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An After Hours Of THANKS

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 28, 2020 8:00 pm

An After Hours Of THANKS

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 28, 2020 8:00 pm

An real and gritty review of everything each member of the band of brothers is thankful for in 2020.  Bittersweet and poignant but full of laughter.

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Christmas gift why not the one with the chicken leaving applicable waves as Christmas gifts chicken maybe it's not the get for your family, but it gives the perfect gift for poor family ninja chicken can break the cycle of poverty for poor family yes chicken chickens and provide food and nourishment for family and they can sell those eggs at the market for income when you donate a chicken or any other gospel for Asia.

1% of what you give goes to the field and get the ball went gospel fundraiser to support family of Jesus family this Christmas and give them a six explanation see chickens and camping hello this is Matt slick from the match look like podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundational truths of God's word Trojan Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it Sharon but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network French masculine journey time more transparent. So sit back and masculine journey starts here now journey after hours. Your will be here with us, and that really ties in the topic for this week being Thanksgiving week you feel almost like it you have to do the obligatory Thanksgiving show really, that was not our hearts and doing the show this week. It was more on you with everything that's been happening this year and just how devastating this year could be emotionally spent in a depression since highest rate suicide at its highest rate of domestic abuse is high straight nephew were depressed before he started to show you're really depressed now, but I die political environment. I just made you pick anyone about a hat. Wow, that was a good right you know that it's is been a challenge all year regardless of where things landing on it. It's been the perfect year to be thankful you focus on. Okay, what am I really, really thankful for this year and so if you listen first part of the show we did on the radio station. If I heard some of it were to continue that topic. For the rest of the show talking about the things were thankful for. For this year and this really asking you to also consider what you thankful for you. There's a lot to not be thankful for and I get it right. There is a whole cannot be thankful for. But there's so much more to be thankful for if he really does take time and think about it for most of you listening. I'm sure that you slept in a place it had heat on when it's cold out you had something to probably eat now may not amend that the best dinner we had something there right. You have running water in your house and on those things that we just tend to take for granted in this country isn't everybody storing this country for one that's also most of the world is not their story so just with those things. There's a lot to be thankful for. But there's so much more and so Robin would ask you start out with your clip and talk a bit more about what you thankful for AIS really cool life. We did a short a few weeks ago on and what your word for you year and watch the updates now and so my word for the year was off, and specifically the Hebrew version of that which is 1/2 and and so that's been really show me some amazing things along those lines all year long. So when it came to that.

I was think when I saw this clip I was just blown away by how well it was scripted that it comes from the movie 90 minutes in Heaven and what's happened is the guy who ends up 90 minutes in Heaven is been in the really really bad car accident. His pastor and his friend who's a pastor is going to come visit him and then part of the joy of being a friend or loving people in a search especially in our group we have in our text like I'm sure a lot of people have a texturing rate we call it the name of the word is Gartner Broken arrow.

So if anybody in our group is like being taken to the hospital or otherwise, the intake or they just lost you know that their son-in-law there were so many things that happen this year include including fittings that were all the sudden you get this text and gotten several this week from members of our team whose dear family members have covert how thankful I am to enter into being a true friend and being able to pray for people because they're truly honest that I'm struggling with this I'm I'm I'm having this problem and so you listen to the way this guy loves his friend in this and then we'll talk about David Gentiles was my best friend, like myself, he was an ordained minister, who was by far the most loving human being I'd ever known.

Make you have to make. If you've made it this far, you have to for yourself. Hold off rest on when you do a thing will do for you. We won't let you die and understand that Don pray all night call everybody I know who can pray once you know the health of us who care about you will be alcohol night in prayer for you, taking over from here. He had met amazing to think what an honor God puts us in relationships where we can go to battle for people that we love them and and in this case he was battling for Don's life which is phenomenal story but it's really really cool to be able to love people through whom God like that and in you and in those prayers you really get to share with Jesus how you feel about them and and how you know what difference they make in your life and in those things and so you know, yeah, this is a year of a lot of death more debt than I've ever seen in a year there's there's a lot of pain but it gives us the opportunity that I never really would've thought about to really enter into the battle for the people that we love in even the country that would love the spirit of death is heavy and it's not just with physical death is been death of businesses that the relationships death of jobs is that spirit is so heavy. And that's really what were feeling on top of us all the time. Is this that this whole oppression from that Lamb Think That's Cool. I Love That I Thought It's a Fight That Your Clip Is like so Incredibly Deep in the Teleplay When It's Really Not about Me and As You and I Wish I Thought Your Clip Thought I Was like All That Clip Is Perfect Yeah Good Play but I'll Play.

At First It Had to Go What the World Really a Christian Station to Play in This Part of the Song You Not Know What It's about. Yeah I Know It's about, but It Means Something Different to Me and Play It and Will Talk about Much Not Much to the Chutzpah Credits Supposedly Called for and We Were Talking My Doing Right Sure Was Because I Was Confused Yeah You Will Literally Was More Bold Than That and I Pipe Posted It to That the Teams Thing That Were Starting to Use the Setting That up and You Call Me at What the Heck Are You Sure That on the Station.

You Can Play That Song You Play That Part of It Anyway to Find the Part You Could Play Play but It Was More Important to Me As I Thought about What I Wanted to Be Thankful for. This Is When It Came to Me First. Actually Was the Song It Was Because of of You Guys Right and What I Mean Friends in Low Places in Solid Bricks and Singing about. It's about Friends That Are Authentic and Share Their Life and Share Where There at You Know Because You Know You're Dealing with Something and Letting God Father You Randy. It Helps Me Step in the Place. I Can Let Him Father Me Now You Know Why He Sat My Chair in the Yeah Yeah Let the Audience Can't See You Have It. Any Signature Is about 6 Inches off the Ground. I Said the Kids Cannot See the Kids Table That They've Done for Me It's It's It's Really Thing That I Really Value That I Don't Talk A Lot about the Show, but I Really Do Mean That It Goes beyond the Friendship Here. I'm Very Thankful That I Have Two Sons That Are Walking in This Message in Different Places That I Am Because They Help Me See It, Fresh from Their Perspective, Many Years Younger Than Me. You Know and Will Watch a Movie Together the Three of Us Especially Now Watch a Movie. So Differently Than We Ever Did before and How Cool Is That This Okay I Have My Sons like I Was Talking with My Oldest Son Yesterday Little Bit about Some Stuff. God Shared with Me at Boot Camp and Had Him Having Context to Understand What That Meant and Be Able to Speak into It Yes Is My Son, but More Importantly As a Christian Brother. I so for Me I'm Just Glad I'm Not in Charge.

Now the Enemy That Truthfully You Know We We Go through Life and You Know I Think Jeremiah 2911 for the Plans I Have for You, Because I Sure Want to Put Myself Here. There's No Doubt about That. Like Back to You Know Clip That Andy Had for Me Seems like God Guides Me through Even Though I'm Going Kick and Scream and Most the Time It's It's like As Robbie Mentioned We Had Basically a Daughter-In-Law Pass Away Very Suddenly for Us. She Was She Was Engaged and They They Had a Child and Suddenly My Son Is with the Two-year-old or Three-year-old Daughter Working at a Major Restaurant from 10 O'clock to Close That Doesn't Work and Raise a Child in in May with Each State. We Are Going to Move in the Middle of This Mess and Ended up Getting a New House in a Course and I'll Be like Most Staff People Looking for Their Last Home Were Just Checking off Boxes. We Want This and I Want This Move Want This in the Process. One of Things I Struggled with.

As We Went from 1900 Square-Foot Home to a 2800 Square-Foot Home. Mike, Why Do I Need 900 More Square Feet to Heat and Cool Well Just so Happens, God Had a Plan for Me and We Know We Talk about the Boot Camp and I Think at What People Don't Realize Is That Even Us Have Gone for Several Years. We Still Get Something Out Of It.

It's like My Name.

God Shared with Me This Last Boot Camp with Host You Take Care Of My Children and of Course Anybody Who Knows Me Well Enough, Those I Pretty Much like Know That That's Not Dead. No, No, I Don't Want That. I I I like the Unity Loader Single out but You Know What It Is. It Is Been a Blessing to Have Them in the House. John Michael Was Helps Cook on Regular Basis Which Is Beneficially Have Somebody Works in the Restaurant Business Is Willing to Cook a Mouse Gives My Wife a Break in. It's Truly Been a Blessing so I'm Glad I'm Not in Control. Think You Can Imagine Everything That He's Gone through This Year and Then Being Able to Be in the Home with You Guys and How That Support Has To Be Huge. I Am Sure and He's, You Know, My Wife of Love That She Gets to Spend A Lot More Time with Her Granddaughter and Her Sons, Which She Enjoys, Well We Have a Great Day Alaskan the Red Evidence Establishing Well We Can Talk about the Coming Right Back Him from the Breakdown so That What Your Sales Will Pick a Fight If It Feels like Every Day Is Picking a Fight. We Can Listen to the Masculine Journey and Find out Why We Use Clips like to Illustrate the Story, God Is Telling in the Lives of Truth Is God Designed You Which Flights Do We Grab Your Gear and Come in Every Saturday Your Sales. If It Feels like Every Day Is Picking a Fight. We Can Listen to the Masculine Journey and Find out Why We Use Clips like to Illustrate the Story, God Is Telling in the Lives of Truth Is God Designed You Which Flights Do We Pick Will Grab Your Gear and Come in Every Saturday and We Just Talk about Not Being in Control. Yeah, I I'm so Out Of Control Like That. I Live a That's Not You Try to Control Everything You Want the Honest Truth Is Said That the Authentic Thing Is I Try to Have My Hands around Everything and They Drew Andrew Andrew Let's Do That You Have the Clip Right, You Have Another One Is Good and Set It up and Tells about the Charlie Brown Clip so Is from Charlie Brown. Some I'm Going Way Back. So This Is This Is Thanksgiving Classic and Growing up I Was All into the Whole Story of the Founding of Our Nation. The Pilgrims and Thanksgiving That Came and It's Basically Linus's Prayer Here, but Just a Little Bit about That.

He Mentions You Know That the First Thanksgiving Is like 1621 so That's 400 Years from Now. Think Clear 1620. The Mayflower Compact Was Signed and It Was When We When Europeans Came over Here and They Basically Committed Ourselves to God Made a Covenant with God and I Never Realize How Serious That Was but Then the Next Year That They Lived through All This Hardship Probably Way Worse in Covert What They Dealt with Trying to Get Established in All This. Dr. Vela #Canberra Hundred and Two That Came over 50 Died That Winter and Here's a Shocker, 14/18 Wives Died in Early 18 Fleming 1621, You Nailed It. It Is Interesting Is Exactly 400 Years yet That First Winter Was like beyond Berlin.

It Kept Going for A While. Absolutely No Say Crack a Joke about Harold and I Can't Really Do That but Was Jammed with His Taste Better Is but You Know the Way Things Are. Our Founding of Our Nation Is Really under Attack. Right Now People Are Questioning the History We Know That Those Things Are True and We Truly Have Something to Be Fight.

Thankful for in Our Nation. That's One of the Things I Think We Hear A Lot about That to Me and Think for the Nation but I Don't Think We Really Get to the Impact Everything We Benefit from Here in the United States We We Take Back Those People Who Made the Sacrifices for Us.

You Know and Come over Here and Wanting Religious Freedom and Got That Blessing of God Put on Them for All Future Generations Because of That, and I'm Just so Thankful for That. In You Know If It Takes It Coming from a Charlie Brown.

You Know, Clip Mobile Go with It.

Year 1621, Chief's William Bradford and Capt. Myles Standish. Mr. Mr. When Something like This God for Our Homes and Our Food. Thank God for the Opportunity to Create a New World Just on Its Back When You Learned Some History Now Is Talking about Schoolhouse Rock.

I Have Bill Became a Bill Because of Schoolhouse Rock Metastatic like This Is My Sixth Grade Teacher, Mr. Thomason and Present Is Not around Anymore If He Is I Did Learn A Lot but I Didn't Learn about That Stuff but Yeah That's so True. Like the Peanut Special. You Know You Learn Stuff about It and It Helps to Have Perspective Does and Doesn't, You Know, If You Don't If You Don't Really Look Back in History and See That This Nation Has so Much to Be Thankful for and That God Uniquely Called Us out. It Was Different Than Most Nations That We Were Truly Established on His Principles.

When You Had Israel and Then You Have the United States and There Wasn't Really Anybody Else That Was That It Was Called out like That.

So It's Unique and I Believe That in the Way That God Has Established This We Need to Be Thankful for You Absolutely Own Switching Gears Little Bit in the Switch for the Rest of the Show and in and Switch the Question to What Are You Thankful for the Gods Done for You This Year. In 2022 and He Has My Confronting You What We Got and Start Malachi, I Think Probably Just Covert When It Hit and It Was like Okay This Is the Real Deal in Used Start Thinking about You Know All the Impacts of This and You Know Trying to Get Perspective in Trying to Get Interpretation Really What's Going on in Doing so, You Know I If I My Heart Wouldn't What Had a Band Because Masculine Journey. When I Learned It Probably Taken Me out.

But You Know and It Did to a Degree, but You Know I Got Perspective I Think This Thing Is the Thankfulness of Even in That Difficult Situation. There Was Something to Be to Be Thankful for At Least This Is What I'm Thankful for This Year.

You Know Robbie Mentioned Earlier, Psalm 150 Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving and His Courts with Praise and Give Thanks to Him and Bless His Name Well to Me Whenever You Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving Those Gates. Those Gates Are Tied. The Walls in This Protection within That in Their Worst Protection That I Feel like I've Experienced from All That's Going on. My Hearts Been Protected and Then His Courts with an Inner Enter His Courts with Praise Will to Me That His Presence and Experience His Presence More This Year Than Any Other Year. I Think I've Ever Been Ever Experienced, and It's Just Been a Good Thing. Again, I'm Not Here to Say a Look at Me. I Just It's Something That He Moved in Me That Caused Me to Respond to Him and in Doing so I'm Deeper My Relationship and Something to Be Thankful for. Thank You. And If I Shake That Parable about You but I Had Never Heard That Song before, but Being Thankful for Things You Didn't Get That Really Registered with May Run Right Now Because I Wanted to Be a Fighter Pilot in the Navy That Have Been Successful.

I Would've Hit and Right When They Were Getting Shot down and so Forth.

But God Put a Woman in Front of Me That Others Could Not Live without and I Am so Thankful for the Things That I Didn't Get That I Thought I Wanted Because the We've Been Married Now for 56 1/2 Years Got This Wonderful Sunset Know We're Next to Me. I Got A Lot to Be Thankful for That. I Didn't Get What I Thought I Wanted Thinking around so Rodney Same Question You What You Thankful for That. God's Giving You This Year Versus Why Give Her All Our Time Can't Live with Them Can't Live without My Brother Says It Better. Actually Can't Live with Them Can't Live with Big Runs in the. The Just the Overarching One Is Just II Always Turn around a Look Back at Times When You Just Thankful. Just like You Chose Me. What Were You Thinking, You Know, Why Would You Choose Me and Just so Thankful That You Know I Was Chosen but in This Year. Specifically, My Word for the Year Was Father and Didn't Know Where We Were Going to Go but As We Went through Boot Camps and Other Things Were Praying for What We Want to Boot Camps and Other Things That the Overarching Theme All Year for Me Has Been in This Fathering Be Content.

The Content and That Still Heartedness and Just to Trust in Him and Be Thankful for That and I Tell You It's Brought Your Face so Much Farther When You Can Actually See All the Things Are Happening in Front of You.

You See the Stupidity the Idiocy the People Blatantly Lying about Something That Gathers Your Looking on a TV Screen and It's Completely Different Than What They're Describing in, but yet They're Saying It's Something Else and You Can Be Content. I'm so Thankful That I've Had My Anxious Moments of Had My Issues Know during the Year, but for the Most Part I'm in Good I'm Good Now I'm like Okay Wherever We Go Where We Go and Eternities on Life. My Friend on My Side I Don't Drive I Get This Worked out. I Really Have Nothing Him. It's Going to Bother Me or Throw Me That Much, so, Really, Really Thankful That God's Settled My Heart and Him Thank You Jim after Going after All These Deep Theological Answers That I Met Him Never to Be the Cardinal One.

I Am Thankful for God's Provision. Being Able to Work You Know from Home, Do What I Do in Fact Have Enjoyed It More from Bob Don't Have To Become Coworkers That Bothered Me like You, but God Is Providing and I Am Truly Thankful for That I'm Thankful for Those That Are Still Willing to Go and Work the Essential Workers out There and II Think You Know You Think about What Still Has To Happen Just to Keep People Fed Key People Clothed.

Now Keep the Lights on and I'm Thankful for Those Guys That They Continue to Do That despite Any Risks That They Might Run into. Thank You, Jim Riley, What about You, You Got to Just Minute or so Here You Make It Quick. Well, Actually My Wife and I Would Not Then Try to Redeem Myself. Where Are You Know Actually Tammy and I Were Talking about, You Know We We Know so Many Couples through the Incident Divorced and How Lucky We Are That That Isn't. It's like the Farthest Thing from Either One of Our Minds We Can We Can Just Talk about That at Length like Can You Imagine, I Mean We Get to Have so Much Fun for the Rest of Our Lives Because We Know That This Is the Team and and You Know Here We Go.

We Have Our Kids Together Week and We Have Enclosed We Have All Those Wonderful Things Will Turn over the Exam, but It Really Is and I Know God Completely Gave Me That through All This. I Love My Thick That Part Thank You for Me. I Think It Would Be a Two Things It's It's God's Continued Pursuit of Me Even When I Act like I Don't Want Them Pursuing Me and You and I Kind of Turned and Ran the Other Way When II Tend to Do That from Time to Time and You Know I Think It's Always Afraid It's Going to Require A Lot Of Me in on It Never Really Does Not As Much As I Think It's Going to You Now and in the Constant Healing That Is Trying to Get My Life That the Second Thing Would Be Just the Joys. Help Me to Rediscover into Simple Things and Being Able to Talk to Family on the Phone Been Able to Have Conversations My Kids around the Fire Pit and outside Just Enjoying That Time Together Because You Can't Go Do the Other Things You Know and We Can All Be Stuck behind the TV Watching Netflix and I Do That from Time to Time That It's More the Joy of Painting Even Though I'm Not Good I like It Brings My Heart Good Joy Working in the Yard and Sing Something Happen As a Result All the Things I Think with and Lost.

If It Wasn't for This Year 2020.

God Opening My Eyes to That and Very Thankful for Thankful for You Thank You Thank You for You Listening We Love Free to Reach out to Us Go to or Contact Information There. You Can Recheck Any of Us If You Have Show Ideas Are Something I Could Share a Clip You to Hey Have You Heard This One. Please Do That Would Love to Hear from You Asking Journey That OIG Will Talk to You Next Week. This Is the Truth Network

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