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Have LGBTQ+ Highjacked your Childs's Education?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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April 5, 2022 5:00 am

Have LGBTQ+ Highjacked your Childs's Education?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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April 5, 2022 5:00 am

Sharayah Colter shares four things you can do to keep LGBTQ+ pride out of your child’s school.

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This is Robbie Gilmore from the Christian cargo.

I am king in pursuit where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it and share it but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth network. This is the Truth Network get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential, respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris, well it happened today, not public schools University seminary is crazy and scary. What is being taught to our kids in the school system today. Everything from critical race theory to gender indoctrination.homosexuality and graphic graphic sexual stuff is being talk to our kids and so you want to want to listen in today. You may not want to have the little ones in the room were talk about what's going on. Our school system. But keep in mind this is what is being taught even for five-year-olds. As we talked about the crazy indoctrination by the liberal left of our Arbor kids in the sexualization of our kids and trying to determine whether or not parent should even be involved. Welcome to the Christian perspective before you started, I want to thank our host Mid-America better theological seminary for letting us have our our offices here of the Christian perspective studios on the beautiful campus in Memphis Tennessee. If you are looking for school to attend.

Maybe you have a child or grandchild.

Get ready go to college because it Mid-America it should be the choice for you not only want to get a great education but they will get a biblical worldview perspective talk to the is not happening on so many campers, even in Christian schools across the country. They'll come here will learn a lot and when they leave their be founded in God's word and know how to take a stand on the word of God.

No matter where they go on cultural or job or whatever they might be doing them a lot. Maybe your point your life or you will learn more about God's wording to be in full-time ministry due to the seminary Mid-America Baptist theological seminary as a great slaughter course offerings, and you don't have to come here to Memphis to go to school was really love to have you here on the campus. I love to meet with you and see you but they have a great online program. You can learn more at him, a MA

And of course we want to thank our show sponsor the citizens of America for citizens for America. We work to educate and train Christians to develop a biblical worldview and then take that biblical worldview and engage in the arena of public policy and politics. That's really what this show is all about today's trying impact the culture for Jesus and if you haven't registered yet. I want to remind you that the culture engagement summit is coming up on April 30 is the one day event on Saturday, April 30 on the campus of Mid-America better theological MS seminary in Memphis, Tennessee would have a culture engagement summit were some of the biggest speakers and the Christian world and world politics will come and teach us how to develop a biblical worldview and then engage the culture for Jesus that biblical worldview. You can that citizen's and take it start as low as $15. So I hope that you will be there Semites playing an integral role in the culture engagement summit is my guest today sharia culture.

You may remember we had tray on Valentine's Day though she's not new to the show and were always excited when Shroyer Orosz and Scott, want to talk about issues on our culture today. Sharia culture owns media and public relations company called culture and company and she is a journalist. Really hard.

I think that probably order that Israel I know being a wife and mom are in your heart to pray is a gifted journalist so sharia culture walk in the Christian perspective, they were happy to be here.

Thank you.

Chemistry had any. I really appreciate it. Why always know I can call you when something crazy is going on the culture because you're keeping up on things all the time.

You always know what's going on and particularly I know as a mom you're so concerned about what's happening in our school system and you recently wrote an article entitled four things you can do to keep LGBT Q plus pride good as they get so many different initials. It's hard to keep up with it out of your child's school and I know that this is something you're concerned about what spurred you start to write this article, you're right, Chris and Mike, you keep a pretty close I hold on what going on in the culture and really like you said, Mike, and thank each part that I have a vested interest in knowing what going on and being aware of what they are going to be you going to be a drastically different life than even the child that I had not that long ago and fell. I want to keep aware that parent and know what I need to protect my kids ran how I need to be training men and I need to be praying for them and then another can't (at our kids don't have. That are really crying in either the week as Christians really need handicap you and you have a nice evening going on in culture that are burning and that are against the biblical values that I and many other people have things that used to be mainstream in our country that are slowly going to the Lakeside and Beth can bring me and I look into those things and find out how like I do as a Christian. To combat the things on the half of it like it because I a five-year-old and a two-year-old know it's not their job to protect themselves from that is my job and I want to become people of the parent that you dad to do well for you in the mail on their corrosivity cursed the day of abdicated responsibility training of their children and in the way should they should go to the public school system and that's not what God intended God intended for the parents to raise her kids and determine whether kids would be taught and how they will be taught. It is almost like not just culture and society. But even our federal government. The current administration thing. The parents have no right to decide what education the children receive what they are taught or wonder taught it, and is really becoming scary and I don't know much good that came out of the pandemic of the so-called pandemic of shutting down school and businesses but one good thing that came out of his parents is almost like the scales been removed from Verizon nailed a steep what's going on public school systems is teachers and administrators and so forth are being told not to tell parents what's going on. Schools and in Oregon right now there are some places in Oregon right now Shroyer work kids can be given hormone therapy to change their sex or to inhibit what would happen in puberty without parents being told and birth control is being handed out in public schools across the country without parents being told and nail on under a curriculum that is supported with our federal tax dollars of public school systems age of five and six years old.

Kids are being asked to identify their gender and if they claim to be other than their biological sex school teachers and administrators are being told not to tell parents.

I think that might be something I know what I was reading your article that grabs your attention when parents are being told something different than what going all her teachers are being told.

But tell parents was going to school system and something happened in Austin with a gay pride parade and then how that filtered into the to the school system. Can you talk a little bit about community circles or what's going on in the school system and Austin Texas this very concerning to me when I buy and and a lot of the other parent.

You and I did go over quite a bit\and publicly and why they went back to change. There on the line retroactively, but in that Don Finkel and often independent district and they began getting national and I March 21 when I be looking out that they had been doing a gay pride parade will and funding they were embarrassed about one of the principal at Sheridan video, that and honestly. But on chelator to get down but they were celebrating gay pride parade and part of their week celebration included an activity called community focal in which they got children together in a patent group and went that a leader probably teacher and later native got things like family respecting differences, and no place for hate and you and I know that what they call hate is not daily. The definition of the call hate the cut and maintain hate damn thing ideal that they don't like because of you and arrogant.

81 have a place for hate and but we are for truth and often times what we want to be the truth.

Gave you an antagonistic thing, though, we have to be understanding that different than that?

But they are trying to find a place for hate their interest rate and in what they told you in their written direction" respect privacy, what we pay in this rim fades in and scream." Now, you probably can't. But like a Las Vegas block mutiny and make them think that the long elegant three floor classroom and being hope of being at school they theology and be encouraged to link there can indent on what they're learning at school like what you said were there chilling limited no place for hate you. That's an indoctrination that is taken place in our society work. There's a whole generation.

Now where they don't want to get their feelings hurt. They don't want to be embarrassed of adult certainly don't want to be accused of hating somebody but just because you say that a certain lifestyle is wrong doesn't mean that that you hate those people you Jesus learned all of his work were all sinners, but you shouldn't be shut down or canceled out for things that you're saying just because somebody else determines it to be a numbing.

I think it's hate and how they treat our God, and are in our Christian faith you I get branded when when I watch movies.

I remember when it you're too young for this writer used to someone use the Lord's name in vain on TV or in a group of work to do it on TV and a movie. The movie be rated R for that right. It happened on TV nail Walter as a Christian you that hate speech to me, but they don't care about what what we see is hate speech, roughly forcing him to raise or just trying to destroy families, I really believe that there is a motive of some within our current administration and the federal government who want to destroy the traditional American family me. That's why they now have all the sexual marriage and people, even people marrying animals and doing crazy things like like that in and then they'll what's happening with the school systems were there asking kids to identify themselves as homosexual or straight or transgender and an early age.

And if you have to tell a kid like use of the Las Vegas mentality.

You gotta tell a kid not to tell her parents or families any time you gotta hide something. Something done in secret is probably not a good thing and I and we need to wake up and pay attention of folks were talking to Shreya Culver was passing a school system today. How was I getting the school system is happening across the nation as well.

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The school hosted a 1500 students in the faculty of 200 teaching 38 trades the first African-American to have his image on a US appointed postage stamps, Booker T. Washington stated I have always had the greatest respect for the Salvation Army, especially because it draws no color line in religion and American women for free transcripts, all-American limit of 1888 USA were like yesterday's. Culprit was talking about the culture school systems across the country, helping the chain and others mentality within the national education Association school Board Association in many schools across the country to keep things secret from parent Troy. I've even heard stories of people who bore the girls he would go to school dressed. One way you are with her biological sex and have a different set of close of the walker and maybe a boy dresses up and becomes a girl for the day in a change of clothes before he goes home and and they're told not to tell parents that the administration school were told not tell parents about this is really right scary with what happening in schools across the country were parents who have the responsibility of the call of God to raise her children to not know what's happening.

It think it's really anti-biblical values that been creeping into the school system. What do you think this is happening in schools across America today it do you think the church is maybe played a role in you know I think it happening just because we are turning as a whole further and further away from God and felt where our faith is that the country are set toward the darkness and when you're walking away from the light of Christ in toward the darkness going to going to get darker and darker and darker and I think they are eating that very reality in the school.

In all culture and you're right that I began thinking again about her children going to school changing) and lengthening different ankle and their parents realized that Chris Gould now, but they call it closet and other terms for and where cool it felt setting in the closet and filling it with other close, but that when they can pick the Franklin Square school and just evening led you to lunch with you but it looking it and facilitating it and and really it ended questioning. There's a story out clicking out this week about another school district in Texas where they had been focusing on gay pride in the side not the teacher didn't think that the gay pride went parade wasn't enough and decadent tolerating. It wasn't Ally Shatner. After ally ship and let her fourth grade class. He had 32 students. I believe and then came out to her afterward and have now expressed her that they would like to be homosexual 20/32 fourth-graders.

Now I'm really of the opinion that a fourth-grader shouldn't be having anything to do with that at's actual heterosexual Frank any kind of effect anything like that should not be on their radar. So if you have 20/32 children in a fourth-grade classroom like this is being pushed by adult that is not something that kids are coming up like on their own and shepherd adult to be clicking this honestly be there at about five years ago you would have fed adults are pushing for children important. They classroom that any knowledge or discussion about that date does adult art. Herbert at today because of that walking toward the darkness of faith in the light of Christ you and just wandering things down and be hiding the public idea. Now you are slowly being able to feed a cultured and not a in in great repulsion. Don't talk about our kids like that. Don't talk to like it Inappropriate instead many many people are not only letting it fly that there document yet and that is really tragic. The other been a slow indoctrination of this was so important.

We need to control your preacher years ago. So the best thing on the television for some of that I have knobs anymore, but the button to turn it off right because everywhere they see it shrink in commercial right now.

Let me know how much you'll go watch TV in her home, but openly homosexual couples of five years ago, even that would've never been on TV, but they are trying to normalize sexual deviancy and so you get letters for this calling homosexuality transgender is a pedophilia all the stuff I'm going especially with the going get mad if he was afraid that in and so they're trying to normalize that it is in movies and I have these big gay pride parades and tails like you say it even your St. Patrick's Day was not too long ago and St. Patrick's Day with the data recognized the growth of Christianity in the country of Ireland. But today there are many St. Patrick's Day parades really become gay pride and then a few years ago they started having these political drag queen story hours in schools across the country were men would dress up like women and look like a beautiful princess to go around 3456-year-old and the kids like older one form. And those people are allowed in the school system that you and I could go read a book about God in the school system, but these people can dress up like the opposite sex, and they read books that are indoctrinating books that fit glorify the transgender lifestyle and so what you have is a generation that is being trained right now that there's nothing wrong with this people should be how they feel there is no truth there is no right or wrong, and you can just do whatever you want to be in there encouraging five and six girls in school and classes as you said even the fourth grade class.

You talk about where they asked them to identify whether there is greater homosexual. And like you said shrink. You don't know your brain is not even fully developed till after the age of 25 years old. You kids don't know what gender and sexuality at that age and they have no comprehension of what they're saying or what you're doing to themselves. It's crazy. They should something that gender has Kitty fourth-grade yelp, yelp, and that when people come right out and tell you what their game plan or their agenda is. They do and when they do, we can really believe them on there somewhere. I think they hunt me and I don't think a whole lot of people thought in the video got taken down really quickly.

Last year, and when it started getting a little bit publicity but reading to the couple lines from if you don't mind and are straight from what date they take themselves, their goal for your children. This was an anti-disco gay men chorus in 20 2113 on July yelp date Renaissance and anything yet and are very proud of that you think that will correct your kids. If our agenda goes unchecked money just this one. You're correct will convert your children. That night that quietly you will barely notice where cooking for them were Connie and her children will convert your children will make an ally and you get in there really yeah and hunting golf and we should be aware that that is the goal and the whole infatuation with the gay agenda and children is not a coincidence that part of the info all the more that we must be on our guard is Christian. To protect our kids. We can't take that society at know God had everybody here on earth here at this time not the type I and we have to be ready to be the defense market, knowing that there is a very hostile Culture. A culture that is not affecting their innocent, but certainly not affecting the truth of God, and we have to be doing our best to be aware of what's around them and read what their anarchy and protecting down their minds and their honor and their innocent you know that that game is course where you are. Those work from there really evangelist for the homosexual and transgender identity movement. Can you imagine Shroyer what it would be like if Christians of the Church of Jesus Christ, the followers of Jesus. We were as excited about Jesus as these people are about their homosexual transgender lifestyle because they really are being evangelist or welding was evangelist proclaims up adult people to and they are pushing and proclaiming their agenda each and every day and were just being quiet and let that happen is is terrifying to see what's happening. I really worry about the next generation of kids coming out because so many pastors never addressed these issues and and even your generation me I'm a little reviewed. Even your generational people your age like oh it's okay to be homosexual. Maybe they were just born that way that's not what God tells us God told us that we work created in his image and lesion on a personal kids don't get that and they don't know what will share with us about a story in Broward County were in elementary school, took their kids on a field trip value so look forward to going, field trips, but I gotta tell you we never went to a gay bar when I was a kid tells about that story yet another unbelievable when you wake really think I was just too far-fetched to be reality, but it wasn't.

And once again something that can someone else found out that Mike outed about it. A school board member with pain.

She took she took part in it and the chaperone entity but proud to have taken to get the she was boasting about how great it was like he did Wednesday to get at you at a gay bar and some of the things listed on their menu at the bar at the big girl burgers wrote a cowboy I find a hooker down ranch hand really cheesesteak. I need lot of things like that called bar is decorated. Obviously, in the rainbow which is very bad, you know I'm a court using a rainbow that you can obviously tell that got the gay pride block but honestly grant like not only is a problem at a gay bar, but like taking children to a bar at all like the company clinical trip didn't do the aquarium on the farm that I gave him no place for it will sell kind of thing happening right under no and and that we just need to be engaged because no Internet community. They need to know and and Leilani. Now though, you have to then ask the payment that in Mike you're talking about this guy so important that in our churches are pastors and teachers are teaching the Bible and are showing people how to work out their faith with fear and chilling as Bible says in their daily lives in the culture in the community in which they live on. We have to speak to these issues because every issue is the biblical issue. If they remember the local church in that town if they're being trained in the word of God know right from wrong and you understand what it means to stand up and defend those you are not to be thinking but intelligent he got for themselves for guiding their children in all the truth.

Then they would know how to combat these think they would pay no and you know why Trent don't think the couple. They will be unkind about it, the kind of rocket and dictate people to thank knowing to push back a little bit and take going to end the were going to teachers or administrators will learn and poke In Charge that are going to respect parents right that are going to respect the age of the children and these kind of thing. There are part of our culture you can't deny that there that we can say they don't see long literary culture the United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role God and the Bible played in the founding of this. You indicated radio host and founder of the American foundation, Dr. Chris, or maybe days in our nation with crystalline bargaining journey discovering the hidden Washington DC and read much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal look at the knees and how it evolved over the century, learn about the government and the men who helped forge this new kind of Republic when it acknowledge the creator from its very inception the truth about the creation of about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles governing American secure your spot to join this this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you love or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise. The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist a bowl for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement.

But yes, Shroyer Coulter, Troy is a public media relations company. She's also a journalist, a mom and a wife and we are talking about issues really should conserve every parent in the United States today a messy indoctrination taking place with some school systems, and the things are being taught to our children before the commercial breaks where he was telling us about elementary school believer not in Broward County, Florida took elementary school kids to a bar no. I don't know about you but I want my kid going to Barb way is not just a bar. It was a gay bar where they were things off the menu. There was a very suggestive sexually suggestive menu Shroyer Mike, my youngest graduated high school three years ago and so I don't know how it is today, but my kids were in school in order to go on a field trip they had to bring a permission slip all her involved here for about five but it was on a field trip. So my question is if these kids went on this field trip that still the regulation I'm sure is good.

People are always scared of getting sued why the world is not a single parent do anything about this widen pastors with community rise up where were the churches sure is if this is crazy. You know anybody protested this before, took place.

I don't know I couldn't speak and that when there was nothing. I thought her parents had raised that no issue with that ahead of time that I agree you 19 like the likely scenario that they would have find something and it really does come into play as parents need to be aware and deftly don't want to be signing these permissions.

But why you're looking the other way trying to fix at the last second know we need to be all engaged in very clearheaded to know what are we writing are you wearing a green prison to go and that we cannot go along with that. We just need to be thinking critically and think you know when to be asleep in a mob just we do whatever everyone else is doing around us even if it's a walk-up class. We need to be know in our right mind and the day no nonpaying noted that were not going on field trip were not going to do such and such and we just have enough parents honestly use common sense not even just common vent of what is appropriate to a child. Any parent better than St. noted that not been on top of that. Obviously, if you are parent has Christian values, founded on the Bible, he would absolutely be saying no to that, don't we do need pastors and teachers, encouraging and that you live in a way that reflects the Bible reflect our Christian values and wing beat you that then it contagious and it will encourage our peers around our other fellow parent that they think that either just take one courageous parent and you're seeing a lot now in school board.

The competency was actually very encouraging to see the surgeon and parent involvement school board and unfortunate that it has been in areas that are leading to that, but it's great. Engage knees become the most encouraging and inspirational speeches from all board meeting crazy one parent And really a very building each on before their peers before the school board to let people know like any we ought we are here with me working intention and and were standing up for our kids. And here we are willing to default and be creative and be kind to tell you anything. It is scary and I think their couple reasons that parents are not taking a stand. One is we have a generation of term which overwhelms the their parents don't realize God gave us the responsibility to take care of our children and to educate our children and their more worried about being embarrassed than they are protecting their child from the sexual perversion is going on in so many school systems across the country. The other is I just think people just aren't engaged like you study the yoke until COBIT, many of them just didn't have a clue and that said also because parents need to be in involved. They needed they should. You should know your kids teachers you should know the administrators and school more poorly, they should know you and right if you're visible in the school and and you know, I know some people have to work with euros mode or both parents right after work.

But you can find a way. Go have lunch with your kids are allowed to do or go talk to the teacher support this afterschool and certainly today with zoom in and so many other of these online ways to me there's really no excuse anymore for not knowing who the teachers are them.knowing you.

You are and is there to be more cautious of the no parents around the head free writing repairs never came around it. Never did anything so they just started making some of the stuff in the school system and it's time for parents to get engages five is time for churches mean, I know that everywhere I was rather the woman she's run for school board which you like you as a parent is concerned, so she's been trying to find other mom throughout our community. She's a sad one for every school intercounty to have that parent girl review the curriculum was being taught in the schools so they can determine if there's something that is ungodly or offensive or were heavily sexually suggestive the should be in the school system. I'm from North Carolina and my kids so I guess with folders entered high school to will my youngest will was a five year span and one of the courses in North Carolina that they're required to take you requires two weeks of per diem depth, sexual education, but is just like that gave our field trip you were talking about is there was no dissent was sum of all more, but probably most kids never showed. Her parents always made a point now that I'm super dad but Vicki always looked at our kids all working. Reviewed what was glued to their schoolbooks and that kind of thing where you are the parent don't show your kids tell you don't get much stuff mob look you got responsibility to take care your kids and so we found out this course is being taught and under the state law in North Carolina. Parents have the option to opt out notice.

It is a little bit embarrassing for the future. It does. In this case it was two-week course of both time slows like you dedicate a library for two weeks. All this pornography, which is really what was was taught in the classroom, but to my knowledge into my kids always the entire five years.

My kids were in high school. Not a single other kid ever opted out for the repairs never pulled them out of that class when a lot of Christians in our community sure is it that is secure. Oh why oh why would you want your kid, it is not some person who you probably don't even know this, not that person's job to teach your kids about sex and and they certainly are not to be teaching it from from the aspect of how God designed sex to be between one man and one woman, and only in the confines of marriage. I just don't understand why parents are not getting involved in youth enough. What would happen across the country up enough parent older kids others classes they will quit teaching that garbage nobody in the classroom teacher to the church to go to get educated. And Christians need to take a stand out were about food.

Don't get offended or whether not there embarrassed if you love your kids, you better wake up because your eternal souls are in danger right in the same thing goes with that entertainment parent decided they know were not going to watch the upcoming Lightyear movie because it includes death thing that Then eventually when you money talk and assess the culture we live in. Eventually the company will rely if we continue making unique movies were going to lose money now either. At that point he will pay you important US were willing to lose money and it will keep on doing it or they will take the 90 very important to less than certainly to shareholders and in the content, though absolutely that decisions we make. By either adopting our kids out of those classes. Opting out of watching certainly beat that we now are going to be detrimental to market the matter and that even with social media you know, I know largely that thing.

I kind of like that twitter is not real life, and that no it's not. There's a whole life out there outside the media and no I believe that is about 20% of people actually are engaged to me on twitter and not really an accurate sampling.

However, it is it a part of our society that new even with that small number of engagement, and that was like the last thing I had that you know there was a lot recently arrived legislation where babies in dealing with life issues and babies were going to be allowed to be born after an abortion, but left the diet for several weeks and and they were the period of time in which to date think it should be left to die and that would not be illegal in this legislation. What I got a lot of pushback on social media and so much so that they hold the legislation back down and I did not have the hearing and divided we forget because of the out outclassed and the backlash that the I just made that day that you sometimes think what you say on social media. The chamber and might not matter at the same time. In some cases it really doesn't matter if not enough people say no that's not right. Sometimes that does move the needle and so I think as much as we can know why I followed that thought. One night on that 19 that talked about mere words in my mouth and the meditation of my heart depleting years I own like rock and my Redeemer. 1914 and that's how we operate on social media.

We should be honoring to God week we should like 10 that part of that is the truth. Alto and the truth in love, but we need to speak out and say what is the truth and that we can be put promoting things that are good and we can move the needle in that way then that is a good use of our engagement were talking to Sharon Coulter about things going on the cultures school system will break we come back really talk about some of the books Roy is aware of this was just shocked the pictures show crazy name, teacher organization or individual brands like the Energizer social graphics cards. 704 social in a world crowded with viewpoints of voice condition after a set of financial problems. Only one voice matters God's at the college of Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think from a biblical worldview online for on our Memphis campus.

Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to light the way. This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you love or causes you care about family relationship time creating a family. There is another line 39 years. I relationship I'd like to invite Ray sharing his strategies to help enjoy the United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role God and the Bible played this.

You indicated radio host and founder of American foundation, Dr. Chris, or maybe days in our nation will embark on a journey of discovering the hidden Washington and read much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal look and how it evolved over the century, learn about the government and the men who helped forge this new kind of Republic acknowledge the Creator from its very inception the truth about the creation of about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles governing secure your spot to join this book, but Chris you like yesterday through Coulter talk about the school system.

Crazy field crews were killed or taken to a gay bar in Florida and where kids were set in the classroom after gay pride parade and asked to pick their gender and discuss homosexuality is good being told not to tell her parents. What's going on in the classroom destroys bids on the classrooms there like Vegas you would like what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and now this kind of thing mentality in our public school systems across the country today trailer so much is going on and in the area, books, and this really started before my kids were in school and shocks me.

I don't know about nine years ago in our community, and out it live there the time there was a book that I guess Credo a big stir our community and in a bunch of parrots and churches got involved keep that book permitting use of the school, but by the time my kids were in high school. You just won't believe Soraya the smut literally mean over pornographic stuff, particularly in AP English and AP history classes there so much great literature in the world today. Sharia there is no need for leisure cushioning agenda to force kids to read garbage and smut. Now I know your husband is a preacher and two of the books that my daughter was required to read were really kind of believe it was to brainwash kids to turn them against churches and to get answers in both those books there were very sexually graphic and involved pastors having adulterous affairs with other women basically creating preachers to look like a hypocrite and and that was you know, several years ago but now Troy is not just in AP English class were older kids, but in five or six years old.

There are terrible books that have very graphic sexual pictures of kids having sex together. There are books teaching five or six-year-old student term audience so you be awarded here several years to masturbate, and books that are federal government's curriculum is pushing in the, sexuality education curriculum by the second-grader teaching kids. I not only is it okay to touch yourself and does that feel good would do anything to give you pleasure. You have more pleasure if you let somebody else touch you know why are we teaching second graders mutual masturbation on each other and I know so you know you got some books I think you would tell me about all gender queer and some other things tells about some of the books you found out about in the school system absolutely really sounding in the library and that what even more astounding and that they would be even any at all opposition to removing those books from the library now people can do what they want in their own life that when we are hiding that this is a group of folks that we should put in front of the whole community. Children when they're away from their parents all day at full.

That is not a good idea in parents have every right and duty to say that in our library but they haven't been any vibrate.

I think I would have in my house nor I ever look at them as an adult, let alone when I met my little child be exposed to them. I mean the books are they happening them into our stucco Though, like you said early earlier sexually deviant that I would need and repeat and in fact I didn't even leave them in the article I wrote because they are so upbeat and people can partly do their research.

One of the book the call gender queer and I would encourage you to as a parent. Check it out.

Make sure you are understanding the level of the depravity. I think that for your kid on that it it it is really current best and it does not belong in our school at all. Whatever greed and fear would be shocked. Is there when you were doing your research is your source that you know of possible input on his body or maybe Paris to learn about some of these book titles and go look in the library and see if there there.

You know the best thing I would say is that you can see a lot of this client on the media.

Honestly, you are just it to Google are not Google but if you type in that and praise gender clear book and instead want to say twitter for example, you will find several conservative news outlets you have covered these books and that the push to remove them from school and and also healthy very very clearly that there Wednesday. No question. Unfortunately, I get permitting them.

You wouldn't believe the number herein that are advocating pretty to be available on that's really appalling though. Yeah I be available at their side. There is no as usual the churches is silent on this and so many other issues that are destroying our culture. Today's appearance of your listening. I encourage you to. You have a legal right of your tax dollars are paying for the school library and you should go to the school libraries take a list of those books you can get it email me at Chris you that the distance from that screws you, the citizens of and I have a whole list of my computer I can send you of books that you might want to see if they are in the local library in your school. Shredded the scary thing about this is a letter early age.

When I was in school and even today. It's a big deal when you get to go to the library or teachers build up your were no more people read a leaders reason and it was always great to be able to go the library and pick out a book and I never worried about what smut was a library when I was little kid I thought my school library was a safe right so the give the library completely innocent just pull a book off the shelf and have these wonderful beautiful pictures open it up and it pornographic. Literally some of the stuff in these books are in affairs, kidney is pornography. The stuff is in some of these books, and in these school libraries and were not just talking I school talking elementary kindergarten would shock you out sexually graphic oral sex.

You try to be meeting on the radio, but the kids learn in the school angle sex what water versus second graders need to know about that and need to see pictures of that it is an indoctrination of our kids is right. We gotta do something or is going to destroy our nation right there really if you look at it.

It's like they're taking every place that is a safe place.

Like you mentioned, and they're trying to make that corrupted you think about the school library that should be a very neat and safe place for a child school in general good place for a child their family know you talked about the attack on the nuclear family America.

We know that one of the stated goals of Marxism is the dissolution of the nuclear family. There is an attack on family. One of the most important thing for you to be aware that that we can as we are walking through our daily lives know that that is the goal and then all the more stand for what we know to be good and true and right because we know that God had the family know that God has created man and woman in his own image and made them one for another to live in harmony and marriage in a monogamous relationship or life and that we would honor him to that relationship. And so we know that God had been a good dictum and we also know that statement. The only thing he can possibly do it destroy things that God had already set up.

You can't create anything on his own. All he can do is carry down what is already there. We took a look around and you anywhere you looking. Good thing I good and that God has made the design. You can look and next to it. You will file for the devil to try to convert that crap. Dead people and they'll only need to be doing. You holding what we know to be good and true and right. According to Scripture how the very clearly what God has made lead and how you design things and know that and be aware at knowing that our enemy the devil prowls around around like a hungry lion looking to devour.

We need to know that we need to have the armor of God protecting our mind and all of our knowledge are faculty so that we can be aware looking out for the thing on our behalf and on behalf of our children that we can eat to live a life that does honor God that bring many to him because that's the most important thing we need to be doing right now is letting people know that amidst the dark dark world there is a light that shines so brightly note that there is a verse like that that bottom of my article I discredit your talking about different methods which we have heard from him and declare to you that God is light and in him is no darkness at all. First, on 15 and the really heartening for me because we can have people in a very dark time. We can take joy in the fact that our God is light and he will when he is raised that he will draw on into himself. We can promote God and his goodness and then we can be shining a bright light in the darkness, or enough something we gotta do Shroyer so I want to thank you for being with us today. Can you tell our listeners if they want to read what you write or follow you and I know that you have a couple different companies and that you do great job.

If you're looking for someone to develop social media program or website or help you.

I know you publish books, how can people learn more about you and the work you're doing and what I might to maintain the website where I write is to write or really simple and I felt for you and HA are a lie and that's where you can find on my article. Article and then we have our our company website culturing company's website culture DOL EER index raised in that ticket. Our team and that the various ways that we can raise client Shroyer. I am so glad that your phone was going all the culture and we need to have your general fluid. Keep us posted. Other things are happening. Thank you so much for being a Christian perspective. Today, thank you for having me. I appreciate it. Folks turn right in here every day to your favorite really your station same time such learn more about what this show is also solicited out Christian perspective. Learn more about Jesus visit citizens for me, this is the Truth Network

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