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How Can Multi-Generational Families Live in Peace?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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March 25, 2022 5:00 am

How Can Multi-Generational Families Live in Peace?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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March 25, 2022 5:00 am

Connie Albers and Chris Hughes talk about the unique challenges that families face when adult children live at home and older parents move into your house.

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Here is the founder and chairman of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris multi generational living thought about Leon family Friday for money.

I would like those work on everything to do with family hell of a lot about multigenerational family living is like and what we can do within our own family. We always want to find ways to bring their families closer each other closer to God. So you want to want to do with men today call your bread element family Friday Connie Albers today, not just workers you Connie like every Friday will mark your calendar every party to be your Connie hours will walk on the Christian perspective, I'm achievement. Those they were so excited coming to you from the campus Mid-America college and Mid-America Baptist theological seminary. If you are looking for place to go to school to highly recommend you need always bathed in prayer every decision, particularly where your children, grandchildren, or maybe when you have your listening going to school, but if you want to develop a great biblical worldview and go to school that understands the sufficiency of Scripture.

The inerrancy of Scripture regarding CRT during this other nonsense even made its way in this many seminaries our country today or encourage you to take a look at college Mid-America if your later life. Are you finished college and you will get smaller, more about God's work was all my learning we have today. Mid-America was way ahead of the curve work on COBIT yet but now there even better in the wonderful seminary program online. You don't have to go to Memphis or some other branch campuses around the country. You can study right there grabs your own home on the Internet. So I encourage you to take a look at Mid-America Baptist theological seminary and we want to thank our primary sponsor, the citizens of America foundation for make the show possible system for America foundation is an organization that educates and trains Christians understand what they believe and why they believe it. Encourage them to develop a biblical worldview and then to take that knowledge specifically the arena public policy and politics so we can like godly men and women to public office, put it into things like abortion, functional family and so many other things are going on to build a society based on the word of God and impact culture for Jesus and I want to encourage you to go to the website citizens for America and check out there's an event listed on the very front page called the culture engagements I yacht you do not want to miss this is the greatest event. The largest event of its kind in brilliant history the country will be on April 30 in Memphis Tennessee disrupt 15 minutes from the airport easy to get to work taxi lift Harry want to get Larry dropped Mid-America to be on April 30 just Saturday and is called the culture engagements summit Dr. Robert Jeffers, America's pastors want to be there. Great radio host and former Fox News host Todd Starnes firm believer in conservative Christian want to hear what Todd has to say about a culture today Pres. from our Chief of Staff Mark Meadows will be there. He is a strong man of God has unique insight of what's happening country around the world today Sen. Jim to Mr. Barth black-market blackbird more than 20 speakers and my favorite speaker, Connie Albers are posterior of the Christian perspective. I can't wait, your Connie got jealous today about God's word can't answer. Glad your day why I'm excited to hear what your essay out people go to register today's America just to come here. You speak of the culture engagements, I'm excited to finally thank him it going to be impactful for sure because I don't know culture and America and around the world is rapidly changing. The last couple years but within the last year you know where anything the two year mark world faith with a virus that radically change family livelihood and current cost of living church and how we attended church and Carol all the speakers that you weren't the culture engagements are going to be bringing their latest information on what's going on in her family and how can get involved getting gave an pushback on the culture and trying to break down family change how we worship the Lord and how we engage in politics in general felt after a few value care plan had Kyle bring a friend or girlfriend making a girlfriend or family weekend income. You will not be appointed tell I'm excited about multi generational living and what a great topic to get it is a topic that people have often asked me about, especially of the modified all my children lived at home and I didn't think about multi generational living title display image is something that I family to you and now I'm looking forward to a light upon talking about the bankers that you to go into something like I wide open that you can address problems before they arise back today and we kind of park let multigenerational letting is and if it could possibly work for you and your family.

They are going to be walk away, going maybe to fit for our family or maybe it's something that we need to pray about Connie Conley topic in our family that actually participate in this but for those who are listening that the term we your life is about order books and your different TV shows. Maybe some of the Dr. Phil.shows but what you mean to tell our lesser what is multi generational living now, and Corey basically two or more generations living together and I not necessarily a mother-in-law suite often backed up merrily in the same household.

Maybe sharing the same kitchen and living a truly what it means then it could be something as simple as your kids living at home beyond high school. Maybe there are college kids or their trying to get them their finances built up there living at home or it could be our elderly parents moving in with their For various reasons that will discuss a little bit but that's really what multigenerational family living in and not uncommon and other country craft commonplace. If you really and American to Western tradition of 18 and out, but other cultures had been doing exactly for tree Americans that have now caught on quickly and wisely live The idea that could be a really good effective way of doing life together. I am so glad you want to talk about this today in your travel all over the world for a while. We have produced as the ministries of Indian bills, mortgage is there but really since about 2011 we done a lot of work with start 36 churches. You're exactly right. Other ethnic groups of people in other countries are typically the Filipinos are very, very family oriented know in the United States. Like you said you 18 or 21 finish high school or later when you finish college nuclear got booted out and then they don't really reconnect in a strong way.

Sometimes with her parents again. But that's not the way it is in many other countries, so that's one of the good things about legal immigration where people are coming to the United States is one of the good things that many of these other cultures abroad. It is not just little things in an Hispanic Latin countries and others around the world, particularly in the South American others.

There's a strong connection that your parents always tremendous influence on your life. I'm not saying that arrange marriages or that we can help modify daughter would go to Io in India laws of war there.

Many of the pastors I knew that their parents because they trusted their parents to finally godly spouse for them many times and again I'm not suggesting.don't get nervous don't start emailing me know when Connie Chris talking with and I'm not talking today about the spouses but I'm just saying the parents had a great influence caught you. You didn't know this all share a story of your time here, but we live this on both sides of me. My kids are like yours are no longer college but during Kober they both came back so a family did Nintendo necessarily, although I love images back did Nintendo serve the multi generational living in that sense both argue that he come back in many families listening I know about what you can talk about labor you they faced at that when we moved to North Carolina in 2014 we knew my parents and Vicki's parents were getting older and so will we were looking for our final home. You know where we hope we would ever have to move again. We wanted a home that at some point, understanding that our parents might live with us basically. So was our house we live in the mountains and the mountain area. One was on the country don't have what were you in Florida basement that much where you live you my but but anywhere we are. But where we are a lot of people out basement so we found a home really blessed work basically is two houses on top of each other that there's a separate kitchen and all that downstairs in and so visual in my parents moved in, but it it created some challenges goes culturally. You know, United States is not traditionally I was done so we had to learn something so mobile today you can share with us where we can learn about other families. So sometimes her cultural issues.

How do other cultures work challenge you now that the trail and I think you are just mentioning how your home with that app in a certain way with house on top of the house. Great example of how family that think that mindset hey there one day mom got a deliberate act or I will have you ever had a faith for when my kids become adult maybe were trying to encourage that reletting in you and I don't know what our children are facing being able to afford a house corrected really difficult market.

The idea of designing a home with that in mind is actually why it here if you are forward thinking and not because I you're setting yourself up for less complex and greater ease and maybe not such a radical change in your lifestyle because you were staying yet when your children go away.

They move out. Then like you and he knew and jumping. He started emptying life and the life that doesn't involve your kids and your kids agile and maybe even planning dinner there anything you what we wanted to really become more and not as a family unit. But when the children come back with his many, many, many time in case the boomerang had been shortfalls and financial issues that you now as we come back from the break. Let's dive deeper into the back nowhere up on a break right now talk today about something, the audio today like you got it. This show is brought to you by generous jokes. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you care about locking the fit step 15 feet of Bible come to life this December. Enjoy nationally for radio host and founder of American foundation to create life-changing it's one of the world of meaning, traveled learning the faithful from all over the world for thousands of reasons. Religious clutter explores Christianity's most tragic, the rigid fight like the Wailing Wall don't flock with Chris through the winding alleyways of Nancy's own hands, a place that I think is very cowardly and Jewish porches, see firsthand what the Bible took place touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel honesty like new citizens for American and get ready for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime time creating family. There is another line 39 year relationship I'd like to invite Ray sharing his joy. One American on this day March 25, 1835, Pres. Andrew Jackson wrote in a letter I was brought up the rigid Presbyterian which I've always our excellent Constitution guarantees to everyone, freedom of religion and surety tells us you know charity is the real basis of all true religion to judge a tree by all who profess Christianity believe in the Savior that through and by him we must be saved.

Andrew Jackson concluded we ought therefore to consider all good Christians walks correspond with their profession as a Presbyterian Episcopalian Baptist method is the transcript of all American women of 1888 USA were very talking about multi generational living your real world. A lot of people have apparently with their children live with but for some reason the statement is not that our culture were starting to see more of the homes are more expensive and co-would give her sit back and just before the break. Connie was talking about how other cultures learn to live together is a challenge for us.

I mean I love my parents well, but you get used to your way of living in a Lumbee Grocer Does Not Used To Walk around and Were to Get the More You Work or Your Liquors.

What'd You Say That You like with the Way You Dress the Way You Live in All the Food You Eat.

That Was a Big Challenge This Week.

Dietary Change Is Sometimes Not Only Older People with Other People Eat Differently Than You We We Try to Have Supper Together.

They Were Living with Us.

There A Lot Of A Lot Of Challenges Not Just Culturally but Food and Diet and You Know How Much Time There Was No Think on April People Get Their Feelings Hurt.

How Much Time Do You Have To Spend Your Family Unit Get to Spend Time Alone or Does Everything Have To Be Done All Important Element That We Need to Consider If That Is the Direction That We Feel God Calling a Limb Here and Say I Think That the Biblical Model of Family Doing Life Together Doesn't Mean You Can Live with You Because the Children like Failure to Launch or Anything That When We Paint a Picture for I Can As We Model What Doing Life Looks like It May Mean Your Kids Coming Back. It Might Mean Having a Parent You with Temporarily like I Had.

I Made My Mom and Her Head and Went Back When My Mother Got Ill and I Need to Print an Opportunity Teach My Kids How to Honor Our Elders and How to Put Them in a Given Scripture, God Never Tells Them Not to Honor Our Father Not Government and Because of That Numerical Agent. We Always Honor Our Parents Give Me My Cheek and My Children Will That Take Place in Our Life and the Value That God Places on Part of Our Children Really Wanted to Write to Eat and Their Endeavors or Not Everybody Has a Position on That and to Help Even Make It Work As Another Five.

All of Our Children Lived at Home after High School and Often Interviewed about This Because It Seemed so Foreign and Strange Us like Why Did You Get to Be Alone Time to Kick the Kids Out Of Mike Got Your Goal and Your Goal Is to Get That Life That You so Desire That Our Desire with American You Want to Enjoy Life. Want to Go on Vacation Together Which Alternate Went on a Vacation Together with Print Personalities and Then Work Dietary Needs of the Things That You Brought Affect Reasons Why People Are Choosing Actually Big after World War II, and Then Again in 2009 after the Housing Bug after the Housing Bubble and Prices Increased Again and Now We're Back to That Point Where I Homeownership Occult Young Family Getting into a Home. Maybe They Don't Have a Large down Payment down There That Mom and Dad Could Mean a Married Couple When You're Married, Can That They Can Think Money to Buy Their Own Home.

One Reason They Can Share the Car, the Burden of Homeownership Still Maintenance Upkeep That Can Be Shared and If You Elderly Parents Letting McCune to Gladden the Artwork. Critically They Will Do Is Maybe I Did Grocery Shopping or Maybe Help You Prepare the Food or Dell Take Care Of Declared, While the Younger Couple Are to Work and so They Provide the Child Childcare Because Childcare Has Gone through the Rate of Help.

The Older Generation Not Have To Pay for Assisted Living Care Which Can Be Eaten until an Elder Care Are Parent Resources Taken Love through Money Quickly That If You Can Make It Work Where They Lead to Gather Their Resources or Lease Extends Them Are Greater Number of Years. Their Shared Responsibility, Bob. Learning to Share the Responsibilities of Laundry in Upkeep and Maintenance. If It's Really Serving Each Other and Looking for Ways to Serve Each Other the Family Closer Because at One Curtail the Loneliness That Has Happened over the Last Couple Years of Isolation, Anxiety, Depression Which Can Come from Being Alone in a Single Place That Hung That Bustling with People You Can Share or Even the Emotional the Physical, Spiritual People That We Have Gone through Hell Yeah :-) Thank You All Find the Kid Stayed Home after They Graduated and Attended College Thing That's for Everyone That We Wanted Our Children to Get through College Debt-Free and If You Put a Clock on Spreadsheet Numbers Don't Lie and It Afforded My Children Even Know All of Them Had Academic Scholarship.

It Afforded Them the Ability to Graduate College Debt-Free with Money in the Bank and Then Not Lend Itself toward Purchasing a Homework and Buying a Better Car Than the Beer Car That They Had Going into College and Also Gave an Opportunity for Conversation so There Will Be Little Blessing That Harm. When You Choose to Embrace That Kind of Lifestyle, but It Might That Crank the Mind That We Know There's Going to Be A Lot Of Give-And-Take and I Fell I Would Play As We Come Back from the Brakes. I Know You're You're Coming up on a Break Here in Just A Few Minutes and I Want You to Interject That We Come Back We'll Talk about There I Get the Advantages There Are Things You Work through in Order for It to Work Because You Want to Jump in. I Wanted to Again Because Some of Those Issues in the Middle One Is to Just Get past Those Good People Are Living with This Is Becoming More Common in You. You Have Experience of It. Experience Maybe They Can Learn from Some of the Things That We Learned from the Little Make Maybe the Same Mistakes.

There Is so Important.

You Said Occurring to Our Parents.

I Don't Want to Go to a Nursing Home. They Would Rather Be with Family and I Know That's Not Always Possible, but There Are Challenges You Know so Maybe Is Your Luck with Vicki Here We Were a Military Family Coming off of Our Last Assignment so We Were Looking for Will Not Everybody Is Looking for All, but If You Are You to Be Think about Even Younger People Think That They're Moving to Their Forever Home One Day You Probably Could Have Kids like You Said You When They Go to College That It Will Be Sure Bedroom after an and They Want a Certain Level of Privacy You Might Be Faced in the End, I'm Thankful That More American Families Start to Begin to Take Care Of the Parent You Might Think Waterloo Strickland Are Somewhat like Connie Said It's Expensive to Send Somebody and You're Probably Good. You Know Your Parents May Not Be Owed by Force. That Means You Might Have To Pay for What Might Be Much Cheaper Just to Bite the Bullet.

Maybe a Two or $300 Electronic Merger and Debt with Two or $300 a Month Now Is A Lot Cheaper Than Paying the 07 8000 Which Really Can Be That Much or More Sub for Nursing Home Care down the Line If You Plan Ahead and and Get Home yet. You Know That Is Ready for That in an Envelope, Which Is about Helping Your Kids Is a Curve That It Was Almost like a Wall Going Try to Remember Where Want to Talk out You Talk about Your Responsibilities As Your Call Center and I'm Hoping to That Will Quickly but I Know Particularly When My Parents Came People Warned Me You Know You Need to Have a Not a Bad Way. So, Just Yo-Yo Did Have Understandings Because They Live by Themselves for Years and You Have the Same Wicket Me There Was a Transition Out Of This with Your Case. My Expectations Were Different for My Adult Kids Only Work for 10 or 11-year-old Jo Lately and Now You're in College and You Know Some Your Friends Live in Overall Paying Their Bills on Me and I Expect You Wash Your Clothes Washed Dishes You Need Help Clean the House You Know This Is Your House. You Might Need to Mow the Grass with the Expectation Level You Feel about That.

Connie but Again I Feel like You Need to Be Little You Need to Act like an Adult. I Love Having Your I'm Trying to.

It Was about Being Mean or That It Won't Do Those Duties but They Need to Learn the Responsibility As an Adult Does at Some Point the Organ Wants to Start Doing More Detail You Feel about Illicitly and When You Children Get Married or Even If They Have a Roommate That Want to Live with Claude Want to Have To Get up in the Morning and Go to the Kitchen and Wash Their Roommate or Their Spouses Dirty Dishes before They Even Start Getting Her Morning Coffee Really Couldn't Have Been Considering Others Is More Important Than Yourself Are Are You Are College Kids or Our Young Adults That Are Trying to Get Their Feet on the Ground. Maybe They Had Some Financial Woes and Back with Either Is Really Just the Act of Serving One Another Still on.

I Did Not like Coming down the Stairs in the Morning 5015 on My Calendar.

It Really Bothered Me Because like Okay I Can Live with the Map but Let Me At Least Start My Day with a Clean Kitchen That May Not Be the People You Bet It Would Certainly Mine and It Wasn't Easy. I Truly Had to Continually Wrestle with Because Other People Other of My Kid Didn't Have the Same Level or Care If There Were to Think with Clean in the Morning They Can Care Less, and Maybe Conmen Late at Night That Were Said with No Transcript. Our Kids Grow We Have To Change and Adjust and What Does Not Mean That They Walk All over Them, for They Set the Rules of the House Are They Have the Mandate and Their Way or Else It Now You Know I Tell Her to Pay the Door Locked from the inside Enough to Keep People out Not Keep You in and Help Learning to Live Together Just Mean Hey Listen, This Is How We Are Going to Do It and We Establish Those Early on Me Now. Hey You Getting Old and 19 Years in College That We Should Be Transferring Responsibility of Laundry, Keeping the House Clean. Maintaining the Yard Even Doing Repair the Home Is Something That We Should All Partake in. It Should Involve Just That Should Involve Just Mom and Just Because Your College Given Baby so His Mom and Dad, the Dictation Shouldn't Be Living As We Worked, Said Real Life, but Don't Talk about Foolish Right America Has a Strong Christian Heritage, Most Americans Don't Know the Truly Important Role God and the Bible Is. You Indicated Radio Host and Founder of the American Foundation, Dr. Chris for Meeting Days in Our Nations Capital with Crystalline Bargaining Journey Discovering the Hidden Much of America's Christian Heritage up Close and Personal Look and How It Evolved over the Learn about the Government and the Men Who Helped Forge This New Kind of Republic When They Acknowledge the Creator from Its Very Inception the Truth about the Creation of about the Fate of the Mounting Father Christian Principles Governing Secure Your Spot to Join This This Show Is Brought to You by Generous Jokes Coffee Company with the Christian Perspective, This Is the Answer That Christians and Conservatives Have Been Looking for a Coffee Company That Gives Back Causes You Care about.

Order Your Copy Today at Shop Generous Joe' and Even Subscribe to a Subscription Coffee Plan and Never Forgive You for Causes You Care about the Conservative Baptist Network Is a Dynamic Movement of Southern Baptist Pastors and Churches and Christians Committed to Standing for the Sufficiency of God's Word in the Face of a Culture of Compromise.

The Passionate Prayer of the Conservative Baptist Network Is That God Would Help Southern Baptist Staple for the Gospel so That We Might See Revival in America and the Reached for Christ. Visit Our Website Today, a Conservative Baptist to Learn How You and Your Church Can Join and Support This Exciting Movement Are Talking Today about What Was Your Really on Both My Children Who Are Score in College. Maybe Because Living with You, for Your Parents Move Back in with You.

You're Trying to What That Next Step Will Be Yourself Boundaries for Your College Kids Living with You Again or Your Parents Would Talk about Some of the Advantages Really Cut It. We Probably Should Do a Notion about the Summer to Milan Really Come to Dig into the Ethics of Greater Ticklish That You've Been through That You Can Share with People out There, Even Though There Are Advantages and A Lot Of Disadvantages of Having Your Kids Come Back to Your Parents Live with You. One Is a Lack of Privacy You Touched on That and Honestly with Me Having Five Even Talk about When Your Kid Came Back.

Our Kids Were Here and You Just Had a Curfew Gets Later Connected Privately. But That Curfew.

Getting Later and All the Because You're in College to Me. You Can Come Home at 345 in the Morning or Not Come Home at All Were There People. People Now, and Here's Why We Plan to Gather with Other People and Other People Were to Continue, They Would Even Begin to Know Where You Are to Keep Them up at Night and in My Case, You Know, with My Kids Were in College.

Younger Children at Home Though. Again, You Have To Live with One Another with Document Kind Consideration, Courtesy, Again I Think I Began Working Morning so If You Coming up on the Morning and Wake at That Because You're Hungry and You Bang around the Kitchen, Then Maybe the Little Ones Are Going to Wake up and Fall Back Asleep or Maybe Even Wake up Mom and Dad American Follow Sleep and As You Get Older, Get Started Anyway. You Know They Go. An Important Fact That the Private Issue Is You Need to Establish the Boundary Is Controlling the Remote at Get to Be in the Kitchen. The Kitchen like a 24 Seven Kitchen and There's Always Something Happening with Dirty Dishes. Is There a Time Where Help Mom and Dad.

If You're Married If You're Single. Even If You're Single. There's Times Where You Just Own a Background That They Have To Be Discussed and Work through a Common Agreement Needs to Be Made during Your College Kid Dear Adult Children, Are You Married Children, It Might Be Living with You. Time Just down and Just Being Aware That Other People Have Certain Needs First Trying to Keep Her Quiet at My Content Noise and Chaos in Your Home in Something That Can Be a Big Damage. If You Have People That Are Being Inconsiderate Living with You Have To Be in Iraq Because What Can Happen Crafted.

You Hurt and Harm the Very Relationship You Are Trying to Build a Bridge That Was so Your Subtle about Those Pros with Good You like to Go Work Well As They Come Back Home. Mike Is a Really Big Party or Go out A Lot Anyway but Strictly with One of My Children. I Will Tell You Her Name Melvin Drove to What Would You Didn't Know You Said Letting Us Know When You Come Home You Know She Will Be Here When I Was Away Because of Thousand Miles Away. You're Keeping Track of Where Will You Regret It. Well Actually Had a Truck on the Phone but Caught like You Know I'm an Adult You Sometimes It's Hard Is Clear You Yes You Are an Adult. I Would Encourage Our College Students Are No Children Who Come Back. This Is Not about What I Mean. I Guess It Could Be Productive in the Case of Most Parents Is Not about Controlling You. Like You Said, You Know, This Is Our One Euros Are Elsa Someone Opened the Door the Door like Your Close You Are in a Dead Sleep You Been Used To Live Alone for A While You Robert, Whatever Else, but You Still Worry about Your Kids, You Know, in an Assortment Understand It Never Goes Away in Iraq. I Told Her, yet We Know That Everybody 39 Even Though It Know Where You Were Us but Our Spray Your Site into Your Just so for College. Your Parents Are Trying to Control It. Just a Courtesy, They Come to Be up to One of the Morning Just to Let You Know You Will Become in around 1 O'clock.

Control Thing Does What Your Parents Know Just We Worry about You Because We Love You. It's Not about Control. We Love You. We Just Want to Know You're Safe. And so You Could Remove A Lot Of Tension like A Lot Of Economy Comes At Least Your House Did Any of My Work Going out All the Time but They Been Away for A While, You Know, in the Case among College and Then Came Back after Tobit or Even, so I'm Leaving This Right Now As We Record the Show A Lot. I Just Drove up to Visit My Daughter Last Night and She's the Middle Final Sheep Has Been Harassing Me Always. Well, When You Come in like to Bother You If You'd like to Know If You Feel like You Need to Spend with Me and Then She Also Needs Privacy Because She Needs to Study for Finals and Knew What She Is Doing That Go up on What You Worry about an Hour or so Okay Your Finals in and I Would Bring into Dogs with Me into like You Go to Work. I Really Will Just That Little Bit of Communication. I Now Know to Give the Privacy of Understand Why It's Not Personal, Sluggishly You Know, so It A Lot Of It Goes on Whatever Was Cares with but There Are Issues with Your Kids Come Back with You and Your Disadvantages Might Go Away to College I.E. Get Here.

You Gotta Remember How You Were Maybe Have To Make. I Think They Want to Keep Their Kids around the Same Whether There Are Consequences That They Face It We Faith That You Want to Remember That Your Children Are Going Towards Something. There, Their Future Is Ahead of Them and We Want Them to Be Excited He Want Them to Do Beefier Lesson in There Naturally Going to Be Excited Were Saying Goodbye to Something That Was Very Familiar. Kayla Met with That Weakness That Does Younger Children or the Deep Conversation or Knowing Their Every Move. The Real Transition Happening between Mom and Dad, and That Can We Stop to Consider Their Need and Just Say Now I like Trying to Cramp Your Style and Tried to Engage in a Little Moment You Can Have like a Whole Week.

Even Though I Couldn't Do That. Especially Your Adult Children.

Very Special. I Will Say That We Implemented Curfew and Whether They Think Had a 9 O'clock Curfew That Would Be Unrealistic or Even 11 O'clock Curfew Should Be Taking Responsibility Though It Take for Example If They Have Been A.M. Class. Then I Did Not Think Too Many Late Nights for Them to Realize I Finally Took the Class Something Improbable on the There Is Some Natural Consequence for Life like I Curfew and It Was and It Was a Reasonable Curfew for a College Age and Again Because Were Not Forcing You to Lick Your Healthy New Year and Invited Valuable Part to Our down and I Don't Think You All Night Long, nor Do We Get up.

Well Actually Do Get Five in the Morning, but I Don't Go out I Don't Get the Five in the Morning and Wander around down the Hall with the Pot and Banging It, but I Can Make Everybody up at Work. So We Want to Be Mindful What Their Needs Are like I Care Your Sweet Daughter Was like Nerve and What What Her Dad Expectation. I Think Definitely We Want to Talk about Economy That Management Expectation Established That the Rules for the Most Part, like What Are the Rules and Boundaries, We Can Affect That When That Child Does Move out or When We Are Situation Changes Our Relationship Stronger and Not Fractured with As Little Important Because We Do Have the Continuing Even a Closer Relationship with. But That Relationship Was Completely Different. As You Become Overly Friendly with Your Kids about You and, Been Very Successful at Making That Happen.

Well, I like Being Able to Share Artwork and the Only Way, or Maybe Even the Right Way That I Want to Invite Karen to Consider the Option Continue the Possibilities of What Your Family Can Look like. Obviously Chris You Can't Find a Specific Degree Daily Thinking and A Lot Of Family and When You Going to Require Their Children Going Away to College. That Takes Them from Your Steady Friend or How I've Come Kids, Especially Firstborn Door. The Children That Are Just Learning to Embrace the World They Want Their They Want to Get Out Of Mom and Dad Proud Because They Don't like Mom and Dad, but There Ready to Take on the World until There Is Not 1 Right Way or maybe trying when y'all are all back together again. You can make it work and it can be a beautiful experience doesn't mean it's easy, but as you know, as a married couple to learn to guide yourself you can help us live nor anyone on we really there. The other thing that doesn't mean the doormats and that doesn't mean to be taken advantage of, you know, are you dealt with kids living at home doesn't mean they should do all the work and yet we fit around know were now transferring that responsibility because we are all adults and we do have different habits and routines and preferences, your daughter, she quietly she got Danny and if she were to be living at home as ours where I had found that he is a crime they couldn't study without it and send me a could not deal with a lot of people basin and they were given not something that we had to intentionally and I think that the thing is, we can know that this is the next document. Now what does that look like when you have to give Nathan defer to your own wants and preferences when you need healing for thought here want contracting because either or not totally right or totally wrong if not wrong to voice your need not fear adult children or even your parents voice.

His mercy is right knee and low teacher organization or individual life can be difficult for the energizer current situation is socially new graphics cards give us a call today at 704984242 socially crowded with viewpoints of voice recognition after a financial problem. Only one voice matters God's at the college of Mid-America and Mid-America seminary.

We equip leaders to think for me biblical worldview online for on our Memphis campus. Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to like the way this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about.

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I understand your 39 years I've been helping relationship. I'd like to invite Ray sharing his strategies to help you navigate light and joy. The United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role God in the Bible is this you host and founder of the American foundation, Dr. Chris for meeting date in our nation's capital with Crystal embark on a journey of discovering the hidden much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal look and how it evolved over the century, learn about the government and the men who helped forge the new kind of Republic and acknowledge the creator from its very inception the truth about the creation of about the fate of the mounting father Christian principles govern secure your spot to join this to Connie and I are talking about generational living will look like when you come back home with you were just adult living with you. Or maybe you bring your parents back to live under your roof. How do you negotiate some of these things, you were talking about figuring out how to make it work order. Some of the things you suggest. Okay the first thing I think that that's an area, something happened. If you get your feelings that you got got up earlier if someone get their feelings hurt because let's say you are very adamant extrovert and I live in a home that introvert, though my desire to wake up in the morning is genuinely wanted everybody and think good morning, how we here highly deplete what you think you look like I live with 1/2 I lived.

I called my kids that one, and even my husband. They wake up in the morning and they don't want to, they certainly don't want to discuss their day. They need time, you have to be aware that you got got each person the true me with him began morning go with that you think good morning mom. What are you doing today humor me on all that takes is a little bit of awareness and conversation you might've An area transcendent how we going to resolve them. I don't advise brushing it under one you we don't want to die. Leaders thought we also don't want to verbalize everything that comes into our mind and let it come out amount because I felt like Peter, we want praying and pray and ask the Lord to help find areas that community find areas that togetherness find areas where we need to be sensitive to the needs of other coprincipal crap something new. It laid out in Scripture, we want to find and discuss what the expectations are and if you got elderly parents. What are the expectations well that your elderly parent. As I and you have probably experienced it can be very demanding and extremely time-consuming how they can now require you to be with them and talk with the applicant got work to do. My husband and I both work out of our home have a conversation I had to have them with my mom that I wasn't always available that I have to have block block grant had to get work done and I would let them know ahead of time to plan my week. I won't be able to be with you on this day because I will be traveling or iPad. But I will be back here and I will take you to the doctor. I will be the only hearing me for a me how to set the expectations and lay them out and then confidently work on tweaking them which take note intentionality and I do want you all only do your laundry like your bedsheet or your laundry okay is going to take care of the laundry that that happened just from doing life together in one home near the kitchen counter that with Vista lock door phone line. Well that's that Sheridan and we've definitely realized. Note the community and were going to pitch again sometime. Mom and dad are super there any whoever letting Eric I pitch and maybe a picture elderly They are doing as their contribution and by time when your kids like your daughter is under the gun with colic like if it's finals week, I would intentionally have food available to me. I made breakfast lunch and dinner if I knew they were typically stressed mainly important to good Taking skills, general healthcare brain function make sure I would build back into my day one gray a lot of grace and patience from a long way and remembering your way some people have remembers that their right. They thought it through and the right way and their living with people that well that's your way not mine and that doesn't mean we're talking about relativity. We have to be flexible and realizing that that is probably the right way to change a tire by other people might do it a little differently and a tire change or yard will still get motor in all the different things that we do the deal and some kid wanted to make it fine and others wanted to get it done that, we ask you remind each other the cognate different unique gift strength and talent and that each of us contribute something to the overall health and well-being of our family. Are you covered with the robot you think this is that I think what he is also the bucket River want to cover some of the things he saw just discloses something you do have to think about before you going on appeal of something like economy so much.

Your responsibilities of spirits and trouble is ushered through those years and Georgie are on you every week you your mama really control the religious Mikey as I get by with them on mom's big with the kids in laundry, for example, like you said a minute. Sometimes college kids don't think will know other people how some dirty laundry but I don't have support Nigel my wash my clothes you don't get my opinion those approaches if you will fill the washer she will water you ask people might have some of these be washed to so that simple communication of the laundry to become an issue, as does about the somebody might have emerged to the needs of the working class or school or whatever. Same with dishes and cooking with my parents up my mom is a great cook and I wanted my kids have a chance to experience your care much about signing up ridiculous thing about things you can't cook and I certainly cook all the great cook you in the end.

So when they moved and that was a way I felt like my mother reviewed what would be a blessing you to my kids because they get to see that.

I think you know, you know that I think about food all the time. Theology allowed Cook to make cooking the food is a social thing it's a you all of heaven. 70 people jerked them over which gears review the social thing for me, but also your work himself. A lot of southern traditions and foods are being lost and and so I wanted kids to know what real homemade biscuits.

They cite articles or whatever llamas indicated that we did need to do that you wanted. My mom asked me biscuits to make great gravy. Those are things you need to learn to write difficult with this is cool so I wanted my kids reticent cook some food stuff. So when my parents came as one thing that I asked his mom could you cook supper so that was you, like you said, reset expectations with Connie. What happened was there came a point where that was really beginning to be too much for her. No lien and we didn't necessarily coming to your cooking for 64 she had some health issues and so you be sensitive to those things even if you set expectations. My mom loves to have flowers so we'd here before labor came to be designated in the you know who this is your you do anything you want this to show your picture and you can do other things but were not going to mess with this you can dig it up, put our biblical waterfall. I don't care. This is your and your you can do anything you want there in a theater so a lot of men and women like the gardener no idea. Let's grow tomatoes and stuff so we we preset that it was difficult but I don't know that they ever we want them to feel at home, but I don't know you in their mind.

Sometimes I didn't feel like they do certain things so you need to try to make it what it is but a job like that.

I think sometimes of exploiting of this is their home forever.

You don't want you to be a would you want, but what torture you want to hear remodel what you want to remodel Autocare you can do anything you want another adjustment for much for people to learn you were talking about how you get up early and just know that they got shooting by Kingdom Hall apartment line down this at this addition many areas we could have gone deeper and I know parents and and your listeners probably are having more questions than answers and let you know more and I'd encourage them to reach out to the shelling we can maybe I can wrap it up with need to honor others in their different biblical mandate anyway to make multigenerational living work. The key element. Mother and I have been going you would like to see me change. I just work likable week flexible common courtesy to other people.

We would do it for the neighbor we can get with each other and lawfully got to decide on an exit strategy. Because sometimes it doesn't work and always take the younger kids like college or young married or living with you. We want to always remind each other that this doesn't permit situation and if it stops working will make will make a change. You can move out or will move mom and dad somewhere else that now this.

For the season.

This is what God is called you how were going to live life and work will change that beauty on choosing to embrace multigenerational learning environment here for a while till they write 24, 25 years old and Chris. They all gave me about. And like change mother lived here and the mother lived out that paying for your family.

We are fluid our families are fluid and we want to add the collateral as the needs and our families grow and mature. Point demoted. I just want to stress that exit strategy needs to be handled carefully because feelings can get her on people move out probably end up back together again, you're still family you need to be careful and have lots of communication always love each other. Love God you put God first ever to be an issue. God, what a great show as always you just know so much closer you can go to Connie I only a somewhat greater buzz was her podcast every Wednesday. There's a new release equipped to be working on another book is just doing this is a everyday you a Christian perspective. Learn more about impacting culture for Jesus.

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