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Legacy Vol. 1

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 29, 2020 12:30 pm

Legacy Vol. 1

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 29, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! This week the discussion turns to legacy. When you look back at your life, what type of legacy will you leave? When it's all said and done, what will people say about you? The movie clip used this week comes from "Gladiator." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth.

Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around all your friends. Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the truth. Podcast network. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man plays a great adventure. Life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads, but the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now walking the masculine journey we're very glad to have you. I know I say that every week, but I am especially glad to Dave I don't know why the joy of the Lord is your strength really is and as I sit here watching you is your mind set on the show.

I could see the joint is, well, up, and I was like there's nothing like Sam.

One is full of joy. We agree there is something yes that is exactly what I was thinking yeah nothing like Sam when he is full of something joy would be one of those things it's not usually the top of the site because I think this is a really cool topic that as humans we struggle with if you don't start with, you probably should a little bit. Yeah I would say that if you've never really thought about it. Maybe you need to start. What are we supposed to be thinking about. I don't I'm just trying to create this urgency moment what is the seniority got me exactly what I'm talking about legacy. What is your legacy.

What are you gonna leave behind on this earth. The impact you have on others.

The be is it just give me the name on a building you know is that can be what you legacy is a street sign and not that those things are bad and I'm not saying that they are.

But is that the sum total of what you believe. I've left a legacy at the post office a couple of times but you know they eventually take those pictures down at the end of the legacy but if you got north Carolina. There's been concern, it's cold out but not as Kenny came to this weekend and and we've actually done a show on the topic years ago, but I think he knows anything else. As we evolve and we stepped closer and draw closer to Christ in those things change along with it in the answers that you might have in this room you know somebody that's 20 versus only 70 it's totally a different perspective on what that might look like Yamane when I was 20. I I seldom thought about that. Honestly. But if I did think about it. It was something and not in the realm of financial legacy leaving you know my kids are my family a business you know something that they could point at and remember dad by things like that and that's kind of the furthest from you know my thoughts. Now it's it's very interesting when we started talking about you know the topic was what what do I what do I honestly think about when I think about leaving a legacy you know and what do I not think about and maybe what do I not think about anymore. Maybe it does change with life does not and I think that some of the clips that we have and will get all the clips we have available to us this week, but a lot of the clips we have come from Kings right will if you think about one of things we talk about on the show. This is were all called as men to be kings and I may be king over very very small kingdom right very small influencer may be kings over a large kingdom, but that that's the topic that they struggle with and get to the first clip it's from gladiator and I will have a laugh track this week so Rob you have to be a laugh track at some point have to throw a couple things in here.

I think he says that on the board's products are always laughing and we can do that but the this is from gladiator and you have Marcus Aurelius is talking to Maximus is really questioning in his tort nearing the end of his life in his kingdom and his rule and what type of legacy in my leaving Listen to that sinfulness is only for the glory of them Plaza map Maximus is the world which I created 25 years I have conquered lands expended.

The Empire since I became season. I've known for years without will four years of peace. I both thought nothing more 5000 by men around the freezing mud 3000 of them a bloodied and cleaved 2000 will never leave this place. I will not believe that they fought and died for nothing, and what you believe you want to throw I've seen much cool dock was the light seeing what has become I die CZ 70 want to know that was on purpose to his life. I will speak my name used, let me known as the philosopher what will I be okay vroom that Trussell was once a dream that was real. Anything more than a so fragile that it will not survive the wind. As I listened like a couple of things I loved about it was. He started it with a question that he knew the answer to Maximus had not yet discovered that right but I think it's a great question for us to kind of dwell on and ask yourselves what are we really here for right is it to pay the mortgage, as we have to do that.

Is it to make sure this is taken care of.

Yes we have to do that.

But is that really the sum total of why were here you live in you guy yeah right I'm here to pay taxes. I'm here to make sure that my kids have an education. I'm here yeah and there's lots of things are true and that but that can't be the sum total of why were here or you'll end up without any type of legacy if you're young man. That's a huge question huge question and it's and it's more than the existential question that you know Rodney just answered for us so eloquently to Rodney just how did you put it again.

It's really hard only think I'll get you living, you die and summed up by thanks that's the show when I was probably goodness.

I was a baby I was was in my early 20s and had semi truck accident flipped a semi truck end over end and should have been dead woke up in the center median and a doctor was over me Just happened to be driving by and he stopped and you know I woke up and he said okay son I'm a doctor you know can I can I check you out and I was like yeah if I'm still alive filming glitches literally was flashing through my mind. I'm dead now as the truck is flipping and over in, but after that event, I started questioning this this thing.

Why am I still here because it was it was such a strong conviction at the time I should be dead. There's been lots of stupid human tricks by Darren Kuhn. This is just one more and I should be dead. Why am I not that God and I began to asked that question. Why am I really hear what my here for, and it change the entire trajectory of my life really did gave my life to Christ within a few months of that for the first time. In reality I'd grown up in the church but you learned a lot and spotted trying not to but finally had the conviction that you know what I need a Savior and he's the only one I've got an and it did begin to change the trajectory my life.

Within a year of that time or year and 1/2 that time I was in seminary and you know my whole life is changed because of asking that question now. Hopefully you don't have to flip a semi truck end over end and almost died.

Just listen to the podcast for the radio now and you start asking the question.

It's a lot less painful. It's a very good question to ask, especially for younger than any age. And then I think in the second half of that clip. Yes other questions. Basically, you know, what are they gonna say about me and maybe it's not you know the people that you know were under your kingship and it really is when you think about it were my kids gonna say about me after I'm gone. I think SAI was the, the angry dad that was always around that they couldn't trust his reactions in what's going to be that legacy because that's can outlive me with my coworkers gonna say what some people that I go to church with what's all that the ones really know me you know not the ones that think they know me, but the ones really know me, what are they gonna say. At the end of the day when I'm gone about my time here that's a question. As you get older you and you usually start with that general question the broad question can't be answered and then there's the clarifying questions that come to you after you consider why am I here that's huge and you just really know bike answer for that, but then you got the hundreds of questions underneath that the clarifying questions that okay was dwell on some of those. What comes into your mind that you can answer what comes into something. Go to God with and get clarifying questions, you may not answer him if he ever answered you on why you're here, Darren, but he's probably answered you on all the other hundreds that you pass a better much more specific and direct insight.

Oh that really in the end is spelled out for me why I'm here because I've got these other hundred answers Moses in Psalm 90 jumps in their and obviously this is Moses older than Harold, which is kind of a scary thought and says teach us to number our days.

It's right and this is an old man that say really old man that is saying teach us to number our days as we put some weight into you know where were at. As we begin to have that road rage in front of her grandkids, or as we begin, you know some of the other stuff that just simply shenanigans which just requires a closer walk with Jesus to begin to put some weight on you know what you where you're actually going and and you know for me personally, I'm with you Sam like I've got kids I got grandkids and you know one of the things and and Morgan mentioned that in the interview and Ives ever heard from Lance and heart several times about the guy who was a really big in ministry is not phenomenally famous great minister somebody went to his funeral and his son said more. Those are some really great things I said about my data. I'd like to know that guy and may man I don't I die no one legacy.

I don't want it is is I don't want my kids to listen.

Are you guys what what's ago now wish I'd known that guy you think about the tell-all books that you hear about celebrities is that they have this public image of a behind the scenes lately beat their kids or they were cruel right in and that's really their legacy at the end of the day for the ones that know them. The ones that they had the chance to really impact to make a difference in their life in Olympia made a small difference on the big screen they made a huge difference in the living area and a natural retirement. We can talk more about that getting a few more clips talk about what does Jesus say about our legacy. Much of that really look like that first masking register for the upcoming boot camp coming November 12-15 Baskin Robbie Gilmore here your mattress get a little thin on top. Check out the new mattress topper from my pillow. I sleep hot. My wife sleeps cold which make its phase change material invaluable to us comes with a 10 year warranty. It's washable and dry bullets made in the USA back by Mike Lindell 60 day warranty and best news ever go to my save 30% use promo code, car guy, call 800-943-7096. Remember that promo code car guy I this assuming masking journey.

I'm here with my son Eli talk about ways he held his ministry only smiled at him and is information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button you can get a masculine and find the masculine email something else to PO Box 550 92728 sales if it feels like every day is fine. We can listen to the masculine journey and find out why we clips like these to illustrate story, God is telling in the lives of his gun designed you which flights do we pick to grab your gear and come in every Saturday you probably use more of her songs and any other artist really I think we have several of those in a unit near might be to shake her head like he said asking and has a crush on Nicole Norton Xers where were going with a I think that's over northern athletes repent. I love note: I have several of her CDs. They call them CDs anymore was a call now anyway. But, so we you know we left the break and Robbie had talked about the conversation that Morgan has been in becoming a king Morgan Snyder she were talking about about the father. That was such a great man to everybody else but his kids were like an Stata known that dude and so when I was a young man actually right same time that I had that accident in that truck I was working for a guy who happened to be my stepfather in law and he was a phenomenal salesman is a lot like Robbie you know just been around the world several times probably broken every bone and had several diseases and that sort of thing, but a great salesman you nicely cut storyteller Knievel erotic yeah you were the Sunday will Knievel never had. I think his name is Robert J but anyway it when I first got into sales working for him.

I I was like so how I do this I don't have a clue and he goes go make a sales call and I symbol. How many do I have to make any said one question really one sales call the day and he goes yeah I want to make one sales call a day and when you're done with that one go do another one and when you're done with that one go to another one and when you're done with that one go do another one. But if you only make one sales call the day and you get a sale. I'm fine with that and I was like me, you know that I was dumb. Obviously I didn't have a clue what he was really saying.

But that's what I'm trying to bring up is if you may if you leave one legacy write a legacy of love with your wife a legacy of love with your child with your son with your daughter with your grandchild if you just focus on one because it can seem overwhelming, especially to a Christian man with a good heart who really wants to make a difference in the kingdom. All my gosh, there's so much I got to do. I got a number. My days of getting all yes yeah all that's true that's all right but just focus on one just just try to leave a legacy today.

You know, try to make a difference in somebody's life today that tomorrow they will go as really I was really blessed by being with Sam today and so I think that's the way we accomplish it. You said before the show, you have to be somewhat intentional and and for me I think that's the intentionality of it because I could easily get overwhelmed with what I need to be a legacy this way that way. This way this way then you know I mean I just I can tie myself in knots and Satan knows that well and so he puts a lot of that you know target rich environment out there in front of me. Often you as you're talking is thinking about actually my company that I work for you lately. Tell us it would build houses that in one of the things that they say is just go treat people like family members and friends can't tell you how freeing that is to go because I know how to do that right when I get in a situation. How would I want to treat my daughter the situation, how to wants my to treat my mother in the situation and makes it very easy to go in another sense, love on one on somebody because that's the way I want them to do it right in and so makes a very freeing to go make decisions because it's very easy to go do that, you know, and so just went, but it has to be intentional. It has to be unique to that person fruit for you guys here that have multiple children can you love them, you can love them all the same but you love them identically and treat them the same can't enter individuals getting uniquely love them individually and collectively. You can love them all the same, but individually it's uniquely loving them, which they also point out to his favorite Harry has a baby, I never had to do anything you still leaving a legacy. Danny looks at me and Eunice first time management on their right.

Yeah, you and your legacy as you're making her very yeah, I've got to children one his steps, but we've never addressed what they're both golden so I think about my children in most of the time, world and polar opposites of political issues and one of the things my son told the guy in college where they were. They had their little group hanging out in so-called Christian guy came up yelling you all are going to die. Go to Hill and my son look at him. This is my father is an ordained minister and he doesn't yell at me that way. And so is that the love that you share ended despite differences goes, we probably all agree on everything, but it's the love that we can show in current environments or whatever with children or wherever that live in that legacy of my wife and I don't agree on how to clean house, but we do it together and so that's that leaves a legacy you is he the guy who was always goal never had time for me or is he the guy who shows me compassion and shows me even though I don't agree with you.

I can disagree and not be divided yeah you can love them in the midst of disagreement and thinking and it is very nice so legacy you have to be intentional about it right is really want. Either way, here's the thing you're leaving a legacy whether you did you decide to not use either the legacy of the guy that's checked out all the time. Oh, don't talk to dad because he set a bad week He's had a bad year That we could've played some clips from the wonder years. That's dad on that show.

That was the epitome of the show was okay.

What kind of moods, dad going to be and when he comes, you know through the garage after parking the car today and you know and literally the whole show, Connor revolved around that at times and all my goodness I know I fear that that was often the way my kids saw me when I was you know when they were much younger. Thankfully we've all lived long enough to where I can leave a different legacy now, but but I think they didn't see me that way exactly what you did look for minute and think about who's made the greatest positive impact on you in your life and I would probably say it's almost always going to come down to somebody that loves you well right. It entreated your heart well and have the greatest impact on you the greatest positive impact is what I'm talking about. Oh, positive person that really loves their grandparent and I promise you when you dig into it is because they loved him and accepted him and treated him with favor and we were talking little bit before the show. One of the blessings Jesus said and you guys are all more biblical scholars me. I remember stories of the Bible, not where it was, but as I recall it anyway when the last thing that he said was love one another, correct, right this commandment, I leave this commandment. I leave with you. This is my final statement to you. This is the final thing I had to say that you can remember forever. This is how others are going to know that you know me and I jumped out at me that I should tell his old story, but anyway they know as you might imagine, when I was really people for administering banana pants. I was 6 foot 530 pounds. I trip around feet and some actually the basketball coach wanted me to play because I was 65 but I couldn't stand up and as a result of not only in size 11 feet in the student body I found a lot because I didn't mean to just falling down on that.

So I'm falling all over the corridor and you know I've been trying to get in the game and finally the coach gets me in the game and and and you know within four minutes, I fell out falling on people you know I really, but I'll never, ever, is long as I for one of the neatest moments my life. It's he came over to me. You know, truly with complete grace of Robbie. You know I'm so proud of you look at your arms and how you've been hacked course but you know that if it was the way he spoke into my heart and in this like he just loved him of what you're saying Sam he loved on me well and even though I felt like an absolute failure. I was his hero for minute and I felt that he was the coach and that's what matter and in my think Jesus is full of at times 10.

Like all my goodness you know when I get you fell over all the people like it almost packed bargain on your hard drive you it's you think about Jesus knew his God, right, and he knows that he's gonna come back. I believe you know you know it is going to come back with the people he speaking to don't necessarily know that answer first season there living with. Oh no he didn't.

It will where Izzy right that season to be a couple days. Whatever right, but that that season, so what's he impart to them. It's almost like a deathbed of this my last thing to say right is love one another in order to run out of the show here in a few moments got a couple more minutes of it and so this obviously can be a multi-week show and go into the after hours podcast and talk into more depth. I'm sure this will be more than one week show because there's so much to touch on in this legacy.

Whether things we can all go do immediately to start leaving that legacy is the love each other well right it does start with saying Jesus. How do I love that person. I'd encourage you to start there because if you try to do it out of your own power outage.

Yeah yeah you try that with your wife either apart from me you can do you fight bravely and I quickly enough until going out to see in Jesus, they give me one person this week to love well and just focus on that because that's really where the legacy comes from Catholic during say no focus on small things you can accomplish rather than trying to go for all Marvel one-shot and insubordinate.

More practically talk about that after hours talk about more what that legacy looks like in our lives look like from other people left us in the next week will figure will talk about. I can tell you it's going to be about legacy talk about this for the next couple weeks guys have any other input part if they came to camp to pay for conflicts probably can't get more clarity on legacy very Break as per the legacy may be calling her that legacy may be approaching people with the Guild heart. Maybe it's in loving others, well, gotta tell you that it will tell you that anywhere promising. See you next week.

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