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Moms for America

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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November 12, 2021 12:30 am

Moms for America

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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November 12, 2021 12:30 am

Chris is joined by a mother of seven and the national vice president of Moms For America, Juleen Jackson, to discuss parent's roles in their kid's lives.


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Here is the founder and chairman of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris, welcome to the Christian perspective, holy looking God to develop a Christian worldview in modern culture.

I'm excited because today's guest is a superstar mom about a month ago I was invited to speak in an event called a mom rise summit and it was outside of Charlotte North Carolina and that's where I met the national vice president of an organization called mom's for America. Her name is Julie Jackson and y'all are gonna love Julie. She's a mom to seven children. She's the wife of a former Utah state senator so she knows what it's like to be in engaged in culture and in the political arena.

She is the mother of an NBA superstar and you have to maybe learn more about her son and what he's doing and she is the vice president of the organization were to talk about today is called mom's for America hello she's also a certified instructor for the Thomas Jefferson center and she oversees the moms for America cottage meetings. What I love about Julene is not only does she love the Lord and she's a mom this really dedicated to her family and her woman dedicated to her husband, but she knows about the formation of our country that the founding documents of this nation and and how important it is for us to understand that we were formed really is a Christian nation, and God gave us documents that are really unique in around the world. There's no were the country that has a constitution like ours and she shares this knowledge with mothers all over the country every single week. Julene Jackson, welcome to the Christian perspective. Thank you for having me. Well I'm I'm excited that you're here. I was honored that you had me as a guest at your mom rise summit to speak outside of Charlotte in just loved you for the time Vicki and my wife was with me there. Vicki and I both love you are so impressed with what you're doing and what you had to say and are you as you know, my organization that I work with is called citizens for America and then when I saw that your organization is moms for America. I thought well this is what I call a divine appointment were God gave me the opportunity to meet somebody who shares the same vision and passion that I do to engage Christians in the culture for Jesus Christ and understand the crude true Christian heritage of our nation and and you're doing some incredible things.

So tell our audience were underway to talk specifically about cottage meetings in a minute. But before we get into that. What is moms for America, about an organization that I lab monitor America is moms around the country who want to learn the book of liberty and freedom and that worried about teacher and their children and grandchildren whole premise of mom. America is liberty. Peeking home when mother and grandmother understand the miracles of the story. Erica when she references the founding fathers in the Constitution, so we'll talk a little, her children and grandchildren and it's just a beautiful way to teach mother tasting. Mama feel like they're not qualified American history where the concert should they think they don't think that you know they're not historians or legal scholars.

You don't need to be family, you will be the greatest teacher. Your children will ever happen by the most qualified and think that they need to prepare them as they go out the world to do good and so really, the whole primitive liberty begins at home and become sweat mama how ancient trees to bear children, Julene, that what you're saying is so important for parents to hear not just moms but dad's to God gave our children to us and too many times we give given over the training of our children to government or to public schools or whatever it may be, but it's time for mom's and dad's to realize that we have the responsibility to teach our children what is right and the true history of our nation, and I think over the past year and 1/2 with all this going on in coven a lot of moms have seen a curriculum in the schools that they don't agree with and there realizing that parents really do need to step up and sometimes I think it is scary to parents when they they quote you I don't. You're not qualified to teach. I don't know this or that and that's where organizations like yours, to place because you put together some great materials and great curriculum is very easy to understand and then moms are able to take that information and share it with their children to teach them what it means to have liberty and to be free, so your your national organization.

What is what is the website for moms for America mom America you that's great I love it allowed the US to jump pick that up as is great that makes it easier been your website is a great website and in mom.

So no matter where you are the country.

Check them out. They've got chapters in and cottage groups all across the country and if there's not one in your area agility cotillion a minute how you can start one because they want to start even more.

They have great events, like I said I spoke at something called a mom rise summit and another's plans to have more of those in the coming year in and just they bring in world-class speakers and and you learn so much information must America is a great organization. But Julene, I know that your passion within moms for America is something called the cottage meeting. What is the cottage meeting meeting in liberty.

Groups when coming together at home parks and churches weekly in-home fight in the neighborhood church community can their largest 20 think the ideal encrypted around 10. The contract discussion, we have what is called the cottage meeting resource guide with 12 introductory lesson we just take you right through it. We can quote story for you to teach and lead a discussion of living come together and learn from each other. You share your answers, you teach one another. We pray for the cottage meetings I belong to.

It God is always there have mothers coming together kissing to heaven to help them learn to think that they need to know so they can go home short air family. You better believe God does not ignore that kind of prayer from the mother and eat what you can meet with you. You can meet with them or whatever needs are in your community that weren't happy for the study group and its transformative.

I have attended or taught cottage meetings for the last 13 years and I can tell you firsthand transformative impact it had on me personally woman he changed my marriage to change the way you might have been taught our children because the thing that I learned in the cottage meeting with I came home and began to teach them to my children and husband in a little morning devotional that we had had premier something I hit my mother did when I was young, she gathered in the morning she belittled Bible verse, praying that she gets out, so that's what I had been doing in my home with my children and I began to believe in the story America into our family devotion, and I done that for years and the impact that it had my husband would go on to run for the state and it because of the things that he was touched by God critique target teaching the principles of liberty to my family, my children really brave and heroic being down the world and continue to keep first impacted teaching your children how it impacts home without it, your neighborhood community.

Julene is so important in the Bible tells us that it tells us if you train up a child the way should go when he is old he will not depart from it and too many times were not doing that we we let the television are now once video games are this is the cell phone become a babysitter in and if we just take a few minutes to 30 minutes an hour every day to teach these principles to our children to make a real difference. So the cottage meeting sounds like is a gathering lot like one of the sale of one mama in a community decide she wants to do this and then she invite some of her friends and neighbors over you have coffee or whatever that have to be a full meal.

What is a meeting look like earth are they said they pray at all in and so forth. But is there a curriculum that you were providing an in house.

The leader of that group get trained are they watching videos from the website. What what exactly happens and if I wanted to be a leader of a cottage meeting. How do I know what to say and do question. We've made it easy. Mothers had a cottage meeting resource guide provide club lesson but we also recorded all of the lessons I went to a professional studio and I recorded all reflected it. Mother are you feeling like they need a little help initially, you can invite women if you home. You can push play. I will teach the lesson for you about half an hour to 35 minute and I asked question throughout the lesson and then at the end I reviewed the question turn off the video and that you just would facilitate that discussion question and have about this conversation and you know Sharon teaching you know meeting on each other and for its duration help in and so that it went way cottage meeting. You can also teach it on your own aoli, but after you watch a couple of my left and you might realize minute. I can see some folks might Need to lead to teach a lesson that really is no what I want, what mother to do but additionally we happy videos of the lesser eight my virtual cottage meeting every week every Wednesday 11 o'clock Eastern standard Time are getting ready to teach the class. About an hour Chris to be honest with you just find their greed there one hour each month from all over the country on and I teach the class a bit afterwards you have a wonderful discussion apparently tell us what they're doing in their community. A they have learned printable liberty and how it's changing their home neighborhood. Just today Chris and Kurt word about attending the virtual cottage meeting ran the school board that they emerged in the cottage meeting at one hearing the best thing you know it. Let what happened when you learn these truths shall not perpetuate the Savior nation, put in your heart what you should do and what it is going have a different assignment as you learn these things and say Lord here. My what you want me to.

You got this knowledge of these principles written on your heart use you as a tool in his hand to preserve patient! Nation under God's will. Julene, what, what are some of the topics you cover in the 12 lessons this show is brought to you by generous jokes coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about.

Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you love or causes you care about requested a credit hope how the world used a credit help mom is a credit hope everyone in the family could be that there's no place like home.

Another lady first lady become educated and may become educated Pogo nation.

Teach your children the foundation Baller 13 lesson teaching today the like cottage meeting at how impeach Richardson is a great lesson called America share the story we teach and mothers how to teach stories from our founding fathers of them are history as a beach Irish children. We teach mothers frequently given our class on how to teach your children the Constitution and gathers and I left class is raising up that next generation of hatred someone's mother have gone through these 12 lesson they are ready to go and they enter we get that other sources that take that eBay that there's never a problem of what daddy gonna give anything that he we also teach a healing of America seminar week seminar on God's hand and teach those that live free every Wednesday night, 830 Central standard Time there one hour and we go to God handed Billy American established and getting ready to teach the constant use in the next weeks the Constitution from authors and what will happen under a country. Why in the predicament that we are now and then the last four weeks is how we can ill America how we can home our communities are school our state and nation and you know those 16 class of America seminar will click mothers to begin to plan the school board and risking that this morning. The day after the election. Election were principles of God is a God of miracles back anciently and he will be a God of miracles. Today, our life, they will just have to courage and to get involved. I'm so excited about what you're doing because it citizens for America.

That's what were trying to do is encourage Christians to engage the culture for Jesus and you are preparing people so for listeners, particularly moms who want to learn about the founding principles of this nation about the Constitution and the Christian heritage of our nation. Yet you know this is a great way to do it. So, Julene, for those who might want to see what a cottage meeting looks like and join your virtual meeting.

How do they join your virtual meetings that you hold every Wednesday greasy to go to mom's for have a website will see right immediately cottage meeting click on cottage in the virtual cottage meeting. Click on the virtual cottage meeting. It'll take you to little registration that you will start to get them immediately alert notification and and 24 hours before the cottage you will get a reminder complete and that one hour before the cottage get another email with lighted start with the leak again so it will cut you each week. As a reminder with the leak and just you know get on and there's also 12 little note is for little seminar manual that you can get $12 apiece. We have a bunch America store study guide that goes along America seminar that you could get cottage the store as well, but that's really the materials you need and you need if you just get on watch and let the spirit of God. You don't work at what are your heart you will deftly be glad that it super easy to watch and get on and still can't find that you know two interesting than others.

They always stick with it. It always kind of treat you like a lot of the women that we started with our psyche. I think a moment there really come together that come to gather together your homes or even the day shift on Monday each other's heart. Hot Julene is, are those meetings interactive. In other words, can they ask you questions, the virtual cottage meeting dates with hurricane affected up teach the class wasn't bad. I got a claim for you. You mentioned your husband teach classes on on Wednesday nights. I think you said called healing our nation is that open to fathers as well or is it just a more know our evening classes are for families on dad, grandma, grandpa. It teenagers another Thursday night actually something on the monarch cottage meeting is Wednesday morning 11 AM and standard Time, and the evening classes are Thursday at 830 central standard time.

735 clarify because the people from all over the country to get your time though night, and it is the is the most inspiring thing we have only husband lying snack, go through this seminar. All 16 weeks and at very interactive say stay on in the list what they're doing in their communities, they can impact like Apple's Safari is it, much like about the many questions that I want to ask you. So is it the same so same thing for the meeting with your husband you go to mom's for America .us and you can register for their yes so have you seen an impact of these cottage meetings that are having own communities and I know you mentioned that you had people run for school board but is impacting local communities in the nation. Oh my word, is it ever we've got mothers almost every week telling us how they started their own cottage meeting Unity and we have a group from Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Virginia. That was so instrumental gather each week. These principles decant to organize community rally against the things that will be taught in the school system and really made an impact in the school board and they said hey I just on Fox news this morning. They attributed the bomb of America. I mean, I don't think everything nation that it was the fathers of America in Virginia.

What about allowed man to one governor young kitten last night to win mothers writing up and and I know personally that it was a real active monster back to cottage be great that we had Fairfax County that will at the forefront of allowing this man to be the Democratic candidate and he is a young, kinky lines and peaceful parental rights parents how to about what their children to be taught in the schools.

These are the kind of morally strong rituals. Leaders we want in office and so we got a bomb in New Jersey that just started inner-city program teach student who would think that public school would allow this kind of program and help help Clapton is with the lowest graduating school in New Jersey, desperate, and so there allowing her she's came up to our program cottage meeting and she attended college meeting at the Lord couldn't work hard to write the script when she wrote a grant in this high school in them during their teaching in New Jersey right now I Chris I could go on and on and on about mom and Jean.

I was just packing and it's all there. Meeting your equipping them moms for America's organizations equipping them and giving the information so I'm just so proud of you Julie for what you're doing. I know that y'all have something call. It was only a few minutes left, but she has something called the three pillars of liberty.

What are those pillars in or is it important to teach those to the next generation three pillars of liberty and in their predilection. 3.5 cottage meeting, teaching our children the foundation a that our founders eat minutes a new coveted special land and they look to God and they founded this government on God's law and do the only way we can maintain eye movements represented government is neatly made godly and virtuous and morally strong. And that's where our success at her straight currently teach her children of the moorings of the foundation of this nation was founded on a and then at the ballot virtue making your action to a the power, patriotism, love, he shouldn't be willing to sacrifice servant, do whatever we can to perpetuate what I founders gave us. And as you know those pillars children.

They are good to take it on who they are good to be the one to stand liberty and freedom of this nation.

They look at really one of the front line forward and arm them up as we teach them these great colors will have power these principles, how can they counter what's being taught in the public schools today. Well you know in my family devotion with my kids.

I would sure image each day.

I called my armor them up with truth of liberty stories of our founders and they go into the classroom and they would come home and they go mom let me tell you what was taught today in history and they were thinking they could recognize truth and error is being taught some of the kids had not been taught the truth and so when their teacher or their university professor teaches them the critical race theory or idea. They just assume that's true, but when you armor your children up with the virtues of the stories of the miracles of Eric Ewing think it is the country they sit in class with a listen to the news or social media at the building recognize that what they're hearing is garbage. You know they could raise their hand and they can counter intelligence are to be able to just earn truth error as you teach them well. I'm just praying for you and so thankful that I had the opportunity to to work with moms for America, because you're doing what I travel across the nation to do is to encourage people to become educated and informed and then engage the culture and your supplying free all these great resources were moms to just come together.

One day a week. Get educated, get to know each other because her strength in numbers. You mention the Virginia governor's race. And that's what it was. It was mom's who got together and said enough is enough were responsible for educating our children were going to learn how to educate our children and moms for America played a great role in that. Julie Kelvin together website as we close out the show. Yeah, I think you Chris mom for America .us America .us. Click on cottage meeting with members will cottage meeting you will be prepared you will you learning it education, together with the mothers and grandmothers America folks visit moms for America .us sign up to get on their email list and and be on the lookout for a mom rise summit or an event comedy area soon Julie, I just I love what you said so goes the woman, so goes the nation, so goes the woman, so goes the nation. Julie, thank you so much for being on the Christian perspective today. Thank you Crippen gladly the link are part of this great work getting very close.

Thank you for joining me today.

I'm Chris Hughes.

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