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Can a Cup of Coffee Impact the Culture for Jesus?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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June 2, 2022 5:30 am

Can a Cup of Coffee Impact the Culture for Jesus?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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June 2, 2022 5:30 am

Dr. Joseph Huss talks about how a subscription coffee plan from Generous Joes can help ministries around the world.

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Get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential, and respected voices on cultural and political issues. An apologist, Christian political advocate, and author, here is the founder and chairman of the Citizens for America Foundation, Dr. Chris Hughes. Hello and welcome to Christian Perspective. We are so excited today to have one of my favorite people in the world. And if you love coffee, you are not going to want to miss this show today, because not only are we going to talk about the best coffee in the world, but we're going to talk about how God has used an incredible family to impact the culture for Jesus. And their business is just something you're going to want to learn about. Because you might, by listening to the show today, you might decide that God has a way to use you on a similar path to touch the lives of others and be a blessing to so many other people.

So call your friends, tell them to turn on the radio, and we will be up and running in just a second. But first, I want to thank our host, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, for allowing us to have our studios, the Christian Perspective Studios, on their campus. If you are looking for a great Christian education, a place where you can go to school and not worry about your kids being indoctrinated and brainwashed with critical race theory and all the other crazy things going on in society today, then I would encourage you to go to M-A-B-T-S, which stands for Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, that's M-A-B-T-S dot E-D-U, and learn more about a school that your kids or grandkids or maybe a neighborhood kid could attend and get a great Christian education. Or maybe you've reached a point in your life where, you know what, you would just want to learn more about God's Word. You might want to check out the possibility of getting a master's degree or doctorate degree from Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. Don't let that seminary word scare you, okay? It's just a school where you can get a master's degree or a doctorate degree, and they have a great new program on apologetics, which is learning how to defend your faith and understanding what the Bible says on all kinds of different issues, and you don't even have to go to Memphis to go to school there.

They have a great online program, so visit M-A-B-T-S dot E-D-U. I also want to thank the Citizens for America Foundation. If you are looking for a way to learn more about the culture, if you want to learn what the Bible says on issues like transgenderism, homosexuality, traditional families, abortion, whatever it may be, really any issue in the culture today, I encourage you to visit Citizens for America Foundation dot com.

That's Citizens for America Foundation dot com. You can sign up to get our newsletter. You can learn about all kinds of events. We just had a great event where our guest today was at that event, the Culture Engagement Summit, and we're doing so many things. We just recently had an event with Vice President Pence in North Carolina. We're doing a tour to D.C. in June and again in September. We're taking a trip to Israel on December 26th, so if you've never walked in the footsteps of Jesus, you can go and learn more about that trip and how you can go to Israel right after Christmas.

It'd be a great Christmas present for your family, by the way, to go and see the place where Jesus grew up and where He performed all of His miracles and where He died on the cross and rose again for your sins and mine. So while you're on our website, Citizens for America Foundation dot com, you want to be sure to have a good cup of coffee in your hands, and that's going to come from Generous Joe's Coffee. My guest today is Dr. Joseph Huss. Joe and his wife are the founders of Generous Joe's Coffee, and they have been such a blessing to us at Citizens for America.

They come to events with us all over the country. They support this radio show and did from the very beginning. We had Joe on our podcast before it was a radio show, but I think it's the first time he's been on the show, and I just want to welcome to the Christian perspective today our dear friend and partner in ministry, Dr. Joseph Huss of Generous Joe's Coffee. I sure appreciate that, Chris. I love being on your show and just love the work you're doing for the Lord and for many Americans out there, especially when I think of Christian culture that just needs, you know, needs revival but needs direction when navigating through this, you said, of this crazy culture we live in today. So just appreciate all you do, brother. Love you, and just glad to be here on your show.

Well, thank you. Well, we wouldn't have a show if it wasn't for Generous Joe's, and we're so grateful for you helping us from the very beginning. And so, Joe, today we're going to talk about the story of who and what Generous Joe's Coffee is and what y'all do and how you're impacting the culture for Jesus, but before we do that, can you go share with our audience kind of who you are so they can get to know you and your family and about you being a pastor and how you got to the point where you are today?

Yeah, absolutely, absolutely. So, you know, it's amazing that the, uh, where they say that the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step, and, you know, we, I think about where we came from and, you know, where we are today and where we're looking at being in the future, and there's a, I think that there is a tremendous backstory, and some of which is, you know, is negligible, but the bottom line is, in the ministry, when I look back at the way that God blessed Northside Baptist Church, where I was a pastor for eight years, and I'm no longer the pastor there now, I get a great man of God who's just leading the charge and serving the people well, and I think there's a great reciprocal love there, so that's wonderful, but when I was there in the ministry, you know, I experienced God's blessing. You know how sometimes we see maybe God blessing other people and we see miracles, we see that in testimony of the Old Testament even, and, you know, the parting of the Red Sea and manna falling from heaven, and those were their miracles, those were their miracles.

God used, God worked in the lives of the, in life with Israel, and blessed them tremendously, and sometimes we look at that almost maybe in a selfish way, and like, wow, I wish we had our own miracles, wish God would do something really massive and just earth-shattering in my life, and while there are many miracles that happen on a day-to-day basis, but sometimes we're, you know, we kind of maybe even turn a blind eye to or are ignorant of, there are some that are just massive in our lives, and God gave us some miracles. When I was in the ministry, financial miracles specifically, as a young pastor in a kind of a young ministry, we needed financial blessings, we needed money to flow into the ministry that we can better serve the people of God and the people in the community, and for us, there's a verse in Ecclesiastes, Solomon said, money answereth all things, and to some extent, you know, when we look at that, it's kind of a generality, but obviously you can't answer things of salvation and maybe some health issues, but for the most part, money, there's hardly an area in your life that if you just had a little bit extra cash, a little bit extra money, that it would solve some of those problems, and I tell you, I was blessed as a young pastor, as a young man, God moved in my life, showed me great, great miracles financially, and I just really wanted to find a way to bless other people that same way. Now, again, we're a small coffee company right now and obviously with hopes to scale and just to bring it into the millions upon millions and millions and millions, but, you know, we just wanted to reciprocate that same blessing that we received and that I received as a young man to other people. We wanted to be able to bless people financially in a way, and the thing that came to our mind, that my wife's in my mind, many years ago was, man, if we could just start a coffee company, coffee is so ubiquitous, it's in so many houses, 70% of Americans drink coffee, and it has such a large footprint in our culture, I said, if we could just figure out a way to leverage an industry that already exists and be a blessing to ministries, we could literally be, and this has kind of rolled off my tongue, I said, we could literally be generous with every cup of joe. It would be a generous joe's, and it was just like, bang, there it is, like, we could do this, and so from the get-go, many years ago, when we even had this idea of being a blessing financially to other ministries and other men in their work, and we just leveraged the coffee industry, we said, there's so many millions, billions of dollars out there, that if we could just apply to the right causes, the right Christian causes, conservative causes, there we could move the needle for the Lord, and so in a sense, that was really the kind of the backstory of how that came to be where we're at today.

What an incredible testimony, and you really are doing that because you're touching so many ministries across the country. I almost called you yesterday, Joe, because, you know, as you said, you started off a small company, but you were growing. We co-hosted an event with Vice President Pence just yesterday in North Carolina, and I was walking through the lobby of the church where it was hosted, and I walked past this table, and there were two bags of generous joe's coffee sitting on that table, and I should have taken a picture and sent it to you. You're expanding and growing across the country, and it's just a powerful testimony of how God has used you and your family to bless other ministries, because through the sale of coffee, you are giving a large portion, almost all your profits are going to ministries and to helping other ministries, and at a time in our country where, like you said, more than 75 percent of people in America drink coffee, it's I think over an 18 billion dollar business, probably much more than that, huge business model. Everybody's got coffee, everybody's drinking coffee, and this is a small area where Christians can support a Christian company. It frustrates me, and I'm not going to ask you to name or make negative comments about other companies, I'll do that for you, but there are other companies out there that have, you know, on every corner, particularly in college towns, they're a new little coffee shop, and they're based out of the liberal northwest, and they don't support the military, they don't support our nation, and they certainly don't support God, and yet Christians are supporting companies like that, and we need to get behind Christian companies like Generous Joe's and support them and help them, because they are taking their profits not to support Planned Parenthood, they're not supporting all the liberal industries that these other coffee companies are supporting, but they are supporting Christian ministries, not just political ministries, but missionaries and pastors and churches across the country.

So if you're church, and probably every church, I mean every church does, I mean goodness, my wife, Joe, she used to want to be late, well I wouldn't say she wanted to be, I'm fixing to get in big trouble here, I would just say we were late many Sundays, and it was somebody other than my fault that we were late most Sundays, how about that Joe? And yeah, but now that our Sunday school class has coffee and donuts, she wants to get there early because they have coffee, well probably, you know, just about everybody listening in your Sunday school class has coffee on Sunday morning, well instead of buying some other company's coffee, why not bring God's coffee into God's house and have Generous Joe's coffee that you're serving right there on Sunday morning. Here's what Joe, let's take a quick break, we'll come back, I want to talk about where you get your coffee, how it's sourced, and what makes it so good. So y'all stick around, we'll be right back with more Joe Huss of Generous Joe's Coffee. This show is brought to you by Generous Joe's, the coffee company with the Christian perspective. This is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for. A coffee company that gives back to causes you care about.

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For a free transcript, call American Minute at 1-888-USA-WITH. Welcome back to The Christian Perspective. I'm Chris Hughes. My guest today is Dr. Joseph Huss. Joe is the founder and owner of Generous Joe's Coffee, what a great Christian coffee company from around the world.

They support so many Christian ministries. Joe, my daughter, have you met my daughter yet at any of the events we've attended? Sure have, out in North Carolina. Yeah, so she's getting ready to go to medical school in the fall. Just yesterday we were talking about you before my other event that I mentioned. We're trying to decide when she moves, what are the things that we need to have for her when she goes to school. Well, as a student, particularly a medical student where you can study in all these hours, coffee was at the top of her list. So we were just talking yesterday about you and about how we need to go buy a coffee maker for her when we get her moved to her new town. And so I can buy her, she was telling me how I need to buy her a subscription to Generous Joe's Coffee.

So you're fixing to get another customer. But hey parents, you know, have you thought about that? I know a lot of kids are graduating from college right now. If you want to give a great college present, a year subscription for Generous Joe's Coffee is a great way to do it. I just bought my parents, my mother for Mother's Day. She listens to the show and she's like, you know, I've got to have one of the subscriptions to Generous Joe's Coffee.

So I finally got around to getting her a subscription for Mother's Day. But that's a great thing you can think about as your kids are going to college or even for your own home is to get a subscription to Generous Joe's Coffee. And you just go to their website, it's painless, you sign up. What I love, Joe, is you're not charged for a year in advance.

I mean, it's just a bag at a time basically. I mean, as you ship it out for a month, you charge at that time. Sometimes it's tricky, you know, you go to these subscription plans and you think you're just paying so much for a month and you get hit for the whole year at one time when you weren't expecting that.

But that's not the case with your program. What is your website if people want to go get a subscription while we're talking about it? Yeah, they can go directly to our Shopify store, which is, or they can go to Either one. If you go to, there's a link.

It takes you right to our store online where you can get a subscription right there. That's great. And I would encourage y'all to do that, you know, because you never want to run out. Goodness, when Vicki, when my wife, and I don't think you've met her yet, Joe, but when Vicki runs out of coffee, it's rough around this house.

Yeah, that's bad news. A subscription plan, I'm going to be in so much trouble for this, a subscription plan is the way to go. Well, one of the things I love about your coffee is sometimes, you know, sometimes some Christian products are not up to snuff. And what I love is that your coffee really is delicious coffee. And I've asked a lot of people with varying tastes to sample it.

I know y'all have given free samples all over the country at different events that I've hosted and others. What is the secret? Is it, you know, where do you get your beans?

Is there an elevation that makes a difference? What makes a good coffee? Yeah, so I guess when you're talking coffee, there's a lot of maybe nuances, but some of the major things are region, number one, and the region we get ours from is Honduras and Guatemala. And they're just known for a real nice kind of nutty flavor to them. You know, we don't add anything to them to make it taste the way it does.

It's just the roasting is just done so well, but they are high elevation. And so the higher the elevation, generally the smoother the bean, it just adds to that whole coffee experience. I mean, there's nothing worse than having a bitter cup of coffee.

And I shouldn't say there are some people who like a bitter cup, but it's, you know, they're of the 1%, 5% of the people. Most people like a real smooth cup of coffee and you pay a little bit more for it, but the product, I mean, you get what you pay for it, right? And so you said it, sometimes Christian products are not always the best products.

However, I think that we ought to do all things that please the Lord. And I don't want to offer a substandard product either. When I found this flavor profile that we like and that we roast, I thought, man, this is going to be a great testimony too. When people drink the coffee, they're going to love it.

And such is the case when you go around the country, as you mentioned it, you give away free samples and so on. People actually, they love it. I mean, they take a sip and they say, this is so smooth.

I wish I had a video of the literally hundreds or even thousands of people who have drank their coffee. And the first word out of their mouth is this is so smooth. It's not bitter. And so we get it from Honduras, Guatemala, import it, roast it in just outside of San Francisco and Oakland area, and then ship it to Iowa where we do the packaging and then distribute across country. And you have different flavors. Well, I don't know flavors. I'm sure my, my regnet is coming out in me right now, but they're like medium, expresso, dark.

Can you talk about those? And so for maybe the people that aren't coffee connoisseurs are just kind of getting into it. What are the different flavor profiles you have and how are those obtained? Yeah, so obviously just to just roast levels, the duration, temperature, things of that nature inside the roasting equipment, but same bean that makes our bold is the same bean that is used for our medium. Our medium is the, is the most popular.

It is. It's just my, I shouldn't say it's the most popular. It's funny when we go out to the West coast, bold seems to be maybe even in the majority, maybe 55% of what we sell.

But in the Midwest, a lot of people just like our medium. I would say that that is probably our most popular blend is our medium roast. So you get your medium, which is the same roast level as the espresso, and then you've got the bold. And then we also have a decaf that comes from Mexico and Columbia.

But the, the main body, the main makeup of our company is our, is our medium and our bold, our roasts. So when you said you have an expresso, is that again, forgive my ignorance here. Is that just a stronger flavored bean or what, what makes it?

And I, cause I always, I'm really showing my ignorance here. I always thought that expresso was just, you know, not as much water. You know, we're just getting a more concentrated water to coffee bean ratio, but you actually have a product that is an expresso product.

What is the difference in that? You know, essentially it's the same roast profile, same bean, same roast profile as our medium. People grind it up a little finer as they use it in their espresso machine. So you can't really grind of an already ground bean technically. So if we, if we sell somebody a, a medium ground, they wouldn't necessarily use that in an espresso machine. They want kind of the espresso bean that would come to them and then they would grind it to their, to their consistency that would produce the best coffee in their espresso maker. So it is the same bean. It's just an espresso blend that they grind down.

So it's, it's same thing as a medium. So, so if we go online and we're ordering a bag of coffee, do they come in both the ground format and the full bean, or is it just the espresso is the full bean? Yeah, just the espresso in the, in the whole bean.

Yeah. Everything else will come in a whole bean in a ground. Well, I'm, I'm, I'm really stupid Joe cause I didn't know that. I thought I've been telling people that you had this special coffee.

So I'm really glad that you clarified that for me. So, so that's what I need to be getting then for Vicki, um, is cause she has a couple of different machines, but she does have one where she likes to, you know, have the, the, the whole bean and, and, and grind it down. So when they go to your site then, which is, um, then that's what they need for the full bean.

Well, I'm really dumb and I'm learning more about coffee, coffee here, uh, as we go. Uh, so what are the plans, uh, for the company? Are you in retail locations now?

Are you just online? Um, you know, what's, what's the business plan and, and, and how can people find you around the country? Yeah. So I guess the, the whole model we've had, we've had a lot of people ask me about setting up retail shops, about franchise options and things of that nature. And, uh, you know, the, the, one of the issues with franchising, doing a brick and mortar type thing is you, you lose some control and the whole purpose of our company is to give money away. And what I'd hate to happen is to franchise out, have a store owner create a, and maybe these are just, we'd have to come up with some operating agreements for the, the franchise locations, but, you know, I'd hate for someone to start supporting, you know, independently or whatever with the profits from the store, a clause that would be liberal or woke or something like that.

You know, something that it would just, it wouldn't sit right with what we're trying, what our goals and objectives are. So right now we're just, we're just online and we do events around the country, which we enjoy. It's a lot of work and gas isn't really cheap, but we, as we go around, um, and maybe we can talk about this in the next segment, but our, our real focus is the subscription model because that's how we can plan long term. Uh, and even in the short term, we can plan our giving, which is really, really critical. Um, so that, that subscription model is, is, is, you know, the bread and butter, the backbone of what we're trying to accomplish longterm.

It allows me to continue to support, uh, Chris, he's in the program longterm because I know what my, the subscriptions are coming in. And then in terms of, uh, you know, other giving to other organizations ministries, uh, that's, that's the backbone right there. So we don't right now see in the near future, any, any idea of setting up locations.

However, it's not completely off of the table. We would just have to figure out a way to manage them either, um, regionally or something like that, where we still have the kind of that, that main control of where profits go. Um, and so even though you might not have locations, you do, you do have churches though, and other organizations that serve exclusively your coffee. And I sure hope that we can get to a point, if you're a pastor, maybe you're just in charge of the coffee at your church. I hope if you're listening that you will go online to and, and not that I'm trying to hurt other companies out there, but this is a company that boldly proclaims that they are followers of Jesus Christ. And they're using the money to support ministries, not only in the United States, but around the world. And they take a stand on issues in the culture today that most, most churches don't even have the courage to take a stand on, but here's a coffee company and a family that owns this company that is taking a stand on the word of God. And they are true followers of Jesus Christ. So, uh, go ahead and get out your notebook because we're going to tell you some notes here in the next segment about how to get a subscription plan, how you can enjoy Generous Joe's coffee every morning, right there in your own home or at your church.

So stick around, be right back with more of Generous Joe's. The United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, but most Americans don't know the truly important role that God in the Bible played in the founding of this great nation. This June joined nationally syndicated radio host and founder of the Citizens for America Foundation, Dr. Chris Hughes, for four amazing days in our nation's capital. With Chris, you'll embark on a journey of discovering the hidden secrets of Washington, DC and rediscover much of America's forgotten Christian heritage. Your tour will include an up close and personal look at the nation's establishment and how it's evolved over the centuries. Learn about the government and the men who helped forge this new kind of Republic, one that acknowledged the creator from its very inception.

Know the truth about the creation of the United States of America, about the faith of the founding fathers and how Christian principles were used to establish this form of government. Visit today and secure your spot to join Chris Hughes in Washington, DC this June. This show is brought to you by Generous Joe's, the coffee company with the Christian perspective. This is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for, a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your coffee today at and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or the causes you care about. Visit to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement.

Welcome back to Christian Perspective. I'm Chris Hughes. My guest today is Joe Huss. Joe is the owner of Generous Joe's Coffee and you can learn more about them at or, right? The other one, Joe?

Yeah, either one will take you there, yep. So or and you can subscribe to get coffee. I want to talk about the subscription plan but before we do, Joe, you said something in the last segment. You said the whole purpose of our company is to give away money. Can you share with our maybe pastors listening and other ministries, what do you mean give away money? No company gives away money. Don't you and your wife want to get rich and build a big mansion and keep the money for yourself?

Nobody's ever heard of this. Yeah, no doubt. I mean, there's a verse in the Bible that says, what is the profit of man if he gained the whole world that loses his own soul, right? I mean, there's another verse that says, laying out for yourself treasures on earth where moth and rust are corrupt and thieves do break in steel but lay out for yourself treasure in heaven where either moth and rust are corrupt and thieves do break in steel.

I mean, we can have an idea. I mean, hey, listen, we all want to live a comfortable life. I don't want to be necessarily broke, but at the same time, I already have by the grace of God more than I need. And so I thank the Lord for that.

Now, it doesn't mean that we don't own nice vehicles or we don't want to buy a nice house or something like that. But the purpose, the impetus of this company is to give away money and not just as a one-time donation. I mean, those are great.

The one-offs are wonderful. But the goal is to create a model that keeps the music going. You know what I mean? I tell people, I say, when the music stops, everybody's got to find a chair. And I just want to keep the music playing. And so for us, this is really, again, the critical component of the subscription model is that if we can keep the music going, we will never give away all of the money because the money will just keep flowing in. And so I could write a check, whether it's for $10,000 or $50,000 or $100,000, and then the money's gone and then I can't give it anymore. But if I put it back into an organism, a living, breathing organism that then keeps pumping money back out on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis, Lord willing, if I have customers for life, boy, I tell you, that money will just keep flowing and keep supporting organizations. It's honestly, in my mind, it's the only way that I can keep the money coming to keep giving money away.

So we're just trying to live life with an open hand. And so that is the only mechanism that I can think of that's going to continually create cash. And in a large scale, and you had mentioned the billions of dollars, I think the coffee industry is about 180 billion. And that's a lot of billions. And when you look at just the ability to gain market share, if I just had 1% of that, that I was able to give away every year, I mean, 1% of 180 billions, that's a lot of money. And, and so that's the purpose is just create a business with the express purpose of writing checks. And if we can continue to do that and build our subscription base, man, it will just blow it up.

And there'll be just tons of money just to give away to organization after organization after organization. And so if a ministry is out there and, and, you know, they want to learn more about how they can benefit from from this generous, because it is a generous donation. How do they find out? Do they just go to your website? Or do they email you? How do they learn more about that model?

How do they learn more about that model? Yeah, sure. They can go right to our website and just kind of see the model and see kind of what we're doing. And, you know, you can send me an email and, you know, we can chat certainly at this point in time. Again, we're a young company, but we don't have unlimited funds yet. And Lord willing, one day we will have unlimited funds. But you know, if, if people are, you had mentioned, you had mentioned, uh, Israel, you guys are going to Israel, which I'm super excited for you about, by the way, I've been to Israel eight times, love Israel. And matter of fact, when I resigned the ministry, I had this big long talk with God and I was trying to figure out a way that I could convince God that maybe it might be his will for me to move to Israel. So I love Israel.

I want to support Israel. And so, um, yeah, I don't know, like our, our hope is to support a ton of, a ton of these ancillary type ministries. And, and when there's enough buy-in from the community, from, from the culture of Christians, conservatives, and I'm talking, you know, uh, vocal concern, people who are really concerned with where our economy and where everything's going politically, because we're funding the liberals. And, and so when, when we have enough buy-in from the community, we'll have enough money to then help more ministry.

So, um, shoot me an email and, and, and, uh, man, I'd love to, you know, have a, have an open communication, open dialogue with folks and see if there's a way that we can help support, support their works, whether it's Israel or whether it's, you know, pro-life organizations or whatever it might be. Something, Joe, you and I've talked about is ways, uh, you know, so, so a lot of us, if you own a business, maybe at Christmas or other times you, you want to bless your good customers with a gift. And one of the things that y'all offer is like gift baskets and, uh, once in a while, or I know you have other products like those coolers that keep stuff hot for 18 hours or, you know, like the thermoses or whatever, I'm not using the right term, but, um, yeah. So if I had a business and, and, uh, you know, I wanted to give a gift to my employees or people that do business with my business once a year or Christmas time, are there packages?

Would the subscription plan be the best way to go? Or do y'all have a, uh, an option where people can order gift baskets that have coffee and mugs and that kind of thing in it? Yeah. So we, we can, we can do that. We can make a gift baskets.

We've done that before. And that's, that's obviously one of the neatest things at Christmas time. Subscriptions are something that as people get, they get all year round, right? So whether it's a bag a month or two bags a month or five bags a month, or whether it's, you know, we've got businesses that, that purchase our coffee on a subscription churches that purchase our coffee on subscription. I mean, there are people, yeah, you can do gift baskets.

It's one off. It's great. And people love them. But the one neat thing is getting that bag of coffee. I've passed a friend of mine who, uh, who has a brother who's a pastor and they went in and bought coffee for their, for their mom.

And she's, I don't know, I think 70, 80 years old. And, uh, and they said to, they said to mom, they said, mom, every time you drink coffee in the morning, I want you to pray for your two pastor sons. And that's kind of like the gift that just keeps on giving all year round.

You know, every morning she gets up, she drinks coffee and she's praying for her to, uh, to preacher boys. And, and, uh, that's the, again, the one off is nice. And for us, it helps us, um, bolster our income that we can give, but it doesn't, it doesn't, um, it doesn't help us to forecast our giving. And that's why I like the subscription is where the money's at for us longterm for being able to dispense money consistently to other people. I, I call it aggregated giving and, and it doesn't seem like, like much, right? So one subscription, one bag a month, the profits are five bucks. Like what's this?

Just what's the big deal. Uh, we did an event a week or so ago, got five subscriptions. Uh, I think it ended up to be, uh, six bags a month.

Yeah. It's only, only, you know, $30 in profit, but you know, you do that for a year and now it's $360. And then you do that for 10 years because it's customers for life.

Now you're talking 3,600 or 72 for 20 years. But what would a ministry do with an additional $7,200 check that just came to them? So one bag of coffee once it doesn't seem like a lot, but when you aggregate it over a period of time and then we get five from this event and five more from that event and you know, three this week and 25 this week over the course of, of, of, of a longterm long time.

Uh, the subscription is, is where it's at. So the gift baskets are great and we do them. We love them. We love giving them out. We gave away thousands and thousands of dollars of, of coffee to cops this last, this last December. I think we gave out close to 30 gift baskets. There were, I don't know, $350 a piece. You know, obviously we wrote it off.

We want to be a blessing. We ate the cost of it. Nobody, nobody really paid for that. I guess we had a couple of people give a hundred bucks and, and you know, we love giving out the gift baskets.

The police department loved it. Um, and so if people buy them, that's great. But at the end of the day, you know, the goal is that subscription model again. Yeah.

Yeah. I wanted to share that was an option to do that one time, but really the best way, I mean, if you want to have an impact, why do we, as businesses give away? We want, we give away Christmas gifts because we want to say thank you to our customers, but rather than just have once a year where they get something and then forget about it. That's why the subscription plan is so great. Joe is they're getting something from us every single month. And can they, can there, is there like a personalized message that comes every month, uh, inside with that subscription if they want to do that?

Yeah, we can, we can definitely personalize the message inside the, inside the bag of coffee or inside the box. So, I mean, if you're, you know, if you're running a business and you want to thank your people rather than just giving one gift a year at Christmas, if you bought the subscription plan with Generous Joe's and you can go to or shop, or shop, you buy that annual subscription, then every single month those people are going to remember that you appreciate them and you love them and you're thankful for them. And it's not a big hit. You're buying, you know, it's a pound of coffee.

I mean, it's not a big hit that your company and your business is getting. And again, instead of getting hit at Christmas time, by doing that subscription, it's being paid every month instead of hitting you for a one-time annual fee. And I know I went way up in stock, Joe, with my mom. As I mentioned a while ago, you know, for Mother's Day, I bought my mother an annual subscription.

Like you said, I mean, now she has a cup of coffee every morning. She gets to think about me and she, you know, my situation is different because she knows that you support the show. She gets to pray for you to, to appreciate you for what you've done to help bless us as our ministry as we started from the very beginning with the podcast and then the radio show. And I can give a personal testimony of, I know other ministries. I mean, you may not want to mention some of the people that you've helped, but I know many of the people that you've partnered with and, you know, instead of pocketing the profits, you're helping ministries. And this is solely, this is a ministry. It's a coffee ministry where you're blessing other people. And we're so thankful for what you do for us here at The Christian Perspective and to reach people, not just in the United States, but around the world.

Folks, we're talking to Joe Huss. He's the owner of Generous Joe's Coffees. And you can visit their website at That's And I want to encourage you to get an annual subscription plan today. Go right now. Sign up. It takes, it really takes less than five minutes. I'm not the most tech savvy guy, but you can go easily online.

It's painless and they just hit your credit card with it once a month. And when they send out the package, stick around and be right back with more talking with Joe Huss from Generous Joe's Coffees. A brand is a design, name, symbol, or any other feature that sets an organization or individual apart. Bringing that brand to life can be difficult, but Diggs Design is here to help you take that next step or re-energize your current situation.

We can handle logos, social media graphics, cards, weddings, clothings, prints, photo editing, and much more. Give us a call today at 704-984-2432, or connect with Diggs Design on social media. In a world crowded with viewpoints and voices, critical condition after ASIM, I believe the message of this financial problems, only one voice matters. Gods. At the College at Mid America and Mid America Seminary, we equip leaders to think from a biblical worldview, online or on our Memphis campus. Check out the College at Mid America and Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary at and be equipped to light the way. This show is brought to you by Generous Joe's, the coffee company with the Christian perspective. This is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for, a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about.

Order your coffee today at and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or the causes you care about. Do you desire to build family relationships that stand the test of time? Does creating a godly family seem like a daunting challenge?

You're not alone. I'm Connie Alpers, author of Parenting Beyond the Rules and host of Equipped to Be. As a mother of five, I understand your struggles. For 35 years, I have been helping families just like yours build lasting relationships.

I'd like to invite you to tune in to Equipped to Be and visit where I share useful tips and proven strategies to help you navigate the seasons of motherhood, faith and life with confidence and joy. The United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, but most Americans don't know the truly important role that God in the Bible played in the founding of this great nation. This June, join nationally syndicated radio host and founder of the Citizens for America Foundation, Dr. Chris Hughes, for four amazing days in our nation's capital. With Chris, you'll embark on a journey of discovering the hidden secrets of Washington, D.C. and rediscover much of America's forgotten Christian heritage. Your tour will include an up-close and personal look at the nation's establishment and how it's evolved over the centuries. Learn about the government and the men who helped forge this new kind of republic, one that acknowledged the Creator from its very inception.

Know the truth about the creation of the United States of America, about the faith of the founding fathers and how Christian principles were used to establish this form of government. Visit today and secure your spot to join Chris Hughes in Washington, D.C. this June. Welcome back to The Christian Perspective. I'm Chris Hughes and during the commercial break, you heard about generous toast coffee. They are the coffee company with The Christian Perspective, and that's not just a commercial with them. I've had the privilege to get to know Joe and his wife Dane and their family, and they are such a blessing and they take a stand on a lot of issues in the culture today. And if you listen to this show every day on your local radio station or maybe you get on a podcast later in the day, you know that what we try to do is educate and train Christians to develop a biblical perspective and then take that biblical perspective, not just into everyday life, but into the arena of public policy and politics. And Joe, y'all have been very open about your desire to impact the culture for Jesus. It's a pretty gutsy move. I mean, you could have been a Christian company and never been involved in the things that you're involved with. What made you decide to get involved, you know, let's say with our ministry and Faith Winds and son David Barton and some of the others that you travel across the country with, it was a gutsy move.

How did that come about? Yeah, so a couple things. First of all, if you see a need, take the lead, right? And there's a need, I think, in the culture to give away money to support, fund, underwrite, whatever you want to call it, ministries that are doing God's work. Number one, I think that's important.

Number two, I think that I really don't care what people think about me, so we kind of laugh about that in my family a little bit. I don't report to anybody but God, and so I do what I feel the Spirit is leading me to do, and when it comes time to just boldly proclaiming what it is I believe, you know what, I don't report to anybody except God. So, you know, on one hand it's gutsy, on the other hand it comes from a, maybe I'm just insensitive about my feelings, maybe is the best way to put it, you know, where something needs to be done. There are a lot of companies supporting liberals.

There's a guy behind the desk that just writes checks of some liberal organizations, and I just said, you know, enough with that. There's got to be some, you know, bold, upstanding Christians who are just willing to help fund and support the ministries that are moving the needle for God. And so for us, it just comes out of sheer conviction, conviction that we're compelled to do what's right. He that knoweth to do good and doeth it not to him it is sin, and so I know what I need to do.

I know I need to say something. There's a time to be quiet or to, you know, to not say anything, and then there's a time to speak up, and so I think it's time for Christians, especially Christians, well, Christians and Christian businessmen, to speak up and to vote with their dollars and to give their resources to people who are moving the needle, not just for optics sake, not just for optics sake, and that can be a kind of a paralyzing thing people want to give because it, you know, it makes them look good. Dude, just give money because it's the right thing to do. You know, withhold not good from them to whom it is due went to the power of that hand to do it, right?

That's what the Bible says. So for me, it's really critical that, Lord, just give me the ability to be able to give, and I'm not going to withhold good from them to whom it is due. And so, yeah, I guess, you know, boils down to just maybe being a little insensitive to my own feelings and saying, hey, there's the right thing to do, you know, take the high road and be a blessing to people who are doing some work for God.

And I'm so glad that you do. You know, I look at companies like Facebook or another big coffee company out there, and they donate to Planned Parenthood. They donate to these liberal policies in the country.

They help support the liberal indoctrination in public schools today. And if other Christian companies did, and there's lots of Christian companies, Joe, that are out there, but they're not taking the stand that your company is taking. And I just thank the Lord for Generous Joe's coffee and your willingness to say, you know what, we're not going to worry about anybody else. If something's wrong, we're going to take a stand against it. And we're going to put our, literally, you're putting your money where your mouth is because almost all your profits are going.

And folks, this isn't just something that I read somewhere. I know personally, I've had many meetings with the team at Generous Joe's. I've traveled with them all over the country, and they have openly supported not just the Christian Perspective Radio Show, but they have supported the Citizens for America Foundation and the work that we're doing across the country. And they're not doing it in hiding.

They are proud to take a stand for Jesus Christ. There is no other Christian coffee company like this in the country today. And I just encourage you, y'all are all buying coffee. Everybody listening, you got coffee in your house.

And again, I'm not knocking folders or, you know, or anybody else like that. But if you're going to spend money on coffee, and they're not really any more expensive, it's a high quality bean. But certainly when you're looking at some of the other companies out, you know, like Black Rifle or Starbucks or even the McDonald's coffees or Dunkin Donuts, they're not any more expensive than any of those coffees.

But the difference is, is they are impacting the culture for Jesus. They're using their money to touch the lives of people each and every day. So I encourage you to go to

That's And you can look at the different kinds of coffee. We were talking earlier about how they have a medium roast and a dark roast, an espresso. By the way, hopefully none of you are as ignorant as me. I learned today that the espresso bean is a whole bean.

So I know nobody else is in that situation with me. So you can order beans that are already ground. And Joe's going to get on to me for this when we get done with this show. But, you know, you can order beans that are already been ground or if you like the whole bean and grind them yourself, you can do that. And so, you know, if you want to just order one time and order, order some and try it and see how wonderful it is. Or if you've been to some of our events across the country or events of Faith Winds or Evangelist Byron Mixon or David Barton, Wall Builders or all these other ministries that are out there and you remember a table where they were giving away samples of free coffee. That was Generous Joe's. And you know how delicious it is.

I agree with Joe. I mean, I've watched people. I stand from a distance kind of around the corner and watch people as they go and taste the coffee. Because, you know, when we started this, I didn't want to have somebody sponsor my show who had nasty coffee. And so I wanted to see not only was it good to me, but was it good to other people too.

I tell you, my number one judge, this was my wife, Vicki. Before we ever started, I got samples from Joe where I saw him with the American Renewal Project. And I brought some samples home and I said, Vicki, I need you to try this. And my daughter, Holman, tried.

My son tried. So it wasn't just what Chris thought about it, but what did other people think. And then I watched people, as Joe said, across the country taste it. And you can just see their face light up when they taste this delicious cup of coffee, delicious cup of Joe, I guess I should say. Joe, was that right? That's right.

It's a delicious cup of Joe. Can you also buy those bottles from your website that keep it hot for a long time? Yeah. Yeah. We had those and we also have ceramic mugs and shirts and hats and all sorts of stuff. Yeah.

But again, going back, I got a pendulum, Chris. Main thing is the subscriptions, you know? But yeah, you can buy all that swag. Well, I'm just making sure that doesn't go along with it.

That's right. So like at Christmas, if you're going to buy, like usually each year I buy my kids a bottle like that because they're away at college and they drop them, ding them or whatever. So as I was thinking like with my daughter, Holman, when I've got to get her this annual subscription plan when she goes to medical school, I need to get her a generous Joe's bottle to drink it out of when she's going to class.

So other friends will know about the great coffee that she's drinking too. You have two teenage boys, right? Yes, sir. Tell our listeners how they can be praying for you, for your family, for your wife, Dana, and your boys. What can we specifically be praying for for you as God continues to grow your business and use you for His glory?

Yeah. I think that the goal is, you know, pray for us that we might see fruit and that it may abound. We have, you know, my two teenage boys, Joshua and Benjamin.

Joshua's 15 and Benjamin 16. And, you know, we labor together in love and they're just a part of the company. Matter of fact, when we started the company, they had a lawn business that they had sold and they put over $50,000 that they had saved into generous Joe's. I mean, we put six figures in ourselves and but they've got a lot of money wrapped up in it too. And we want to be successful, but we want to be successful for the Lord. So pray that what we do is successful and, you know, how we measure success is, I guess, by how much money we can give. And so it's not about how much we make or we take, it's about how much we give. And, you know, that in and of itself, if we gave a billion dollars a year and we lived on a hundred thousand or 50,000, I tell you what, it would be an absolute miracle. Now, of course, if we're making that kind of money, I don't expect, you know, everybody to split $50,000 four ways and everybody only make a drip, but, you know, we want to be successful to give money away. That is our purpose, stated purpose to family purpose. The more we make, the more we can give pray that we can continue to do that and that we can remain solvent and that we don't overgive because sometimes we do. We do overgive because we have a heart for giving.

And so sometimes the checks will come out of my personal account and not generous shows because we just didn't have enough money to give to something I felt compelled to get to. So pray that we just remain solvent and that we can give abundantly and faithfully to God's work. Amen. Folks, if you're listening, it's, And I want to tell you that what Joe is telling you is 100% true. When they do events with us, 90% of the profits from the sales at our events are coming back to our ministry.

So it's not going for administrative costs for Joe and his family. They own other businesses. This ministry, this coffee business is a ministry designed for the sole purpose of helping other ministries reach a lost world for Jesus Christ. They are the real deal.

And I'm not getting paid anything to tell you that. They are the real deal. They love Jesus. They're committed to Jesus Christ. Joe is a pastor himself. And I've met his entire family.

His wife is wonderful. His boys have a heart for serving others. And they are making a difference in this world.

If all of us were doing what they're doing, we could really impact the culture for Jesus. So I encourage you again to go to,, and buy a subscription plan. Again, you're not going to get hit for hundreds of dollars. At this point, you know, you just charge for the coffee you send, for however many bags you buy for that month.

It can be one a month, one a quarter, but that helps him budget so he can decide what he can give to different ministries throughout the year. And you're buying coffee anyway. Y'all don't support these companies.

I mean, okay, I'm going to get in trouble here. I've been told, I don't know, so I've been told that there's a company that is associated with a gun name that, you know, is pro-military, and they are, but I've also been told that they're also pro-abortion. There's not a penny going from Generous Joe's to support the murder of unborn babies.

And there's not a penny going for critical race theory or any of these other things. This is a ministry that is giving money. And when you support those other ministries, you're supporting things that you don't support as a Christian. By purchasing coffee from Generous Joe's at, you are making a difference for Jesus, and you're supporting ministries that support the values and the ideas that you support. Joe, thank you so much for being on with us today on The Christian Perspective.

Absolutely. Man, I appreciate you. Appreciate being here. Love you guys. Love your family and love what you're doing for the Lord. Keep up the good work, buddy. God bless you, brother.

We're going to do that, and we're doing it because of you. Y'all, this is my first sponsor. Generous Joe's Coffee supported us when nobody else would.

He's the real deal. And I'm begging you today to buy your coffee from a Christian company that has a Christian mission of reaching the lost world for Jesus Christ. And when you support Generous Joe's Coffee, when you buy a subscription plan for him, he's using that money to help me so we can impact the culture for Jesus. Thank you for listening. The Christian Perspective with Chris Hughes. Learn more about impacting the culture for Jesus. Visit
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