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What's A Christian Man Part 6 "The Climb"?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 15, 2017 12:30 pm

What's A Christian Man Part 6 "The Climb"?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man like doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many quests and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guys called masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome to the masculine journey were so glad that you today so happy to be here for another week estimated through another week where your listening from I know where we are. It's hot we are in the middle of July. Here in North Carolina and it's hot sticky weather guys that have told someone the other day it's hot every July that have ever been here gets hot July, so that's that's where we moved to Boone so I could reason. I'm just glad to be here posting today.

We've got Andy we have Jim and I think we have Robbie on the phone. Robbie, are you with this. I I'm up early.

Where are you outside Gaffney.

Watch for the peach. Okay, I'm on my way back we do.

I thought that Andy said we should ask you for some food a little while ago. I think you're going to make it in time pass on that Robbie and guys I want to ask a question, because we been talking actually a few questions we been talking about. What does a Christian man look like, and we been doing this for like several weeks now. I think when I can try to count them back today.

Jim list is getting lengthy, which is a good thing. I would invite you for listening today and you haven't heard the other segments to log on to masculine journey we have all the podcasts there you can go back and they're all labeled for you and you can go to listen to the different ones hopefully will talk about today. If you have heard the rest might entice you to go back and listen to some of those so Robbie on to set this up and then were going to play this clip real quick. This was, born out of a conversation that you and I had a few weeks ago when I was asking some questions about some things in my future, including going back to graduate school and not we were talking about the were talking about what that looks like, and I was getting real caught up in with the goals would be, so we thought of some questions and working to come through this out real quick. As we begin the program is a Christian man goal driven, you know, setting goals and achieving goals as you climb is he performance-based or is he a journeyman, is he impatient to get things done or is he an adventurer guy that's going to enjoy the journey and this goes for women as well and there was a Christian brother that told me just a couple of days ago that he thought a lot of Christians have become performance-based and not in everything that they're doing.

It's almost like in some ways we become worldly with that in Robbie you let me to do something, including a listen to a song which I'll let you set this up because were getting ready to play parted on a let you come to set this up as I'm not going to take responsibility for what you can tell us, words may grandfather and father. I met with lean anything meaningful in our first movie had a month on call but I year struggle to the hardware… Graduate will pursue the career I said well I feel this way. Which would you enjoy the journey more would rather be back in school or coaching thing like Anna Montana felt all about the clot they liked all the listen very, so went home and listen to and this is part of that song is now right so Hannah Montana. There was talking about. It's the climb.

Robbie, she's talking about the journey rather than the destination there and she was also talking about circumstances, I'm when I asked one of the guys here Andy if you can and you heard me use the questions so we listen to a song like that in Molly's talking about Miley, excuse me Molly car Jim and Molly talking about the climb and I don't know much of the background of the movie some they will get back to Robbie second.

But what is it say to you, and what is force the questions that we were asking or argue with that right well I guess stores my life very goal oriented, like most and you get to the point where those goals and reaching those goals are, you lose the satisfaction nurse and there some celebration there's some enjoyment but a lot of times. Okay what's next.

So me to get it. I think back I went on a hike this weekend when portrayal saw him walking around in. I started out just enjoying the scenery and all that will, it became you get back I get back on time, but it made was to the goal to finish up in this way we live our lives sometimes as we don't stop and enjoy it.

Did we take the adventure out of it. As you said earlier and within it all becomes about the goal the end destination and I think we I think it's what God's way of reminding us with that you know things ultimately aren't going to satisfy here on earth are only be is satisfies here on earth. Jim, we have a limited time periods Christian we have a short period of time and I've heard some pastors say this, we have a short period of time.

We have a lot of work to do organ again maternity the rest. So we gotta make sure that we get things done. We gotta go make sure that we pass out the trash. Gotta make sure that we can talk to people, we gotta make sure that we get all the program stone in our church that were supposed to be doing, you know, when we got a lot of programs and studies and things to do and you are a pastor you are on staff at a church so tell me about that.

Well I think many of us are put together that way and I look to our best example, and it's Jesus and Jesus had the ultimate goal of going to the cross, but how many times that he step away from the crowd to be alone with his father. How often did he tell his disciples when they were somebody interrupting him that no, we want to spend time with the children spend time with us. He never seemed pressed for time and nobody no man that's ever lived has had a more important goal to obtain that he did so not that I do set goals and pursue him but I'm not one that I prefer the journey to the reaching the point and then at and thinking of climbing a mountain. To me the whole point of climbing the mountain literally is to get to the top and enjoy the view. You so Robbie, one of the things we talked about and I want to address because I talked about it with another Christian brother couple days ago. Is it for so goal oriented. We have to get to the top of the mountain and work were missing the journey along the way, is there a chance that were missing what God really has in mind for simple so focused on that destination. The Ivory soap test… A lot more about what work what we accomplish what we are becoming so that journey is in a way started initiation into the larger what's going on in our life outcome day and were about you but I meant… But if it were again trying to partner with God, realizing that the nation and enjoying that partnership mean, really hot and I would like to die if I begin the climb, and he often puts down the amount that I will. I would never think about a mile to be rocky to be filled with some very difficult circumstances, guys, it's not always easy. It's not all flightpath, and you have a clip after the break.

I believe that working kind of address that a little bit but why go through all those difficult circumstances.

If we already kinda know what the destination is what I think you know you don't really have that opportunity really draw close to God and really allow him to refund you if first of all your you're getting everything you want and it's coming in at the right time and it's satisfying your really depend on him and you really not going to be in union with him so good have to be disconnected from those things.

I look at it is your really constantly trying to obtain something in the external where his focus is on the internal and making you who you know conforming you into his image. So yeah remain. It just is part of the process.

I think a lot of us go thought we all have the same common fight on a day-to-day basis of whether were going to choose to go for that goal and that goal is gonna be superior to everything else more if it's going to be more of you know I will enjoy the journey that y'all pick up some things along the way but I won't give up my life doing it will be part of the journey, one of the things that is to please your saying that is if we do achieve the goal. Even if we do it with God, and that's been part of the journey. When we get there we are susceptible to the worst sin. There is, that's prying look I've made it out here of Orion and if we ever get complacent in that place we are in trouble while working to have that we have that other clip when we come back and I think Jim and I were talking about earlier. He's probably going to be able to set it up for us because he was talking about having seen part of that movie and knowing a little bit about that clips will come back to that, Robbie. Any other thoughts on this. This climb scenario, you know, there were some dying to find out what was you get to that nothing I do not know what everyone Jim address that first time I got way. Evidently that's still going on right back after this rubric.

Stay with us here on the master is seemed nice. My son Eli. We talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on the information that where you can click the button leaking into masculine once again the mail something to PO Box 552 7285 Sam this November's Boot Camp can literally change a lot of man's life. I talked to a lot of men there saying they say they don't know what their places in the grand scheme of things they don't know how to behave as Christian men. God designed us for freedom and is coming up at this Boot Camp. It is good Alaskan journey to register now just $169 early Bird pricing for four amazing days.a masculine journey register guys. It didn't sound at all like Julie Andrews there. That was someone else I believe. Beautiful song though Jim and I'm talking both about how much we like that song were thinking about it. As usual, producer Howard is come up with something unique for us today music bumper. We appreciate that were glad that you're back here for the masculine journey radio show were talking about what is a Christian man look like and is he an adventurer climber goal setter and achiever, and this is what I'm going to do. So we got another click here from the movie into the wild believe and set that up for 16 Jim Alyssa was a young man who has basically left the life that we all think were supposed to have. He gave away all the savings and he's heading for Alaska on an adventure and this clip is an encounter he has with an older gentleman and he has a number of these encounters in the movie, but that really is.

He is challenging him to on a smaller scale. Take that same step in still be adventurous he's gotten to this old and has gotten in place for his life is not much adventure there challenged to do that for some of us can identify with that absolutely. I know I do miss her friends back in the world work shall be yours. Get back out on the road. You can live a long time.

Ron you make a radical change in your life. I mean the new experiences. Now you are you in my body.

You will then show you what I Robbie makes it to the top and know when he said old man there when you start out that I mean I really thought I said so you guys, and let me get back to that he young man said if I recall this correctly guys said core romance always in his new experiences comes from his new experiences, so you had a lifetime of experiences already. You've had some new experiences in your life. I think things in recent years, you would never dreamed the God had in mind for you is matter fact you weren't really that excited you're more afraid than excited. So take us along that journey a little bit back there yet about yielding to God where radio and I didn't know that it would make my heart come alive. Love come to love the client involved radio and then as I am more aware of what we were out.

My heart really live as I got to see freedom in Christ like that ever before in the journey got that much more fun and you all start looking to expand it if my heart came alive but it started out with that yielding to him and then trusting him on the side of it really lead me to place that I never dreamed what Celine deletes. We we go in and out of this in our lives do we have to have something like that occur like Rob is talking about the challenge of something new. Do we have new experiences to be challenged with what I'm thinking about is is is Christian men, can we get stuck in a run of just doing the everyday things. Now we've gotten not take. I'm not discounting the fact that we have responsibilities and carousels taking care of our families earning an income those things is not saying go off into the mountains and lived there for the rest your life but Howdy what's your take on that in definitely.

I mean I think that's where I had gotten before, got interested in the masculine journey messages. It had been ended every ministry and church been successful in my career that I was woke up empty.

You know when I'm in Jesus, you know, I knew him and he'd spoken to me and I had that relationship but there were still things in my mind of what what gave life. What what how you could experience life in life. It was dead, and a lot of it was about becoming this nice passive man and not experience an adventurer and the part that that comes in the play in about, you know, brotherhood, and really getting letting yourself get close to other men and brothers and all that stuff all that whenever you get this focus little things really are important things that God talks about about being relationship minded more so than goal oriented.

You know the you those things, slip away in a little duck try to creep back in because there's always that push from the world to have. That's just kind of the way we do this if you haven't got this. You can look at Facebook for five minutes and feel like a failure. When you look at everybody else is happiness and what they succeeded in or whatever so if there really being on well yeah that's exactly is that's exactly. Jimmy had some thoughts about that before the shins sums him well. Those thoughts skipped away, so maybe you could provide me of my old talking about and you mentioned about Jesus with the time manager which I was thinking about while ago I read a book that a pastor had out several years ago Jesus was probably the worst time manager ever because he was always seeking God's will, said the world's timing did not and it is a matter of an well things, it came to me and share before summer go on a tangent but okay.

And I'm going to see Michael card next week at school but he has a wonderful song that would also be good for this comp joy in the journey. It's the lyrics for little bit of it.

There's enjoying the journey there's a light we can love on the way there is a wonder and wildness to life and freedom for those who obey and that's where I want to jump off of. If we are following God. There is joy in the journey and the outcome is always up to him anyway. We don't really know accomplish anything unless it is done by and through him so if we can enjoy the journey. If we can always be present with the people that were with today and not worry about what we have a new barn. Jesus taught us lapped up worry for today day so Robbie we had this last click here this going to be interesting because it's it's set in this movie the life of David Gale with the philosophy of college philosophy Prof. is talking to his students about the purpose of life and normally I wouldn't necessarily recommend that either member the words of Steve Martin years ago. He said that the with a college professor, he learned just enough to scream out for the rest of his life that I think there's a message here and what may be important in our life. So let's go ahead, listen to that clip right now what is it that you fantasize about world peace national fame you fantasize about winning up for a Nobel Peace Prize and MTV music awards is about meeting some genius, ostensibly bad, but simmering with noble passion to you. Get luck times point fantasies have to be unrealistic because the moment the second that you get what you seek. You don't you can't want it anymore. In order to continue to exist desire must have its objects perpetually absent. It's not think it that you want. It's the fantasy of so desire supports crazy fantasy. I this is what Pascoe means when he says that we are only truly happy when daydreaming about future-or why we say the sweeter for careful what you wish for. Not because you'll get because you're doomed not wanting once you so the lesson of the con is living by your once will never make you happy. What it means to be fully human is to strive to live by ideas and ideals and not to measure your life by what you've attained in terms of your desires, but those small moments of integrity, compassion, rationality, even self-sacrifice, because in the end the only way that we can measure the significance of our own lives is by valuing the lives of Robbie.

This comes from a philosophy professor. The significance of our lives valuing the lives of others is not talking about reaching goals. He's talking about when your hearts desires eye-opening) everybody searching for something that they don't realize that he got up and stand them at all time God guides the most. The worst gold planner in an time manager in the universe because it has nothing to do with any of that is God once relationship of the Henry Blackley quote I forgot click he was asked at a conference I attended once. If he made long-range plans and his response was no, because I'm afraid I would achieve them and never know what had gone what God had for me journey this town. We thank you so much for joining us for the masculine journey radiation today can't coming up in November going to our website to check out that information again to listen to some of our past podcast masculine journey you can also look us up nicely journey radio on Facebook for joining us will talk to you again soon

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