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Preparing For Battle

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 11, 2020 12:30 pm

Preparing For Battle

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 11, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! The discussion this week is all about the upcoming boot camp. The guys address any concerns people may have in regards to social distancing and safety during the event. They also talk about what the boot camp means to them and how it has affected their lives. The clips come from the film "Hacksaw Ridge," and a Bruce Lee clip. The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show


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This is the Truth Network of every man crazy life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest with your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Luckily, masculine journey very, very glad to have you with us to make is where excited. We've only got five days for a major event gravity. What is it it's boot camp Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve. I mean, like, North Carolina. No Father's Day nowadays drags just boot camp Thursday night. Oh my goodness.

We can be marks on it in. This is a great time for you just to go ahead and solidify your thoughts on I'm coming to the eye because I know there's there's some reservations out there.

There's like well there's a whole coven things women talk about that here in Manhattan. I can't really get time away when an nonassertive timeout one day away from work Thursday night. If you're local enough to get here on Thursday check Thursday evening around dinner time so you could pretty much work. Most if not all the day depending on where you're at and then you could come in Thursday yeah and we might even delay the start a little bit Thursday night because we had a change of venue. One of the camps that we normally use the cancel.

We then scheduled and canceled on us and so we went back to an old standby camp that we love a lot and it's in Providence, North Carolina, just south of Danville, Virginia so it's going might take it if you guys a little bit longer to get there and that sort of thing and so that our local and and so were we might push back the start time, stay here, so there's still time and I would point out the fishing is way better. It is way better may not even the nicest and then one of the really cool things is the gym where we do our talks is where you know Dempsey trained is just unbelievably cool and I can promise you if you want some social distancing Providence.

North Carolina is a place the echoes in Providence yet so you are completely away from everybody yeah and that there and we do have. We will have a nurse there were not going to do a super obtrusive screening but working a dual screening early on organized organ to take your four head temperature you know the no contact Star Wars thermometer and were going to take your temperature when you come in and just tell our buddy Phil safe really to make Robby feel safe because he's almost dead. And you know he's old and was so we don't want them to catch anything and so were going to try to protect him from you and you from him. So now seriously, we are gonna have a nurse there screening each morning briefly just to check in and make sure try to do everything we possibly can to be as safe as we can possibly be.

But there's plenty of room there is a gigantic of venue in that regard. For for our little boot camp given example Darren of how many a room would hold of people.

If we want to fill the room and how we were to put in the room while yeah him so it's a full-scale basketball court size gymnasium.

It's an old training gym with the message I met the. The camp itself know for staying at night overstaying a night yes yes yeah okay so in the rooms.

You could put 36 guys in one section of the cabin.

You know are one big wing of the cabin.

You could put 36 guys will have five so it's going to be spread out your you're not going to be on top of each other. You have plenty of opportunity to social distance in every way possible that there's plenty of bathroom facilities there that you can get away from people is less and if you don't want to take a shower or go to the bathroom all weekend.

That's fine to judge. I think I think you are rebuilt as bathrooms, years ago, had had a vision about covert because the bathroom stalls are like disability size bathrooms for everybody coming there like huge. You can actually driving all yeah yeah they're all wheelchair accessible covert approved yeah and then when you do get to the gym. It is a full-size gym that women have chairs with our distancing appropriate yeah. And when you hear Jim, don't freak out. It's not like you know when you go to your kids school and they have the horrible PA system that you can't hear that echoes echoes echoes echoes echoes through the gymnasium in a gymnasium. It's not that we have a nice sound system.

We got good A/V it's been set up for that purpose now, but it is an over hundred-year-old gymnasium were Jack Dempsey trained and it's it's a cool place and it's a man's man type of place so that athletes can be safe, you know, we are asking people are coming. Make sure to bring a mask if not a place where you feel like you can distance from people going the mask on heaven with you at work and have our mass there. You obviously were going try to with guys.

It's easy to stay 6 foot away from each other in not typically like right up on top of each other talking the most part and so guys naturally tend to kinda still a bit further away from one another. I think that maybe women are younger kids do you know and so I Will bit easier for the what were going to be gone so hopefully you talked about that enough the contact I can take that off my list of objections 011 positive to do.

If I recall, I really hope they have really good food there to write well they did last time we were there it will be amazing.

I just like it is you. We will be feasting from her.

I will assure you that you will feel like you have.

You might be you plenty of activities and so it if the show today's going to be talking about the boot camp in Sorrento to cover a lot of different areas about the camp.

I know that if you have been loosing the show for long probably have a habit camp and walked to the entrance of the code and we feel very fortunate to be able to have know that you know when a lot of people are able to do that and to do it safely and to be able to have it in a great facility like Park Springs. We are very blessed and thank God were able to do that and he know we know that he wants you there. You nicest matter of you getting yourself out of the way.

She can be there to join us in and it would be a great opportunity we have a lot of new people, to the camp. This time I believe all the campers. None of them only a couple people repeat so it's it's a lot of new people coming in and so really looking forward to that.

And then of course the team will be there and I know if you like me all my plans that I had for the spring got canceled. We had mandatory you have to take vacation time, coming on here it works so this is one of those opportunities that pay normal. Your burning days you got all kinds of other plans.

People your plans been burned up. This is the best way to ever spend a couple vacation days. You gotta spend him even if you have to take an extra day somewhere this this is going to be rewarding is going to build your heart out.

It's going to bring a lot back for you that going to be new perspective to go somewhere. So so just go sit at the beach you going to get to talk to God.

And what better time could you ever want one other thing out depending on your situation at home. You may build out take advantage of social distancing from people you haven't been able to wait there is that opportunity.

I'm not making any of the cases that if the shoe fits you may go. Hey, that feels pretty good guy could get away from some people feel good about myself is guided and everybody away from me and my son be there for you going to equip and this is from hacksaw original ambulance at the clip up real quick mind and our finances picture boot camp and you know the drill sergeant that seem to come and gets ready and 89 out one of the things that that really does happen pretty quickly.

At boot camp is people get a chance to actually see what was posing and what's really going on. And so you know the drill sergeant shows up is, God and and and and he sees what's real even though it's not so easy to see in a very comical way hacksaw original in the drill sergeant came in for the first time I you are very strange looking individual. If you don't mind saying some private name Walker along sir name is cool you say Walker Sgt. something off in your presentation Place that you're here is wrinkling your trousers. Yes, course.

What is your name soldier right now your name is private idiot. July place in private, was an accident so it was going stretch I'm heartened by the knowledge you did not place with the intention that your natural state. Sgt. Desmond, I have seen stalks of corn with butter physiques you want to carry weight.

Sgt. should be sure you keep this man away from strong winds. Sgt. just saw treasure for hire outside memory of his heart.

I believe any man who take such pride in his natural naked state will surely enjoy the brisk of the outdoors with your private parts of the covenant of playing the part of the nurse. Actually, a qualified nurse. That's nicer than that but yeah that's not quite what to expect, but you rarely hear your take on that with getting away from the pose things boot camp that we deal with pretty quickly. You know is is all men pose and whether you know you do. I think I think in my nose they do, whether they admit they do it in the right situation anybody poses. Everybody poses while private parts. Did Christiane just like in the book of Genesis. I was naked so I can so that talks without talking about at boot camp, is this posing and what's really wrong with it. You know what to get in the way gets in the way of relationships that gets in the way of a relationship with God gets in the way of her healing. It's when a lot of a lot of things and so God can help us come through and try to figure out where that started happening and how to break that you want to cool thing to do is walk out of camp being a lot more authentic than when you walked in and I can sound very scary, but I promise if we go through you walking with God. It won't be you, that feeling very confident about who you are becoming.

That he always envisioned that the ants will talk more about that we come back to register for the can't go to masculine journey register now only a few spots left to register quickly masculine conference at my pillow and change overproduction to make mass for hospitals, but they still have plenty of products are right now. True listeners can buy one get one free on most products, pillows, Giza bedsheets towels even neck pillows. If you get two of those you'll be neck and neck go to the radio listeners page then use the promo code card. I call 800-943-7096 four Mike Lindell's book and get free shipping plus a $25 gift card for your next purchase. Use the promo code car hi this assuming masculine journey on here with my son Eli talked about ways to help his ministry and smiled at him and is information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button to masculine and find masculine mail PO Box 552 728 dear and can with the masculine journey radio show I want to ask you to consider coming to the big can't meet our band of brothers meet the masculine journey radio team, but more importantly meet God.

There hear the message experience.

The message that is change hundred five change their marriages change the way they walk with God taking cease-fire first promo here. Coming July 17 through the 19th. Register the you pick the bow. So tell me about eastbound and down the boot camp is on Sunday getting blasted from the taskmaster about his email signature talks to get her down so I was coming from Baron and this is all just popped into my head long way to go to short time to get there on Sunday and then we didn't even come up with the topic until Monday and all I thought when this came to visit you know we were doing a show about the boot camp and get ready for this to be a great bomb. So what happened was the song came to me and course like everything else it leaves me I'm sitting there on Monday: what's the song all day. I'm I'm looking up stuff and what song did you give me more because I cannot find this thing and I finally got it right yet okay on the trust you undergo. Do other things.

A few hours later finally popped back into my head and that's when I came up with the song and then there's several things in there that you can kinda relate to our story was coming after us know smoke is coming after is the devil, and he's come after us and that was apparent on the on Sunday with Darren's computer problems right now is number one on your playlist actually was a 1974 I was totally lost.

All it had to do with the change of venue.

I thought we were going longer really that hard to find.

So back to back to objection right so why should I coming out dealing with some of these issues doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun. I promise you there is a lot of fun at boot camp is also a lot of times it may not be quite as fun if you guys were commencing surgery with us, but it's always worthwhile.

As you walk away feeling a lot more free you walk away feeling a lot more whole than he ever thought you could and you gets you Robby. You need to get a shoot now with actual Rob is a big target.

Very tall easy doesn't move fast market is. So I just throw it out to play. This time I'm usually the mediator or whatever but I would practice on the squirrels at the house not be able to shoot your take. The case is action.

People those are classics where were you know we have a dump button for when people start saying stuff like that. Anyway will take everything in my hands. What why should Robby this is you. This really sums up major reason to come to and I wanted to let you set it up as it talks about fighting in this. This is a clip from the true life of Bruce Lee who was a kung fu fighter obviously in his parents and his father dropped him off with this and I'll essentially sage to teach him how to fight and why the fight and a lot of men realize that there some kind of battle going on in any course or talk a lot about that but you know we don't realize the weapons we have the authority to use my Wendy is and how to use them when the fight when not to fight homelessness. This clip universally obviously been trying to fight well, but he wasn't sure he needed to and so here this sage speaks in terms some wisdom on how critical in the kingdom of God. You are you listening every man woman out there how critical you are to this battle for the kingdom for your family in particular.

You have no choice fighting yourself as a coach this team in case you interfere, it doesn't matter how many men you defeat if you don't conquer your own fears he will pass your demons onto your children as you father passed he is to review. You will find. This is one of the things it so important. I don't want this to feel like pressure him you need him to boot camp for your heart right. But honestly you can't change your heart without impacting those around you right now I can't go to boot camp because I think it's the best thing for my kids. I have to go because his blessing for me in the changing of me is what's best for my kids right what's best for my family or what's best for those around me have my first boot camp I didn't I didn't really want to hear about fathering. I didn't really want to hear about being a good husband. Honestly, maybe I'm just coming. While I am plus his face, but I I needed some soul care. I needed to deal with some woundedness I needed is to deal with some brokenness I needed to deal with some of my sin and I couldn't hear about being a great father. I couldn't hear about being a great husband. I couldn't hear about many of those things in till some of this other stuff was dealt with and I think that's where a lot of guys are and I think that's a great point Sam that you know don't come for you children don't don't don't come for your wife or or don't come, you know, so that you'll stop being that guy at work come for your own heart because God that's what he's expecting you to be, therefore, is your heart and him and he's for you.

He's 100% for you and he knows the wounds that you take and he knows the wounds of your father.

Quite frankly, and he knows how to get in there and heal that stuff II love that clip on the go watch that movie now.

I've never watched a Bruce Lee movie.

But I I definitely want to go watch that movie now because there's some wisdom there.

You know that in till you're ready to fight that inner battle by choice and that was that. That's the thing.

The sages telling Bruce and that clip is is let you have a choice you're going to fight one where the other. You can choose how you go about the battle. You can choose how you fight.

You can choose to be prepared or you can just react and that's where most of us live most of our lives is just reacting to what happens next. What what's happening today.

The last three days of been very frustrating days for me personally one trying to prepare for big camp and just having horrible time with computers and and everything else in the other two. I'm building a house right now and other people's schedules are not my friend. Hence, so it's just that it's it's been okay punt and and react well.

There are sometimes in the world where we have to punch and react.

We just have to your relationship with God is not that time.

That is not true. That's a lie from the enemy.

You can choose to enter in with God.

You can choose to let God enter in fact, he when he says, I stand at the door and knock. He was talking to Christians. He wasn't talking to lost people.

We quote that all the time as preachers and I've been a preacher most my life, I'm guilty.

Sorry, I repent he wasn't talking to lost people saying hey I'm trying to get you saved. Here he was talking to Christian saying I'm trying to get you hold here. I'm trying to get you where you need to be Christian. I'm standing at the door knocking. I'm not going to kick it down. I'm not.

You've got to invite me in and of boot camp is very much that experience in one of the back to my first boot camp denied my wife and I were not in a very good place where the very rocky point in our marriage. We were having some discussions about United Artists that a second house. It was couldn't with the rental house is your first house we lived in a talk about maybe one stay in their you know me where it is very volatile place in and so my boss give me wild at heart. Read it and really move my heart was able to get a boot camp and what was really kinda cool. After boot camp was. I didn't really realize how much my wife was watching me. This he did anything change in and there was a lot that didn't change, but there was enough that changed in me that she came to me one day and said I want to know more about what you're doing because I see you different than what you were maybe a little less anger a little more patience. We will more grace and some things that aren't naturally that had were naturally who I was at the time God was take me back to those places in helping me find it.

And as one who's been to those boot camps multiple times in Colorado and in course we've done, how many now here that's not the focus of the boot camp is it is it we all focus on how to be a better husband.

I mean we talk a tiny bit about it but we really don't talk about being a better husband. We talk about your heart as it relates to getting taken out by allowing the female sex to be. The report card on your life. Yet we have that and we do talk about how to be more gentle with it with the feminine heart rate because guys know a lot of times are nobles in the China shop. A lot of times, and that doesn't fix it or get her done exactly, you know, and so we do talk little bit about that, but that's that's a small portion of the weekend. The weekend is all about you and God you know in helping stepping and helping you guide you in the place we can say God I'm here what you want to talk about you putting you in an environment to allow that to happen.

Nothing he can do it in your car at a stoplight.

It's not that assist you take time and set it aside and say God I'm given this time to you. I know you have something for me, she does and is worth the time you mean sitting at the stoplight are given in five minutes. Here just doesn't cut it or talk about God. It's it's it takes time and he is all a lot more patient than we are. So, will we start no going down that road to start that path. No some of things Baroness said you said Sam had applied to me in my first camp and me realizing know I need to work on me and let me go there with that attitude and always the sugar so quick we had so much more. We intended to talk about in her so much more to talk about about the camp so the mask download courses this show.

You just listen to, but also the upcoming after our segment within talk more about the boot camp mask and register for camping up five days. God wants you there. We want you there. We love to see you come see us and see you next

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