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Who is Fathering You?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 5, 2018 12:30 pm

Who is Fathering You?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 5, 2018 12:30 pm

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Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome masculine journey day. I am sure you can enjoy you know it's not every day that we actually have an in the you know in it. When you think of the topic of today, you can't help but think of an example of today's topic to get to that is who's your daddy's, everything from last week we talked about you're going to be fathered. You know that you know God is your father when he remember God being fathered by God.

But this week were kind of thinking while somebody is gonna father yeah and and Sam you want share a little bit out of used to teach that is really pretty eye-opening for me or the topic of God as father worked for a while and really understand a lot more, but it really came in the old perspective when you're going to father you you are you gonna let you think about that for a minute I'm back and I don't let anyone bother me, not by Tuesday, which entity are the problem and if you don't turn to God and let God and submit the other things that bother you. The world your spirit. Others expectations all sort of thing.

Yeah. So along those lines.

Now we have a clip from and where LT had an and part of allowing somebody to father, he was turning over control in this particular case OP from you know and again aggressive show is turned over. Believe it or not the fathering to Barney and the result is a bit comical psychological edge on your adversary by Sean supreme's standard brace yourself in case he throws at first punch and then you just look him straight because the ice is having trouble, and allow your final closing point is a time for Ken and a time for serious now.

This is saying. Self-defense is muscle control when you embrace yourself at first punch. You make yourself hard all you happy right this heart is aching. Okay Sam braced see you want help finding that chair there is now that Marian because he is bright orange about what comical is that is is comical.

There are a few interesting fathering moments in there that I don't want to slip past about us reflecting on it right because we got Harold in the studio with his father for almost hundred and 30 long time but anyway alone time you notice that Opie doesn't quite turn over control to Barney to see in you hit him until his his actual father says it's okay Opie turn over the complete control and and an ace being fathered actually by Bonnie and his father at this moment but therein lies the critical aspect of allowing somebody to probably write handy yeah absolutely had.

I really hadn't thought about it that much but any time that you left money to speak of your life guide you, give you important wisdom or whatever for you to take that and actually take action on it that's giving them control and I don't think about it that when you fail, make give them control. To do this. Essentially that's what happens so absolutely I think Vinnie you have a you know you grew up in a completely different world that fathers were definitely fathers and if you had an Italian father from Sicily. I think they were not a lot of options other than obedience exactly right. I I remember I was 16 years old getting into a lot of problems and I quit school and they says no you not consider Ron at home you going to work for your uncle who had a plastering contract business I went to work for him and naturally you work in PS partners.

I was given the best plastering. There still Ramsey used Cornish work and in the five years that I was spawned is what Ramsey may be maybe he said 10 worst. To me it was always nodding their head and I was supposed understand it but I did lie so much from an I got to love them as father and my own uncles. Both of them Angelo and I'll they followed me to but getting back to your friend Ramsey yeah a big part of the way that when I listen to the story and for those of us to did you not know what courses are okay me a Cornish is that very ornate piece of plaster that would be an older church that's between the roof in the ceiling that even the apartment houses the rooms right.

That was the style, and so this guy this this Ramsey was the guy that literally made the mold that it would intend that the poor that plaster in the summer navigated up in an act if you can imagine Vinnie in the middle of all that with like one false move in, but it was interesting. He is share with our listers up a little bit about those words. He did tell you what was usually sent to me nothing. Just look at me and nodded his head and had told me which way to go and I got to the point where I understood every move that he made but you told me earlier that he would tell you go on and that you can do that. Oh yeah, you had to do it. G. He also knew that I wasn't the bosses nephew and that didn't matter to him not idle than anything on what what what fathering is, Vinnie is actually giving your son something more difficult than he thinks he can do and then tell them you can do that and that what victory is dissecting dicta only said that you could do it. You shall dicta you can do it because I had and how many just left and up to me and I got this different feeling about know about what I could do what I can tell, something Vinnie wouldn't do for your confidence with every he did that, owing to tilted up a built and built it up. I became good.

I was only 16, 16 to 18 when I was plastering anyway but he built it up tremendously.

I would go into what they used to call the Ashanti police eat lunch and everybody and everybody used to look at me like I was some kind of big deal because I was a victor. Ramses partner write what we have a clip coming up that shows this particular man from the kingdom of heaven. He is given teach his son how to fight. But listen how he begins out like I'm not can it treat this kid like a wimp. He's going to have to stand up like dark black Barney would like Andy with Sam is on two legs's hand is one for two days, but in our test is about God quite well working' for the whole thing back then getting Sam, I know the beginning comical about the arrow and all, but it really sent in a significant masculine message from a father and his son because right of masculinity is is is passed from AMI man.

The man that you grandson in a group of men loving on the boy that bring them along in the man takingletting them know that life is hard to start to transition this type of clip and transition from the young boy be bothered differently like Opie and someone else now okay this next page. Life can be hard and not only can be an arrow and places you really don't want write handy yeah definitely you it was significant was one point about meanings and it does it really spoke to me and talk about when nothing not to get off track but just how he was he became in sync with the man that was father Newman in the door they almost had a painting have to speak. I knew it the other was doing and that's the kind of the relationship that we want to get to point with God. When we know our heart is in connected with him to work were were being fathered and guided by him, but as far as it looks famous point here is is definitely there is three different stages.

The father works through the different stages you don't you get father differently from those different stages of as you go along. And that's what spoke to me that in the same message that you got as a kid is a boy will not be the same in the night stage of the warrior stages can think one of the really critical things that stuck out to me and that clip is you don't give up if I can fight several days with an arrow through my Tesco then I'm not going to give up and that was one of things that stood by me playing tennis.

Years ago, the opponent knew I wanted to give up on a shot.

No matter where it went. I was going after and that's one thing I wanted to teach my boys is you don't give up, and another thing I learned from actually the doing of father by God talk this time the boot camp is that God is not the backup plan father that he is bringing all sorts of fathers into your life that you know he brings a martini brings Andy or he brings you know a soldier that knows how to fight.

You know when this student is ready, the master will appear and who is one that's orchestrating all that is great crescendo of your life. It's got the father sent we got a lot more coming up on who's your daddy Satan is assuming that my son Eli.

We talked about ways you can help support is clearly a smile that he was on his information that where you can click the button waking into masculine male something PO Box 552 7285 I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse. It's a masculine journey boot camp bow go buy one get one free hundred $99. What an amazing thing that would be to give somebody a gift and what they really end up getting as their heart back. Listen to what it did for Randy experience showed me that I could clearly hear from God that I can experience them on a daily like coming this fall. November 1 through the fourth go to masculine journey and register today definitely made our father about today on the masculine journey who's your daddy how your to be fathered by someone you might be fathered by the world you might be fathered by Satan. You note Jesus clearly pointed that out to the Pharisees one time you listen to your daddy and he's sending it up the river. Sometimes you listen to ourselves because were self fathering/the orphan spirit, but sometimes we start out fathering and then he did it end up being fathered by her own sentence right yeah the clip is my all-time favorite Andy Griffith clip in 10 days.

Not a good week date a good day to be named handy because I hear you for all the clips but you do thing like we came up with quite a few any Griffith clips, but in this when it is.

It's humorous, you probably seen on previews of any group is it's just all be his got his sights on spending money not given to the orphan children's fund or whatever and just basically into given more time and then an online spoilage. You'll see the how that turns out She Didn't You Ever Give Anybody Anything Just for the Pleasure You Sent Me Didn't Want Anything in Return for Now That's Fine Let You Get Share Something for the Joy of Giving Who Shot Well and I Just Don't See How Anybody Who Has Got As Much As You Could Care so Little about Not When You Get a Little Billing Amount like Three Cents As Being Selfish, Usually Given At Least 1/2 a Dollar a Dollar. Well Now That Is Just Whole Dollar Just Log on Your Girlfriend Charlotte.

But When It Comes to the Underprivileged Children's Fund, You Got Only Three Same Anyway. All I Can Say Is That Your Hand Can Be Turned Back Pretty Face at Your Age Have Him Help You When You Grown and Don't You Buy the Gun down No Supper Need Not, At Least until You're Ready to Give More Than Three Says You Just Set up and Study… All You Cannot Come Will Always Talk about.

I Never Stopped Liking You. You Know That We Don't Forget about Raising a Donation. It's about Breaking into You Piggyback All Right It's All Right Your Saving Your Girlfriend Charlotte Tolley, That's All Right. This Time I Expect You Will Take to the Movies and Buyer Paco. After All, Is Your Savings and Whatever You Want.

It Is Well You Never Told Me That's What the Money Was Fall and Well You Name Means Having Fried Chicken and I'm Having Crow with the Micro I Think I Made Grilled Fried Barbecue but I Love That Clip Because It Is It's It's about You Know the Money Truly Following the Fund. Maybe with the Group. Good Father, but It's Funny How It Can Be Flipped and We Think There Is a You. You've Probably Heard Distant in the in the Christian Way of You Know, You're Either Being Fought Either Being Discipled or Discipling Somebody Else. You Should Be Doing Both in in This Case It Really Is Reciprocal with These with Indian and Open.

I Think the Thing That I've Learned Has I Don't Know I Don't Really Look at People's Age or Anything Where I Used To Listen to Them Were Younger Than Me. I Mean I Don't Do That Anymore. I Think It Comes Back to Being a Teachable Spirit and Will in Which You Received from Other Man Speaking into Your Life. You Can Tell If It Lines up with the Word and If It Bears Witness with Your Spirit Is Got God in and As You Hear Those Different Things You Received from the I Can Learn from Wayne.

I Think Bleeding Younger Than Me and I've Learned A Lot from. I've Learned from Every Man Sitting at This Table and It's Just You Know I Disease Orchestrating Absolutely and Being in You Said Something Really Interesting That You Send Me out.

You Can Tell by What Lines up with the Word Really Is like Talking like You're Going to Be Fathered by Someone in God Uses A Lot Of Different Mineralized of Fathers What the Reality Is, Those Men Are Also Broken in Some Way and Their Their Teaching from Their Worldview That What They've Been Taught throughout Life and Each One of Us Try to Do It Better with Her Own Children, but We Also Need to View It from That Perspective, the That There Probably Teaching from a Broken Place and Will and We Got a Look at What Lines up with How God Looks at Us Assignment and We Have Another Clip. As You Might Imagine, and in This Case Bill Bixby before He Turned into the Incredible Hulk Was a Young Person Ever at and It's Interesting to Listen to This Fathering 19 Turn around the Country. One of the Speed Wagon Running Trucks off the Road and Share This Great Wealth Places) the License My Name Is My Father Is John Judson Bailey, You Have Heard Waiver and I Guess You Know My Dad Can Have Just about Anything He Wants in the State, Including Junior G-Man. Nevertheless, I Am Holding You for Leaving the Scene of Act of Trying to Change Me That Someone, You Won't Get Mad. You Won't Get in the Lounge Left One Is Paid for Day Share Which Is Rough in the Kitchen That You Might Want to Build a Little Fill out Bailey Mountain. Yes, Just Window Whole. I Guess I Could Bailey Mouth like You Say Birthday Trouble That If I Was to Do That Every Time He Get in Trouble, You Expect Me to Come to the Rescue Don't See This Time It's a Broken Land Bigger Bigger and That He Got to Learn to Stand on His Case That Illustrates Questions Mr. Novak When Using That Old Truck Traffic Hazard and Furthermore Isn't It True That You Were Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road and That the Baby Boy Did Not Eat You. In Fact You Sideswiped His Car.

Therefore, It Was Your Fault, Not His. Isn't That True Mr. Dill Back. Let's Say Pledge. Tell Them It's True Well Share What You Say to That.

Well I'll Say Hope Pledge Enjoys His New Truck to Drive in One Eye. Just As Yes, It Was My Fault You Leave This to Me When I Do Not Leave It to You. I Trying to Help. I Know That Mr. Harrington, the Fact Is You Trying to Say Is Very Difficult to Put into Words. It's Just That It Didn't Happen the Way You Say Your Father Will Never Understand This, but Can I Possibly Telling Why Don't You Tell Mr. Bailey That the Boy Busted a Winter Stand on His Own to Lay Sam. We Have Opportunities All around Us, to Be Fathered for Paying Attention and We Do and I Think the Question Is No.

Who Are We Looking Forward to Fathering.

Who Are We Submitting Ourselves to Taking Our Cues from and I Think It Important to Know What It Looks like When Other Things Bother You, and Why Doesn't Work out Well. You Let Other Things Probably Are Father You and Ginny. I Don't Know the Better Example of That. Then He Lost His First Wife. He Went into a Tough Time over a Period of Years of Struggling Income to the Church Every Day but Vinnie.

At That Point Time You Got Fathered, Fathered by Some Unusual Fathers. Yes It Was on the Draper.

Actually, I Don't Know If I Could Say a Woman You Can Say Let's Let's Exactly Where I Was Headed in This Case.

I Know It Was Sister, Probably since the, Later She Just Brought Me Out Of It and Taught Me Something I've Never Gone Back to His House to Save My Life.

Tell Us What She Said Mrs. Benson Click and Get Out Of the Bed.

I Can't Work for You to Do for Us Church. It Was That System She's on Which to Build a Church and I Told Her This Is Your Loony Know You Could Do It. I Know You Could Do It Anyway, Long Story Short over Numbering Is We Got the Donations and the Money I Had Enough Money for the Bill the Church and I Know in This Case We Got to Go to the End That You Are Fathered by Sister Les Is Exactly Right. Amazing God Brings All These People into Your Life. It Was Such a Time As This over so Grateful and I and I Would Urge She Did Spend Some Time This Week Reflecting on the People God Put into Your Life to Father You It's Very Specific Crucial Times and the Think about How He's Been Orchestrating This Whole Time.

We Would Love to Share More on This Subject, to Fathering with You Got a Come Registered but Can't Go to Mass Country Radio or

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