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The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 26, 2017 12:30 pm


The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The heart of every man is a great image or one doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now all manner we are on a quest for the show to take out the masculine journey.

We may go where no man has just as a segue from one Ocho to the there you go. The challenge we have for you today on the master journey as we been working through these pillars of the masculine journey. You know, one of the foundations of the masculine journey in and we've got Dennis with this we got big Jim Graham with assent and we got Sam on the phone.

Sam week one was what that would probably the foundation of which recall a pillar initially and the faith in Jesus cry in the faith in that relationship with has to be your foundation.

Without that you got billed on so to speak.

So we got that one and then the second week we did what hope hope so you might guess that after faith. Oh today show working to be talking about go with the Old Testament are being King James and say charity but love or not there you go.

So as I said were on a quest where on a quest as one of the questions it Sam put all of us on this quest for love is one of the challenges for men is being able to accept love and almost what stands in the way it from you. Being able to receive love and sorting the fire right out of the chute with the a clip that you may not expect from a movie that you may not expect. It's it's called the perks of being a wallflower which you know a lot of us here can relate to that. But anyway a little unusual movie in this particular story we have young man who shot and as you might guess, if there was a girl that he was very very interested in and he's trying to figure out why she keeps Dayton the wrong guy and so she could he goes to Mr. Anderson's and we get the chance to see not only what happens with Mr. Anderson but a little while. He's going to have discussion with her and find out all sorts of things that we all component Mr. Anderson Caskey something why do nice people choose the wrong people. To date going to let anyone specific way except the love we think we deserve to make them know that they deserve more.

We can try to get assignment is right, driving rain so small why you are.

I love people who treat us like right now we sent the love we think we deserve, just anything that you wanted that you want. I just want you to be happy, to Charlie between everything that everybody signs head of yours and think that counts is love. One of these companies crash. I want people to like the real me.

I know you are saying client and I know I should speak more if you knew things had that were in my head.

Most of the time.

You know what it really meant how much were like in and how we been to the same things you not small beautiful. We accept the love we think we deserve is the line but I want you to Jim as you as you think about the first chapter of the song of Solomon. We have this picture of the king himself coming after this you might woman is obviously not in the same class level and she says something really remarkable in that first chapter that I could never get out of my heart. It sticks in there like just an amazing thing. She says she says darken my don't stare at me and she saying that because she's struggling I'm not worthy of your love right to accept the love that than she.

She doesn't think we deserve that and you know just a picture with me for a second, Jim, that you really are standing there with Jesus right this minute and he's well that throws her arms around you posit feel how it so overwhelming and just thought of it, the creator of the universe. What even care that I existed much less love me enough to die for me and how I will probably wait.

I don't know this is a struggle for men right here in it. Sam really you know commander glossary struggle with struggle with my heavenly father because we never saw the evidence of my earthly father when there's lots of things we talked about a other shows that it impacted, but I think a lot of times as we just know what we and even though we know Jesus blood covers a and were forgiven, and often live a hard time forgiving ourselves it which really doesn't allow stick that love the Christ is fully offering. Now that darken my company is actually the word she says and and Dennis for you.

I think it's very close to home for me in terms of struggling with that and I think it well.

It's the first picture that I got when you were talking to Jim was the then Sam will relate to.

This is the Wayne's world clip were there down the goal were not worthy were not learned. This way I feel that I felt about that in other relationships to in my life because the struggles I've had with self forgiveness of I'm not worthy of your love that clip was easy to listen to in a way inviting in provoking and I would love to do spend a lot of time on this. I don't want to be your rush I can't feel that in and that's a whole part of love that I hope we can get into another show in a neighboring pole from that clip again, but this next clip will not be easy to listen to. It's very emotional and here we have somebody rejecting somebody offering it's from the movie good Will hunting and we have a man that when he rejects that it it gets kind of emotional and almost abusive. Don't tell me about my world. Tell me about my world use regular fling with like the guy from the other side attempting to sit around the other trust fund babies and talk about how you went slumming to see you soon. With this money. My father died when I was 13 and I inherited this money getting everyday I wake up.

I wish I could give it back. Second, I can't and that's my life and ideally it doesn't mean when you're the one that's afraid I'm for what what what am I afraid of what my love you back to you. I'm not honest with you leaving you cigarettes put out to me when I was a little kid surgery to stab me back if you don't love me because if you say you that is very, very, very painful to listen to salmon as I hear him saying I don't love you, and walking out the door. I wonder how many times today.

I did that. Good question Robbie and I owe Elma were talking about getting the love and so we can really do that is hard to love.

Love you and will. Everybody that was close to love them along the way as certainty, the one that had been put in foster care. All those pretty deeply in an open heart to love because he does not understand that if even truly available without being on the backside of the risk involved is phenomenal and as we go through the three characters with four characters we listen to in the first to both people and ended up going out there on the limb and risking and here we only see sky risking and then she faces it does not go well for her. With all this risking at this point time and it ends up doing something else that love does that were going to get to live it more than X segment is suffered she is in a lot and a great deal of suffering, but the love there is still remarkable in and Dennis you had something is notice think I was thinking about something that Jim brought up earlier in the week when we were talking about this showed that there's kind of attention there. We talk about getting the acceptance you know accepting God's love. But the statement that Jim made in his email was accepting God's love understand it, were not deserving of it so there you have that you have that tension against any human being and feeling like I am deserving of it. I mean where do we go with all that yeah where do we go about how to get there to take you there.

Well we got so much more coming at you the next segment but right now we ask that you might visit any radio.a large boot camp coming up November 9 through the 12 is assuming that my son Eli talk about ways you can help support Lily smiled as it was on this information that where you can click the donate button waking into masculine day once again mail something to PO Box 552 7285 you find out from Jesus what you will do that freedom for day adventure with God. It's a masculine journey radio is designed to give men permission to be what God designed for the kingdom coming this November 9 through the 12 masculine journey to register your thinking about done hope and today we land here on love and Dennis that song speaks to, well, I think think we got the right one. Did we Sam.

We were talking about that yesterday. Few days ago about that song from Steven Curtis Chapman. Interesting though that you know were talking about accepting love and is basically the point we see in God I need to bring it on. I wanted what your love, take me over as pretty cool. What are the things that I I discovered just last week, which is significant on this issue of love is I found out that the root of the word passion and the root of the word patients in the Greek is actually PA TIO which means to self and when you begin unpack what that may mean when Jesus passion right. It was his suffering and when Paul describes what love is and first Corinthians 13 very familiar passage.

The very first thing he actually says in the Greek is love suffers long and so what if we go back to think of what we just heard from Skyler in that clip. I mean, she is really set up to suffer, and as I've processed this week. It's at the point in time that I choose not to suffer that relationships break up that will did not want to suffer the reason he walked out that door as he didn't want to risk suffering again right well you know II hate to share the bad news for everybody but whether you choose to risk it or not open love what you think Sam is on it. We open our hearts to question what moping our but also other people and I think a lot of time building early.

I live is not really gone well becomes an editor if I don't love my heart hurt delivered will doing no but it also chokes all the life no life without love. I can vouch for that on the night I listen to dad and I hear myself that 17 years ago in a relationship after my marriage bent over and prayed about have an opportunity to see some other women. I met this Christian woman is very nice to me and show me a lot of love and but I wasn't ready to accept it, and when it ended, it ended badly mean it ended with me yelling and screaming and Sam were just going to break up so that clip hits me very close to the heart because the wounds were still open and I didn't realize it at the time.

Actually, it's been part of this masculine journey for me that's got to that point starting to see that there were still so much hurt there that he went back to my childhood those wounds. It had been healed and I felt unlovable, but boy, I took it out on you. I will make you feel a little better about that that be great because I was what I was listening to what she was one of sky is her name. She was wonderful whole presentation was very loving will not so much we look at it if he was being cruel, but I think there was an underlying care for her that he knew how screwed up he was so he was get a protector by rejecting or and show love in a not very normal way. Well, almost like the character in the first clip, which was like I just want you to be happy. That is not my own sacrifice I want you in my life that I desperately want you, but more than that.

I want you to be happy and it seems like it's self-sacrificing, but in the in case it chokes the life out of its own. Something is very true because when I think back again about that relationship.

I didn't think I was good enough for her. Well, at some point in time, we may find out too late that we didn't look at this exactly right in so Dennis we have this amazing clip from ballots they thought when I heard it was coming from the TV show Masi that I had low expectations of it and watch it enough man is there is a lot of stuff there and not Sam and I next talked about a couple of mash clips and this is when you know Hawkeye is the you know, he's that he's the love Dr. and mash and he's always the one going after ladies but this one particular woman had really struck a nerve in his heart and opened his heart so she takes a long walk after date that they have and she ends up getting run over and dying so he's giving it the eulogy and on. It's interesting to hear Hawkeye goes with this Billy Carpenter was 27 when she died that many of us knew her very well and that's our loss because she was really somebody worth knowing. I'm sorry to say that I didn't really know myself well until last night when fundoplication suggested that I read her diary. I got to know Millie Carpenter in those pages tell you better start with a fudge was a big box but Millie only gave one piece to each nurse that was typical.

She didn't seem to share much with anybody. Well, I know now that Millie gave the rest of that forged wounded postdoc. She was working on night shifts and no one was around to see.

I guess none of us really saw Millie that she was kind of distant and unfriendly. In fact, she looked upon us with a kind of all that we've done our jobs for so long and so well. She could have told us that she was unable to because it wasn't a similar so that she was uncaring, but it was because as Millie wrote so often she was shy she was just too shy to express her deepest feelings she could write them to herself, but she could say to us what we she had because she had a I might have felt for her before what I feel for now, learn something from CM a lot like Millie and I'm not shy I cover my feelings with jokes. I don't tell the people I care about the most the most important thing I can tell that I do care it's too late for Millie to change that's that's that's sad, but we can take a page from her diary. I'd like to start right now little little of what I feel show through the cracks.

Wisecracks to all the people here wife sweated with and endured with it very important to me and I hope I do a better job of letting you know those closest to me means so much to me about her okay Klinger, Charles H. I love everyone of you and goodbye milling it's an interesting place where we end up there as God is been at me on this love lesson plan this week because right before I listen to that clip today. I got a call from an old friend.

In fact, it was a friend who had been my partner for years and years and years like you and you may know, my story is that I lost the dealership in Marksville through employee theft and whatever that led to some really difficult choices that had to be made on how we were to spend what little money we had to try to stay in business or pay the IRS and all these kind of things and he got so mad at me in a heated argument while we're trying to figure out a way to save our lives. Business that he walked out and honestly we had not reconciled for. It's been nearly 9 years and he had called me to tell me a fellow friend passed away and I called him back to discuss that in the and and as we began to talk like this is this is your chance and I had a chance to apologize to him and so you know, Tim, our friendship was not worth what happened at the end and I was I don't know if I was right or wrong. By this point time I'll just go on the record to say and I was wrong I did it wrong.

I wish we had all these years of friendship this week, which shared so many through the years and now I want you to know I love you and I've always loved and you meant so much to my life in so many different ways and it's interesting as I listen to Hawkeye in that you see you feel life you feel love and you feel life and in being shared.

It's it's a it's a great way to feel and why think he lost in this particular case, and Sam.

We talked about some of the stuff for one thing, Hawkeye was very selfish most of the time I came to women. It was really what was in it for him and what he was after, but this this woman kind of working down a little bit in terms of her passing, and sometimes it takes you back to the suffering aspect, you know, you suffer and then you go back and you see these things and it makes you want to to give some love and Sam you and I talked earlier about struggling with those things and forgiveness and you said some things to me that were pretty hard to hear but you recall any of that.

You know I do and you as your friend I love you I called you out on you not been able to forgive yourself down in some way.

You know I am an when we can't do that we can forward not be afforded last month away and I was talking more in the past it was on this topic and it gave us a really good conversation and then we can we can't give what word don't allow ourselves to receive a heart of love that other people want to, but until we really know the context of receiving it. We really can't do it evenly years completely as we need to I can see him his jump got some force I don't want to miss out that Jim grin on his face.

Well, it really goes back to something I picked up from Michael card is that and Jesus said it, it's that we don't even experience love and tell with love the unlovable and we are the unlovable. I left. I have but Jesus said, you know, if if you love those that love you big deal. Paraphrasing, but the ultimate love comes we are giving love to another that has no reason to expect that love is not some amazing we just thank you for putting up with us. Loving the unlovable lineupů Not, we certainly would ask you to join we have the spirit, November, we would be so thrilled to share that time with you the covenant of silence. Actually when you get a chance to go be with God again, go to mass and journey radio.

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