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My Favorite Movie-Point and Shoot

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 15, 2018 12:30 pm

My Favorite Movie-Point and Shoot

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 15, 2018 12:30 pm

Masculine Journey

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Life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey. We're very glad to have you with us today continuing the series we started a couple weeks ago on our favorite movies, not necessarily collectively and individually in the first we had Robbie did Lincoln right which was very interesting and stones in the movie but I started it a couple times, but it's made me want to watch it and then Jim you had the Princess bride last week. That was what we had another compelling and not whatever.

What I can appreciate is your favorite movie is very cool when you explained it last week, on lot that does make your heart come alive put it in a different context right and that's really what were talking on some of this is one personally watch and see something God speaks to the heart of another one through that same medium in our media and you have this week's show.

This is not really like a blockbuster movie no stretch and I can see it on the trailer is coming to the theater near them out. My guess is if any of our listeners and I just dare your listener if you're listening right now.

If you've seen the movie or heard of the movie and watched it man, I would love for you to, you know, send me up a text or a message about that or or whatever and email. I doubt seriously any of our listeners have ever seen. I had not seen until just a few minutes ago so everybody else here today has as actually seen it, but I've not seen it fully through the discovery intrigued. It was very good.

The parts of the scene but can you tell the listeners a little bit about what the movie is titled and what it is yet a movie is called point-and-shoot and it's the story of a it's a true story about a guy named Matthew van Dyck, who actually joins a Libyan rebel war against Qaddafi and I helped overthrow Qaddafi and he's Matthew van Dyck doesn't sound like a Libyan name actually and he's actually a guy from Baltimore and so the reason it hit me though is if anybody is familiar with this message and and this this radio show.

Obviously one of the quotes that we've probably use as much as any is John Eldridge talking about the context of your life. It's supposed to be a love story but it's a love story set in the midst of battle and so that's kind of what this story was, it didn't seem like that. The first time I saw it, but it definitely is in, and Eldridge says that the context of your life. Is this love story but it's a battle because it's the setting. The context is a long and sustained assault upon your heart by the one who knows or believes he knows what you could be and and yet he fears us rising up to become that and so as I watched this movie, I began to see all of the aspects of the masculine journey just laid out. Yeah, I was very very cool to watch that and what I've seen so far what we go under that 1st gallon talk about who should Matthew and I announcements will have about historian where began last fall and not van Dyck told me she'd been home in Baltimore revolution broke out. The rebels are taken up arms against Moammar Gadhafi, the country's dictator. When Matt heard about the uprising plane to set off to join the rebels in his back carried a video camera, Baltimore is was written as a child, which is my mother says child I always had a desire I was raising action is going to be a CIA agent and I want to be a spy movies showed a lot of who I was sort of shelter.

I was an only child of an only child of child and I was raised in a house where my grandparents with my mother and I is my family seems to home in the basin college friends. I stand times 12 hours straight virtual salon Sarabia college and films and Middle East diversity masses three is concentration is all just like I had never actually been to the world. When I graduate from Georgetown. I still wanted to do something that was you I was in my mid-20s, my mother and grandmother would do my grocery shopping, never really paid my bills job is dressed, and so I do a course correction quickly so I decided harshly possible crash course management how to go about that crash course and that's it. That's a great setup yeah I mean you you here in there right you hear that you're earning that I want III want to live a great adventure and and I believe that you know Matt van Dyck always thought that he had what it took to to live a great adventure, but you here in this story or what you don't hear the story is about a father he's a fatherless boy and the only child of an only child of an only child raised in his grandparents house with his mom and so they obviously did a pretty good job with him.

Although at this point, people might have said what you replace video games 12 hours a day and so you heard in there that he that he had watch Lawrence of Arabia and that kind of made him fall in love with the Arab world, what he did and he knew nothing about the Arab world, but for whatever reason, God used a little movie called Lawrence of Arabia. Maybe you've heard of it to reach out and grab his soul grab his heart somehow that made his heart come alive. And so he decides to go to the Arab world, and he buys a motorcycle decides he's going to shoot an adventure movie like his idol Albie Mangels is this Australian crazy dude kind of the boat was the you know this is a non-Avenue Crocodile Dundee before Crocodile Dundee really him.

He was a real life, Crocodile Dundee, and I think that's actually who the character is patterned after his Albie Mangels but so he sees this Albie Mangels guy make in these adventure films and he decides I'm going to go do that I'm going to go do it in Arabia. Well, it created.

It ends up being a whole lot more.

And he gets over there and oh yeah, the guy has OCD. He scared of sugar. He scared of trash cans. He scared of dirt. He washes his hands all the time and yet God still entices him some way, somehow, to go to a part of the world that most Westerners would think was a very dirty part of the world.

In actuality I I'm amazed myself. You know, John 10 devil comes to steal and kill and destroy. The war was going on for him in his childhood is that is the deception that you miss out on but fascinatingly encounter validates our shift so on movies that movies are calm this guy out it is you know anything that I thought was interesting and watching just a little bit of the interaction with his mom and she she loved him deeply and is eager up in a family that loved him well but sheltered them as he said, and that that sheltering mating really kinder to say maybe to some degree.

Do I have what it takes inmate in question because he never got the opportunity to go on a big adventure on some of these things because of a loving mother. That said, hey, that's all too risky to see when he left unlocked the lab right now Jimmy seen the movie. I have and it was very powerful and there were some things were identified with them sort of jumping ahead.

But when he goes back to Libya when he goes into battle. He's doing it. I haven't been in battle closest I've been as a police officer. And there were moments later but he went for his friends. He went to defend the guys he loved and that's a big part of the love story to Darren. We will then try to get a second cliff in yeah right you know it. While he was on this trip he ends up falling over on his bicycle. He erects his motorcycle and and crashes and breaks his collarbone and that's were gonna pick this up after after this accident I became five.

Basically, I like call line from the hotel in Morocco whine about how afraid I was leaving and she said to me why you're such a coward and stuck in my head for years – if I wish you had signed up wasn't as high as five is one crazy at all.

My footage the most important moment in my entire journey and I was meeting Lori's cousin traveling to Africa. Most of my foot and norms and like a lot of hair. Talking about peace and love. This is very cool. At first this was my impression. Lori and I becoming friends as unexpected as well because I'm not happy.

I'm sort of more uptight. I have OCD noise when the nicest people that they know he's like I subscribes on the same like his mentality and his kindness is severe in this judge enticed him on this adventure. And then he brings another players along the way and so you know what to do that is hard here.

Yeah when you you hear him talk about the role of the beauty she had actually encouraged him, his girlfriend fiancé at the time, and later wife had encouraged him to go do this and she actually says at one point because I knew nobody else would do all the things that needed to be done for him if he would just comb into it himself that mom wouldn't be there.

I wouldn't be there and so she kinda calls them out to getting to go but then even afterwards there, you know, he almost quits and she says why are you being such a coward and I don't think she was ever said that to me, but there's been many a time cycle is what's kind of something nicer perhaps to say hey, are you being a little you know software so God uses this thing in a heartening brings beauty and help support that encouragingly come back and listen to where they got takes that to give you a little glimpse of it so much more. How impact this has life – country to register for the campus, nothing will be clipped there for you. This can speak to your heart my son Eli talked about ways you can help support only smiled. I was on the information that where you can click the button, waking it, PO Box 552 7285 all by herself within each of us a masculine line that part of Christian life have to do any of masculine January is a great question. January is steps back here to anyway. But what father doesn't want you know his son to grow up to be a man coming into what God designed to be absolute and brave enough to fight for friends and was looking at some of the stuff you'd made all points on here in the first bullet point with the first clip was in the enticement. The crash course in the manhood. Yeah, he realizes something is wrong and-I gotta do something because I'm going in the wrong direction right incident.

God awakens some things in his heart and takes him on that adventure and and only left before the break beauty is life really kinda calls them out right also starts to get friends and right was important that God brings friends in his life. At this point. Yeah, that last clip you heard him talk about this guy Nori who was the pivotal point in his journey in Nori's this hippie Libyan you know this this guy that loves God and and loves others in and I talked about freedom and peace in all of those things and and when you see the movie, get the impression that Nori is really this cool dude. The last scene in the movie is probably one of the most powerful with regard to Nori in his heart for peace and and forgiveness and anyway yeah he he sets off on this journey and end at first he thinks becoming a man is going on a great adventure and God goes yeah that's the ticket yeah you nothing, letting go on this great adventure.

But God is obviously calling him to something a whole lot greater than this and and so that that the next clip that were going to see is where you know all of the sudden the Arab spring breaks out and in Tunisia a man sets himself on fire for the sake of freedom. Literally a martyr and then in Egypt. People start murdering themselves in Egypt and then Libya. People start monitoring themselves in Libya and he realizes that this thing is breaking out and he starts watching his friends and he still there.

His friend still have Internet access. He's back home now. He's been home for about five months he came home for Christmas, I think, and this is like may I think somewhere in the neighborhood March or May and he starts talking to his friends and we can pick up the clip. There is no rational person now here is the Arab spring challenging is nothing compared to people that were going out the streets protesting my friends/thought all was one of my friends said what is I cannot imagine sitting at home watching TV. My friends and I would take press frontline is very strange because I was in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I was thumbing soldiers and now I was a resident on Libya just weeks after he escaped from the condyle be held present when I saw myself in news reports fighting validation. I was a real rebel fighter here was the world to see. I was where I belonged. That's a pretty powerful statement in the he's where he belongs right. Yeah, he left that safety net and he was where he belonged in and I think he got a picture of the larger story you know you made those relationships with those guys who you were for five fighting for something worth fighting for freedom and he felt like he needed to know.

Be a part of it.

I was sitting there thinking, comparing it to, you know, just back in Bible times and it was like a bit like the disciples decide now were good.

They love Jesus so much, but not entered into the war it was that it was like, whatever his heart before they want to come in and and be a part of it with him and that, when I got know this is really about the story of God initiating a man and Ryan had writers that would use well yeah absolutely we were we're talking about that as well. Minutes that initiation was a process and like Darren said it started out with adventure and that's that that's the grabber that's what you know I think you grabbed a lot of us we both were bored with life. We don't want the status quo. We want them adventure but then you get in the adventure noon you realize that there's a purpose behind the adventure and it's the hearts of men or freedom.

In this case, but really the hearts of men. So that's freedom of one sort or another. Right it's either freedom literally in this world are freedom of this world yeah our freedom for others you know in this world or the other and and Matthew van Dyck you you get the impression you know you hurt in that clip after he gets out of prison. That's part of the story that you haven't got to hear on the radio.

Is he ends up in a Qaddafi held prison for six months and literally goes crazy and begins to have psychosomatic events and an audio hallucinations and everything else and finally gets free and the relationship of his friend Nori in one of the things it's just so amazing to me in the in the movie and I wish we had time to put this clip in. But we just didn't was one of the things that eat, they talked about was II wanted to go home. My girlfriend wanted me to come home. My mom wanted to come home. People told me I should go home.

But when my friend Nori came and picked me up. He had a uniform for me and he had a gun for me and he had my friends for me and one of the friends that the day that he got put in prison.

One of his friends that was with them the night before having the last supper as his friend called it ends up dead and so he decides I'm not going home. I'm staying. This is the most important thing I could possibly be doing is fighting for other people's freedom today and so he stays in any does learn that that adventure was calling him to a much greater fight. A bigger battle and so you've got the that the beauty to rescue is not a country it's it's freedom of of beautiful people in a country and so you got the adventure live and you got the battle to fight. You got the beauty to rescue and and you've got God enticing him all along the way and in most movies we see, we kinda have to draw that out in this movie. Matthew van Dyck goes into it kind of knowing full well that this stuff is in my heart. I'm not sure why.

He probably doesn't realize it's from God.

Although he becomes a much more spiritual person as he moves through this as most of us would I think but yeah those questions get answered and you know it and and one of the things that he learns is is that we all try to make our own little self-image. We all try to make this our own little worlds and and in the last clip that we have. He talks about that self-image getting exposed. There was a day the day before Qaddafi gets killed. Actually, the day before he's in a battle, and his commander tells him you need to shoot that guy over there was a sniper and he had the opportunity to shoot them, and so he tries he gets in a window and he tries to shoot the guy and I will tell you whether hit him or not, but at the end he begins to talk about this and asked this question in any struggles with it will play the next clip and pick up.

There were things I saw that captured Randomness of death. Everything is fine one minute something is nowhere explosion. I had this image of who I always wanted to be and for years I struggled to find that myself but I just had myself build life and what in then say about me while I can imagine you lead in that position. As you hear this you realize when things we didn't really mention there's a real enemy here. Oh yeah and you know it's not like he has to wonder about it and they're literally getting shot at NEC and people directly siding as he talked about that little clip there was that one day, one moment, everything's fine were laughing.

The next moment somebody's dead yeah I mean he talks at the beginning of the film about you know some of his friends going into the hospital after getting shot by Qaddafi's forces and stuff and people who went into the hospital after they get shot in war they just disappeared. The hospital was just a warehouse or a distribution center as you were coming and so he knows how evil you know this place is in and how horrible these things are, but that that that conversation that he talks about the randomness of war in note 1 minute he's he's doing something. The next minute he's asked to shoot somebody and kill them.

And up until that time, he probably killed other people, but they were at such a distance away that he didn't know whether he did or didn't. But in this particular case the guy was pretty close and van Dyck goes on to talk about the fact that when he went into this.

He had hoped again kind of the adventure was that I'll be able to use my camera to document this stuff kind of as a journalist, but yet I don't want to be there, just as a journalist just documenting things I want to affect the outcome. Any goes into it with this very good noble thing that I hope the camera is more powerful than the gun, and so I'm going to tell myself that. And by the time he is done he finally decides. You know what the cameras not always more powerful than the gun, sometimes bad people have to be repelled by force. Whether that means being killed or killing someone else. We don't like that. That's not a clean answer.

Wouldn't we especially don't like it. In modern-day Western culture where you know Jesus was a pacifist and all. Jesus wasn't a pacifist and even if he was his father wasn't as one of my friend says. And so you know sometimes people have to be repelled by force and the enemy is always there, the thing that I get out of this story is that the context of our lives really is war. He goes to Libya to figure that out. We can sit in a studio as a group of Christian community brothers in Christ and figure out a this week was hard.

Try to get a generator trust try to get power inverter this week it. Life is hard. It's a battle, sometimes that battle steadily. Absolutely what you get here is this guy's heart coming alive and I will encourage you go to mass concerning and register for the upcoming boot camp is November 1-4 got to get something there special for you. I can't tell you what it is, for he will excessively go do that register were to be there waiting for what is a tell us. Thank you for listening this week and will talk to next

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