it will firstly take out what a speedboat to where the balloon is now you gotta get off at about onto the balloon and then naturally they like what well we got on and we went up and up and up and I'm looking at the speedboat, which should be on the mythos is like about 1/2 a mile a mile away from us and I'm saying most of what heaven's name is going on. You know how to RSS only full. Some go in the ocean.

No, that's not what happens when we got back down and naturally we could get out of the balloon into the ocean and Otis Bob and and we even my life. I almost lost so she drowned on in the ocean, not on the balloon anyway. It was an experience. We got back home, her son, wife, and everybody was sitting on and they were talking about the balloon I was in the air and said what crazy people would go because it was windy and shot oh, I forgot to tell you only got down and we got back into the port. There was that they close down for the day because it was too choppy and windy so they were talking about us and Nancy turns around and says that was me and Vinnie. What are you crazy you know how old you guys but as I got to do it the same water that was what really happened in.

It was quite an adventure was sure that the bonded union wife very I still got the black and blue marks are not my that the shared adventures are really pretty cool and and will have some stories that I know that were going to have just a few minutes here so Robbie, I would ask you out any any of us what some stories in Scripture.

God takes people in an adventure is not always just about the fun part of it like donkey and Shrek went on it was necessary fun. But they found life in the midst of it.

So what some stories in Scripture were God to people on an adventure. There is, there was a shepherd and he saw this this flame on the mountain and he thought that Bush is not Bernie adventures getting a seat so it goes up there.

Not only does he find his most it's burning. That's where he meets God Moses Moses you were there any remember that he was a little brother right right. I kept telling get a haircut and then there's the amazing one for Gideon is down throwing wheat up, but he's doing it in the bottom of a wine press so that the Midianites don't see them down nurseries and God shows up and says Gideon brave warrior you know it knows he's been a chicken but he takes him on amazing adventure of very high-stakes, thing but you can see that Gideon rose to be quite a judge, therefore Israel at that point you have Abraham headed off without knowing where he was going.

He had David that spent a lot of years running from Saul who is trying to killing and a lot of times it really truly be an adventure. There has to be an unknown exhibits really known gather some adventure to that. But the greatest adventures as we don't know the true outcome. Now you had something you were talking about that the Holy Spirit plays a role in that whole part of unknown outcome to the two purposes of the Holy Spirit. They say he's our guide in the comforter and if you think about it you know the comforter because you're uncomfortable you're supposed to go on an adventure.

He's going guide you there easy to lead you there and in the midst of of your discomfort.

That's when he's close to you that I was read last night about the Koreans that were taken captive in Iraq several years ago will in the midst of that when they got back they said do you miss it. One of the. The others and he said what he meaning is, we were more close to God when we were in the middle of that than we ever were.

We miss it.

We miss that closeness in the midst of this horror. But adventure all the same in the Holy Spirit to help us along that way.

Holy Spirit led Jesus into the desert right it's if you read a story about the desert me and tempted the Holy Spirit led him there and in that adventure.

I'm sure the Jesus found out things about himself that he already knew the father reminded him of how strong he really was in the father has that in store for you that he would invite you in adventures and maybe something like jumping out of an airplane or going on a roller coaster or maybe something greater. Thing is, you just need to be willing to go with you is what he has on the other side of that is life and closest to him. You will find without it this week is likely just pray about what adventures you have for me. Father what you want me to do and where you want me to go and be willing to go there with him. I promise you life will be there for a great week

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