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Do You Know How to Share Your Faith with Others?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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March 23, 2022 5:00 am

Do You Know How to Share Your Faith with Others?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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March 23, 2022 5:00 am

Evangelist David Burton joins Chris Hughes to talk about the importance of sharing our faith and gives us helpful tips that we can use every day.

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Hello this is Willa Hardy with man talk radio. We are all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcast network. This is good Truth Network get ready. It's one of America's most important, influential and respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the America foundation, Dr. Chris Elizabeth building tell other people about you were all called.

All called to be a vandals and I know that when I say that we need to be telling everybody that we see about the saving grace of Jesus Christ welcome a Christian perspective on Chris you you know this is the show every day. We did get to God's work in order to develop a biblical worldview that I encourage you to take that biblical worldview and other words were what you believe know what you believe what you believe it, and then everything that you look at the world I want to see through the lens of the Bible, and then he abjectly am encouraging you to take that biblical worldview into the arena of public policy and politics, but we can never impact the culture for Jesus. If we don't lead the culture to Jesus first. I know that I have a lot of critics out there who criticize me and say you talk politics and culture too much though my true heart is to lead people to Jesus Christ and that's how I really want to change the culture is by getting people on fire for Jesus you started today I want to thank our sponsors the citizens for America foundation for making the show possible. This is a public outreach of the citizens for America foundation to learn more about that and they have a great event coming up on April 30 in Memphis Tennessee is called the culture engagement Summit.

I guess today is one of the speakers of the culture engagement Summit is a national event only event of its kind in the country you want to be sure to go and register today. Picketers cheapest $15. That includes lunch, so it is a win-win.

And it cost much to get there and you will be blessed by the speakers of Ativan and you can learn more and I want to thank the folks at Mid-America Baptist theological seminary perspective studios are based Mid-America Baptist theological seminary and one thing that the litmus builder campus. If you're looking for school but you have a child or grandchild is not in her college encourage you take a look at the college of Mid-America because they will get a biblically-based education and develop a biblical worldview. This is not some liberal Christian school. This is a school is rooted in the word of God.

Maybe you're someone your wife where you have the freedom of time and you but go to seminary.

Learn more about what God's word says William great online programs you can learn more at the Mid-America Baptist theological seminary that's Mid-America Baptist theological seminary. Mike yesterday he came podcast at some point last year before we had the daily radio show and he is as you listen to, you know that I have what I call a personal Board of Directors, blow it here because he now knows he thought it, but I have a group of people who are like mentors to meet her in my life. They don't know that I consider that the above Board of Directors. But a look at their lives and how the leader lies in how God is using them. You and I encourage you actually stole this little control will be the enders listed today. What they were authors of a guy named Andy and he writes a lot about leadership is a strong follower of Jesus as well and aunt gave me this idea years ago. He said that he had a personal Board of Directors so maybe if you want to have learn how to have a godly marriage. You need to find some couple whose been married a long time and look at how they operate the lives if you want to be successful business.

You might need to have somebody on your personal Board of Directors is successful business or if you want to be a soul winner that you need to have somebody like David Burke was a soul winning machine unit example to you so you can learn how to share your witness and your testimony of what Jesus Christ is done in your life with others. I'm excited. So excited to have on the owner radio program, a dear friend of mine. I think I met lichen in 1987. Vicki and I moved to Eglin Air Force Base and in with that which is in the Panhandle Florida for Beach Florida. We visited this liturgical to go Baptist church and they had a young pastor who would like a hound dog. After a coup he called his young whippersnapper, egotistical jerk that would be a playful doing, they should in no I got sick about me, but he did and he would not let me go and didn't realize that they were probably about 20 years later impact. He really began to have a my life but I'm so thankful for David Burton, David Burton ministries and all that he does. Jesus, David Burton, thank you so much. Being a Christian perspective. Thank you. Thank you. And thanks for all your doing for you went through a mouthful just in that introduction I'm just so excited about next month in the Memphis area on the campus. Mid-America for the conference and you want to bring that up again just so people be sure and catch that right down the dates and everything because it's going to be powerful and just honored to be there and audibly held today were glad to have you and probably because of you I just have a passion that we need to tell other people about Jesus. Everyone of us and is not just for the preacher to do work, measure vandals, but really, as Christians were all sharing evangelist and show you what you want for you and your ministry chair little bit that I know you got a beautiful wife grandbabies children off.

Tell us about who you are and then we'll talk about your ministry.

Thank you, O comfortable Northwest group mechanical and got saved.

It aged six, we started going to church when I was six. We live or on the country there weren't many churches that a person we moved into the big city to convey on for three years from age 6 days nine are the work talking priest in song. Playful Bible study teacher, Sunday school teachers we call abandoned our pastor Bobby Woodlock was just so-so, playful, and those young years that I had and got saved on a Wednesday night when I was nine years old.

So for three years.

I just heard the work talk on shared intonation slid in my heart to Christ in our member to this day it's what I call much thought is my spot. I go back to First Baptist Church Tipton video right now and I can go to the very very front area. There were a nail down and and made that commitment to Christ and you know Chris, we got have a spot if you don't have a spot for me to get one.

You know if they can't remember what I got say they don't have a spot, and you know what you hear about your story, but you'll just remind yourself like I do talk to people in the Alaskan it would tell me how you came to know Jesus and the villages they will always been a Christian and that's not true were sinners and like you said. If there's not that spot. There is not that date valves are reached here were you where you know and maybe you need this retrospective realize you might not have had that time of year that conversion. I'm sorry you're exactly right when I go knock on doors or something enough, you'll find out yet?

You know because you later. People normally say oh yeah yeah on the new site will tell me about a point when did you make this decision for Christ in the first thing they'll say, and I joined the church in that event only joined the church and the second answer. They'll give you all will I was back and talk about that and I'll finally say we can open up the church is wonderful that that dumpsite was not like Wendy when did you Paul's enough in your life where God was so convicting you that you prayed and you call upon God to step out heaven in your heart.

Safety and wash your sins away. When did you do that and that's when there's this long called called most people that I talked to can't remember when they did it. What if I can't remember when they did it didn't do it and all that's not being harsh or critical examination is the truth coming. We remember important dates. My fight halted no I like totally changes all the old things passed away behold all things become brand-new major attitude change your habits change your language changes will you dress changes account. Television programs watch change, music, listen to changes everything changes and so a person that's really born again will remember when that happened that Mina may not remember the date. For years I can remember the exact date. I got little convicted about that because I heard people tell them that they think site and back, probably 20 years and they'll go now. I called little lady in our church. It was the church secretary for Ms. Naomi Kiel.

She was really elderly that admits no I'd like you go back to all those church records. This was before computer and everything she had to go back to the file that she went back to the much filed and she found what I was saved I remembered it was early in the year.

It was cold and I knew I was nine years old so we can narrow it down to about 1963 she found in the church records the Wednesday night that I might profession and in the very next Sunday. I got baptized Chris, you're right there, there has to be a spot a moment in history when we repent and call upon Jesus in order to be saved and I'm glad you remember that spot number my spot. Oil that's amazing is amazing that they could find the record button you want to go to little little rabbit throw your disrespect off subject but if I remember correctly, like I just want to honor him for this. Your father served in our nation's military and was present if I have is correct on the date of the Pearl Harbor attack. Is that true yes yes he was only USS case: the Golden age of the battle area there.

The bay knew that little destroyer was lined up alongside four others and I met. I just last night I pulled out an old map of that battle of the book when Pearl Harbor was bombed and I relocated a little boat map at all little boats everything the big ships Arizona and so forth.

In the bottom and all that he was all that she fed Barry up. He given his is a land pass to someone else to go only on that Sunday morning they were just on top. I don't know what all member they were cleaning the deck or just casually walk Atlanta probably saw the planes fly over Chris. He said he remembered the planes coming over at first didn't pay much attention to all things. Probably just some of our guys flying around and finally one got low enough to their look like their little boat race all that Ridley rev on the side and then they just came wave after wave.

The city wash those bombs dropped and they were in shock for wild, try to jump off on some of those those guns and they didn't know how to shoot the gun in one God, the I start shooting you know it just all day long just a horrifying thing for him to watch down battleship Row. All the you know the just terrific fires and explosions taking place forcefully little boat is little USS case was a small destroyer in the GF Japanese were not after the destroyers. They were after the big flattop like bears all of the Nevada, Missouri and all and of the day. He was a real hero and he recorded all those occasions on a little cassette tape fully before God. Now we got on the day where we could listen to it, but it's a great story and he had opportunity on TV and radio several times sharing a story till Betty died in 2003 zero love you mommy bringing that up, but I'm noticing a minimum of military and your dad was a year ago.

It think the Lord that he live because if not, you would be alive today and untold numbers would've never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ is back in your room. This show is brought to you by generous jokes.

The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget coffee you love or causes you care about locking the fixed at 15 feet of Bible come to life and I joined nationally for radio and found a foundation to create the world of meaning, traveled from all over the world to face one's religious clutter Christianity's most tragic fight like a wailing lock down the winding alleyway for Nancy's own place that I think is very fortunate to see firsthand what the Bible took plaintiff touring Israel with Dr. Chris Hughes travel. I like for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime time creating and sharing his joint one American on this date, March 23, 1775, Patrick Henry spoke to the Virginia convention fled to St. John's church because the British fighting he proclaimed. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations will raise up friends to fight our battles for us.

Patrick Henry concluded his life so dear RP, so as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery. Almighty God, I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death transcript all-American limit of 1888 USA yesterday pastor many years ago maybe was evangelism working for the bad convention is ahead of their evangelism a while back, started his own ministry, which will talk about just a minute call David Burke ministries before we do that I want you to. If you are just joining us.

I hope that you will go back and get the podcast will be released this afternoon. Listen to this first segment because we were talking about the date and time when when David Burton got saved and worked on my everybody he called his spot place where he walked down the church and he knelt down on his knees and it does it have to be a church review. I mean, I my mom led me to Jesus at the foot of the bed. We were at my grandparents house but I was sleeping about uncle David was growing within his bedroom and and I knelt down by Michael days bed. My mom led me to Jesus if you don't have that spot.

You don't know what time you made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior make him the Lord of your life, and asked forgiveness of sins and turn away from that sin might need to do that today really talking more about how you can do that but maybe right now your spot. Maybe if you're driving in your car right now you need to pull over the side of the road of the parking lot, a gas station a McDonald's. Maybe your omen and just need to fall down on your knees right now and asked Jesus to save you in changing the promise to serve him. I would encourage you to do that so Dave you will you are pastoring and in you and Kathy have beautiful family, kids, grandkids, but a while back, God put a burden on your heart. Start a ministry tell us about David Burke ministries are and what you do there. Well thank you were a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and we lost in the fall or early fall, September 1, 2015 I'd been pastor years ago and that's when we met you and I'm sure my great influence in your life. You truly made you what you are today. Yeah, like you, the late 80s thought telling folks. Not only are you know but for 25+ years served on the Florida-based convention and bought outdated that church. They asked me to come and do all over the states. I travel all over the state. Those years just teaching and preaching personal evangelism and it was just a fascinating lifestyle of being on the road all the time every week, church preaching, teaching, and in 2015 though we stepped aside from that and started all ministries Doing the very same thing, only now were round ball from my site. Kathy and I just stepped out on faith and loss. This nonprofit and the Lord's been good and just, just, side note to about four years ago I got a realizing I was in Idaho donating out in Idaho and I just started figuring up all I've been and I knew had been in almost every state I got the figure and install the high priest gospel shared Christ somewhere another in every single date of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii except Oregon one was in Idaho code pre-trusted preacher how far we are Morgan and he filled up 4550 minutes up the road here and so forth and so Alden so we planned a day. We went soul winning in Ontario, Oregon, and I got to share with folks up in Oregon and what city parks and just passed out some life-and-death gospel tracts you think the people and a lot of percent rental slings and picnic tables and all is not shared. It was just a fun experience. But I'll never forget that day of the day that made the Allstate number 50. So this ministry over these 51 years of ministry now.

Maybe to a lot of different places made a lot of different people going to a lot of different churches and associations and ladies emancipating and then abandon 17 foreign countries and just in every only every trip.

He was always evangelism just teaching, preaching, those in that country. How to share their faith with others, you know you you witness to someone in Brazil sign were you doing in Jacksonville Florida he witnessed someone in Bolivia or someone in the Belgium or someone. Whatever else it might be in the world find what you sharing the good news of Jesus and God, sprinkled with an office, Chris. We got always remember that you mentioned just a moment ago someone listen. This maybe driving them away. And the Lord just impresses them if they need Christ as her Savior. I'm telling you it can happen anytime, anyplace else. When the Holy Spirit grabbed a hold of somebody heart they need to stop Paul's Troy and repent just say Lord Jesus, you know, I'm a sinner coming to my life and change me forever and that becomes their spot right there where were my buddy and the Holy Spirit really does work that way. Another many times up the car out of the crucible always were ground only was I just be moved to tears and have to pull over when you talk about the witness or what you call so when I want is a soul winner. Is it just the preacher heard of angels like you are.

We all called to be witnesses. So what are we, and if so what does that mean and how we do it every person that no born-again changed has a heart's desire shared Christ when you can't be saved and not want to tell others about Christ. You can't base.

I do not have that desire. That doesn't mean that everybody is doing it because we know that a lot of people are doing it there there thinking that's all we pay the preacher for that's what we got staff for our church there to go and do this but scripturally were all do it and God is placed on all of our hearts the desire to see people's lives changed and so the reason people don't go unsure Christ is fear here is the number one reason people give for not sharing their faith and secondly second reason people say they don't share their faith is will I don't know what to say.

You know I don't a lot of how to talk and get into that conversation. And so my role not going to churches and I'll be in Wilmington North Carolina this weekend doing this very thing will be having some conferences and small group meetings and leadership meetings in the church and were not share with them how to get into a conversation about Jesus with others and he can do just about anyplace anytime or likely order to gas, or this restaurant table you're talking to a wider waitress or there's just a friend you're talking to. You can always get into the conversation you had to look for, you know, you look for that opening is just amazing at how easy it is. Once you get started and one of my favorite so wanting verses is Luke 1212 Luke 1212 says that God's Holy Spirit will put in your mouth at the very moment the word your to speak so Chris me you every person listening. They don't have to worry about one of them say they just need to be an open willing vessel name when I opened her mouth and just start talking to someone. God's guilt with the words there share with someone and you know there's no there's no set pattern. There's no exact Scriptures were to use. There's no exact transition sentences were to use everything. Every situation is different and so, what's so funny is when we can just just rest in the Lord and no that he is in control and he has gone way ahead of me to talk to the restaurant wider waitress. Just last week I was at the gas pump and always try to go to a gas pump or someone has just pulled up her getting great because I know there will be a captive audience for three or four minutes and phone anywhere and I pulled up beside this pump and I started pumping gas. On my side and I just complement to God.

Avante had you don't really clean and neat looking on what model it was what year was about just beginning to get in that conversation because they sit in their pumping gas need not think about anybody or anything but himself in that gas field filled up in this tiny and so, long story short, I just said if anybody told you today.

Jesus loves you legal smile came on his face and he said there were no not a soul told me that nothing will.

I just told you know Jesus does love you and Jesus has a plan for your life and from data pulled out a life get off track began to talk about the Lord and that's the way we do it you know you just kind of take that initiative and then let the Lord lead in the conversation. Somehow, you only have a couple minutes later one minute. Sometimes you have to think 20 minutes. 30 minutes but we just got to do that and and I'm telling you, I know a lot of people listen right now.

Want to know how to do that and I'd love to talk to him even more. Even after this podcast person what they want to call or contact about how to do that. How to train your people in the church he might do that yet.

Is it really is.

I know we don't think it's that simple. I think it was you.

Somebody years ago I figured you taught me that you need to pray every day that God will send at least one person in your path until about Jesus that day and that it sounds silly but every time I've done it, God sent someone that doesn't mean I always witness to them sometime.

Yet we make excuses or whatever, but looking back on the day you know, I can tell you at the end of the day what God isn't somebody that you and I either did or didn't take advantage of your time at the gas pump for the captive. Another easy way is and I know you done this and others as well have done this.

It you go to a restaurant in your server usually waitress comes by and it was really simple because we always our family always praise and part of that is just to be a witness. I mean, try to teach my kids and me. Don't know what they did when they went to school with told anyone in the school cafeteria. You need to be out loud in your be like some Pharisee you should bow your head right other need to know your Christian and you're not ashamed and so at a restaurant just to say you know what Jesus after your name tag. We always pray for we were fixed to say a prayer here is anything I can be praying for you to call and and you'd be amazed almost will they always have something that is an opportunity to lead people to Jesus. Just from that window open sometime later cry. You never know what all in somebody else's life and it's only spirit nudges you to do that you need to do it because he's been like you said a while ago the Holy Spirit goes out to you is preparing the way ahead of us and then when God gives is just like a little boy show about saying that God should like the bowls down is is okay. Chris that light is come bring you. I still get a minute you need to get all know, but just sometimes you just have this little feeling that she needs prayer. Whatever you know not everybody about that to say, but sometimes they do in and it really makes an impact on somebody's lot of daikon it up.we go think about a bright light yesterday is David Burton of David Burke ministries Phyllis will quickly take a break… David Burton what you can do it as a strong Christian heritage Americans don't know really important role God in the Bible is American foundation, Dr. Laura meeting Dave crystalline bargaining journey having read much of America's Christian heritage is and how it evolved over the government and the men who helped forge the new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator about the creation of the mounting principles to join this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about.

Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you love or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise. The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement perspective might yesterday. David Burton, David, could you website is David Burke BU RTOS DAV IDB UART ministries that are is a great soul, where he trained people all over the world how to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The people in his will talk about just a minute ago, every one of us as Christians need to be a soul winner were all called to be a witness for Jesus and one of our primary responsibilities as Christian is to tell other people about Jesus.

And yeah, David.

Some people don't want to tell other people about Jesus or don't understand the urgency. Why is so very important today for the gospel to be shared with others where we live in a dark dark world and we are the light, and you just watch the news a little bit today and I mean it's just obvious. We are in a very dark world. Chris said, assaying a campus saying when you were in our church again were told about in the 80s now, but I remembered it and are using the how people bring it up so often they remember me saying this but it was like this will "we live in a sin sick Satan serving society and so every day. It's very where it made very aware that we do live in a sand sick Satan serving society a main from our school system to our political system to your you know homes your neighbors business as we go into a makeshift on the labeled ungodliness that just actuates our life were not careful it will, it will saturate us and enable it will form us into something God never intended us to base, need to watch what we were watching on TV you know there's just not a lot you watch on TV amended so much sex and language and whatnot music you listen to is a great info today in our students and young people bless our church is getting a main just hit in the face and in the heart in their souls with the music and in the lifestyle of people around and things are being taught in school in regard to the sexual identity and all that they were have the face and deal with now you mention something normally go about about young people and your children and how you talk to say a prayer launch part of my strategy with students and I do a lot of intentional training with young people own their legal rights on the middle school and high school campus got a lot of information years ago and got kicked off the Jay Sekulow loads from his organization or other style that the students you know you need to launch get your buddies around.

Get your friends around lost or saved on matter you always saying that let's just call and give thanks for a male, and there may be two to the John, your there may be 12 adjoining the Dean example and teach those kids how to do that at the meal table just as an example, but then also have Bible studies, you know, talk about the Lord sure testimony during lunch time so my ministry not only to adults but it did young people was as well and I love students.

I love having them understand the right because they are the largest everyday they go. The largest mission field in America and that's our secondary school campuses high school campuses so our students to be real missionaries. We need to teach only to trying how to go into the fields are white in the harvest and be so wonders on the campus. The course adults as well. I love teaching and trying adults you know we when we think about why we need to be a witness is always asked people why not because people are dying every single day. I will do is study just a few weeks ago and pulled up the figures hundred and 55,000 people die every single day in America little bit more than that be the exact number but hundred 55,000 in my head every day and so I know that you know people are lost and dying every time 1.I wonder do they know Christ you know as faith as their Savior.

So the seven here, here, the number 205,525th in the world every day in America there's 7700 deaths every single day. So if I don't know Christ immediately. They enter into the gates of hail which is eternally eternal. You know way to get back no way to get it out out it so they don't know Christ like that of their eternal destination. While we got to do. Gotta tell more since you brought that up ritual spot which I know you will find that you mention hell. Very few preachers today talk about hell is it is hell a real place in what's it like, and why do we care for another yeah oh great answer great? Hello – that question because a lot of times you know people and arguing about, but there is a heaven and there is a hell in Scripture talks more about hell than it does heaven and on about it one day. Say what how long how long it hail. You know how long is forever. It will forever is eternity.

That's forever and forever and forever and forever. There is no into just some Scriptures Revelation 21 eight talks about those that are idolatrous offers liars, murderers go to detest God's word, sexually immoral, and so forth will be thrown into the lake that burns with fire and sulfur. And that's the second day of the Scripture says in Matthew 1028 said and do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.

Rather, feel fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

And one more verse Count Matt Matthew 28. Steve made Matthew 2546 and these will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous will go into eternal life.

Scripture talks a lot about eternal punishment life. You might say inhale and eternal life in heaven.

There is a real hail and the people had a guy wants to tell me all preacher and I'm just gonna keep drinking and smoking in one when I go to hell I'll hit bottom and will just start partying down there and I turned to message Sir, when you die in your cast into place called hail.

There is no bottom. There is no floor. You will set up a cardboard table and play cards or checkers sample, you gonna toss and tumble into a pit of hail, fire and brimstone forever and ever and ever. Total darkness separated from God's got real real big. You know all about like that anyways a lot of people they they needed. They need to be made aware that there is eternity, but will go stranded in heaven or inhale while the two slices came in here for some of you might be preachers listening right now, step on some toes free through this time to start preaching about hell again. Yeah, I know that I don't know about 50 or 60 years ago that fell out of Logan and I think a lot of people go to church or entire lives and never hear about hell you don't want to offend people you don't want talk about someone carpool as I don't care if that's what it takes to get the money to get saved.

I don't care me, they need to be scared about what an eternity in hell is held held a place of fire and torment, and it is not that the worst part is the separation from your hopelessness of being away from God. All of eternity, so preachers start preaching about hell and you can start that your people need to know it's real. If you don't believe in hell you're going there any real and is so maybe some of the folks was in here. Maybe you're not church people and you don't know what what Pastor David are talking about what the Bible tells us that it this body we live in is is just a frame it it, but inside this frame is a spirit that will live forever sold his body get a job, that soul will live for all all of eternity is Izzy said forever and ever and ever mean you are lost man 70 or 80 years is nothing compared to all of eternity in the Bible tells us of the decisions that we make in this life, this human life impact where our soul will spend all eternity units either reincarnation or what some other other denominations and religions teach that you're either going to go to heaven. Are you going to hell, and there's no getting to heaven if you go to hell. There's no purgatory due to holding day and I know muggers and letters on this and get people mad at me go to one or two places heaven or hell in Jesus that on the way the last moment because the father but by me. The only way to go to heaven saving grace of Jesus Christ and and that's why it's so important that we realize that hell is real and if we don't get right with Jesus working in an eternity now sorry start preaching again to jump a career-high that is so much truth 02 that you know and today we live in a non-churched non-needed gospel society. We grew up when most people were so many people.

Most so many people going to church and they were regular and there are Bible studies and people didn't want to try to talk about God even in the school. We had prayer pledge allegiance prayer and read our Bibles. No more that take place so we do live in a more difficult and may relate galvanic and be quiet.

We got be bolder and louder more aggressive than ever before by all others a lot away. You know I did get your you know you're just so narrowminded. While white heaven and you said it yourself.

A moment ago that there is only one way Jesus said I am the way, the truth of life and no man cometh to the father makes it to heaven. You might say except through him. Jesus knew Buddhist Buddhist. You know mom and mom and today it Muslims you know it they're just captivating our society. Things like get the very ones I talk about is no longer living the way we serve a living Christ someone for talking prove that they look at me, you know, I am living proof. Look at those know Christ there living proof there's hope there's prefix perfect purpose in their life that have different attitudes they respond to diversity differently. Other able to handle you know Beth differently and and misfortune in her life differently mean there is something totally different from a lost cushion site first. As we got to take another commercial break Europe. I will get art up to go but were talking to David Burton. You can learn more about him. David Burton website is so useful he's allowed to have videos about Jesus so much. There get into that as well write back with me for one use social media for give us a call today at 704 crowded with viewpoints of voice condition after a financial problem. Only one voice matters God's at the college at Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think from a biblical worldview, online or on our Memphis campus. Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to light the way. This show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you love or causes you care about time creating a relationship when sharing his joint United States of America has a strong Christian heritage Americans don't know the truly important role God and the Bible is American. Dr. Deming and read much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal how to blog about the government and the men who helped forge the new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator truth about the creation of the mounting principles to join you today, David Burton, David Burton is a full-time of English with a ministry called David Burton Street learn about even to be a speaker at the upcoming Coulter engagement Summit on April 30 by Kurt you go to citizens citizens and we can have a huge event in Memphis one day event on Saturday, April 30 to be up while speakers there, both in the Christian world, and Christians who are serving in the political world. Scotland's endorphins probably the world's best expert on how to defend the pro-life argument while college campuses in the school around the world.Robert Jeffers, America's pastor is to be with this, David Burton, among others, about about 25 speakers with David Burton is either share with us how we can tell other people about Jesus, to be used by God as a witness. We've been talking today with Dave about evangelism.

Eventually telling other people about Jesus in their right. David are indeed my favorite thing to do. I love to teach and train that because he has a burden for people we were talking last segment about heaven and hell very real places and if you die without Jesus you spend an eternity in hell one day is so important that we get our life straight with Jesus and know we talked about earlier today when that time was were that spot you asked Jesus to come in your life or give you your center to radically transform and use you for his kingdom and his glory. One thing because my mind eternity is too long to be wrong or someone listening today and are not sure all they need. They need to solidify the need to seal the deal that they know Jesus because eternity is too long to be wrong. Let us not forget, on average for you. You probably do the sermon on what you recently did something that every year I know that you like to ride motorcycles you have found work yes. The neat thing is, no matter what we do in life. God can use the short that we like to eat. David barbecue is a minute for many years because if you feed people your built what preacher friend my ejector pathway now uses a bill, friendship, bridges, and you are the right to share the gospel with those connections and you like to buy telling you what you done recently week down in Daytona, Beach, Florida.

One of the world's largest motorcycle rally. We also got to Sturgis, South Dakota, were they have hundreds of thousands of bikers out there in August and February here in Daytona each year hundred 70 volunteers that ride motorcycle small United States there only Bob and Mr. call flake ladders flake ladders was birthed 20 years ago this year and up from one small group of bike riders in Lakeland, Florida.

Love Jesus and want to share Jesus, we began to spread that out across the state of Florida and the in the United States an hour and 29 different state, 391 different local church chapters call flake ladders and go flake and find out more about this fake and we would just love to see more churches get involved in this ministry we did personal evangelism.

The goal of bike riders and when people come down to Daytona phrases last week. We teach them how to share their faith. If I don't already know how most I'll use a method called hand-to-hand evangelism. We teach people how to share their personal testimony and the gospel in three-minute and we we have a campus 20 x 30 and we invite you to come into the tent sometimes will give away a motorcycle sometime give away a gift card the end of the week this past week. I think we get wakes up every day we gave $500 everyday away to somebody if they come into the can't listen to our three-minute testimony to get that low card and then we draw the end of the day for them to win that cash in this case last week and likely some years we give away $19,000 motorcycle just going to funding that we have and what we can bury people come in and literally we find what you name it. Carl and Baffin. They both lot motorcycles monopoly. I'm so glad you you your gonna let me share for three minutes. The greatest story that you've never heard the greatest thing around my life Chris within three-minute I'm looking for.

Many I'm loving them. In Jesus name I know that God's Holy Spirit is already speaking to them when they got up that morning and walk in here about God's spirit bring with them and in three-minute share with them how Jesus change my life that Jesus can change their life and one in every nine people that we share Jesus with. This is a 20 year statistic one and nine people that we go through the gospel presentation with how to be born again one and nine will pray and asked Jesus in the heart. I think little boys come and there was cigar one hand, the beer in the other tattoos all over sweat from Ron motorcycle all day and he'll flake man three-minute go coming in about 90 seconds bingo peer to be coming down little boys eyes called God's spirit is working in his heart and he is hearing somebody that loves anything about somebody that loves him his life is changed forever in this past week, I believe, just in three days because the weather will hardly get to hear as much as we wanted. We shared with nearly 600 people had 63 people level you come to know Christ as Savior just intentionally evangelism where we do it we would love to know motorcycle ministries bike and we just share Jesus on a motorcycle Dobbin writing for years and years and years and will till Jesus, you are obligated probably came down here maybe rotten eggs around on I'm sure you would just mention some called intentional evangelism. What does that mean just mean. Intentionally. Be aware of people around you all the time. Whether it is we talk about so many settings in order to school. Table lunch time for all young person ordered a coworker at work for man or woman. Whether it's a motorcycle rider outgrown his bike and pulls up the gas pump to fill up with gas is looking for people around to share Jesus with at the restaurant table you mention. You know were looking for that waiter or waitress love in Jesus name in some way get a gospel word into their life is just intentionally good reason there are so many lost people in the world's people are not intentionally share Jesus Christians just must get back onto the burden sharing Jesus and not just waiting for the preacher to do it, or their Sunday school small group leader.

Every believer needs to be doing it. Tell me we would see a great harvest if all believers would just take the boldness to God to give them down the heart and do it proverb says that God honors that he that goeth forth, sewing precious. The will no doubt come again for the great harvest.

So if we just go about sharing Jesus were completely played. I am lucky enough to me. Christening here I am, quote, evangelist, preacher, pastor, but sometimes it you don't get a salvation every time. Most the time I'm just planting seeds. I'm just loving them. In Jesus name.

I'm given them an opportunity to hear this good news mostly Glotfelty don't get Billy Graham. You know you need about things you typically make you think that one intent. We know that that's going to happen.

And another thing to sometimes healthier difficulty sometimes, PDP had to work your way into that conversation, but we just must do it.

We must trust God to push us into that person's life share Jesus with them not only black Bible or whatever not cram a track down your throat just love them and tell them how they could can be born again that so important to not get discouraged. Here is not our job to save them just to tell when are you one time say that were like farmers, we plant the seed and then we pray for rain. You made it about share with others and sometimes it's easier if we have a tool and and I was recently doing some preparation for showroom doing about Patrick's day. A lot of people listen as they walk it young just one person. What can I do what God took one man do we call Saint Patrick day that was his real name. God used him to evangelize and nation for centuries was on fire for Jesus Christ. But one day he without witnesses somebody trying to think of it, easy way to share the gospel and they have these little green things that we call shamrocks today Rachel over people just take one off the ground and began to talk about the Trinity of Jesus. Sometimes it's good to have a tool to help assure which is prickly for nervous about and I know you got a lot of material that David Burton tell us about some evangelism tools that we can get you to help us tell people about Jesus on the website you go the product stated Burton product pages that I got little red dot started using these when I was pastoring a single bed in the day you speak in our earlier little red dots to put on the watch you credit card or put on your cell phone just a little red plastic.I have these available then read automatically the blood of Jesus time on the dance with County is nothing that with.he that undermines what Jesus did for me.

I'm always watching my attitude, my actions, the word, responding to people. Jesus died for me. He shed his blood that just represents a little drop of blood use that.give those got out of the house and every month at places like go lock us people even say that red not to fill up Mr. Burton with every thoughtful I'm glad you asked that red dog reminds me of Jesus, how much he loves me and he loves you too, and improve your rot into a conversation so not only does her mommy what he did for me. It will open doors of opportunity for people to share as well, and we educate all people listening if you give educate just a little too has about seven panels on as you flip it. No words only. All pictures and you hold that Cuban is flippantly conflicted with it and every time you click it you get a different picture. And it's the story of Jesus death burial and resurrection. This amazing tool defeat on the website. The one thing you can YouTube. I have a lot of videos on YouTube you can YouTube my hand and presentation and watch me actually do that on YouTube as well. Like her jaw to go to David Burke, I've little you'll know this, but I think in some of your videos, the Philippines, so people emerge as your dear eyes quick before you go.

Can you tell if a church were men's group so I want to have you come to their church. After the retreat recently by going to the website. David Burton and at the bottom of the front homepage is the address email address, phone number, everything they may just go to David Burton my email address on my given that out to be my initials: SOULW and just BB soul and would love to respond to anybody to get the materials to better equip equipped how to share the greatest news in all the world with every person they come in contact with. There's nobody that Jesus didn't die for.

Thank you so much for being with us today. David, we sure appreciate it thank you thank you on a career go to David Burton learn more about how you all later in the day doing me a Christian perspective.

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