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Are We living in the End of Times?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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March 24, 2022 5:00 am

Are We living in the End of Times?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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March 24, 2022 5:00 am

Chris Hughes looks in the Bible, on the front pages of the world’s newspapers and the headlines from cable news shows to talk about what is happening around the world and identifies nine sure signs that Jesus’ return could be imminent.

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It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the America foundation, Dr. Chris pump everything first place going on.

Are we living in time. Talk about what the Bible told happened I don't want to stick around here we come with a greater perspective from a Christian perspective on proceed under thankful that you're here with me today.

Each and every morning there were same time at your local radio station just and we are glad to have you with us every single day. A Christian perspective.

I want to thank Mid-America Baptist theological seminary and ecologist Mid-America for allowing to have our Christian perspective studios writing on the campus in Memphis Tennessee. If you're looking for place to go to school you want to develop a biblical worldview to take in whatever field recruiter going and I encourage you to take a look at the college Mid-America and then of course if your nebula for the longer we get a college degree or maybe later life. What does God want me to do next. Going to seminary here about about that praying about it because now you can go online and Mid-America Baptist theological seminary is a great program in Memphis and its branch campuses around the country. But as I said since Kobe came in while they work way ahead of the curve. Anyway, they had a great online program already soaked. You might want to take a look that you don't have to leave home and you seminary degree from a firm Bible believing seminary that believes in the inerrant word of God.

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His ministry is already on TV all across the world, Mark Meadows, who was the former chief of staff for Pres. Donald Trump will be one of our guest speakers forever loudly see him using an investigative order and a filmmaker he's gonna be there a Rick Green with the patriot Academy in about 20 other speakers and of course the great and legendary Todd start up formerly with Fox news and a nationally syndicated radio host will be there I will be there to. So I look forward to seeing you at the culture engagement Summit at Mid-America in it. You can learn that is citizens. all right really jump in the Bible prophecy like that that we probably look at going into this over the next few weeks as is, where breaks in programming and in different things are happening in the world thought it was important for us to look at what God's word says about in that as I travel and speaking go to different places around the country around the world.

People say what this is out of that Minute. Certainly in Russia has invaded Ukraine now and a lot of people that the forefront of their minds. Again, I just want to tell you we don't need to be scared. We don't need to be nervous is old saying goes, I read the back of the book in the Bible and we went got told us all this was going to happen. So beginning God's word and we encourage you as listener to the Christian perspective you need to get God's Word every single day that's how God's biggest quiet time.

We will only pray you talk to him you. Regards word is a way for them in the Bible say God's work. Bible tells us so many things are going to happen in the prophecy of the Bible has always been accurate.

Everything the Bible said was going to happen is happened exactly like it said it was going to happen but a few things still remain to happen before Jesus returns again. The Bible tells us that I really all started with Abraham.

He is the father of three different basin, the Muslim faith in the Jewish faith, and the Christian faith in Abraham thousands of years ago was a man walked close with the Lord. He was a friend with the Lord, and he Abraham and God made a covenant government is like a pact or contract on agreement and God said Abraham I want you and your descendents in the lesser descendents of Abraham today what you and your descendents to follow me, and if you follow me and you do what I tell you to do it. Lately your God honor and serve me all your life one day you'll spend an eternity in heaven with me because you're a man you born in sin and by the way the Bible tells us in Romans 323 that all extendable short of the glory of God. That means everyone of us in our lives in the we disobey God.

When we do something we should've done it every one of us every one of us is thought about thought or wider stolen something or you don't have to commit murder sin. Sin is sin in God's eyes, and sin separates us from God because we are born into sin and we are sinful creatures we deserve when we die. Yet we have these human bodies and these human bodies have a limited lifetime. If you're lucky, you might live 70 to 90 years. But there's a spirit a soul with our body is going to live eternally in the decisions that we make in this world determine what will happen. Our souls one day and where you want to spend our eternity in a place called heaven which is with God on a place of great damnation and torment called hell. Most readers don't talk about hell is still real and it still there and if you don't believe in it that means you don't believe in God's word and you're gonna spend an eternity in hell. One day, so God said you know you're there no way for you to go unless there is a sacrifice of punishment have to be made for the sin so and back then they didn't have letters to write a contract and a bunch of lawyers like we did today. The custom of the time when two men made an agreement which was called the contractor covenant. There were different kinds of covenant but a blood covenant was the most serious kind. It means if you break this covenant.

If you don't do what you say you're going to do.

There will be someone put to death as a payment for breaking that contract and God and Abraham were going to have this covenant is contracting. God knew there was no way that man can keep his and and not so brightly in a man. The two men would dig a ditch and they would kill animals which are sacrificial blood and the blood from those animals would run into the ditch of the two men walk hand-in-hand through that blood and that would signify that they had a blood covenant if somebody broke that covenant, they would spend an eternity in hell. One day I mean they would die in this case the breaking the covenant made the journey in hell one day. So God knew that Abraham and his descendents cannot live a perfect life.

So God made Abraham to fall asleep and God walk through that covenant. Blood twice, once for himself and one symbolically for man.

God was basically saying that Abraham is I want you to be my people, but I know you can't keep your into this deal. So one day I will pay the price for these are the breaking of this covenant with my own blood. And we know what happened. Years later, a God sent his only son, Jesus.

He lived a perfect life on this earth. He died on the cross for your sins and mine is a punishment for us sinning breaking that covenant God tells us is that we had met there were sinners, we confess our sins and we repent means we change from our Shannon turned back towards God and promised to serve him and make him the Lord of our lives for all of eternity. That one day when we diarrhea when Jesus returns again. We will spend an eternity in heaven.

Then Jesus died on the cross and three days later eat again from the grave in a short time after that Jesus ascended into heaven, or he went to heaven. He told us that he would return again one day. And that time is what we call the second coming of the Bible has foretold that Jesus is going to come again, and to live to deliver those who who have died or are still alive.

Either way, who trusted and believed in him. The Bible says the dead and the Christ shall rise first, and those who live or remain return again.

We call the beginning of this period of time, the rapture, so as Christians we are looking forward to the time where God is going to come back again. Jesus Christ deliver his people for all eternity.

But many things are going to have to do that. Time leading up to that.

So today I want to talk about that in all through the Bible. Both the Old Testament and New Testament. If you want to learn about this of course will revelation which is the last book of the Bible was not very long easy-to-read relational last book of the Bible is known for the prophecy and revelation Ezekiel has a lot of prophecy. Prophecy is just a prediction was going to happen at a later date.

So Ezekiel of the book of Daniel is full of prophecy and will cover some of that as we begin to talk about the end times in the side of the end of the age I wanted to tell you is a pleasure for me today to talk to you at the subject that I love. A study Bible prop all of my adult life and I just love learning about him watching because of the last 10 years or so while things have moved exponentially. As we entered in times we live in a remarkable time. And like I said today will look at him, prophecy, and specifically the day to look at the signs of the end of the age and then later on, come back with my talk more detail about the rapture and the second coming, which are really not the same event is two phases of an event and I will describe that will talk about what is the rapture, when will it happen okay.

I want to be very careful. Explain you the Bible says no man knows the day or the hour return and leave. And there will talk about fine the day of what will happen before Jesus return I need to be crystal clear. I'm not predicting a date or time in Jesus coming back ever since he left 2000 years ago. People thought he was coming again. We can be in that same category. You might not come back without.

I think when you listen to what we are talk about on the show today you're going to see that things have changed rapidly in the last year. The Bible tells us the right before Jesus comes to be like birthday you know if you are married or if you are wanting you had a child start have contractions the right before the baby is born. Contractions come more more often more frequent and God says that how this is what going to be one Jesus is going to come again for the rapture and the beginning of the second coming. That is can be like birthday is the rapture and the second coming, the same event and are not really get the detail what that will work at some point look at the tribulation and the players in the events of the end times are millennial in the heavenly home 2000 years going on there right back around this show is brought to you by generous jokes. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about locking the fix step 15 feet Bible come to life and I joined nationally for radio and found a foundation to create life change the world of meaning, traveled from all over the world to face one's religious clutter Christianity's most tragic limits. You fight like a wailing lock down the winding alleyway for Nancy's own place that I think is very Jewish portrait feet firsthand the Bible took plaintiff touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes is a travel I like and get ready for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime time creating a relationship when hearing is joint American Rufus King was born this day March 24, 1755, he was one of the signers of the U.S. Constitution administered England and the senator from New York, Harvard graduate, was aided Gen. Sullivan during the Revolutionary war at age 32 Rufus King was one of the youngest delegates at the Constitutional convention speech made before the Senate at the time Missouri was petitioning for statehood. Rufus King stated I hold it all laws imposing slavery upon any human being absolutely void because they are contrary to the law of nature is the law of God is a free transcript 1888 USA four. What about the day. Wardroom rumors of war, pestilence, and famine all over the world. We don't always see these things in our safe going on around us. More than ever before.

It was recently assumed nominee in Japan, which is like a tidal wave things going on easy time in this world. So many things are happening politically and in the atmosphere, whether climate change for the Bible told us all that's going to happen 2000 years. People believe that they lived in in times but if we look at the news around the world. We can see for that for the first time in human history. Things are happening on a global level really indicate that we could be living in the final day. Never before in history. Of all the factors been in place for the return of Jesus within the by the way, that is called the rapture the rapture is a term that we use in some people's eye with a word rapture Bible well you know the English words that we use today were the Bible and God wrote it at that time but God talks about a time when the Bible will go to get end all this when Jesus would return again and take his children home to heaven.

Jesus said himself to watch and pray with me to open your eyes and see what's happening as it correlates to the Bible to watch the news and to let urgency arise in our hearts, not what you what you need to get scared. I want you to what you need to realize that Jesus is coming again, and is believers in Jesus Christ, we need to tell everybody we know about the saving grace of Jesus. We need to lead people to Jesus why because we do not love them to spend an eternity in hell. We need to see the urgency by watching the news and know that we need to tell everybody that we meet Jesus could return very soon. If you were today. Maybe if you drive and don't do this, but PROBABLY get Outlook 2121 book of Luke is in the New Testament of the Bible. Second half, the Bible divided the two-part the Old Testament and the New Testament. The New Testament begins with Matthew Mark and Luke. Luke is the third chapter was was a doctor and he was a great writer. He also wrote the book of acts, so we Dr. Luke wrote the book of Luke and the book of acts we overlook it in Luke chapter 21 here in just a minute.

A lot of people watch what's going on the world and they wonder are we living in the time folks. I'm telling you people ask is this world coming to any answers yes the end of the age is not coming.

It's here the world as we know it is going to end very soon. I believe Bible prophecy tells us how land elders were today. And maybe in the coming weeks as I have time to fit this in our show schedule, you were really going to be able to scratch the surface of what the Bible says about it. Let's start with seeing the importance of studying income properly so as I began to say I want to be clear again.

I am not predicting when Jesus will return every generation since Jesus did believe that Jesus would return during their lifetime. What I show you that our generation, more than any other generation is more reason to believe that Jesus could return it in a minute. So today and then in the coming weeks.

I want to convince you, Jesus, to return soon and I want to stimulate your thinking about the return of Jesus, which is the second most frequently mentioned topic in the Bible. Did you realize that Bible talks about a lot of things. The Bible talks about her chart Jesus is only second it due to one other topic in the Bible. Most people don't realize how much the Bible talks about the return of Jesus. Let me give you example 1 out of every 30 verses in the Bible references Jesus return or into one out of every 30 verses Jesus mentioned you what God made you one, the Bible. That's pretty important. But if 1/30 verses mention Jesus return, you better know it's important to be looking for and you better be ready there over 300 references to the return of Jesus in the 216 chapters of the New Testament. 23 of the 27 books of the New Testament mention Jesus return Joe, Moses, David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, and most of the minor prophet all spoke about the return of Jesus. Minor prophets are a prophet you wrote about Jesus in the Old Testament, and even Jesus himself promised that he would return so as not just other people talking about it.

Christians we need to notice what you need to study the word of God, and know that this is a very very talked about topic in God's word. Not only did other people talk about it. But Jesus himself promised he will return to someday.

Should we believe that Jesus will return. We don't we better wake up because we need to live our lives like we believe it lie that Satan wants most of us to believe that Jesus is coming to believe that you don't you have urgency just want you to believe that Jesus is coming someday so as not to be in your lifetime you don't need to tell other people about Jesus.

You don't need to get your life straight with God now, could Jesus could return at any minute.

Things like no you believe is coming don't get urgent about it.

Don't worry about you want to tell you that there's no need to live our lives with urgency because it's been over 2000 years is Jesus (though he'll return one day, but not now church Christians. I'm telling the days become complacent and in different Christians today are complacent and indifferent about the return of Jesus. And it's time for us not to be complacent anymore.

We need to have an urgency and understand that Jesus could return at any time the devil doesn't want you to become convicted combat. The time is running out.

The Jesus could return soon Satan, fear someone. I want to tell you what you Satan fear someone who believes in Jesus to return at any time because someone who believes that Jesus will return it anytime someone who believes in the imminent return of Jesus will be something different you know what that person is going to be this is a Christian. I want that person who believes in the urgency that uses to return anytime is a prayer warrior.

That person is a bold witness for Jesus.

That person will live a holy life. That person will tell everyone they know about Jesus. God was to use a study of Bible prophecy to help you live every single day. In light of the eternity to encourage you to make a life daily decision to tell others about Jesus Christ have eternity on your mind at all times the size it will be looking at today are given to us to let us know what time it is.

We need to know what time it is because time is running out. I believe that we could very possibly be living in the terminal generation on the server. I don't know for sure about God didn't say that going. When I look at this. That's what Chris you believe today from the pages of God's word for the world history. The front page of the world newspapers. I want to pay you the prophetic sign they were racing toward the end of the day. Today I want to give you nine prophetic sign, proving God clock is ticking and we could be living in the last second of the dispensation of grace.

I want to start I told you to get your Bible with your somewhere where you can get your Bible and look at Luke chapter 21 chapter 21 Annamarie to verse 29 Jesus was giving a parable terrible stories he shared the people could understand things they said look at the figtree and all the trees when they properly you can see for themselves and know that summer is near. Even so, when you see these things happening, you know that the kingdom of God is near. I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not pass away until all things about heaven and earth will pass away. My words will never pass away. This is Jesus talking were 34 be careful of your heart will be weighted down with dispensation with dissipation's usually in drunkenness and anxieties of life and that they will close on you unexpectedly like a trap where it will come upon those who live in the face of the whole or in be always on the earth and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about apices telling us by knowing God were we can escape all that's happening that you may be able to stand before the son of God because we know one day to be a judgment were all gonna stand before God one day for Jesus. One day the first that were gonna that were in the end of the age is that terrorism is occurring all over the world. The first sign in their English Veritas on Joe. I'm only covering nine if we get to them today. The first side is that terrorism is called Col. of the world.

Luke chapter 21 verse 26 says man's heart shall fail them years of playing that are coming on this earth. America a while back you spirit the bottom of the federal building in Oklahoma City. We've experienced the twin Towers bombing in New York City between bottling Paris and Belgian tax in Boston and Miami and all over the country all over the world are bombings in Israel around the world every weekend look at what's happening in the UK we pray every day almost every hour there different kinds of bombings taking place there with the greatest terror in our history is just before us the message for us is that were not say were very vulnerable to terrorism are "not in some world superpower. Some person implies that all Air Force One. Our only hope is in the living God. Second sign of the end of the age is the increase of knowledge on earth. Daniel 12 for says member I told you the books we want to look at the Bible prophecy, or Ezekiel Daniel and Revelation.

Daniel 12 for says without Daniel shut up the word deal. The book even till the time of the end when many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be greatly increased. That phrase in Hebrew literally means that there shall be a knowledge explosion. Okay folks know some of the younger people not going to know what I'm talking about, but our generation is the only generation that a knowledge explosion verifies what Daniel said.

I believe that we are leaving in the end of a just think about this for a minute in the garden of Eden until 1900 there was no increase really a knowledge, no horses, just like David and Julius Caesar. Then came the automobile. The jet supersonic flight. I would ring the other day about a flight plan is been designed that can carry you from United States to Europe in less than a hour and 1/2. It's unreal from the garden until 1900 min is like lit torches on sticks for light.

Then I got a lightbulb and then laser beams that can cut the steel 2 feet thick or even think about someone other day which only had cataract surgery how these lasers were light-skinned, delicate eye surgery on her eyes the gardening until 1900 communication, it changed that much.

Young men used smoke signals are beating drums but then came the telegraph the radiotelephone that we got Facebook chat and the Internet is incredible quotes.

The knowledge explosion staggered your mind is your kids or even you can get a laptop laptop as well to see if the other side about America has a strong Christian heritage Americans don't know really important role God and the Bible is indicated in Dr. for me with crystalline bargaining journey having read much of America's big time and how to blog about the government and the men who helped forge the new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator truth about the creation of the mounting father Christian principles to join this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you love or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise. The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement. They were talking about the return. We look at what's going on the news around the world today.

Open your Bible today was equal. Revelation know that God told us a long time ago.

This is going to happen and lose these things got closer together that Jesus could return at any time. What we call the rapture really talk about this often on over the next few weeks, but the day was specifically talking about 95. There are many more than nine but I'm just on about 9000 day. Jesus could return at any time.

I've given you to and one was chair one was a knowledge explosion on earth. Now the third side of the end of the age is the birth of nuclear war where there the birth of nuclear warfare before the birth of nuclear weapons.

There was a body prophetic Scripture. It was an absolute mystery.

Now that Scripture is clear as we raced toward the battle of Armageddon in the in the Old Testament. The book called Zechariah in Zechariah chapter 14 verse 12 that the book probably most of you never looked at but I encourage you to read the inspired word of God. Zechariah 1412 says this is the place that the Lord shall send all those who come to fight against terrorism. So what the Bible saying, point where there's going to be an attack against Jerusalem and people worry about that one.

Take a break in Scripture per minute.

Both people worry about that right now that's part of the reason is a great concern about Iran developing nuclear warfare is because there's a belief that they could develop a weapon and attack Israel. Another concern with Russia going into into the Ukraine into Ukraine is that they many people believe that Vladimir Putin Russia won't stop there.

There continue to work their way into Europe and and maybe even down to Israel. So Zechariah chapter 14 verse 12 that this is the plague of mortal sin on all those who come to fight against Jerusalem. There was shall melt away while they stand on their feet and their eyes shall consume away in their whole and their tongues shall consume away their mouth. Zachariah is perfectly describing what happens to a human body in a nuclear blast/melt off the boat before the court grant we have nuclear and in hydrogen and other kind of bond and just think about World War II what was happening in the most powerful hydrogen bomb can produce a heat about 150 million and 1 millionth of a second. My son is steady and aerospace engineering weapon system. The women talk a lot about the devastation that weaponry can cause that's how your tongue when something is burning down hard and that bad. That's how your tongue can be consumed away in your mouth and your eyes melt your sockets before your body is the ground which is what Zechariah thousands of years ago predicted and he didn't know anything about nuclear weapons at that time. The second Scripture that's found in the New Testament. In second Peter 310 second Peter 310 that were says the day of the Lord shall come as a thief in the night which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat and the earth and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Let me describe for you the three scientific phases of a nuclear blast. This is just one megaton which is very small compared to what we have today. The first of the sound of the blast that second Peter 310 calls that great noise other work we're a blue, then people everything buildings will involve all directed at the epicenter or just atomized and blown away the blonde bit you can't find them there for about back eight or 9 miles. Everything catches fire instantly is a raging inferno a hell on earth.

Radiation breaks down at 35 miles, but for the next hundred years of the ground is really no good for absolutely anything that is why they have a problem though there were these nuclear facility not even just weapons with power plants when the overeater strictly. That's why nobody can live in those areas. The fourth evidence that were approaching the end of the ages, the message of the parable of the victory, and we read that just a minute ago in Luke chapter 21 are good to go back and read it again member I told you that was a parable is a story of Jesus said pathetically many theologians believe that the figtree that Jesus is talking about in Luke chapter 21 is symbolizing the nation of Israel Jesus said in this parable are Bibles that will read it again when you see the figtree bloom again know that my coming soon at hand barely asked you this generation shall not pass away until all is will remember a while ago I told you that Jesus said that he was coming again one day your example of where Jesus said that himself. In Luke chapter 21. If you have a red letter Bible red letter indicate the words of Jesus." Cell spoke those words are in red letter generation, the generation could be 50 to 90 years. If you added 90 years to 1948 when Israel became a nation that you know that we are looking face to face with possibly the imminent return of Jesus Christ to be here really world radio shows over today. There is a second translation of this verse and remember Bible probably got like telling think that they are ours others a little bit of looking into it. No, what the Bible really says second translation could be that the plan is tender and putting forth that she is come to bloom many other Bible scholars believe that Jesus that is skews me that Israel did not come to blur until Jerusalem was under the control of the Jewish people for the first really says Jesus day the window that happened when it was planted in 1948 at the sap is not running, they believe, but in 1967 when Judaism became a girl that you would people they believe it was running so Israel became a nation again.

Remember 1948, but Jerusalem was not under control. Jesus people until the 1960s and part of the Jerusalem area on the Temple Mount is still not under control. The Jewish people today so he had not a year so that were still looking at the imminent return of Jesus Christ. Those are two translations and neither could be true but there's 1/3 group of people who believe that prophecy and in Luke chapter 21 is not come to fruition because as I said the dome of the rock, which is, there are two Muslim houses of worship that are basically on the area we call the temple mount today. The temple used to be and so the third group of belief is that this Bible verse of these Bible verses are not come to fruition because of the Jews do not control the entire area of temple mount.

So there are three translations I did it happened in 1948 it happened, 1967 when Judaism came under control of the Israel of Israel and the Jewish people or that timeclock not start taking until the dome of the rock in those two mosque in that area of quality control of the Jewish people so I don't know you guys have to lead us with that something free to look at and think about this evidence that we reach the end of the age is the regathering of aggression used Israel. Jeremiah 23 seven says in Jeremiah love prophecy to Jeremiah 23 seven. The Bible says.

Therefore, the days are coming, Lord. They shall no longer say is the Lord lives, which brought us up out of Egypt. They shall say is the Lord lives that brought us up out of the North country. Many people believe that the North country is Russia.

The Bible goes on to say that they shall dwell safely in the land.

Remember in chapter 2 God told those people of Israel their land would be that area which is Israel today and so this verse could possibly be talking about. We don't know for sure. But the Bible says that is the Lord lives that brought us up out of the North country.

A lot of people believe North country is usually remembered about 70 years after Jesus died. It was called DS for word cheese or run out by Rome out of Israel and they dispersed all across the world.

That's why you have concentrations of Jewish people in different countries. I will what Russia and other countries have a lot of Jewish people United States entered a large concentration in New York when the nation came back as a nation in 1948. A lot of those people began to come back and even in the in the 70s and 80s. It was a big move help people from other countries come back to Israel and a lot of them came from Russia and that's just a fulfillment.

Many scholars believe that prophecy read the six time coming to the end of the age is the fact that Jerusalem is no longer under Gentile control number. You see the work Gentile in the Bible. Gentile just mean someone who is not Jewish day so I was born in Israel, the Jewish faith Gentile, you probably that same case.

If you listen the show today from 70 A.D. which are just talking about or when the Romans attacked Ruth on this is not just although the Bible is always true. This is not just about we historians were Romans attacked Jerusalem and they destroyed the Temple Mount and the Jews were not in control of your Jerusalem until the six day war 1967 direct line that happened in my lifetime is not that long ago you go back and find that when the Jewish people took control of Jerusalem. Again, Luke, chapter 21 verse 24 says, and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles until the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled. That means that God's time of emphasis is now on the city of Jerusalem and the Jewish people. We need to pay attention what's going on Jerusalem is that God's throne city of David.

Isabella says that's work, Jesus cool a one day David said in Psalms 100 to 16 Bible says when the Lord shall build up Jerusalem shall then appear in all his glory.

He's telling again Jerusalem is going to come back in glory in Jesus is going to be there. Stefan, I jeopardize fusion, which is a book of the Old Testament that 316 says in that day, it shall be said to Jerusalem peered out. Not for the Lord thy God is in the midst of the he is mighty and he will rejoice over which "God gets emotional over Jerusalem. Why because it is the future throne of his son Jesus Christ, whom he said to David in the Bible.

The Bible says your seed will rule in the holy city, forever and forever and forever.

That's why Jerusalem and Israel are so important to Christians. Not only is it where Jesus lived in Israel and an instrument his life in his ministry, for the Bible to quarter from things he did in Israel but the Bible tells us that Jerusalem will be the future throne. The place where Jesus will come again rule forever and ever, and it should be an important place for every Christian is one the reasons are solitary to Christians in the nation of Israel, whether such constant friction over there because there's a battle between light and darkness, between Christ and the future Antichrist. Jerusalem is the city where the Antichrist the Bible tells us Republic property Antichrist three and half years into the tribulation will set up his image and make the whole world worship him one day and that's going to happen in Jerusalem. The Bible tells us the city were kings and queens and presidents will come and bow down before Jesus Christ when he sits on the throne of his father David. The Bible says every knee shall bow every time shall confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord to the glory of God the father. David told us to Bible says to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. They shall prosper that love the folks you hold the key to the future of the world. For this moment tomorrow. Israel specifically the second right.

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One day here's the seven were approaching the end of the age is the invention of the largest television, but the Internet and communication tools that we have today.

Revelation 11, nine and 10 describes two witnesses, two men are going to be killed by the Antichrist during the time of the tribulation tribulation is a seven year period after the rapture of the church were terrible things are going to happen on this earth before the second coming of Jesus and during that time.

The Bible tells that there will be a world leader will appear to be a nice guy in the beginning and then he will be the devil incarnate. The Bible refers to him in the Antichrist. These two men. These prophecies preachers are sent by God wave witnesses to the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the Bible tells us in Revelation 11. These two witnesses are to be killed by the Antichrist are going to eventually rise again three days later show the power of God there killed by the Antichrist near the time of tribulation. Here's a verse of Scripture that mystified every generation until hours.

The Bible says of the whole world will see them in one hour.

The Bible says that a one hour the earth will see these two bodies lie in the street to drug that wasn't possible 2000 years ago was a possible 1901, 151-1960, but now we can watch these two witnesses because we see things happening alive on the Antichrist could do these things and we can see it live.

I day because of the communication capabilities we have today is now possible hasten the day of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus said in Matthew 2414, the gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness to the nation and then shall come the end that's what I'm doing right now I'm preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Not only can it be were already across state later today when it's released on a podcast. Literally anybody in the world in access to this message.

I'm telling that other creature telling around the world today. What Matthew 2414 for the gospel be preached from the world was not really possible until the day but now with the Internet, people are able to reach the entire world. It amazes me when I travel around the world. Even people about starve to death in poor countries, but they have cell phones that are a lot cheaper than other countries. They are your the United States and they can hear what's going on at any time. Because of this the gospel being spread around the world, which is a fulfillment of prophecy, Matthew 2414, the eighth that were approaching the end of the ages, famines and pestilence in size and the earth inside the sky were now experienced in the most severe famine in the history of the world.

Yet we don't necessarily United States but it's happening all over the world. Why, because Bible prophecy is always accurate. Famines got even worse drink overnight the armored when I would get the product rotting in the field that they could get across with people. Revelation 6 says that there is a rider on a black horse is the symbolism of course. In this writer's death with a pair of ballot saying a measure of wheat for a penny. I just heard again. I just a few days ago because of the conflict with Russia, Ukraine, a lot of the world we come from Russian Ukraine and how they can affect rest of the world is a shortage fact is that people are giving a day's wage were not enough to eat for one day, we don't have a farming capabilities we once had the United States are seeing farmland scores by historic summer heat world racing toward the greatest famine and never known. The Bible tells then the Bible talks about pestilence, pestilence of the Bible is a sickness that cannot be cured look at Koba. 19 they don't have a cure for that the pandemic that killed hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions around the world. Years ago people market as they laughed. This prophetic side is that all were so smart. We got such great scientists and pharmaceutical companies that will never happen and look what happened eighth came really hard in the 80s and 90s are still no cure for and then COBIT 19 it. Don't tell me that God's word is not always true is not always accurate death through a year they'll talk about it much with us to restructure rest Western civilization. World Health Organization said that more than 40 million people died from AIDS and then look what happened with Tobin 19 around the world. The millions of people who have died. COBIT 19 and new variants are popping up all the time should not be news to Christians. God told us it was gonna happen. Jesus said there will be signs in the sky their unusual weather patterns all over the world. Just recently, there was a terrible thing that hit Japan because of the earthquake.

The earthquakes going on all over the world right now. Jesus said himself that we send the sky we talk about climate change that the new God told us it was going to happen. Their unusual weather patterns going on. Why, because God is in God is saying I'm still in charge here I control the sun, the moon and the stars and my son is getting ready to come back to earth. Jesus Christ is going be the King of Kings and Lord of Lord we need to prepare to meet it. We need to get ready. We need to get ready today give you the night finding together many many more. I could spend all day talk about find that Jesus is coming again but the last one I give you today nisi that were approaching the end of the age we been talking today about all the world, sickness, disease, earthquake, climate change, wars and rumors of wars are the signs that Jesus could return at any time. They are finally only give you the last Warner talk about today. But this is by far last of side. By the way I want to tell you a lot of this information. Of course I gleaned from God's word and give me the verses that that's really what support it. But if you want to get some good books to help you understand my get a whole series of picture books based on that were coming when he wrote a lot of actual books. My dear friend Gary Frazier is probably one of the preeminent scholars on end time prophecy alive today and I read a lot of his book from escape hearing John Hagy, pastor from San Antonio, Texas, John Hayes read a lot of books increase on a message of times and others to know about famous is original me really is original to God's word but I read a lot of work, mental clarity, read a book to read it and don't give them credit world got this information, but I'm showing a bottle know from God were standing alone, that's where it is in Matthew chapter 24 verse 37. The Bible says, as in the days of Noah, so shall it be coming the Son of Man to make some people mad here and I might get some phone calls. I'm courting what God's word says that you take it is believed word of God. Or, you know, there are three biblical distinctives of the generation of no one is that they were eating and drinking me. They were given a gluttony that's happening around the world today.

Second, they were buying and selling me they were mastered by materialism through things like all online. We have a way to buy things for the early years wanted you John mad.

There was an aggressive homosexual community surrounded lots house, and demanded his mail. They threatened him, why did not give them those male guests on the spot homosexual movement in America and around the world today stronger than it's ever been before. I don't blame homosexuals for demanding that they won't.

I blame cowardly Christians for not standing up for what they believe you hear me. I blame the church of Jesus Christ and Christians were not taking a stand on the word of God.

Less than 10% of humanity should not control 90% of humanity unless we are's file. That is what the church is been look at what's happening the traditional family apart.

Marriage is not an institution of man marriage is created by God is in the God God intended in God's word look in his word for marriage to be between one man and one woman forever. He also did not. The rampant divorce rate that Is Taking Pl. in America and in the church among so-called Christian marriage with the blood covenant meeting you stayed married or you die, and with the church is not what's happening now just like the Bible said, just like the top of Noah. When there were aggressive homosexual that community.

The same thing that happened today, homosexuality has become an aggressive movement in the United States around the world, you dare say anything about it on my get that email today they might try to cancel because they will take a stand and we will not. They are transforming the minds of young children.

There I heard that there's a place in North Carolina. Someone called me yesterday and said you sure show need to get over your North Carolina talk about this. There community is paying homosexuals come in and do another one of those series of transgender story hours that is trying to teach kids that aberrant sexual behavior is normal and to be admired is not. It is a disgrace against God.

We are living in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah and is a sign that the world about in look closely at these nine prophetic signs that talk about today tell you that were headed towards the end of the world and because of that I believe that we should be ready yet. It doesn't matter if you discover that they thousand years are now as Christians we should live our lives with urgency that Jesus could return at any time were living in the final moments of what many refer to is the seventh day talking about prophecy in the book of Daniel. So let me review the things we talked about today, I encourage you to share the show with your friend podcast to be released later today and you can sure of the Internet. People all over the world know they don't need to be scared because God said this is not happen. We need to get our hearts are right minds right with God. What were those nine things I talked about number one men's hearts are failing them for fear of things that are coming upon the earth. Number two. We talked about the increase of knowledge. You know that that number three. We talked about the invention of nuclear weapons. What we talked about the rebirth of the nation of Israel that Jesus himself predicted. After that I did 48 Bible talk about together not only Russian user from Jews around the world.

Number six.

We talked about how Jerusalem is no longer under Gentile control number seven. The invention of international means of communication.

Number eight.

Famine and pestilence lines of the sky over 19 aids and so many other things, climate change are going on number nine the reliving of the days of Noah and sexual perversion time is up. The world will end forever when it and you're going to step in the eternity where you going to be when that time comes, there's only two choices. You will be in heaven with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You will walk the corridors of hell ever lost without Jesus Christ question is not of Jesus will return when Jesus is gonna return and we need to be ready. I'm told you today as clearly as I can speak I can tell you that we can be rapture this very day on your favorite radio station was the meal every day. Everybody was more about impacting the culture for Jesus. Visit city since the foundation this is the Truth Network

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