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Should Christians be Involved in Public Policy and Politics?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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June 1, 2022 9:30 am

Should Christians be Involved in Public Policy and Politics?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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June 1, 2022 9:30 am

Business man and politician, Tyler Lee, joins Chris Hughes to talk about the need for Christians to elect godly men and women to public office.

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In Uganda 40% of the people after 130 minutes or more for clean water.

Two thirds of the world's population could face water shortages by 2025. Do something today. Your gift could help install Jesus while providing water for the entire village for 25 year gospel phrases install 30,000 of the belt and they need your help to give life to thirsty people join Truth Network in supporting this cause go to or call 855573751 the spring of living water to the world. This is Robbie Gilmore from the Christian car guy and King in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network network. This is the Truth Network get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the America foundation, Dr. Chris will you will note I will share what God is doing in life just a moment but first I want to thank our sponsors America foundation for all the help about the culture. I would encourage you to build America foundation back America where you can follow your newsletter learn about our band got two great leaders Julie Jean work you learn more about the question of our nation. I love you to join me in a private tour of Washington DC what God is done in our nation, our founding fathers. The relationship was with the Lord buildings in DC dedicated to God with our Constitution based on biblical principles; these doors today by Dunkin' Donuts without without also on December 20.

I'm taking a group of people would love to have you join me going on a Mande trip to Israel right there Christmastime session Christmas Day with your family and enjoy me the next day we go to Israel for nine incredible day as we walk in the footsteps of Jesus and of course I want to thank our sponsors America mega theological seminary. If you're looking for, because you can argument America is a wonderful institution where your great get a great biblical education.

You will learn all about things you will learn about the secular world, which will be indoctrinated with critical race theory or anybody other garbage and you learn how to develop a biblical worldview. Christian perspective you can learn MA stands for Mid-America Baptist theological seminary colleges, public colleges, Mid-America and their matching program fall under Mid-America Baptist theological seminary yesterday is a name that you might not know if you live outside of North Carolina, which are a lot about him in the coming months. You know that we have this huge election coming up in November where it can be very important increases to around the boat so we can elect godly men and women to public office that can be especially important in the United States Congress. The United States Senate.

We conservative Christians try to put godly men and women August and will hopefully remove a biblical worldview and will pass laws and public policy that make a difference in our country, yesterday Tyler Lee Tyler Lee is a candidate for Congress in North Carolina but more importantly is a follower of Jesus Christ and God is just been working in tremendous ways and Tyler's life over the last year intolerably welcome to the Christian perspective. Well, thank you for having regard to the honor to be on here I have to say thank you for all you done for me.

You know I actually launch my campaign at 12 months ago and you are one of the very first people I met in the D good godly people in politics and I had no background in politics. I wasn't sure who outgoing encounter but but your definitely want to get that will thank you, really. Ashley was a year ago today that you want your campaign, it was not amazing. II. Some days it feels long and completely filled like it was just yesterday, but it's been an incredible journey got it definitely blessed me and open the door door that I just could not have imagined will load lightly when people learn a little bit about you personally, and tell us who you are and how you got the word Lord of the Y girlfriend in Danville, Virginia group in a Christian home where we were. We were the family that was in church every time that the door open and then I went to Liberty University there in Lynchburg Virginia and just had an amazing experience and in college and and am a wonderful opportunity to work with the president of the University and ending that led into you opening one of the very first sweeper of frozen yogurt franchises right after I graduated from university. Somehow convinced this founder of this company that that that a 23-year-old could run a franchise with with essentially no business experience. And God really blessed me with with that because they just open the doors to where I am today but but we were debt-free very quickly and we held grand opening day records record sales of new was just amazing prayer for seven years. I am not storing and managers from all around the country.

Visitor stored up to replicate what we're doing because of the time were very unconventional social media was just getting getting gaining traction, Facebook, Twitter and and we are utilizing that to bring people in our stores, so I've have always operated kind of unconventionally gone against the grain and then God would be calling on my life and and after I sold the sleep product.

I became a real estate investor and was very successful created hundreds of jobs and in this district that I'm running in indirectly thousands of jobs but but with the way the country was was moving.

I just knew God was calling me out of the business world. After after 10 years he was calling out the business well to run for Congress and onset help people when he called me.

I didn't want to do it.

My my feelings than the line with with his calling at the time but but I knew it had to be done near the country needed God-fearing people who were going to put God first in their life and people that love the country and we seem to be lacking today.

Politics walked widely and let it know about you, I didn't realize you can to liberty would be to scale the I was a business major at liberty graduated in 2010 and then moved moved to North Carolina and in 2012 while I own the sweeper. You know that was more the passive income allegedly clogged up in Lynchburg or in Danville. It was in in my hometown of Danville, so we were the 16th store sweeper had and I would say within 12 months after open my store. I believe they grew to over 350 stores. I mean, when you talk about riding the wave we we jumped in.

I saw I saw all the excitement that we thought would bring the people in our families would just come in connected note share share just for some fun of or over frozen yogurt is a fun place. It was that the frog actually stands for fully rely on God founder while Christian so I love that you take at looking back, I think I remember I went one a couple years ago when they were playing Christian music and then surprise me and the natural man is. I realize you had that great a bit betrayed by scriptural on the cross of antigravity money to put into your GPS right now. Good was sweet frog elevating a conclusion company. We need to support them know you were in Virginia. What brought you are you out where you live in North Carolina. What brought you to that area I live in Charlotte and and I just stupid, you know once I left the University was just time for change and I'm a move to Charlotte didn't really know anything about the city had no connections here in this kind of created a new path. My family ended up moving down there, some brothers of mine, and and my mom wants to move down there in the future so sharp and great you know it's been a growing city of Perper over a decade just just on this menace path of growth and it is been need to watch the growth and and just kind of the no create a life here. I just got engaged back in March and getting married in a few weeks of my soon-to-be wife and I will will know will will stay planted here in the Charlotte area obviously was now being the Republican congressional nominee, you know, we are definitely going to be planted here for a while. So were not going well, that's great. Congratulations on the engagement collar. Tell us a little bit about that.

I love having Christian, though not all the guests are always Christians, but most of the more but I loved as my guest to share what they came to know Jesus. The Windows, which in many different ways were different people realize that they need to have a personal relationship with Jesus. I just loved assuring that to me that's an incredible stories our testimony of what you've done a lot of the mind sharing with us. How are you became Christian, absolutely. You know I for the longest time I I I wouldn't say I went through the motions, it's really easy to do. I got saved when I was around five or six years old I was part of the Alano's program at her church and I came to know Christ in you want to program but like I said, my family, we we were in church every time the doors were open, so it's easy to go through the motions and and I wouldn't date in goat. I didn't go through the transformation.

Mike I think mom paper out. So tell the Christian and did the right things but you know I really didn't God and transform my life until last maybe three years to start working in me and the nap became expedited about the last 18 months where you really start transforming the in out database thing out there that that I think many Christians fail to follow as is obedience and advice that an opening.

I didn't want to run for Congress. But I knew God was calling to that and so many times we ignore God's calling and can be something small doesn't have to be macros like running for Congress but but I've learned that as of learned and listen to his voice. He then kind of unlock the next level in her life. And so I've learned to hear his voice now say obedience is what is transform my life and in them every day I wake up and I spent time in the word and prayer and was trying to draw closer to him because now as I'm running for this office.

We know that we know how how dark you can get. And we know the spiritual battle that the head you have to compare yourself for the for the battlefield, you know, I think us as Christians. Sometimes we play like the playground and we don't treat it like a battlefield. I'm having to learn that everything is in the spiritual realm. Note this is good versus evil is not a fleshly battle. It is business-critical realm. Yellowcake were really in a spiritual battle actually write down what you say shaky getting in God's word every morning spending time with him in prayer and in being obedient and you can't obey. If you don't go telling you doing calling you to do so. I'm so thankful that you listen to God's call in your life and you were willing to do what is told you to do believe you jumped in a scary world of the world of politics is dirty these days, people get very personal. They say a lot of nasty things about you and sometimes official garbage collector, banging her head up against the wall or fighting against the current, particularly that of what's going on in our country right now. Tell us a commercial break silently genetic testing stories of God might be: this show is brought to you by generous jokes. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about blocking the fix step 15 feet of Siebel come to life this December actually nationally silicate a radio host confounded citizens for America foundation staff to create life-changing trip is excellent. The world's oldest and most fascinating travel during the faithful from all over the world for thousands of Jerusalem's religious clutter explores Christianity's most tragically rectified like a wailing rock dome of the flock to Chris through the winding alleyways of Nancy's own hand to place that I gives birth to 15 gallery Jewish fortress in the final feet first hand ready event that the Bible took plaintiff touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel honesty like new citizens for America and get ready for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime relationship time creating family. There is another line 39 years I've been helping families to relationship, race, sharing his strategies in light and joy.

History was made on one American. Don't give up the ship with dying words uttered this day, June 1, 1813 by Capt. James Lawrence as he lay on the deck of US frigate Chesapeake, the British had bombarded them as they sailed out of Boston during the war of 1812. The Oliver hazard Perry was so taken by his courage that he named his flagship on Lake Erie.

Lawrence put The largest dying words on his battle plan later became the slogan of the US Navy after a great victory on Lake Erie Perry stated the prayers of my wife, our answer is no federal transcript: 1888 USA work yesterday finally follow businessman, but felt all about 18 months or so dog we called him to make a difference in our country into impact the culture for Jesus and God told him to run for office of very unlikely race enough United States Congress in Charlotte North Carolina which is a liberal area against an entrenched, very liberal Democrat who'd been in office for a long time and it's hard to be encumbered in any situation title you're part of a really a group of younger people that are starting run for office. When I was coming up Eurasia were not many people yell that age that were running for office and and you are why do you think were seeing him, even though he recently lost met you better call for Matt Gage a lot of younger guys across the country.

What is it that is your generation want to run for office. Well III think were radically we see what has worked her what would've been done in the past.

This is not working more. I think people are to their tipping point, and we feel like politicians on both sides throughout the start and ending up her the American people so I'm feel like I said earlier as a businessman. I was very content in my life and and you know I would say it's more selfish versus selfless you know you guy got to the state data in the business world and been in no mood looked out the limit on how much money I could make in and work in Menton but but that was not doing anything for the kingdom of God.

Know that was that was lining Tyler's pockets per se so this platform that God is given the as is allowed to reach many more people and plant some seeds in my social media is blown up. Now we have over 30,000 people on her social media now and and so it were able to BC planters and and one vector question. I just feel like when people go to DC they ego and pride and in power and money get in their way and down the way I've ensured that that that doesn't get to me and certainly human I can fall. Don't get me wrong I can be just like anybody else, but I've laid the groundwork the last 12 months and Strat accountability be with you guys once once a week and and they know are my strengths and weaknesses lie know they can call me out on on them on areas that I might note not not see where I'm unfailing.

And so I tried to lay the groundwork and the power and money to get the people's heads pretty quickly and and I just honestly don't care about our money so I I I know God has called me to go to DC to lead the charge and lead the effort because III put God first in everything and not afraid to share that and the people don't like that woman that I get. They vote for. The other thing that I'm happy to lose. I'm not going to compromise my moral values not been very clear to people you know who consider voting for mass.

They look.

I will fight for you all day long in DC. That's one going to DC is representing your voice but if it goes against my biblical moral guide. The just cannot do it because at the end of the day. We all make decisions based on something in mind is on biblical morals and values and so on. Very clear. If you expect me to go up there no vote on abortion or something that goes against our morals. I just won't do it and then you have to vote now at that point yet again that the difference between your generation, the older generations of people serving in public office today as in previous generations initially wanted the Christian vote on they might show up at some church event if invited but the difference is the cause you to do that several times in the talk about your relationship with Jesus and located stand for Jesus.

I think that's a different from other generations.

His people might've been Christian alone to BC or serve the public office for the one always putting necessarily the forefront of what they're doing. I think God is doing something exciting Tyler with the slate of candidates about travel speak across the country. A lot of people like you that you run for school board can commission up, not just toddlers.

Other positions for young Christians are saying we gotta take this country back with Jesus and were going to get you to run for office and base our decisions on covering them in prayer and having accountability groups like you being really engaged in what God is called us to do so.

I just commend you for that emotional we can be praying for you through that process, jump into some questions for him original spot actually run for Congress. Think you have a film wall that you have a friend like Ralph of the Christian perspective show Tyler recently, there were some all school shootings that it started up again and in Texas being the most recent and every time tolerated. There's a tear when their tragedies when they happen, and I personally believe is not a gun issue that is a sin issue you we have got to lead our nation back to Jesus. Some people might say that the simplistic answer really expanded this form that person driving a person to pull the trigger and immediately left and M. Biden and his administration want to jump on the gun issue in the Second Amendment. I don't think gun issue.

I think the issue what you think we need to do, particularly shootings. How can we bring an end to this in our country. Also an issue, you're going to face in the United States Congress, but probably not a popular answer been decided me as a politician not going to end in gun violence. Sadly, I wish I could know. We can certainly try to eliminate as much as we can. But sin is always going to be in world you and I know that from a biblical sense that it's not going anywhere and so how can we, how can we elude you know limit some of the shootings and things in and again it goes back to the core issue were not talking about course… Then issue but what would you expect whenever the left is out there pushing gender confusion and the and just all these just all these mental health issues that were seeing, which is leading to this and we have to tackle at the core and when you're trying to remove family values from home what you expect of me when when you don't have a mom or her dad and in the home teaching a child from right or wrong know that that's the problem, and so am I just can't emphasize that enough. I can legislate all day long on log played but if there is no personal responsibility in the home. There's nothing that I can do is him public servant Saturday but but what I can do is reemphasize family values and got in the home and you know continue to plant that seed and say hey you know, go to church or get involved in community that how we tackle this new and I think you really are that simple amino sugar levels. Other living thing.

That's just crazy but not without applying out on a recent show, making a replicative molecule control area estate was the statehouse implored them on a share recently in and Mike talk about it realizes see you then. A lot of research into the gun issue and he told me the large number of school shootings. Our younger men, usually between 18 and $0.20 years old and most of them come from a single-parent family. Now that doesn't mean so don't you don't get worked up and simulators oculus and figure single-parent a year you probably doing the best you can. But the point is God intended families to be a union between one man and one woman for life and just the fact is, you know Tyler did that come from single-parent families. Many cases have a lot of issues I think is over 75% of the people incarcerated in the United States today come from single-parent families, and we have got to restore traditional family.

I love All you talked about me that in your answer. We gotta find a way to strengthen the family and part of it is the public narrative, innumerable telling people they don't even know what a woman is any mortgage you can imagine, why would I want anybody on the Supreme Court making a decision on something when I don't even want a woman. It is directly attributable to your Tiger Woods is my blood pressure category say about her. That issue but so a lot of talk lately about 50 gun shootings of starting up again is funding for classrooms are no mental health is a big issue for your thoughts on of the people your illusions and what it is SROs and if you listen, you don't know what that means an audience that school resource officers. Some counties across the state will have police officers in every school. Others don't be an important reason they don't some of the labels following country don't they hate police and they don't want an authoritative authoritative figure. The police officer with a deadline in their schools.

I happen to believe that you include problems on citizens legal noncitizens that have been trained properly. Use a firearm that is a deterrent to crime.

What is also school resource officers designed to help or hurt nothing else I will get them in schools across the country. Yeah me not to follow Morano a local or state issue on that. My personal opinion would be, you know, allow some of these teachers and we have a Second Amendment in the last of these teachers to carry a gun that they go through proper training and out you know the these need the enemy always preys on the week so if they know that these teachers are under, there's an armed officer at the school course there and they're going to go somewhere else where. Where were they know it's a gun free zone so you know these these children are just sitting ducks.

The children and teachers and you and I both know that that the world is just going to get crazier so we need to need to protect ourselves and ensure people have the proper training and an and carry guns that if they want to but if it's just a tragedy to to see what happened but it goes back to the core issue.

Gotta fix the question that reemphasize family values in the home and that's going to take effect in a be an overnight fix, but up but but I'm not going to be the one that that that mom just fix the issue on my own takes personal responsibility in the home. The journalism and I love your idea of maybe teacher looked at a Tridentine Florida will teach you younger under proper training security work in the classroom and I think National Geographic*commercial should have nomothetic intelligent solutions take place in churches and in the pasture standing in relation where you can see all the entrances and I have a good friend in Maine as a pastor can greatly troubled cultural change be thought to pick and can stand you on Sundays when he says the pool, but he always carried a Glock with the flock version a lot of slot fellow, and I agree with you talking about issue three today and how God sees you will be right back. America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role God and the Bible played an accounting of this. You indicated radio host and founder of the American foundation, Dr. Chris performing in with crystalline bargaining journey discovering the hidden secrets of Washington and rediscover much of America's forgotten Christian heritage tore up close and personal look at the knees and how it evolved over the century, learn about the government and the men who helped forge this new kind of Republic acknowledge the Creator from its very inception the truth about the creation of about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles governing secure your spot to join this this show is brought to you by generous jokes.

The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors, churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise. The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the reached for Christ.

Visit our website today, a conservative Baptist to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement to Tyler Williams were talking about so many problems we really need to be in prayer for our country. Thank you. Between gender confusion and distraction of families and pornography in school there so many things going on a little early mutual ability to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and really just hurting family, one of the things it is just killing families right now is gas prices and you know today that gas could be $10 a gallon by the end of the summer.

If you get elected to Congress. Are there things that you can do you think that can help reduce the cost of gasoline and fuel in the country right now, but a great question then. This is where were going to see the red wave in in November because pain 456 and dollar gallon for gas.

It is not a red or blue issue any more than you know, that affects everybody and and so long.

Right now the Democrats are best campaigners evil as this is heaven up to pay this price at the pump, a certain helping our race in November but but but what I would do is is two things is to stop this excessive spending, nuclear spending under control and and Congress controls the budget so that is our job and that we need to be responsible with the people's money and ensure that it's going to the right places and and and stucco successors ending in imprinting of unlimited money. Secondly, we need to to revert back to energy independence.

You know now. Now the president certainly struck within the executive order to stop the Keystone pipeline so what's important enough to vote for the right president and ensure elections are are secure and fair. But those those are the two things that we can immediately do to fix the problem is is Rebecca energy independence and stop excessive spending, so that that's what I would do and and certainly we can be in that we can make money by lessening our our our fuel overseas and and cut some of the deficits that trade deficits up. There's a lot that can be done but but I think for now until you see the Republicans take back the House and Senate were in for some disastrous times in the in the coming months will I sure hope Tyler again. I think we will take the house back. The least I hope we gave I can't let anybody would like to continue this nonsense. When you go to grocery store.

I just don't get it.

And I mean I know things will be begging bread and wine was likely going and everything we live in an America where our grocery stores and have near shelter And energy a reason for that. I think a lot of this is being done on purpose as candlelit structural. Our society is just crazy was one on right now and in the spending is out of control me if they want to give everything away like we had 3 million people come across the border and and and just on welfare will pay import out your work were helping so I ended up talking on that play and expand help Ukraine but a $40 billion Ukrainian and we can get baby formula here in the United States something radical has to happen and I just pray that if we do take the house back that it won't be like it's been in the past. Tyler you know when I was frustrated when Paul Ryan was speaking. Also prison camp is just becoming president and Pauline fought him on everything that he did the same party we could've done things and we just have not been really a great thing. It will done at a price control in spite of the Congress and we got to elect men and women who were going to be willing to take a stand and health club disinflation.

What is your opinion on on the border.

Do you use report of all the what you think we need to do. Should the borders below think it would be that having a way to keep the flat should becoming what what you think needs to be done with borders, absolutely. I'm in the border needs to be secured and what's happening overseas with Ukraine and Russia. SysAdmin is innocent lives that are being lost on both sides of Mrs. you know as well as I do, and they send those that the funding overseas, not all that makes it to Ukraine, and others. Defense contractors and a lot of people at one pocket. The flighty politicians love, love, war, but the shame that were spending all that money overseas to a war that really doesn't affect us one way or the other we should be involved in it just got out of and in the score and trillions of dollars. We don't need to get into another one. So instead of sending the 40 billion to Ukraine Michigan city to our own border because people are are just coming across the border every day and we have no clue he's coming across.

While there's there's human trafficking drugs 90% ethanol is tracked back to the southern border and I had a personal experience that I had tenants that that rented for me that overdosed on phenom passed away, but repeats behind.

Sadly, and that's the real problem right now. That's one of the issues you know we talk about is the will, the media is not talking about let's say that you know they want to talk about these gun laws and in stricter gun laws but yet they ignore the drug crisis at the border.

The human trafficking crisis so the Democrats and the mainstream media. They like it should pick and choose what stories they want Bush and that they just simply ignore the southern border, which is a huge problem. You know we want people to come across into the United States, but we want them to come in legally not illegally so. We deftly defund the border. I'm certainly no advocate for that and will know our role in Congress again is to to fund and be responsible for the people's person national security to be one of our top priorities. You will see how they'll theme a national security issue. Interior Ministry anybody could just be coming across the border, but you treasure nostalgic even worse than the drug problem is the human trafficking problem, and I've heard reports that human trafficking is now a bigger business with assemblage cartels than drugs. I recently met with a congresswoman from Mexico when she divinely speak at international summit on human trafficking.

In July and human trafficking without a huge issue in your home state will include North Carolina Charlotte area. There's a huge problem with human trafficking, and we've got to get a hold of you will submit it is really playing in our country today and I didn't realize what had another gentleman as part of an experiment surgeon on the show while back I Willie Montague and he was talking about you. We think of human trafficking. Sometimes we think will the other kids being kidnapped and sold into slavery, and it is that that it's more that your kids in your own home could be involved in a like Internet sex situations, pornography and pictures and that kind of thing and they can be limiting your house and you don't even realize it.

You don't think is an issue because you know they haven't been kidnapped and taken somewhere in the human trafficking situation is really a plague in our country today. I don't know that our government is doing really a lot in them but we can't end it will not little stop the mean just the avalanche of a lot of people coming across the border. So many of those kids are being used for secular brought across the border real problem in our country today absolutely and right here in my district and in district 12. You know I have half of Mecklenburg County in my district which is the Charlotte area and the Charlotte is is one of the largest cities in the country for human trafficking. Now, because of the fact we have three major interstates that come through the Charlotte area and I was in a meeting, probably about 12 months ago now where where where was on human trafficking and some of the officers with our police departments where there and there's only a handful and that that can cover the entire area of Mecklenburg and Cabarrus County. Cabarrus County is also in my district which is the Concorde area and then they were just there there so behind because there's not enough officers who can focus on on human trafficking minutes it becoming a major problem with the media refuses to talk about it because they want to talk about other other things like stricter gun laws and no abortion and they want to distract away from from from really the big issues that are that are happening right now which will Shane take a quick break functional talking silently can you say divorce along one of many Christians call engaging will be right back. I mean teacher organization or individual apartment rental life can be difficult for the energizer current situation is social media, graphics cards give us a call today at 704-984-2432 connect with the design on social in a world crowded with viewpoints of voice condition after a seven. I believe this financial problem. Only one voice matters God's at the college at Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think from a biblical worldview online for on our Memphis campus.

Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to light the way. This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about.

Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love for causes you care about family relationship and time creating a family is not. There is another line 39 years I've been helping families to relationship, range, hearing is in line enjoy the United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role in God and the Bible played in the founding of this very busy and nationally syndicated radio host and founder of the American foundation, Dr. Chris performing days in the crystalline bargaining journey discovering the hidden secrets of Washington DC and rediscover much of America's forgotten Christian heritage tore up close and personal look at the knees and how it evolved over the century, learn about the government and the men who helped forge this new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator from its very inception the truth about the creation of about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles governing American Secure your spot to join this welcome is the date the probable young man businessman been very successful in several business ventures it entered and now God has called him into the arena of politics and public policy goals were to time when our nation needs godly men and women will stand in the gap and enact public policy and laws to make a difference for him, one of probably the biggest issue in our country right now is abortion and yet we hear about it every day on the news is in the papers every day not long ago there was a leak document the claim to be a preliminary ruling on the dogs case which was heard before the Supreme Court back in December and a lot of people believe that Roe V Wade is in the overturned probably the next few weeks. Maybe early June in our country what you think about that you know that the political side, Thursday is the healthcare crisis for women. Some people think this is going to solve the problem.

Abortion is nonexistent. Date what you think about that case and your what we need to do to prepare for for a possible overturned Roe V Wade well first and foremost, the way we prepares is to pray, we need to prepare. Pray for you know the safety of our of our courageous judges should should this get overturned and were praying that he gets a return believe it's time we we need to pray for this data that's how we will see the spirit but the court should never have gotten involved in this. This is a state issue and me personally I'm I'm I'm pro-life but as a congressman and it there's nothing I can really do about it.

That's what I tell people is important to get out and vote for your local and state officials as well because now it's going go back they and that will be up to each individual state, and I hope that each state does the right thing.

It is abortion because a few weeks ago. I did take a tour of the Cabarrus women's pregnancy center now just a touch. I did not realize that you could your heart will and I love you blown away by that for weeks and I was I was so blown away and they had this model of the size of that of the babies in, as they progress through through the timeline and it was just such of the touching moment for me because I've never seen that before and got an insight.

I've always been pro-life but just adjusted to her one of those facilities was was very touching and and I posted on Facebook on probably for Congress. If anybody wants the pictures but but I highly recommend it to go take a tour of one of those nonprofits and listen to it. Listen to what they have to say and it'll it'll change your views you know if it is any of your listeners on the fence. I mean you just Google. You know these these pictures I'm abortion. It's just disgusting and inhumane in the unit is murder and it shouldn't be happening.

But society notes Satan has has twisted something in and said this is the healthcare writer of the woman or email. You know the enemy always stored something and I naturally done for glass 56 years and that it is just a shame, but I'm praying that will be overturned while I was at liberty. I had a luncheon with with you guys would know who this is. Norma McCorvey is her name, and you might not recognize the name but she was Jane Rowen Roe versus Wade. Here, her story just of how the Democratic Party used her at such a young age will I'll never forget establishing past with years ago, but let him a just a shame what would happen was 56 years and there is blood on people's hands and they will be held accountable for that when they for Evan and I when I get to heaven. I want to know that that no God will say well done my good and faithful servant enough.

I will not compromise my morals and values just to play the political game like some politicians I agree with you and Gail you're right that this issue has been the I'm so glad that you show people the importance was a luncheon electing state house and state numbers who will lead with the biblical perspective is so important. This election cycle because this this is going to become a state-by-state issue of abortion will be decided on the states by the state legislators and it is important to elect godly men and women to judicial positions. So many people ignore judicial races and is filed first on the spell of those are important because those district courts and state Supreme Court or were many of the rulings will be made on abortion and so many other issues we need to elect godly men and women who won't fly the legislative on the bench. I think you know Tyler were Congress will have the opportunity to make some decisions.

One is federal funding a lot of federal funding goes to plan those wings like Marilyn Goldberg, under the table but I think that we need to see more money important to support abstinence programs another year you mentioned being losing the plot pregnancy crisis center in your area there pregnancy crisis centers across the country and I think the ghost of clinician crisis is use funding just like plan currently get funding. We should be helping in these areas. Wishing about funding to help adoption to make adoption a lot easier colostomy. I can't figure out why it is difficult. We have Americans going to other countries will not against title offices or quantum side medication going to another country to adopt it.

Many times people get other countries to adopt all of the pages so hard the rate thank you so much unity out of state. I think we need to make it easier you in your home state of North Carolina, Tyler. There are over 100,000 kids in foster care situations in just your state alone right now and when we need to make it easier and I don't know that the state or federal things that happened I think we need to make it easier for people with families to be able to adopt children before work, but I might ask you to do Tyler's maybe share with – what Christians can do a big part of our shame as I try to encourage Christians to understand the issues to register to vote in over 40 million people in United States were claim to be Christians who were eligible to vote and are not even registered about, so if you could talk to the Christian community in our Christian audience. Tyler, what can Christians do out there and we don't like gas prices we don't like the inflation will be not like was called abortion or whatever it may be instead of complaining about it.

Once we do between now and November and ongoing make a difference in our culture in America will not only is prayer important. You have to get off the couch, break, and so on will or if the church does not stand up for the truth.

Who's going to and so at this point everything that happened last two years know one of my motivating factors was when the churches were shut down, but the abortion clinics and liquor stores were left open and considered essential that the big problem and so the people that still don't want to get off the couch this November I I don't understand it or not motivated by by that evil I don't know what will get your account so you know it. It the enemy again loves to deceive and in comes to kill, steal and destroy, and infiltrate himself and to the churches and said do not shouldn't dabble in politics but that's the problem now. Many Christians say it's just a dirty business. I want to deal with it, but that's the problem, announced the world is getting worse because the church is not stepping up so you're listening to this and you have not ever voted need you to get off the couch in November because now it's more important than ever. And this is not think of this, not just for yourself but maybe for you kids or your grandkids. This is a generational thing. We bought both effects generations, though. Please get out there and vote need you need Christians get BECAUSE we we outnumber people we just need to get get people off the couch, we can win and I believe we will win in November and my race. If people will show up because him again. You don't get off the couch her for what happened last two years. I don't know what will.

At this point, but we just cannot continue to go down this path. I agree name so close if you're listening first thing you need to do is register the boat you want to wait till to closely lunch in town going to do it now and it's so easy. All you could do it online. It is the Democrats have made were even dead people can vote so gullibility dollars letter that you're registering right now would encourage you to go talk to your pastor about having a voter registration drive in your church while people think it's illegal to do that.

It is not illegal is a nonpartisan venue set up a table may be absently given testimony, nutrition, talk about the importance of civic responsibility.

I would certainly be glad to government if you're listening and you're in the Charlotte area of it probably would go to speed your church and talk about the importance of civic engagement. So first you registered about then you need to get educated on the issues of national repute. The many great organizations that provide information which you can go to citizens for America, Inc. conditions for America we can help you get educated all issues that you understand the issues and not just understandable to understand them.

From a biblical perspective in admin and you want to get involved in a lot of kids across the country like Tyler right now running for office. They need an army of volunteers. Pick one Saturday a month and take two or three hours in an involuntary campaign might be answering phone calls. It might be Young's sticking labels on the envelope, maybe walking door-to-door or maybe helping make social media functioning unit even after volunteer days only and not about people and pile them. Another change across the country to just follow the most social media letters will or Instagram or even Facebook and when they may compose if you repost that case file. Second, jaw you think, what else is just a note when you take probably was close from the CDC Facebook and you repost it on Facebook you're now exposing them to a whole new audience of people that we never had exposure to report his grades when money doesn't cost you a single penny about a campaign like that.

There are so many ways that you can be involved and we have to do this because the law is doing your homosexuals transplant donation this transgender issue is not even 1% of our population is transgender. They engage you know I'm not mad at them for coming out of the closet. I made churches for staying in the closet, at least most people fight for what they believe, we claim that we are Christian we believe in internal heaven and eternal hell were not doing anything to tell others about it.

So I encourage you all to give engage in power so well with others and across the country need help to Tyler and if people wanted to help you tell them where they can find you kind of look I know you're getting Mary Jo probably going be taking a break pretty soon, but when you get back and reengaged. If there are people in your wardrobe or maybe people, consequently, you just want to maybe play will donate money to Christian candidate calculating element. Let me just say this real quickly. Why why the political system messed up because what happens is a grassroots campaign like myself.does not want dark DC money and so we rely on on people like you out there to give five $1000 $500, whatever that might be otherwise millions of dollars towards and from work groups that you know expect a favor whenever they invest your campaign and I just refuse to do that so please, you know, get out there and help candidates like myself or others that you believe in, don't just listen to what they say.

The new research because roots roots will tell you, you know who they are, not just by what they say.

So my website is about Tyler boat Tyler We would love for you to get involved in volunteer this fall can't certainly prayers are important and and and money obviously matters every dollar accepts even five dollars to five dollars a gallon of biogas. Right now, not a lot, but up but it will help us.

I promise you'll get a return on investment cannot cut your tax bill. I will get condo stuff about that boat, Tyler Leeper, looking polished on TY LER the LED about Tyler Tyler, the boat Tyler know everything he does so literally five dollars make a difference is Jim McDonald help a few candidates out there wonder Tyler would appreciate your help as well. Tyler thank you so much for being on the Christian to say search think everybody looks in the last several days. The Christian perspective. Learn more about impacting the culture for Jesus. Visit citizens for America This is the Truth Network

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