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Isn't There More To Life Than This?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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April 1, 2017 12:30 pm

Isn't There More To Life Than This?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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April 1, 2017 12:30 pm

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Every man is a great adventure. But why doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide moods with a masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good word when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now well come to Robbie's basket luckily shows.

You could tell we've been having some fun today, but that today is actually April fools. It isn't so. It's not an Eve mount now and use the dream started off with me which makes perfect. They were to be talking about something.

I think most men struggle with and I know that we all do this for a certain studio that be on your today and not something we all had in common winter first boot camp was this, this burning question and and Robbie. What is burning question that men have a lot of times it's is there more to life than what I'm living is this it seems like I was destined for more than sit in front of TV in your life, bills, mortgage my world has got to be more to life than this sick, this can't be there was something really struck you and you want when you're first became. It was that was both the boot camp and just reading the wild. Our book was just like this is what I've been feeling. I felt like I was the only one in the world experiencing it. But as I read and then I talked other man, I think we all kind of struggle with the fact that we here we are were just, you know, like Robbie said it, it becomes life is the mortgage payment or you know just try to make it a vacation to get a break or something like that and you really don't have it. I been in church, but a lot of ministries but I never really found that place where I felt like I really had my purpose until I understood that we are the bigger story of me, know that, but you don't really think about it on a daily basis and you talk about your place in the story. What would be similar like the common vernacular that people use instead of you know the term that were using what would you might hear in church or when men are talking about it that they're looking for purpose or or anything like that, you might hear a man say you getting to do all sorts of things you know that they're busy trying to find their hobbies or that the find themselves by their job or you know, by the people you hang out with you know that any and often you know that I find in any church because you know I'm just bored here and on the 19th that I'm 19 now in there and they're constantly bouncing from place to place looking for are from relationship to relationship in the Pacific and what is why was I made when when God made me. What did he mean he was an intentional. I'm hoping it was right it was or something. He had me in place for annual hear people use that word calling Brent like my calling and that's a really want know how you know what I do that and and finally really we we found something here that was an opportunity to hear what Sam said my calling was Randy coming as much as I want to know him, but to hear what God says that is in the find a way to go to God with that question with an expectation and essentially the faith to know that that these can come true for me absolutely, and there's pieces that God gives you that it's almost like his puzzle in the guideways in front of you. You get to work with him on work side-by-side inviting him into it. It really finally the answer. A lot of it is there a few times in Scripture where you know David's holdings can become king and so he kinda knows the outcome, but it just is another path and all the things yesterday to get there, but most the time it's more of hey let's go on an adventure that God calls him on an adventure which leads into more and some go to the clip on what kinda describes what this is from it's from dead poets Society and you have Robin Williams's character who is trying to help boys understand that there's more than just the mundane.

There's more to just what they've been told Melissa this first part of a two-part clip and kinda listen to what Robin has the tell the boys about poetry text page 21 understanding, understanding, poetry by Dr. J Prichard to fully understand poetry, we must first be fluent with its meter, rhyme and figures of speech and asked two questions.

One, how artfully the objective of the poem been rendered into how important is that object question one rates the poem's perfection question to rates its importance and once these questions are answered. Determining the poem's greatness becomes a relatively simple matter if the poem score for perfection is decided on the horizontal graph and its importance is fine on the vertical total area of the phone yields the measure of its great pipe document poetry poetry like American Bandstand like Byron to give a 42 how would you teach.

So now my class, you will you will and language matter what anybody tells you words and ideas can change the world. While you can start to hear something in their little bit rowdy right it's one of the first points we talk about.

There's a three point way to find talk about a little bit trying to listen think it's like a GPS in your car. You kinda wonder how that works. It essentially has three navigational satellites that it's getting signal from and from triangulation of those three points are the way they did in the old days with compass point, then you can figure out your location. Well, it's kinda interesting that God gave us those three points in determining our place in the story.

Some speak and that's what work almost this concept of your place in the story and those three points are the first one you start to hear as what's missing from the boy that's talking about Prichard first entered Robin Williams when you really start to see that the first point is the passion and wears a passion behind that poetry wears a passion behind what you're doing in life. In support of that is finding passion and want to continue with the clip kinda listen to see where he goes with that law is engineering, since necessary to sustain life.

Poetry, romance, love and life for me life of the questions of these recurring of the endless trains of the faithfulness of cities filled with the foolish but good and made the life and you this entity. Powerful pain goes on you powerful play goes on. You may contribute various university gym isn't that really what guys wanting to know what will my verse be what will be a great contribution that I have life.

In my case this weekend was fire. For the most part you know the guys. They forget that the only person that can answer that question for them is God because God created us in as my creator. He knows what he created me for and I think all too often guys end up being defined by know what other people tell them you know you maybe it's your good at fixing cars or your you're a good person to talk to you good friend or no and sometimes it will be very negative. The enemy tends to throw darts at sea in St. Louis, you should do that case now. You suck at it good at it and you know it it's often those things that the enemies trying to stop us from doing, what you said about this story that the story that's in your heart is as we begin to awaken as we go through the boot camp experience him, you begin to go out. That's why that's coming awake in my heart that's why I'm starting to feel alive is the way he made me to feel it one of the quotes from the wild at heart but can help out in it wasn't from the originally but was quoted not probably butcher it but you know it's it's don't ask the world what it needs. Find out what makes you come alive and go do that because the world needs people that are alive right and that's without passion is. This is where you, Robin Williams is saying what will that verse be what's that unique passion. The God laid on your heart is your San Jim that unique thing that you have the enemy tries to steal that this world will do without, unless you come forward and you can set your role in the story is pressure, but is a great respect to you. The God trust you to fill that void and how incredible is that any just to think about that, even alone that you know God's got a passion, especially for me yet is it is pretty overwhelming, but it is exciting.

It is gets into the adventure and the risk example the me when I started down this road and I knew this was a message about why I knew this is what my heart was going towards the bigger story. I didn't really know how that would play out in a distorted, you noticed consuming the message and in getting involved with and and and in doing so, that is become part of my story is living out what I've learned through the message because there was not a lot of people out there talking about this and when it resonated with my heart. I was sure that would resonate with other men. And so that's what will be involved and therefore that becomes more of that passion for what I feel like I'm created for thinking of the pencil line of how we've gotten involved in doing this is God's awoken in our hearts is something that we knew was there. We just couldn't put her finger on it, you know that we knew that something more was there and in to be clear and we don't know the totality of it yet that awakens little pieces of these passions along the way and the he invite you longingly into the next two steps that have to go along with it. Remember, that's just one triangulation point is not probably right on the trying ice so the first spot we talk about his passion, but number two well that's going to be a little harder right. It's a passion about something. But when all of a sudden you have to put some skin in the game, whether that be financial which is not always at or may not even usually be that as much as emotional or maybe your your risk of your identity what you thought it was you think of Noah building the ark in the middle of the desert when it had really even rain and there's a risk there to what other people think. God calls you to that place a risk come back and talk about that passion in the risk that such an amazing thing in the final place in tidelands with you and is just overwhelming the love he has for some back and talk about that another week you probably can register masculine journey about that today it got not just who I am as a man in your eyes, which is, it is a great question to ask God will always be the kind and that you know if you are in condemning that's not from him but you know who I am in your story. What's is void that you created me to fill.

What's this longing in my heart that I just can't seem to get a handle on Rob that's really what we hear from guises and you and Christianity. We found this out, but capitalized believe I spent all these years in the Christian life. Not understanding the correct Christianity itself provides the answer to why I feel like I woke up in the movie 40 minutes into it now that Christianity gives you the context of the larger story and what really is going on and why there is so much more why there is so much bad on why so many men are getting taken out and what's at stake and then how cool is it that that then you can triangulate your position and that story what you begin to see the battle that's going on and begin to get armed up about a boot camp so that you can take your place in the story, but it's just we found out if anybody knows it's risky family.

We know it's a risky thing. It's risky in a lot of ways it's risky one because got a call you in the some uncomfortable places, you know, which is in the long run.

When you look back you just are so grateful that he doesn't at the beginning you're like oh man, I really got your call the other. This also the risk of you know just the enemy not liking what's going on in the war for that's gonna surround that because as soon as he starts to see you come alive with those passions and and get some of that piece your heart. You didn't even know was there back you can put it again a finger on and you agreed to step into this risk with God and he knows that there there's a that's a game changer. It's a game changer for the people around it's a game changer for your life. I didn't yell and that when I first heard this concept that God's heart was risky. I was like really got what risk does God have and I thought about it. Wait a minute, he gave Sam free will and you gave Robbie frequently gave Satan free will and and well God is a risky piece of adhesive risky to use and and speaking of risky dudes were to go to clip it's one that I love.

It's from a movie called out of the bucket list and a big part of that is you have these two guys and realize that they're going to die and so the living out this bucket list but most of it requires risk and what's funny is it's true that risk is a really start to find life on the other side of it, because God knows that life and safety cocooned up. Is not life it requires risk and so this is when Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman again ready to jump out of planesÖ And what happened in will and will and will and will you actually did that. It was actually one of the things on my bucket list.

I wanted to do was to go skydiving and I did thoroughly enjoy it. I haven't decided if it ever going and was much the jumping of the plane was the hard part. That was really pretty talking can't even think I mean I'm going okay this is a really well with the Great Plains is better than the air, and then I went I fire anything in C set Maren in the in the fall down was amazing. That was that was just_Mike, you have words for it is so beautiful landing not so much fairly mild little flight. I took one time from the tree. It went really fast.

That's always the landing and my sense is that you probably have read about time you realize that you're following the sudden stop is what it is that risk piece in God calls us into risk scripturally. It's full of it, Moses called into risk right now.

I called into risk any of them.

David called into risk. They all had to be called into risk in order to move through and rely on God because that's really what that risk is about is in the gym. It's rely on. Absolutely it we we all get caught in our little comfort zones you know we we don't want to risk our reputation in our pocketbook.

Excerpts now anything else that Lisa that, very attached to.

But God's not that way God wants you to be risky for his season is his kingdom,] the city said if you think you know what God has called you to do and you think you can do it out yet and so we have the passion is one triangulation point we have risk in Anza, but there's two of them, but there's 1/3 one.

There's this third-place that that really is a final point in Robbie. What is that third-place a got a call you to validation what you mean by validation validation is that place where you feel God's pleasure. When you do that like the runner and chariots of fire thing. I feel God's pleasure when I run.

Or maybe you feel God's pleasure. You know, when you write or when you teach Sunday school, but there may be something. Whatever it is that you do where you feel like okay God is is with me in this, and I feel the sense of validation in its it's out there. God has a for you. Let's please not easy to find that thing in swivel clip. Actually, the talks about the thing that's it's a perfect clip and it comes from Curly of all people has the best wisdom that I've heard in a long time from city Slickers got a lot of work done very things ultimately couple days. This heard across the river valley is nothing like going and that's great. I think city folk like. Basically, she doesn't want me. She just 3039 same problems spend like you get what you think two weeks up here long time for what the secret life is no this finger just one you stick to that and everything else to scrape it. That's the one thing is to figure out you needed your talking about living for vacation accrual usually talk about unity spent all this this year yourself all worked up anything for two weeks on house can answer that question yeah absolutely live in for vacation. Vacations doesn't cut it. If you're if you're all you're doing is spending burning yourself out both hands and you know doing what you can to to make the money, like the family happy in this do all those things in your just living from vacation vacation early.

So in finding that one thing it's fine and that any live in God's light on your heart. Now we're talking a little bit before the show about you know what's one thing the gods kinda laid on our heart and it became pretty obvious that it was a boot camp. Yes it consumes. What's really risky Robbie about us doing a boot camp will talk about the passion I met Andy Ivey talk about that. But what's risky about a student boot camp. But this particular camper, and on which the Lord blessed us with 20 guys that needed scholarship, some from the rescue mission from front come from teen challenge and you know that's 20 times $169 because we don't pay for the fruit in the camping in the campsite, all that stuff. It's you know there's a little risky their financial you were pretty small ministry for the financial standpoint you know and so that was a big risk and still is my flight. It is we could still use some help Ė if God lays it on your heart. Let's not know what we intended were confident God's can bring that money through somehow not because we have to be right because God called us to do this.

He opened up the people to come. We know it's the people that need to be there and so God calls us into this adventure right in the risk is involved in and just have faith is going to come through and establish it on the heart and please please do that and help us out with with some of that and if not, please pray for us and he says you need a lot of prayer but they are in the midst of that boot camp experience. The thing that you seen the thing that I see him involved a lot of ministries is I don't see people getting to engage in the gospel where Jesus really does set them free to go.

Be who he designed them to be and part of that happens with their place in the story, but the whole boot camp experience is giving them a map to kinda given their heart back is a treasure hunt through the whole thing of what is God's heart like and why did God give you that heart and why do those things in there and why are they making you come alive, and how is the enemy attack that you know what things have happened in your life to try to take out the whole weekend of discovery were God just kinda peeled back layers and let you see, really what's going to happen and transpired in your life and and move you towards that step back where he had intended to go to begin with, that any the passion part and you talk little bit about that, but what is the passion about doing a book. So I guess it was probably four years ago I started, I don't think I've missed one since I started, that's the kind of impact that it made an talk about validation of what am I supposed be doing. I mean I came back for whatever I've never stopped coming back because I felt that purpose of validation. This is the right thing, absolutely. It's been so many times in God has called us in this ministry to do things starting the radio show, not knowing where the finances are going to come for it in to say no to God. Grandma Stefan and seven years now. Something like that.

We've been doing it for God continues to provide, so he calls us into the passion we may not know we had calls us in the risk Matthew, nobody gives us validation Saint-SaŽns I love you and what a great job you been doing and keep walking here with me can't come up.

Register masculine journey See you next week

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