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Pillars of The Masculine Journey-Faith

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 5, 2017 12:30 pm

Pillars of The Masculine Journey-Faith

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 5, 2017 12:30 pm

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Usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now we have a tree for you today on the master journey. We are starting out on a whole new series, wrap up summer with called the pillars of the masculine journey and as you might guess, this being the first of the series that were on teller one right Sam Miller will get stuff that is good stuff, especially since today's pillar is faith and truly that's how those things for Abraham and his for we don't have a lot to build on their doing same here with is for sure. So working to start off with his. I like to do. Sometimes a little humor from happy Gilmore.

Not that his name is Gilmore. It's Gilmore get this straight were going straight from Abraham. Abraham to happy Gilmore well I'm happy Gilmore but anyway sometimes I think people confuse faith with positive mental attitude like I'm in a believe it or on the claimant and happen for me. And here we have, you know.

Happy does eventually if you watch the movie. Learn how to pot, but at this point in time. He doesn't know how and he is trying to just use the blind faith approach and you can kindly hear how that works out for happy. On the 18th green shooter McGavin is putting for the win.

Maybe it's just me, because crowd seemed small for this type of moment. I think most people found their way over to happy Gilmore is been the talk of the course today with these huge drives in his amazingly bizarre behavior is on the 17th green right now having a little trouble closing out his day.

Happy Paul itself has its own energy or life force, if you will, its natural environment is in the home so I sent bags are packed to the airport this time to go on their law schools will all just goes downhill from there.

It was a before he took on Bob Barker.

It was wrong. I think about looking out. If I remember you know he actually went on the Ute later on in life and Bob got into his 90s and took him on in the hospital and stuff so that went on and on but nonetheless faith. It's a little different than just positive mental attitude because in one of the distinctions for me. Sam is is God in this MI. Walking with God in this. Whatever endeavor whether it's playing golf or with Ambien on the radio but you guys know is God going to be in this with me and are we heading towards moving kingdom forward in some way, so also what your your own ability here. A lot of those other or are you lying on God, along with some of those things that God leading the way to be there with how we get to the definition that we all know of in Hebrews 11. Since were on the door and we have to's grab a hold of something in Hebrews 11 one.

You know the way we normally read it in the King James version is now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. And Dennis, you have up what I think is just one of the classic clips. I'm really excited to set it up that will allow you to set it up from Apollo 13 and if you would set that up for our listeners because this is a really this is the other kind of faith. If you remember it. It whether or not she saw the movie Apollo 13 was an ill-fated trip to the moon. They had all they had an emergency situation that took place and they had to figure out a way to bounce back off the moon and come back to earth with enough oxygen and to get back into the earth's atmosphere.

While all this was going on. They were running some interviews on television. They were talking about some different things as you would see in this type of situation and they were doing an interview with Jim Lovell about perhaps being a place like this before in his flying days and what he explains.

Here is really significant about our time and space 24 days already been any other man I originally was scared. All I've had an engine flameout times and aircraft was kind of curious as to whether it was going to light up again. They seem to work out very specific instance of an airplane emergency when you call here well I tell you I remember this one time.

I'm a banshee igniting combat conditions as running lights on the carrier Shangri-La we received Japan might my radar had jammed and my homing signal was gone because somebody in Japan was actually using the same frequency was leading the way from where was supposed to be and I'm looking down at that big black ocean upon my map like then suddenly everything charts out right in the cockpit.

All my instruments are gone. Lights are gone. I can even tell know what my help. I know I'm running out of fuel. So I'm thinking about ditching.

I looked down there green trail along laid out like was that phosphorescent stuff gets turned up in the wake of the ship was just leaving the home.

My cockpit lights hadn't shorted out. There's no way I'd ever been able to see you.

You never know what events are going to transpire to get you. It's amazing. Dennis, you know that faith, that light in the darkness is something that really for you which you know you can help us see that wow he saw God in saw God in that in his situation when he was desperate that he could clearly understand that there was no coincidence that is lights it shorted out so that he can see what it was. It was actually leaving such a big part of our faith. He knew John described Jesus as the light come in the in the darkness of the world at one time several years ago I looked up in the Bible. Every time light after dark.

The light after darkness was mentioned in somewhere between 250 and 300 times that I have marked in one of my Bibles, so obviously God thinks it's a very significant part of our faith journey and it gets tested.

The darkness that he saw in the ocean with your flying up there and you think in that unit very matter-of-factly. You know, my hope is running out here. I see nothing but darkness on one have to ditch the plane in the ocean and also God shows up.

You know, and provides a light for him to get home and I think that such a such a metaphor for what our faith journey is Sam that we sometimes we feel like were in the darkness I felt that way lately. As a matter fact in and we we need that light, I don't know where the people go sometimes. Why do I know that which we seek it through addictions. We seek it through relationships with others. It may be her sexually oriented relationships men seek secret and pornography were trying to get some light, but it's just not true light force builders you journey and I struggled honestly more the foundation pillar set on before the show without a really have the other pillars strong enough like you need to help hold you on this journey through life.

If you get rested on something you if something you fall back on or underneath everything else is a growing faith in God and I'm not surprised to hear Sam say that Robbie talking about a foundation since he builds houses. You know I is a great yeah it's a great picture that one of the things that jumped out at me on the topic was it's one thing to have faith in God and in clearly Abraham had that in this is the kind of faith were talking about about pillar, but it's another thing to believe and have faith that God's going to come through for me that it's going to that God is no good to make this work for me and working it when you get to some other clips of the minute the talk about heart and how people see how God is coming after own heart, but it how do you feel what do you feel like that's going to come through for me in this topic that's going to come true. We know Jesus is to come back.

We know who wins in the end, but you know what kind of a mess in my going to be involved in before we ever get there, which almost amounts to how much faith do I really have that God is going to be there in that moment for me and that's a whole different thing in the same state through old ruler that it was a sister that is like you got to work on 1/2 times as our faith grows only in our walk with you. Don't jump in and have this line say you know that everything work out. Robbie is what does work out the need for God to be in is what we want to be willing to stick out.

I trust you no matter the outcome. Your end is a big difference in how we look at that I had a big examples that recently we were praying for my sister to come out of her state of being unconscious to be healed and not wanted it.

We wanted it for us.

You know really when it comes down to it we wanted. We wanted we didn't want her to leave yet. She's younger than I am younger than my brother. You never want to be a parent to see a child pass away on my sister and struggle with some things, including health issues and I think Robbie was pointing out short time ago we were talking about it that perhaps that our faith did come through and that our prayers were answered.

That she's healed from all that now. It still hurts and the enemy wants to gain a foothold in that strictly with those that don't believe to show them see you know God doesn't Jesus miracles.

Like he said he did.

That's a real journey for us as well.

Hassan there is a time when you really really need to cling to that faith in the moment of loss. Resorted to talk about that kind of faith.

Another way is that God comes through. We got some amazing Cliff state. We got so much more masculine journey is assuming that my son Eli. We talked about ways you can help support clearly smiled as he was on the information that where you can click the button tweaking it masculine once again, PO Box 552 7285 Sam, this camp can literally change a lot a man's life.

I talked to a lot of men there saying they say they don't know what the places in the grand scheme of things they don't know how to behave is Christian, God designed us for freedom and is coming up with this Boot Camp. It is good to masculine journey to register now just $169 early Bird pricing for four amazing days. Masculine journey He would keep the faith right yeah Billy Joel and that was a song back in the early 80s there was a line in that song were talking about to San Francisco's good old days were always good and tomorrow's not as bad as it seems. I mean, I'm not sure Billy was talking about what my take away is from that song. A lot of times because he was a talk about the things he did when he was younger which our friend Vinnie justifies that Billy and Billy did all those things when he was younger but to me at saying what faith is a day by day proposition. It's a daily manna situation force will be get up every day and we were drawing enough faith and I agree with you that faith can grow over time.

But isn't it you know I can't have to go through a refilling of the tank on a daily basis. The tank starts to get low enough faith starts to wane, so, and again we live in a world where we want to plan so many things out look to the future and not of faith is not a logical thing at all suits, living in the moment. A lot of times is the fill this out because the world and what is happening as we start to believe that our faith in God as our next clip is a field of dreams a lot of people. The story you know if you build it they will come, but it kinda fits in Dennis that are tests of faith are really bare dish forgot to, you know I think about my tests through many health struggles, and many other struggles my life. The time and again it seems like God was testing my faith to show me look at Robbie I'm I'm coming through for him and that what matters and what supposed to happen this this this is a real love relationship and clearly what's happening for our hero here in the field of dreams as he's fixing it tested right in years because you know this. He has this he has this dream of building this baseball field on it. This baseball diamond on his farm. The farmers coming up wonderful foreclosure. I think it's his brother-in-law that's telling a bloke working were going to lose everything. So from the worldly side. Everyone is saying know this is not gonna work out and then know you hear from and I don't think we have it all. In this clip it then you hear from a childlike faith in you also hear from an old Sage who looks at it from the perspective of faith in what God can do. In my opinion, the fact remains is you don't have the money to see you still have to decide we got no choice, Ray. People will come. I recently sure will. As children close to sign find children euros sounds and memories. Ray backup was in the morning. The foreclose your broke Ray sell now or you lose everything.

One constant through all the years Ray filing is built based gain support about past reminds us all, Ray most definitely come guy sounds just like our announcer Ernie getting over to call him the James Earl Jones of radio he's got the voice but he's also you know it's interesting that you have this encourager in this tempter right on each other, but it's attested to test the test but the neat thing is, it for those of us who know the story it's it's clearly giving him an opportunity to walk in the calling that God gave them rights actually walking and walking and that they remember from the story I'm feeling feeling over the issue with his father and when we walked in. That's where healing also starts to made an interesting statement there two guys when he said, baseball is the one constant in what I thought about was God is the one constant in our lives if we have faith in him. He's the one that never changes the same yesterday today and forever. Yeah. And I beginning to use it for.

Abraham had on board but anyway let what we often see these kind of things is our faith as we raise our shield of faith are cheaper affected by this. And the thing I loved about the Apollo 13 clip that we can't give you in the audio.

You can only see when you see it. The reason why they're showing it is the families of these people on Apollo 13 are watching this interview meant that they get from hearing him talk about God coming through with this sea of algae. You know he is, essentially, even though it is a prerecorded interview his faith shield is raising up the shield of his own family of you know, working to make it work on a working to be there and this gives a sense and I and I know Howard. Our producer with its definitely may even want to jump on this that when you look in the eyes of certain athletes you would call it heart you would say I can see it in their eyes. Given the ball.

This is this is gonna work out because they have a certain amount of heart that has to do with their relationship and having God come through and so the tape is clip from a movie called the replacements which again is a bit gaudy movie. Don't recommend the movie but it's sort of a compilation of things that winners want the ball and the reason they do is because they know God is in this with them and it may not be the outcome that you win the game, but it will be the outcome that that God is with you in this. If your if you're sticking with him in in the situation, but thing I love about this clip if you listen to the end as he talks about what happens when you find out that you have what it takes, which is a big part of the masculine journey and when you have a chance to walk in faith and it comes comes through for you, then you have this taste of how I have what it takes years for the miles and miles of is always one really wants and will why motion for judgment as they had been part of something greatness no matter how stays with every athlete dreams of a second chance. These men and Sam.

I noted for you.

I think all of us. We are on a team we are on at some point in her life was undefeated or they had some huge victory in that moment where you really realize that God come through and you and you did have what it took. This is something that really sticks with her on hold with you. One thing we didn't plan on one word. What would be one word you abuse what faith does in your life, first inaugural, one word gives me animus faith intimacy and meaning that because I've got faith in God's there.

That gives me that in that relationship with them really is the foundation that you speak of Sam that I wouldn't life wouldn't be living with wouldn't be worth living if I didn't have that intimacy with that make your turn.

If you like to go with but I would say heels faith heels, you know, it heals the wounds that we might've had when we were younger. It heals the things it going on in our lives. Sometimes it heals a sister in a way that we didn't expect, but but faith did it so I think it's a it's a healing force and if I were to pick an organ that it heals the most.

It would be my heart.

Your turn in all hold on to hold on that rock.

The storms of life that anchor that I know that God is there for me regardless of how it works is going through it with me will be on the other side of it together was talking about this a quote before he went on the air and we all have our very opinions about some of the things Oswald Chambers says, but this was this was interesting because he senses so that is what faith is.

God perceived by the heart. The foothold in the intimacy of the it's awesome stuff. Well, you can see this pillars of the Masten journey is a fun journey. We will be continuing it next week.

You'll have to guess what the next pillar will be and we will be If you are listed in the previous podcast sign up for the weekend coming up were very excited to see you then. We are so great that you list. Thanks. Listen

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