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Fear Looking Like Anger; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 24, 2016 12:30 pm

Fear Looking Like Anger; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man plays a greeting with your wife doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns slightly to keep from losing heart while trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey were glad to have you today and today were going to be talking a little bit about the topic room follow-up on the topic that we talked about last week. Robbie, this is a little bit quieter this week than it was last week when you guys are routes on the Mediterranean Festival will again now we are alive from the Middle Eastern Christian festival is 20 music in the background and bump key you know the scene Vinnie out there bump key and you know it wasn't. I don't know that that's the dance that they wanted when they going around so we got Vinnie and the funky line and say one thing I was ready for the show to be over so I can delete because the food there is great I was up in Virginia and so just.

It sounded really good and I was up for football game which was enjoyable as well that if any did you enjoy the Mediterranean festival all I love that I almost ran away with Robbie's wife. True, they talked about going to New York. I was like what Lisa talk in front of you. That's funky.

Lastly, we talked about a topic that isn't one that you can hear very often, but it's one that I think that sometimes people struggle with how talked about the concept we've been talking about this topic of forgiving forgiving ourselves for forgiving others, and then we talked a bit about the topic of forgiving God, which is kind of sounds like a question you ask about that. Lastly, Dennis.

What was your question last for me is that blasphemy Robbie isn't well you know you you can't help but struggle with that theologically could God possibly do anything wrong when you know he doesn't send so I get that theologically, but practically and emotionally. You know, we struggle with things that we don't understand and we get angry and we get emotional and so it almost gets to we talked about this through the show last week that we've bought into some kind of a lie, and we've made an agreement with the father of lies and is not so much that we've got to forgive God, but we've got to somehow another make our relationship right with God again. And how do we find our way back there. What's the path on that road, and Dennis has a great inside. I thought that he brought as a topic for tonight show is sometimes it presents itself as fear in the way of anger. It is you talk to, literally with me this week about that. We talk a bit about how we go from the being forgiving God, which it again is it's the enemy's ploy to make us have a distance in a relationship with the father right bit, but you talk a little bit more about a specific vein of that you think that often times that that anger is very fear-based, so were reacting because we may be projecting an outcome of this particular circumstance is taken place or something that's happened in someone else's life. So the anger that were expressing is because were more afraid of what may happen, and it brings us to a place where we we have to find trust in God and that may be that maybe the challenge that were were not trusting enough at that point to understand that there's something else possibly down the road that's going to look better words, taken that back and taking control and what we project a lot of times isn't necessarily positive thing I'm suing in this topic is not one that's new stretch of imagination you get back in the garden of Eden when when the serpent came to Eve and Adam the whole topic was God is holding out on you. You can't trust the heart of God. And so this attacks constantly been at that level of relationship is you talking about this fear really looking like anger. The thing that I can come to mind almost immediately, is being a parent and having my kid get lost somewhere. You know you're so scared. I your terrified.

But when you find them you love all over him, or do you get mad at it and unfortunately I'm first courtly for me it's been more the anger and be that there fear. This really does breed some anger absolutely right, and it masks is that now you you talk a little about having that happen just a few years ago in a situation you're dealing with.

Lastly, about 18 months ago when not in it sounds sounds kinda small and I set it up, but a long story short, my car had blown up out on the interstate found that we weren't going to be able to get it fixed at this place in my life.

I was very angry at God because I felt like I was maybe trying to go down the right path and I was an enemy of the Duke is absolutely needed Kartik to continue working in the job I had and I was scared to death about what was going to happen because I was not in a good place emotionally is not a good place financially. There's a lot that that I feared and we maybe can get into it more, but I ended up about a month and half later the rescue mission in Winston-Salem and have seen in that time.

What God really was after in that was my trust in the relationship with him that it kinda been kinda been broken that he wanted to restore that. But at the time when you're in the midst of those things happening, you see the real world stuff. Okay, how much to pay the bills humming a live where I'm living, we don't we don't necessarily see that because were listed were just were scared to death of what's going to happen next. And if it's okay sure will bit more the story behind that was having you want to use friend and robbing all this transfer while you been taken some steps out of your comfort zone anyway. Yes you've been taken some steps out you'd went back into the workforce. You really did want to go into your doing these things because you felt like you really needed to do these things and also in felt like your kids before, but seemed like as if you like that knocked out for Monday absolutely slowly and out I looked I would have never guessed it hurt and never crossed my mind at that time where God was leading me with that with this process.

Now look back on it not go that was absolutely what needed to happen in his heart as it's been to go through what I've been going through the last year it's been a tremendous blessing because God's been a part of it. My trust in him is grown on a lot of things that needed to change my life are changing, but it at that moment.

At that moment when everything is falling apart. You'll see that you don't receive the anger for the fear that's underneath it and so into this clip if we could. It's from the movie if you go ahead and set it up for scalping and he tells what kind happening here with the lieutenant in the I guess everyone in the world by now seen Forrest Gump great movie. But in this scene Lieut. Dan has lost his legs because of the odd the combat that they were in.

In Vietnam they there in a hospital and forces in the bed next to him force was one that saved team that brought them out of the jungle and Lieut. Dan is very mad at forced to say the least. Found two of what happens or Julie so you make. We all have a destiny just happens. It's all part of the claimant's so it dined out there with my men. But now nothing but simple break. I can see that you know what it's like not to be able to use your legs. Yes to what I sent you seated me. I had a destiny I was supposed to die in the field with destiny seated me know when I first saw this movie I'm her with a few people in the world like actually consume me to learn kinda weird but I probably heard so much good about it at the time it was overplayed, but when I saw this, I didn't really understand what was going on here because I just felt at this anger and I'm thinking really the sky to save your life you're mad at them but what was really going on. Well, he is scared to death.

He was very afraid of what he was going to do. He felt like it if I remember correctly all his family members had died in battle over the years he did really think that that was his destiny, but I think what was coming out of that was heat. He didn't know how he was going to live without his legs. How's he going to live his life so he was angry and scared. A plan for his life and that plan didn't work out, in and out about you guys ravaged your plans always worked out today lasted minutes maybe yeah not even close. Yeah and and and there you go with your at that point where often fear creeps in and fear is a is you know is a bad place. It is you not just thinking back of all the times the I felt anger the frequency of which a lot of times it was fear-based anger over finances will that's really just the fear of not having food to put on the table or the ability to pay bills or to make the house payment or whatever that might be so that that fear. A lot of times will come. How it but how does it really blocked that relationship with God. How do you take that step and say okay you know I'm mad about the situation. How the hell you end up blaming God and has it become an issue between the person and God. The question Robbie is seeing Vinnie grabbed the mic so I'm figuring that okay that was a question for now. I you get the mic back.

I got another Vietnam story. My son Jim was in Vietnam and naturally ma'am he was only 19 when he went and I was G.I. Joe and I kind of figured a way to end because of me while he was in recon what they call reconnaissance you go into the enemy lines and new radio back what's going on but we hadn't heard from Jim or about three weeks. Needless to say me and my wife a basketcase praying to God and say what are you doing and give us some something a letter and know something and we I got angry at know about my life but I got angry God is a holy Michael Oldham angel. She got up there I mean, give me an answer of, you know, tell me something tell us something good or bad. I'm three weeks went by.

Needless to say me and my wife both biscuit cases that all of a sudden the phone rings and it's Jim, my son and where all I could.

I mean, that's a stupid where all you is that I'm in Vietnam and out as is always a miniature model does not hey I gotta get your mother she had just stepped out to go to the bakery to go get some jelly donuts and stuff like that Isis Jim can you hold on and it's one of the things that these: the state over here and will back you know when it's over, and also wouldn't answer the question, how does it go from anger, being mad at God, we will answer the question, talk about honeymooning a better relationship journey radios list are supported very thankful for every dollar but I wanted to take a moment to share really easy way to support its use Amazon to purchase things you need to do as their charity contribution site from their slick good heart ministries or in Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase to donate or watch a video on how to do this. Good match your new radio that's messenger new dealing with our masculine hearts and what is the Christian life have to do with any of that. That's why I could not be more excited about what's coming up November 3 through the sixth. The event that realistically change my walk with God more than any other thing other than coming to Christ was a boot camp.

Yes, the team from masculine journey radios having our own boot camp four days and it's affordable. Go to masculine journey ring earlybird prices are in effect during radio back to messenger new here, you came back with us to answer this question we had before the break of mapping the situation comes up.

Anger to right relationship with the father for that linear talking is a father about anger of not knowing what was going on with Jim when using the that's right. Anyway, I got this phone call and you know over and out just like in the movies and the pieces with his mom and she is that she just went out to go get some bagels and whatever Isis Heinemann Jim DoCoMo with this is that I got about 50 people waiting to get on this ball Isis I'll gather all data and I just open the door and ran out and visit call of the but I ran right past the clock and I ran to get her and she had packages ices this Jimmy is Jimmy hurry up come on and she drop everything and she come running and when she heard a son's voice.

The tears that came out of Verizon me. The anger just disappeared. The wonderment of not knowing enough. I finally realized okay. It's okay. We can breathe again. Okay, glad you did your job. Thank you for giving us a son back under the that's about it. It's it. I guess a lot of people have these type stories, but this one here was for real and to see the wonderment of my wife and all Cryan for a week if that is is I promise I'll call you up every week is okay. Jim goes up every week think of anything I think that it is you talk about this fear of the unknown. We we all kind of battle that from time to time and I didn't say I think in summary or story that you talk about the answers kind of their of why did you get so angry God when it happened and if you can speak does this personally from that what why if you can speak to it maybe can or can't, but you are mad at God. The why we met God in the midst of that because it was it because of that unknown factor because it was like quick. You know what were in the situation I don't know what's going to happen from here so obviously you you had something to do with this happening.

For whatever reason, but I think at the end. It's like you don't know what that is in I think that in my case that would generate the anger you gets to the enemy wants to play every side that he can turn right depending on where your theology is coming from either everything happens, God ordains maybe that's where you lay theologically if that's the case in his consumer.

Why did God do this to you or if your theology says that things happen in God allows them to happen. Like in the story of Job right right then that the enemy plays a card of white and got intervene. So the enemy is always on the backside and he's after one thing to break that relationship with you and the father to break that lifeline we have with him because once he can do that he can do batting the once in your life.

You become better you become despondent Uganda the recluse, whatever it may be. He's in a drive unit direction. This can take you to very very unhealthy place to challenge Nino and again Evans in Adam was there right when he seminary there is Eve she's eaten that fruit. Now I know she's can be smarter than me was he afraid of that. Was he afraid he wouldn't be able to to manage without her there. Some fear there somewhere, but what we know is in this category move from fear to faith is perfect love and of first John chapter 4. Perfect love drives out fear and and that's kinda neat for me is Dennis isolated the fact that some of that anger at God was really based in fear. It's fear. I understand this is is at the heart of of not trusting God.

So how do we get back to the point of trusting God is obviously to move back towards him in prayer in and study in in relationship with other people realizing wow there some part of God's heart that I am not getting here because I know he loves me completely. So what am I missing and how I get back into that where I can abide in him again.

That's exactly what happened in the because the in the in the transition of going to the mission I began to get in his word a lot more than I realize that I had a long long time. That was one of the first verses that actually in this year-long program that I'm in this one of the first verses that came to me and kinda became one of my life versus because I realize that that I realize that bigger picture at the moment you're not there but you step back, you start to learn some trust God seen God's word and what was promises are to us with the real truth is, and that can calm that down. That's where I had to go and there's a clip that we've gleaned from first night and Lancelot here, of course, the reason why doesn't have a fear of death that that's a little suspect in this particular clip, but just think for a minute, what kind of warrior we could be for the kingdom of God.

If we were completely not afraid of the outcomes sure as the sun will rise tomorrow someone asked me today my name, title, resort was not so soft that she was a trick trick with Tony study your opponent how he mostly knows and that one moment and every fight when you win or lose connection on reform and you have to not care with little time to situation. There is, what kind of a warrior sees the larger story at such a great level that his own outcome is not significant but sees the kingdom of God moving forward being the number one you know it's it's an amazing thing and you know there's no doubt Lancelot was an amazing swordsman, but he shares a secret. There, that would be a lot of people's Achilles' heel is that that you know is is fear in the middle of that fight. If he didn't have it had a clear advantage. Absolutely there is maybe one step ahead of that is going back and having God help you break the agreement that was made right, can you write you absolutely have to get to that point we trust God so fully that doesn't matter what happens occasionally has your back, but as long as that agreement still in the mix it so hard to get there. You may have the heart to get there.

You may want to get there but there's something in you that will hold you back unless you can get there and when we last left Dan. It was in that place. It was a very healthy you pick them back up and this could Dennis what's going on here as we listen to Lieut. Dan's life. Well, sometime later forces gotten the shrimp boat Bubba Gump shrimp that I think of Lieut. Dan to come out on that boat and he has something entirely different to share with forces, thank you for saving my life. He never actually said so, but I think he made his peace with God and others. A very short clip is very important.

Clip standpoint of what's happening physical you can see it and listening to the global what's happening and that the video there Dennis, but gets up on the side of the boat and he drops back into the water and he start swimming without legs and that's one for said I think he's found his peace with God. To me it represented when he saw that visually it represented that the fear had dissipated.

The fear was gone, is obviously gone crazy stuff in the water and swimming without legs and that he could move on with his life which is in fact what happened and what also lefty was bitterness and anger, loss of hope. All those things that the enemy held him down with the now leads into that place where he can live freely, not really caring. What's can happen wise in the water, but he stepping out in faith and evidence. You mentioned he had to break an agreement and his agreement was in the we only know because we watched that his destiny was that he had to die in battle and so breaking that agreement. Although it was clear was not all that easy for him and that's where his peace laid out like you said he had to get to that point where he could agree. Wow God you had a better plan for my life. Cannot which is by the way, all our stories as soon as I sit here and what were talking about this or are you guys all fear free matters and why this is a shot on Fridays.

Go take my wife and I you know that by TRU who knows what's going on think that's a possibility. It's a constant battle to it because we are growing in that relationship with the father, but it is a I would love to say that you know the tomorrow switch is flipped and Mia and I might be 100% all in with my whole heart, all trusting, which is really what I want to be, but there's so many of those agreements that I don't even know what they are God's going to help unravel that I can tell you that they're different today than they were a year ago.

Yes, and they're different a year ago.

The newer year before that and I grew closer and closer not relationship and that's all we can really do is keep moving towards him, knowing, regardless of what the enemies told us his heart is good when he loves us, unsure, quick story. It was the opposite for me of fear of God in this will sound incredibly stupid was 18 and what happened was our youth group was to play a volleyball game with another youth group and and what makes that important was I like to girl the other youth group and they were from out of town and and it didn't happen because he got rained out and I got mad and I hear I am just a spoiled kid or whatever. I don't know I wasn't split. We did have a money but I was spoiled in some ways, and I was angry God to the point was like I can't believe you let this happen, and I'm being not very nice at all in about an hour later as I was burning some brush my legs And in my mind of 18 years old so you can't ever be mad at God because these are striking down the hall and the offender even burned. You know that's a point to talk about earlier. The enemies complete every angle he can and I don't know what your story is. I don't if it sounds like Dennis's pennies are minor Iraqis or maybe it's unique to you but you probably know that the enemies trying to break that relationship with you and God.

And somewhere in there is an agreement needs to be broken. So this week, take time and asked Jesus and the Holy Spirit in the father to come in and intercede on your behalf and lead you the truth, to break the agreement and walked deeply within

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