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Bitter Root Expectancy; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 16, 2016 12:30 pm

Bitter Root Expectancy; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man craves upgraded major life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

How do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle when something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey.

We're glad to have you with us today working to talk about the topic of spiritual healing over the last several weeks. We can talk about this topic and trying to pull apart little segments of it and really dive deeper in each one of those in over the past week we talked about agreements which can you help us can understand a bit about what an agreement might be what he always throws me first norms can mess it up reading it. Once you get Robbie once again. Anyway 23rd.

To me, I'm just making myself thinking that's a perfect example. Thank you very much, that was you be here all week here try the real waitress example an agreement and agreement is something that I just choose to believe this truth enemy will take that and present that to me and I buy into that in some way. Sometimes it's founded on little bits of truth that he takes and exaggerates and make you become something much more.

And from there, there are times we can have a bow and Robbie on if you can help us understand what eval is. Or I can do that but if you had someone ask you what is a bow that you can make this our spiritual healing goes or that interferes with spiritual healing what what would that be awesome when it comes on the backside of our one you know where else I had a good friend that you really, really trusted, and you find that he went to the Boston told him something ended up getting you demoted your pay cut or want to know and your response to that could be a lot of different things but one thing that you could do is incite my love for you to do this essay, I am never going to share that, stuff with anybody ever again.

I'm never gonna trust another friend in a course once you said that your words mean a lot to hard enough. This is something so now you've given Satan a foothold in place to stand and say if he's got this against you, that this is a valve that you made in your word stood for something.

So now you're going to reap something as is or result of the vow that she made. Hopefully we can break those we talked about that last week that Jesus being arbitral husband. Therefore, in Christ and come in and break an agreement in upper Levitical law that no Psalms stuff that we got ourselves into. I know I have exactly in. I have as well that you know it's easy to kinda go for that agreement. On the vow in their something that can also can become even more entrenched in your life that's called a Bitterroot.

What is different types of Bitterroot so we can talk about talk about Bitterroot agreements, which is this something that's agreements it's really rooted down the Bitterroot judgments talk about Bitterroot expectancy and not what it really is is when something's happened to me and I live my life as if that's always going to happen to me again. An example that meal might be when somebody uses the term. I'm just waiting on the other shoe to drop, or row you said earlier something used to think about when you get another job. What would what would come your mind be excited when I first started, but the first time something negative are on their wars consequences that weren't necessarily fair that sounds just like every other job I can last here and I would as I was looking for a way out.

There became this expectancy.

I know that it in my pastor's been ones that God's help me uncover that I didn't even know existed is kind of live that way. Not really even knowing that it's there you go to clip pretty quickly to help set that up. Not cyclically used in the past, but really this is probably a better clip that ties into this exact thing. It's from a movie called the backup plan in this Jennifer Lopez has decided to become a parent and she goes and has what is it in vitro exotic all right, and she has that from a donor that she hasn't heard isn't a long way. She she meet somebody and I start have this relationship will in her past.

The part of her story. She's been abandoned by people that's love her, especially men like her father so she lives with this expectation that this person who says he loves her.

Is going to abandon her and let's see how that kinda plays out in their story is, or heaven, what seems to be a simple discussion. Sewer kinda goes from there. I walked on quitting school as if I stay in school at Fort for all expenses and yet they're not mine, but yes were having a baby. I am sorry honey, I'm not exactly thinking straight up been up all night watching some stupid you can afford kids you still here.

Really, after everything we've been through. You think I don't want kids you really think what I just said is what you just heard there's a difference. Now that you seen a woman pushing a baby and she scared.

Maybe you can walk away just walk away every day looking for some kind of living matter how many times until you know what else to do. What else was supposed to go.

This is what you do the autopsy here really rubbing you list that there's a lot of agreements there is also an awareness of misguided can you tell me you have this expectation a little bit doesn't yeah and is really he's experiencing something he does understand where it's coming from and for me to understand Bitterroot's is kind of look at the ops that that is a sweet route and that Jesus, when he told us to bind me and I we are the branches work for getting fed as we abide in Christ you know from John 15 where I am the vine, you are the branches and for getting fed from a sweet route been working to get sweet fruit if we've got a root down in there that we bid into this lie to the extent our own judgment in this case that this is what I am going to set up. To think that this is this is what happened. Now I get this or I'm actually feeding on bitter stuff and I don't know if you got that your life. I certainly have it minor. All of a sudden I know I'm just totally take my game and just totally freaked out because I can tell that I'm not feeling any longer on Christ on feeding on this Bitterroot. The cool thing that I think that we can understand about these is in Hebrews 12.

It tells us see to it that no one falls for the grace of God, but no Bitterroot grows up to cause trouble and the file. Many that are Bitterroot's because she has this expectant expectancy about what he's going to do. She not only mess is messing up her own life. In a case in this case the baby but she is defiling him and bringing some of his stuff to bear because you know she's eating from this bad route and the sheet. This Bitterroot expectancy is another way of saying that is when I start to act in ways that make something happen that she acts in a way that makes what she fears most happen, it just becomes more evidence for the enemy of this is always going to happen. Many know that back in some of the stuff that you've done. You had different careers of your life but dealt with this topic of this expectancy that something is going to occur again. Having many times in a lot of different ways and said something I like the inmates weren't working. Working in the prison dealing with a lot of guys I slept but you stand there and you listen to them and as the years go by. For them it Bitterroot becomes they accepted more than they did at the beginning. I mean, when you go to somebody because you going to be imprisoned for 30 years as a Bitterroot to take no when you do. 15 then the next 15 is not as bad if you know what I'm saying.

And a lot of the inmates had that kind of a feeling I had. I had one inmate who was oh I guess he was a big Jody called. He was about 42 years old was imprisoned when he was 17 and never seen one day and he was one bitter man and dangerous man because he was not going to get out she had killed two people. While he was imprisoned. So what would a good he was an angry man and that Bitterroot just kept on coming out on him. But as I said, he became the most dangerous guy in the camp because she had nothing to lose. The question they go part of the prison culture for not their long-term nursing rehabilitation or something that they can go through if you ever see where people had had some of that but couldn't get past the belief that I'm just going to mess up anyway and I end up there again and that's kinda what what happens to others, prisoners, and that they just get out and think life can be different, but then start to believe it's never going to be different.

Of course I would say that most of them a 75% of the know. I guess one of the cooks that when I was a supervisor in the kitchen. You get paid a dollar a day. Okay, why do you want to begin here where you can go ices to tell you some misdemeanor cases I could do one stop drugs or whatever it is a cyst and I'll buy a Mercedes decision all by older women. I want as I'm not bitter.

Well, that was his word actually is not going I'm not bitter. So what is this I come here and I get rid of all my problems would older lady friends and I don't know if I'm on the right track here, but there is such a thing is the Bitterroot turning into something that they expect and accept that that's the big big point with prison.

They accept what it you know they have to go through. Absolutely that's not just prisoners. Christ came to set the prisoners free and we have these Bitterroot's and we believe in that we think are going to happen. We just can't exceptionally come back and talk more about that Christ can help us break through that how he can break free and set us free and find out who we don't prisoners anymore's and come back and join us live a great clip from this movie to help with you more information go to mass continue about upcoming event is so exciting. Family is not, for math, and running regular both August 9 and the 30 community house look that up online for directions and get directions tonight were we actually show.

Show join the band of brothers in August 9 and 30th 730 to 930 radio is listener supported. Very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share a really easy way to support use Amazon to purchase things you need to do is a charity contribution site from their slick good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase, donate or watch a video on how to do this 30 radio that's messenger the welcome back to management journey we're talking today about this topic of spiritual healing and the things you get in the way of it in today specifically talking about Bitterroot in more specifically Bitterroot expectancy.

That's really kind of living as if it other shoes in a fall at some point you, I can't get to happy. I can't get too excited because I know that something bad's right around the corner and then when something bad happened.

You say see I know it was there for me living it with with whatever this fear of abandonment is it's always been that when I get too close to somebody eventually there's going to leave in on so you look for evidence of that, and there's times that you can act in a way that makes people want to leave enough you're not careful. And that's really what we heard from that first clip was this Jennifer Lopez character and the backup plan is not only make should make somebody want to leave. She made them leave because of her fear that was going to happen and so she was going to control it. If it can happen anywhere muzzle discourse at the happen and we had a talk a little bit with Benny about how he saw that the prison culture and and Robbie. You have a story. It kind of goes along the lines of smart women talk about how when I was a child my father had a scum work in the cargo ship and wash cars specifically in he paid me about $30 a month and that would be to get up at like seven the morning we often when get home till 11 12 o'clock at night because I worked two shifts washing cars all day and essentially getting a dollar that what happened there was I made asked that Bitterroot judgment and that Bitterroot judgment as my father is a cheapskate and I'm never in all that that that this is see when you make it judgment against your parents. You really are trade nondangerous ground there because you give the devil a foothold. When we realize it or not met. Set up the Bitterroot judgment that I would expect that I would work hard and never get paid for, and time and again in my life I was finding myself in a situation where I have this expectation. I know I'm in a bust my butt on the steel. I normally work work work and I'm never going to pay for but that's okay. That's just the way my life is is just what always happens to me and you know I just developed like many said that that prisoner attitude. I didn't realize I was in imprisoned my own judgment on my own father, but at one point time I started studying the spirit of essentially poverty and all this I started to think back to what this was in God took me and said do you see what your expectation is here. You're expecting that you are getting your baby does this sound familiar, and then we started going down that tractor I could find where I had made that Bitterroot judgment and so I was feeding on that route. Every time I was out there working hard. I was setting up my own expectancy that I wasn't get up, get paid, and unbeknownst to me, I was defiling the people that weren't paying me to do the work because that was what I was expecting and I wouldn't even push it because I know you want to pay me.

I never get paid to do the stuff and it was just really unbelievably wonderful to sit back and see this in my life and be able to go back and asked Jesus to undo this. How can I go back and repent from what I did and begin to unwind all these years, and then not walk in that expectancy and I think that depending on what were focusing on will find it. Whatever looking for will find evidence of consumer looking for.

These things are going to be negative. These things are going to be recurring. Look hard enough will find them or create opportunities when they occur. When I got another clip from from a movie called meet the Robinsons. It's a it's a Disney movie really really good movie. It's probably nothing that you would expect it to be when you first start watching it, but it's really really deep in lots of ways, but here in the story when a pickup is a character as young boy named Guba who later becomes somebody else in the story, trying to find out in this clip and he was a roommate in an orphanage with Cornelius and so their life was kind intertwined. But when we pick this up Guba as an adult has come back into Cornelius's life, but somehow through the magic of time travel. Cornelius is still a boy to the solicitous interchange going to listen for the Bitterroot expectancies the Google has both as a kid is in the orphanage. The only potential parents them. I want to adopt a more frenzied, he might have. Later on, as he starts to focus on Cornelius and his life long and still a young boy with a dream last evening. For some reason no one wanted to adopt me all the goes down the orphanage and everyone except me and I hadn't kept me up all night working on this so you can plan to get my everything to return to invade co-gizmo is my own.

I don't care I just you know I googled you. Let's see.

Take responsibility for my own life. You know you you like this movie. But as you listen to some of that there's some different expectations or some agreements are some things that really has Guba or whatever his name is in the dollop of the above bullet bowler hat man. Yeah, I think on right imprisoned visitor is is is listen to the earlier clap. Luke 17 was, I couldn't think of exactly never signed the look out but Jesus is talk about forgiveness and he says if you have the faith of the Mulberry Bush. You can tell it to pick up by the roots and move into the sea in the Mulberry during the Mulberry tree, but it's basically a sycamore tree whose roots go down just as deep as it goes up and so when we have a problem with forgiving those roots are going down drop, drawing from bitter water in you know when Jesus says the faith to move a mountain basically were just like dirt but to move the Mulberry tree or a sycamore tree you talk about something entrenched is incredibly hard to move in when you think of bitterness when you think of unforgiveness. That's exactly where it's coming from. When you listen to Guba so he is like to be called, but when you listen to them.

There is, it is a lack of forgiveness. And that's one of those things that we struggle with on a written regular basis. I know when I look back in I was just sitting here thinking when I start thinking back on my Bitterroot agreements from the past and all came from a lack of forgiveness hold the garage and in stewing on and not letting go.

You have that you also have this. This lack of forgiveness can be focused on yourself to forgive myself and I was young group story that's even easier to do and blame someone else because you know there's some truth in that there's some truth on why can't forgive myself because I was there when something wrong happened and I was there every time something happened to me anything I think is that if you asked Jesus into that because I'm like anybody else in front of forgot how to forgive my father for what I thought as I began to really allow Jesus to show me some stuff I realized how my father did only pay me $30, but he gave me a lifetime career teaching me the card you know what he taught me and what I got is value from that was way more important than any money that I ever got in the ability to be with my father and I began to look through and see what really is part was only did I get to forgive him but I got to admire and put them back in the place of honor where it was supposed to be and and not only get rid of my Bitterroot expectancy, but get a better relationship with my father at the same time is something that's so sweet about that also so difficult so often Jeep will if we get Jesus to take us somewhere and we get healing from that the enemy is going to try take you back as though you it was that was all, you didn't take care of all of you get all of it, but what are the clips I would say keep moving forward.

Keep moving forward. Don't keep going back to the same thing. You gotta let the past go me and I think that's one of the biggest problems we haven't in this world today is that we hold onto the past so much that we forget that by walking with God forward just just being with our heavenly father and walking in in the two Commandments that we've been given the love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and love our neighbor as ourselves. When we do that really we start healing and we don't think about the past.

It's when we stop walking or we stumble in our walk we start to think of these things we deftly want to get held prisoner by the past. That's where that stops I think there are times when you invite God into this is probably talked about the first steps forward will begin with walking with God into the past and I was speaking more about when you go back again into recycling.

You just keep right in regurgitating that same staff and got a disease and take you back and he's gonna write that back there so you can move forward permanently right with him absolutely and so how do you recognize these expectancies in your life.

Guess what is it you're expecting right now in your relationships in your job and other interactions in your finances. Whether those things you're expecting are there certain expectations that keep coming up again and again and again.

I expected Sansone to give me $100.

After the show, you would be wrong if it's not every show that happened you never give me hundred dollars. It's like a happiness shop.

That's a great talk is not a Bitterroot.

Sometimes it's just not meant to be and it could be read as a balance yeah exactly. I think that when you start talking spiritually, though one of those things that the enemy is holding you hostage never going to be saying you never to be happy that you're going to be abandoning your voice can be allowing your never going to be successful.

Like a workout. There's going to be something that comes up just like the other person can change not be who I think they are today. My employees are.

Listen, this is from the past not present very okay. It's as we talked about this question be what I do with this. Like anything you invite Jesus into cities.

I really don't know there's something in this topic, we can see a pattern you see this pattern of belief in your life for this foothold. You given the enemy you don't know what to do with it as anything you invite Christ into it is ultimately he has the authority to walk with you and break that authority to stand next to you and help you break this week. Like you, let him come in vitamin C, you can break these agreements in your life you next week

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