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Loving Others

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 4, 2018 12:30 pm

Loving Others

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Every man plays a major life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome masculine journey.

We are very glad that you're with. Glad to be back in studio with my friends now. Not all of them are here you're missing quite a few guys but we got Robbie's fresh back from vacation value in gems with us this week.

Big Jim, while one of the gems the bigger the big Jim's tolerant work they have on the way.

Yeah, Wayne is over there Highway 10. The transition from where we left last week. Last week we talked about how to trust God during difficult times and sometimes is difficult times involve loving others yeah I would say there's lots of opportunities to have patience and to grow through those things are of loving others and sometimes they provide some of those difficult times and of the all my difficult times in life are the most part involved other people. Yes, and I didn't always love them well. So the first could freely go ahead and get you being one of them that I love you anyway. We were the first opponent talked about this last week we had a clip from Bruce Almighty were Bruce was looking for a sign in Begging God for the sign and there's some animosity between him and God is like me, Almighty spider, the heat learns to walk with God, he learns to be not all of self absorbed God's teaching some lessons and where we got this clip is in God and him are standing in heaven actually right after it's been hit by the now assigned a semi or whatever was hitting the bus and at the beginning of this actually read quotes apparently did earlier this Miss America prayer that you heal the world peacefor that type of thing and then God asking to say a real prayer and want you to really listen to Bruce's change of heart from being self absorbed to something different. What you see him as right on the good huge difference in Bruce from the beginning of that movie until the end is an end and that's the beauty of walking with God and getting aligned with them to some extent because you know that the concept of God. You're supposed to help me with my life now becomes wow God, you know, how can I love this other person well you know what is that what is that look like to love grace which, when he says Grace would begin a clip. I was like he wants Gracie understand that he's actually talking about his girlfriend goes on to be a big star and friends. But nonetheless you know it is a remarkable transformation from self-centeredness to consonant when Bruce begins you know he is at that place where he doesn't trust anybody, especially God in over this time as he learns to walk with God. He becomes a different person's heart becomes different and is very cool to see the transition. Wayne what you think you're with us today to see yes it's a journey that he takes each one of us all and getting their is by any act of my own will it seal drawing us me into even over last 34 weeks since I've been on the radio show. He's been taking me into that place of being still with him showing me his and teaching me to love others and and showing me how the system is completely rigged against things like Facebook everything around us is all about me me me me self that self thing that gets in the way when he said died a self that it wasn't recommendation will you can't love others the way he loves them and Emily Jim. The reason we talked about this is Jesus was asked a question and the question was supposed to be a trick question was coming there setting them up to Mount Mrs. some groups of Artie failed so they ask you know what, which is the greatest commandment in the law and Jesus said to him reading it for Matthew 22 you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind.

This is the first and great commandment in the second is like it you shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. That was a is a game changer. Yeah so there's other commandments are good either. They were given for a reason to different reasons but everything kinda comes out of these two and every commandment we look at in the Bible and all of the other laws now all of the other written laws and the Jews had plenty of oral laws that Jesus loved the challenge and break with the written law. He never broken all of those come down to those like the no shorts in church, where a scan, Scripture at any point talk about this.

Loving others is giving giving away your self-absorption. I think I said earlier, but you think you really want and saying I want to put others hearts in front of mine and that actually leads to another clip before break, it's from the movie Rudy and haven't seen the movie. I think Robbie's only person of his age appropriate. Now I heard this clip. I was thinking must be naked can get dressed and started Rudy and I can't member's full name of the sweater at your stories, but a guy from Indiana South in Indiana that wanted to go to Navy why everybody you know watch the movie anyway you want to go to Notre Dame he went to play football. He was too small to play through a series of events ends up being at Notre Dame and is helping with the team and over the time the team really sees his heart how much he loves the game and how much it is thoroughly loves Notre Dame football and the coach. It was at the time told him that if he stayed with them and help all those years he would let him dress the final game of the senior year on the meantime the year before that the coaches changed in the new coach came in and said that's not gonna happen and I want you to hear how the players that had every right to be on the field came to the coach and said we need to do something a little different here one Rudy to dress my place coach. He deserves it to be ridiculous. Georgia Tech is one of the top teams in the country you're an All-American in our Capt. act like it. Believe I am already dressed my place. I have taught her a lot but I thought you might. That seems pretty powerful from the department.

The captain says I think I am being a captain. How are they kinda showing love to this other person in the coaches mind doesn't deserve to be out there and he was a captain he was leaving him because what you don't here is another 15, 20, 30 seconds of most of the team following through and putting their jerseys on the desk saying that he deserved to be there. He's not going to be there. We aren't basically and that is I mean he did all that he was supposed to do all he could do and had a huge heart and they recognize that and that was more important than beating Georgia Tech. I think it be more important that they neither did the coach but they loved Rudy and he was the heart of the team, and Wayne, have you seen the movie okay are you from Indiana. My father is all I players have to gain when it wasn't really anything they were going again in their career in their life because of what they did.

From a human perspective that our personal perspective.

No, but from God's perspective gained everything right in.

Forgive me for me and the one that brings Scripture into this right but Johnny remind me of John and the pulled the SATA and Jesus goes to the man whose affliction for over 36 years ownership picture that in your mind. 36 years, the people around him have watched him suffer and they always run to the pool first because only one lot of pastors have taught that differently that he didn't want to be healed, but he says every time he's gotten up.

Nobody helps in getting Jesus looks at him with compassion and sees them differently and's and and and heals him because she's our Capt. he sees him first. He was an example of what we were supposed to be. As a community as the kingdom. Why wanted all those people the surround never had compassion that one and it's great point and there's the other story of Jesus with the leper before he heals and reaches the touching is they haven't had human touch for so many years. Likely to get a mask journey listen some past podcasts, including one from last week. He didn't hear it but also to register for the upcoming capsicum events, probably August 17-19 is just couple weeks. Mask journey to register now, salmon mask, my son Eli talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on the information that where you can click button, waking it once again something PO Box 552 7285 some masculine journey fans can advance freedom advanced healing fans walk with Jesus. If you've attended more masculine dirty boot camp for ransom camp then you this talk about this camp is like putting aquatics guide be flying on water is 17 through 19 journey and register today. Not enough love in the world you know some of the verses dons that something is actually singing into a girl.

Some of the verses we going to listen to it talks about why do we hurt each other when we put each other down and that is really some of the society we live in, and all you have to do is turn on the news or watch any type of program, and any here it go on vacation your own family problem is not enough love and in our own world and world was a small in the car in another state whether excellent work world or larger world is not enough love and Jim when we before we left the breaker talking about what Jesus said was the two greatest commandments.

If unit paraphrases that would be great.

Love God, love others, that's all you need those of the two greatest things Robbie. We got a cliff coming up that I know you're excited about it. It's a great couple. I want to go see the movie. Haven't seen the movie yet since it's on Netflix and needs free. Oh yes, your number Netflix like free anyway. The movie is Lincoln and Steven Spielberg directives amazing movie on all sorts levels. But if you were in my car you know I had never heard other pastors are Christian leaders share at this level, but I think we all should you know were on vacation. I have a 19-year-old daughter, a 28-year-old daughter and eight-year-old granddaughter and so they get into some horrendous fights over some really small issues that they think are really really important.

By the way, and if you're the father in the car in your listing to this as I was watching Lincoln deal with his cabinet.

Now this is a big big deal that they talk about is the 13th amendment and he's dealing with these people that are arguing over petty things when he's trying to's show them that there is a moment in history.

This can change the world and he finds himself in a position to try to lead them through that and it takes a bunch of emotion and you can hear them say now now now I'm using some other Kentucky terms like you know buzzard God's to try to get them to see but I would really like you to pay particular attention to the authority that he takes at the end of the clip that you and I are child of the King coming we have all the authority he's describing and then some. When were in a situation in that car with her children but other times that we need to take authority and and and love people when they are bickering over minor issues, you lied to me Mr. Lincoln USAID in my request for a denial that there is a Confederate because there is one we guaranteed the whole thing will I can push you over until we cure ourselves of slavery will any of you or anyone I stepped out upon the world stage. Now you now.

Now you grounds open about like you will see what is before you see, now that's the hardest thing. Anything that accounts abolishing slavery by constitutional provision settles the faithful all coming time, not only of the millions now in bondage unborn millions to come to stand in its way. These boats must be procured.

We need to.

Yes, this three abstentions for yeses and one more extension and the amendment will pass you got night tonight. Several perfectly good. Get yes, but how is I am the president of the United States of America, you will procure these foods.

This in terms of their petty fogging and blood buzzard, gutsy, and he pulled off the whole Kentucky accent thing. Well I thought browsing record. He did live in Indiana for three years I watched Rudy the clip really spoke to your heart wants ways. However, if you really really really does is hears a man who is trying to love the nation that is in the middle of bickering over things that are absolutely ridiculous and his cabinet is bickering over things that are absolutely ridiculous to make and he is calling them up to higher view to see what's really at stake here.

There is a moment in time that literally change the world, and it ended hung on them simply you know, having faith in what the cause was and what it was that there is an again if anybody would understand this.

Jim is here and I the Civil War is been your thing, your whole life. There is a lot to that end, it was pretty things they were looking at the possibility of ending the war earlier in this prolonged but to Lincoln's credit and this is kind of ironic.

There were only four states that voted against passing the amendment two of the more northern states.

One of them was Kentucky where he was born and raised and I think the southern state was what somebody has a good football team, not North Carolina but New Jersey and Delaware happily voted against it. So they got the boats and I got it from both sides and there I think I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure those only for the against some states ratified it after they Artie had enough votes to pass the amendment is really only for independently from Kentucky is in the South border state and probably would've been nice to say that they occupied Maryland but I wanted to that you know your your your parent or your business whatever you've got a world that you live in that since they were but it's interesting to me. You guys know I asked Jesus every day for word for the day. Many many many days. It's about my family. It's about Robbie engage here this is this is the front You are and and and that role is just like what went Lincoln's plan right there you're you're bringing the kingdom to your family and and often were in the midst of conflict over things that are just not of value and so how do I lead my family is is is very very difficult and I fail often to not rise up and grab that authority.

And so is my hope in listening and actually praying to God. How can I rise up with that kind of love. I don't think anybody in that room and again you know historically who knows but nobody in that room would've felt like he was disrespecting them, but that he was on something that was apparently higher because of what it was and I might have to start using the term buzzard Jim you know going back to the Scripture read earlier there's one thing that your pet in the Scriptures and just talk about that I get to another point.

Well, it other than that Scripture is not unique to that particular placement.

Often you will hear it that we are to love others as we love ourselves and there are so many people say oh I have to love me first before I can love others and that is not scriptural what it's saying is God's aspiring Jesus is swimming which is God that we do love ourselves and you may think you hate yourself, but are you not going to feed yourself. Some people may not, but for the most part we love ourselves. We have to lay down our lives and put others before us and if you're doing that and it sort of a chicken you love God you love others and you said before and I agree that we have to love God first.

Or, we can't truly love others in a godly way because he has to do it through us. Were not capable, but we can't seem to frustrate us. By putting this one before the other really does actually is exactly what Jim said you know it until we really fully learn to love God with all your heart and mind are so is all those pieces are in the game and were truly not going to be able to love others the way that we need to know.

Jimmy pointed out, there's a lot of loving people before the show may or may not be Christian, but that's different loving people unconditionally is right unconditionally and sacrificially and that's that's really the key and not putting the other person before myself and do I know I was thinking my wife and I having her biggest fight in a long time, driving to Columbia whether or not to pick up some wonderful barbecue are not because I want to get home and she wanted the barbecue and then we couldn't find the place and it and that's just a stupid thing to find about we go apologize to her again about that until you really know and you felt that unconditional love, and he felt that sacrificial love at the level that God brings it to you and continually shows you in your life. It makes it hard to love others without any ulterior motive now because there's times that you know people give and some of love that person well, but there's something to hold back of the want to get out of that exchange your recognition or love back. And this is about just loving others to love others private.

First, we gotta love God so that brings us to next week's topic is the right of castings can actually get it in order. Loving God can't come up August 17-19. We do it's right around the corner is just a week and halfway to register masculine journey

You have to go to a couple boot camps either one of ours to the bars to some else's couple boot camps businesses in advance With advanced topics in deeper, deeper, walking with God. Masculine journey register now and thank you for listening to us today will see you next week

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