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Unholy Trinity Part 3 - The Devil

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 20, 2018 12:30 pm

Unholy Trinity Part 3 - The Devil

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The heart of every man craves upgraded major life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now what masculine journey we're very glad to have you with us in this was the third weekend of January now crazy blue seem like 2018. Was this the other day and also during the third week in January. Hopefully getting out cold weather here pretty soon if you're in a cold-weather area you can relate to that. But if not then enjoy it in the cold-weather area.

Lately it seems like yeah yeah we found a little dose of it and so anyway we're going to continue to talk today about the topic we've been visiting last few weeks. Dennis remember what the top equipment talk about the last couple weeks of the unholy Trinity unholy Trinity, which seems a little weird right now Robbie can help us understand what that is since it's where quick answers the world the flesh and the devil, and we spent a week on the flesh of the old man so to speak, and we definitely found some insight there and then we spent a week on the world. So now, guess what it's always hard talking about the old man because people always think or talk about her friend Betty, which is a fairy itself and the videos is a wise wise sage to us and I really do miss having your want to talk a little bit today about that third part of the trilogy, which is the devil. I think that you know, we see that in Scripture.

Jesus talks about it is in Scripture pretty consistently look at Job references anyway. I think out of the three we can to get him the best.

What we don't often see is how they all kinda intertwine and kinda work in this concert against the click first Robbie want to set up this first clip after those of us who grew up in the 60s for the whole idea of the devil. We naturally thought of flip Wilson and Lafon and that he had Geraldine that he would often the devil made me do it. And there's no other way around. Just flip me to try to try and you will will rob you great brought back some memories for me.

I'm watching the sink and how hilarious it was in you is both older than me, so obviously you so I have the record album.

I had that memorize the whole bit. But it is fascinating how flip actually took the three and combined them into this because clearly it is Satan spinning you know her pride. Where will you know him and and her desire to buy the dress and he's pushing on these to the world and the flash and in the way. Clearly, you can go there and seeing the devil made me bother us become part and fabricated yeah it is kinda interesting when you really think about it and just watching TV advertisements.

It is watch those for a while and try to think of those of one of my trying to be enticed to do here obviously by something. What's a tactic that they're using to sell me on. I know we talked about that in the past few weeks. A little bit but there's deftly something there that the world knows I am in the enemy has influence over the world. It just look around. You don't have to doubt that he has influence over the world, but they cast was fascinating to me. Now you talk about seeing commercials seems like their TV shows out there now that almost glorify the devil in certain ways and I'm thinking of a foxy, I can't think of the name of it right now just Lucifer that I just came out and it's almost like you we've always we've always had a bit of that but it seems to be out there more than ever before. Flip was having some fun with it but you have a point to what he was saying. I think deep down with all that you heard that Robbie through all the laughs he did have a point well look at any eye, and sometimes this is more overt and is not the company. Kids programs have dry dragons and in the way the dragons are used from everything to the nicest little you know puff the Magic Dragon whatever to Pete's Dragon and then all of a sudden you got these Dungeons & Dragons were there clearly evil, but it's kind of freaky actually to the extent that it those are used to kind of the frog in the boiling water idea. You don't know it's getting hotter and hotter and hotter in your point is point to the world tries the desensitize and suggest that you make is not as aware now from the funny clips. We used a couple of the devil on one shoulder and Angel on the other you know yes there's truth in that. That's where users could consist but it's also there. I think it's part of the enemies plan along with the world influence world try to get us to just think that he's not really that big a deal is not really that big enemy is just this little cartoon character on your shoulder is just this you know that I spent about an address exactly it's nothing that's dangerous there and I think that really takes us to the clip. I'd like to get in to really show you the enemy's heart towards us. This is from the movie Amadeus and slugger and play this clip and what it is is you have the character of Amadeus obviously misses his talking and he's talking about this. No it's not it's it's Robbie set the scope of how well it's actually the courtier or whatever there at the court that is so jealous of Amadeus anyone publishes music and but now he's trying to figure out a way to squish this because he is so inflamed with jealousy over the way God gifted this man and he will and when we pick up this clip he's just turned down Amadeus's girlfriend who brings this music informed listen to and it's amazing that this work of art. Obviously, in the company slams the door and is having a conversation with God.

Don't you listen to how he has his conversation with God from the movie just nice. I will will you want to fireplace in the background and believing through cross and the fire was burning his conversation with God, and you get to see you on this clip in the heart of the enemy knows he can't really hurt God he can attack God hurting me try that revelation.

Try to overthrow God. It didn't work. But what he can do as he can hurt one's God loves you and so I started in the garden of Eden without any and he was just like in that clip he thought he was the beautiful one and then he came along and and Adam and the jealousy of how could you do this with them.

What this was supposed to be me and the pride it's it's in incredibly scary actually think that that's how much that powerful being hates it and we can go through countless reasons why hate you and we hate you for couple this very easy reasons to think of you hate you for nothing more. To begin with. When you are the image of God right you made in God's image and we all are to your own degree reach individually made in God's image and we share heat, he allows us to have some of his glory that we uniquely bring to the earth right Robbie. People are going to see glimpses of God that they don't see through Dennis, but the see-through Dennis things I don't see through me right and so those are all things that the enemy hates you. But he knows that he can't hurt God. We can hurt those that he loves to sing that any movie you seen right when they can't get to the good guy. What are they do, they take out his family and friends. That's really if nothing more. The enemy hates you because he fears you and you are in his eyes. Something that's better than him. Her preferred her God loved him more left us more than him, whatever that might be a so so interesting the way he deals with that because I can remember. In my life where I didn't think twice about the enemy. I didn't think twice about Satan, and he probably didn't think twice about me because he figured I was pretty much on his side in his camp. So I was doing.

There's I can see with you guys.

I've seen it with myself.

I've seen it with others that when they grow closer to God when they get on fire for something when they want to do something like be a part of the ministry like this that the enemy comes after you because then your dangerous or dangerous to what he wants to accomplish. He's not going heat. He doesn't want that to happen so he will come after you have felt that recently within the last couple months where I spoke out and said hey look, this is where I am in my life and I'm all in, for God, and I felt immediately under attack almost before I got out of the church that morning that that the enemy was coming after me because now I'm a problem for him and in what it comes down to talk about unholy or holy said how we gonna react to that when we do about you know how we can how are we going to battle. You know what word may be just this is for future reference for what word is maybe God give us the say this is how I see you and this is how you're going to have to do battle and you never have to do it alone.

And that's the beauty of your relationship with Christ. As you walk with him actually is. Satan makes his plays. You now have. Jesus is next to you to help you interpret what's the strategy where she going after what's God allowing you for what's he going to talk a little bit more about this topic and talk about the things the enemy tries to do to make you turn your eyes away from them or thinking you're not that important doing what's the strategy against you. Also, to hear a couple more clips documents are the same. Last Sunday I talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled at him was on information that where we can get PO Box 552 7285 I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse the guys with this I hear about this book go continuing for the Boot Camp.

How can we not continue the Pogo Christmas is over one else to stop their brokerage puts always a time for giving Dennis. It's a masculine journey. Boot camp Bobo I want to give one free hundred $99. What an amazing thing that would be to give somebody a gift what they really end up getting as their heart back coming April 12 through the 15th.

Go to masculine journey is one of the greatest investments I know of that is that was your selected Mitch Ryder in the Detroit two wheel yeah that's you.

I used to think that's always really cool actually. Can you not like the beat of the song and everything to think about it and ladies, if you're a lady and you're listening to the show for the first time were not beating up on you with Geraldine and the devil with the blue dress on saying that we can be tempted not with that's always about one if it didn't work enemy when using exactly right. And so you think that we have yet again. Just watch the Hardee's commercial today that's going on those. I don't know but stick out my mind that tells you the enemy and the enemy doesn't he. He loves us right and if nothing else, because were God's image bear and he and he fears what we could do that to change this world right that God would you do through us make a difference in the world. But what some of the techniques that he uses Anderson techniques are things that he likes to use that and John writes about it and in the book while the heart right you guys remember numerous techniques as I can prep you for this?

I love to do that. Although I do you know I try to work on every day because I make so many of them is agreements he tries to flip it out there, something that you know you agree with like yourself try out or you know you and this is what she always deceit here, here we go again I'm unite I saw this comment and in the course and second I buy into that and I agree it needs he's got no foothold. And so it's it's a constant struggle actually a minute by minute thing to figure out where is he got me a grand and stuffed it clearly just is not so. He is so good with half-truths and he'll throw something out the get some truth to it. We wouldn't believe it always rejected open health or so throw something out there and then once we buy uses realness in his experience and a strong gasoline on the fire. On the other things and then Dennis will have you talk about the clip that he likes to do also see likes to get us to believe that he's nowhere in the mix right to insist you messed up her God left you hanging right but he didn't have anything to do with it my fault that when my phone and I would even there you know is you must effort God left you hanging and he was in there for you when you need them. You have a clip that you want to talk about the working right at play here.

God talked about this clip in one of our earlier shows last year and and I love I love football movies anyhow, but this is based on a true story about Brendan Burrell's worth who was a walk-on in the mid-90s to the University of Arkansas Razorback football team and the short story is that he was killed in an accident right even if he had become an all-American he had been drafted by the Indianapolis Colts.

I know you're very familiar with Sam and not even start for them and that spring he was driving back to meet his family go to church that Wednesday night in Arkansas and he was killed instantly in a head-on collision with the truck and throughout the course of this movie, I don't give away the whole movie.

But throughout the course of this movie is older brother Marty who played a big role in Brandon's life sitting there. He doesn't want to go into the funeral because he's really struggling with. Why did such a bad thing happen to such a good person in the enemy uses that to his advantage. All people that make any sense. Everything he was everything turn out for the basmati.

This is my seizure.

These different voices going on. The guy that was questioning him sit how things turn out. That's the enemy and the enemy is is on him the entire time this movie to keep going back to this conversation that they're having.

While this guy sitting there willing the face of Marty and he's beating up warning because he seeing them at a weak point. This family had been through some trials, but they have been a faithful family. They were Christians and now the one that walks the walk better than any of them was gone and the enemy walked right into that situation, try to take great advantage and I will tell you what the outcome was. But it distant. When I sat back, it made me so you know you think about that sometimes with the enemy and you think I'd I just want to be angry at you because I'm upset with you about the way your hand on it and he finally cuts them off and says that's enough. I don't want to hear anymore like it. It suits me was so symbolic of the battle we get into every day. We can ask yourself questions when we lose a loved one, we lose a job, something happens in our life enemy walks right in and takes that interested twisted around so that will walk away not believing that God is who he says he is yeah you heard from that clip. It was basically saying God when therefore exactly right. And that's when there is enemy's poisons in God's gonna leave you leaving out there to drive right or 80 inch to doubt the heart of God, and he worked with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden it continues to work today, that's what keeps doing it, but you know the things the other things he tries to do is tree tri-state negotiate with it to get you to believe. Well look, if you just leave me alone.

I'll leave you alone. Yes. No. But even if you're not actively doing something in church, you may not even go to church.

He still hates you, you still can keep coming at you. And the thing is it's not just him. We talk about the devil but there's also scripture in Revelation is 1/3 of the angels are cast down to earth right to try to overthrow God in their here with him in their part of the greater thing we call the devil right as part of his posse. You know that it's the ones that he has with him and so I think sometimes and she talked about you know I made this this statement also and I really felt and come after me. We produce turn up the heat a little bit now starting to come after you is like Ari Imus and then you know the 18 now that I regularly clip the kind of goes along with those millions that work for them.

Right, Mike Norris is actually Chuck Norris and son did a movie called Crossroads of how the wild and here we hear a strategy session between sort of a head demon and under demon similar to the Screwtape letters CS Lewis wrote, but I want to pay a Tish special attention to the last thing he says because to me that's where we really can find a hope and a strategy special little fear and chaos. Hello chaos and fear time trying political distractions. These field operations if they so desire. I have spent time squeaking this guy that last little line there. Think of what's good in him and turned it into his weakness and I learned that in the boot camp that if you can begin to think through your life and see the point of attack that you realize that what Satan really does not want to come out of you in any way shape or form is your glory.

That's the way that you reflect God, and so when he sees God's glory coming up to you whether you're a great singer great speaker. Whatever it is, just like enough to list the Sam story. His wife get his sister kept on the motormouth you got nothing good to say and that was Satan whacking him down because that's where the glory was popping up so look what's good in them, and turned it into his weakness. He's been looking for all along any over places Hansen as you know and that's when you can really look back and okay however been attacked and that's an indicator to what that's that secret sauces are special so it's different Todd would say you bring to the world that God put in you. You know the date your created and and said you know I'm putting Dennis in this world with the special little thing that only he had instantly enemy recognizes that early on and tries to take out it's important I think that what the thing I'm hearing right now. It's important to know your enemy and that's why the Screwtape letters absolutely fascinates me.

I can remember 20 some years ago when I first went to see a Christian counselor started, walk through this how it's gonna live a set is up as it really is a true believer and how I was going to deal my life. He suggested I read this book and it's just a little book but it just it's so fascinating how he writes about those very things. How the enemy comes after us and I would highly suggest that you read that book I think it's it's helpful to anyone to really see what the enemy is really all about. And we really do need to know how he attacks us in order to fight that battle.

I don't think I can think of, entered any general, general partner, whoever they did not know his enemy in and out in order to do battle with and also interestingly I like to watch nature films and I learned something the other day that if a wildebeest turns on a lion.

There's nothing they can do.

The only way a line can bring down a wildebeest is if they run so just to have the courage to stand up and what is it say in the Scriptures resist the devil and say if Geraldine adjust done it, but if you just turn around and say no I'm in and resist. You know he's gonna flee, and it's amazing.

I thought it nature films show so much about how the how the enemy works and often in the nature films. It's always a lion was use of the line is a bad guy, but way now because I think it would move back in Scripture it says your enemy. Browse house around like a roaring lion looking for who can devour, always trying to separate the herd always try to isolate you know another another tactic that clearly comes out against that something that we really should mention in this series. What were doing is that the we can. I have first-hand experience in this. We do not go to battle alone that we talk about our band of brothers we talk about her ministry what we do with the boot camps. You cannot do this alone not take it from me because I tried for years.

It just doesn't work. All of if you've ever seen any type of horror movie, which I don't like him at all. But I really don't. I don't like a merchant is located, but it's always when the heads off on their own to get skill. It's never the one that stays in the pack and I was always maybe Selah got separately exactly that ugly kill last three weeks.

We talked a little bit about the topic of spiritual warfare. We do a lot more of it in boot camp we doing a lot more adapters not more sessions will retouch on it.

We give you a clear view of what that in these really like to invite you to come to our next boot camp coming up when is a Robbie that's April 13 through 15 April 13 through the 15th and Sago mass country to register now. Would love to have you have a photo going on that means what I want. Give one this to buy one get one go to mass country and register for the boot camp coming up in mid April. See you next week

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