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Pillars - Healthy Adventures

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 23, 2017 12:30 pm

Pillars - Healthy Adventures

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man plays a major life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now masculine journey you show are so glad that you have joined this day always thankful for your listening. Whether it's on the error on our podcast it masculine journey read in the studio today.

I got Robbie here.

I'm Dennis and we got Sam on the phone out of the beach again where he seems to live these days. Sam how you doing got to do it in pictures of the sunset. Every time I'm out here just to show you how horrible you appreciate that okay so we've been talking about the pillars of the masculine journey fellowship. We should we review because we haven't been talking about this for a while.

We tried to do this when once and we actually had a technical issue because we had bad thunderstorm a couple weeks closer Robbie give us a recap are found over the pillars of the master turning this idea that you know on a foundation you know if one of the pillars is missing the building, falls down and so we we are going through the number one killer which may actually be foundational. He is his faith and number two I believe we did help and number three I believe was love and was number four joy Sam. It was in last week we did community yes is we are out at the Middle Eastern Christian festival which that was really fun show in community and community so this week we go to our next pillar and Robbie actually a few weeks ago on a show. He made a comment about in it hearkened me back to a show from the late 60s, it was on television and I thought what a great lead into this pillar today so let's go on a voyage for a minute there.

Howard. These are the voyages of the stage LV. You knew civilization only go where no man has gone before new man's gone before Sam are going to do that today and want to set up this this pillar I was going back and looking at wild heart by John Eldridge over the last couple weeks we've I've read that several times now and it's kind of the we got the Bible first and foremost but that's kind of it sort of a textbook for us in terms of the way our ministry works is men's ministry and in the beginning of it he talks right up front about a man's hearts desires and he's got three there and he talks about a battle to fight any talks about a beauty to rescue one of the middle there's one I've always been challenged by the most and give her what that was.

Sam ventured a live yeah and on the importance of having healthy. I can go on with her soul to get our heart or our lives that this is about healthy ventures and ultimately with with your communion with God. Well, I think that when you not as I was thinking about this and praying about it. Robbie, one of the things that I thought about was that from an early age I don't sit. First of all, I don't see myself as that adventurous of a guy I struggle with that for most of my life. I see guys going out and I mean you kill still often. The second is the health and well all qualified audits raise a legacy to leave and were ventures like then all of the rest of us put together. But I never really see myself that way and at times and never really desired it that much of my life so when John talking about that when we talk about her boot camps talk about living in adventure to me. That equates with things that might be a little risky and and I also go back to being a child you know most of what I heard as a young boy was don't do this and don't do that because you'll get sucked up in the wave serial. So to me it was like if I go adventure some really bad is going to happen. You seem to have gotten past that. That's a word we get what I'm sitting here is again a casting that was having fallen off the bow of a boat upside down hanging my leg and breaking it. Bob Young jumping in the early was an adventure, obviously hesitant as he saved my life and brought my head up out of the water, but you know adventures like you say, have to do with risk and I believe that biblically God put people in a position to trust him. In order to do that, you've got to walk out on that cliff so to speak, and go off on adventure whether Abraham was headed for you know the promise land or Moses in a takeoff in the wilderness almost things were tremendous adventures which required your trust in God, but the Sam said, you just don't head out there without him because you know that can get really, really spooky, but you don't hear adventure just to be on the radio or your adventure taking risk like that. Those are adventures you solicit that you absolutely don't say that you know just because you don't see God in the adventure doesn't mean you shouldn't be on think about it.

We have a little boy and were out playing Army air or out trying to navigate our way through the you know the river later crossed it those are all times of us learning that we have what it is adventures get on it to show us.

We do have what it takes you there guiding us. We normally see it or we don't. And then it is adventures that we kinda chalk out maybe sometimes is being frivolous copy you pushing it into place. Allowing you to push yourself in the play where you learn something about you. You learn something about and you learn something about others. The knee down the road you select, let's go back for minute Robbie to win when we were boys and less the we got click here that I want you to set up because it it it kinda leads to think one of the things that we we see sometimes is it is something to instill it in you by your dad is a boy instilled with what I was looking for, then maybe that has some effect on the adventure in your life. So we have a clip we think maybe illustrates that as from a wonderful movie called little boy and as you might guess, the boys, little drill little family that gave but is got a great faith and part of the reason he does is as bad really went after the cowboy Ranger phase of his life and putting them in positions where he could come through and seeing that he had what it took. Putting in in places that you know it required him to come through and you can see it was setting them up for the fact that his father was headed off to war, actually.

And he would be without his father and it was gonna take a great faith if you watch the movie not spoiler alert or whatever it would take a great faith to see if his father would come home, but this is an awesome clip story really starts the day I met my dad, my only friend I so okay I wanted to be just and do everything he everything we did great. Very proud of you partner you handled the pain like a true hero actually you remind me of another hero a needle magician then Eagle sits with sidekick.

Do you believe you can do this you believe you can do this in my mind this is an amazing clip and you you think about how that dad is instilling a sense of adventure and is boy and telling him that he has what it takes you believe, which you knows that faith statement Sam a lot of us that we didn't necessarily have that with our earthly dad and I was think about how I didn't get that with my dad, how instrumentally God brought in a Boy Scout leader in my life that took us on some of those of ventures and he pushed us to do some of the grandfather and uncle or have it all. It's never too late documentation on his adventures as well. I think about my granddaddy Braden because he's taking out his cars and he was a car salesman. Robbie, like you, and not back when they actually took cards out and deliver them and stuff and it was always an adventure to get in the car with granddaddy's we just go riding off and it was just him and I alone. He taught me how to play golf so all that's coming back is on thinking about being a boy that granddad is still some of that adventure in my dad actually as I was listening to the clip and I'd heard it many times that I missed it. My father always used to say Ted Trueblood does it again. That was is saying is we would chop water, lay bricks or whatever adventure he had us going on and II did have that and you know how fun it was.

But it was always Ted Trueblood doesn't remember the Bennett with a bent guy on the little nothing illegal, then Eagle have any been Eagle comics that what's on so that kinda gives us a set up for how we maybe can and start walking into this adventure in his Robbie talked about their stories all over the Bible. The adventure we come back after a short timeout were going to be talking about some some guys going on an adventure ring to see kinda what that looks like it may be unpack that and get to a point where you guys can tell me what it would look like to wanted adventure in my life are someone else out there listening check that out. Speaking of adventures we have a boot camp coming up, it will be too long now guys November 9 through the 12th asking journey boot camp we be happy to have you there. You have a special price for that four day stay will be given talks to a lot of adventuring during that time. So going to masculine radio masculine journey which gave, as well as on her Facebook page for more information on that same mask my son Eli talked about ways you can help support the ministry clearly as informational website that where you can click the donate button. We can get to masculine radio that once again working to mail something PO Box 552 72853 man, you will find out from Jesus what you will do that freedom for day adventure with God. It's a masculine journey.

Boot camp is designed to give men permission to be what God designed them to be warriors for the kingdom coming this November 9 through the 12 go to masculine to register your thinking is very radio show will solve their Steppenwolf to be well guys make you want to head on down the road little known to review fact that only a few remember this or anybody cares but that was the first song were the words heavy metal wherever you heavy metal thunder in it. It went from their 1969. At this time of Jesus informatics. It brings a great point Dennis did you think about Christianity you think about church you don't necessarily put that song in the outpouring to be wild.

However, God definitely did put that in us because you have that side that longs for that adventure and unfortunately for me, you know, in my earlier journey into Christianity. I didn't see that. In fact, I felt a little guilty if I went hunting or did some of adventures that I really like to do like you know I'm I really did good Christian people really do this and I didn't have a sense that this was really work on wanted me right.

A lot of times we get wrapped around what we should be wrong with working in the parking lot.

Church service is nothing wrong with being an usher, whatever that looks like got you all the Baker venture. Personally, I like a lot of Christian music. My heart moves a lot more standing out watching the ocean and walking on the being in the mountain and seeing God's creation venture is very worshipful for me to worship and appreciate I'm in the Sam Robbie and I were talking before the show that we involves risk venture involves risk and a lot of folks today. One of the things you hear about so often elicits a car commercial or something. One of the things your cold is don't take risk in your life.

It's either set out right or its onset. I think in and don't get me wrong folks are listening on not speaking out against today's church but I think one of the things we get caught up in it as men in today's church is that for lack of a better way of putting it. Sometimes with this reduced account of the website were not know were not going on adventure would like Sam said, parking courses, fine, but I think the church sometimes were letting it be that assists in light on the come's in management and essentially the adventures don't blow it and blow it.

We don't care that I like what we're waiting yeah yeah if teachers were big and why most Christian. Statistically, most Christian man battle because it ensures that their startling for our feeding their soul is a lot that goes into that whole thing, but that is if we don't go on adventures with God will settle for other ventures that are healthy for things like affairs or take risk through the turn that comfort is not walking and that it venture filled faith filled walk with the father. Speaking of which, Sam, we have another clip and not it's from a movie will review some clips in the past, camps and so forth my fact I think the first time Saul clip on this is that a boot camp. The movie wild hogs so you got for guys here that are kinda low low on the low risk takers.

This find the mass account going through their lives and they decide they're going to go off and adventure and maybe this is just not quite what were looking for but it gives us a good indication in this trailer if you can set it up Sam for what guys will do when they're looking for adventure with a really survey for living a good life for the most part something in what something is missing is the aspect of it venture close to it don't quite hit the nail on the head really discovering what's been missing in her life. Is this adventure that it was put before they ever took at first that it was in their system when they were born to listen to that for Your redneck push me around and insult me. Don't insult me. Money is never a problem.

Listen to me. She got sick and Internet please. I think I have to research alternative specs thanks but no support softball pitch think you're good at this whole while this is a road trip.

If you get off work forward to anymore lady stayed home not delay me your data men were busy building pyramids think you are on the district.

They may not work on the fist tapping things no work on the bike ride when they hit the road. They had no idea from Touchstone pictures. They went looking for adventure. As you do. Maybe I know that was founded journey will never forget that like you to say every now and then you gotta slap this will be interesting to see now the bulls alert we have here for men.

Fellows recognized the look yard average Sam there you go. Sometimes in life you will in the movie Robbie remembered as well. When going crazy over a stick of butter that is hilarious and what it is playing out of the lack of light. I think that there's probably at least one guy even the couple sitting here at least one that I know about that sometimes gets in that place where I felt like there hasn't been too much adventure does one of hop on a hog go blow up a bargain. I'm not sure that that's exactly what God has in mind for me Robbie. We were talking a little while ago my might. Life in the last two years was kind of an adventure going to the Winston-Salem rescue Mission and living there with those guys and being in a kind came full-circle the other night because I attended the graduation of the next class, and salt where life is taken them and I would say that we all went on adventure and that experience out. How does that relate to what were talking about with God in Christian man, how are you know what kind of adventure that were seeking help me to plot my nest next adventure. While I personally love always like to have something sitting out there that I know is something I'm really looking forward to, you know, I just got back from fishing trip with my granddaughter and my father and my daughter in Colorado and and previous to that, we had an adventure up to Gatlinburg with Darren and salmon. Prior to that, you know, and always like to have something out there in the calendar which for me right now is our boot camp coming on November 9 to the 12 for I know I'm really looking forward to shooting Jim Graham Airsoft Airsoft. That's what it is I you know he he he made a target out of me in the last one and you know something's got to be done about this. See maybe there is some wife in the sand because after hearing the guys talk about that in the last time and I skipped out on that in favor of a nap and now felt like not missed out on the an adventure I missed out on something so maybe that's part of it. You just gotta go for an I didn't think I wanted watching on was being added an adventure, and the light was coming from a silly game was pretty amazing.

Just the laughter that the camaraderie that they came from. It was just amazing. I think back about that movie wild and not to run a venture along the way.

That kind of you to rescue the battle to fight. Kinda funny how those things happen.

We step out on those risks. God leads us in the places that he wants us to be exactly right.

The one of the statements that they may want to lines in theirs. They set out on an adventure and they found themselves on a journey and that is so fitting Robbie to us because it's likely we set out on this adventure but it becomes this masculine journey and where we are in our lives and where the average God is sit in the church pew. It's like just want you just feel like a to get up out of this pew and go have adventure my life because that's what God created me to do and to be an I know in my heart I know Sam can you feel the same way that at the last boot camp yet that day that very day that we shot each other and I tackled and I broke my little finger, but you know other than the big guy, but they were man that found their new name.

They were meant that very night.

They were men that came to us that realized what adventure they were on. There was even a young man there who I believe accepted Christ at night that it didn't realize that even that part of the adventure and you we were on a journey. We are having fun and all that stuff happen, but sandwich think that's a critical aspect of these guys saw us all having fun and those guys that were involved. That night they see Jesus in the show after the Sam never seen himself as this lawyer but doubt thought mandated the ultimate warriors hard like you know but he never had that perspective and going on this little venture with guys that he could enjoy it with it open the door for God more about this and then we we didn't plan it this way but maybe this is a your next adventures to come to the masculine journey can November 9 to the 12th to want more information on that is not podcast lot on the masculine you can also go to Facebook masculine journey are podcast are now once modified as well.

Right row iHeartRadio spot. I five places to go to listen. Test shows in this one. Thank you for joining us today.

We hope you set off on an adventure will talk to you next time

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