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April 28, 2022 5:00 am


The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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April 28, 2022 5:00 am

Chris Hughes talks about the 2022 election cycle and why Christians need to register to vote, become educated voters and elect godly men and women to public office.

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This is the Truth Network get ready. It's one of America's most important respected voices on cultural clinical issues and apologist Christian political ad and author is the founder and chairman of the America foundation, Dr. Chris every morning you taking the time everything will weekday your present what topic would you like something you want to hear again. Or maybe the people you may not show everything is released in podcast format so Truth Network as a broadcast network or you can go to Apple or else Potiphar where you get your podcast you can get the Christian perspective with Chris. You just Google the grace and you'll find it. Anyway, I just I love you go on and be with you each and every day and thank you for taking it on the list are show and we try to encourage others to develop a biblical worldview worldview worldview is simply the lands through which we see the world as Christian God is challenged to have a have that land be the Bible.

Everything we see need to be through the lens of the Bible. Everything we need to do in our lives. We bathed in prayer and following what God is so that this show is helpful. I take up all the places where you can go to develop a biblical worldview. One of those is college a Mid-America view got a student more formal looking for place in school.

I encourage you to check out the college Mid-America and have great educational programs, academic programs, but also their name is critical race theory business are found to brainwash her student into thinking that he or she is a transgender is just a great strong Christian education. We're still develop a biblical worldview work, you know, maybe like me. I was, late in life. When I got my doctor, no man, but I was on a little more learn about the Bible understand what I believe you wildly to be able to find Bibles like about it to give a similar notion or just a Masters degree. You don't have to be a preacher in seminary to be measured by just one. Learn more about God's word is your thinking. I got encourage you to look at Mid-America Baptist theological seminary. You can learn NAB Minnick American is a great school course of the home of our Christian perspective.

Romeo from Memphis, Tennessee. Every day we have the honor of broadcasting from the campus of the college Mid-America Mid-America Baptist theological seminary inside.

I don't know if you noticed but the studio that we used with Adrian Rogers old studio member Adrian Rogers great great weather the greatest preachers in my opinion or belief great man of God, medical ministries, radio, TV, measures for bloodwork finding likely Google level responding. For more about them in ministry is bigger today than when he was alive and he been dead for a long time just have God's anointing was on the life of Adrian Rogers and he is touched so many around the world community. Jesus and will honor this as studio domain here at Mid-America was originally built for Adrian Rogers and and the mantles now been passed to me and I just thank God for the blessing. I can only imagine the plantings take the place saw these walls here no studio at Mid-America also want to thank our sponsors the question that the Christian perspective is sponsored each everyday by the citizens for America foundation for America foundation can great organization is a 501(c) three organization about political action committee or anything like that there dedicated to educating and training Christians to understand the cultural issues like the traditional American family Second Amendment right. The Christian heritage of our nation Israel abortion transgender homosexuality.

What does the Bible say on these issues is important process. Christian women would claim the followers of Jesus Christ most listening probably don't read the Bible every day you get to church every Sunday.

George Barna said that Bethany can run when you Christian culture and his research is failed at less than 10% of pastors you claim to be evangelical pastors ever address these issues. The culture with their issues you are facing every day for each of your children face on college campus or make videos with what's happening with Disney World right now work at Disney is protesting and shooting back in the state of Florida because the state of Florida passed a bill that basically said school should not keep things from parent should my things and they should be indoctrinate her children to be transgender all essential. I don't think there's anything wrong with that RC should be indoctrinating anybody on anything in Disney's vision of good and there call the dolls they gave bill is not the dolls. They gave bill at all just been going indoctrinate children don't do things also learn about or know what's going on And all citizens of America now include you to get a data citizens for America that is for America sonic receiver emails and newsletters and starting about a month and 1/2.

Twice a month and have webinars for you to come on and speak assembly spanning the speakers altered on various topics on learn about their books and teachings and what the Bible has to say on so many important issues or sign up I want to encourage you to register for the culture engagement on April 30 is just coming up this coming Saturday on April 30, we hold a national event in Memphis, Tennessee, and is called the 2022 culture engagement Summit know I want to change anything is going to be speaking that day and the biggest names in the Christian world most famous preachers in the country and some of the most famous politician is kind of a combination you know it.

Christian respect and you know what were trying to do encourage people was that a while ago to develop a biblical worldview. I want you to think that biblical worldview into every realm of your life and into everything that you do, but particularly I want to encourage you to take that biblical worldview into the arena of public policy and politics that wisdom hair stand up on some self-righteous Christians and W pastors out there. While I would never mix religion and politics really.

Why is it really we should have God in every aspect of our lives in of God is not involved in every aspect of your life something regarding you and how you vote.

I know that a lot of you don't love you know that there are over 40 million people in this country, 40 million. They profess to be Christians that don't vote. What is wrong with you people wonder why the garbage being taught in our public schools and why there's been such a disruption to the American family to the traditional family is God designed it why homosexuality is rampant.

Why divorce is rampant, while adultery is rampant. While abortion is rampant in this nation. Why because Christians are registered to vote and take a stand. Go back and read your Bible and the Bible back in the book of Genesis. The very first book of the Bible, God created this planet and he created man meeting mankind. Okay so in the refinish don't get nervous that their mankind meeting human beings. God created initiating species and he will be creating image.

Any walking and Charles creation. You know what government is part of his creation.

And if you think that he didn't want us to let godly men and women to public office. You are standing mistake. God always wanted men and women served him to be leaders in this world, and particularly one that in our country today so we've gotten take a stand as Christians and was was the first thing we need to do. We need to register to vote is what I love about working on the plane. Jan Paul and Jack Ben are so shallow is an organization called faith. When Jan Jan was a strong Christian mankind has a tragic stories like work on his first wife a tragically committed suicide, and God just used a very painful experience to touch their family in a mighty way years down the road.

Jan became the chairman of the Republican Party in South Carolina because she was such a godly man when right steepest grievance became chairman of the Republican national committee over the whole country rights for the first time realized none of his predecessors are really targeted Christian voters and writers realized that the least of Christians and the values of the Republican Party, not in every case that in many cases lined up and that the Republican Party was a natural home for the Christian voters and by the way, you may not realize this but both political parties have what's called a platform a platform is a statement of belief of a political party.

Democratic Party has a platform the Republican Party is a platform and I know some of you verbally say I don't understand how any Christian could be a registered Democrat. I'll tell you what, because if you read the platform of the Democratic Party.

It is a very ungodly document and that doesn't mean that every Democrat is a terrible person. No, but if you remember the Democratic Party that you are condoning that platform you're saying I support what they believe and listen, and I wonder. I bet less than 1% of our listeners have ever read.

The platform of the Democratic Party Republican Party so I encourage you to read then you know why say the things I say same with the Republican Party platform.

I want you to know that the Republican Party platform right now is the most godly throat God pro-Christian biblical document of a panic party platform in the history of our nation.

That's a fact. You would check it out was a Christian when you're looking at these two party platforms that designate that every candidate is a Democratic does not think it doesn't mean that every candidate is Republican yesterday with that should tell you that the candidates that are running under the banners of those parties are saying that they espouse that they follow that they agree with the beliefs and with the platform of that party.

There's no way that a committed Christian committed follower of Jesus Christ. Ever run with a clear conscience for public office as a Democrat not bothered platform is the way it is now and always been this radical bit is very very radical right now so that's why I tenderly towards Republican candidates.

That is a natural place for me to live because someone is running under those two individual platforms are telling me just by reporting that you register the run of whether or not I should be looking you based on the belief that all have taken a cab to Reno's party platforms and know what they say no younger feathers ruffled. That's okay Gordon email me encourage you to Christie' Let me know you're mad at me from these political issues today work about other things and and I just want you to understand the government take the time to explain you before I am Republican because the Democratic Party platform is downright ungodly guy is ungodly. It does not match up with the guy you can argue all you want the facts of the factors in writing never come to party platform is much more knowledge than the Democratic Party platform.

That doesn't mean that their external candidates are ones that for every candidate on the other side is perfect. No just tell you that when those people running under that party's saying they espouse is a believes that registration think about a more this show is brought to you by generous jokes.

The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget coffee you love or causes you care about locking the fixed at 15 feet Bible come to life this December and chewing nationally for radio host and found citizens funding foundation to create a life change.

It's one of the world, only needing traveled during the faithful from all over the world for thousands of reasons, religious clutter Christianity's best tragically make you fight like a wailing rock dome of the flock to Christie's aligning alleyways to Nancy so the hand to place that I think you spent the early Jewish portrait, see firsthand that the Bible took place touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel honesty like new citizens funding and get ready for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime time creating relationship when hearing is in line enjoy American leading the charge.

The battle of Trenton musket ball struck his shoulder, hitting an artery. He recovered and continued to fight for Gen. Washington becoming friends with Lafayette after the revolution, he studied law under Thomas Jefferson was elected Sen. governor of Virginia and Secretary of State, he negotiated the Louisiana purchase and sent the Munro doctrine was he James Munro for US president more this day April 28, 1758. James Munro stated it is our duty to unite grateful acknowledgments to that omnipotent being an unceasing prayer that he will endow us with American transcript All-American Limited, 1888 USA were welcome back to you today talk about a lot of different things that are taking time today just below the average closing understand the workings of the inner workings of political parties or what can or cannot be done alive why most Christians support Republican party if you will listen before the break, United that I was sharing the reason that I'm a Republican, is because I've taken the time to read the party platforms of both parties look at taking on multiple long if you vote for something you need to know what you're voting for me. I can think of a member back when they were trying to model what we call Obama care now about the affordable care healthcare record and Nancy Pelosi and the leaders the Democratic Party got on national TV and they were asked if they had even read the legislation. Read the bill, they will be asked to vote for and she said no will read it after we vote for folks that is not the way we should be doing business in the United States America is currently used listen to my show are educated and informed voters and you know better day-to-day and Google Democratic Party platform and then Google the Republican Party platform and you tell me which one do you think is more in line with God's word. Which one is more in line with your Christian values which one has more of a Christian perspective and NML payroll program for neglecting flat out tell you welcome party platform.

So anyway I just wanted to share kind of is an education to know why most Christians she can support Republican candidates because the party platforms are so very very different that someone address voter registration. As I mentioned in the first few minutes to show there are over 40 million people who profess to be Christians who were of voting age and eligible to vote were not even register the vote in the studies today. Can you think about that discriminate.

I mean imagine we complain about things are going on across this country and your noggin registered to vote or voting.

There's something wrong with that. You have a responsibility to the one you responsibility both because you're a Christian, God wants you to put godly men and women in public office again this is rule and reign over us his creation and how can we do that if were not engaged in the process we need to be registered. Vote and also we need to be educated on all issues on which were voting registration goodness y'all today. It is so easy, there's no excuse for anybody not be registered to vote when you go get your drivers license. They asked if you are registered to vote. You can go a lot. It is so easy to register to vote today. It's so easy they're dead people all over this country that are registered to vote and vote in elections and I will getting about today and all of voter fraud that goes on sometimes across our country. But anyway, you need to register to vote. So if you're Christian say hi Chris, you know, how can I get more Christians to register invite. How can I get other people to register, but one thing which you need to do. You need to go to your pastor as a pastoral I just have a burden on my heart that we need to have a run registration drive your natural school abettors abettors will slide his lawful hairs on the back of his neck.

In most cases goes to many pastors were scared of her own shadow and so I will work 501(c)(3) wrong pastor, your ignorance about that your stupid thing your ignorant meaning you don't know the laws or an issue if you say that it is perfectly legal to hold a vegan voter registration drive in your church is been done well tragically and in African-American churches across the country is been done successfully for years.

There is nothing illegal about owning a better registration drive and it is very very easy to do. All you need to do just announced your church that you're going to be holding overtly voter registration drive and the faster you can even preach a sermon on our responsibility as Christians to be registered by recruiting engaged in the political process, but even if you don't preach a sermon at all, and frankly I think preachers to preach and preach number one should always please Jesus. Every Sunday, every day. Every time you open your map and preach the gospel used to preach Jesus and the saving grace. You should always want people to G and you should always give people the chance to respond to the movement of the Holy Spirit. By that I mean given intentional and intentional time of invitation will people are invited to come know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. But you can also preach on the major register to vote, and why it's important that you have a problem that all you want to learn more know how you can do that email because you agree she' all the Shirley happy to help you out, using materials and sharing what you do in your George if you want to do that will help your best route is pretty busy guy. Voter registration drive. You just to get a blessing and then tell him you'll be glad to handle it while you need to do anything. Call your local sometimes called the supervisor of elections Arnold Ford of the supervisor of elections around and now Norcross for the portable action there some kind of elections office in every county in the United States there. Sometimes there appointed co-personnel. It usually misplacing across the country there elected, but either way, the public servants and there will be very happy to help you and you just so your call that advanced on the outcome meet with his unemployment explained to them that I want to have a voter registration drive my children on a Sunday and they will go through the information with you and show you how to fill out a form.

It is very very they just give you these forms that can be done online or on paper and in most cases in church of the days probably easier to do on paper what you just simplification. Basically, with your name and addressing video is not very difficult to allow that information so you just have a table in the vestibule or in the lobby church and after church on Sunday. Pastor just remind everybody hate voter registration drive. No, y'all don't get put in some core back minor Sunday school classroom were number one is to find it, do it in the lobby were people going in and out to come to the main entrance of the church and went to get ready to go out and get lunch with you walk out that way and you see them and encourage them to register to vote and make it easy for don't don't make it where they gotta take it mail everything else have table set up right there in the lobby vasculature where they can fill out these forms and then you gotta go over make sure everything is filled out correctly because you remember I encourage you to go to your board of elections or supervisor of elections office and get trained to know so you may say that for me completely filled out in the proper manner and then you collect rent from the those individuals from your church then you take those voter registration forms to the board of elections, supervisor of elections office of the elections office in the county and then they supposedly registered it by that is something simple that every single church in America should do as I mentioned, my good friend Chad calling his account imprisonment organization called faith.

When I Chad think I started dollars during the gotta forensics rail arrived three this was the chairman of the Republican national committee. He knew that Jack probably was the chairman, according to Dr. lata was a strong and committed Christian and Ryan went to Jared Kelly and he said hey I would like to welcome party to start targeting Christian voters and try to get Christian voters to vote for Republican candidates in the higher of Jack Coley is the director of national director faith engagement faith outreach and Chad has a great opportunity to travel all over the United States and meet with pastors or Christians explain to them the importance of getting runs to vote, and in making educated decisions when it comes out the vote did that for several years and then Chad left that organization is that we fed him on our radio show judges the deer Christian brother dear friend and I would encourage you to check out his ministry is called faith.

When and if you're nervous and you don't think I gave you enough information or if you don't want to email me and get information Chad Conley will normal mucking.

By the way, we are teaching the citizens of America will be happy to meet with you on the phone to meet with you through the portico meet with you in person and help you have a voter registration drive in your church that's more about is educating Christians to develop a biblical worldview and engage Lorena public policy and politics (or a lot with chakras chaired the best.

His is an expert in evangelist Byron Fox and others travel across the country and they meet with evangelistic pastors and preachers and deacons and church leaders, encouraging them to register Christian voters in the turn them out on encouraging you that and Chad is going to be of the culture engagement settlement this Saturday, April 30 in Memphis Tennessee to register if you want me. Chad personally learned how to do that you can register today citizens for America found also got to register the boat. Now what do you do what you registered to vote. Well, what you need to do then to become an informed vote to become an informed voter. So how can we do that there will always wonder. You can sign up and dusted citizens for America for our newsletter union and emailing it to Jake at website and click on the body just culture engagement summit you can see a listing of 30 speakers Burger King the speakers are going to be at the culture engagement this Saturday at all websites and link the newsletters and their specialist in different areas so there's different people that are speaking that David can help you in different area, just like I told you. Chad is the best at registering Christians to vote and then we have a lot of different organizations that help educate voters in any minute. After breaking a show greater detail about today's one is the American family Association will talk about an incredible organization, the American family Association – so much and the other is the Faith and Freedom coalition in the Faith and Freedom coalition spanning around three years ago. Their home wonderful organization. Both of the Great information for Christian voters so you can become an educated voter again I'm talking today about a lot of different issues and we talked a lot about red voter registration drives and markers need to be registered about why you need to engage want from the candidate or register vote in various and the various parties scheduled come back I were talking about how you can get educated so you got registered, delicate, educated days to write. That is a lot of great states of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know if it's really important role in God and the Bible is indicated and found America foundation, Dr. Chris for meeting date in our nation with crystalline bargaining journey discovering the hidden ingredients together much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal, and how it evolved over the government and the mental health new kind of Republic when they acknowledge the creator from its very inception the truth about the creation of the fate of the mounting Christian principles America security to join this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise. The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement today about how you registered educated and informed that so important for us as Christians always to be engagement, particularly in this election cycle, 20, 22 is going to be an important year presidential is one of people. Some people get worked up what's going on presidential elections, but really the control of the United States Senate to be in the balance in certain key certain key states that every state senator up for reelection this year, but certain key states do and and the euro so there's a reason interesting to learn many interesting races.

Your errors are, as I have a very interesting race. North Carolina is going to in them is, purple state can't make up its mind of its red or blue and there's an open seat were Sen. borrower is not running again already getting very hot in the primaries, both parties and therefore do not might be one of the most will probably be most expensive United States Senate race in the history of our nation because not only is that important because of the balance of the United States Senate. The boat, you're so close number of spinners in both parties are enclosed that both parties and Republican-controlled with onslaught.

The Democrats want to turn it completely blew by the way, dear those terms. People talk about a red state originators Republican state blue state of the Democratic-controlled state is kind of odd, making North Carolina the governor and a Democrat of both the United States senators right now our Republican majority the people United States Congress, Republican member of the statehouse of the state Senate are controlled by Republicans that they had tremendous losses last time around minutes of baking. What's happening in the states are worth a lot as a real battleground stated and again if you didn't know when someone when the newspeople talk about a red state Republican state when they talk about a blue state Democrat state.

Then we look at Georgia now. I think George is going to be an interesting year for elections because you, Stacy Abrams ran around there and she's gonna run for governor again and then you get the senators you were just elected you one little over a year ago and have not been in office very long but here's the race I want to watch Herschel Walker is running for United States Senate in Georgia and Leo on race to what you might say I know that they were running from Herschel Walker was a very, very famous football player and he's from the state of Georgia.

He started cutting it back in a year either retired from football Guatemalans is been a successful businessman, but is made his entrance back into politics.

He got very involved and present from reelection campaign in 2020, and so now he is decided to run for the United States that you have interesting when you start to see people get your goat will be at the start to get more of a public place when somebody does that better pay attention because usually they're getting ready to run for office and talk about how to get register devotion. I want to encourage you to register to vote. You don't just need to vote without me and informed voter. So how do you get educated on the issues again. I told you to go to citizens for America If you sign up for our newsletter will put a lot of information in starting next month will start holding two webinars month will have different authors and Christian speakers and maybe even some politicians I want to talk about some issues so you can uniform know what's going on across the country. But if you go if you click the button on the top of our website says culture engagement summit.

That's a huge event that were having in Memphis, Tennessee this Thursday. If you got registered I could I take you what I what I do so much that it will. I want a granulation free ticket you want to go to culture engagement summit go to citizens for America Click on the culture engagement summit button then on the bottom that page, click register, then when that new page pops up there be an error for promotional code. If you put in promotional code AFA a F a you will get a free ticket to attend the culture engagement selling not only will your free ticket which your free lunch that day and you get near all the speakers absolutely free you to interact with them one-on-one and you get to attend breakout sessions is going to be a credible. They were also have a lot of great vendors there. Let me mention some of our great sponsors and vendors course the host of the locations Mid-America vendors theological seminary. Our tour the campus where you learn about the great programs they have patriot mobile I want to tell you all if you don't know about patriot mobile need to check out patriot mobile. There you know other Christian company on mobile family. I didn't know much about them. Really, really anything until I was undoubtedly packing start to see them in various events and I'm speaking at across the country and I got to meet the owner and gland story.

The owner and founder of patriot mobile you want to talk about a committed Christian, y'all, I am fired up to tell you about patriot mobile use of many of these other corporations will talk about Disney yesterday. So many corporations are so liberal and crazy today with the boys and I wonder what will and will Christian government take a stand on the word God I tell you what you need to check out. You need to switch the armchair view with Verizon or AT&T or whoever it may be I would encourage you to go to patriot patriot and look at what they're doing patriot mobile is such a tremendous Christian Cabernet changes as well. America's only Christian conservative wireless provider. That's pretty awesome right on the page. They say that they're doing that they're going to be citizens were America's culture engagement summit will also be at NRA annual meeting at the end of the month. They do so much as a poor Christian organization and I'm thankful for the support that we have for them as citizens for America.

There are great great company and they tell you right on their website boldly their Christians that they promote Christian values.

I also love and support our military and our first responders. There credible pro-democracy company. They have so many different programs available for you and and then they probably tell you. Listen to this. This is our commitment patriot mobile wireless service works perfectly and seamlessly as you go about your lives roundabout.

They donate a portion of every dollar just for aggradation, the fight for religious freedom first and second amendment sanctity of life and the needs of veterans and first responders can you think of anything better in a company that supports Christian organizations are like flowers like the citizens for America foundation and five for religious freedom they defend. The first and second amendment they defend openly and proudly the sanctity of life and the needs of veterans and first responders across the country. I would encourage you to patriot today and check out the work. Patriot mobile is doing more Christian companies across the country and across the world today. They are just an incredible incredible company. I want you supporting my stay in their great company and I think you're going to be hearing more about them is becoming a sponsor, probably of our show and I just encourage the check out patriot today. So now that I mention them about why they're not paying anything for the radio show just the chance to meet them and interact with them and I'm super proud to see a Christian company on a night and in an and I will long accomplishing companies. The other two, but this is a big time national organization taking out Verizon, AT&T and and all these other companies and their Christian company we should be supporting them because they put their money on Oprah back. They put their money where their mouth is to support Christian initiatives. Also we talked about the difference between the different political parties.

We talked about your why why candidate should be running under the banner and one for the other and what is important for you to understand as a Christian, but are we talked about the need for you to get registered to vote in the importance of registering the boat so you can vote when the time comes now much out you little bit about how to get educated as a Christian voter again encouraging family to go to America sign up for our newsletter. Putting out so much educational material you we don't endorse candidates, we don't support Janet will give money to candidates. We do educate Christian voters on issues that are important to Christians like the sanctity of human life like traditional family values like what's going on in Israel like it's happening in our education system across the country late in parental rights. The rights of parents know what's going on. Rights of parents to be told the other states across this country today where kids are being given hormone blockers and their parents don't know that they're being given those drugs living given birth control for the evenly given abortions and the parents don't know about the school system or involved for kids are being told to switch her identity and become transgender or homosexual or whatever the case may be, not tell their parents is time for us to take a stand across the country today to register to vote and engage in the public policy and political arena so we can like godly men. It was at the office will pass legislation like we just passed a few days ago in the state of Florida saying that parents have the right to know what's going all the school system today… After most of the show yesterday is disgusting to me that Disney corporations getting out of their lane.

They're supposed to be making movies was the avid theme parks as we have included but now they are committed to giving hundreds of millions of dollars to support the transgender agenda and the homosexual agenda across the country and openly challenging the state of Florida. After they pass laws, the governor sounded building the law to have Joe allow parents to have provided issues like this.

We need to know about. We need to be understanding and we can be an informed voter and engage in the political process and make a wise decision to go to the ballot box. So how can we do that, how can we get educated, not only for citizens for America to get great information organization. Absolutely love that is a great family and wonderful information to help you educated me organization or individual, social media, graphics cards give us a call today at 7042 connect with the social in a world crowded with viewpoints voice condition after a set of financial problems.

Only one voice matters God's at the college at Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think for me, biblical worldview, online or on our Memphis campus. Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to like the way this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about time creating relationship range hearing is in line enjoy the United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role God in the Bible is indicated and found America foundation, Dr. Chris for meeting date with crystalline bargaining journey discovering the hidden and read much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal, and how it evolved over the government and the mental health new kind of Republic and acknowledge the creator from its very inception the truth about the creation of the fate of the mounting father Christian principles America security to join the election process and no process is important here is an election year and Freedom coalition of a lot of great information they put out voter guides every single year what they do. They send questions to candidates in both parties are right is not just a Republican by Mason questionnaires to candidates about the Republican Party and the Democratic Party and asked them about issues like life.

What is your position on abortion you support abortion will potable you support parental involvement, education, or new close from above education.

Do you support the Second Amendment Neoplatonists recommended variety of issues that are important. National DNA voter and issues that are particularly important to Christian. They send those to both Democrats and Republicans or other teenage local office and mainly compile the information in a very easy to understand a basically is a column graph format where the issues to be running down the page on one side on the left and the two candidates names across the top, divided animals, then under the same will say yes I support her no I do not support this is a great tool.

I encourage you to get a voter guide to hand out in your church are believed voter guides or right an incredible tool to help you become educate all issues and understand what's going on election process. This can be so important in this year 2022 will be a very important year only because I mentioned, there are statements to the U.S. Senate races across the country in some key state, every United States congressman is up for reelection right now every state house member certain state Senate members across the nation as well as County commissioners city Council's mayors and to me the most important like the position in the country and not just constitutional officers is the school board candidates across the country this year. In 2022. We have got to lick godly men and one door school board across the country were so many people are coming up for reelection across the country in the mitzvah for the brighter certain key state that some very important Senate races United States Senate races three particular to be watching as an in Arizona, the state of North Carolina in the state of Georgia and every United States congressman.

A woman this year is up for reelection. The United States congressman be a key election because the Democrats control the Congress right now and and and the Senate, but is very close, particularly, is that it is one or two seats to make a huge difference in varicose United States house as well. The state House of Representatives of the Congress. If you heard that term you're not familiar United States Congress is made up of two elected body, United States Senate and enter two United States Senators from every state in the United States and they are elected for a six year term of office can serve as long as they can get reelected are no term limits United States Congress.

I think House of Representatives right now. Then as I said every United States member of Congress level reelection list the numbers on that are different there. I think centers in every state across the country and in their late May or try to schedule out scattered out when there reelected every United States Congress members up for reelection every two years. The term of office is two years and think again about Vicki getting reelected. They can stay in office, and it's very close right now the controlling on state House of Representatives and Senate – Mark this eulogy are so important that we might say autofocus level. The account yes it does count and I don't care what you hear about the crazy thing about voter fraud at the Borman reason fraud won't leak it be an issue of enough people to row the boat and we have a country with over 40 million professing Christians are legally eligible to vote are not registered, but we got a problem, you need all voter registration drives in your church. Next you need to educate the voters in your church and pastor.

You can do this again.

You can talk about issues. The only thing you can't do pastor you can even endorsed candidates you know that you yourself as the pastor is an individual endorsed a candidate which you can't do is say that you can't be a member of this church. If you don't endorse. If you don't vote for certain candidate. When an individual pastor, you can endorse a candidate in Europe is perfectly legal for you to say to be voting for Joe blow, United States Congress, and here's what what you what your I don't care if you do that, but what I would like you to do is make sure the people in your church register vote like you to educate them on the issues. Why is abortion an important issue in this nation, pastor, you need to know that you know pastor, the United States Supreme Court has heard for the first time ever.

40 years of a just a case that could overturn Roby way 1973, the United States Supreme Court, a liberal Supreme Court that had determined that women have the right under the United States Constitution, and abortion, don't you think our founding fathers of all over the graves. I don't know where you see the cost is usually one answer right to murder the life of an unborn baby and so that hasn't held is a law of the land is 1973 but in December of this past year.

The case Dobbs Dobbs case is what it's called. There was a hearing before theSupreme Court oral arguments were given and it is believed that in June of this year United States Supreme Court will issue a decision in that case and is also believed the Arctic or conservatives, United States Supreme Court will level that this case could turn the tide and stated abortion is no longer seen as a federal guaranteed right under the United States Constitution. They will send it back to the state where your voters need to know that the people in your church need to know that understand what this new America will look like after Roe was at night in the state will one thing is to look lighter then that's why judges you likely rollover judges to the uniform people. He denies the Christian judges are running for the Court of Appeal or district judges or state Supreme Court because those positions are important because those men and women to be hearing cases that come before the end that have to do with abortion and and and transgender issues of family issues. Everything else you won't really matter. Women to be godly men and women who will not try to make some liberal radical crazy agenda of the court and try to legislate from the bench, but you look honestly at your state Constitution land-based Constitution and make well-informed decisions and also (that they'll be godly men and women have a biblical worldview and pray before they make this decision. You need to be voting for those judges and be educated what they believe what they believe.

You also need to be so for this year's state health affect state Senate races because the pro is that back if the issue of abortion is sent back the states. Then then it will be important have godly men and women serving in the statehouse, the state Senate all across United States of America be extremely important and pastor's. You need to address these issues.

Don't be a coward get a spy stand on the word of God. Educate your people what's going on is not illegal, it is not in danger.

Your 501(c)(3) status at all related educate and inform people on how to live a Christian life and you need to tell them about these issues as well. So I told you about my good friend at Faith and Freedom coalition of the great void of God.

They put out they have a big event coming up in June called the road to majority great Christian prophets. I encourage you to search road majority and check them out a course I want you to register income this this Saturday is not too late. Culture engagement summit in Memphis Tennessee this Saturday is the biggest culture engagement event of its kind in the nation in the history of this country and I'm giving a chance today is a listener today I'm giving a free ticket if you will go to citizens for America is one of the and you can register to attend a culture engagement summit and when you're in the registration page as a place for the promo code if you put in promo code AFA that is AF a and you will get free registration within the culture engagement summit in Memphis Tennessee this Saturday.

You don't want to miss it. Some of the biggest names in the political world in a Christian world and apologetics will be there and be there. My good friend Rob Chambers, Rob Chambers is the vice president of the American family Association American family Association is an incredible incredible organization. There were the sponsors of the event and they put out so much wonderful information a lot of booklets on issues that address the culture and how Christians can engage in like me they have a passion for people to understand the issues of our culture and develop a biblical worldview was founded by a man named Don Robin to send to them while in London right now and him and his sizing and family darling daughter walls and the home team. The American family Association to such an incredible got a job in and I asked Vincent about a week with them last fall and know the bed and through that our relationship developed and I was able to get to know Rob Chambers, Robert VP, American family satiation. What a neat neat guy and they also only if you were an American family ready American family Association owns American family radio they have nearly 200 Christian radio station across the country were spreading the good news of Jesus Christ over the radio airwaves each and every day, and they recently acquired a new program called the high boater God I boater God in their last match of this program on Tony because I use them. I believe that it is credible incredible online program.

This code I boater and I boater you can put answers in your the page you can put in your personalized information and it will send you the balance of the voting ballot for your area.

That's incredible to be able to see your ballot in advance and to go and know he's running for office in your area. What an incredible tool and then they have other things that tell you again like I share with you today how you can get registered to vote. They have sources, you can click on your state and he'll give you sources for information that will help you when you are trying to learn more about the issues and things are going on right there in your individual state they have something I love this are reasons why you should vote here. I was careless with a few minutes to do that.

Number one reason is almost clear about who governs the government. We as Christians should be involved with that sexually could we need to be good stewards of what God had given us. Third is because the laws that are passed by the people alike affect our lives our children or grandchildren for the code and read vote matters in fifth because our boats impact future generations. Check out boater close I run out of time today.

Please register for the culture engagement summit to citizens for America will be meeting in Memphis Tennessee this Saturday to go to citizens for America registered to attend the event. Put in code AFA.

By the way, took that from American family Association is a love what they're doing AFA they had the essay should be day get involved gay culture. The Christian perspective more about impacting the culture for Jesus, since for America This is the Truth Network

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