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Giving Thanks For Everything & Everyone

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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November 28, 2020 12:30 pm

Giving Thanks For Everything & Everyone

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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November 28, 2020 12:30 pm

Sam, Robby and the band of brothers see the light in even the darkest of times.  You'll laugh, cry and realize it's really is the littlest of things we are thankful for.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey. We are very glad to have you with us this week.

This is a very special week for Thanksgiving addition of the Masco journey.

Robbie, this is just a been a weird year but you know we talked a little bit about this would be a great year to really focus on being thankful really is and I love the night installment since you know enter into his gates with thanksgiving so you know how fun is it really from my perspective. So my favorite people in the world to enter into the gates together and thank God for some of what I've seen in the midst of unbelievable pain and turmoil God showing up in and doing amazing amazing things is a light does get brighter as a gift. Dark. It's really amazing things this year been able to do to boot camps in the midst of coveted and so far, everything went well with those is not been anything that's happened out of those that wasn't positive. It was all very positive guys that was in the midst of that so you really can't get into the today's topic choice can be pretty free-flowing on the standpoint world is kind of pressure from a heart and placing clips along the way and so we go ahead and start with the clip that's a classic Thanksgiving clip and Jim if you want to go ahead and set up this clip a little bit if if you been around since like the 80s.

It was probably closer to 70s, but Late late late 70s early 80s. You have to know this Thanksgiving clip with you if you been around that long to write so this is from the television series WK RP and of course Carlson who's the station manager has set up a promotion and doesn't want to share with anybody what he's doing well less investment. The reporter for the station is on the scene and so we pick up with less who is just announced a helicopter has flown over the parking lot of the mall is there on the spot shopping mall, that's funny.

That is quite weird not doing that.

There's no live turkey bombing that that's probably a good thing. So what was about. The student never came up with what was it about the clip that made you feel thankful, well, you know, when you talk about Thanksgiving you you talk about comedy enjoyment and in the clip always sticks out my mind and for me, you know, gates even in the midst of coveted and all that's going on were still meeting now every week and we can do the radio and you get what you look at that and that that the funny part about that clip is it if you haven't seen. I encourage you go out and Google it and find the clip is that everybody in the radio station is you know on pins and needles to see what happens next, and so often we come in here not knowing where God's going to lead us and he always seems elitist on a journey that hopefully is blessing others in the process. Thank you, Jim.

It is great to have laughter especially during this time writer so much going on in the distinctly US environment that's not a lot of jovial atmosphere like cutting people out right into it's great to have something that's kinda laugh at it and get away from that. I know that I find myself drawn a lot of times when damages chill out and watch TV to something humorous during the season. Just because it seems like everything else is so not that way you know it's so serious all the time. Mary Hart doesn't do it like medicine right yeah absolutely."

Scripture thinking as I got spare service on the SRI when I quoted it amid a guidance or wrong. It was hundred Psalm, not the mind if the justice that none of us pointed that out. I was like okay you know that I know that Scripture you could tell me it's anywhere ago. Okay you have read it.

I did so moving on to your clip. Robbie, let's talk little bit about that won't even play the clip. First, you will talk first, I want to talk. I think most people are familiar with it, but I don't know if you're familiar with a couple aspects of it that really stuck out at me. It's the clip is from.

It's a wonderful life and a couple of quotes from Clarence the angel here, which I think are spectacular where Clarence is strange isn't it that each man's life touches so many others that when he is not around. He leaves an awful hole density and course if you know the story of George Bailey that he was given an opportunity to see what is life what what what people would've experienced if he had been born specifically but it saved his brother and these things but you know in this year we've had an opportunity to see that whole casino. Our bug dear dear friend Vinnie and I went to be with the Lord and some of those things, but all my goodness what God has opened the door to for us this year like Sam Sammy had duped to boot camps and and when I think of the new people that are in our lives by Chris Amos and those in the skies from Virginia. I mean, amazing team then commune at Danny. He's given the honor that shortly no and near do you know as as the team builds and it builds on this foundation of Christ at an end for me personally in my life like oh my gosh in on the key to call office becoming a great tan as I've had an opportunity to produce a show Mike Swick in different people that have come in just poured into me and it the each one realizing that my candy hunting Came back with us and and you know talking this morning and all these people that were holes are working on it when they come back in. Let that feels like this is so amazing really to have a seat at the table with so many friends or maybe you know what this studio was like four years ago. Sam compared to what it is now and we are having fun then but oh my goodness, so when you hear about this. The second quote from Clarence R. Angel is in the book so you can't see this in the clip but you know there's little thing where the where the bell rings and she says all you know teacher says that we write so much what happens if he opens up this book Tom Sawyer. It says dear George, remember that no man is a failure when he has friends I get this all Mr. Cash stop. My office instructed to advance you up to $25,000 and Merry Christmas Sam Wainwright is my big brother George, the richest man in town where we played a clip from Jim's teenaged heroines, but they do have the words. I think it's good time to find out what Ron was probably suited and ready. What will when I really am thankful for was how you talked about that clip before we got entering the preshow.

Sam and I love you to share that with the listeners because I can't really call it as well bring out that I love you to what we don't have time to gather at that is giving her time today. I purposely did not listen to the clip because I wanted to hear the first time with you guys and I'm not disposing much with you guys so I could get my reaction would be authentic and genuine binding. Thank you for writing on the go.

Talk to you if we get one from your teenagers. It would just be like music playing right and it was all dislike no talkies but I'm glad to know that I can provide a solution for this program is, but that's one of the things that I'm thankful for the fact that at my advanced age. You guys except me and let me be a part of the group and it's it's really a wonderful thing for me. Another thing that I'm really thankful for is the actually sitting here in the studio with Ms. Masson bread.

He has been a source of joy for many many years now and the end we heard about the atomic elbow. He gave Nikita South, understand that. So yeah, I have a lot of things for which to be thankful, and I will take all the time.

The name of that trust me there there so you think you have like free to go to mass get past podcast when we do announce and accept me boot camp it'll be there and also on the show today to be sometime in the spring and begin mass to go and check out any of the events and have coming up sales. If it feels like everything is fine. You might want to come listen to the masculine journey and find out why we use clips like to illustrate the story, God is telling in the lives of truth is God designed which fights to we will grab your gear and come every Saturday sales for it feels like every day is fine.

You might want to come listen to the masculine journey and find out why we use clips like the to illustrate the story, God is telling in the lives of truth is God designed you, which fights the weeping will grab your gear and come every Saturday and back that that was actually really one of my clips that I had, because that song is I like Darius Rucker from way back today with Hootie and the blowfish and know that you know they'd been in University South Carolina is where the band started and so you know he's from this area right. He writes a lot of songs about North Carolina South kind and those things and so I really enjoyed his transition into country music.

I wouldn't say I'm a huge country music fan, but there certain artists. I really like and he's one of them in this song just really speaks a lot to me is the whole thing in the corset you just heard if you go back and listen to the song called this. It's all about you. The things we can look back and say well if this would happen or that what happened or maybe I should've made this decision at that decision.

I wish I would've done this with any of those things change were probably not where we are today. You know, if you really happy with where you are today. Things can be better and made a better decision. Here there but really happy with my group of friends and really happy with my family really content.

In a lot of ways of my job in any of those things along the way that I like back and can have regrets over if I focus on those. I would realize that I wind up exactly ran today and so I'm so grateful for that. And that's when things are most thankful for is a perspective and so you don't have a really kind and not so great day. I find myself gravitating that song because I know it's just another stop. I didn't make.

I didn't merge) that are average. I think you have a way that right yet I think it helps if it helps me to have presented low. It helps me to have perspective that okay maybe there's another.

This right around the corner that I'm not expecting you have another clear that after Andy asked Rodney what he thinks about the time you I do love that that's one of the things it actually in when I was working in Charlotte as I said and said that's when I really found out who Jesus was and is like oh my gosh this is so much more than just yeah there is a God know there's a Sperry specific God and is a very specific reason Jesus came any guidance you learn all this and that's exactly my thoughts as to when it was like it was just after I lost a job thing and I was driving and I would have to get to my job and all those things were no horrible situation of the time it was not a good time for me and I just remember hearing about Christ on the radio. Driving to work in the morning and to be thankful that oh yeah all these things in my past, led me to this moment.

I would not be here at this moment receiving this message if I probably would've made some of these other decisions so I'm that song brings very true for me.

Yours is better than mine think you appreciate any before I go to you and I would like to get to Danny on the phone because honestly forgot he was on the phone and forgot DME as much as I would like to get the daily on the phone and said if we could put him on the phone is on your on-air okay. I'm glad you didn't forget about you totally just right now at the site out of mind. Yeah Danny will what you thankful for in the season you know with everything going on with Kelvin all the stuff what makes your heart can it come alive in and feel warmth over me very thankful will think about the uniqueness of life. You know, God wrote our story and though we have similar story in unique pickle one bit while ago that the yellow wouldn't be where I am today without the journey and think I'm finally beginning to enjoy the and the ministry of life and I'm thankful that you and that family would have. You wouldn't have turned here. What would it be like that's what I'm thankful for were preparing for a family get-together on Thursday.

Thankful for theirs is very socially distanced family gathering route will work, but we can count appreciated everything had to say there but I could focus on those wellies.

Only 52 you get a kick out of that. You deftly miss my family with you here. Yeah, I'm certain you complexes when I I'm I'm here. You're not in when I'm not here you're here something that's probably just me. Well, you can try to push me back in the water.

I don't know what's going on with you. Thank you, Danny and I will look forward to seeing you next week. Hopefully all right you have a great one.

My friend Andy through whatever you're going by this week. What is your clip you say is getting what your clip and what would you like to share. So my clip is for me to parents is the the Thanksgiving meal that Greg is a potential son-in-law is coming to meet the parents and he's posing a little bit. I've got to think in this probably great clip of the poser but yeah as he walks through this it makes me think of probably where I was at one time in my life and the fact that I love God, but I probably was posing in from Thanksgiving Day prayers, day by day by day by day grace just don't pray honey less you have some objection know I know I love to someone, rabbi or something said grace, and many a dinner table. Oh dear God, thank you.

You are such a good God sent a kind gentleman, accommodating God and we thank you. Oh sweet, sweet Lord of hosts for the smorgasbord you have so aptly laying that are table this day and each day by day, day by day by day. Oh dear Lord.

Three things we pray to love the more dearly to see the more clearly to follow the more nearly day by day by day. Lovely. Thank you Greg that was interesting to yeah that was a great thing is more funding.

The clip was watching Bethann in the other room at that clip its day by day and is your clip will what it was interesting.

Later, as he put it interesting but interesting way to pray but I think this thing is is just being around these guys to help you identify your pose.

They reflect back to you.

You know who you are and what you see in yourself. You see things in laminate helps you to see you know your pose and you also see the Gloria Newman you see where you want to walk out of those things and I am so thankful because to me it's just been a slight, not linear. It's not just totally but the growth that I've seen in the last two years.

I am so thankful and that because I feel like I'm becoming. You know what really who really get God intended me to be and it's not posing is one of those.

I think we pose, we tend to hide or try to prove ourselves or live falsely and it's just all we know today because that's what we default to is as following sons of God and in the more you become authentic and real.

It just brings a lot of freedom when you have something to be thankful for. It is united as you're talking Andy is thinking about you. We do help each other in those areas.

You know what you get sometimes from the radio shows a snippet of what we do around the radio show before and after the show you were here together recording and we meet before the show and after the show we talk about life in the boot camps in those things that we do. It's really helping each other see things and got helps us do that. But it also. We are learning to be a lot more authentic with one another and it does allow us to joke you know and I know that it's not coming from a bad place.

I think if you just tuned in to the station and didn't know our relationship. You think that we bit recruiter each other but you know there's so much love. It's in the in the group that you get around any family that really loves each other.

There's going to be some natural ribbing that occurs right and that's what you really hear from us is just a lot of that inherently really love you just say I'm happy to know that you said I get a Y you, so grab the bike and like I'm going to throw that in there but it's truly a way that that's where comes from. It comes from such a heartfelt place because God's really brought this group together which mixes very thankful for that night. It impacts not just us but impacts her families impacts the places that we work as God makes us better people. Different people born of the people he created us to be, we can't help impact others in the process is not rocket upon is just a ripple effects and the actual situation as it causes other people to thank God and and so your Thanksgiving is actually plate prank planting, Porky pig, again planting seeds for other people to be thinking you know I had somebody at the boot Say all your parking what is going to say is if I were to come over here and have to leave her to joke about my disappointed that we were loving you is meant that's what it would be good to you see, more often than not is the camaraderie is addicting. Almost it's almost you know like Kovic. It's is very it's a contagious thing that you know you eat it. It's not just here it's it's at the boot camps and you can see how brawler reacting, how are all getting along with each other I were giving each other a bad time in the midst of a bunch of guys that are not sure what it even there.

Yeah, I think the difference for us and covet as we encourage you take your mask off the exam number.

The one show we are doing.

It was almost the whole night and Harold finally got a joke about his age and 90 was like something you guys that love me anymore that that's the show for this part of the masculine really the podcast locations you can get the after our show.

Listen to it, we can continue on this topic with more clips, more, much, much more to be thankful for and honestly haven't even mentioned God much yet, so we gotta get back and mention him because I was thankful that the masculine enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend and have a great this is the Truth Network

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