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Stuff Mart; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 25, 2017 12:30 pm

Stuff Mart; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man plays a major life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome mask injury. We're glad you're with. Glad you're here. Listen to hear about backpacks and gods pie and a movie from the 80s. A clip from it that bribery surprise were able to use that as a teaser little bit that that I'll think anything will, but they were to be talking a little bit about stuff Mark no Robbie, I know I would hear when you guys talk about stuff Mart a few weeks ago. What what how would you describe that well you know I met in the introduction we just heard, grab your gear and come on a quest while gear is this whole idea of how much stuff you know is in your backpack.

And so we definitely like a lot of men we see a tool you know that I have that in order to do the job right and that at some point you have a lot of tools some point you got a lot of stuff and so they bring in the way down your life and so you end up with this fairly heavy backpack.

Absolutely no actually take us right in our first clip.

It's it's from a movie called up in the air. I don't think any of us have seen it. This is a great clip of Scott George Clooney and he's talking to a group of people about this topic of backpack and so you listen to it. Just imagine that he's talking to you how much is your life away. Imagine for a second you're caring for strep shoulders.

I want you to pack it with all the stuff that you have like to start with the little things on shelves and drawers and knickknacks, collectibles, weight, is that you start adding larger stuff close tabletop appliances lapse linens TV getting pretty heavy. Now, go figure. Couch bed kitchen table stuff at all in your car getting your home studio apartment or a two-bedroom house. I want you to stuff it all into that back try to walk hard is what we do to ourselves on a daily basis. We weigh ourselves down until we can even move. Make no mistake in his living backpack on fire. When he went to photos of her people can't remember Drake's ginkgo. In fact, let everything. Imagine waking up tomorrow with nothing exhilarating is kind of exhilarating not the original thing I would describe that if thinking about it, but is… Good Jim you're talking a little bit before the show about what you really had that experience several years back where he kinda went through the cleansing process right we did indeed my wife and I basically heard together a call go to Alaska, or Nashville.

Our house was almost paid off all of stuff and get Alaska we had to get rid of all and it was one of the most particularly for my wife and me.

She was giddy giving away our stuff.

I was bringing up the hell at cost. Is this so I was a little less thrilled about it, but I do something. We were called, but we had and this was after our kids a lift but our house after giving away everything we could, after selling everything we could swim a lot.

We took everything else out of the street.

We sold our house in eight hours. I was, knowing it was God, and they wanted us out. I think it was a week and 1/2 to close on so we closed within two weeks of having put a sign in the yard that certainly for us was God all the way through it. So we were supposed to go at the end of giving everything away. We could and parceling some things out family that were family stuff. We took everything out else out of the street and the Powell was 40 feet long, six, 8 feet wide and 4 to 6 feet tall with entire section of the stuff we have owned and couldn't even give away while but the at the end of it and hopping in and we end up buying more stuff. But it was a 30 foot RV everything we owned cherished was in that vehicle, which, like buying a boat it was we would've done better if we rented a luxury car is a just a rolling boat. Yes, that's a really good now that he's also talked a bit about that.

That was also one of the most least member stress and summaries of the pressure financially.

41. Yes, the trip to Alaska.

We gave up well. My wife gave up a good job. I was still bouncing around some, but we had never earned less money in our lives that we did while we were in Alaska and we've never had less monetary stress and any other time in our life is colored doing what was posted following God and not worried about accumulating more stuff absolutely and reminiscent Scripture kinda goes at this topic of stuff when I was complement come to mind for you. Well, Jesus in Matthew six races you know don't go after treasure on earth, but no develop treasure in heaven.

Where is Based on arrestor all those kind of things because where your heart is. That's where your treasure is. Also, as I was listen to Jim speak it remind me of how many times you hear younger older couple speak to that when they were younger and they had nothing and they were living in the flat, you know, just apartment and when they absolutely had nothing that the that there was much less whatever you want to call it financial stress burden their backpack was a lot lighter and it makes life easier because you know you are talking about the story Jimmy thought about when God called us to move from Indiana down to North Carolina. Now we had moved from a house.

It was about 1100 ft.² into the house.

We did. In addition, in our family grew only about 4100 ft.² and is amazing to watch and that six or seven years and we lived there. How we moved in absolutely nothing in that house except you have beds and things that saw fit in a smaller house. We had three kids in there with us in tenant to the point where every room had stuff coming back, moving under North Carolina. We are moving into a much smaller home in Salina were weeding through the stuff in getting rid of things and thought we done a really good job and then I realize not that long ago, we still had a semitruck trailer full of stuff that we brought with us that not a small big semi trailer pretty much full of stuff.

Just things we couldn't live without is crazy really was kinda crazy and I think the thing is, you hear George Clooney talk about their Robbie there's a lot of turmoil there's a lot of stressors binding up the kinda goes with that.

That's way you talk about what happens at all burned up could be exhilarating.

Jesus told the story to somebody that had a lot of stuff we talked about a couple weeks going here was the rich ruler came to Jesus and that he could quote the commandments and Stefan. He was like well so I lack Jesus gave them some really tough instructions.

He said if you want to be perfect.

Now that's such a up and you're supposed to go sell all your your possessions and give to the poor and come back and follow me and you may know the story is that he went away.

You know, and upset because he had great wealth, but it's a fascinating thing and I wonder how it breaks God's heart because it is the youngest car salesman or as an older car salesman. What always broke my heart was watching people going the crazy amounts of debt to buy a car than I knew that it was just because it had the latest DVD player or some kind of you know her statues or some little gimmick that flipped the switch and they now are going to end up with a 400 $500 a month car payment and you realized stress and not just think of God's heart break in existence, absolutely in Unitech that a rich ruler want to play a clip from the 80s were going to break in. Think about it will ever break that this is from a movie called Caddy shack and here's a person Rodney Dangerfield placing out survey can think his name was and he comes into this gulf establishment this way: country club country club country club and listen to how he just talks about and throws around the buying of things is Jewish. Okay five shows sure was the worst so you will will life is not complete without a Caddy shack with you and you shall be finally able to do if you had out there that was really his life was about stuff.

At least it sounds as if you want to movie that's really a lot of what was it was about what he could Robbie ensure you seen that movie at some point I seen it in and to an extent. We live it and we don't even know that were living because part of what he had.

There was this image and you know we went through our own the stuffing when we lost the dealership and we lost in our position. I watched our kids just shutter because we are no longer living in this house and Clements West. We never got moved to this little heater and often and all that stuff had to do with this image that we had of who we were and now we weren't bad in and holding onto that was in its own way, something that you're carrying around in your backpack's order to keep that image of who it is that you think you were talking about is wrong to have things that were saying it's when you have things become a priority over really talking about today and talk about is of particular interest. I don't know anything about finding a better you can't messenger any to register for the fourth 6396 you wondering what God has for you and 27 one things for sure. I know he wants you to have your heart there is an opportunity for men that's coming up this April 6 through the nine listen to what Frank only $169.05 payments of $33 messenger any stir today is my son Eli. We talked about ways you can help support Lily where you can click the button tweaking it once again, PO Box 552 7285.

You don't have to get a little if you don't know what that is looking like I had to do that. So many times from Don Henley but it's about putting something as a priority putting a person you know. Maybe a boss or somebody look up to or even putting things you give an inordinate word inordinate amount of priority to the letter were talking about today is putting these little 10 guides in the way of relationship with our holy father soon left were talking about just the theory of having lots of stuff and Jimmy talked about how free it was to not have that stuff absolutely and it really is well.

One of things I mentioned is you learn what's important not attached to your stuff is about relationships number one with God and all the rest. That's the only thing is to be permanent but we treat those as if their throwaway and weighty all the stuff surround ourselves with sometimes to block the relationships we were joking before he went on here think Jim Robbie talked about the old saying that it's the two happiest moments in a bun on his life for the moment when they bother about my mama when they lose when they sell the boat and you know who in their life doesn't know what that feels like to have bought that car that you finally got out from underneath or bought that house that you finally get out from underneath or in your case somebody gave you about Tabasco today known for years and I was excited to get it and the kids were excited and I was more excited today that it went away. I appreciate his graciousness and son came and got it a few years later but I don't think I've ever done more money into something that didn't want to work for me is pray for him.

It was just like it was literally an anchor to my heart and so his really glad not literally forget of any irregular heart benefit literal 11 days going out there to see in that thing and spend more money on it now were talking about things that you can put in front of God. Now were talking about stuff to order some other things guys that you can put in front of God as a priority over your relationship with him since you're talking and we been talking backpack the whole time but you know speaking apply it kinda goes in your front pack Estes peanut butter and so you know you're trying to find a way to get comfort because he dismisses a miserable thing man and well look at that time sit in the refrigerator is comes from a Paul Barth mockup and it's soon his mother Elizabeth and his daughter sitting at the dinner table when to listen.

Exchange just as I you said just can't get that to get it out really helps heal and you know, not always, but sometimes you do like to kiss Satan to say whatever your minimal heart. But on the part here is putting it would fill the cracks of our but who hasn't had something that they go to for comfort other than God for a lot of people. That is food in times of my life that's been a year. We talk about comfort food. I need to have some comfort food, and maybe we don't remain some comfort from its interesting how that weighs you down in a similar but actually gets me back to the idols.

I look at me. I love the and I've traded that I've done 72 outs takes three times.

Steak is one of those things that you are mouthwatering now you want even though I had some for dinner, but I've traded, then that idle this will my wrist. The Fitbit hopefully look I've only taken in 2286 cal today and they both leave the one's good thing to be concentrating on their both easy to have first in my life absolutely and there's lots of things we do for this priority.

Talk about you looking for disparity but you Turner for comfort and some of a priority for you if you think about what you have for dinner and it's only breakfast if you set someone of a priority for you but what about relationships and keep it. Relationships in front of God absolutely no return invented before the Sherry Prichard relationship in front of another more important relationship easily and find yourself in both and it's it's the same way with stuff that you know finding those priorities and finding the right balance. It just seems like wow it's good to take Jesus to fix the steps that it is and I would venture to say that anyone listening if they want to look in the mirror and and just really say Gotto can you help me be honest with myself here. There's something that's gotten away at least one of the things we talked about is nothing more than that right. It's got in the way. Maybe it's a busy. I am working. I really want to get that promotion. I really want to chase that next step. I want to be recognized as we talked about before status kinda thing.

Maybe it's how I want to be viewed in church by other zone arrays X amount of money so that people look at me and say wow look at what he did and all these kinds of things in. I don't think a lot of times are going to live with malice in her heart for any ill intent would become something more of a distraction away from God and it takes your heart away from him, which is really the problem there and what times are shares in his book pursuing God, which is just an amazing book to me. He said that the spiritual and what Jesus was gone about treasure in heaven versus treasure on earth. The spiritual is actually more real than the physical and it helps you understand prioritizing that we even talked about seeing the Angels before the movie in motion we did last week. That is if we get an idea of this part of our life being more real than the physical, then it's easier for heart to go towards the spiritual and build up treasure in heaven versus goes physical hunting and pie my ghetto to go out after the sale and I feel is you let you guys know that I went through divorce this last year and in part of the reason that divorce came about was because I put as a priority in front of got my marriage engine. We talked about off the air where you know I times in counseling. This I don't put the kids in front of the marriage because I have to have it modeled correctly. Right incident. The talk about that, but how we times do you hear people don't put your marriage in front of God and how many times you live it is that person that marriage is probably laying right next to you in bed most nights or they're the ones you're going to talk about issues and so it's hard to not start start to look at that person who is the other image bearer of God and try not to put them in his place.

If you are married and your order of importance is not God spouse, children, and your orders it will mess with you and there will be ramifications for one of those common times for divorce is the nest it's because one or both parents have been so involved in the children but found themselves married to a stranger when the children leave and they don't have a much in common anymore.

I know the inscription we talk about the New Testament. All these references were the first things I God ever told people as a law as a statement tumors you shall have no idols before me was that crystal clear back then and in Jesus and then reference it in a different ways that people really can understand it but it's it's really putting anything in the way between me and my heavenly father anything that's more important to me than that it's just gonna get out of the way, is otherwise the enemy gets a foothold. There one of the biggies both then and now is putting yourself first time I want to go on a cruise talking about one of my wife and I's favorite activities, but any time that is more important to you anything that relationship with God.

Your headed for a difficult time absolutely in the we all talked about. We had a paring down in our life but would you guys agree the Internet paring down on the other end of it was probably some of the more healthier soil that you been in a long time as it is the stuff when away. You found yourself you know freer both financially and emotionally. You know, is the stuff goes away. The pressure goes with it and having it on that dealership for the 10 years I owned it I wonder if I would've lived another 15 years. The amount of pressure that it was to maintain that kind of stuff that got new we gotta have a dealership and ectomy from Rob after move that little one other things I've heard along the lines you don't own stuff stuff you Lord things you have, the more you have to be concerned about those things and preserving those things and taking care of George Carlin and a wonderful thing.

Many decades ago about stuff they bought and it was great. I know that I've been more aware of the stuff that I have now that I have to clean it all the time and I really don't want as much stuff. It's lasted honest Lester vacuum around things like that that it doesn't bring any value that does or some sentimental value something for my mom or whatever, but there's very little that brings any type of value other than sentimental and reminded me of a relationship that was important and is said that first clip was get some ginkgo and remember, you have to have that that piece of furniture. Those pictures do not know what should people do right now if they're confused or they don't know what is that thing that I'm putting in front of God. Rather, how, what would you recommend dismay out there that really just unsure. And the nice thing we know, find the belt of truth in there somewhere. And what is the truth and going to the Scriptures mean this is a surefire way to strap on the understand what is asked God the Holy Spirit is there to reveal truth to us as well as to understand what I'm really track your time where you spend your time when you should really spend time with God, not out of responsibility but out of a desire to have that relationship to talk to you more about that when rubbing April 6 through the day for six nights messaging

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