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Is the Transgender Movement Brainwashing your Child?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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March 7, 2022 5:00 am

Is the Transgender Movement Brainwashing your Child?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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March 7, 2022 5:00 am

Grey Basford, the host of the “Cancelled Misfits Show”, joins Chris Hughes to talk about the growth of transgenderism in America​

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This is Darren Kuhn with the Masculine Journey Podcast, where we search the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and helps set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it.

Share it. But most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. It's one of America's most important, influential, and respected voices on cultural and political issues. An apologist, Christian political advocate, and author, here is the founder and chairman of the Citizens for America Foundation, Dr. Chris Hughes. Welcome to The Christian Perspective with Chris Hughes. I'm so excited that you're here with us today, and I want to thank Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary and Mid-America College in Memphis, Tennessee, for letting our home be on your beautiful campus here as we broadcast live every day from the campus of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. It's just a great day to live in a country where you can go to a Christian school and you don't have to worry about the topic we're going to talk about today or other ungodly topics are being cancelled by your professors because at Mid-America, if you choose to go there, you're going to be surrounded with biblical men and women, professors who will help you develop a biblical worldview so you can then take that biblical worldview into the culture in which you live each and every day. So we welcome you to the show.

Alright, buckle up because today is going to be an exciting day. My guest today is Gray Basford, and Gray is the host of the Cancelled Misfits podcast show. You can find Gray all over the place.

I mean, anywhere on social media you can find Gray, but particularly on YouTube. He has our regular shows, and boy, he covers a lot of hot topics, and he's a lot younger than me. He's a guy his age to have the courage in the culture and the society today to tackle the issues that he tackles. I'm really glad that he's doing that because on this show, we're honored to have him today because on this show you know that we help you develop a biblical worldview. And then with the things that you're going to learn from the show today and other shows, we hope that you will not only engage culture, but particularly with this topic today, that you will engage in the arena of public policy and get involved in politics in your community, your state, and your nation so we can turn the laws of this nation around and stop the nonsense that's going on.

So Gray Basford, thank you so much for being with us on The Christian Perspective today. I'm so thankful to be here. I'm thankful to be on this show to talk about this. It's just so important to me to push this out because most of what you hear comes from the other side, comes from the perspective that this is a good thing that's happening, that people are being helped by it, and it's just not the case.

Great. Well, before we jump into that, tell our listeners a little bit about you. You're somewhere in Florida, I think, right now. You live in the Free State. A lot of us around the country are still masked up and backed up, so tell us about where you live and your background and share with our listeners so they can learn a little bit more about you. I'm here in a great state of Florida.

Tallahassee, actually, the capital. Love it here. My dad is a Southern Baptist pastor.

That was my life growing up. I'm glad of it. I'm thankful for it. I think that really helped mold me into being more of a biblical Christian man than it would be, obviously, if that was not the case. And I think it's really helped me push me towards doing this, talking about these issues, even though I don't really have any formal training in these issues.

I research these topics week in and week out on my own, and I realize that our side is not talking about this, which is why it's just so important to be able to speak to it, even if you don't have any expertise. The fact that there's passion there, and I hope your younger listeners hear this and realize that it starts with a passion, and that is where a lot of this fight is going to come from. Well, Gray, you're, I think, in your 20s, if I remember correctly, and so there are not many people your age who hold the position that you hold of a biblical perspective, so what motivated you to start your podcast, and particularly to have the courage?

Have you been cancelled? Tell us a little bit about how that all got started. We'll jump into the transgender issue in a minute, but I think it's really unique. I want you to challenge and use you as an example, because there are a lot of young people listening to the show, and they're just banging their head against the wall, saying, you know, my professor in high school, or my teachers in high school, my professors in college, and all my peers think I'm crazy if I take any of these stances, but you did, so what's kind of your story, and what led you to start the Cancelled Misfits, and you must have been cancelled to come up with a name like that? Well, honestly, I just saw what was going on in this world, and I could not, you know, every single one of us is going to have to one day stand before God and give an accounting for ourselves.

I didn't want to say that I did not stand up for biblical principles, biblical truth. The Cancelled Misfits moniker actually came around more by accident when I started this. I just wanted to start.

I didn't really put a whole lot of thought into structure, name, whatever. I just wanted to start, and I'm glad that I picked this name, because it really does speak to the two aspects of my identity. I'm very conservative, and I'm a Christian, so you have the Cancelled Misfits, which is, you know, what they want to cancel.

I was talking about this. It's a constant fight not to be cancelled, and so I embraced that, embraced that fight, so it makes it harder for them to use it against me. And as Misfits, as you know, we are Misfits to this world once we become citizens of heaven.

We are Misfits, and so, both of those together, I wanted to show up front, this is what I believe in, and this is why it's so important to me. But yeah, it was just, I just decided to start. Thankfully, I have some great friends who helped me get going.

You'll hear some of them from time to time on my different episodes, and they really pushed me and kind of encouraged me to keep going forward. And that's what it takes, is just a community of people growing together, fighting for this, I would say, because we're not going to get any institutional help against this. We really have to rely on each other and rely on God to really stay in this fight. Well I admire you for having the courage. So many people today, but particularly people your age, are worried about offending somebody or hurting people's feelings, and at some point you made a conscious decision that you were going to stand on the word of God and not be worried about who you offended, but to take a strong stand.

So I sure thank you for your willingness to stand up for what was right and to stand on God's word. Well, Gray, we're going to talk today about transgenderism, and for our listeners, I mean a lot is going on right now. The transgender issue is getting a lot of attention. We're going to jump into a lot of those areas. Probably the thing in the news right now that's getting the most attention are athletes, men and boys, acting and dressing up like girls and competing in women's athletics. But before we do that, I don't want to assume that anybody knows what we're talking about. If you were describing, Gray, and I don't mean to put you on the spot here, but if someone's listening, and maybe they've heard the term, but they don't really know what transgender is, do you mind defining that for them so people know exactly who and what we're talking about today?

Absolutely. So it kind of covers a range of different people's identities. It goes from people who are just males who say, hey, I feel like I'm a female, I feel feminine, therefore I must be a female. And that goes both ways, of course, for men and women. And it goes all the way through body modifications.

By body modifications, of course, I mean the destruction of healthy human body parts to approximate the appearance and other things of the other gender. It also includes people who consider themselves neither male nor female. They consider their identity on a spectrum. They consider gender as being on a spectrum. And you can be anywhere and not be fully male or fully female, which is, of course, not the truth.

I mean, we know that God created us male and female. And so that's what this really is. It's a fight against truth, fight against reality.

And that has consequences. So that's really what it is. It's really people who just do not want to live by the biological sex that they were born as and want to live outside of that reality. So, Gray, I don't know, but there's the alphabet soup of LGBT, what is it, lesbian, bisexual, gay. It changes day to day at this point.

And now it's plus, I guess, now because they just know it's going to keep adding to the alphabet soup. But how does, particularly a lot of our older listeners, a question I hear a lot, well, what's the difference in being transgender or being a homosexual? Do you know what that difference will be? Because I've heard, at least, that a lot of homosexuals, for example, don't care, like homosexual men, for example, don't necessarily support the lesbian movement, which is women who have an attraction to other women, and that a lot of them don't support the transgender movement.

Are you hearing that at all? So, I think more so they're trying to build a coalition of all of these, you know, LGBTQ, whatever, like you said, plus, kind of a lot of them have a common goal, which is to be outside of the norm, it is to live outside of reality. But the difference, I would say, between all of them is that when you're transgender, you actually believe that you are not of the gender and biological sex you were born as, which, of course, for your older listeners, and even younger ones who don't understand, is, of course, different than someone who believes they are male who is attracted to another male or female attracted to another female. From what I've seen, they really do support each other trying to push their agenda forward, which, of course, is bad. It's living outside of reality.

Yeah. Well, before we take our commercial break, I'm going to kind of explain to our listeners, and again, I'm no expert here, but Greg's going to get us more into this. After the commercial break, we're going to talk about why we should even care about this issue and then jump into some other issues that have to do with transgenderism.

But there are different stages, I understand, and after the commercial break, Graham, I might have you address this a little bit. So, you might just feel like you're a guy in a woman's body or a woman in a guy's body. Then the next step, I assume, would be what they call hormone therapy, and we'll talk about it if we have time, what's happening in some of the school systems or across the country to provide hormone treatment, drugs to alter the hormones in your body.

And then the step beyond hormone treatment, I believe, would then be having a sex change operation where the anatomy of your body is changed, even though the DNA, if you were born a guy, you're still a guy, but you might, through the hormones, you might grow breasts, and through the surgeries, you could remove certain genetae and make it look like the opposite sex. So, we're going to talk about a lot today. We're not going to get dirty, so you don't need to get your kids to leave the room or anything.

We're not going to talk in any vulgarities, but we're going to discuss the issue and how we as Christians should respond to the transgender issue. So, we're going to take a commercial break. When we come back, we're going to jump right into it, hot and heavy. Stick around. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back.

We'll be right back. We have to live outside of that, partially because they think they are a better sin of pride, partially because they just feel differently and they are very confused and very hurting, but we have the objective facts on our side. We have the truth of our side, which is why we have to be louder in defending it.

That's a real problem that I see in our society today. A lot of younger people in particular don't believe that there's any truth. Your truth is your truth and my truth is my truth. Well, how can we ever even have a society that operates and functions when there are no hard truths?

I get a kick out of it during the COVID situation, I'm not making fun of COVID, but on the news every night people that don't claim there's a truth anywhere else are saying, listen to the science. Well, we as Christians are saying listen to the truth. There is a truth. And the truth is Jesus Christ. Jesus said I'm the way, the truth, and the life, and no man comes under the Father but by me.

Jesus is the truth and if we would just firm Christians, those of you listening that are Christians, if you get a firm foundation by reading the Bible every day, spending time in prayer, then you know that God spells out what the truth is. You said, Gray, that God created man and woman in his image and he created two sexes, male and female, and God doesn't make mistakes. I'm sorry, I just had to preach a little bit after that.

No, you're good. You're actually going straight into my second point, which is that this is actually a blasphemy towards God. If you look at it, if you believe that he knew us before we were born and that he knitted us together in the womb, then saying that there are hundreds of thousands or even more people trapped in the wrong body, if that were true, it would turn God from being an all-power, all-knowing, omniscient, and omnipotent creator of the universe.

To, honestly, someone who is a bumbling idiot. That's what this changes to if this was true. And we know that that's not true. We know that he is not bumbling around, making mistakes, throwing the wrong soul into the wrong body. That's just not the truth, not the truth as stated through the Bible. And that's a best-case scenario.

Worst case, he would be a malicious guy doing this and we know that that's not true. We know that that is not the God of the Bible. It's his antithesis. That's why it's strange to me anytime someone calls out any Bible-believing church or individual, what do they expect? So that's the second reason that Christians should care is that it is a straight-up blasphemy to our God. And then thirdly, there's the fact that as Christian men, one of our duties is to protect and speaking out and fighting against the trans agenda actually protects women and children. You know, you talked about earlier about, you know, men transitioning, quote-unquote, into women and going into women's sports. Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg on how it hurts women and children.

It destroys who they are. In the 60s and early 70s, there was a real war for women's rights. I mean, it really began long before that, Gray. But to get to the point where women could have their own athletic events, I mean, for many years, like even in the Olympics, now you've got women athletic events, but for many years you didn't. And women were fighting for the right. They were fighting for the right to vote, they were fighting for equal pay in the job place, and they were fighting for equal abilities to compete on the athletic field against other women. And it started really, you know, I was embarrassed as an American to have members of our Olympic team in the summer and winter Olympics that were transgender, you know, because that's cheating. I'm not trying to say anything negative about women.

I'm a short, fat guy, Gray, but you're tall, over six feet tall, you know, not many women are your size. And even this morning I was looking at an article in the newspaper where two of the top, quote, female swimmers in the world today are transgenders. They're men who, one of them in particular, could not compete against men. He was ranked, I think, it was 430-something in the world, and now he's number one in the world. He's over six feet tall. His bone structure, I mean, you just can't change that. As you know, his bone structure is different. His hands are bigger.

So, you know, when he's swimming through the water, he's able to push, you know, to push the water out of his way in a way that, you know, let's say he was competing against me. I'm a small guy. I could not compete against a guy that's two feet taller than me and has giant hands and all that. The same for many of these women. So it's just not fair for the women who are in these athletic competitions to have these guys come against them. And then the real frustrating, so it's not just women's sports or women's rights, but you mentioned the bathroom situation.

Great. And many of our listeners know that I live in North Carolina. And about four years ago, when Pat McCrory was governor of North Carolina, there was a bill that was introduced in North Carolina to allow, it started, by the way, with the city council in Charlotte, North Carolina. And it was a bill introduced to allow transgenders to use the same bathroom. So if you were a guy, and it's usually guys, I mean, you might know better statistics, I could be wrong, but I think it's usually guys.

It's almost completely guys. And they wanted the ability to let these young men and women, or young men, go into women's bathrooms. But it wasn't just bathrooms. Okay, that was bad enough.

But it was also to use the showers gray in the locker room. And, you know, they got different parts. And you can, I said I wouldn't get too graphic here. I won't get too graphic. Okay, but a guy's a guy, and a girl's a girl.

And, you know, in most cases, if a naked guy's around naked girls, things are going to hack up into him, to his anatomy. And it was just a formula for a terrible situation. We had a lady on a while back named Donica Hudson. And Donica, you might remember this lawsuit, Gray, Donica and her husband lived in Charlotte at the time.

They had a daughter in high school, and they filed a federal lawsuit to try to prevent guys who were pretending to be girls to be able to use a bathroom, where their daughter, you know, is an athlete or whatever. So, like, these guys that are competing on these swim teams, they're using the same showers, same locker rooms, and everything else. And it's just, to me, it's inevitable.

And it's even worse. It's even worse because these female swimmers, the actual females on these swimmers on these teams, are going to the coaches and saying, we're not comfortable with this. We do not want them in here. And they're being told that they cannot, that they just have to deal with it because they cannot risk upsetting or castrating out one of these trans members of the team. Without a pun, when you say castrating them out, there was no pun intended, right?

A little bit of pun intended. But they're going to these people and they're not allowing them to, so they're telling them, you have to be uncomfortable because we have to let this one guy walk around. And I did a story just last week where he would basically just let it hang, and he still admits that he's attracted to these women. So, as you can see, this leads to women being put in situations that if it had been someone who called themselves a male, putting them in a situation, he would have been, you know, taken out of there, most likely charged with some sort of harassment. But because of this ideology, because of how strong its supporters are, nothing's happening. And in fact, it's going the opposite way, which is just killing women's sports, women's privacy, all of it.

Well, there's so many other dangers. I know you're familiar with the case in the governor's race in Virginia just last year. There was a young man who claimed to be a woman, and I don't know if he had any therapy, but again, under these rules, you don't have to have hormone therapy, you don't have to have a sex change. You can just claim, okay, well, I had a lot of problems with the bathroom bill, but one of the problems was, okay, today I'm a guy, five minutes later, I can identify literally as a dog, and for people that do identify as animals, I can identify all these different things, and it can change continually. So this guy in Virginia claimed, for our listeners that don't know, he claimed to be a girl, and he used a girl's bathroom, and he sexually assaulted a young lady in one high school. It was allegedly covered up by those in the school and the school board system.

The boy transferred to another school, and because there was no record of any of this, because he was a minor and he was never officially charged with anything, then he goes in and he rapes another girl in another school system. And it's just really getting out of hand, Gray. It's terrible. Real quickly, to go back, I know you were trying to joke about identifying as a dog, there's actually schools now, I've heard of at least one such case where they're putting litter boxes in these bathrooms for people identifying as a cat now. Are you serious?

You can see just how I am. There was a mother who went to a school board and was talking about that. They make a slippery slope argument saying we're making a slippery slope argument. I think it's been proven, because they've decided to go off the cliff on this.

I have an evangelist friend named David Burt. He says we live in a sin-sick, Satan-loving society, and that's exactly where we are today. I mean, this is just nonsense with what's going on. Folks, we're going to have to take a commercial break. If you're listening, I'm talking with Gray Basford, who is with the Cancelled Misfits podcast show on YouTube.

I want to encourage you to check him out. We're talking about the issue of transgenderism. So when we come back, I'm going to ask Gray how this issue is hurting women and children, and who knows where we'll go from here. It's a hot topic in our society. You as Christians need to know what the issue is, and you need to know what God's Word says so you can take a stand, because we have to stop this nonsense. We're just drifting further and further away from God and His plan for creation.

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Welcome back to the Christian perspective. This is Chris Hughes. My guest today is Gray Bassford. Gray is the host of the Cancelled Misfits podcast show. You can find him on any social media outlet or particularly you can find him on YouTube. So just go to and search Gray Bassford.

That's G-R-E-Y-B-A-S-F-O-R-D and the Cancelled Misfits show. We're talking about the issue of transgenderism and before we took the break, Gray, we were talking about men who identify as women now kind of dominating, particularly women's sports in the area of swimming because they're so much bigger than their female competitors. And we talked about the dangers where there's been sexual assaults and then you brought up an issue where there are school systems in the country who put litter boxes in bathrooms because students are identifying as cats. What does that say about us as adults, Gray, when we're condoning this kind of craziness and why do you need to put cat litter in a bathroom?

They got arms and legs. I mean, I guess I'm going to go off on a tirade here. There's a toilet sitting there.

For goodness sake, why do you need cat litter? You know, I think it all boils down to people who know this is wrong, have been pushed to the side, have been yelled at, berated, and like you said at the top of the show, it takes a lot of courage to speak out about this. It doesn't take as much courage in my situation. I don't have kids, I don't have a family, but some people who might want to speak up about this, they may have to realize that people are going to come after them. They have a family and kids to worry about.

These coaches that are told that they can't, you know, telling these swimmers, as we were talking about earlier, that they can't, you know, keep a transgender, I mean a man who's a woman out of the women's locker room because they're worried about their own kids. So a lot of this is just good people are not doing anything. People who know the truth are scared to speak out, scared of what it might do to their family, and that is why we are on this basic slope that's just hurtling downhill as fast as the people who want to push this can send it. And that's why Christians need to engage in the political process, why we need to run for office as Christians, we need to elect godly men and women in legislative positions, school board positions, and particularly as judges. I'm getting worked up here.

I have so much I want to talk to you about and we're not getting very far because I'm just fired up here, Gray. So tell us, how does this specifically hurt women and children? Is it a harm, and if so, how? So yeah, women in our culture are actually losing what makes them special in this trans culture. So they say anyone can be a woman, because they say they're a woman. There's no added outside requirements in trans culture to be a woman, and it's taking away what makes women so incredibly special.

Their femininity, their beautifully sacrificial nature, and most importantly, their incredible God-given ability to grow a unique human inside of them. Now trans ideology says that trans women, so men, men are just as much of a woman as either of our moms who birthed us, which is just, there's so many dangerous roads this leads down to. You have incredibly broken homes with kids who have no identity, are being confused, because they look up and they see a man trying to be a woman, or vice versa.

You can't tell me that that is a good home for a kid to grow up in, where they will come out not confused. Yeah, it's total confusion, and a lot of these kids, I'm going to go down a rabbit trail here with you for a minute, but a lot of these kids are being brainwashed into thinking they're transgender, and science, for those that want to follow the science, says it around, you know, your brain is not fully developed until mid to late 20s, so you have basically children making decisions that they're going to be the opposite sex, or a cat, or a dog, or whatever it may be, and then they start taking hormone therapy, or Lord forbid they have sex change operation, and then they come, years later they get saved, or they come out of that, because there are plenty of cases, by the way, where people realize the sinful nature that they were in, and they come out of this, and they don't live that transgender lifestyle anymore, but now because of what they did to their body, they can't have children or anything. And, Gray, I'm sure you found this in your research, there's a curriculum that the Biden administration has funded to the tune of about 130 million dollars, called the common sexuality education curriculum, and it's in school systems all across the country, and as early as the ages of five and six years old, kids are being asked to identify, you know, do you want to be a boy or a girl, and being told that it's okay, and there are actual laws in some states where it's against the law for a teacher to tell a parent that, you know, little Johnny comes to school, and he's got a dress in his locker, he wears jeans at school, he changes clothes, and then all day at school he's a girl, and then he goes back home as a boy again.

Have you heard of some of this? That happened right here in Tallahassee, not 15 miles from where I sit, where a school, a school in the Leon County school system here in Tallahassee, actually helped a little girl who was confused, depressed, from honestly being in lockdown, in Florida it was not as bad as elsewhere, but Leon County is kind of the exception here in the panhandle, and she started going back to school, and the school actually helped her to quote unquote transition, and in their paperwork they specifically made a note not to tell the parents. You go over to California and Salinas, I believe Salinas is the name, if you want to see a woman who has been broken down and why this is so important, there was a woman who talked to a school board, who had basically, the school had started a gender club, and had actually convinced and groomed their daughter to become, to buy into the transgender ideology, and there's a video of her speaking to the school board, it's just so powerful because she's just so hurt over this, and this is what it does, it breaks down kids because their identity is not there, and they confuse them before they are able to grow that identity, and then it breaks down families, it's just a terrible, terrible thing. It destroys the traditional family value unit, and it teaches kids that their parents are bad, and that we should hide this stuff, no child should ever be hiding anything from their parents, God gave those children to you parents, that's why you need to seriously look at homeschooling your kids, this garbage is not just going on, and same with critical race theory, not just in public schools, but in a lot of private schools, and yes, even some Christian schools and seminaries, and Gray, I know a lot of our listeners have probably heard of something called the Drag Queen Story Hour, this is again being funded with our tax dollars, and all across the country, in 5K, 1st and 2nd grade, where drag queens, meaning men who dress up as women, go into classrooms, and they have Drag Queen Story Hours, and they read books and stories to children, and usually the stories have to do with the transgender issue, so kids are watching on Disney, all these princess things and all that, and here's this beautiful princess, and hey, you don't have to be female anymore, it's a guy with a beard and a low voice, dressed in a princess gown, and he looks so pretty, and he's reading me a story, and it must be okay, or the principal wouldn't let him be here, and my teacher wouldn't have him in the class, and it is teaching these kids that sexual deviancy is normal, and they start having these Drag Queen Story Hours, and then the teacher comes in and begins to ask you, well maybe you're like RuPaul, who came here to read a drag queen story, are you sure you're really a little girl, maybe you're a man, and you're trapped in a little girl's body, it's crazy gray. Well you know what's even worse than that, this happened at a church in Chicago, and a drag queen took the pulpit, spoke to the congregation, and then left the pulpit, invited children to sit at his feet to read a book about joy, and it happened to another church in Indiana where a pastor was actually on an HBO series, they showed him preaching to his congregation, and then it faded into him being in drag, so this isn't just schools anymore that this has gone into, or libraries, this is actually invading into the American church now. Well since you brought up the church, Gray, how should the church respond to this nonsense? Well the first thing this church should do, is you have to share the gospel with them, 100%, as you said earlier, a lot of people who do hear the gospel come out of this realize that it's a sinful way to live, but you also have to realize, and this is kind of what I've realized going through my research, is that there's two types of people associated with the trans ideology, there's actual trans, and there's a lot of overlap here, but there's actual trans people, and then there's the gender affirmists who are pushing that, so when you're dealing with trans people, these are people who are hurting, depressed, confused, someone has came along and helped turn that confusion into an actual belief that they are someone they are not, and so these people, you really do have to love them, you have to teach them firmly, but lovingly the gospel, and then you have to minister to them. Now the other side of this is, like I said, the affirmists, these are the people who actively go out and push us, so you think of psychiatrists who have a gender affirmist first theory, you think parents who push this on kids, because that does happen way too often, you have celebrities who berate people who say that maybe we should not be pushing these people into it, and these people, you still have to try and share the gospel, because that is first and foremost what we should be doing as a Christian, but at the same time, it's okay to push back against these people harder, you look through the bible and you have godly men with righteous anger going up against evil, and as much as we do want to share the gospel with them, we also do not want to let them spread their ideology, so we have to have the courage to stand up, to look them in the eye, to tell them they are wrong, they are wrong for pushing this, they are wrong for spreading it to confuse people, that if they do not listen and heed the gospel, then there will be a place in hell for them, because of how they have pushed other people to live outside of this reality.

Boy, you are speaking truth right now. Folks, we're going to have to take a commercial break, my guest today is Gray Basswood, Gray is the host of the Cancelled Misfits show, you can find it on YouTube and any social media outlet. We're going to come back for the final segment, you don't want to miss it, it's a controversial day, it is the topic that faces our society, we're talking about transgenderism, stick around we'll be right back. Give us a call today at 704-984-2432 or connect with Diggs Design on social media. In a world crowded with viewpoints and voices.

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Welcome back to The Christian Perspective. I'm Chris Hughes. My guest today is Gray Bass, where Gray is the host of the Cancel Misfit Podcast show. You can find it on YouTube, any social media outlet. Be sure to like his show, subscribe to it, push the little bell next to it, so you know anytime Gray puts out on a regular basis new and fresh material. He covers so many topics in culture today. He covers them from a Christian perspective and from the perspective of a younger person.

You might want to turn him on to your kids or grandkids. And you want to watch it yourself so you know what's going on in culture today. Gray and I are talking about the transgender issue in society today. Gray was just telling us about what the response should be of the church. He's given us some shocking information today, talking about not just are boys going into girls' bathrooms, are there just been boys dominating female sports and so forth, but also even where people are identifying as animals.

And there was a school he listed where they put kitty litter in a bathroom because somebody in the school identified as a cat. And we're just condoning this nonsense in our society today. But as we talk about this, and as we're in our last segment, before we finish up, and Gray, we had so much we had planned to talk about, we're going to have to kind of be back and talk about this more. But Gray and I both want you to know we're identifying a sin. And everything from lying to stealing to cheating, committing adultery, those are all sins, transgender, homosexuality, they're sins lined up in the Bible. And no sin is greater than any other sin, and the Bible tells us that every one of us has sinned.

So if you're listening and you're transgender, nobody here is condemning you. We're just saying that that is a lifestyle that God doesn't condone. But the good news is that we love you, and God loves you. And you can turn to Jesus Christ today, ask him to forgive you for sin, whatever it may be in your life, and identify Jesus as the Lord of your life, and promise to serve him and love him all your days. And if you do that, you can spend an eternity with him in heaven one day. But the key to the word, the religious word is repentance. And repentance means that you turn from your sinful ways. It's like going down a road, I get lost all the time, I realize I'm going the wrong direction.

I do a U-turn and change directions. And that's what God calls us to do. So those of you that are Christian listening to this, the solution is not to be mean or hateful to these transgender people. They need to know that you love them and that God loves them, and they're welcome in God's arms, and you need to help them through this process to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ and turn back to him. Well, Greg, we are now in our final segment.

We had so much that we haven't gotten to. Why is this, it seems to be more prevalent among young people today, and part of that I think is because of the indoctrination they're getting in schools. I think part of it is because parents, you know, we're not firmly rooted in the word of God, and we have less than 10% of pastors around the country today who preach the inspired word of God or ever address these issues. But why do you think it's so prevalent among teens in our country today? It's crazy among teens. I think from a Gallup poll, something like 40% of Gen Zers, so aged, I don't know, 14 to 22, believe that they are either transgender or fall into the LGBT cloud as a whole. So you're right, it is very powerful among young people, and I think that this preys on many different weaknesses that especially young people have.

Puberty is hard for kids, and one of the reasons that you're, one of those reasons is you're first coming into your identity, you're first really learning about yourself. And as it also happens, people want to feel unique and special, and this, you know, all preys on this desire to be unique, to feel special. It's why there are all these 92 different genders, and it's why they have to keep creating these insane names for different sexualities. You know, they want to be different, they want to be special, and instead of directing this at a talent that they could develop or a skill that can, you know, be very useful, it's much easier to say that you're a non-binary demi-pansexual masculine woman or something like that, but it's hard to learn to do useful skills, skills that are good for not just yourself but for other people.

That's one reason. And then I also think that people who fall into this or choose this lifestyle are pushed very hard spiritually. You know, of course I 100% believe there are spiritual battles going on around us. I think that this is something that is ridiculously powerful for a demonic presence to use. Is this why someone always goes into this? Not necessarily, but as a tool for Satan to use against us, yes.

It could be more powerful for his plan to take as many people to hell with him as pushing them into living separately from God, separately from reality, separate from truth as we talked about, and I think between those two reasons, young people, you know, wanting to be different, wanting to be unique, wanting to find their identity, and just how powerful of a tool this is for spiritually, I think that's why young humans, especially now, are so into this or choose this, I should say. So you're helping us now with understanding why it's prevalent among teens and some of the dangers. A while ago, or earlier in the show, you mentioned trans people versus trans activists. What are those two categories? What's the difference and what do you mean by that? So trans people, of course, are the people who bind to this to the point where they live it. And so the difference really is one group is hurting and one group is evil.

So you see shades in between these two sides. You have hurting trans people also actively pushing this identity. And again, you have to love them, share the gospel, the truth with them, and stand firm against them, against, I should say, the trans ideology. But the difference is one people truly believe it, and one people may believe it, but they also want to push this life to as many different people as they can. So the affirmists, like I said, are all of these people who take these confused people and instead of saying, hey, maybe you should get some good therapy, maybe try to figure something else, they say, no, you're a boy but you believe you're a girl, you're a girl. You believe that you're neither, then you're neither.

You've got to find wherever it is. And that's really the big two differences. One is just looking for answers while they are hurting and confused. The other one is providing false answers, lies, and that is the evil that we truly as Christians must stand against.

And that's exactly right. Just like there are trans activists, there need to be Christian activists who stand on the truth of the word of God and reach out in love to these people. Many of these trans people are hurting. The suicide rate, I don't remember the number, but it's just huge among the transgender community.

41% versus 4.3% of the general population. And folks, that should tell us there's a problem. That's an area where the church, I mean, we don't want to see these people dying. We don't want them to go to hell. We have an opportunity at church to love these people, to show the love of Jesus Christ, particularly these young transgender young people and teens and even adults, and let them know that you love them and God loves them and there's hope and they don't have to commit suicide.

The problem is we're finding our identity in ourselves instead of finding our identity in Jesus Christ, the one who loves us and gave his life for us and sacrificed so much. We're going to run out of time, Gray, but we talked about how they're pushing it on kids. How are they getting away with this? Why is this indoctrination happening?

So they were getting away. To start off, they have to start so young because as you get older, it's a lot easier to see, you know, if you're not confused on it, it's a lot easier to see this is not the truth. So they do start on, as young as four years old, you were talking about in schools, the Biden administration pushing a lot of money to teach these kids, as young as four or five and six, but they aren't getting away with it as easily as they were anymore. One of the reasons they are having a much harder time is because, you know, kids went home because of COVID, parents could see it. I won't get too much into it.

I believe you had a really great guest a couple of weeks ago talk about this in much greater detail than I can. But this is becoming a hot button issue. They're not getting away with it, and I think they probably overstepped pushing so hard on these kids that now parents are getting involved, mothers are getting involved, and they're having less of an impact.

I should say they're having a harder time pushing this to kids while still going unnoticed. Well, we're running out of time here. So like in 60 seconds, Gray, is it going to get better and is there hope? I think yes, there's hope. You know, I think if a church as individuals really gets behind the idea that this is coming for us, then yes, I think for pockets this can get better. I truly believe that prayer works.

I believe that Christians praying has an effect. So yes, in pockets, even maybe statewide, some states who choose to fight against this, it can be better. At the same time, I've read my Bible, things will quite clearly keep going downhill until Jesus comes back a second time and ushers in his kingdom, and this isn't any different. I can't imagine Satan doesn't keep pressing this with a tool as powerful as it is that we talked about. So locally, yes, this can be better. You can help protect your children if you pray, you are active in local politics, putting people into power that will fight against this.

However, worldwide, I hate to paint a picture that's somewhat depressing, but yes, it's going to keep getting worse and worse until Jesus comes back, which is why, of course, you have to protect your kids and your community. Well, Gray, folks today, Gray Bassler has been our guest. Thank you, Gray, for being with us. We sure appreciate you. I'm so thankful to be here. Well, keep fighting the fight.

Be sure to check out Gray. He's got a podcast on YouTube called The Cancel Misfit Show. Folks, as you leave today, just remember one thing, Jesus Christ loves you. Transgenderism is no different than any other sin.

All sin separates us from God, and the only hope that we have is put our saving grace in Jesus Christ to confess our sins, to change our ways, to surrender our lives to Jesus Christ and make him the Lord of our lives. I hope you'll stick around, come back each and every day and listen to your favorite radio station. I wish you could get our podcast on the Truth Media Podcast Network. Until next time, let's go impact the culture for Jesus. Thank you for listening, The Christian Perspective with Chris Hughes. Learn more about impacting the culture for Jesus. Visit
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