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The Poser

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 2, 2019 12:30 pm

The Poser

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 2, 2019 12:30 pm

Fresh off another successful Boot Camp, the band of brothers are back in studio, and they are talking posers and taking off the mask. The clips this week are coming from the films "City Slickers," "Star Wars," and the sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond." So grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network of Everyman's life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gauge and livelihoods for the masculine year is filled with many quests and journeys. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guys recall masculine masculine start here now got a studio full of friends that we are loaded for bear.

Today Darren to share for coming fresh off the boot camp and you know that that was where we were live last week and so now interestingly if you listen to weeks ago we were talking about the heart of a man and how we could get a look at Jesus's heart you know we would have a really good idea of what our heart could look like what God would try to restore us to be and and that's a lot of what the boot camp experience is so if you're tracking to the boot camp.

You got to hear that talk which Darren and I did last Thursday night and then Sam main did the larger story talk on Friday morning which is in a given ups sort of an idea of where we are in a placed in this story of our lives because a lot of us feel like we've come into a movie you know 45 minutes before the end of the board. We fit in the bad is and they don't have a clue what's going on right and so the next talk that we do it boot camp which is just for some reason there is a car salesman/radio personality. I end up with opposer talk. 9/10 boot camp and opposer talk really speaks to is is we thought you know from from two weeks ago we had put the talk on record desires of what will you do with that freedom you been set free.

But now, what are you gonna do with that freedom and and men have these core questions that that they're dealing with. And so we can ask a few of you like your listening right now.

What you gonna do that freedom. So here are some questions that God asked men. He did ask these questions of men specifically adamant and and it up at a critical moment or so. The core questions we have typically sound something like do I as a man have what it takes to fight a great battle to live in a great adventure to to rescue somebody needs to be rescued and in a deeper question is, in my the apple of somebody's eye you know it did did my dad make me feel like I was the apple of his eye or her mom or family. Whatever.

But do I rock somebody's world right right so here comes God get Adam has blown it and so as a result we all find ourselves so I don't something about these questions.

Like Adam is going to answer my eye what you think about it like here comes God to you right now, and says, where are you son. Where are you son. Second question who told you son who told you who told you were naked or who told you you don't have what it takes. You know, which is ultimately the same thing and it really really tough one. What if you done son don't like that one Cadillac Allen et al. door number one becomes the voice of wisdom from Sam we get a question from Gideon next that kind of leads to an answer so arrow tell us Gideon's question will Gideon's question comes from Judges chapter 6 where it says the Lord himself turned to him and said you have the strength deliver Israel from the power of the Midianites have not seen you Gideon said to them, but Lord, how can I deliver Israel. Just look my clan is the weakest in Manasseh and I am the youngest in my family.

Lord said to but I will be with you. You will strike down the homemade in the Army as an Gideon asked the son by so much that play a clip from the movie city Slickers and it just happens to be career day and it does have never radio person and it but but but I want you to see. Perhaps I hadn't thought about before. Was Gideon actually posing would ask others question that he was being very authentic. He didn't know whether he had what it takes but he was willing to ask the question to the right person, but in some ways, can't you relate to Mitch significantly clip we have Mitch read Mr. Marelli. We can hear both cases, and then we can talk about it city Slickers. These guys are here on career day follow-up to everything correctable between the sudden is going on with the big dog lashes the Bloomingdale bank's. I don't use the steam bars and is almost grade links and I say got green on you know you'll miss Leach that this crane will slam out from under doctors label Sabal Lakes.

So, tomorrow please ball will way you not supposed to walk because they may not be somebody with superhuman strength to save you drugs. That's it. Descriptive yell is any said I work for WDL and radio, no not distracting the commercial letter on the radio, no other people make the commercials I sell them time on a station for the commercials to be on you which commercials to use that's right now it's not right. It used to be right. Seems not even have to check with a station manager if I want to wipe my nose many tickling my thyroid initiative clicked. Mr. Robin value, this time in his life, as this is the time in your life. You still have your choices I goes by so fast when you're a teenager think you can do anything you do 20s are a blur 30s ration family make a little money you think is self 20s the angel have a major stroke and battling some Jamaican nurse, your wife can stand with you, any questions and meet you here. These two guys were here differently. Mr. Marelli is this definitely over the top disposing. Not much, not revealing who he really isn't really into living a life of kindest deceitful. He's bigger than life.

You know he's not authentic like Mitch.

Mitch is tell it like it is now Mitch lost his heart you know and you know maybe he's posing to to not step up in the act and the role that he needs to be but missed him really really want is over the top and so funny to hear so match what I see just just where I sometimes I think it will a lot of us live. We want somebody we want them to fall in with our mask fall in love with our mask instead of fallen Earth or embracing us in a faux and the cool thing is that is will hear from this next clip would try to play fairly quickly, is that Mitch's wife goes after his heart, she calls them out right. He has his opportunity to go find his heart because she wants him she wants that William Wallace in a bag.

You know that she wants that that real man and if she want somebody that can do something with his freedom, but as you can hear from this you know it's gonna take a lower distant discomfort. Nothing cameras tell me about this Catalan type thing, maybe you should come to Florida camping is humbling. Florida make me miserable) don't hate you.

I called and I is shown, because just joking but I said I want to go in not saying it's all right if you don't want to come with him, saying, go giving these two weeks, use salmon it awesome that people in our lives can actually see the know that were not all and we can truly love that they take that step out share know we will have your figure what it is not that you like it really felt that way you know but knowing that is why life was coming, really love the way and I think the editors figured out a little bit more. It's it's a phenomenal thing. Well Jesus called out a few people in Luke chapter 12 and this is from the message which you know, I note Jesus didn't speak this kind of English but nonetheless I think this is nonetheless. I really like this translation because it speaks to something here in the these are actually red letter word so you can keep your true self hidden forever.

Speaking to the Pharisees, you can keep your true self hidden forever. Before long you'll be exposed.

You can't hide behind a religious mask forever.

Sooner or later the mask will slip in your true faith will be known. You can't whisper one thing in private and preach the opposite in public. The days coming when those whispers will be repeated all over town and in the point Jim is that the poser talk.

It's like layers. I mean you go deeper and deeper because what's below the surface of a man is what Jesus is going after where it's almost difficult to find where your true identity is because you're not just lying to others you love yourself and that is it's easy to pose, it's hard to be real and unusual thing. Jesus is calling out all of us there and he's the only man that ever lived that did not pose as I've been going after the religious guys that he love them, and his attacking their posing was how he showed his love for me. We hear about the terrible Pharisees. They worked by Jesus just as much as the sinners knew it right. Maybe a bit about she somebody in my family called me out.

I got a few stories. I'm sure we've got some others in the group.

We come back here. Those who thousand other wonderful clips so poser today on messenger kneeling happy Gilmore here in the truth network podcasts of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO of my pillow wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all my pillow products.

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I feel so naked you know like oh my gosh I had no idea and and and the beauty of it is is your family really probably has a pretty good idea. Of course God is and is certainly worth asking him but you know if you got a story that comes to mind there anybody Sam no I know that everybody loves Raymond they have a story so they were they were, you know they were going to put out this whole shenanigans talk about the pros they were gonna use it up there and you have a great way send me. Just think about this. If you're if you're a guy in your listening right now.

If euro. If you're a female.

You totally understand that if you're a guy in your listen, then think about the last time that your wife said honey, can we talk the even all of the things that I mean shockwaves go through your heart and your emotions and your you know everything begin and so your your mind is immediately racing to what have I done. How can I get out of this. I think I might have a headache.

If I try really hard me all sorts of different things so that you can get out of that conversation because you don't want to have that level of intimacy because it's hard and that's kinda what this is happening with these three guys right there going off the train for their wives and believe that they've been going to counseling when in fact they been going to the races, gambling, and then there coming up with the stories which is really close to the same thing breakthrough. Well, I you told the part I wanted. So now I'm just so that the people don't want to talk about their talk about you know what they're going to tell their wives because they been gambling lights also write okay let's see the lesson lives is that we will work it out. That's withholding of effectual tips and how it impacted negatively on this conference is over. I did something I always felt that God was disappointed in me, not to mention the neglected clues as to what you will.

I Need and stuff right right. Why was I like that you two are a couple of monkeys that might be the verbal abuse to talk about no, this is last week. You know what you choose problems where he took on that abuse stuff personally as we took it personally would like all the tribes of analysis you got, you will withdraw from your relationship with us because of what it was like that with you. That's great.

Very good. I'm kind of a lousy job so so I just want to grandpa Joe and his dad was the worst. My grandpa's house. You sound very scary.

My guy just tell me horrible stories about how his father used to hit him when he was he didn't meet sure I got it every day that it was like that for you. That was like that for everybody that's just the way it was that hit him. He hit you and never really fit us. I couldn't.

I don't know. I was always weakening him like I didn't. The girls abide at bull that really resonated with me right is the remote alter ego, and as a matter fact a few weeks back earlier in the summer. My oldest son really laid into me about some of the things that went on when he was growing up.

I have admitted my wrong and that I was misguided in some things but I took the liberty of emailing him that clip because I really do identify with it in their parts of my life that he doesn't know about that you found out later that that that clip were all familiar with. It was used it many times, but there's besides deposed that's going on. I don't want anybody to miss that there is intimacy that happens when all of a sudden they actually share their story and they give their father the dignity of his story and in the enter into his story and they enter into intimacy with her father, but they start to feel terribly uncomfortable, so it's time to pull up the fig leaf and Raymond says the girls abide that right at the moment that actually the conversation was beginning to get traction. Jim, are you finished the story of house like that outfit we avoided because it's embarrassing, uncomfortable and it is what we need most, really, is that in the city with wives with friends and we don't do it because we don't want people to see who we really think we are inside you know I think Robbie and Sam.

I know we've talked about.

I know Sam and I talked about this in the past. It did one of the things that is so shaming is you feel like you're the only one that ever failed. The way you just talked about failing Harold you know that I will.

None of my other friends. You know they didn't fail the same way I did raising their kids or it feels that way. It seems that way. It's a lie that's a lie from the enemy. And so when you go through your push through the and get to the intimacy the way that some of the guys in this room have done with each other you know and and shared the rawest ugliest stuff and push through that shame and push through that embarrassment. What we find out is not only were not the only ones but it's it's pretty much a regular everyday occurrence in life know that doesn't make it right. But when you find out that your body went through the same thing you did. And now he's working to reconcile that Inlet Jesus healed that instead of his mask in his life and now you got somebody to walk alongside.

As you walk deeper into that intimacy with Jesus and so we don't want to miss the actual picture that we have here the others show for unit and I know this is a Star Wars clip just work with me okay.

Dark freighters can take off his mask and if you can ever get yours off. Then you will get a chance to look at your loved ones with your own eyes, but more importantly than that you received their love, not the mast receiving love and and and have a chance to be authentic with your son as Darth is here with his who actually did restaurant his mouth just gone you with my go to see right I is pretty scary when he takes office, radio voice, you know, June goes from Gmail John's assembly DI don't know, and that kind of masks we wear, and I think the saddest part of that whole scene is he doesn't take off his mask until he is dying and that often is the way it works out their lives and we need to do it earlier so that people can love us rather than lumbar mask issue, but it's a little earlier were just scared they're not going to if we if we take off them and if we become real enough. We've been told that were not enough, so we have to put on a fake something that is enough and were afraid if we let them know who we really are, then they'll run scared to Sam we do have another opportunity for us to unmask it's coming up in March my right that is coming out late Margo get those dates up that master journey.OR G we would certainly like to see you at camp.

In the meantime, I'm ask yourself those questions know where my hiding.

You know, where are you son told you you were naked and what you do possibly take off your thank you for listening and so much fun to do my best radio voice

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