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Why Do Men Love to Play?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 6, 2017 12:30 pm

Why Do Men Love to Play?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The Masculine Journey
Sam Main
The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

Every man his wife doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome to the masculine journey. How exciting to have you on board with us this Saturday we have a very different lineup this week, don't we Sam well, you don't even know we have because you're not in the studio. Your your arch on the side of the road at a gas and quickly happen absolute so you know it's interesting that the topic today is why is it that men love to play and sometimes when we play we run out of gas and then so it's interesting that Sam finds himself there. But in the studio.

In this memo from Bakley of Dennis Bredon and we have one of the gym. These that we have Jim Graham and my good friend Harold Dyer and so on this topic. John Eldridge wrote a book called beautiful outlaw and he gives this picture of Jesus that I wonder if we all live been able to see in the Scriptures right Jim as you think about that if you read that book have may be my favorite of his right after I read it. It was definitely my favorite funny on the landing book I read is always one of my favorites. Have you read it, I haven't yet. It it has this idea that Jesus loves to have, to have fun to poke at you to play with you and if you've ever been around Sam main.

He's one of those people, and any Dennis to poke at you it will poke at you regularly and frequently that I am so affectionate if you don't pick on me. I don't think you like your point. And so what are boot camps.

You know we've we've had a lot of different experiences now. Along these lines, people poking at each other and were surely each at shooting all certain things are going that. But to kinda set up this idea we have a clip from the movie serves and in this particular clip is a young man was actually a young penguin. As you watch the movie who wants to learn how to surf like magic. You know guys that really be able to surf and so he gets his guided training and the guy that trained him.

He is trying to teach them that one of the most important things. This is similar to the fishing story with my granddaughter. One of the most important things if you cannot do this is to have fun but is trying to get that ingrained in him, in order to be a great surfer. There has to be an element of playing Madden so as you listen to this.

Think about what it is you do. And if that elements in there and do you think Jesus is in that somewhere in that plane or summer redo it then was not world were training what is shot. Were you going to train not in the water. What you think you want to surf like to use to write up Tessier potential is doing more in your eyes. Do some training that we think were doing it correctly but you learn each will you go enjoy frail see you talk as the we got one Harold you actually went to see that clip so that you could understand a little bit that movie what's going on when you hear them going 321 Willard there throwing things in the air like breakfast the slings and over thinking the guy is asleep and he slammed his hand up kids. That's when he says you gotta get up early in the morning, but what is not gutsy, and since giant wave that's fixed. All you get swamped.

That's the big laugh and you know concert considering not just to poke a little fun.

The only one of us here that actually bear with me and report on how familiar anyway in their own line of work. What was the importance of finding a way to play inside there a way to have fun. Well, for me it was put on their phones and drowning out the nose was a computer programmer demanded quiet and so I sort of excluded people from my environment when I was working. Listen going over the requirements didn't think straight.

I was in this time to figure out how when you going to dead silence. That's fun. Silence all playing music. He was in fact playing tennis was plane sounds like it in his own way. You wouldn't believe the code I could generate listening to Bob save Ashley.

I will, Sam.

I'm how do you see Jesus in this equation. I have talked about language to one another so this wiser mentor surfing just right aboard right and have no absolutely Jim in the book beautiful outlaw. How did John illustrate that in Jesus's most meaningful one for me was being on the beach, cooking. After the resurrection, saying, yes, catching anything. He's really taunting is a been out all night fishing just like they had when they first met Jesus. And that's a replay of when he called them in the ministry and he ends up having him go through the same thing.

Catching a whole slew of fish. That's when we so it's Jesus, but one of the things that bugs me about most of the movies. Especially when we were younger. How serious Jesus was always so in one of the greatest things I ever saw was the name of it was seeing Jesus smile all the time.

If you read the Bible, read what he's saying and you see a smile on his face. The meaning is drastically different.

That's really that's a really strong point. I think because we perceive Jesus. I was just trying to imagine if Jesus was this guy if it was Jesus that was doing this with the surfing.

If he was saying that her feet.

Jesus was the one the coach together.

The football team around said hey guys, you know this a big game, but I want you out there has to fund this is a game football.

I don't think we normally think of Jesus in that regard. We don't think of when him that saying hey I want you to want you to have some fun. Everything's not so serious guys he'd already cooked breakfast and so you know it wasn't like it. It clearly and and I love the way John Eldridge puts it in that particular context is that the other guys were in on this is an inside joke that we been here before and so they were like oh Peter, you remember the last time Jesus will toy with this pattern that energy experience that it in your own life. Sam and have very light heart away and never said a word to me by talking about okay for a while now, just listen about. Remember that Todd started his daughter's birthday party.a couple and I was getting a hard time. I went up to talk a bit My pocket in my pocket so try to one up each other all talk you more find and you're doing things God wanted to be smiling on the router something silly trying to give each other that's great making fun of one another and sometimes a boot camp that that's the stuff.

Always remember, like we had this Airsoft game. Didn't we just that was loads of I was out to illustrate, I thought my my great idea about putting our shields up and working that story and some other fun think about when was a time that Jesus just played with you. Or maybe it was your father.

Think about that during the break or some real productive website and turning and register for the one coming up November 9 my son Eli. We talked about ways you can help support clearly smile that he was on information that where we can get to PO Box 552 785 Sam this November. Boot Camp can literally change Lyman's life. I talked to a lot of men there saying they say they don't know what the places in the grand scheme of things they don't know how to behave as Christian men.

God designed us for freedom and is coming up to Spokane. It is good Alaskan journey to register now just $169 early Bird pricing for four amazing days Alaskan journey I didn't, wishing that we do on the beach boys on the other reason Harold got this Hawaiian shirt on how she could see it but he looks more like a beach boy than anything else today. You know what struck me about the Sheryl Crow song was that the guy was saying all I want to do is have some fine. He was sitting there in St. saying to her, I just want to have some fun. She's looking hit and him and seeing a guy that looks like he's never had any fun so that the kind at a place where he saying to me. The guy sitting there and he's probably had all this other life going on has all these other things but he still saying all want to do is have some fun yeah and it's an interesting thing that so many people with a look outside of the church or Christianity. They think all those people. There's no fun in there.

I got too many rules right Jim look really sure what things I love Margo mention his name because I do it all the time on this. I want people to look at me doubt my salvation because I'm having such a good time and I do and I got in trouble in the school with a girl who everybody like I like her feet like everybody but me. I found out later that she thought I didn't take anything seriously when she found out I had a serious side, I was acceptable but having fun. Jesus does regularly with his guys. Even though he is on a mission to save us all. Harold you Howard, Harold BH man your talk about one of your favorite ideas about Jesus having fun on thinking. There were a lot of times that think he was very sarcastic.

The one that really sticks out is a forget about that speck in your buddies you get a big plant you can't get close enough to get it. That's a rough paraphrase, but he had he had fun. That was more than a plank that some computer we have another clip here in this. This one is from wonderful. I am very excited about is called the emperors club and it was about a teacher that he would appear to be sort of a stick in the mud based on his English accent and his scholarly way but apparently the young men of the class could call them into the adventure.

Somehow, especially they did in this particular baseball scene.

I would point out, you might hear some glass break and it is not the church building that is or the library, but you might imagine, it's actually the headmaster's car and you want to see the expression on his face so when these boys say run they're not running from the teacher will library when I will learn while Torre non-yucky me a picture not a glass of water will sing like I can't help but think of those times. Maybe you've had one where you know I was out doing something very intently. And if you've ever been out with me fishing like I have a tendency to be tuned and this time I was by myself and just flyfishing in you know really intently.

I got to catch fish. I got a catch of fish and and and that was what was on my mind, when all of a sudden this dear comes up behind me and now it is people that know me know I'm I know dear really well. They don't come up with me and I knew the wind was.

This was clearly a Jesus moment I get Robbie's attention right here and right now that you know that what were out here to have some fun and it's just it's not about your technique and just I'll never ever forget the scene and in the moment of what happened was all of a sudden I realized how Jesus it's not just the deer which was beautiful.

All of a sudden I could smell because we are in a stream. I was in the woods in all my senses lit up like everything came alive like Robbie. There's so much going on here and you're missing at all because you do so focused and you know those the things that did clearly got moments that you know I cherish.

If you have one of those same nature all will Colorado and I was really, really well. You smallest wind on the floor all frustrated and so this this word this person got Tommy look look around you look around and on all sides of the snowcapped mountain, heart changed everything was just joyful again and was nothing more than got around you and enjoy what you have, not what you don't have this in your case, yes. Over the last couple years you've been walking around a lot so so we had these experiences out in the in the wild, but I you were telling me the other day about what it was like to walk around in downtown Winston-Salem and realize God is there with you on the site yet is it said you know it. Not sure if I recall exactly what it is. I was telling you about, but I think that and I think that in that case to be the streets had always represent to clean downtown streets.

It always represented the place where I didn't know who these people were. I did want to be around most of these people I didn't want to be in this part of town.

Sometimes, but then I ended up living with a group of guys for two years in downtown Winston-Salem and something change I started to walk up.

It trades Street. Sometimes in the afternoon and I began to see friends.

Actually, I began to see God. And a lot of these men who were there.

Some of them became homeless again some of them's continued with her struggles, but those faces. All the sudden hats and names to go with them and it absolutely has have our time with this because it's absolutely change my life. I see that in a different way. I walked down the street and I see my brothers and I still do. I'm not there anymore but I still go downtown and I still see my brothers and for me know.

I find that there's a sense of fun and something that was scary but you Jim grizzlies got to talk about telling God. We one my wife and I we went to children one girl one boy. So we have our one girl had twin boys, but all since were doing the serious funny. I will hear back back the same ability school I had a break and I was ready to go back and they were truly wanted me back have a panel of three people and that we assisted the student said to me that well we don't want to have you back if you're going to embarrass because of Jesus Christ or something to that effect as words and all borderline suicidal at that point anyway check out for a while.

Two things that this is what I came back to and driving home that day I was commuting pretty good way so I have a lot of windshield time with God.

Driving home that day.

I said God embarrass you just take me out right now.

Silence probably four months later same place in the road. I'm sitting there and I he is one of the times that it really was everything it was probably more than audible voice of God that was Jim. You embarrass me every day but I love you and that was a life changer that was God's you and I think I think we took because we did get serious there for second, I should say that those same man that I was speaking about some of the best times I remember in the last 20 years of my life were in the last two years when we would have fun together in the most difficult of situations we could play game of pool ground do what walk around track or just hang out together and we just had we had great fun.

We had a good time together and we didn't have to take life so seriously anymore God gave us a choice of family didn't even get to the Martian Child clip which working to get to there so many things we didn't get to talk about. But in that amazing how this is all in our hearts and their corporate trainers together and work will everyone heart where they know it or not, well we're so excited to have you. We may have to take something next week. The meantime, we would love for you to go to mass concerning also to resources past episodes in the course we would love to see you tonight, but can't have fun. I would like to shoot you next time for everything resident during

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