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A Battle to Fight; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 20, 2016 12:30 pm

A Battle to Fight; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus speaks many losing hand. Life feels more like a losing battle when something done, last letter every week. This one I know really speaks to men's hearts will they know it or not, start with this whole different different than I told you guys because you know I love to do that with this part of the adventure which we talked about last week but don't ask your about one a talk with the topic of the battle to fight why it's important for men to have a battle to fight whether they believe it is or not. Robbie, I would ask you and Al and Betty this to think of a movie that was about someone fighting a battle of some sort with that be a war where that be a battle against injustice anything like that. That really spoke to your heart.

Just a quick little bit about that, the movie and why this is only for like jumping in and about which no man I immediately thought of Pat okay and he stands up their shifts in the movie at and he goes into this speech about Americans love a winner and I can't tolerate a loser you know when you stick your hands into a man's face is to be your friend won't wonder what you gotta do you know what you got and just do all those things and really spoke to me though I never was in that situation in my life.

From the standpoint of minimal or two or something but it it certainly spoke to something that was right there in the water that was there any need to go for me is if you come to my cousin he was going ask the question about 30 seconds ago but Braveheart was always the one in it. It's not the quote of most people quote from it, but it's you know. Talk to a few men everywhere never really live almond died. A few men ever really in the life that comes to those guys when they fight for something greater than themselves. It impacts them individually but in fact it impacts a whole country and I think that that was really pretty cool distal life that comes from fighting the right kind of battle, and I picked my quote. My software will you wave it is is from Black Hawk down and it's it's comes the camaraderie in the mission. There's camaraderie. There's a mission.

But when you have camaraderie in the mission. To me that's what you know that's what does it for me.

I'm addicted menus or one maybe comes to mind for you. Definitely II think best movie ever passion of the Christ lived his whole life trying to do good and bring up people in everybody was always against him and what he does. The punishment that he took. He still stood up there was what he was absolutely mascara a separate question of your favorite movies about fighting against an injustice of some sort, whether it's the battle movie like we talked about on some of these are whether it's about a boy. It could be about a bully I'm all over that you believe social issues young people are wrong and that's that's that's really the story that we follow God as men and speaks to her in a different way. But why is that what is a battle fighting against injustice really speak to our hearts as men.

My wife and I were talking about. We I was watching a new thing on Netflix and my wife. She smiled.

She said viewing your crime and spy movies and and I'm like what she does.

She just smiles you as I love that about you, but my life verse is Micah 68. He is told you a man what is good and what is the ask of you to do, to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with your God. And I think that that pulls it down to what were called to do. I think that speaks volumes. And that's why love them because I love the humble guy goes out and one man army beats up the whole platoon and God comes through Shadrach me shack and Abednego that's God's way. These guys are going to the furnace man and and and he comes through or Daniel in the lion's den, are more obviously the resurrection itself. It is against all odds. It's like God lets him stacked up the odds got to a huge risk taker as he took this unbelievable risk.

It would give Robbie free with all kinds of trouble. But the thing I love most about those stories like Shadrach me shack and Abednego their faith even if God chooses not to save us. We we sit and submit ourselves to him. It's always that humility always that sacrifice that willingness to make the sacrifice makes the stories beautiful God shows up.

Obviously, no stories with those people fought against injustice slowly and runway. But here's the thing they were in the middle of battle units injustice of their own.

I think that it wasn't that God showed up. It was God's party and they they were invited and the answer. The invitation you know we always that I hear that a lot that will God show up. I pray God shows up it's his party. But if we doing their humbling we submit and we listen to the Holy Spirit. You know, that's when the beautiful things happen okay with the resurrection just to go on record for sometimes it's God that showed up in the resurrection, because anybody except God showing up.

I mean, you know that's the ultimate situation and end and that they want a picture of a lot of men's faith Roman others coupling but the picture was God. We can know all I really don't remember what the name of the movie was but it was with Montgomery Cliff and he was a priest and he sees a murder and the murderer comes in and confesses that well now you know the Catholic religion not supposed to say what people confessed and what he goes through four months with the people of the townspeople and the guy that committed the murder was just unbelievable how God just pick them up and gave him the saving grace.

If you start to think about for a minute maybe there is something to this battle and have program ask you to go to your clip. Men come to struggle with this sometimes right stepping into that battle even when they know the importance of and in the clip that I picked when it came to battle to fight is one that I struggle with often is do I want to engage in this battle, and what you are one of my favorite movies is talk on and ill maverick has had a real bad experience flying through another Jets jet wash and it's costing to Liz's best friend and all that and so he ends up in that exact situation, but a lot of people's lives are at stake in the question is are you getting engage in summary times. The battle comes to us and we don't know if we got what it takes but this, show that never 63 seconds through the Robbie what was really pushing what was maverick really fighting against their trying to decide whether to engage in and throughout the movie. You can see every time that he began to engage in something whether it would get him into trouble because he was dangerous and so he would do things that were breaking the rules out. Thus, he had been a maverick which you know for some of us are rule breakers might be one of you know that speaks to our heart, to an extent, but if you're rule breaker and you find yourself on the dangerous side of that too many times. Then when the moment comes.

Do you want to do you want to get in there and do that and put yourself in a situation where you heard a lot of people and so he finds himself there, but as a maverick. He becomes her so what was the hearing the echoes of what I think it was that the echoes of death and it was fear that it he was going to mess up again but it I think comes under that fear that I don't have what it takes and when it some point he looked back it Buscemi said. Give my best guy I got reengaged. It's not about what I've lost. It's about the guy next to me. I got help out these deftly got the fear of what happened in the past. He's also got an enemy that doesn't want him to rise up until who's singing that chorus to them of you mess up again you don't have what it takes.

You thought you had what it takes. When who's a person there that's really cannot whisper night in his ear enemy enemy is. He doesn't want him to be what he was created to be in the reflection of Christ others a movie but let's talk about our life. The same enemy. We have the same pastoring of the same situation as the same story in one way or another we come back and talk about past that we passed the past and into the future and being able to step into that battle got uniquely here for back and join us want to talk more about the radio's list are supported very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share a really easy way to support its use Amazon to purchase things you need to do is their charity contribution site and from there slick good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase to donate or watch a video on how to do this under the radio that's messenger the radio large family here for messenger and radio show are so often focuses on healing and freedom found her walking more intimately with the father. I know no one wants to see a counselor, but often times I find myself stuck needing a little bit more help turn my friends and seasons of the heart human catheters. Counselors help you find healing through the father. For more information on seasons of the hard mask. That's messenger the and all and all we go back and talk about this battle to fight the bump in music, I would not release me with that song.

Believe it or not, but I heard it is a part of the course and spoke to a lot of the battle that we do fight. It is a battle for freedom is a battle for not only our own hearts. But the hearts of others and sense of maverick as we talked about last segment was really starting to see again fresh. It was bigger than just him that the battle was more than just his past as a kid you talk about a battle of why every man wants a true battle to fight and needs the true battle to fight and in the different battles we face every day whether we see them or not, will go to clip from the movie beautiful mind and it talks about just very simple way this person who society would say is not very functional does not have much worse decides to so you know I can fight here and let's listen to how he decides he's going to move past some of the things that's been troubling him, which is literally voices and people that he sees that are truly there. He double deals with schizophrenia and so were to listen this clip and can come back and talk about that classroom, that's what is likely not pretty short clip but there is little power. That was a couple things are that this man really wanted contribute hope to contribute hope to battle to have a fight that he could be a part of what else was really significant about what for me.

He wasn't afraid that it wasn't that he couldn't, it's that he was in the step up and give it his best in you know, he also put things into perspective. If your past is bad don't want to do something bigger and better than that. Don't dwell on what you the mistakes you've made seek to seek to do better grow stronger grow smarter, grow wiser on like Vinnie with is a sage no, he doesn't give up their days when he doesn't want to come there weeks when he you know is just frustrated but he comes because or something bigger something else calling it has to serve as the season acquired taste that goes without saying sometimes or there's times that people tell us that we can't do something society told him he could be useful to not like I can still be useful and I can do these things piece no matter what my pastors will have passed right will have issues or things we said we wish would've done differently or the echoes and return enemy tries to get us to make us really think that that's who we are with any other story about when someone told you that you can do something. Yeah, and I can motivated to do a little bit.

Maybe it did motivate me big time. The church that I was attending was mission and sister came up to me. I had a terrible death in the family. She come up to me and says I got a job for you.

I was to build a church site you crazy and I set then I list when I went to church that Sunday. So many people had heard her.

She said that put me in charge of the finance committee and they says you can do it in the got. I tried it twice before was the very first when I came to me and says you'll never do it.

We can never do it in this town.

I know that just did something to mass as well give up one heck of a shot. I believe the church I mean I build it, you know, with the help of the people part of this story is that when they seen the money, then and there was a chance to build a church. The congregation got behind me in the money sought of the common was probably one of the best thing my life except coming to Oshawa without the but there's always a lot of I'm sure you had a pastor would say you know it probably shouldn't do this, or maybe you're not the right person for this will have those stories that is really how it worked out again. I was very quiet note, I just kept to myself and why she picked me and had the faith in me actually just return my whole life around really the reason that so many men have that past is actually there so many forces out there trying to take masculinity away from abortion play with guns at and we are talking about before the show. The right of initiation when you got your first BB gun or how you felt when you've got your first pocketknife is not might've been a nine-year-old boy, but I was armed and dangerous and you know there's a certain thing that comes with this cowboy Ranger stage that we talk about that we need to give voice back permission to be that dangerous thing again and that's why we get this boot camp, absolutely.

You know you can shut your thumb off. On the other hand it was okay boot camps to help us understand more deeply what God had in mind when he made the man's heart and soul, but it is me differently than the females.

And that's fine.

It's supposed to be there both made in God's image uniquely in God's image, not just the four of us are uniquely different from the females were uniquely different from each other bear God's image in different ways in the gifts that were given the things we are passionate about the battles that he has us fight are all different for each one of us know some of them are very similar and have a common enemy and fighting for the hearts of others is something that were all very passionate about doing it how the flavor that is is little different for each one of us from time to time, even though the shared mission that we do together.

And so when you came your first boot camp.

Robbie, what was it you learned little bit differently about your heart as a man as far as a core desires go the adventurer the battle to fight the beauty to rescue which will talk about next week was her some of that that went into greater context for your course as is there talk about that every little boy with an American gun out of soap or whatever I can totally relate to that scale that would, but it was it was given me permission. It was to be what I knew, you know, inherently, is a little boy that there was some part of me that was that and I and I got and had a chance to begin to have some intimacy with God in the house that play out in my current life and my current walk with Christ in the current ministry to Matt how do you know where does that fit in that warrior part of my spirit and in guise of taking. Sometimes these battles to the wrong place. We thought we don't fight a real battle, meaning it and I don't want to diminish the battles we fight at work is those are truly battle sometimes but provide for families but when we lose sight of injustice will cite some of those bigger things in the biggest battle we may fight is the neighbor's dog getting on our lawn. You know I mean, maybe that's the biggest fat battle that will have any given day in maybe that is important but obviously not be as important somebody's heart or move in the kingdom. In one way or another that only you can do in your role because God put you here for that. I remember my first Boot Camp really set me up for success. The biggest battle ever had and it was there was a battle in my my relationship with my wife and when when it came to the point where I was just so angry. It's so frustrated that I had that I realized that my heart was starting to go after my wife and attack her and I realize that's not the battle when I realized that wasn't the battle and I went after her heart. That's when we truly became a couple and I mean when I say to become one I'm talking about. Spiritually, we were just in the same place and she was so grateful that this was now us fighting against the enemy, not us fighting against each other in what are battle changed to where we are on the same side. Our marriage changed.

We'd have a good marriage before what we had struggles like everybody else, but now we know that the battle is the enemy.

Not each other so we have we may or may not get another clip here because we got just a few minutes left, but wanted to ask you guys, what's the battles that God has laid in front of you. Values talk about the battle for your wife's heart different way than you ever knew you were going to church you love your wife and and ends not been that this is the way that God open your eyes to something. A lot of it I think was the Holy Spirit you know in in Jesus says this to our advantage and it was such a spirit filled weekend in I grew and felt things I never felt before, but I started to understand things in a different way and that's where when they talk about being in step with the Holy Spirit. I think that really help me to get on the right path so that I can achieve in, but it didn't just tell it started with my wife.

It became my children. Then it became my coworkers and then it became you know some teaching Sunday school daily grew in so many different ways that my battle became against the enemy and it was everybody the God love was a person I was fighting for. And so you have for me that's that's what it where it started hat work what it's evolved to but it's the Holy Spirit was really the I learned more about that over the last the next two years. Then I think it any other time until just recently. God really helped me along the way. Understand that the battle that I was fighting a lot of times wasn't necessarily a bad battle. I wanted to do exceptionally well work so that I could make sure I delivered for my family provided somewhere along the way a lot of times a lost sight of.

I'm the only one I can fill the role at home my kids sometimes make decisions like other kids do, that I wouldn't have shoes like you to get frustrated about that.

I can even say not only dad.

They really have no way can fill that role and I'm the only thing battle for the heart. As a dad gradually help me see that those things although there important most important thing I can do is fight for the hearts of the ones around me. As you set out to God brings in my life and is pray this week and say God you want me to fight for their heart right now and will have to submit and humbly give to you in order to be able to do that to pray this week.

Be well

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