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Are we Seeing Reverse Racism America?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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February 22, 2022 5:00 am

Are we Seeing Reverse Racism America?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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February 22, 2022 5:00 am

 Former Representative Mike Hill joins Chris today to talk about racism in America. Should the color of one’s skin or their gender be used as a determining factor to receive medical treatment or even as criteria to select an United States Supreme Court Justice.

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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network and get ready.

It's one of America's most important and influential respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political ad and author. Here is the founder and assuming America foundation issues and try to have exciting is to talk about exciting topics to help you develop a biblical worldview. Where then you can take that worldview from the Bible perspective from the biblical perspective and apply it to a everyday life and and just a reminder if you're new to the show will worldview a worldview is the lens through which we see the Bible and I mean see the world and so is a Christian we want our worldview to be based on the lives of the Bible were everything we see and do we think about what God's word has shown us to do and I want to think today citizens for America. The citizens for America foundation sponsors are show what I want to give a special thanks to Mid-America Baptist theological seminary right here in Memphis Tennessee that allows us to our broadcaster show each and every day from their beautiful campuses. I encourage you if you have a young person who is going to college you want to go to a Christian college were also the home of Mid-America college in this early if you want to get in a ministry there's just a wonderful seminary are called Mid-America Baptist theological seminary.

Well, as you know we are trying to stay abreast of a lot of the issues that are going on in the nation today. I'm so excited about our guest. Our guest today is representative Mike Hill, Mike Sturm served in the Florida legislature. He is a small business owner. He is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy.

He said he served in our military. Think, for at least 10 years and he now serves our staff. It citizens for America, where he oversees legislation and keeps track of what's going on. Ross across the country and just ill in recent weeks, there's been so much going on your with vaccines and mandates and now they don't.

We think that maybe some of the mass mandates will be going down but a lot is happened with vaccines and and something Mike recently cognizant. Hey, you know we got a problem in going on in that there seems to be racial discrimination in how vaccines are being given and not in the way that you would think, it appears that in some cases minorities are being moved to the fertilizer. There's nothing wrong with anybody you know getting a vaccine. But the problem is selections are being made based on the color of someone's skin and and that should be a concern for us as Christians because you know in the Bible there are no red Christians black Christians white Christians yellow Christians.

There are only the blood bought Christians of Jesus Christ. God does not see us through the lens of color in the Inso critical race theory is our schools. It's is our colleges in our seminaries, inner churches and now is being used in the medical field to determine who gets a vaccine and how so represent Mike. You'll thank you so much for being with us on the Christian perspective today in honor and fear your audience, meaning to respond with me around today Christian perspective and the only way we can do. Originally when you do that you know what the word of God.

We were staying in on a daily basis like that is such a problem is we see Christians across the country and I and I know you speak really all all over the country as well. You see, particularly the younger generation, but that is not confined to just them. A lot of people today don't know how to defend the Christian beliefs. They don't know what they believe or why they believe it is a Mike what I see is to really two areas that are causing that problem. One is as you just said people don't read the Bible, how can you have a biblical worldview. Folks, if you're not reading God's word. It is the Bible. It is the inspired and inerrant word of God is sufficient for everything that we see, say and do. But if you don't read God's word you don't know what it says and you can't develop a biblical perspective and Mike's.

The second thing I see numerous doubles and preachers toes here. I know Mike you're familiar with George Barna, George Barna is a Christian pollster and George Bart Barna says that of evangelical pastors who claim to be evangelical pastors that less than 10% of them ever address issues that are in our culture today. Mike like like the traditional family like homosexuality, abortion, transgender, all those issues, and he also says that people that consider themselves to be faithful church attenders only go to church once maybe every three weeks so if you really go to church once every three weeks.

If you go at all and you never read God's word and you sit under a pastor who never addresses issues going on the culture today.

There is no way for you to really develop a biblical worldview you you hit the nail on the head. Mike I do all we have. What I would call lazy Christian. In other words, they are on her or their pastor to develop Christianity and you can do that you have God you got an individual see each and every person is unique. Someone whom he loved someone who he may, in his image, who was fully and wonderfully put together a new mother's womb.

Each individual is different distinct and so God is to have a relationship individual in what you have by communing with God's word.

So Christians should not wait on Patrick tell him on Sunday. Even if they go or when we know for saving the family and of themselves, together with other Christians. You don't gather with other Christians you start losing a perspective on your life going in the direction where should the word of God and you know the word of God times. Any error in thought were learning is the infallible time in your own thought and be error gather with other Christians. You can get confirmation as to whether or not the direction the life family doing is going in the right direction so that you want to attend church but same time. Don't rely on the pastor to develop worldview. You need to develop yourself by reading in the word daily and is not like it has to be a merit raise. You have to read through the viability.

I know some people like doing that by criticizing the what I'm saying is spend some time daily in the word doesn't have to be for three or four hours doesn't have to be for any period of time just sometimes when you think God and you know that you were hearing from you were reading about human you and by doing so he will put in your heart way you should go worldview should be listed on the Old Testament and one daily and doing it and meditate on the mercy of God is telling me pinned on. Is trying to teach or even while your pastor is trying to teach you learn for yourself like that such great advice because you know Christianity is not a religion is a relationship with Jesus Christ and you can't bill you with his skylight talking to your best friend. You know Mike you and I are been friends for many many years and we talk we don't have to struggle about what we talk about her or how the conversation is going to go is not forces, not somebody else telling us what what to say or think or say with each other and that's how it is when you get in God's word.

Praying is a way for us to talk to God, but reading his word as a way for us to listen to him and for him to talk back to us and it's amazing, Mike. I know you've probably experienced this to work there been times where I might've read verse or passage of Scripture hundreds or maybe even thousands of times but every time God can show us something new and reveal something new to us from that word and in many times it's something that we need to hear that day when were digging into God's word. God word is relevant. It is a lie.

And when you read it first ameliorated a year ago maybe two years before their value, little deeper to you because God is revealing to you what is relevant for you today at time we could be completely and it was two years ago and that word is alive that each time you read it got him to show you something about word about here, which is the bottom of it though. You know the Bible and find out, revealing that they really don't know the Bible inside out my change on your change like emails like word live your life can change based on how your life came word is what it means when it is called or emailed about me if he might not thinking right now understands what you're saying that God even though his word is is perfect and infallible. His word doesn't change, but he will speak to us in a manner that might be applicable or will be applicable to what were doing at that particular time in our lives.

Mike is just so important for us as Christians to understand what God's word says so in know what we believe and why we believe and meet you is is homosexuality a sin we see on the news and we read about these transgender issues, and we recently you know, the Olympics took place recently in word transgender athletes that have kind of made the headlines and we need understand what God's word says and how we can develop a biblical worldview were to take a break, folks. But when we come back were going to talk more about biblical perspective were also talk about an issue to spin the news a lot lately and that's what's happening with the race situation. Decide who gets a vaccine when it happened. So stick around and be back the minute with more with the Christian perspective yesterday.

The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you out blocking the fixed fee. The Bible come to life and I joined nationally for Jason to create the world from all over the world and explore Christianity's best.

Aligning alleyways to Nancy so place that I think is the first hand ready to travel out of their foundation in creating and sharing going American. George Washington was born this day February 22, 1732.

In his inaugural address he said it would be improper to omit this first official act.

My fervent supplications to that almighty being who rules over the universe. Washington continued know people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the visible hand which conducts the affairs of men more than the people of the United States every step by which they have advanced the character of an independent nation seems to have been English by some American transcript All-American 1888. Welcome back to the Christian perspective were glad to have you here with us today our special guest is representative Mike you use a former state representative of the state of Florida is on our team of the citizens for America foundation and and Mike keeps a close eye on what's going on around the country and particularly when it comes to legislative issues and and other issues immaculate in the first segment we were talking about the need to develop a biblical worldview to shift gears now for minute and talk about what's happening in the vaccine area and particularly what's happening with critical race theory and how race is being used at Mike.

I just don't understand our nation spent more than 200 years trying to do away with judging somebody on the is is Dr. Martin Luther King's advice on the color of their skin, and in the past couple years. It seems like were trying to go back to that situation where were we looking at people based on skin color. I just don't understand what's going on what you see happening as you drive around the country and whenever the lead charge raise always seem to become your time with that when Obama was and he was a great uniter and he was gotten rid of rain in our nation -related the issue to Pres. from Pres. from 10 even though the latter would not allow them to we saw amazing things happening in the minority communities where was falling to low levels where we saw an economy was increasing and going well as president from mere policies removing very regulations and lowering taxes and it was an economic boom for everyone. Now we have received been by regime in office, which I will say I believe that he was installed. That was not true and fair election. Ample evidence out there now blatant fraud that went on in many today and to buy into office now is becoming an issue.

The last jar where buying is must be a black woman, which I don't understand is the most qualified person. Are you ready for your Mike ever dreamed skin color would be. I know hundred years ago that was an issue, but we fought so hard for skin color and I don't care what color skin. Somebody has on Supreme Court, frankly, might my favorite justices is is probably just as Thomas, Clarence Thomas, but you but I imagine if Donald Trump is said my litmus test is going to be the color of your skin to put somebody in the Supreme Court yeah you want to business you can hire somebody based on the color of their skin it. It didn't matter either. Pres. Biden is not saying the Autocare you know how I want the best person he never said he was the best person he said he be based on two things. Gender and skin color. Even a pickle woman and again I have nothing. No problem at all with the woman being on the Supreme Court supported Justice Amy Coley Barrett being on the Supreme Court, in a will or so is can be based on gender oral skin color Mike, what's happened to our nation were going backwards, and I don't understand why the minority communities in the country are not screaming from the rooftops that we are going in reverse as far as civil rights, and it appears that the Biden administration is on doing everything that Martin Luther King Junior fought to change. A number of minority are saying that we do not agree with a lot of we don't agree with using raise always because are left leaning media mainstream media. Only those who cry about racism, black mind and matter. Movement were getting the gear out on mainstream media news when you got here about his migration of black people who were leaving the blue control state where they are moving to real estate is a phenomenon that is going on at least be like people. A lot of people were leaving the high, the high crime, the failing schools of the controlled state and are moving state they're not moving to the south.

A lot of migration is showing a movement toward red state and we see happening so they are speaking. Be here in mainstream media. By way I don't want Chris I don't want the network. I don't belong long time to read their there are not more than propaganda. I get my news from many different sources in the mainstream media is so nominal now where people are leaving the state mining brown called how money lost and using IRS data to see people moving from certain state coming into other states. For example, man migration, your Maryland Illinois California people are leaving those days and are coming to the real estate being caught living in regulation program better state leaving New York Maryland Illinois California and they are moving to Florida is gonna leaving the high state high regulations state and local, state and local regulations. From: Florida and we see an amazing thing almost a thousand people a day. Laura was at work all day because you are seeing Mandy's man mandate here even though we have school trying to cling to it and hang automate where man but a lot of governor and from citizens was a no stay and data to see where you moving to leaving early in Maryland Florida and they are moving into West Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, St. Pete Lee and Chris.

I use so Orlando and St. Pete at one time silently read they are now old blue Orlando P is blue because they have a lot of people who came from California to the area and I and and so will elect people who believe in the high program last. I think like the same thing is going on in Texas to do and I'm wondering if it's not a concerted effort by the Democrat party of the liberal left to try to infiltrate conservative states, and change the legislative policies and the states, are you seeing that you created in Colorado. Colorado you could be a solid read a there were many Christian organizations which made them. Orders the Gideon met the family moved into the Colorado Springs area cannot plan and he executed that plan where they would move into the high population areas for Colorado Springs and Boulder and those areas and then start collecting locations.

That is exactly what happened to the point now where Harley denies Colorado being a left-leaning state.

We let ideas of high and recreational marijuana, California is legal recreational marijuana in Colorado and it is an utter disaster was seen around for very eyes solely trying to do that as we move into an area which means Chris we must we must ask Christians get involved in the political arena by either running for office or some critic and candidate running for office and by all means, vote Christian candidates is a great weight in this segment like we got a take a commercial break when we come back with a jump in that little bit more about involvement and even infiltration that you were talking about the folks were talking with representing my kill for the state of Florida talk a little bit about couple things, one about how various vaccines and suffering also talk about the infiltrate of liberals and conservative areas to stick around the right. America has a strong case is really important role God in the Bible is performing as having much of America's government and the mental health kind of Republic acknowledge the creator about the creation of the mounting show is brought to you by generous jobs. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise.

The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network that God would help Southern Baptist staple for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement back to the Christian perspective Chris she is my guest today is representative. My kill.

Mike is a former state representative from the state of Florida and work talk about a lot of different issues today. But before we took the commercial break.

We were talking about the infiltration of liberals, how they have a concerted plan to infiltrate areas like Texas, Florida, and they bring their liberal policies with them as they move the states and even in Colorado. Mike you were mentioning Colorado Springs that's really a hub of Christian activity were over 200 Christian ministries are based in Colorado Springs and you were mentioning how the liberal left made a decision that were going to go to that area and kinda turn it away from God.

If we can. Mike, an area that really concerns me.

Were we sing this infiltration is in in our seminaries and our Christian colleges around the country.

All a lot of seminaries now are really been taken over the professors who support critical race theory you don't believe in the inerrancy of the Bible or sufficiency of Scripture. When you speak on on college campuses and tickly. I know you got a great Christian school in a jury in Pensacola Florida a Pensacola Christian College. But they they stayed firm of the word God, but a lot are not because liberal professors have entered the seminaries and Christian schools around the country. Everything that we have and the reason being is the liberal theologians who were now running the school school don't know the word of God and why. But in their own pool of foolishness and they are being compared by saying that God love you. You don't know the word of God. We can save someone that lifestyle is wrong. You all and I love you and tell you all need to change from the word of God.


His wrong, morally raise as the primary race is a is anyone who opposes using radio.

Which of in order to promote order to provide for some of the minority community that treatment over those were not United States is a racist nation founded on racism that was on races differently on minorities and complete lie.

This is and was found to be a Christian nation. I have that there is an awesome book: Christian life and character of the symbol of the United States, written by Benjamin Morris was written back in 1864 tales explicitly by going through our founding fathers early writings by looking at their letters that were done during the Constitutional convention and makes it explicitly clear that is a Christian nation and we had some problems in the past we have, but as a nation we have overcome each one of those and it is incumbent upon us to continue trying to improve and being the nation that God intended us to be and that was to preach the gospel to a lost and dying world looks to United States as a moral beacon and right now with the biting regime in place. We are failing. We are failing really provide that clear moral perspective, the word of God. Yeah Mike yeah is there is there tearing down our Christian institutions and there may be people listening here today say what I never heard in school that we were founded as a Christian nation, but Mikey, you said it right. We were founded as a Christian nation. If you look at the very documents coming over from the pilgrims that came over the Mayflower even even beyond that just about every article in our United States Constitution are not just about every one of them I can. You can find the foundations of that in the word of God, the Bible was the basis for the founding documents of our country and our founding fathers understood the Hornets of God's word and honoring God and even some who may not of been Christians yeah like Benjamin Franklin is not sherbet. He what he called many times our nation, prayer, and our leaders to prayer. We were founded as a Christian nation. Because of that God uses nation to literally evangelize and send missionaries all over the world so as the liberals in our modern day here and in the 21st century began to tear away at the religious foundations of our nation.

What they're doing is we're allowing them as Christians to kinda put it into our ability to send missionaries around the world. Not sure what denomination you are Mike that I am a member of the Southern Baptist convention in there's a real battle going on for the heart and soul. I'm sure you read about it of the Southern Baptist convention right now were liberals of also infiltrated our convention and in there's a big push to wrap our arms around critical race theory, and Mike, as you said, critical race theory is sinful.

It is a religion and it teaches that there can be no redemption. Basically for the white man you were guilty for the sins of racism, but that's not what the Bible says. The Bible says yes that all of Santa come short of the glory of God. The Bible also tells us that we have an opportunity to receive forgiveness of those sins through the grace and salvation of Jesus Christ and the subject substitutionary death that he did for us. When Jesus died on the cross and because of that we can be forgiven of our sins no matter what they may be created and what we are seeing with critical race theory is that it is totally Mark ideology. What is it will bring people into different different classes and locate is based on skin color quietly knew that Mark originally started inviting people based on their class of income. The wealthy when the worker class were poor and private here in the United States were because God has blessed this nation so prosperity that any of the mayor doesn't matter who you are or what you came from your mind to it were our if you and God's blessings he will you and you will prosper. So you may have very poor humble beginnings and become wealthy United States and it happened all the time daily and so Mark saw that a class based on income and will not work united America have to use something else so you something that change so readily is your position will be immutable and then use your skin color is now based on race or your skin color try to create the vision and the reason why create vision.

Chris is because he will struggle to take place at one point, take place many IVs. It is all that problem better and make better by getting rid of the conflict when they make it worse. We have seen it time and time again all over the world from Korea to China and Russia to Cuba, Venezuela, and the reason why your failures and Crystal read.

Why doesn't work because the godless Marxism communism to work you have to take God out of the equation and the reason you have to do that is because as you and I later earlier is a Christian nation and our fusion is based on Christian values creator is mentioned several times in our recent independent which means that the ultimate comes from God and even your own government has to submit to God's word to God's law will Marxism God because they want to stay ultimate glory, not God.

And so we were in charge and what is really amazing is here Chris of those on the left.

Even only see clear in times past throughout.

Even as we speak today that communism is an utter failure in their areas of been done right this time were smart enough to do it when you cannot do it because man was made to be free word and spirit of the Lord is near.

There is freedom. God always had old crime. My people go. Let be free and more common is that you cannot be free. You have to do what they do is basically better good of the state, but each right in. We believe in freedom of speech, freedom of religion, equal treatment under the law and that government by the consent of the governed freedom and prosperity for you. You continue your present today.

Mike and in your right is such an arrogance to think that is gonna work this time when it is never worked communism, socialism has never worked in the history of the world different this time you take a quick commercial break and come back were gonna talk more about the racial divide nation today we can do is person racism in America to stick around me right back in a world you points of voice after a financial problem. Only one voice matters diets at the college at Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think from a biblical worldview online on our Memphis campus. Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped like the way this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about.

Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you out in creating and sharing is going. America has a strong Christian role God in the Bible is Dr. Deming.

Much of America's government and the mental health kind of Republic acknowledge the creator about the creation of the mounting welcome back to the Christian perspective, I guess today is representative Mike Hill, state representative, the state of Florida.

Mike wanted interesting conversation we've had today as we talk about a lot of different things we talked about how socialism and communism don't work around the world. We talked about the importance of developing a biblical worldview and understanding God's word Mike in this life/segment as we can around at the show. I want you to talk a little bit about what's happening with vaccines and in the preference given to minorities. Then I got some questions about what we as Christians can do that try to end racism in America today. So what's happening with the immunizations you mentioned earlier but several listeners may not know what's going on with selection by skin color for immunizations.

Please allow me to correct your overall is not being based on going to receive bad thing being created on the use of those who need treatment or monoclonal antibody call okay and we are seeing that in all places, New York, and even certain why we need monoclonal bodies, nonwhites are early treatment for 19 even bodies that he will help you recover that you're not receiving a score in the score based on a number of years including your age you are little illness with the highest score to your skin color like any other supply is limited so it is not unlimited supply lines. So why is coming treatment way to go. Black people have been treated her beer: long-standing health and social line to be treated illegal. First of all, will corrupt. Why illegal because right. I will not based on race, religion is so very first item that you cannot based on their here we have your Minnesota call and follow the real estate seeing people who, Illinois, California who are coming up the you have to wait if you're a white person to receive your model line will become our right of the individual independence so clearly state that all men are created equal individual and endowed by their Creator, the loving God with certain God given rights of life, liberty, and property line right in the face of that person why are you black or brown which is completely and morally corrupt. God makes every person in the image. Every person has intrinsic value because they are made in the image of God and God all will is all of grace and mercy will determine your skin color is going to be and that we can honor all someone based on morally corrupt. People are legal by Steve Miller visor. He filed a lawsuit. The policy using race as a determination will receive: 19 lawsuit I and the Department of Utah from Taurean policy is unconscionable is there could be dying and they are nine treatment because of the color of your skin which is why right black happened many years ago. United States is no longer happening in the last hour by you to keep class struggle and that's really what it's about my disciplines against each other. I just I can't imagine this going backwards from where we were. We fall so hard to not see people based on the color of their skin. That's something you God loves us all and and he doesn't want this discriminating people against people based on the color of their skin and so now our own federal government is doing it. Just a few years ago. If you and I had denied service to somebody you are particularly medical service to someone based on the color of their skin. We were going to jail. I I cannot understand the craziness that is going on in our nation today and is just sinfulness. I guess I should understand the Bible tells us of all these crazy things they're going to be happening in in days and I believe that we are in the end days, but goodness, we've got to do something to stop this so Mike what what can we as Christians do. What can we as Americans do to stop this racism. That's now coming back in our country from our own federal government. What we do and later voice be heard too often created to leave that lead a quiet and peaceable life with me that he cannot all may see something wrong going on and that's not true. Our founding fathers did not tear your Great Britain work but did speak out. It was happening and they spelled it out in the end of 27 and form the circle 27 grievances answer found in our prosecution.

Get involved. Pastors preach all what is going wrong in this country will be PQ policies. We see people treatment based on their race, healthcare based on arranged must be spoken out yet we cannot remain silent and do you go to your elected man bureaucrat be held accountable. Like the Steve Miller foundation American legal and you bring lawsuit people the wrong thing. You take action, go to your pre-born babies remain violent and when you do bring action as hell and not giving like people monoclonal bodies to receive first Greenlaw the entire department care and the loss anyway.

No person is responsible for making that ultimately there is some superintendent made you bring your law person and hold them accountable and may be their position that we must become action, Christian can be lifted on the account creation the action Christian in a gracious way, way more your you're not mean you are her in a moral way like that's great advice for us is as we wrap up the show today is a loveliest thing that we need to do this in graciousness and in the love of Jesus, but we need to stand up and let our voices be heard. And that's what God has called us to do.

He created this world and he gave it to us to oversee for him and even of the book of Genesis in chapter 2, it talks about how God created man to oversee what God he created and is time for us as Christians to take a stand on the word of God to develop the biblical worldview that you so clearly laid out the path for us to be able to do that earlier today by etc. thank you so much Mike for being with us. I sure appreciate you appreciate the stand that you take a mean your positions are not popular but you take a stand for the word of God across the nation were grateful for you will be praying for you folks, I'm Chris Hughes. I want to thank you for joining us on the Christian perspective today podcast. Check out your favorite.

I cast out fear.

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