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Provoking The Impossible

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 13, 2018 12:30 pm

Provoking The Impossible

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The Masculine Journey
Sam Main

Every man is a greedy mature life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gauge. Avoid roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now we are loaded for bear today on the mask journey.

Seriously, we are going to be provoking the impossible.

And that's what God kinda does with since only different ways and we we got out a number of ways that that's happened among our team. We got Darren and Harold and Jim and Sam on the phone with this and Sam your the original provoker of this provoking, yeah. We just about a movie God has really spoke to us with over the years. It made me think about one of those really for me is not a whole movie. Typically it's clipped the truth of God that really speak to my heart and what are some of those clips that God reminded me of the year.

It's really cool that God can use something you might meant to be commercial.

You know and have it prompt and do that with the specially the one that I have the day so set forth. Okay from the movie the matrix may not be a click. Do you ever remember watching the movie into me when I watched the Rockne and God reminded me of it several times.

What's happening in the clip is Leo Connery's character go the. The lead guy in the story is picked up by a group of rebels in the car in the spring Trinity is on there with him and they're trying to talk him into being a part of the adventure whether the comment on on the this rebellion together and he's trying to decide if you want to go or not network pick it up well to be reminded that name means a huge deal in this movie. Neil means the new man and so there isn't. We have Trinity guiding them here so listen closely to the highway to go Sam you been down that road.

It reminds me of the time that God called me into adventure and I was recognized as God augments bit not want to step into adventure like control very easily or things that I know can end up saving you know stars like skydiving, you know the statistic shows pretty safe. Something to do and I am salting adventures like that with adventures in life that really call something out of you and I have a hard time really wanting to go into the at times and God reminded me of this clip over and over to say you know those other roads looking to get out of the car talking Trinity you been down this road you know where they leave and that's not where you want to be in on the road that I need to be on one God call me into this adventure, and trust him and walk with name and it's just a clip that's been used over and over in my life that really speaks volumes of my relationship with God so provoking the impossible. Darren provoking. I've been called provocative before that's one of the better names that people have called me yeah I you know as as we started talking about this I was glad the same kind brought up this topic again and I I went back through the things that I had been doing for the for this year and one of the things I've done all year is soak up everything I could on Churchill and watch several really boring documentaries that most normal people wouldn't want to watch and washed it a number of movies and and this was before Dunkirk came out and before others. God had kind of had me on this path and I didn't really understand it as a path that God had me on. I thought it was just kind of my interest. At first, but as I was watching some of these, one of the films that I watched was called the gathering storm, which is about his earlier life before World War II and the second one is into the storm in both of those are volumes of of history that have been written about him and enter seemingly fairly accurate and so in this clip that were going to play here in a second. It had I had to keep asking myself why did that clip put me the white wind that clip because it literally brought tears to my eyes the first time I saw it and it's not a clip that should bring tears to your face.

To most people, but I was sitting there all alone watching this movie and this that you're going to pick up is when Churchill and Halifax are sitting with Chamberlain and Chamberlain has now determined that he can't lead this country anymore and he has. He invites Churchill and Halifax over and he starts to talk to Halifax and Churchill any any immediately says well here's the deal. Winston, could you see yourself serving as Minister of Defense under Halifax and we sped the clip up a little bit but there's quite a pause in their and Churchill doesn't say anything and Chamberlain comes back and asks him again so so what you think man and any guinea pig pauses and Halifax finally breaks the silence by saying I think Winston would be the better choice and will go ahead and play the clip and then coming out of it all kind of explain what it meant some defense under the direction prime minister. I think Winston would be the best of times. I consider this as a rock. Thank you. I feel very uneasy about this. People say he's on libel is true impossible sent it kind of negative below to Halifax would make the most prime minister of five this morning as troops invaded Belgium absorbs the French glossy loss, bonds at many of the men will take instance into attacking the West and you were telling prime minister only seemed could be coincidence or could be destiny. So the last part you heard, there is King George and in-kind of his first meeting with Churchill and Churchill's giving the rundown what's going on in King George says that's really an odd coincidence that you become prime minister today and Hitler invades today and Hitler says coincidence.

Maybe could be destiny and literally at that clip I had tears in my eyes and the thought to me was Darren you avoid your own glory on a regular basis you know God says in Genesis 1 that he created us in his image and in his image he created man and woman and then he gives us this whole litany of things to go out and do because were created in his image to to rule and have dominion and have authority in all of these things, and in this clip started me down a road of a few months, literally searching my soul. Why do I hide for my glory will because I'm scared a are not to live up to God's glory because it's not my glory is God's glory in me, and I'm afraid I'm not a live up to that.

A lot of times it may be assaulting to other people.

When you live up to your glory. It obviously was in Churchill's case.

When Churchill led an end, said I'm destined to do this. People thought it was arrogant. They thought it was cold. They called him a warmonger. Everything else and yet had Hitler Ron Amin had Churchill run from his glory or the glory of God in him as that destined leader, our lives would be different and so I had to begin to ask myself how many times have I turned away and not walked in that glory because I was afraid it was going to embarrass me or hurt someone else or I had failed so many times before when I had tried just like Churchill had, and Churchill was a horrible guy in a lot of aspects honestly was a jerk of a man in many many ways and yet was a phenomenal leader and understood his place in the larger story writing and and so we end up with this provoking the impossible which completely provoked Eugen well the one of the things that is always struck me about God's call is that it is always to do something we cannot see any way of doing accomplishing all the stories of the Bible and will, as we talked about before the break was the armor bearer going with Jonathan and two guys attacking a huge contingent of the enemy, but before they went, they were asking God if this is what you want us to do. Do this in God bed and they were victorious but you look at that situation, it's impossible. And that is both a model for the clock but leaving Acrobat black okay all Henry black to be is the first place I heard best and he basically said something. The fact that if God tells you to do something and you could see how to do it.

It's not God because he is going to lead you every step of the way you lead you into accomplishing the impossible, but also Legion intimacy because you find yourself there on your knees because the world you have to rely on handguns. You and I don't see any way the new horizon is the best one part of the impossible is the beauty of intimacy and relationship absolutely and you know it's an interesting thing I discovered just this morning that reality and relationship have the same root word that reality has to do with the distance between different points and the closer you are to God more real things get so working dream impossible dream.

We come back and Jim's going to give us his interpretation on this wonderful song don't get registered for boot camp, messenger and radio, a large salmon messenger and my son Eli talked about ways you can help support the ministry clearly smiled as he was on his informational website there that anything is where you can click the donate button waking into masculine radio that once again to mail something to PO Box 550 927285 God has set within each of us a masculine live life to give you that part and the Christian life have to do with any of conjuring masculine journey radio John Eldridge's book while the heart is a great question time. The first masculine journey radio a couple and will will lead off with saying that I sent the man bar really low with Princess bride be my movie so to try to get under that bar. I went with a musical or if you prefer a Gomer Pyle episode but I first heard that saw over 50 years ago and it was a major inspiration for me.

Then, and still listening to it today. I got goosebumps during the plague that and it really is the way I want to live my life have I done these things no, but I do want to strive with my last ounce of courage and one of the lads that multiple times in my life is hit me hard is that to be willing to march in the hell were heavily because it we go through hell the battle and it is a battle and God calls us to that battle but he is going to be able to achieve the impossible through us.

What's impossible for us because all things are possible with God and that I said this is many times throughout my life. Vote if I've often left absolute provoking and so Harold, getting to the impossible to say it emotes as much as it provokes but inside jokes are for those of us who don't know what a moat meeting for the come from the word emotion. I didn't know her letter and Jim's been enlarging my vocabularies heralded earlier today with his his use of texting, but nonetheless speaking of provoking, we got a little more.

Churchill if you are provoked as well by Churchill on a huge Churchill fan in spite of the fact that my friend Aaron thinks he's a jerk. I think that probably other than the Lord Jesus Christ and the apostle Paul is my favorite character out of history of red.

His six volumes. History of World War II. Several biographies so I just I love Churchill and Saltz that this clip force.

This is out of the movie Dunkirk and it's where Churchill is giving his speech to the country telling them what's common and what I can do about it. Cannot set it up a little further that what's happened is you know Churchill had the guts to get everybody in the whole country to go get their personal boats to evacuate the Army that was totally surrounded the Dunkirk and literally save the nation. It was an impossible dream just to begin with the think that you're going to go German bombers and in the U-boats and all the stuff surrounding Dunkirk and now are going to send these guys with the good ship lollipop in their second everyone told him it was impossible and Pete was concerned to us here is each following that historic event Dunkirk and they show that had a hit and Sandra invading and entering all good defend to the death than a go on the Viking drawn. I don't even know if I very confident and very whatever they thought maybe I done to me. I, and ending on like in the field like in the I do not believe I dolling out and file beyond the God carry-on. The new building. You might also like to hear from Darren a little of what that that provoked it provokes a lot in May because we have an enemy that makes Hitler look like a schoolyard bully and know we have to fight anywhere that we are. Churchill tells them you know were going to fight here there and everywhere and we have to fight until the end and he counts on his empire and on the US the New World always got a stronger ally than than that, that we can rely own, but we have to fight because God expects us to do our part and so the enemies there. He's always looking for ways to destroy us and we can fight back you had a Bible character that you thought spokes. I have a wealth at this which was probably awesome. If you haven't read me about lightly go read it yet and he talks about the rebuilding the wall and having people armed while they're working.

Fight off the enemy.

So now a sword in one hand and a hammer and the other chisel.

Then he put all the men in front of their house they were building the wall in front of their house so it made sense to build fast and to protect at the same time and so he was a genius and a honcho was to any tone you to fight for their lives, their sons or daughters of going right which is what Churchill same for you right then and that's the thing is, you know, Churchill is he's trying to inspire a country in spite of the fact that most of his advisors have already told him he should give up. You should capitulate.

You should give up the island of Malta. You should give up Uganda and another area as well and just give it to Hitler and and if you'll do that Mussolini had, you know, because Mussolini was such a trustworthy guy.

He had said you know I'll broker a deal for you and Churchill returned all of that down and pretty much everybody in his cabinet. Except for his war incentive for his generals and admirals and stuff. Pretty much everybody else and said yes this what we need to do and even at that time. When Churchill goes and asks to bring out the you know the good ship lollipop.

It was funny when he tells the Adm. coming out of a meeting. Hey I want you to go get all the small boats and everything else. I want you to notify and the Adm. said sorry been done which is cool and it's a key that doesn't come out in Dunkirk and some of the other ones that do. Churchill had some guys around him like a Harold who knows what's going on like a Robbie and like a jammer Brian and a hat armor. He had people around him. That said, got it I got your back on this and fights for Sam it was your the one you provoked as to the impossible. To begin with so give us your thoughts back over time, and it really spoke your heart and a movie that made your heart out on major our job to guide you know what are you doing there. Is there something there.

You want me to know that it's invariably it's very cool. I don't know the better word for it than that but will do it that, but it will open your eyes to what it'll take on an adventure what you bring life to you with Justin prompting and asking in following his lead and other people. Interestingly, did that for me. I 10 years ago I went watched war movie on the back probably and maybe 12 years ago. But today you know movies like cats are rigid and Dunkirk and ice his darkest hour, you know, bring my heart alive like there's no tomorrow, so there had to be is some kind of an awakening there that we are in a battle. Yeah we yeah we walk around in a battle every single day and we we forget. I love the way Harold put it, you know that Hitler is a schoolyard bully compared to Satan, and we must fight in our streets, we must fight in our churches.

We must fight in in the studio. Sometimes we must fight guys last night I was fighting in my bedroom, I wouldn't fighting my wife. I was fighting temptation while wanting to make love with my wife. Quite frankly, and not wanting to allow old memories past sins, things like that to get in the way of that and so I'm praying right then and there, a warrior prayer while I'm also going after my wife's heart we have to fight everywhere Churchill didn't say that one fight in the credits definitely all my goodness it's one of Satan's biggest tactics is is right there so I'm hoping this provoked something in you and your thinking wow I like to go deeper here. The cool thing is if you come to the boot camp is coming up November 1 to the fourth. Hopefully will provoke you to spend more time with the Lord and and through our covenants of silence have a chance to see what he actually wants to speak to your heart that's coming up November 1 through the fourth messenger any Thank you for this so honored to join us

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