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There is no Vaccine for Addiction- 85

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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April 25, 2020 1:00 pm

There is no Vaccine for Addiction- 85

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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April 25, 2020 1:00 pm

Addiction is a life-long battle that is 100% treatable. "My own sobriety delivered hope and opportunities to live a life that adds joy and purpose," said Tim Roberto talking with Aimee Cabo in this episode of The Cure Radio Show.

The Cure Radioâ„¢ live talk radio show and live-streamed podcast is hosted by Aimee Cabo and offers a platform of hope  to anyone who has experienced or is currently experiencing domestic violence, abuse, trauma, mental health, or other challenges that affect your life. It's a place to find comfort, knowledge, strategies, answers, hope, and love, and so much more, all while you are healing your wounds and knowing that you are loved and not alone.

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by  visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by  visiting his website.


Tim Roberto is a passionate Certified Addiction Counselor and Certified Recovery Coach who has been in the mental health field since 2007. Experiencing his own addiction and recovery keeps him mindful of how precious sobriety is. Tim’s experience and work as a recovery professional confirm that change is possible for ALL who are willing to try. His approach to recovery coaching and companionship honors the individualized roads to recovery and success. He empowers each client to discover and practice modalities, tools, and techniques that work best for them. Witnessing the transformation that his clients experience and knowing in his heart that addiction is 100% treatable inspires Tim to show up for others every day even in the most difficult of situations. Tim currently resides in Palm Beach County, Florida, where he enjoys the outdoors and daily exercising. You can read more about Tim's work at Genesis House by visiting his website.

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This is really close to making because you know so many openings in the van kindly close the door like before anyone bow this scene upon your buddies, because I know 62 with a makeable life can bring many difficult situations domestic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome, Amy, and Q good afternoon and welcome to the key radiation hosting Out with night Lori you with 1/2 east my whole question was available. Life on your radio also liked our app to cure any smart phone and a website. God is the Caradoc we are broadcasting live from Miami to satellite radios more than 11 states, among others, and soon after the show on any podcast player. They show the suffering, the tenacity of the human spirit. The will to survive in the carriage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God and each other. We did provide testimonials to let people know about and indicia testimony started with me having been a survivor child Wellington we also have experts in several fields and inspirational speakers to help us with valuable information. Knowing that education is necessary. Awareness is crucial in comfort is needed. I do believe we all suffer or have separate from something and I hope we can be a source of healing to each other though my drinking from God.

Other forms of healing are presented as well to service everyone because life can be very challenging. But always know someone who cares. There's always hope. Please click on the link below to hear the whole show only played earlier was 6 feet apart by attic Benjamin. They say this things makes the heart grow fonder. But that isn't so much the case when there is choice. We tend to miss the things we appreciate more when they're no longer available for a lot of us lost a significant family and friends are among our strongest support.

Sometimes our only refuge and even.cannot be available at its best. At least we are with immediate family, but how about those without their loved ones does yet not married this front-line workers who selflessly sacrifice time with loved ones, hoping to protect them.

This alone because they have lost all resources, including their emotional support. Those that are lost and afraid who see no hope to lean on and have lost their faith and those who turn to drugs. Unable to deal with the pain it can feel like 6 feet under. When our hearts are broken that I believe American spirit still remains as long as God can help. 10. Roberto is a person and longtime recovery. Also a certified addictions counselor with the Florida certified board, a certified recovery coach professional and a silver companion. He works at the Genesys house addiction treatment center in late Fort Worth, Florida Genesys house has been in service to others families and the community since 1992 and is a family owned and operated business 10.

Thank you for being on the show yarn ally hello good afternoon. I believe in these hard times of endemic and isolation.

The struggle with drug addiction and alcohol could be much harder than what we believe absolutely perfect for poor alcoholism authority employees to grip sort of boredom or from anxiety are all role you know very situation. The situation is already in. So how do pollens the significance of the virus in all the other problems of money dries up drug addiction, depression, which one is more important go you know. Thank God for some of the modern technology, you know, I've been able to adjust myself. The introduction of personal long-term recovery March 2007, so I thank God you know learns from tool serious work on why didn't like the way I felt and I do support applied those schools and solving skills that I've learned over the years and did it with the same price same principle with with corn so you know I after a couple weeks. A lot of my regular meetings that I attend were being hosed down the way so I moved into the prompter that was already sort of feel little anxious little one wiring sort of say a little irritable, maybe a little restless.

My prayer life is strong in that respect.

But I also need the collection as well.

I started doing some zoom meetings. I created my own zoom meeting after my first one though I was a little skeptic goes on the guide I want to be connected and I want to have that connection with others and I think it's all part of being a human being well your genetically coded to connect associate so I know I reluctantly did a zoom meeting but then you know my experience with that. Was I felt better after I was done. Oh scene, but we've all had to be smart to send this Tommy, how are people coping these days is increasing relapse because it like I yes yes working field as well and I work like were seated increases in the relapse goes know you're not getting out previously so for me, you know the best next best thing was happy, zoom meetings and do the best I could with them. So even though it's through the screen. I'm grabbing some connection you know there's a lot of amazing people in recovery there's a lot of amazing people that have suffered mental illness. You know, will they ever be hundred percent.

I don't know qualified say that you know is anybody ever hundred percent all I know is all I know some so many people that do things to treat themselves. Getting gave find a way out.

Find a way out.

That's a strong testimony when you find a way out so I cases maybe once or high risk because of being fired from their jobs, their businesses being closed one more time. I know that in in usually deal with people that are relapsing and down the stairs. In the case is increasing never done drugs before going out doing it because they don't know how to deal with the stresses of losing their job or their business enclosed or even having experienced something tragic or are huge for the first time in their life. Yet it were only a couple months there were a few months in the virus run across anybody that you picked up because of change in their status in order their employment. You know I do see some increase your ability. I got my phone is ringing more but as far as that appeal to pinpoint that that I don't not like him, like when you are asking that question thinking about how so many people I run into the surgery. Your next some stores sports injury pain medication. Next thing they know their whole life has been turned upside down. Well I guess this is less know hospitals close the standards whatever plan surgeries but anyway drug abuse in America's USA's very prominent and I was really some statistics around 20 million American adults bottle system no access to something that they have to check talking with Tim about working, helping with drug addition, 1866 30 7Q so welcome back and thanks for Remember that you can listen to the radio show life through our the cure, displayed this level of concern by 21 payment guys. I'm still taking my son can give me recommendations now when there a lot of things we can be concerned about the state and some of us may be considered overly optimistic getting help. I find there is hope in God's promises that everything shall pass. I will be with you to protect you, stripping you and help you get not just those who can do this work and bring down the levels of concern, we need to hear everything will be all right in life and has always been everything has a way of working out according to God's will, which is ultimately for the past return we get our past others.

When we bring down levels of concern, justice by the Livermore on the cultist for picking up the soak. I wanted to remind you that you can have your suggestion sent to us through conduct the spatial God is the and if we played you will receive a $25 gift certificate and thank you for everybody who has submitted their songs reason but I think I know some of the time is hard to pick it because is based on the show based on the guess another. Other reasons which I she doesn't want to reveal what the it is possible to get selected to relate okay when talking. I think since cancer because professional we started talking about addiction and what is exactly substance abuse now. I want people to understand where addiction comes from and who is that high risk for addiction because obviously not everyone is addicted and not everyone checks to jobs, sunrise turned to each other and summarize now to seek help at all.

And so what is higher risk among those that are addicted to those that are not willing to seek help or does that just have you know I very hurt inside dealing with a lot of pain while very you know very fat lady question. You know, drug alcoholism is a joy that question right there alone creates a lot of controversy. So all I know is there is a fellow who was involved in the founding of alcoholics anonymous by the name of Dr. so and I would know if anybody is interested in learning more about. There's a lot of people that really don't know much about it because most people don't experience it, but like the doctor said in the first Segway there that 20 million American a lot of a lot of alcoholism and drug Dr. so back in the 30s and when formulating the class.

He couldn't prove that it was a disease so they called in his literature called the doctor's opinion in the first book that they wrote the founders and Dr. so worse input. The first, the role of alcoholics anonymous.

There was a letter in there and they publish this letter to serve the doctor's opinion would know no signature well in the second diction edition Dr. so signature was on because shortly prior to the second diction of the big book of alcoholics anonymous.

The AMA, which is the American Medical Association for three or 56 classified as a disease, so when they came out with their second should Dr. soak with that. I put my name on it so it's called the doctor's opinion that because he couldn't couldn't prove it. So I believe you know what I read over the years.

What I continued the is there is a genetic coding to, you know, the majority of the people I deal with.

There's either a father or mother or it's known to skip a generation can be saying the grandparent so you know there's there's a lot of consistency with that but I'm always fascinated with. You know, I believe it is a disease. I believe it is genetically coded, but there's conditions that activate this illness. It's taken always have to be a genetic disposition to be addicted look at environmental factors play a fact effect as well.

You know, I think I think there's a lot there's a gene that never gets activated because of conditions that don't actively you know is a lot of conditions whether you have it or not, that might that might activate a gene that nobody knows about you know when the child goes through trauma trauma become part of their genetic coding doesn't become part of their DNA hardwired in a section of their brain will there's a lot of evidence that shows that so if I'm experiencing certain situations that are very difficult for me and my, especially in childhood, when everything's developing this set me up to to seek this release, so I some seeking I'm seeking seeking my first actual, you know that moment of relaxation comes through ring that that what causes it.

Let me give you an example to people went through trauma to China one genetic disposition back in 1000 they both have equal chances to become addicted. Later on in life you know not really sure about that. I'm not sure because even with trauma, you can have a drink and it really doesn't activate that she doesn't doesn't say ignite that phenomenon of craving you At all to you yet.

But even if there's trauma Mike Mike amount. Another way we know some people might become actively sex sexually active. Some people might might become very withdrawn. Some people might become OCD. Some people might control you know that the control everything. I think there's all kinds of the same token, I would think somebody with a genetic disposition right diction could possibly go to trauma and not become a gigantic or have extreme behaviors that you yet. I think it's I think it's just, you know there's a lot of variables to do their way of thinking, how they go for what people want their supports. Yeah, I look at it as as analogy or I really do know people have no brain.

It's definitely something that we needs to hear. Just like we will return here, 866 30 flexion back in union and that will live every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern on your radio traffic here for any smart website about the falls. All shows are available also as a video book. Just look for the cure. Were they become they displayed list. Maybe it's okay, I can choose if reading experience loss. We would feel thinking if reading experience The blatant embrace joy if we can struggle, we wouldn't appreciate hard work and prioritize helping others. If things didn't look impossible. We would not be a witness of miracles so okay. It's okay for the greatest king suffered for us, and I that personifies suffering is an honor getting personifies suffering if they realize that the one that holds the world is holding onto last and we now his will be done not just in heaven's. I also want to remind you about the cultists we started doing it for a couple of shows no lettuce bill. Suggestions were so that we can play on the show through our contact us page of God is the any fruit plate you will receive $25 gift certificate talking to Tim I guidance counselor how important is self-care the top priority very important.

I don't take care of myself very very classic statement nothing.

So you think everybody and it's all about being of service. I love the song during the breaking know taking care of ourselves. We can be of service to others.

I think what I do what you're doing is very important. You sound personal experience because I was a very dark world. You don't take yourself onto depression. Your surroundings become dirty and you don't like my night you want to be in constant contact only thing that will make you feel better makes it worse. This chain reaction live great lie. It's the devil's ply is treatable. Tell me there's hope you know before the break were talking about the allergic reaction. You know some people you know a lot of people look at all these other illness and all these other difficulties from an intellectual standpoint so you know there's people out and die from bee stings of the carrier. There's people that are allergic to shellfish so they see intellectually the text themselves right because of thinking shellfish their throats close-ups that allergic reaction is all kinds allergic reaction strawberry.

Some people get red radishes. Well, you know, I have allergic reaction based on how my body responds to it. I don't break out in our lives are red marks or anything.

I break out with the desire for more phenomenon craving hands-on therapy well but it's a whole lot of God and a whole lot of changing my thinking goes, the physical part of it. I'll never be able to change that. So I don't not sure, but I am a recovered alcoholic totally powerless over drug so my gift my God's grace to me as I have this incredible ability.

The ability to change my thinking because my thinking that puts it in. Nothing else so that that's the great that's the great gift of drug addiction is 100% treatable me to my next question.

Love this picture. Please become very well for the role because one know when the spiritual malady is overcome, or straighten out mentally because in drug addiction, drug addict will do more in five years to get more drugs and some people will do in a lifetime.

So you know, drug addicts and alcoholics try everything, year after year after year and nothing works. Never. Not nothing, nothing brings peace and comfort. Nothing until they find correct. I think that's the only thing that works because the only thing that what Disney mountain same with me and then my literature states that God could and would if you were sought.

How can we help 06, he touched upon that. It's not even there doing. It's not even their fault accident and had never been addict thing and nothing about that and you know what's the best way to help the patient because if they stop eat all periods and they feel the physical pain they need to just detoxify our transition to a medical treatment and what could be done in place of using all periods all opioids you know, I've come to the conclusion Amy that is managed drug addiction. The unmanageable so if I can help somebody's on opioids which is insanely difficult diction. Just incredible physical aspects of it so if I can get somebody in the detox and begin to remove. You know, we say, opioids like a poison.

I say the enemy we begin to remove that once I straighten out somebody's physical physical disability. Then I can start working on the mentally right so that's the goal of detox straighten them out physically so we can begin to treat them mentally start with mental aspect. None mental obsession with physical allergy rights, like any other type of allergy, but you see there's a there's a stigma attached. Nobody looks at it, not a moral issue. Amy is not a moral issue. I don't like how I feel in my own comfortability stalking that to a path where my own comfortability my life my desk my due process in life took me to a point where I use drugs other people.

Roads are different in their tractor capacity travel were different but they're acting out in all kinds of ways. You know so I happen to to to my mind. My direction was alcohol and in the way my body responded so it got to a point where I just believe the line once I put in I could stop me now is that before when I was too bad person for God to love me and I can have God like that peeing was unbearable. Now if I can physical pain and arthritis. It does in her ear, nose, and I feel a dozen other day and I can find it strong enough now. Well good for you guys, because I modest delayed though I've never been evicted God, but already I'm really mad when I'm one of the normal part of the line, you know that were not exactly God. Not bad for children of God but but you know, do I agree that drugs may drug addict make that decision yet. Do I agree. Alcohol makes alcoholics make bad decisions, yes, but I've never all the people I work with. I work with them.

So many people over the years, I've never get anybody not giving people opportunities.

This proved to me your bad and if not, that's part of the light God loves unconditionally know keep it very simple. This is why this is what I teach people who are willing to be taught that God loves us unconditionally because we have this gift of choice, in which choice I can be the best version of myself. Something soft and a meeting once people have one spot it was time a person starting, 31, everybody, and sometimes on the say right now it seems there's no way anybody anyone around in circles we can cut your bread. We can't enjoy the moment when we know that when I can't say when I say I can find from the one who gave his say hi and thanks for tuning in.

Like every sad day at 1 PM. Thanks. Here session yet. Just look for guys to keep later. The show will be available as a podcast search for the cure with Amy, they misspelled in a doubly many podcast charter that awesome song that just played checkers headcount when you get out is always God always be your site and Chico only needed family.

Now you not the only ones that can get it right.

Counting ourselves is grace is new every morning. His left 15 and only God can we be satisfied for love choosing the answer to everything that God care also want to remind you about the compass we started.

Please let us know. Suggestions were so that we can play on the show through our contact us page from God is a good outcome.

And if we played you will receive a $25 gift to continue talking to Tim back to discussing drug diction during any yes we do. Jimmy from Charlotte now your life.

What is your question Jerry right God I know what what you don't relate okay and now about your good head about all life without whale out your story and going no problem all and I got worried back on you know my well I I don't want to say that all medications are not to be taken. Doctors prescribed medication based on the condition of each individual patient now. Addiction is a disease that is well recognizable not. But there is still patience.need. What do you think, well, you know you still being treated is still going through the process of fighting cancer is all that been completed. I think I think were going through the treatment.

I think we need to stay on my medical doctor, but the treatment is over, then I would hope that the doctor and you have made a decision to begin the process of removing the opioid well for my wife. I prayed in chemo every week lung cancer with normal liver bill for fracture. Lord Maroney you know Bill, I'm taking way too many.

I really do not know if I gave it a thought.

Jimmy my opinion, you need to go to a pain medicine doctor and follow the recommendation that your doctor is there pain medication for not I could be prescribed instead of the portrait is also strong, that's right exists, though. Medications are no their conditions and situations which needs to be prescribed, but again this is best treated by a pain medicine physician, not by your primary care.

Additional viral colleges where my aunt called pain management. Okay, that helps you in your mouth all hurting work in our body the withdrawal right. There is a possibility to discuss with your physician. Switching to Suboxone which is a medication that is not addictive and is stopping the cravings that you have for the medication and there is some literature that says that maybe has also some effect on pain. I don't have experience with switching pain medications to open the medication to Suboxone or similar makes things bearable.

You know it is a synthetic opiate so it's kind of like. Switching seats on the Titanic, having with with his audio so is he is in remission now yes okay so it's in remission. He's also stating that I don't want to do what I'm doing starts telling me there. There's a problem there and and and I you know if it's in remission.

Why stay on pain is manageable, but be independent is very unmanageable hard throbbing. This all starts making things dark and the other problem is never enough starts being that those not enough correct psyche is very important for physical health as we focus on physical health and mental health. It starts with rent if if we can help his mental health to where he can be strong enough. I mean can sometimes we feel more fear anticipating the fear, sometimes a few morning thinking it can it be more painful. So there's different ways we can help.

Besides pain family time. Well, back you know Suboxone also mean the mind is extremely powerful and if we only knew how to use it and down can be. We can do that we can do that we can do that for each other because it starts with not wanting not wanting to do it anymore. Realizing has a problem wanting to get better which violates very difficult. In this case I God blessing at least is trying to get us ready for soapbox. Yes, so do you have any idea about what you think of routine screening should we do like up yearly drug test on your primary care physician like a Pap smear with the gynecologist and women is something that you recommend for the well for people that are not an addict like you go to your doctor for you yearly visit should the doctor testing for drugs like I usually type yeah I wouldn't I wouldn't be against the law because you know it could obviously could save somebody like you know drug alcohol. We don't have much time so let me get this question because I'm dealing with with drug addicts was a family member support system.

What's the best way for us to deal with. I know my husband didn't write that much for me. He didn't corner me. He didn't pressure me into it on my own abilities test well I think everybody you know I can't deny people appear to process and life. I don't have that kind of power to unite this respect. So I'm trying to do God work so what I can do with our bond so I always suggest to a family member doing with an alcoholic, Carnatic finders work. Find your strength because it's a very difficult thing right when Wendy is not a spectator sport. Not everybody gets to play Al-Anon and Al-Anon code which is codependent, anonymous therapist, there's there's there's told him there's a lot of lot of resources out there for people because is not like an instruction book comes with it. You know, I think the most thing to do is just let people have their own female guy 10. Make sure their state standards help then not attending their drug addiction then to have their own well because it it's up to the person they have to decide they want to change, not somebody wanting to change when your fibula left.

Thank you to me this ever again. We never have enough time to think he sometimes welcome rapidly. It was very interesting. I saw Jasper for a meeting this sound in making possible and thanks to the Christian card Robbie dear wire phase continuing check. It's just a question about it.

Now let's pray. I went to start with the typical any meeting God grant me this is to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and westbound on my name being a perfect image to living your love to give glory and praise openly hides your healing power, my soul just stormed most holy apostle and Team to interesting to me that I may find this trend.

My mom struggled with addiction texting you share them father's constant love and I

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