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Soothing The Savage Conscience; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 4, 2017 12:30 pm

Soothing The Savage Conscience; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 4, 2017 12:30 pm

Airdate 02/04/17

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Everyman life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome to the masculine journey so excited you're joining us today. We've got a little different cast of characters today welded to start off with theirs. We really have some sad news of Vinny Menino who you know, one of our stars. We love them. His wife was taken hospice this week and so he was with her and they are in our prayers. Doesn't look like she's gonna make it so. And it's got lots of struggles. Besides being blind and all that but we do have a movie from the Vinny vault that were getting used today, was made in 1930 and sorghum to get to that in a minute and also Sam isn't with us because he is his son is having surgery so it's it's it's it's one Gemini and it's interesting that one of the heroes of today show is Jiminy Cricket and we have right here with and you never thought of.

Jim is Jiminy and I remember all do so tonight show, if you want them elsewhere. Not today show is I get confused times today show.

We are talking about soothing the savage conscience.

What is that look like well I've been reading this book, the full armor Christian informant by William Col. and this an old gold book was written in the 17th century believed the 1600 so he had a quite a biblical understanding immediately goes into great detail on certain aspects of the armor that I really have never seen before and so when he talked about your feet, being fitted with the gospel of peace. He went into great depth. I mean great depth on what that meant to have that kind of peace that it would take to have this kind armor on in the three items that he was talking about where you need this kind of peace and so were talking about. Put armor masculine journey and Congress together is is you need peace with God.

That's number one piece with yourself. That's number two in peace with others for that piece with yourself today is, what were talking about because in order to be able to put on these this piece armor we need peace with ourselves, which has to do with soothing the savage conscience and the way he wrote that I did. He said something fantastic.

Jim, I he said that soothing your confident conscience takes as much power as it took for Jesus to come out of the grave. Because we put such a gravestone on our own lives, but it takes the power of the Holy Spirit in order to roll it away from the tomb that we often have ourselves hoping we can do some of that rolling so we talk about, show true confession is Jim and I have some stuff man.

We were talking stories that some of these things bring up that we have our own conscience. It needs to be in boy started on rolling and so when you hear some of the stuff from us. It might start it with you, but you first thing you do is figure out whether conscience is, unfortunately, do have Jiminy Cricket. Here he was explaining that the Pinocchio and and so it went like this lab want to be a real world is things that seem right. Even though things may seem wrong sometimes. Sometimes the things may be right are understand you know I do write to remind you Roman seven little bit better than Jim. Where were Paul's name. Well, I want to do this, but I do that and that that's the struggle. It I've always loved that because Paul sounds like the perfect Christian black fight with that only start going down this conscience road that we take you down if you know a lot of us is pretty easy to go back to our childhood and pick up things that are still in our conscience that were dealing with. It is when you get a bit older it gets a little bit left edgier working to get there eventually. But first we got a little bit lighter fare for you know, in my case, the one that I was relating to Jim and Ellen I was 13 years old. My conscience was came to work this way. I was post be home being a good kid alone in my parents left the keys to the car. I knew where they were and I was 13 years old and they had parked the car in the in the driveway and I wanted to play basketball and I can play Best Buy, where the car was so I figured my mother put it in the garage.

My father working for Buick at this big beautiful estate wagon in the state wagon for Buick in 1968 or whatever that was. Had this woodgrain that went all the way down the side. It was just beautiful. Well, as I am pulling it into the garage. It rips the woodgrain clear off the right side and just peels it right at the side and I'm like oh my word so fortunately I don't know. Maybe. Unfortunately it did not do a lot of damage. The garage, it just peeled the woodgrain off the car and so I fixed the garage as best I could and kinda kept the woodgrain so I didn't flapper anything and just left it there and hoping that nobody would see it because it was not on the side of the car that you would get in and it was up against the side of site just left it there said nothing.

Well, it wasn't until like three days later that were sitting at the dinner table and my mother says you are not going to believe what somebody did to my car at the grocery store to so I'm like totally off the hook. I think, but I lived with that. I'm still living with it to some extent right, Jim. I mean, is it still the things that we get away with are going to bother us far more things we got caught and I mean like 30 years later before I finally told my mother was probably my 40s. By the time and I told her to remember that the state wagon on the woodgrain. I still have the guts to tell my father get mentally tied to my mother that I don't know what you're talking about.*She doesn't know what I'm talking went to my father. He didn't know what else to in all these years I've fretted. Jim is just been unbelievable the amount of guilt is over. This woodgrain issue but yet you have a situation like that with your sister in a marble. I have always felt like I didn't want to hurt anybody and I just had an evil moment was walking down the hall at our house without a marble in my hand. My sister was playing the piano like she was about 15 and I was 10 or 11 and I just called off and threw it at her and I mailed her the head and she stopped playing and started crying and that was 51 or two years ago and it came up at Christmas my sister last that she remembered that I always probably but I have a sweet sister. There's I got my older sisters picked on me but I was a little brother. That's what you're supposed to do but for some reason I just decided I was going to get even. In that moment, it is bothered me ever since. When I think about including now have their stuff inside that and course we have is child experiences that I'm sure everybody listening can relate and they got stories now that they're coming up with Chris what William Bernal pointed out really well as we have the gospel that's reason why your feet are sitting with the gospel of peace because it was Jesus that paid for your marble in my Buick estate had what others do it. I love that rearseat face 3rd feet privileges but anyway be the ideas how do we get comfort from the comfort of their how do we know going we know intellectually that Jesus paid it all but actually lifting that off, you know it's it's another thing, but that the thing that poor Pinocchio ran into is you kinda look bad and that makes you not want to just jump out there and tell everybody height what's going on because well as Pinocchio puts it look like a jackass.

Or maybe it's that look like him and okay will go to be a reasonable me and those who saw that movie when we were kids. Jim, I mean that that island and the kids didn't live loaded on the boat a minute you know that made up impact and it's an interesting thing that there's a certain amount of reality that that happens is where kids as we make those choices that certain things happen to our actual character as we begin to go into an agreement and and that's part of what I will you know I was thinking about that we get to talk about the agreements that happen, even as adults and some of the things that we did that we were younger. Where the accuser has got some stuff that he's going to lay out on you at times we got help from Jiminy Cricket. We got a little help from the Vinnie about coming up in the next segment go to the check out our you wondering what God has for you and 27 one things for sure. I know he wants you to have your heart there is an opportunity for men that's coming up this April 6 through the nine listen to what Frank only $169.05 payments of $33 and a large sister today is my son Eli. We talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on information that where you can waking it out once again, PO Box 552 7285 always let you know the guy but no doubt God gave us a conscious Jim so that you know to help us not end up in a like Pinocchio get loaded on the boat with the tail in the city and always want my conscience to be the Holy Spirit.

It is always because I've been able to rationalize some pretty awful things in my life and maybe in good conscience at times, but there are people that you look for instances of that earlier in our conversation, and there are people that kill unborn babies in good conscience, so that's obviously not the Holy Spirit. And that's that's the whole topic we can take up another time because the just goes to go for now you can go into that one. But the interesting thing were were talking about today is how do we get peace with her own conscience. How do we get life from where we know we gave ourselves a death sentence and course we know that Jesus died for that he paid for that intellectually is one thing but how are you living down inside of that. Are you living in the freedom of that you know a lot of times a week. We talked for right before the break has to do with did you get in there and make an agreement did Satan start to accuse you that you are a thief or that you are a murderer or that you are this and you can't let go of it and that's a difficult process without the Holy Spirit. My agreement for me was that I was and then I rationalized well it's okay as long as I don't steal from people that it will hurt the Robin Hood thing. It was now the Robin Hood code, but that you know and so there's challenges inside Abaddon and stuff that is actually a good place to go for my point of view to begin to in prayer time alone with God process through some of the stuff and have a discussion with him about some of those things that you can see if there is some agreements in their you can break those agreements and get Satan off your back as he would definitely love to accuse you because as we get older. Jim things get a little messier and we got a click here from the Vinnie vault because it was done in 1930. The movie was called all quiet on the Western front and what's happening here is something beyond horrible.

If you would imagine that you're in a foxhole or in a trench like they were in World War I and World War II retirement World War I where they fought in trenches and hero.

This happens to be a German soldier. I believe it was a French soldier that jumped into his trench with in a car seat ended up with this hand-to-hand combat and he ends up killing this man right there in the trench with them but then he's gotta stay in the hole with him. This mammoth dad and in this movie is more realistic than you would find most modern leftist bar, his eyes open so that you're sitting there looking at and both of us are aware that the people that are dead. Their eyes are open and so he's having to sit there and look at this man. He's killed and is he begins the conversation that you can hear the clip he says he instruct make promises to vanities to call his family and he reaches inside his coat. I'm telling you this because you can't see it and he finds a picture of the man and his of his wife and son and I can't even imagine myself in that situation I just killed a man and now I realize that he's got a wife and children and like you said you got things to consider.

So here's from all quiet on the Western front, 1930 the Vinnie vault. I can keep you alive if you jump in here again I wouldn't do it.

You see when you jump in you will my enemy rate is just a man like you become say that for me. Say you forgive the you're better off than I am. Through can't do anymore. You now why did they do this to us. We only wanted to live.

Why should they send us out the flight ladies like you could be my just like you'll have to forgive me, you want all the horrific situation and apparently this movie start. According to Vinnie Lou Ayres was quite the hunk and his mother was in love with but he was so affected by this role quite in the Western front, that when World War II started up. He was a conscientious objector like new movie out hexa Ridge and ended up serving in the medical Corps which actually ruin his Hollywood career because the people thought of him his card and whatever but he that this role that situation affected. Now Jim you are a police officer and so I would imagine every police officer is facing that at some point time, they may be put in that position but you had an incident that really I would love for you to share how God helped you see some stuff inside yourself. It really is something not all of us get to see it was a pivotal movement in my life because I was one of these development were basically good. I thought I was good and I didn't really see the evil even though I was saying it daily, but we have had a a police officer killed in the line of duty on the day before that I was sitting in a parking lot across from the College of Charleston with two other officers and he had been shot with his own gun and it basically was murdered. He was shot in the leg and then the guy walked off with his got the police officers got and then came back and shot it executed so as you can probably understand we were all pretty upset. We're sitting talking about that when we heard a gunshot and we all assume good been fired at and there was a student walking down the sidewalk across our add front of the College of Charleston. We yelled at him to freeze. And he did. But when he did. Another student popped up from behind the car and started running well wait started pursuing it.

Up to this point. I've always wondered cannot really shoot somebody if I have to and it and not come down with it. Well, fun. Just protecting me, maybe not for protecting somebody else I can do it. That was what I thought would happen in the situation when I was put in the situation and I was chasing this kid take a shot at us early.

So what we thought I was ready to shoot them in the back as he ran away and the only thing stopping me was a corporal was a little ahead of me and I didn't want to endanger him and I'm sorta waiting for him to take the first shot because we all had our guns out we were already fortunately this kid acquired himself quickly and defeated gone right and run down the street.

He might've been shot but he went left and cornered himself and surrendered immediately and we found out that he had been shot at us, what happened is he was drunk and left something in her friend's car. He went down and smashed the back window out of the car to get his stuff and it sounded like to us a gunshot.

Everyone of us would've sworn we had been shot at Gartner, you're left with this reality in your mind because you knew you were looking for clear shop. I was ready to fill in and met with then one of these police stories that ruin my life is life. Many others praise God that he turned left instead of right. It was the but it did show me the baser side of my own humanity and so realizing that we are there no home those issues in conscience obviously for Lou Hayes just through the movie experience leading to do that but if you go see hexa Ridge*the movie I forgot his name, I apologize, but I know the reason why he became a conscientious objector was he almost killed his brother with a rock. I mean that guilt that we came on from that, you know, gave him a code that I'm not going to go past a certain point because I don't want to be in that in that position again. But again, who knows where God may have us at some point in time, but the good news is number one. Jesus paid it all. There is the gospel, and even if you've had that thing like this in their and some of the stories we told the day may bring up some things and you that you remember anyone. Wow, did I ever really get forgiveness for that while Jesus paid enough and the Holy Spirit is the comforter to me that's the reason why he came to help him, but you gotta ask him and you got allow him to come in there and do some that were Christian from that experience led me to the point of realizing a sinner in need of grace and saving I was carnal Christian at the time I believed in God, but I'm not sure I knew Jesus live but I thought I was a good person. Basically an that moment help me realize how I'm not and it was years later, but that was a significant point in my life where I realize that I'm not a good person and so when we look at this piece of armor that Paul gave us in Ephesians 6 in order to suit up and I get the shield of faith in the belt of truth which we talk about a lot the belt of truth, not making agreements with Satan on the truth is, Jesus paid it all. But in order to get that place of peace. It's not just the mind. Understanding what Jesus did.

It's a heart thing, but also if we can get to that place of peace. Then in the battle that we now find ourselves in this masculine journey, you are much more of a warrior when you got please write a police officer being of precepts versus you know somebody that's angry and bitter. It's a completely different place right below warrior visit peace with the situation as well. If we've intrigued you were hoping we can't come up April 6 through the ninth.

It's here in Davie County commission is $69. We would love for you to register right now. Masculine journey Come join us April 6 through the Philistine today and will be back next week with Sam and hopefully

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