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63- Suffering and Devine Purpose

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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November 30, 2019 1:00 pm

63- Suffering and Devine Purpose

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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November 30, 2019 1:00 pm

Suffering your way to a rich life. On today's Saturday Edition show, Aimee talks with Dr. Nikolov, call-in guests  Robby Dilmore, and  Herb Cohen about why suffering is part of our Devine Purpose.

THE CURE Live streamed podcast is hosted by Aimee Cabo and offers a platform of hope to anyone who has experienced domestic violence, abuse, mental illness, any trauma or is experiencing problems now in their lives. It's a place to find comfort, knowledge, strategies, answers, hope and love while healing the wounds and 'affirming' that you are not alone.  

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Aimee hopes that anyone who has suffered abuse of any kind, or walked a moment in similar shoes, will find inspiration in these pages, and hope that love and truth will ultimately prevail. Please subscribe and share this podcast.

Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by  visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by  visiting his website.


Herb Cohen is a Registered, Board Certified, and Licensed Creative Art Therapist. He is certified in EMDR therapy and is an approved consultant by the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA).  Herb was the Director of Stepping Stones PROS Program in Huntington, for Family Service League for 20 years and left to manifest a full time private psychotherapy practice. In all Herb has accrued over 30 years of clinical experience.   He is Co- Coordinator for the LI EMDR Regional Network. Herb also Co-Chairs the Long Island Committee on Sexual Abuse and Family Violence. You can read more about Herb by visiting his website at


So this makes me so I scream and moan and two with Amy Kabul life can bring many difficult situations domestic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy Kabul and the Q and and welcomed.

I may need capital joined by Boris, me and my art show is available live on your media. There are complex year or life on our website's whereby casting for Manny yet satellite and later shows become podcasts to show deals with the suffering and the tenacity of the human spirit.

The will to survive in the carriage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God and each other. We did provide testimonials to let people know that they're not alone and in that shell. The testimony started with me having been a survivor of child abuse well into young adult. We also have professional speakers in the medical field and inspirational speakers that are willing to help and get valuable information because awareness is vital.

Transparency is needed and I to believe we all suffer or have suffered from something as for me, my feeling came from God. Hence the cure that other forms of healing are presented as well to service everyone life can be very challenging. Always know there's always someone who cares. That was 10,000 hours by Justin Bieber. When I hear a great song.

It does make me smile. What is God is asking do you think of me. He wants to hear from us confess that all he likes to see a smile and hopes we fulfill our dreams so more than 10,000 times more. He loves us for the rest of our lives.

We can't possibly grasp how much he loves us. After all, we've never been God. We do know he loves his equally making each one of us.

His highest priority and we can only equate love to what we understand humanly possible. But because Christ meet us in his image. We are capable of loving in the same way. There is a faith that corrodes when it comes to his divine plan. That is something that can only be borne through suffering. Think about it had cheeses not died and gone through what he went to what you have left that he had not suffered so much for us with it had left and the same impression we have so many lessons to learn. So today show I want to talk about suffering and discuss how it plays a part on the divine plan and our special guest is Irv Coyne who is a psychotherapist specializing in treating trauma and addiction. Irv is also board certified and licensed created art therapist.

He applies various techniques in his practice, including hypnosis and he and DR urban.

Thank you for being with us and welcome to the cure shall yet be very grateful.

Irv it's it's wonderful that you have such a great perspective on atrocities, not all of us share the same ideas. Maybe you can bring some light to the matter and at the present moment you're writing a book called the divinity of atrocity.

Can you explain to us what does that mean, could we possibly suffered for a reason. Yeah.

So let very old metaphor, we find gone that no real verbally about infinitely were aware were going to get very not workable but it lovingly getting all life that ran that from all now look at. All I know we human form and you get our fair and the wife were going about her are on according to the left you three learn okay. Not all about you go work with all the life more Yes I want I want all I want to know what soul and I want to know where God, God will go so all you want, form, and realized what so you know are goal we have to battle what we learn now when we manifest those for warm up our life living the life I have worn to Eric that while we and I will. But with that ran Warren of lot so I would all about that you don't want to probably want to move away from the feeling that ran well.

I that reason ran because it board all happen. All I'll have that in my and we grow up so you Amy had a life where you you 0154 why I go on what why do I have follow everywhere I went, and more on how, but that might be. Figure out that while Bond no. And that's a great question and I wonder if that has something to do between the connection between a divine purpose and suffering well all about what I'm about, or your land of learning. But you know what let this example will know what happened.

We go on I'll leave you some time there more fog will be looking so wet and affect what will let's see what Robbie has to say we have a collar. Robbie that's causing right now and I Robbie, welcome to the care I thank you for listening. Is there something bring you your gift to very clearly no wonderful all jury often what God is up to 1.02 here. The word is going to get you nowhere as well. Now I wanted to I wanted to know what was the connection between that a divine purpose and suffering which is something I really want to dive into right after this break, if you could guys to stay with me at second because this is something that if we can look and feel at suffering in a different way then it's not something that's gonna get in the way. It's not something that's gonna bother. It's something that we can learn from and move on and continue so this brings a lot of hope. Three Paul in Colossians for your church but he would grow up front what was lacking in.

Exactly. And only God knows why I am Amy Capo and this is the cure. We will continue talking about the divine plan when it comes to suffering, life can bring many difficult situations domestic violence addiction is poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones.

The issue is not stay there, but to overcome all obstacles and show that with the love of God, your husband and your family. You can succeed. Love is the answer. God is the key word reveals Amy Capo's life, a warrior who didn't give up and achieve the dream of her life. You can get to know more about her story on God is the key or buying her book on or back things pertaining for does have just joined us and Amy Capo and this is the care discussing finding purpose in pain live on your radio and in social social media. Just look for Amy's purpose.

The show later will be available and just look for the cure or your. This is a survey you can fill out on Amy's really love your feedback.

That was only two left by Selena Gomez. Sometimes you have to lose to gain to hate. Then to discover life speak up to close the chapter. Nothing happens by chance and I don't believe in circumstances just like Pastor Paula writes in her latest memoir something greater, and I quote the landscape of life will change but it doesn't mean that God is finished with us. In fact, new beginnings with graded beauty and light can spring forth our darkness from our darkness if we allow them to we are talking to Eric: when it comes to suffering is a part of a divine plan so we have Irv and Robbie on the air right now so urban you were explaining that suffering and pain. In some ways can be beneficial. Yeah they'll pull up using the example of a child who will love our mom what you don't neglect. In still painted example and so learn that I am unlovable Love grows so and attract their life who treat them the same way that person then attribute to be well II don't deserve love. I don't deserve to be treated well. That's why I track harsh, not that the person what actually it's what learn, but what happened that ran all over. And so here is an opportunity for go wait a minute now. If I move away from that person and I separate from them ran Hayes goes, but we need to do is lorded the beach.

They why am I offering or attracting that and what is that ran Hayes and if I go deep into that ran like if I can go deep with one who could take them safely into that therapist. For example, that's what I do in my crack is not God but people want, we might look at their present actuation and feel if we go deeper and go further back on all the way to the source of this idea, we find ourselves back with mom and using this example, we find that idea. Lovable where we are exactly where we learned becomes the source. This is the rock work finding the source of the ran hate and now what we do is what I do is apply the MDR we could release we desensitized the brand.

The way I think it don't look at it with our our goal goal line and wait a minute I'm just a little and I didn't do anything to not deserve love wasn't about me. This was about, so I can now realize the true truth is that I am lovable deserving of love and I can really live which is the rock.

Guess what happened the rancid taste goes away and I'm closer to knowing who I am so everything we realize the truth that is map by those rancid experiences we become closer to knowing who we are so that goal realization is realizing who we are as eternal as our divine God. The purpose of you traumatic life experiences are actually showing up direction go real.

The work we need to do this is where we need to do the work. Although the flavor Bible that ran ultimately there will so we can't possibly understand or know what I is without door to possible to know what I would have no clue what I did. If not contract dark in here. The darkness is not evil. It's not it's not really dark. It's really there to protect their way.

Because if you fly, follow the goat deep to find the story you'll unwrap this truth through that I've learned that the fruit always yield the missed truth always feel bad so we can unmask those laws will be released from the plant suffering with because we lift to a higher we lift into love, which is a higher frequent and good and then we realize that might be true and what you true you know truly contested out because we realize it had always we know that it's always been true because if you remember the source of eternal very, very old, though them that love we are. We are all knowing that when we realize the love which is our ego now realizing bold deep.

I mean I see what you mean because for me I think that what most people need the most basic need is a need to be loved and the problem with somebody that suffering or has suffering or has suffered is that they find that they find it hard to not only love themselves, but to believe that even God loves them and it's this amusing transformation that happens when you realize that God loves you and not only did I love you but you are precious to him and it it really changes your whole world and you make a perfect point is if you're ever confused you don't know what's alive from the enemy or inspiration from a friend just if it doesn't feel right. And because we do half the Holy Spirit for wisdom and if it's hurting someone else or if it hurts you to think about it or to what you say in that way then we know that's that's not really truly it's not who we are, your brain, I mean eating. Christ said he should have pure thoughts and sacred thing and be courageous and of good cheer is around.

I rather be unhappy team. I don't know about you, sir Valley well I am Amy Calvo and here will be right after a short break, talking about where back things fixing in, I'm Amy Calvo with Flores in this picture this into a slide on your radii be Saturday at 1 PM Eastern here and a website. Amy's You can tell a survey yes you just look for the service they still show also show you the book in a couple That We Just Heard It Is the Height by 21 Pilots It Comes to Shallow That All We Survive Needs a Stronger and the Closer We Stay to God the Greater Peace of Mind We Will Have Knowing That His Kind Will Be on Our Side No Matter How Terrible the Site. It's Only Height but God You'll Be Just Fine.

We'll Be Just Fine Actually Went to Live with Her and We Still Have Robbie Reindeer Sure You Cover Very Maybe to Me. Weird.

If Suffering Is so Good. I'm in. How Is God, Even Allowing It Because There's A Lot Of People That Actually Have Several a Long Time Hope, God Allows All the Suffering. Like for Example There Is a Law of Very Bad Things Happening like the Nazis in Auschwitz, for Example, or A Lot Of People Have Suffered A Lot like Robbie for Example, One of Our Listeners Has Passed A Lot Of Things. How Come God Allows the Glad Robbie Okay or Malevolent Yard like the Answer so Ran Rampant Right after Bad Waterfront, Not the Rock Ramp Good Luck We Can All the Time. Yeah, the Nature of Rancid Is Rancid at the Bad Okay Let Me Give an Example of a Crop Okay Take the War Possible from I Do Not Therapist like Regression Therapy and I Done This on Myself Because I Would Do. Learning about What I Was Goal You As a Realize Okay Going in Learning. My Goal the Memories Michael Wanted to Share with You One of Those Was Being a Survivor of Hiroshima Know When They Dropped the Bomb That Was at a Trot. Yes. And When I Stepped Right into the Body of the Person, the Half-Life I Felt My Body Being Ripped God.I Was a Survivor I Didn't Get Hurt. I Live the Long, but That Would Work Because I Was the Part Everything Every Person I Knew Every Love Person Hatched to Me Friend. Every Place I Worked Everything to Do with Me Was Ripped from the and Destroy and All the People Bought around Old or Die Will I Meant Men Tolerable Pain inside Me That Was Bigger Than Years of Trauma.

Trauma Therapy. It Was like Old Bike from Client Promissory Rolled into One Giant Awful Night and It Was Too Big to Contain within My Body and My Brain Even Though Norm and I Stayed with It and I Was Shaking and I Was Barely Able to Tolerate It but I Stayed with Her Life through His Entire Lifetime and He Went into Being Bonded to Being to Feeling Guilty for Being Alive Just Wanted to Die. That's All He Wanted Even Now.How Could God Do That. The Ability of God and He Renounced God and I God and and and What Happened Was I Followed Him into Ethical Because There Was No Waiting for the Left. Usually a Left. I Didn't Get Any Left. Okay I'm to Follow You, Crossing over and I Followed Him into the Afterlife Went into the Hard Where This I Was Exhausted from Life and I Was Pumpkin with Energy and with Feelings of Healing and after A While I Felt Better.

They Got Me up and He Brought Me into This Room for Life. Everyone Goes like and Not Judgment. There's No Judgment There's No Harm in Scorecard. When We Go Check Now You Can Look at This. No Judgment an Opportunity to Learn. We We May Have a Life Review Will Be Where We Said Something Kirk. That Other Person. Len so That We Can Then Say What I'd Done and They Think You You Done Something Wrong but Now You're Learning and That's What We Want. We Want You to Burn Any Ball Want People to Evolve.

There's No Reporter Judgment. Judgment Is Ego Function.

We Do down Here Open Afterlife Higher Frequency. There's No Okay Just Wonderful Compassion for an Opportunity to Keep Learning and Evolving Will Bring Me into This Room for the Life Review and I Say Why You Hidden.

You Want Me to Review That Life How Very You Asked Me to Do Such a Thing. You Going to Say That I Didn't Appreciate Life That Happened to Me, on Really and I Became so Great That They Had to Take Me Out Of This Room Being Courtney out I Was Just Livid That They Would Even Suggest Such a Thing, and I Was Taking out What Another Room Were More Feeling.I Hyping the Energy I Start to Feel All My Anger Does Appear, and I Started to Get Information and I Started to Lift and Frequent and I Got. I Thought, but Look Where I Going to What I Could Really the End of It, but I Started Wheeled on with One with God I Got Started to Understand Though What God Was like.

Energy Energy Was Warming of What God Then I Started to Understand What Happened so Man Wow Bomb on Hiroshima Was Also Able to World Man on the Ball Baseball Image That I Speak. Sure, I'm Sorry Guy Body by Saying Something Started but Parmenter Mentioned That Truth Is Relative to Loan Understand If You Member Five What Truth Then All the Sudden Room Open up the World of Work. When I Was Involved in Psychology Myself. I Looked into Those Things in My Premature Herbal. I Believe That All Those Things Pretty Much with Her to Describe My Challenge Was When I Read the Bible, Which Is You Know Jesus Is the Truth from the Bible Is the Truth. When I Read the Truth You Get into the Book of Job. Orders Will Suffer God's Way to Livelihood with Everything Covered in Flowers and so There Was Always and When All That Suffering. Same Old Question, and so Invited to. Actually I Was with Were One of You I Was Just Probably about As Angry As Her World When He Was like Driving on and so We Can Start Actually Got Any Questions in the Book of Job Ask Question, Yes? Herb since You Feel like You Know so Much Want to Make It Smell or Maybe You Can Bring Them since You're so Intelligent and Started Asking Me Those Questions I Can Convert Quickly That Wow I Needed. I Needed God and I Needed to Understand God and the Bible Get It Clear That There Is a Judgment and It's Pretty Clear That You Got a Really Hot Standard. If You Don't Me You Don't Get to Spend Eternity with You and and so There Is a Real Real True Thing about Hebrew and We All Know the True We Don't Get to Spend Eternity with God and I Were Really Good Be Missing out in Her but I Would Challenge You to Read the Bible with He Sounds like a Really, Really Just God and Will Have the Opportunity That We Come Back, I'm Amy L and This Is They Can Life Can Bring Many Difficult Situations, Domestic Violence, Addictions, Poverty and Even Sexual Abuse by Your Loved Ones. The Issue Is Not Stay There, but to Overcome All Obstacles and Show That with the Love of God, Your Husband and Your Family.

You Can Succeed. Love Is the Answer. God Is the Key Word Reveals Amy Carbo's Life, a Warrior Who Didn't Give up and Achieve the Dream of Her Life.

You Can Get to Know More about Her Enter Story on God Is the Key or Buying Her Book on Amazon.Com. Welcome Back I and Things for Payment As I May Need Cowbell in This Indicator Can Listen to the Care Life Every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern on Your Radio at the Care on Social Media As Well or the Website Is Also the Show Is Going to Be Available As a Podcast. Later on in the Place of Both Customer Playing Just Look for the Cure with a Makeup That Lies the Awesome Song Look at Her Now by Selena Gomez Wonderful Thing. Yes, Sometimes Are Sat and Even Suffer for Years, Only to Realize He Touched the Bullet to Be Learned and Grow from the Experience As the Return Even Better.

I Can Imagine God Can Also Be Cheering Us on Saying That Her Now.

I Think Your Excess. He Says Not to Count, Especially Those Times When It's Most Difficult and Helps to Hear Those Words You're Talking about Suffering Is a Necessary and We Are Joined by Her Coin and Robbie and Boris so I Have Two Things Arabic Dealer Finishing a Story and Robbie Had a Question. Maybe If It Is a the Story We Want to Know How Story yet Make a Point about Friday Randall God Okay What God Provided Me Information Was That Man Drop Chose to Drop Horrible Bomb Bomb Has the Potential to Annihilate the Plot and It Would Be No Man Continued Not to Drop the Bomb What God Had to Do Was Make the Brand a Hiroshima and Nagasaki Were Both Roshan. Possible Bullet Band with Ever Dropped the Bomb Again and God Save the Plaza.

In Doing so, Knowing God to Come down to Earth Goal and. The Atrocity to Some Dog Dog. Some Supper and Surviving It. In Order to Show the World How What an Atrocity. These Man-Made Weapons Were Now They They Could Never Ever Ever Be Used Again.

So the Had to Be Your Horse Hospital and Only God Could Do That and I Sold All of Your Important in after God Will so Basically You Very Suffering That These Brought to Us so We Can Realize the Things about and Then We Don't Repeat Them. While Some People Become Sour from Suffering. Something Can Go One or Two Ways. My Question Is Then Herby Believe That We Have Many Lies Were Different Lies. I Believe in a Memory This Cell Level yet Will Far Generate All Black Were Not so Much Several Lies I I Think One Life Is Good Enough Know I Think I Might like Wow Live Gate Human Live and I Am Not Coming Back and Information by Last Month.

Who Told You God Wow I Camel God Tenant Channel Old Howdy Channel, God, I Mean I Get That I Come from and Bring God Back Out Of the Realization Was God Is a More Than Just Getting a Thought in Your Mind That You Believe Comes from Hand yet Not Knowing Hello, This Is the Kind of Information Is What No, No, Not Known Knowing in Your Body Become a Member of Remembering Where Remembering Who We Are Told Ever. Our Soul Live Are Very Ancient. Now If I Close Eternal Eternal for Reason It so That I Can Take Many Many Human Incarnation, and That's What I Remember. And As I Remember True There, Knowing That Are in My Not in My Head Thought They Are Knowing That I've Always Known Always Known to Be True Because the Memory I'm Remembering Who I Am. I'm Remembering That I Am One with God. So Robbie, What Do You Think Because You Know Ever Mentioned to Realizing Truths and That It Can Be Different from Facts.

What's Your to Be Your Riverbrook Verify the Bible Which God Wrote for Our Benefit. We Accepted As True, Then We Accept Jesus As the Sun for Forgiveness so That We Don't Have the Judgment. If We Could Come True Is Something That We Can Discern Ourselves Them When I Can Feel Good about It.

Judgment from Her Discussion Want to. I'm Sure You Also Noticed That He Also Relieve A Lot Of the Reason and so There's No Pickpocketing Life Is Very True Dimensionally for Himself and His Dog, but You Don't See the Person That Really You Know the Pickpocket Which Is Which Is Evil in the World Truly God That Allow That Which Part of the Story Throw.

I'm so Again the Trap That I Fell into the Trap of Her. I Know What It's like like Them Very Much Work Fine for so but Also I Think Deep down He Does Know the Truth and He Can Find Whatever You Want to Read the Bible and When He Realized That Wow I Got a Real Problem If I Don't Accept Christ As My Savior. I'm Not. It Doesn't Matter How Many Laws We Think You Have Only Got One, and the Mets Judgment Be Really Difficult Factor in Almost the Whole Show That God Would Open His Eyes up to the Real Truth to Mean How Can There Be a Bible That's Been around for Thousands and Thousands and Thousands of Years in Unbelief and Shoe and It Sure Is That Everyone Comes Together and Believes Also.

Amy and It Inspires People to Begin to Each Other, to Love Each Other to Come Together to Be Understanding and When They Been Hurt, They Learn What Not to Do and I Mean Life Can Sometimes Be an Adventure That I Think Deep down inside Your Rainy Robbie.

We Know the Truth but I Take a Humble Stance. I Don't Think I Have Several Lies.

I Really Don't Think I'm That Special. I Just Think Life Is a Great Ride. I'm Grateful for It and Make the Best of Her Purple. No, I Want Her to Military Provider Would like to Be Where You Everything, but Isn't It Can Be Connected Talk like an Idea to Kill People That Suffer like This Way They Realize What the Suffering Is about and They Get Better on This Philosophy That Says If It for Something to Access the Opposite My Sexist for There to Be a Balance Right through Light Always Overcomes Dark Blue You Know Light Is the Opposite of Darkness like You Open up My Lord on Dark Light Defined by Dark Can't Have Light without Your Help Form without Empty Right Everything Is Currently Empty Everything If It Is Not Manifested Actually like Light Came before Darkness. You Know the Very First Chapter of Genesis and so You Can Have Light without Darkness Apparently Did Better Movie Separated like Light. We Can't Humans, We Can't Know Light without the Other Side of the Coin, You Can't Have Coin with Heads Only I Human Life without Having Some Dark, It's Impossible to Know What Life Would Be the Make Sense Philosophy. But There's Numbers a Little Curricular and Again No One Wants to Supper. We Should Have To Suffer Right of Free Email Efforts Assaying Auto Not That I Think There Was a You Know Your and since You Know at Some Point If You Accept the Idea That There Was a Person That Cursed Came As Result of Us Buying Alive.

It Was Brought on Us by Being Called in All the Sudden You Can See There's a Reason for the Suffering of What Think You Guys Will Almost Finishing Today. Wow Is the Worst Time to Finish a Couple Minutes Guys and Then I Have To Say Use All My Robbie Being That I Love. I Love Hearing All Kinds of Points of Views.

I Mean It's Very Interesting, Though I Choose to Believe My Truth Is More Information on Earth Can Be Found on Earth:.1 Saying We Will Be Able to Find His Book That Divinity of Atrocity, and I Don't Know about You Guys Are Brought, but I Found A Lot and Cut and That I Suffered an Authentic Experienced so Think You Also Grant Us through 90s and Thank You Jasper for Being Such a Great Idea. Producer. So Let's Pay When the Repair Guys If You're Suffering Now, Lord, Did Not Waste One Scintilla of the Suffering Makes Some Good Out Of It for Me a Chance in Life Direction.

It Deepening the Faith and Love a Protection from Other Adversity. For Others, a Zeal for Your Kingdom Identifier to Help Others and Empathy with Those in Need and an Eagerness to Serve the Kingdom for the Culture and for the Community. Lord, Please Optimize Think That That Can Come from This Suffering. Amen.

This Is a Mikado You Have Been Listening to the Care the Next Week Might

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