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Pastor Dr.Tampam Take on Immigration

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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May 3, 2022 8:35 am

Pastor Dr.Tampam Take on Immigration

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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May 3, 2022 8:35 am

Chris interviews the great radio host Dr.Tampam on his thoughts of the ever-growing immigration issue in America.

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This is Amy Thomas from the masculine journey podcast where we discover what it means to be a wholehearted man your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the America foundation, Dr. Chris hello today I am so excited.happen is just a new friend of mine and he is such a blessing. Instantly when I met this man I fell in love with. So you're going to be in retreat today on the Christian perspective you got were a lot of talk about the immigration issue that I just love a dog At heart for Jesus and Andy's community and all the things that you do overload about a lot of different yummy you radio show hosted in a pastor anticandida prophets with too much up at you edit one of them will give a little heads up your date of the show. I don't normally I don't normally like candidates talk about them being a candidate are show, but because I believe in you so strongly we are going to touch on a Jordans that show so brace yourself that brother and I will be at our job talking about it. We all thanks for doing this daily Christian perspective or get up and roll and I just want to thank Mid-America Baptist theological seminary will being the host of the Christian perspective studios is such an honor to get to broadcast from the studios here on the campus of Mid-America. If you are looking for place for your kids or grandkids go to college. I Mid-America is not just the seminary anymore, but they are actually an undergraduate institution as well. That school is called the College of Mid-America have great programs and you can come herein and know that you're getting a top quality education, but more importantly you're developing a biblical worldview while you were your students are coming to campus here at Mid-America Baptist theological seminary. Maybe you've reached a point in your life work.

You said you got some extra time and I really like to know more about what the Bible says well you can now go to seminary without even having to come to campus. They were really good trailblazers and a lot of online education. They have great program so you don't have to leave the comfort of your home or your office you stable your in most cases and study online and learn about THE things well excited about it.

They have this new program and apologetic and was apologetic that just knowing how to defend your faith, knowing what you believe and why you believe it. I'm so excited to see how that program is going to pan out some fairly new program so you might like. Take a look at it, you will learn more about the Christian faith. Go to MA MA course I want take our major sponsor, the citizens of America foundation for America. Yet we all know the list of this week.

Just this past Saturday we had a wonderful event in Memphis Tennessee called the culture engagement Summit. In fact, I'd like yesterday that Frederick Cabot was one of our speakers at the culture engagement Summit.

It was a tremendous day, we had nearly 40 speakers, people spoke on the main stage with people in breakout sessions.

We had exhibitors here and that was all put on our citizens for America foundation, so if you want to see a video of that day you get is that it is for America and you can sign up for our newsletter and get information on how to get the video for the entire day and we don't have this part ready yet, but our staff is working or they need a little bit of a break after such a big event.

We had a message this past week but they're going to be breaking it out was only YouTube channel.

Like if you want to hear of the panel discussion.

The daughter And was in. For example, you don't just search that one area and listen to that one speaker you can watch the whole event.

I encourage you to check that out. We sure appreciate the work the citizens of America foundation is is doing with daughter And I'm so excited to have you a Christian perspective. Today you are a graduate out. I was like about this without talk about Mid-America and how great it is. You've been a schooler, I think you're taking some classes mail I will want to welcome you show and then I maybe share with little bit about your experience at Mid-America welcome the Christian perspective, thank you so much grace Dr. use. I just deleted thankful and blessed to be here today. Again, as Dr. uses is noted when we made was an instant connection hard, hard, quiet, emotionally and spiritually, and I just appreciate your friendship.

You've given me so much great information just in the short amount time that we've known each other and I am honored and am blessed to be on your show today and all the Christian perspective and to answer your question yes I am currently a student at Mid-America. Actually this is my second term I I first started in the associate degree program in 1993 and took us to three years ago and so I got that experience. It was awesome like took some turns where I had to stop by and went back to school and at another institution and but God brought me back and does so I'm looking forward to finishing up but sometime next year and I am just elated about the school. I love it. Dr. Spradling is a great leader of all. Also GP was one of the speakers. He remembers and I am just so excited and thankful and everything that Dr. Hughes said about the school is true and it is a great choice if you're looking for place to have a Christian worldview in all phases of life will love what you pointed out where you said you got it took a little bit of a break. There that was the same for for me is really what motivated me is like his work.

I will be the only one of the family without a doctor's support I had. I had to do that but they look at that would rip up so I went back to school later life.

I think that this frenulum we get intimidated by club.

I'm too old you are not too old to go to school. All you should never ever stop learning, particularly as Christian and as leaders, you should be in a continual process of learning throughout your life and sometimes we could afford it. When we were younger we had young children in our family was pulling us in different directions and we did have time to go to night school and work a job will know you have to do that anymore is as Dr. Tappan is strictly Mid-America because the program is so great, what went were not here to do the course. Although I always love promoting them on and I were both big fans of Mid-America pastor, I want you to share a little bit about Telus just things that nobody knows about Fred Tappan and your family and encounter who you are where you are. So our audience can get to know you again I will thank thank thank you Dr. use of again my name is Frederick going Tappan and I am senior I have a beautiful white oak 35 years will be will we will been married. She's been putting up with me for 35 the first regulator not just milder and she is my better half and I thank God for her.

We were we were high school sweethearts and and go.

She's been right by my side. In all these years and I praise God for her could locate anyone any better to be my right hand and I praise God again for her. We have two children. My son's name is Frederick going Tappan the second and I have a daughter by the name of Alexis and I have two grandkids. My son is like Ariella.

They have two kids Frederick Frederick Duane In the third and Alexander going Tappan and that they are age 3 and two and I have been pastor of the recruiter by Baptist Church of Memphis for 25 years. Actually, dear 26. Ashley and I recall the national you're breaking the national average, particularly for Baptist preachers to look like the national average a thing at a church less than 2 1/2 years.

I want to commend you for being a pastor who was committed to staying long-term at his church in making investment is community.

What a great honor to have you as a pastor for that wall. I'm sorry to interrupt you just I'm really proud of you. I appreciate that you don't get it had something to do with what I asked God, or in you, ask God for something if you give it to you then you got to be committed to that task, and I accept the Lord.

If you want me to pastor.

This was prior to you Catherine. I would love to pastor in my community near the community where I grew up near the community where I know the people I know the problems on the situation and I have some idea on how to help him and be a blessing to the community and God blessed me to do that. Not this is my first and only pastorate and we started with about five number and now we you know at our height probably post about for 500 and in Kobe. Do you know all that happened at work work were building a back now. But God allowed me to pastor in my own community and we have been ate a bowl marks of all of community missions and making sure that that the people in our community are served weekly.

We feed where our church is now in a food desert there is not a grocery store with in you know a two-mile radius and probably half of the individuals within a 2 mile radius don't have heart.

So they walk to get there from wealth, that there's no grocery store" was about 5 miles away but what work we're doing. We have a giveaway once a month of the last time you did was last month we had over 500 families in this community and not only best that term that short-term long-term is we are partnering with AC/DC, a local CDC here in Memphis to build a grocery store we have is: Michael grocery store.

We have about 67 acres of property in the back of our church were going to donate 2 acres of that property or a Michael grocery store where the employee of the grocery store will own 50% of the business.

So we are elated.

Not only would it will in turn this area from being a grocery answer to a grocery oasis but it will give individuals that are part of this group some economic and economic boost and teach them about entrepreneurship and give them up an opportunity to be productive citizens are ducted and moneymaking to be turned in our community. While I just wanted to mentor church for engineer leadership forever. The vision to do that your we we both were at the Coulter engagement Summit in Memphis Tennessee this past Saturday and that's part of what we were talking about is not is not just politics when comes a culture your church so needed in your community and your media culture in your meeting that need. Pastor is there a website for your church like if somebody listed this as a fact out. I love to help them buy groceries for this little microburst restore help out some way Israel website where they can file you learn more about what you're doing most definitely get you Ricoh true Eureka true were also on Facebook on their are you Ricoh true by Baptist Church and you can reach is there any time and you have an opportunity to contact us will deftly contact you back and look love anyone is interested in helping with this venture. Step right up and be a blessing to us because we've been a blessing to be a blessing to this community. Well, thank you so much for sure better. She does not have the Weaver plan to talk about today, but judges greatly things together like where hopefully some of our listeners want to help you is what you do.

This is eventually this show is brought to you by generous jokes. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about.

Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you love or causes you care about locking the fix step 15 feet of Bible come to life this December. I joined nationally for radio host and found the city since funding a contamination To create life changes when the world of meaning travel destinations from all over the world for thousands of reasons.

Religious clutter explores Christianity's most tragic limits to fight like a wailing rocket down through the winding alleyways of Nancy's own hand to place that I think you spent the Jewish fortress in the farm feet firsthand when the event that the Bible took place touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel honesty like new citizens financing and get ready for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime time creating a relationship is when sharing his line.

Enjoy American director of the FBI see. Edgar Hoover's died this day, May 2, 1972, 48 years under US presidency oversaw the Federal Bureau of investigation becoming famous for his dramatic campaigns to stop fixtures and organized crime established use of the fingerprinting law-enforcement successfully tracked on well-known criminals. FDR given the task of investigating foreign espionage. Leslie stated the criminal is the product of someone failed miserably. So God is one could choose Mike yesterday Frederick U. Memphis, Tennessee area. We met as I was preparing for Coulter engagement Summit you know that the citizens of America foundation at just a week ago this past Saturday in Memphis Tennessee and by the way if you missed it. I encourage you go to citizens for America that citizens for America your newsletter and other stuff we send out make available to you even if you cannot be there, will make available after the fact what a video of the day and is either one of great speakers including our guest today, Dr. Frederick Kaplan was one of our panel that they talking about why Christians should get a gauge of the political process. There in the local communities avoid daughter And you and your team did a great job before we jump in, though, to what will really not talk about today. Pastor always like to ask our guest because I think it's so neat to see how different people come to know Jesus, I don't know if you were ever aware of her wrestling fan. I want you to drive with your church when you were younger related that so ironic. Dr. you wonder stories that are told in the sermon Sunday was about how excited I was about wrestling. We were huge wrestling fan and wrestling was really be local wrestling is really big here in Memphis when I was growing up, and it will come on every Saturday at 11 o'clock. So whatever we were doing with route that play football.

We were cooking the whatever everything will stop you. Go and watch the local wrestling show info yet wrestling would be part of my childhood was a litter stick with us. I am going somewhere with the goal of selling your show well that will give us "one of us a nail.

Not politically correct answer but without you met me. I'm a short guy while his work that God nail but I used to believe or not is to be pretty good shape our arousal in high school and I'm interested in college but anyway because of the short one a little bored to be in big trouble here.

I knew I could never you wrestle effectively give these 7 foot giant federal TV today so when I was a kid at all. If you have this in Memphis. They had midget wrestling and and so I wanted to be a midget wrestler and because I was probably what dull enough to compete against the other guys but I probably just the just happen installer than the guys in the midget wrestling.

I was unaware mask. This is a kid your other kids want to be firemen and policemen bought my dream of the kid was to grow up and be a vast the giant midget wrestler.

I don't want to have another zero euros going there with you interesting stories that would throw up that you're going to the emails. He's not sure that your God. That is not short.

Will Pastor share well, but I do want you to share testimony is sometimes you hear Suncoast global testimonies. I had so there was a restaurant a few late 80s early 90s he was a world champion even one of the meanest wrestlers ever exist.

His name was Nikita co-law and human court of Russian nightmare you heard of in the cuticle up around the he who I mean I don't really hate anybody but you hated him. He was such a bad and eventually became a good guy but that was a time when our country was in the Cold War, which we locate what we might understand it again soon with what's happening over in Europe right now with Russia looking at evading different places. He played a character where he was a burly Russian that came over here and during the Cold War. He didn't speak English and just really really mean in Asian American American guy. Do not rush that all the data related to the data, but he's about you, but you might want to have him on your radio show. He is a tremendous Christian pastor and and Nikita was on my show and share his testimony and yet he was. He was a worldly guy, he wasn't the character he played in professional wrestling, but he was a worldly guy and Jesse's friends Inviting him to come to church and he wouldn't do it would do any just got like a wild hair. One day on a Sunday afternoon and just upset I got nothing else to do what you just go watch the so they will leave you alone and quit asking so we thought about that hey you know what you asked 100 on the go to church and he went to church on Sunday night, and the Holy Spirit grabbed hold him pastor and he walked them out this giant of a man who was world-famous you at the time of being this terrible God just got got a hold of his heart and he walked down I'll surrendered his art sold the Jesus.

He resigned from wrestling became an evangelist and that he travels the world. You never know how you are here encouraging story and yet it really the point, all of you sure about Nikita story is somebody invited them all that are listening to keep invite your friends to church but have never been asked there was a survey a little while back like 80% of people said that if anybody ever didn't like them they would go to invite people or churches. You never know what does genitive Dr. Tappan tell us how you came to know Jesus walked. My story is not as compelling as that would bog my parents were anti-churchgoers every believers my mom. She was a Sunday school teacher sheet to talk a matron. She taught the deaconesses. She was so awesome awesome teacher. My dad was with the musicians he played for several different churches. He was a great singer and so you know, I grew up in church. I didn't know anything but church.

I used to tell people. My parents were drug dealers and they will look at me really funny Dr. you that if I had to explain to them I said they drove me to Sunday school.

They drove me to worship, he drove a BTU. They drove me evening Bible study it out at.I did have praise God that they did with the boat definitely and so you have a choice in the matter early on Monday. I was really young and and I had a great pastor. His name was Lebron OB quite and one day I would like it removed like oil that was maybe about seven or eight or something like that it wasn't at the time as we would call it when the doors of the church will open the middle of the service I walked up to the pulpit of pastor stop what he was doing and he picked me up. I never forget he picked me up. Took me back into the pool. Andy fared little And what can I do for you something to that affect that I believe in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I want to be baptized and from that point on I knew exactly what I was doing XYZ recalled it so well today and you know God quick. My heart back then, because you know he had made a change in me in relation to knowing who is been moody while congruity would be in my life. I didn't know at that time that I was on recalled the pastoral call to ministry, but from that point forward, no man, I've been a believer and and I've been following and loving the Lord and and telling my story have not been a theologian, but you know what I can tell, and I share this with other people, you may not be of theological Dr. what you do know what you are doctor of your life.

You know you're like you know your story.

You know what God is done for you and so that's what I share, especially early on you, not just shared my story and showed how you know what happened when Gwen got me to change in the know and I grew up and got to know the Lord a lot better and began to two change of my life into exactly what he wanted me to be, you know, I began to have not only not only having experiences with him. But then I had a testimony and up before you can have a testimony you have to go through some test and out so I go to see Tessa my life thinking God brought me through.

And I think import and you know that's my story and I'm sticking to it all. Thank you pastor for Sharon and you. The important part of me. There were a lot of what you said but it's important for us to realize that you even if our parents do. Curious to church that doesn't make us a Christian we still have to like you shared this is a natural look about it you came to a point where you realize that you were set up needed salvation through Jesus Christ and you had to make that decision yourself and you will ensure that with your pastor and ask something that we all have to do we there are any spiritual grandchildren or spiritual children in the sense that just because her parents are Christians that were automatically Christians, we have to make that decision ourselves. And thank you so much for sharing that story.

While I hope those of you listening to realize that I really love this man made ghostly about he is just been a blessing to me. And because you're usually a jump right in and talk about all the political stuff, but I just feel a kinship with with him and saw been wasting too much time talk about other things really get in the political stuff that don't want to hear about now.

So, Dr. Tappan, we got a real issue right now mean you cannot turn on the news any night without probably one of the first doors to be to talk about the crisis on the southern border of our country right now that there are just million hundreds of thousands and really millions of come across the southern border and you know, I know a lot of people critical present from because he wanted to build a wall but now there's nothing there. We don't really have a border per country people are just flooding in that issue concerned you to see what's happening in the southern border right now.

Yet God, and you know what you're talking about something that is unchecked and the only thing that is in place, really, other than the regular immigration laws is something called title 42, and title 42 really was initially a public health initiative during COBIT from CDC and it was it was initiated to expel or stop illegal immigration and in the two years in between 2019 or 2020. There were 1.7 million expulsions now that's a lot of expulsion, but there were 2.4 million in all. There were 2.4 million immigrants take that were trying to come across so they only got a chance to catch half of those illegal immigrants in that two-year period, and so if and title 42, was an all encompassing, it only affected undocumented immigrants seeking asylum. When I talk about the conflict because they walk across recalled across or whatever the situation was, but it is we don't know who these people are little quicker. The they have. We don't know what they are here to do it there to be law-abiding. Here to be could be criminals. I will talk about that just a little bit later.

We don't know. And so the documentation must happen if you we want to make sure that we keep this thing under control those things that don't get monitored and controlled. Get out of control and I think that's what's happening now this is not about of political correctness is about security for our country. You don't lose coming here. We don't know what individuals have on their mind and so in order for us to know that they must be documented and it must be orderly. I love immigrants were all immigrants here unless we are Native American. That's one thing people don't realize all about that are here unless were Native American art immigrants, so there must be an orderly way for to be done.

I will talk about that just a little bit in just little bit in relation to put the profits he is and how long it takes to get that done.

But there is a process and must follow through with that process and those individuals that don't follow the prophet must be made to follow the process where I grew talking about these issues, so they'll probably have yet to come back into the states of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know really important role God and the Bible is indicated and found American foundation Dr. Chris remaining days in our nation will embark on a journey of discovering the hidden much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal, and how it evolved over the government and the men who helped forge this new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator of the truth about the creation of the mounting father Christian principles to join this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you love or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise.

The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the reached for Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement yesterday Tappan is a pastor in Memphis to see a businessman radio show in a political candidate, which will talk about open doors into the show better Tappan you know a lot about the problems associated with illegal immigration. Why do people migrate to other countries while they just they really are.

A lot of people leave the refugees you know we got people coming across the border now that are from Ukraine as part Ukraine Russia August dealing with the unrest that's happening in Eastern Europe right now some combo calls think they want to come over and commit crimes and again will find that out a little bit later. We have those that are coming across because they are related to those that are better expenses here in the United States of the of those that come across on green card visas are coming here to work and to make sure that they are trying to do better for their families. You know I would statement you know, probably at least half of those individuals are here just because they want to have a better light. I have no problem with that, but there's a process for that to be done and think they must go through the process. You must follow that process and you know my heart goes out to those individuals that are in in foreign countries that are be in a little bit of you and and and and better be white that their children are being taken away from them.

You know there's some despots are in charge of many of the countries and that the majority of our immigrants come from Central and South America, but like I think you have them coming from all all local community or from Ukraine from Russia and so that, but it has to be an orderly process of, or those individuals to be a blessing to the nation and a blessing to themselves and you know it's always possibility even as Christians to make sure that these people know about Christ will talk about that a little bit. We are probably out of our little friend upset with us on what you little of both of us or say were not saying that people should become the face of America.

What were saying is the legal process to do it and if you come you just need to follow that legal process.Tappan, one present troubles in office he was sending people that came across the border back to their home countries. Now we've got the governor of Texas putting more buses and shipping them to to Washington DC it is doing that because the Biden administration literally was putting people on airplanes and secretly vanilla by applying them to communities across the country not telling communities and dropping them all.

So what should be done with these illegal immigrants that are entering our country back to be sent back and go to the process and 20 and there are some that there are some reasons why they don't have to go through the complete process. You do related to someone here United States. There is a different process if you have a job offer and there is an employer that will sponsor you for green card. You don't have to go to the regular process. If your refugee from a country that that it started a criterion that you don't have to go to the regular process. If you win a diversity lottery.

I'm not exactly sure what they used to do. You don't have to go to the regular practice you can have an extraordinary ability in science and art," or something like that. You don't have to follow completely for you to be an investor of $1 million and that's another way but other than that there is roughly between your process and doubtful people to be able to be eligible to come into the country. But there's a process for that. Again, as you said that you I will. I love people, you know, I know immigrants I work with them worked in the social services for many many years and we have immigrants here at our church that are members of our church and we welcome that help us to ingratiate ourselves to two people that are immigrating to the country.

We have you not just in our community. We have a large contingent of the need of a large contingent of Hispanics in the delight here in this community.

And so we welcome people that are immigrants, but again when coming across the border proctors in the process must be appealed for there to be order otherwise. What if we don't have or their diesel with us world lashes what would happen if we are raised are our borders, which is, being done right now I just let people live where were they you think that would be a problem most definitely just if we were to eliminate and in some of the liberal parts of our government want to eliminate title 42. If he comes down to bed with honesty, crowded, overcrowded facilities overrun border stations. C parked fatigue border patrol agent and other supplemental employees increase numbers of undocumented immigrants coming into the country. We will see an increase crime rate because again there is a portion especially the federal crimes on the border that are that that are committed by a some of these people that individuals that are off you were cute, and so we must force was already on the book again.

There are some that are on the far left there to say we shouldn't have any borders. People just to Be able to come and go as they pleased with that is a disorder and feel of the Bible go-go state that we have to do things decently and in order and all of our lives in all factors of our government and so that's not all that you would you like to have open borders on your house, lock your door you want to control the individuals that can't get it out of your help in the same thing to be done in our country will know that the others you arguably help our economy that help out. I live in an area in northwestern North Carolina.

We have a lot biker workers come because we have the largest population Christmas tree like country like, they work with the pastor they're not snaking across the border to come and work.

There is a legal process where they come for this purpose and for specific period of time. I know you mentioned that you have some people think you said from Sudan in your community.

Other times were you think that that they are a benefit help our economy or or does that outweigh the need to come here legally or you still think they need to come here illegally. Regardless of what they have on the economy. They have to come here legally in order for it to be of benefit to DM as well as their intercountry because you know the individuals that are illegal. There speaking around. There were three people come victims of nine calls the people that live here that are committing quite come up and identify illegal immigrants to commit crime against because they know that illegal immigrants can't report the illegal betting that is something that happening in our city right now nightly and human trafficking in the sex trade is terrible in that area exactly exactly in all types of crime are being committed against these people book called their undocumented and they know that there definitely reticent about going to going to the police because the police find out that there illegal good they may be deported and so not only that a detriment to our community was a detriment to deal when they are undocumented because if you are documented and you are legal you have every right that I was born here. You have every right to life, liberty, safety, and the pursuit of happiness that I have but you must be a legal citizen in order to enjoy ghosting. Yeah a lot of of the work construction is done here in Memphis done by of those people that have come across legally and in no you don't rehearse biomolecular, legal or not legal but these people are very great artisans.

A lot of them are and so yeah they can bring a lot good things to the table again, it must be done in the right way must be done legally and I don't think that's asking too much.

That's not asking too much to have an individual to go to the crosshairs to become legal right U career running up for USA for state Senate in in Memphis but is an issue because immigrants are coming illegally to come to cities and counties in states all across the country and even though your rope might not be something that can stop on the national level. What do you think that we can do.

I mean it's a problem too many politicians you're not one of them. Too many about their identifier probably never give a solution was the best method to slow the stay order to stop illegal immigration. Actually Dr. you did force was already on the books there for a reason. The reason for having such a problem is that were coming up with ways to skirt the room were coming up with ways to say okay woke just B and I just do this. No, enforce the rules that are on the books right now what's happening to build a lot of the illegal aliens that are coming across the border all bring our response are responsible for many of the crimes that are being committed in both border cities report that I read the other day from the Texas Department of Public Safety between 2000 between June 1, 2011 and July 31, 2018, 297,000 noncitizens were booked into Texas jail all day. 297,000 202,000 were confirmed as illegal immigrants. Those numbers are real. Those numbers tell a story. Noncitizens accounted for 25% of federal drug arrests in five judicial districts along the Mexican border in 2018. There's a real problem. There were not fully numbers out of the sky. The these are real numbers. The statistics from the Justice Department and so we have individuals that are accounting for many of the crime can both border areas because we are allowing too many to start the project and so I think we need to invest more in order control.

We need to invest in our border control agent we need to invest in that area because again there are individuals nefarious individuals that are coming here to do harm to our country to do harm to our children to do harm to our family and so when you have that negative end of those negative individuals that are involved in those that are coming across four positive things coming across the burial coming across to become part of our legal for illegal labor force of coming across a because they're looking for safety are looking for more security there looking for help in relation to these totalitarian individuals that are in charge of their countries. Right now, so we want to be a blessing to all.

But again it must be done through the legal process, so understanding that there are individuals that are good and goodhearted and and want to be a part of America in the right way that's great. Want to help them do that. But we must go through the process. The process takes about two years it takes for any working 12 to 24 months to go through the complete process and it's about 10 steps and again, if you go through the process. The majority of the project. If you ate much of to get your application process. It takes eight months to get that done in the app that you can be cleared in the last 12 months, but normally it takes about 17 1/2 months to get the whole process of talking to Dr. Frederick Ration vessel talk a lot about what this is an organization or individual is socially many clothing, editing, and much more. Give us a call today at 704984242 connect with the design of social in a world crowded with viewpoints of voice condition after a seven. I believe this financial problem. Only one voice matters God's at the college at Mid-America and Mid-America seminary.

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A lot of communities, particularly in Michigan in an error like that word leg length frantically bring their own community where they left and, keeping intact when when they come here they are not assimilating. This can be a problem. We don't have a national unity, your pastor, you mentioned that we really all except for Native American were all immigrants but what we did is we unite in the condor under, God we we had a common language that we spoke, and yes, we were founded really is a Christian nation, we unite around really the Christian faith for many years and we united behind a nation that we love and that's not the case with many of these particularly illegal immigrants to come across our country borders today into the United States Army or talk about something you're doing first level medical as we wrap this up today when they get here and it would give a lot of benefits I guess will providing free healthcare for March. Recently we were given free cell phones earlier free healthcare to yeah on the a lot of them are and you know again, those are benefit for Susan and so again it's putting more pressure on a health system that is already under pressure is already stressed that is already has a a shortage of massive Shorty of of of of nurses and doctors and so you could eat extra stress on the process and so it's again.

We've got to follow the process.

Because, again, what happens when we don't follow the process. It could stress on on our financial on our economy.

It is, it could stress on our on our healthcare. It could stress on our own on our policing of those are are are the most stressful areas of our of our life. Normally when we add to that what of illegal immigrants you notes to places. I think the amount of stress on the system and so will think about you do make in healthcare that are Effective. Think about what just happened with Tobit near their making us get all these vaccinations are making us wear a mask again. I don't care if you list are if you have vaccination or mass but but when they're making all of us do it. And then there telling us we can't go to church and is is a body of Jesus Christ overcoat with the will open up the order and will let hundreds of thousands of people, we don't even test them for covert you and I pastor can't go to church. I mean that just brought me up that tech created stress for me in it.if they don't fit so we have to, but they don't. We are citizens and they are not, but there's a disconnect there software we got situations that are not on even we got rules that are being abrogated and it is just not working and that that is led to serial problems that were having all the borders right now you woke up on this.

We had other things were a talk but I want to ask one more important question that I was switching to some personal is happening in your life right now. As a pastor. This is a reality. May we we don't like it but probably a me the truth being told no matter what happens once or here are probably going to stay here and the other countries never look like it did, and that's fine here. The way it did a few years ago, but we as followers of Jesus Christ EA, whether they come here illegally or not, we need to love them. We need to share the love of Jesus with them. How can we as Christians and is a body of believers help in this process you will and we have people like look look at the Middle East a minuet again is not just people that are from Mexico that are coming here their people from all over the world are going down there in the coming to that southern border. They don't speak our language is a total culture shock pastor and I know you probably been other countries. I travel all over the world. Speaking of preaching that we just assume everybody like us they are not there cultures are different. They've never been to your chart about how you have a grocery store in your community.

They don't have a grocery store.

There's our country is JJ Greg. It is a culture shock. You have somebody come across the border doesn't speak the language and imagine when you lived in some barren land.

Your whole life and you walk into a Walmart.

I mean, these people don't know what to do, what to expect, how to work in our society and as you said there there afraid and sometimes unjustly, but they're afraid of law enforcement.

So how is we can we as a church, as Christians love these people and help them do this process. I personally, I think we should offer English as a second language in our church is the our Sunday school classrooms are just sitting you make to the process of how to become illegal to eight months to two years, our churches offering classes to help these people still here. They can't read the form is not there language warrant we offering classes to help them become legal through the proper process so I'm sorry got off on a rant there. But how can we as Christians help the again that is so important and you came up with some very salient point.

What we did.

Fortunately with our Spanish-speaking contingents.

We had a young lady who joined the church that that was bilingual.

She was in Honduras and also she did all of our translating and that that was that was a huge, huge help to us and what were doing right now about open up and up a program in afterschool program that will are they discuss it up for third grade literacy to make sure that our children already to read by third grade and and so we want to add some ESL as a part of that because of the contingent of immigrants that we have in this area and so that something that you can do if you find one. One of the people in your community that speaks that language and you know ingratiate yourselves with them. They can't reasonably church but a lot of times they don't don't volunteer and Doug to do the work of Obama translating and so once you have a translator and a couple of thinking. We try to do number one to try to listen to their story. You know what we ask questions to to help them understand who we are and we listen to where they came from which questions about the person's hometown in the country of family or cultural holidays or hobbies or passions go deeply say tell me the story behind you know the gospel of the faith that you came from. A lot of them are not Christian a lot that the Sudanese most of them a Muslim, so they want to hear about Christ. They want to hear about it.

You got to share with them our story and we have to remember the essential one of the essential to share my own story they they are very interested in hearing about Jesus Christ how Jesus Christ will be using your life event and how we affect our lives and and what he's done for us in and how they can get to know Jesus and that goals are important things for them to know we need to respond to their story with the story of Jesus.

Don't just listen to their story and don't share the story quite about what he's done, how he battled across the road on the third day morning Doug killed about three and about of the beginning and believe all those things are great but we have to respond with the story to help them understand who we are in why we trust Christ as our Savior and then we have to walk alongside them will report. Don't just tell them the story and delete them. We need to have a system where we can talk with him and we can continue to be involved in their lives and and finally, if they accept Christ the Savior. You know, bring them into the church baptize them even after they come to the church don't need them just the congregation have quietly set up real plasma set up. We collect our early Christian education program and it talks about like the basics of Christianity talks about Jesus to talk about the Holy Spirit talks about God the father talks about baptism I talked about giving his go through all the basics so they can have a great foundation in relation to crises and don't think that all churches can do to reach out to our immigrant consul pressure was rerun at a time that I asked if a review the highway.

Some courts talk about wrestling and the such good advice for church. We come back to do one more day with us and I want to talk specifically about say fishing all six wells of heaven that was established to Christian perspective.

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