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Boot Camp November 2017

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 15, 2017 10:26 am

Boot Camp November 2017

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 15, 2017 10:26 am

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Welcome to the masculine journey.

Today we are live from boot camp we said we are. This is one my favorite shows of the year is made to because we have really seen God show up in a big way for a lot of guys, we are to hear from them today as we have opportunity to have all lined up out here and there to get a chance to share what God's done through this boot camp here I was thinking more because I get to talk other people to just you and now make perfect sense.

It is good we got it. It's a beautiful day out nice and chilly but sunny and they were grateful that we don't have the rain or and God showed up. Just this morning absolutely and so many wonderful talks referred about son Shippen and a son of the father, touching about the new name. So far this week and we heard about our woundedness with her about posing larger story to different things. If I got my radio pose honest, well, let's get right.

We got some wonderful guys to talk to.

Let's just jump and we got Theodore. He is one of several that we got here from the restaurant.

Rinse Winston-Salem rescue Mission by Kurt Buchanan heater in the guys out there they let you guys come and join us for the weekend and Theodore what is there some specific that you seen God do or heard from God since you been here this week and he opened up my sister everything thing that I didn't know didn't understand not understand because my eyes open more will you guys explain things just this amazing heart is opened up mom just I just love this place displays there's no one left skews me states right now I'm anyone out there need to come and need to come and see his place, that this place is amazing. I love it quiet and restful this thing that you learned so much from so many people and assisted living environment. I love my love to come back.

I can love to have you come back.

That's what I thought about was Theodore true. It was we were talking like being in heaven because you know you people are more open here you feel down there in the presence of so wonderful. Thank you so grateful that you join us. Thank you, neck swivel, you know you made a short drive up here you came all the way from Alabama Alabama yeah yeah down close to Coleman. It was we thought we were going to have about 8 Hour Dr.

We had come through Alanna with traffic and everything 99 and half hours until David arrived and was but it was it was well worth the effort. It truly was you. I got admit to you guys. Me being here was really not my idea at this was my wife said we had an occasion in inching the good was had kind of started the journey home and the I had read wild at heart by John in overage and really enjoyed it and I will love the ideas that he had in there along with a lot of the thinking that I had had along the way and so she started researching and she found the boot camps and we researched several.

This one worked out best for for me and so she made all the arrangements. Now be honest. Truthfully, as it got closer, I really thought you know there a lot of other things on the date to you know I'm busy, I always see myself as busy and I thought, there a lot of things that I'd be doing other than spending an entire weekend with a bunch of guys up singing, but that's but guys that I mean this is been unbelievable.

It truly has wonderful experience you're up here with a lot guys are on the same journey the same search that your and now everybody is a little awkward at first and then everybody starts to cut and you start seated that these guys are having pain experiences that you are and there there on that same trader on that same search and it's just it's been a wonderful experience to truly where we were really really great when you can hear Wayne's voice that he belongs on the radio, even as his jockey in his younger dialogue. You know we talked about that earlier. I got about made quick mental calculation and realize it's been 32 years since I bellow all live Mike so I don't think that it can kill.

See, I called him Wayne Sam because did you hear your new name was Wayne frequently said that I think it's facilitator you talk about.

We was different ages. Here you guys in their teens all the way up through our friend Harold's age is okay with my dad is 80 so you pointed out to you later that that we have 70 or 87 that's true.

So we go from the teens to €87.

It's a common search right.

It's the same things and speak to the heart of man thing is that they're looking for and finding the heart of God and and learning those change perspective understand the deeper truths is really critical.)

One of the things that I One of the most valuable thing so far nothing we can go there there. There's a lot of things but I've always seen God and Jesus is this abstract idea of praying was just something that kind of you just counted the you went through that was the way I was brought up something you did, and I'm stopping the city now that in praying I've got Jesus is sitting he's right there is got a lot of the things going on but he's right there in my mind now in front of me looking me in the house he's leaning forward in his listening to me he's carrying on a conversation with me. That's that's unbelievable.

Change is it truly does. So awesome where Lee Wayne Hagar is a little while yeah just an amazing time this morning. Thank you so much for joining us. Next up we have Willie be ignorant of the interesting thing about Willie.

Willie is a cousin cousin he has it. When also name Willie okay and but he's Willie be in your brother's name is Willie L so you know, this is Willie L is Willie. This is well say I got I got the name Willie what that what brings you here this weekend.

I'm nervous here. Okay, I asked HSS to get to know myself and become the person both the B and know now is pretty cool actually and I didn't write down about my feelings before. Now I do it a lot now, which is pretty cool because I get a chance I could get it to come out just thinking about when I get a chance to read over it. I go various right there was just in your mind only gets lost is the next thing comes in your mind and someone's forced out and having it down in writing is key as God the neck you free this week so far a lot is not a fact… I just become a lot anyway but I didn't pay attention to it now actually here.

We sang to me that that's a big plus for me and that's always key. And that's what we look for an answer for all of us as we walk out of here a little different place right moving closer to him and continue to move closer to him is through now I need to get your brother that way.

We now Willie Ellis, Willie. Thank you, buddy. We appreciate you that it takes courage to get up. Your name is Dennis on finding the adventure that we go on without you thought you to be on the radio this weekend. Yeah, we had Jared and Jared's got just the future.

I mean, I'm really excited about what God is doing in Jared's life. He writes poetry and all sorts of stuff really get in the station and record some of what now that I've had a chance to hear but Jared is the youngest ever be at the Winston rescue mission Roger Wright on 119 and am ever since coming here. I view spirituality from different aspects from my daily aspect to overall purpose of life and its very eye-opening.

You don't because a lot of people view it as a vague future type thing and it's helped me realize that what I do now, not only affects me but it affects others around me and these have conned by going into the future.

So even while I'm not here the repercussions of my walk with God will live on. You it's very eye-opening.

That's a 19-year-old wish I had that when I was writing that now and Jared what so what God can come after you from so far this weekend will consult me realize you know like words before I was able to preach and change the world and am no during these quiet moments, God has shown me that it's more about reaching the individual and that sometimes these people have preconceived notions about church were not Christians in general that if you come to them as an individual. Walking with God as opposed to just some you know bicycle will come join my church that has more intimate effect on people and I thought people are looking for isn't just like some robotic do this don't do this but someone that they can have an actual conversation and fellowship with you know what I mean and I feel like people view God, not from the aspect of how he really is, but how the enemy has perverted our idea of God enough and by doing that he exit pushes people away from God. But when they see someone who is overcoming no addiction or abuse you know or things I've ever come lets them know that God is actually on the side, you know, and I God's arms are open but yet you want to come to God and if were too busy judging people instead of loving and it pushes them away from what they actually need and so you know our heart longs for the community to community of intimate relationship in first and foremost with God and also with other people to walk on with us, you and I hope that I can be found in private. It doesn't have to be in church right it can be just and then we can like this, it can be in everyday life and community in a Brother's group that we have rally in the so many ways that you can find a community and feel like there's somebody out there cares about you with skin is nice to have gone there, but you know it's nice to have somebody around skin on that. You also feel like we have your back and and that's a big thing Jared got were excited to have you have your mother show and so look forward to having you on the future. Thank you so much for doing this. Yeah.

And we have Ronald and Ronald. Now I tell you I would sit with them at breakfast Ronald this morning.

I looked at him and I said Ronald how would you like to be on the radio and Ronald you remember your response, are you on your mind didn't say that but that was Lincoln is in any kind indicated that that wasn't something that jumped out at him and I asked him I said well you know that is the important thing is what is God right, what is God spoke to you that might impact somebody that would be listening out there and we were so blessed you wouldn't believe and and and and sincerely we get letters from people are incarcerated. We get people that are in half when we get letters from people all over the place that this is their this is there I went on the world. This is where they here so somebody listening right now could probably relate to some of what you've gone through in what would you say that person that you experience from God here this weekend probably is an awesome experience of inspiration. No, I felt a closeness a good fellowship like he was saying earlier.

I've been inspired by people young and Amy motivate me to say may you know to me system awesome experience itself God field experience. You know the message that I received the fellowship and have not known how we got praying give me houses. The question in my life. This you know this one, where for me to some the whole experience. Also, you know where you should feel good when you said older than me, which I was surprised that you are way off. There it is hard to sum up a weekend like this, you know, because God is so many different things exactly even when I find it so cool is not compacted. Many, many of these over the years either attending or being part of being able to present on God is always something new and that's a thing is you no matter if you're hearing the same message. You're in a different place with God today than you were six months ago right and so you can hear things with a different filter in on so that the things he explains in this weekend and really hope it will be something of the eye. Good for you little to stick long-term because I know that it's it's hard to hold onto world tries and stripped of his things away these things a guy does on the weekend Shaklee and you know we talked about an adventure live and how that requires risk right and get up and get on the radio is risky business, but it in that it's interesting when you can actually talk about what God is done for you. It brings something that makes you feel good.

Oh yes oh yes in and am taking it back with me know so I normally be a different person.

I get back. Because God reveals something sleep and had a time to relate to reflect back on some things in the past, something she will afraid to approach God gives you courage because you around every body last know we basically seeking for the same thing no more God. Yet, I won't thing helpless to progress from what we wanted, so that you know what were awesome and I thought I got it, it takes it does take the courage you back into this place is not easy to go back into exact you know and being in a place where we feel safe and and being we know God guides everywhere honestly be God's right here needs to guide you back in the sum of those is winded areas of his past experiences really make such a big difference help for you from oh yes hi this is Sam unmasking her name here with my son Eli to talk about ways you can help support the ministry when we go to's information website there on how to do that, then you can go to where you can click the donate button or you can go to masculine journey once again look for the donate button working to mail something and mailed to PO Box 550, Kernersville, NC 27285 you find out from Jesus what you will do that freedom for day adventure with God.

It's a masculine journey radio is designed to give men permission to be what God designed them to coming in April 12 through the 15th masculine journey to register your thinking Dylan Dylan is this another great group of guys we have. These guys are from the North Carolina Boers Academy in Hickory and Dylan is one of those guys correct and that the Academy for 14 months now and is a 15 month program some really excited to come here as the last part of my programming soak up all the information I learned here on one of the takeaways are highlights was yesterday. The covenant silence. I was walking through the woods and just felt that transcending peace that Paul talks on Philippians and I was talking to God like he was just right there next to me in I just was walking and I was a pit and I thought how I was in the pit myself and how it was brought out of it in how he directs her steps.

When you don't lean on your own understanding. When you lean on his understanding so you know that's that blows me away ground 40 ministries is based on Psalm 40 which is, he pulled me out of the miry pit right and and you know this is a friend of Guffey who bet that Solomon set mean and everything to him, but in reality all of us were in the pit. We just didn't realize it was so pretty but we were having a pity party. I was waiting I was just plain anaconda summer to come on their matter now. You are also protesting some activities yesterday is time shooting as well. Yeah, that was a fun time yeah what yeah we had a good time out there with a good group of guys in Gaither who runs at such a generous person to do all the stuff he does with us, but that was a fun outing and 11 is a fishing I was out there catching past you following all of yourself.

Robbie took a tumble yesterday for guys it that is that that that I think one to talk tends to overlook is the one of the ward and how we do have an enemy and the word says that the word is sharper than any double-edged sword. And when Jesus used when he was tempted by Satan use the word you not tempt my Lord God, and I think that sometimes when were tinted. We just want to give in more than we want to fight and so much easier to do that and it takes practice and that something I've learned over my course of the 14 months is when I go home and it's not going go away is can be there stronger even have to take that sword I have to fight the enemy and not giving him a foothold when I want to help others. I can't.

I can just go and do that because they can bring me down in just message and then the neat thing about you guys and I met a bring Jason into the conversation and some fields where Jason is it Mark my mark yes Mark, I got a new name. I just bring Mark and I should remember marks my brothers name and not my new brothers name to bookmarking and Dylan one of the things that this really helped me see his manhood in a different light from a Christian standpoint know what is it mean to be a masculine Christian and one from young guys who come in, what, what does that mean to you having sat through this in your case a couple time is my first time okay on so yet.

We actually both read the book, audit, heart, and we did one month study on it and personal studies for new Christians.

So I'm pretty understanding on what John ordered is talking about. I think that a masculine Christian would be someone who isn't afraid to fight who isn't going to cower down is going on. You know he's gonna want to help others fellow brothers seeking to build one another up and that's my take Mark when you think I think that a Christian man is is really strong because you take off that mass cannot pose. He's exposing himself to people in his true self. And if people feel like he's really people don't like it yourself.

It's hurting but he's does not ring that mask that it's takes masculinity in biblical manhood to do that so I feel imaging passivity as well. Really cool for me. If this can't guys anybody has been a big part of your group is starting at the bonfire on Thursday right which is normal just like this meet and greet you guys you guys are out there right you have a special time out there. During this time was no means are is that you had a little bit about what that was like it was just him. I knew none of the other guys here and we got there and walked in some was sharing about adventure and an epic one so that I felt led to step out in his chair. Limit my testimony and then after that, people just started sharing their testimonies and then extend to big not a fellowship with people I wouldn't even know like from a costly I'm from Michigan in the appeal of Markell and Alabama just channeled God's done in my life just just brothers in Christ I could talk to Ness. I got work since their relationships and you know some people efforts were maybe a little bit timid but the word says that God not give us a spirit of timidity and his spirit was just unleashed at night people were communicating with one another and anyone. Some people felt awkward now is not the case you were sharing the word with one another, sharing what God's done.

It was a beautiful thing to play a Airsoft today is are you into the Robbie formula I will play clad this one shooting family ties okay for my own teammate to be amazing down really preferred for the Airsoft and I were so glad you guys you guys bring such vibrance to the analysis. Wonderful to see those light eyes light up out there and and CM see in God and what's going on here. My question for you. What has got to map your heart so far this weekend. Well, it really struck me.

The wound segment of the Psalm conference because I grew up in a pretty dysfunctional home and just hearing about the wounds and how you plan mass and stuff like that to cover it up and Scott is to expose so many things have happened to me in on who's talking this thing is not is not your fault. None.

It was your fault as many think, like while at this really wasn't my fault and I need to forgive my parents and he let God heal my wound and turn my open window scar so I can use this card's testimony for him because we do start care that is her fault right somehow the enemy convinces us that we played a more active role in some of that and we really did you know that he wasn't involved in it all the when we can get the context of understanding that it allows God to take the place to really take is another healing you talk about magazine moving passages opens our heart. After so much more. Yes or thinking person Mark looking forward to hearing you play the guitar tonight yet.

I got so much how I do know is you get that checked out. That's can be awesome and you wonderful. We got now. We really do Jason with us than we case you do, please tell me your name Jason God is saying that it is my name Jason is from Wayne's Waynesville absolutely ignores that it's located about 30 minutes west of Asheville Fountain on January heard of it. I just couldn't some people know that Maggie Valley. Jason is heard from God a lot actually prior to the boot camp is really good been cool to hear some of the insights you gained.

This is you've spent some time here. Could you share some of things you've heard from God yet. One of the main things that I heard from God is that I've been living in defeat, but at the cross, we gain the victory, valuing salvation, but in the redemption reality of what that redemption is because always walk in the feet what my neonatal Ted victory you got that today was vicious little you like to have that within the last 40 minutes.

Yes right off I came up and he told me that he wants me to live in the victory of the cross instead of the defeat of the enemy because he says he took all the at the cross made a public spike of office supplies and powers in triumph and triumphed over the not the cross. Strip them of their power, but I was living free cross you know is in Christ anybody. I never heard anybody do that them using this mean you help other people beyond awesome in injury. I love it.

Other than facilitator in the same secret so when you're out there, how did it feel when God spoke it man, I was just like overwhelmed because I was in such defeat. Like like a defeated and felt so much stuff in my life and God's like no your mom yet. She said son of victory while while and begin to speak to me about how abuse that took to bring for writing my children's lives in my wife's life and into the world. That is, that is so awfully cute pictures of amazing yes Jason, I'm I'm glad that his name actually is Jason is very encouraging to me that we also have Wayne the Wayne Magdalena of the other Wayne that this Wayne so claims of many time boot camper but were so glad to have you back in your big part of that bonfire that lit up the whole camp. The first night it was really awesome.

That worked out a totally different plan. First came in and got to show the way the he does not completely unexpected and amazing amazing thing. We just have a few seconds left. I wonder if you could encourage maybe with that one person listening out there why they may want to make it to the April 12 through the 15th boot camp, shirt, all of us know something all of us are struggling with something, sometimes not even something that we know was there in the background and come to an event like this really is. It's been a bit joyful week weekend for me, it helps us to take that next step. Some of us may be stuck in looking for way to get into that next thing and this is one of the ways the legality that will draw whatever it is he's called you into out of you.

During this is awesome. I'm looking forward to the next segments with these guys and into the beacon before absolutely see what God has in store and and I'm looking forward what he reveals to us in the midst of it as well get some really cool segments coming up over tonight and tomorrow even though it's it's my fourth event here. I'm still getting worked on. Every time something that he pulled out absolutely. As part of that journey Sam I am. Once you know we got a hold of the room is filled up the marriage so many stories in here and God is to showed up in semi-different ways. It just is really really cool to see what he brings to these boot camps we get just about 20 seconds left out what you tell me go Masten generated an orgy. If you want you can Masten generated at our orgy and assert that and register for the April boot camp.

We actually have it up on Monday. It's not up yet. We still have this at this or not but to if you want to go don't have to delay to send us a quick thanks have a great week

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