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Interpreting Responsibility

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 16, 2019 12:30 pm

Interpreting Responsibility

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 16, 2019 12:30 pm

The Masculine Journey Radio Show

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Every man his life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gauge. In light of the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guys recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now wow do we have a mouthful for how to put it on ring today show topic right Cory, I mean. These words are huge and they just don't sound like fun it first take, not really but me interpret interpreting anything on it and then Jim and then got interpreting words with 10 syllables interpreting responsibility met. Second, working only through that one out there is like oh you know when he likes responsibility that now Rodney, it seems like you put your fingernails down the nails on a chalkboard. Who wants responsibility in life right and so, but what's cool about this topic actually is.

I think you know we we did venture with God.

In this particular episode today and when I have my good friends Jim and Corey and Rodney with me. Sam's not here to miss announce Rodney's name.

Not that we would ever take on something when the not here unless I know you're not listening and we don't have the ancient crowd with his heroes, not here, and I would never talk by Harold anyone here, but the rest of us were here to talk about interpreting responsibility. I think when you take that puzzle and you start to piece it together, you're going to really see how cool this is that we get to see, where things fit in but to begin with. We have a tendency not to interpret things right, Jim, that's correct. That was the initial thing that got me was when I was teaching two weeks of Micah Michael one into a church and this really has very little to do with Mike about what God was giving me and that is how wrong we perceive things situations people and in this case Steve Martin have made here.

Get the situation much worse than this one usual funny addressing of it. He misinterpreted that you kiss my two pillows as armadillos this show is not that was a great misinterpreting things and to the funniest guys would have never been around.

What you don't see is there stuck in this cheap motel double bed together, but that situation was one that just was absolutely now they were half-asleep and doing what they might've normally been doing with someone else than bad shook them both up pretty badly that they misinterpreted the situation cannot been reading this dog's written by the same gentleman that I written the books about a dog is written by the same gentleman around the shepherds guide to the 23rd Psalm is like Hans Keller but anyway this one Sabatier sheepdog is absently phenomenally makes the point that this dog was learning to the point of obedience where he was beyond no voice commands that he started to respond to him commands because it wouldn't upset the sheet. It would be able to get the dog to do things promote further distance in the dog's joy was to respond to the master anything when you get to a really intimate place with Christ you begin to see his hand of Providence in things and realizing he's giving you direction with his hands without having to voice the command necessarily as things come honest, but in the case of Micah and the boys you know they are in the northern kingdom.

All involved with idols in whatever they could see there was a bagel hand coming that name of his head. Sennacherib use it so well now I want cynically very cynically EP was coming and he was going to hammer down with his hand and that looked really and looked like evil situation with the it was God's hand through a not so pleasant, and it was in response to the idolatry temple prostitution. The all of the people of this rental and of Israel. In this case was the northern kingdom, Utah was the southern kingdom, and all work partaking that Israel was all out and it, and did Judah still had some that were trying to follow God that you point out something as you is your interpreting that yourself. It just didn't seem fair that he was going to take out every now all these people, some good, some that he was saving it the way it's worded he was saving everybody in Judah. Now it'd already been pointed out to Matt that there were plenty of people doing the wrong thing in Judah and in Israel, he preserved a remnant of the element.

It sounded like all of them were doing poorly thinking all how do we know that got even separated the good from the bad. I suspect there are plenty of good people that were wiped out and there were plenty of bad ones that survived and that got me thinking about the topic in my mind for tonight was misinterpreting people, situations, because we don't take it to God or when we do, we don't really listen interestingly to Job, which now this is misinterpreting response but I think you might find this is a fresh view on Shelby had not heard before.

One of the things that God looked at in Job were the friends, and we've all heard the you know they were great friends with Mike at the mouse that this is the mouse they were awful, but they really weren't. They were giving Job their best advice based on their interpretation of Scripture and Job had and you'll see yet that he had the same interpretation a lot of things that you wanted evil things happened. Good people in my good things happen. They will people and that's a big hurdle for many new Christians. I find it fascinating that obviously these people had a good heart. They were trying to give Job answers for all his dilemma. Even though they had misinterpreted it but here we have a clip from the movie Tom Sawyer merchants from a pretty famous book by pretty famous author, Samuel Clemens, Mark claim was my favorite writer when I was young and still love them in this.

This is because runaway from the window and I think this is the last time before he takes off completely quick question, but you know you work you found interesting interpretation of that particular responsibility yeah absolutely I think we all have as Christians we all have certain people in our lives, then maybe close to us that we really care about that you want to do exactly what Tom was doing.

You want to scream at you and say you need to come to pick me to come to church and sometimes, you know, depending on your situation.

You might do that you might sound just like Honda but it's not our responsibility to make that person come the church is not our responsibility to make that person come to God I know in my personal situation. If somebody had done that to me I wouldn't be sitting here right now you have to let in the suite we struggle with the law is.

We think that we can we know God's plan. We think we know better than him. Sometimes an you just have to let God do it. He's going to do and not try jump to what you think should happen when you think should happen is he has a plan for everything and we just let his will be done in our lives with me and with people and with with yourself to just speak it.

So if we just close your eyes and just let him guide us where he may lag a lot better house time before the show that you know I was losing shipping and other all sorts of rumors flying at Robbie stole the money and there was over million dollars missing in.

You know, I knew the real story, but not everybody in town did and a lot of people in rumors just flying in and out. A lot of people realize that I claim to be a Christian and I started the Christian business men's committee in Marksville and so I was really concerned about God's reputation so I can remember praying on my way actually into town when date is gone, God not really worried about your reputation. All these people here think that I'm a Christian and with the running you into the ground because they think I stole this money might instill his money. We have to do some about this and God was so clear to me that they'll never ever forget to show that you give Robbie I'm I'm good with taking care of my name.

I have this legally under control list list concern ourselves with interpreting what was going on and there was a lot of interpreting of the responsibility but a lot of it has to do like we talk often about tossing and asking for that interpretation because believe me, God's like he showed up for Job hunting is so much easier to have our own answers so we come back we have more interpreting responsibility.

Where do I fit into this and how I interpreted the come back without battling the register that they can't find better do it is my son Eli talk about ways you can help support is clearly a smile that he was on the information that where you can click button tweaking it meant something, PO Box 550 what God does journey radio is closed off. The first is the way this feeling I was having this mask.

I was hiding behind the mask and journey and Rodney, you know, as you listen to and Tom and think about how how many times Ry found myself there, where I have this person totally judged they could really benefit from my understanding is that ring a bell in your life. Can you owe it sure does first saw the word responsibility come from Jim in the text on Mike okay I'm in IST JII know judging very well and always done it and it was you later life when I actually found out how bad it can be, you know so you keep living. Sprinted to experience you judging your judging keep finding out that okay they're not really trying to hurt me. They're not against negotiating do the right thing go back to Job and his friends there trying to really help, just kinda listen to him and talk through it versus trying to fight with them over and asked one of things that when you start to judge and say okay I'm going to take over and take control you.

You lose out on so much more on Sykora was kinda mentioning were going to have to bring up certain things yes you know God's wonderful in our lives and we appreciate so much and all we can try to do is live through that moment to shine for other people and instead of being the one that's going to be dictatorial now dictating what they're going to do the judge mental and I'm over-the-top you were not that know it's and it's hard to step back and when you have children, as many of us do you know it's hard for now. You hit yeah I ask so interestingly you picked another clip for us. Jim in this kind of a dark clip but this poor girl is really in a difficult straight, and she and her judging of somebody that really is invested a lot in her life. This is a spoiler alert.

If anybody is watching blacklist that hasn't gotten through the antecedents and five because this was the real things are crazy.

He's been pursuing these this bag of bones literally because that's a secret. He needs to keep and this is Marie he is Raymond Redington, Raymond or Lisa. Tell him anything and try to find a national he had it buried a enemy.

I a friend that turned into me begging up and was trying to give it to his perceived daughter and it really is a situation where no one in this entire series is exactly who the good guys are that good all the time they cross the line. The bad guys have good qualities so it's a great study of character, but that's not the point.

This is the set up is Raymond Redington is burning the bones to destroy the evidence and then we cut to a graveyard where the FBI agent who thinks that he's her father is talking to her dead husband said that that doesn't care that event as it is dangerous. It's the end of the beginning actually was a part we cut out well.

We saved it for your family enjoy what what happened here is she has discovered the secret that he's been killing people and spending gobs and gobs of money to keep and that's a lesson in itself, but that secret is is that he is not Raymond Redington. This bag of bones is the real Raymond Redington was her father so she is taking that and tell it says she is now going to destroy him and that's can be her portion life and this is an FBI agent that has crossed the line. The times that Mrs. really going to the dark side because of the reaction to this what she sees as a betrayal since she now is in interpreted this guy haste is guilty of murdering her father and and she actually discounts all the investments that he's made in her life prior to that now and it was time for everything he's done through this has been for from his perspective for her benefit, but he knows what that benefit is he actually is almost like godlike figure where he always does more than everybody else and that it's really ugly.

Sometimes well to me were just so blessed of the group that we have here today you have Jim when this deep studying Job. Actually, to think about what Job's friends were actually up to their II never really had spent any time considering that particular angle. We also have Rodney here and we have Corey and and Cory.

I'm very curious as somebody that recently unite within the last six months came to Christ in your interpreting things and getting some ideas from Christ as never before have you here this so there's two parts to interpreting responsibility right we don't like response Billy so much but something that I think that's mature it's like to do is interpret II would love to hear ourselves think everybody has one person or family. Now is using roundtable well in my opinion right well a lot of times when I'm hearing something or being placed in a certain direction by God and something I've prayed on or just something that's been on my mind forever and I see a pathway and yeah I feel I God's taking me down a certain path and how to stop for a second. I know in my opinion God I don't think that this is where I want you really need to agreement with me is almost a given address in my opinion right if you're smart, you agree with me exactly and I think it was Hans if we could just stop trying to interpret the reason or the outcome that we think is going to happen or that we think should happen, I think, again, you know we'd be a lot better off. We don't know when certain people in our lives or our good night you find him, or if they ever will find them. We don't know if where he's gonna take us a week. We don't know what if our goals for ourselves or actually what's going to happen or what he wants and that's the beautiful thing about it and Rodney where talk about it and you know here's part that I know will bring home with you is that you're looking at that Philippians 1st right with everything with prayer and petition in Thanksgiving right response to thank them for these crazy circumstances.

So where will we find ourselves with the in-laws or the family members that are driving us crazy are workmate that drives you crazy you say thank you Lord you say hey I love the situation put me in a really learning a lot. Are you just quickly frustrated and saying get me the heck out of here.

I want head in another direction. It's going towards the fire. Are we going to run from the fire and the spasm Corey was saying no.

We interpret things the way we want to see them through our own eyes with her own lenses and say how this is what's best. I was going down this path is probably the easy path, but the hard part of path where we have something in front of us to really scrutinize our thought process. How can we pause at that moment.

Stop in and yes we have to pray that moment is requesting everything to him in prayer right so as would just listen to on the radio Truth Network terrible earlier in the site so yeah you get up in the morning and a camel to brush my teeth will Lord how should brush my teeth today, but that's best for the thought process behind what Paul is saying is we should be in prayer constantly to yet to live it and that's the hard thing to do and I thought it was set not blanking my he could be set on planking it it it is a matter of we please actually set on Spider-Man. Either way, because both of them address that. But it's a we want to do what we want to do and then when we get the call.

We're looking to do it our way and that that sound better for Spider-Man so we jump into that one. There is yet is given weight is only found in the spider thing crime-fighting spider spider going Spider-Man 910 onesie is having a really good day today and I will start my trains perfectly good evening players just sit there and algebra test nailed listeners. Anybody my 90 figure usually turn to know know know know know she knew she would freak out when she finds out I freak out anything is really full as wedding tensile strength is off the charts from infection.

I did in this was true, what is a twin bed in the morning because it is an amino life had these powers for six months. I read books and build computers and yeah I would love to play football but I couldn't so I shouldn't match her.

She different Jack but I can tell I'm going asked him not when you can do the things that I can feed you don't do bad things happen and so you want to look out for the little guy. Do your part is I don't have a job in Germany. Now all you I can go to Germany is dangerous to what Jim gets back to his responsibility.

It does what were looking at with that is someone who recognizes that they have a call but still want to do it their way around listening to God and doing things the way Lisa's and that's where we wanted to end with this is, we do take everything to God and do things his way, and our only responsibility is obedience and the go register for

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