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Christmas Past, Present, Future

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 22, 2018 12:30 pm

Christmas Past, Present, Future

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 22, 2018 12:30 pm

The Masculine Journey Radio Show

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The heart of every man is a great adventure.

Life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twist and turns, so how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey. We're very glad to have you with us today in the Christmas version of the mask under any row you got it figured out okay Christmas eve Saturday eve Sunday eve. Monday is actually Christmas Eve so I mean is EBV solidly faces a Christmasy interesting is, where were going today three faces of Christmas Eve recon report right on the mark it where you know we been talking Christmas now for couple weeks and if you actually talk about surviving Christmas and so did do that and and and hopefully were all finding ourselves in the position to survive, Christmas, whatever that might mean for you because Christmas isn't always a time of joy. We'd like for it to be. But you know sometimes families involved were usually families involved and that's not always a good thing for most the time it is or things happen. Things are said it's it's different for everybody. We talk about what that does that look like for you, maybe surviving Christmas alone so there's lots of different ways to look at that and then we talked about Robby last week Christmas from a different perspective from a warfare perspective and you and Cheryl a bit about that as as we can have a look in the Revelation. Nesta enemy was wanting to devour the child.

You know, an actual epic kind of spiritual battle that was going on in the manger scene so to speak. And so there definitely a you have the manger scene which direction a visit here in the second but there is a lot more to the story. There is the invasion into enemy territory. And so what did that really mean when Jesus came to earth and went to that mean to the enemy and install those things is is really cool show you guys that I got to participate in a bit is a joy just listening to it and so this week when I talk a little bit about Christmas present past and future as everybody likes one version of Scrooge or another you know what you like the Donald Duck version, etc. injured you like the Bill Murray version are George C. Scott version yet. Georgie scatters the guy from Star Trek. I have his name. I can either but I personally know you know mine would be the Christmas Corolla Christian cargo theater is back to a classic you know if you've been around Christmas at all you had to see this one at some point is from a Charlie Brown Christmas special Charlie Brown asked the question after being so incredibly frustrated with all the commercialism. Even back in 66 when this is done under 66 what is Christmas all about, and Linus is a pretty good answer And now I will try to find Christmas much does a soul story was wrong. Jim only find out those 1964 monuments. Actually, the Grinch was in 60 sales going on I will always protect Cory around the table were around that time and I don't remember the first first hearing of it, but I probably saw the few times later.

It's pretty amazing to sit in the middle of this cartoon you have this real truth and so Rowan talk a little bit about today is God brought his love to earth you brought so many things. But where we seeing that love you words were manifested in, and how does it play out in our Christmas story. Whether that's past, present or future, we hope for to look like, and so probably I hate to do back to back clips, but I think you must have to Robby cannot little bit about the second clip and heavy discouraged with Bill Murray and now rather than the traditional nano ghost of Christmas past character that we seen in so many here we have a taxicab driver which is can take him on a wild ride.

We come to pick up the same as these get out of the taxicab which this characters, speak to me all right this is where I grew up in is my dad hasn't put up our Christmas lights. Yet the I get you taking me back in time to show me my mother and father and I'm supposed to get all goofy and blubbery will forget how you get the wrong guy.

That's exactly what it said when he saw his mother Niagara Falls. Let's get this over with Francis. Merry Christmas was 5 pounds of shopping early so all day long is give excuses why they can't work my back my legs again only learned that life is giving you a silver platter and all. I was touched by a gift for your kid receives what in today's marketplace of 40 or $50 piece of milk Christmas past, even there's something in that Frank that touches us hardens his mom in the school.

This whole story and bunch guys on the table and introduced surviving as a patient of Robby and Corey in Harold and Jim and the guys it'll be a chime in and maybe not will see hell did you know something about Christmas past that you want to share only with talk about God showing up Christmas time back in 1962 just about six weeks earlier when I had met the young lady that was to become my wife didn't know it it time she was just a good-looking gal and I wanted to date, but I went to her parents house for Christmas and having given. No previous thought to it at all. First thing I know I'm down on one knee asking her if she will be my wife and fortunately she said yes. It took us about 18 months later but we been married now for 54 1/2, and it had to be God because it was a totally different direction from what I had planned for my life. Thank goodness he had a different idea is his idea was much much better. It usually is a good thing that you listen for me. I actually had been thinking about Christmas past and right before the show.

My brother called me and we started talking and he asked he wants to show me about not holding it so well you know when I think about Christmas past and love. I think of grandma's house is always good. My grandma's on Christmas Eve and miraculously when we get home. Seen it already been there must in the first stop every year he was there and he knew somehow we had a busy day. The next day visiting other family and so anyway we go to my grandma's house and what was so cool about that was the way she loved us and Shirley Levasseur wasn't a Christmas Eve.

Any rules or grandma's house. If you want another Coca-Cola you can get one check out Battle's back if you want some candy did my feet yet or not, you know, and so is this such a cool time in a very incoming from family word and have a whole lot you know it was this very plentiful at grandma's house a Christmas Eve and just love that she showed all the assistant in her way of just being available in the same architectures in and and feeling that love of God in my Christmas past.

It's fascinating, hit me today is Christ, asked me to reach out to somebody in my past and for whatever reason he put Hunter gallery. The third on my heart which was the Buick dealer in Greensboro would burst first brought me to North Carolina and he was only few people in the car business ever really told me the truth, and he treated me so well any kind of it was like a father figure in a put them on his heart. My heart this morning to call him and I look down and talk to him probably in 1520 years and I just look him up in the phone number he still has law practice.

I called him, caught his wife and show him I said this Robby don't be so glad to see and then Hunter called me and it was just like I am so glad that God put that on my heart to call this old friend and you know he had no idea what I was doing and I didn't know what he was doing.

It was just really really really cool but it was like the ghost of Christmas past like me people are there back there in your life that really were good friends that you just didn't talk to you it's it's good for us to dissent and say okay God, can you open my eyes to some of the stuff that happened in the past, and a lot of times we do remember some good things but also there's times remember that the years it seemed more like a Christmas vacation like the Walton exit area or whatever and so just asking God when even in those Christmas vacation kind years and what were you showing me there. What we really show me love actually watch a movie last night.

That's what's on my mind. The boys and I watched it for the season and it is even in that situation is all love in the house even in those dysfunctional families are still loving so you know God's love can come through no matter the situation, but were not when I time to get into before break before the two systems presently preventative but we can talk about the great present for Christmas gift of a boot camp.

You can still do that you get time to go to mass and journey and sign up for boot camp and give that away for Christmas but better present them. He couldn't give a better present the negative something at the heart back only hundred and $99. Wow that is amazing sign up now and register for the upcoming salmon.

As I talked about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on the information that where you can click the button tweaking it PO Box 550 what God does journey radio closed off the first shift away this feeling I was having to wait this mask.

I was hiding behind can't go to math and journey and it was time to put a little love in your heart and if you haven't seen a movie to it's a little different twist. You know, but it still comes back to good point you lump he finds his way along the movie Otto I remember that Christmas present is what we can focus in on now. We talked about last break about the meaning of Christmas with Linus and Charlie Brown and then we talked little bit about Christmas past with movie Scrooge in order to move under the Christmas present and Robby what's what's equipment Christmas present and Charles Dickens play Armenians booking on Christmas Carol, which is depicted so many different ways. There is a very provoking thing that happens with the ghost of Christmas present where the man sees these two images underneath the robe and if it's a disturbing picture that we get to hear pretty well in this depiction of the guy from Star Wars without whichever one that will affect Star Trek you start the card and the X-Men guy GLA. Yes, I remember his name. Patrick Stewart now.

Hearing And Patrick Stewart, Scrooge, Scrooge I see something strange. I'm not talking to you that you will fulfill the flesh that is yours.

This is most of all beware the Boeing school had I seen this the right sees a raise.

I long to those who tell others about sees prisons while the opposite of the provoking questions are so what what was it was provoked for you. Well at a number years ago, I was just challenge to read the actual Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and Ron read it several times and this was one of the most provoking things that I just did not gotten through all the movies that was pretrade clearly in this particular one and and the idea is, is similar to the Scripture that says Puritan in a religion in the book of James is this to take your orphans and widows and and to see God's heart for those in need. It Christmas is is a real issue. It's in that thing. Jim you you know what I'm trying all too well because I didn't want to see that this week I had a man, his wife and their I think four-month-old baby had just been put out on the street and our church help them with the night that they couldn't get to the Salvation Army until a couple nights later and so despite my whining feeling awful about my financial situation. This season, that put them up for the other two nights limited to my own horn. It was something I had to do because that's all Jesus in that infant and yet I am a scary thing is that how ignorant are we, of all the pain and all the things going on all around us. God's call in sick and always clearly in and we don't need to be ignorant. Jesus said if we don't reach out to the prisoner.

We don't feed the hungry. We haven't done that to him and that really is the point when we do acts of service, acts of mercy, loving acts we are doing it. Jesus, whatever the faces don't were ignoring him and we talked a couple weeks ago about your family, Robby Christmas and not being one of their favorite Christmas memories of being able to help another member with our family. We we done the same thing. We had signed up to do some some work on a ramp through work nor put in a ramp for this late in the mineralized and have a thing for Christmas. Talk to kids and stuff.

We went in and gave her Christmas and that was probably one of our favorite Christmas as a family because it wasn't about us in on that. That's what it tends to be sometimes and it is all about us but Christmas present can mean a lot of different things for different people. Part of that is reach out helping others are that stepping into new places and Christmas and I know for me and I get all wrapped around the axle because you know I got X amount of time left with my oldest son before he is out on his own in on. It's easy to worry about Christmas future not enjoy Christmas present if not careful, and enjoying the time you do have is not promised any of us. Eons and not focusing on the worries much for me is focusing on the opportunities available that to have time with with the kids were still around crazy thing on this Christmas presents it so different for you, yet none so much in the direction the gym is going to know just for me personally. This really hit home with me. The lessons I think God's been teaching me slowly but surely can still struggle with it on a daily basis, but it is just to be present. I spent him before I was saved in. I spent so much of my day just daydream about the past and what life could be in here if I done Mason's really beat myself up with what is, what if I done this and how different my life turned out. You will destroy yourself mentally. If you do that if you just second-guess every decision very major. Every path that you like to have taken and I was really beat myself up over and over again every day since I started just leaving for the present. I found a new hope in my life are for the future. So the present is actually being in the present and enjoyment around the present is presently right where you get to your favorite clip yeah probably never heard the stars are great for inventing as a result of reading that book several times. I wrote a Christian card I theater episode which actually play play just a little while ago today, which was a whole show on it's called a Christmas Corolla and in this one.

I cast Vinnie as Guido gasket because nobody could deliver these lines with the Italian you know that that like Vinnie could with his background and so here is actually my taken since I wrote the lines but it's it's it's boarded by my good friend Vinnie who who lived it out as we hear for the first time ever, testing of the ghost of Christmas future doesn't speak in most place, but in this one we get to hear Vinnie as Frankie, and lastly immediately found himself yes silver behind the wheel was a head gasket wearing a black hood overshadowing his face as Guido gasket ghost of Christmas future ghost of Christmas doesn't talk much TV. I said get in one more stuff. You do not show you guessed it, the Boeing time is almost an before you show us that is one question things that will be all the things that might open our present US so I'm going to give it to you straight. God knows no is our only good comes from branches that are connected to that singlet.

So I is Jesus God's so you know that Pres. Jesus sacrificed on the cross for your failures sends you will be planted is your choice. You can either be vitalizing of lies. Your choice. You get a good look at you had read to use. This is now in his casket to pay attention. The next one says lies crankshaft Kramer's attraction to learn your choice as a comedy, but still I would want to get in the car again he asked her Christmas future.

You know what that really speak to you know, I know a couple guys had a couple thoughts on Christmas future. What it really means usually think about future Christmases when you want that to look like what Scott got on your heart for me. There's there's things in that I haven't necessarily in this Christmas present I haven't really been as active as giving and and looking for need as much as I need to be have had a really busy time and antenna change at the thing about the future that one thing I have this being in my heart is you talk hear a lot of people talk about depression and getting disappointed or or feeling bad that they can't buy certain gift for somebody whatever mail artist. I think used to really live in there and it really was the focus off of Jesus thing now in my queue Christmases in the future.

Not only man but now but just the fact that we really have something to celebrate. It really was an incredible gift. When women Jesus was sent and in the ultimate insult to God is for this to be a time of depression and not love but really not leaving out what you really intend accounted at peace on earth and goodwill from Port Manzo and I was watching the original Grinch and that the cartoon that was 1960s and the way things are really struggling and watching. It was good even though all the toys were stolen all the things are stoning Christmas supposedly stolen Christmases in their heart. They continued to sing and that's what melted the Grinch as part right and so it's really cool that that is Jesus is in our heart Christmases and hurt regardless of our circumstances with.

It's the past to present. The future is in our heart every single day and we can celebrate Christmas with him every day. We don't need the present. We don't need this for you that you seem to celebrate focus on him. Thank you for joining us for the masculine journey to register for the boot camp coming up this spring, so don't miss it

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