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What's A Christian Man Pt. 2 (Strength)

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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June 17, 2017 12:30 pm

What's A Christian Man Pt. 2 (Strength)

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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June 17, 2017 12:30 pm

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Every man plays a major life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now hello to you and welcome to the mask journey. Try to say that, like Sam does when he's leaving the show guys always wants to welcome people into the show she will do the same undone spring to go around the table worker quick and let you know who's here with us today. We got Andy Thomas back and he was with a slice we get to see you got Jim Graham are residents of a preacher Man Minister counselor Jack of all trades and we have do we have Sam on the phone yet. Howard art San we got you all adjuster listeners. We have a little bit of fun technical difficulty. There how you doing man I'm well beautiful day at the coast make his jealous and that's why we hook up with my quick this is what I want to comment on the phone so you can be a beautiful day on the case we feel for you man your right to adhere Sam. Why would rather do is just kinda let you set up where we've been and where we want to go to today because I wasn't here last week, but what I didn't understand was that were trying to help guys out there, men understand what looks like what it truly means to be a Christian man and we touched on compassion last week.

That's what were talking about in this week. I think were heading towards strength which sounds like it may be up a little. The opposite, but maybe not for me.

There I think that it remember we also know that we have listeners.

I think that you know the raising of fun and I listeners are married you have a brother and father. What is a Christian man look like and one thing they encourage them when they say kinda come out okay so right. No user.

We did talk about compassion last week. I think that most Christians know that you know a Christian man should be compassionate but we were back in early last week show on podcast McInerney talking about strength in order to understand streak the first have to understand what is not right before the show we were talking about the what people think is with me and timidity there about as often as it can get our thing.

We are timidity basically is inferior and I think we've all experienced last but weakness and you'll often hear gentle Jesus, meek and mild well he was gentle when it was called for.

He was mild when I was called for and he was meek, which is not timidity and it's not being a coward.

Meekness is strength that is under control and he was always meek, even when he was exercising that strength activity in correcting those that needed correcting. So before we take a look at that a little deeper.

Sam why we go to an example of someone who doesn't sound like any of those things and maybe maybe he's a little closer to what people out there may look at as being a strong man, just briefly set this clip up. I think we've used parts of the before, usually have to do a little editing, but it's from the movie city Slickers. I believe in their having a career day for dad's and disguising herein. This is how he talks about his job at the curriculum which we will not last as the Bloomingdale bank's bars and is gracious and not as we reached the this spring and doctors labels table legs so tomorrow lose all will will you not supposed to walk because they may not be somebody with super human strength to save you drugs that you, Sam will cut him off.

I met that guy hundred and 50 times in my lifetime, at least so weak. What's that all about. What is that presenting anyone out and really hear the car and so there's going on here listening. There all three that he wants people to get from him.

Anyone can really see through your latest book, and I wonder sometimes heading back to what Jim said a few minutes ago. I wonder if that type opposing strength is born out of insecurity as well. Yeah, absolutely. I think God you know, we see that a lot. We see it, you do see the proper disciplines and examples of strength, but you see in this day and age so many poor examples or counterfeits or somebody posing because of their insecurity in this day and age you got a lot of you know there's a lot of stuff that you see in the movies.

It portrays masculinity and being macho, but it's really a lot of times it really is born in in based insecurity. We like to see insecurity that is we do like to see strong examples. The grip of the brave hearts the glue gladiators those examples where people are standing up and doing the right thing and the strength in that that that we see the opposite of that so much in society today.

The samples come back around from that clip. The net can we get a glimpse of Marie are here so far without what a Christian man with strength looks like and what is not used with Monty Python waited guide show Street they think is by not letting things get them in are not showing their human side right and I think when you look at those things anything okay where Scripture that Jesus did any of that you can't find it. So never coming back to Jim were coming back to it's based on our model Jesus well and Abby had a great comment before the show and that he was talking about talk about the strength of Jesus, but he said Santora triggered this when Jesus went to resurrect well to raise Lazarus. He knew what was going to happen.

And yet in that moment he wept and he talked to Martha and Mary a very loving way.

He wasn't being tough is being open we would call it vulnerable today but is was Jesus ever vulnerable may be the site but it really is.

There's a strength in and you had compassion last week, but there's a strength in doing the right thing at the right time and the only way we do that is following Genesis going for those cues right policy for my producer Howard, we have time to run that test second clip before you get a break to make sure on that because I want to go ahead and hit that based on what we are right now. Let's go and take a shot at it seem to run this clip from Axel Ridge and I just saying all this out loud because word this is how we can get got along with the show. I got taken us in this direction set up this clip are quick. Actually, the trailer here and here is the person remember his name lead character has been gone since my boss strength that he had. Strength through the waiting center DOS dream school stadium on them. Go five think it is going your ideas what everybody else is taking life saving that's coming my way to sign is killing this is something for you to run into the hellfire of that without a single weapon to protect yourself movie you know the back story behind that break here in a moment and just come back on the working talk more about this clip went on. I'm hearing a guy that sounds like he's going to be pretty timid and shocking a backup disguising things are not going to go well for him and not but I think were going to see it in a different guy come out on the other side of this and maybe get a vision of what it means to be a strong Christian man sensible a come back and talk about that. We got another clip we want to share with you to listen to the masculine journey radio show were happy that you are doing this Coming up this November limits and I think the 12 information on that log on the masculine journey.this assuming that my son Eli. We talked about ways you can help support Willie smiled at. It was on the information that where you can click the button tweaking it masculine once again, PO Box 552 7285 Sam this November. They Can literally change a lot of man's life. I talked to a lot of men there saying they say they don't know what the places in the grand scheme of things they don't know how to behave as Christian men. God designed us for freedom and is coming up at this camp is good Alaskan journey to register now just $169 early Bird pricing for more amazing days. Masculine journey register and I snuck that in person want to thank you, Eli and Sam and Robbie for me out on that is managed journey Been a while since I sat here to make sure we get that straight. First of all Sam understand the village people is when he figures from the 70s I wanted to throw that in there macho man yet.

Yeah, they were not.

It reminds us of the old days.

There's a reason why through that in there because I think that's you know back then they were talking about having the body built up and everything. I think sometimes in our world today. We still look at it that way macho man is the guide it's all gone now is all pumped up in sometimes some Christian men do that they did spend a lot of time at the YMCA. That was the reason of it.

We will get in that today, but it's kind of the antithesis. If that's the correct word to use the gym can correct me on that. I'm sure that it of of what may be what a strong Christian man would look like to clear for looking at the person of Jesus not getting back to the hacksaw a rich clip. Jim totally different guy comes out on the other side of this thing. He shocks everyone in his and what he does in this battle, and it's not some of what we heard there if you haven't seen the movie. Shame on you should but spoiler alert Desmond DOS.

If you look at a is the proverbial way up. I made fun of the he had a horrible time going through basic he almost went to prison instead of going to war but they finally recognize that the valves the best thing to do was let go somatic and key is the epitome of the meekness he had the strength of his convictions.

The strength of his God and he never he never backed off of those convictions and what he did you get to watch the movie to see if you haven't heard, the history, but the most impressive thing about this story is, it was a very well done borderline documentary Desmond DOS yeah and in and you were talking last week on the compassion side about doing something for the right reasons and standing for something that this guy is showing that and not enough in a picture strength really ultimately showing that he's he's he's stuck to his convictions stuck to his principles of morals, his faith, probably more so than anything, he was actually praying to the Lord to write going to get another guy said Halloween mesh that altogether between compassion and strength with the first the first thing that the obvious thing was to see his strengths where I thought we would go with this is that strengths and just being up on the hill to basically he was a bad exit save a lot of guys got to be a spoiler alert that's essentially the gist of the movie but really the strengths that I noticed more so what you guys been talking about is this for the convictions that yet those convictions came from a very strong experience he had early in his life and I'm not in school that, but it was based on something where he began to value life a lot more than what he had and that bled over and he I think he had made a commitment to God that he would never be want to take life only to save life and that's the way it is and that to me it's a perfect example of Jesus because Jesus told us to lay down our arms. You know, and the sacrifice and that's what Jesus did when he went to the cross for Sam that thanks Annina Sam, this makes me feel very uneasy because I watch the movie at the boot camp. I felt uneasy when I watched it because I was sitting there imagining how in the world I could be up for a man like that they would have the strength and the courage to do what he did and not you would wake up in the morning. Sometimes we go to Ephesians 6 and we talk about hey were in battle here and now we got a battle to fight in yet we know who the enemy is, and we got a fighting this day my life in comparison to what this guy did his and nothing close to that. So I'm trying to wrap my hands around what it what it would look like for me to be a man of of strength. A Christian man of strength. I'm thinking I might not be the only one out there that we think you know my wife really hasn't measured up to that. This for what does that mean can you can you help us with that at all. You don't measure point everybody had their you know we all have Desmond.called to college and places that are uncomfortable places that people will understand that even maybe my work usually those are all very similar. Now they may look different the situation, but it will were we have to submit to God and trust. While that's a again, Jim the picture Jesus not not not one of fear that we saw. I mean I don't recall seeing fear him or calling him to fight the enemy on a regular basis. Quite a few times. It seem like it but he wasn't same hit on the point that really strikes me to never comparing himself to anyone else does. Seeking the will of his father. One of the greatest freedoms in my life coming out wild at heart was getting the point where I was my father's side but I had a great father and work hard to find father wounds, but I never felt like I could measure up to what my father was and we don't have to. Sam brought out a point if you get nothing else out of this show. You don't have to be. You're not supposed to be somebody else. You don't have to do what this person did because that was the right thing to do and religion we get stuck in that trap. I'd I've got a pastor friend that plays that prayer daily.

Just one more diesel wonderful evangelist and went to Peru with him on a mission trip now. He said you know you need to engage the person next to you and make sure they know Christ is not good. It was gone when souls to Christ every single person I set my next to long three different trips and six plane trips were either pastors are part of a mission group that was going so I wasn't called to that and I have to be in the moment as Jesus was. Throughout his life here of addressing what God puts before me when it's yes or no about it hard to compare to perfect David David straight even though he knew last time David showed strength while things we looked at was David was. He had the opportunity to kill Saul on more than one occasion and he did not take it because God gave him that strength to trust God with the outcome and by the same token, David had opportunities to with Absalom and things that happened in his family life, the shows strength, and he went out and paid a price for them.

So every all have those same decisions we can follow God and let him win the battle. Or we can do it our way and that might work for a while, but chances are it's not going to work long bloodied doing it same. I think one of the things we're talking about earlier today. I think you mentioned the Holy Spirit taking you to certain places and I mentioned second Timothy 17 the kind strikes me that in Paul's trying to test him in the Timothy that we were not given a spirit of fear in the spirit of courage were given a spirit of love and discipline and self-control and you were talking about allowing the Holy Spirit to take her somewhere. He talked about the last week show. Can you reflect on that again in this whole look at the strength of any Christian mammoth that looks like I didn't want called me to forgive someone and the conversation that we have actually had with God. Got you forgiven him.

Dear God supposed to forget. I don't want to forget you and I know it's better for my heart and I know that the great bitterness that I finally forgive my freedom in my heart Holy Spirit continuing prompting you know what the truth is here to help me guide you to new truth is, I can't think of a single time in Scripture, and you may now or elsewhere. Someone submitted to the will of God, and it didn't work out so depends upon your definition of working secular perspective, the mother of the apostles really came out that well. But why did you know I was to share this is off the top of my head that I was looking at some clips to use this week and one of the things I looked at was the movie greater. I don't know if you guys seen that movie yet was about to walk on at the University of Arkansas. I think his name was Brian Bowles's worth. But anyhow, Sam.

He ended up being drafted by the Indianapolis Colts. If you remember something that struck me about him this this guy was actually killed in a car accident right after the first Colts minicamp.

This was like back in 1998 I think it's been almost 20 years ago, but the whole story was based around the strength and courage that he showed being first called a fat boy when he was younger and and being told it Arkansas that he didn't have a chance of playing on the football team, a combination of his work ethic. He is his dedication to God. His study of Scripture is dedication to his mom walking through all these things and they said that probably the pulling and said this about him after he had passed away and you know the pulling was involved with eating Indianapolis Colts. He said here's a guy 22 years of age. They probably have more effect on people in his death, and after his death than he did during his life because everything for him had it had eternal implications, which is what we were to get out with this gladiator clip that strength means you know what am I doing in the moment when my doing today to walk like Jesus Christ. Does that make any sense at all knowing I'm troubled word here. Okay I pass.

I think it will.

What we need to do is recognize things from eternal perspective. What looks like a success for us may not be but it can be a success for God were following him. He's responsible for the outcome will focus as usual. We just scratch the surface on all this give you some food for thought, to pray about what about this. We can talk about. We appreciate you joining us for the masculine journey radiation. The boot camp coming up in November I go online messenger and check that out. Find out about us. We have all the podcasts there going back years. Thanks for joining us today will talk to you next time

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