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Fighting For Faith & Freedom

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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September 17, 2021 1:00 am

Fighting For Faith & Freedom

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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September 17, 2021 1:00 am

This week, Jason Williams and Dr. Paul Brintley of the North Carolina Faith and Freedom Coalition join Chris to talk about the 2021 Salt and Light Conference happening Saturday, September 25th.

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Swim from a mouse concerned about customer goal with the podcast was. Hope you try to find your way in this difficult world. Your chosen Truth Network podcast was starting just seconds. Enjoy sure, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. This show is brought to you by generous jabs coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget coffee you love or causes you care about getting ready. It's one of America's most important, influential, respected voices on cultural and political issues and apologist Christian political advocate and author. Here is the founder and chairman of the citizen of America foundation, Dr. Chris Baucom, the Christian perspective, only looking God's word in order to develop a Christian worldview and modern culture have you heard your Christian friends tell you that the church should not get involved in politics that we should always separate church and state, I'm Chris using today's guest and I are really two warriors in the political arena. The first guest has served as an elected county commissioner. He's run many national campaigns and he's a follower of Jesus Christ is the executive director of the North Carolina Faith and Freedom coalition in his name is Jason Williams with Jason is Dr. Paul Brantley and these two men are just heroes to me because they are on the front lines of the battle defending our culture for Jesus today and I'm so excited to have them with me.

Jason a Paul, thank you so much for being on the Christian perspective.

Thank you guys is exciting time of the culture and y'all are both with the North Carolina Faith and Freedom coalition, which is a estate affiliate of a national organization founded by Ralph Reed. Tell us a little bit about the faith and freedom coalition and the work that you're doing not just nationally but specifically and in your home state of North Carolina yellow ball by thanking you for all your podcast. It got here. The outreach that you been able to handle the work you're doing is your service elected official appreciate you being willing Up and running. Of course, share your tireless efforts with the mayor told you they Turn on my social media without being you traveling somewhere trying to engage and educate and inspire people of faith to be more active in our culture and our political arena. I really present work you're doing now you say that about a lot of folks on your show that you're really out of my Kyocera better for thank you for your service Jason.

I appreciate well I started the organization going back 29 feet and it was coming off the heroes of the 2018 election that is really getting well and for me personally.

I will manager for getting manager from our cares and ran for Congress in 2018, anybody remembers that election here North Carolina really went after market was a pastor.

Charlotte could not run for profit.

Small things like it if you own marriage married a woman they attacked them for a sermon he preached years before that all on alcohol pretty down when his pastor a church in Georgia, a tactic because he preached the Mother's Day method. We talked about the biblical order of the whole talk about how the home and the wife is part of the holy comes about that to be Neanderthal and all coming out of that one tactical what he thought about immigration national dancer healthcare arena. They came after him because of his religious views commercial thing like a tactic for things that he believed from from the Bible and so when we came out of that even here, North Carolina. We realized man worried for a fight.

I mean you you hear about our religious liberty being under attack you. You see it happening nationally. Thanks, Chick-fil-A Salvation Army EC pharmacist haven't fill prescriptions like abortion pills against their religious beliefs. Anything that was the nationally important thing is now in North Carolina so I received a phone call in December 2018 from the national executive director of the faith of precaution and I went down to Atlanta and met with him and Dr. Ralph Reed and they shared with me their vision for North Carolina and they found North Carolina and being a microcosm of what was happening nationally enough you like it was happening graphic on the transgender debate across the country and we were there when I hear right here in our North Carolina and Charlotte, Raleigh.

Yeah, places it was prophetic because they were ahead of their time and now it seems like whatever happens in North Carolina, the nation follows. So God was moving in what they were doing when they talk to you what you really will happen North Carolina with Margaret microcosm nationally and politically.

We become so diverse populate tenant's. Anyway, we started a North Carolina operation. We have got North Carolina and the life. And I will write about it and decided that we would want to take on that opportunity to lead that effort. What we've done since then is just travel estate and try to engage with pastors try to get them involved. Try to get them motivated to speak out to go out and endorse candidates or to be an arm for certain political party, but to just speak truth about the issues that were facing from a biblical perspective.

All were looking for the cattle Madden last year we were. We were fortunate enough to lead the largest faith-based get out the vote effort in the history of the state legally not told roughly 350,000 doors we sent out over a million pieces of mail we did digital as we did Robo calls we did. Her texting we did whatever it to get the word out to get our people out to vote in the vote for the conservative candidate that they share our views then frankly North Carolina was pretty successful.

If you look at the result week we carried the day. Judicial races owned on the ballot even locally conservative control more county commissions than we ever have his real estate work on about those efforts in an frankly Chris. We plan on doubling down doing even more next God is truly blessed the work that you've done Jason up all travel water churches and I have Christians in particular pastors all the time saying I just want I don't want to be involved in politics a lot like it.

Some dirty cuss word. Do you guys think the Christian should be engaged in the public arena and if so why all the action. Our request, I think Jason would increase thank you so much for having the phone really do respect you and we met a couple years ago. It felt like copper did amazing job. There we met in Orlando to the majority daughter. So, really, really grateful that you allowed us to be on the show today.

Thank you so I'm a pastor and businessman whale and down the question. I was even asked distant interest you. You will be meeting the other night. Should churches be involved in lower pastors back family and I feel like personally that the Bible school of Government and it needs to be talked about, just like the Bible school of family in the Bible school of people gathering together, which we call the church. But the issue is we have government, but is not a biblical government or church social club is not biblical.

The family's but they're not biblical. So at the faith and freedom. Coalition here North Carolina. We have a aim to give a biblical deed on government and so we believe everybody in the church to get plugged in and we have evangelicals that believe in the Bible but they're not voting their convictions so we have taken it upon ourselves or the Asian mandate that a get out until the world what you believe eating the ballot this show is brought to you by generous jokes. The coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about ball you mentioned biblical worldview and for those that are listening. We all have a worldview.

What's a worldview, a worldview is simply the lens through which we see the world for a Christian for a follower of Jesus Christ.

Our worldview should be biblical in that we should look at the world through the lens of the Bible and it should affect how we live our daily lives and what we do.

We don't abdicate that worldview. When it comes to public policy and being engaged in the political arena. We've had more than 65 million babies brutally murdered in our nation through abortion.

We are watching the destruction of the traditional family value and pure smut is being taught to our kids in public schools today why because Christians are not taking a stand. We have given up the ruling of this world to Satan and it's time for Christians to take a stand and get engaged in the public policy and political arena.

One way to do that is to elect godly men and women to public office. Jason Paul we all sing. I may never have heard statistics there could be as many as 40 million professing Christians United States that are not even registered to vote.

Are you seeing that across the country and then and if so what can we do what can pastors do. Are we allowed to have voter registration drives or church is illegal and how do we do those kind of things well. Certainly legal, and even beyond that, they get their obligation to do that in Christian influence the culture. You know, it's amazing to see so many pastors who will make the statement that you normally get involved in politics. I don't really do that. I'll even try to refer back to one podcast of yours. I was out mutual friend of ours, Jack Connolly, who made the statement that I thought was was one of the best ones I've heard. We talked about the three positions in the God ordained report that the home, the church and in government. Anything you can imagine a pastor standing up and saying that a pastor shouldn't preaching own Christian's involvement in the home. Clearly, we can imagine a pastor saying that goes, obviously there is a biblical role for a believer in and no we obviously wouldn't imagine a pastor say that about the church yet there's something about that position that truly scares people. I don't want to talk about Christian involvement in government and so I believe if we think that there's a role for Christians in in the whole and is a role for Christians in the church. The man, you can't convince me that God have a role for Christians to play in his third position that he ordained in government and so I think we have got to not only be involved. We got to be acted and we got to be vocal in you know, if you look at it Chris you talk about the stuff about what the left is doing well and I get to examples everywhere I go about half past deteriorating in the two examples I give is if you look at how far we've come on marriage and I remember Barack Obama in 2012 got up and said I believe marriage is sacred and should be between a man and woman he supported civil unions at the time but he said marriage should be solely defined as between one man and one woman man. If you look at that now were not even having the debate on whether or not there should be civil unions or even gay marriage. I'm like we mentioned a minute ago where I have a debate on whether not and should use women's bathrooms are not based on how that that particular day and to look at how far we've come since even 2012 work Mike Huckabee not repent or not Ralph Reed, Barack Obama, less than 10 years ago was affiant that marriage of the between a man or woman in the second example would be the issue of life. I remember one of the first debate that I watched as the odor was the presidential debate between George W. Bush and John Kerry and I remember John Kerry stood up and said that he did not support abortion.

They support a woman's right to choose abortion was wrong and he felt abortion should be safe, legal and rare freethinking federal court that even when back what's going what is been the mantra for the laugher for so many years safely with rare but when the last. You hurt anybody on the left say they are. They think abortion should be safe, legal and rare. Now they're doing things like hashtag, shall your abortion bragging about abortion, their lighting up the Empire State building in New York pink to celebrate abortion's right now you got Gov. Northam up in Virginia who just recently made the statement they think the baby even after it's born if it survives a botched abortion should be chemical to decidedly comfortable while the mom and the doctor figure out what to do with that living, breathing human being to look at maybe taking their undergoing quick and so we can't assume the sidelines to all of you guys are active dedicated and they are committed to pursuing their letters call Jason, you're right and this is amazing how fast it's it's happening across the country and is because the church is been silent on these issues were not taking a stand.

The homosexual community is less than 10 and might even be less than 5% of the population with the homosexual and particularly the transgender lobby is running crazy in our school systems in particular and affecting curriculum and how we think and act in this country a Dr. Paul Brantley, your pastor, I recently saw survey from George Barna who does a lot of Christian bowling and he says that less than 10% of evangelical pastors in the nation ever address issues in the culture such as homosexuality, divorce, abortion, and an transgender. These type of things as you travel around to meet with pastors.

Were they taking a stand will not be that way with the opposite majority of you talk about in the pool. They felt led to do it but there was a scare and obligate me get the shift to make him feel like it made him feel uncomfortable to talk about these issues when there biblical issues. You can use them in less than you can use them in Sunday school, and use them in Bible study.

Even on Sunday morning. You can talk about these issues, but for some reason there's been a trick to say hey if you talk about those things in your endorsing a candidate or you're pushing up party and that's not true at all. We need to talk about these topics and we try to encourage pastors to not be afraid to address these issues and you hear excuses like well I may lose this person or this family and the you have all con excuses, but Jesus was playing and telling us that we have to speak the truth. It may have excuses we have to come out and tell it exactly how it is we have to preach the whole word of God pastors you need to tell you can't pick and choose the issues you can address and you worry about sin. If any one or two people in your church and we have lost our nation to evil because men of God who were standing in the pulpit are not addressing these issues.

I'm sorry. Don't apologize enough about to start preach a sermon. So what I really want to push years. I want to talk about an event you have coming up before we do that you address a lot of these issues on your website.

People can learn how to have voter registration drives legally there church how to have nonpartisan you provide voter guides, it don't endorse a candidate, one where the other would just say yeah this is what the Bible says on this issue, we set up a survey to candidate a and candidate B.

This is their position on something were saying, but their answer to these issues.

This a look at what the Bible says look at where the candidate saying decide how to vote what your website where people can get more information in the the faith and and a right angle and thereby know more about the nation. Find out more about Artane. What were doing and force are ordered at all of the biggest things that we do I get. We currently have over 2200 churches across North Carolina to take her voter guide, and distribute them to their members, their dirty pop bottle was deeply compliant and use that we don't endorse candidate we just tell people where will they stand on the issues. The only thing that's important for people to not only vote as you alluded to go but be informed voters to make sure they know where that one can they handle those issues so I would love for some by the whoever reach out to get involved and for pastors, if you're interested in getting her voter guide. Let us know we'd love to ship those to you when when election time rolls around.

Okay that's great you and see faith and

It's a great site yeah cost a lot of money to do what they're doing. There's an opportunity few even five dollars makes a difference in this battle. And they love it if you could help them out financially as well because they are on the front lines, but now say so your listener show when you say okay, I hear what Paul and Jason are saying Chris but I don't really know. I've never been involved. I don't know what I don't really know what the Bible says or can't defend my faith.

How can I learn more.

Now folks next Saturday, September 25 I Jason is sponsoring a huge really a national conference called the North Carolina salt and white conference is an incredible event. It's a one-day event. It's in Mount airy North Carolina on Saturday, September 25. You can register for on their website.

Gov. Mike Huckabee and so many great speakers gonna be here one day you can just be like a sponge and suck it in and leave that day. Knowing how you can take a stand for Jesus guys tells about this exciting event coming up next Saturday, September 25 will and all the list is out there.

You want to be greatest you can be crisp as well. Will be at the event were honored to have him to be a part of it. It is the biggest faith-based political action event in the state and would love to have you to be a part of it will and and Paul is not me not to look at travel like you guys do all of the country, different event. This is really a national event, I mean if you're listening anywhere in the country and in you tired of being locked out from Covidien you want to come here some great speakers you not far from the airport.

You can come in and just have a great great time there.

There probably a thousand people there more and and and as I said great speakers.

Jason tell us if they're all secret is a mama been publicized. Who were some of the great speakers. People can come and see next week. What will will all all go to be a little bit everybody about his latest book, black lives matter, which is which is amazing. Read you'll be there with Gov. Huckabee as you said, I will have some other leaders in our goal is to just expose people faith leaders and conservative leaders across the country. Pastor Robert Jeffers by good lot so many years used to be my pastor years ago when my wife was land force and he was in Wichita Falls before he moved to Dallas you want to talk about a powerful man to God. I'm excited about hearing him so excited about that and even though good in the past that I've learned so much and we have actor Kevin Sorbo is really a hero to a lot of in the in the Hollywood area you think about the whole entertainment culture. You know those guys hate Christians when the last time you watch a show on TV or a movie when they pretrade a Christian evangelical Christian. He was neither a bumbling fool or hypocrite, a legalist or phony, you never see them portraying a Christian as a good wholesome person and so people like Kevin Sorbo from the front lines fighting against that man even attacked foreigners as we all know about great working movies… And in so many others. These work may not have seen God is not theirs.

Incredible movies and you might remember he was Hercules for many years and so if you want to come eat Hercules you need to come next Saturday.

Well, she got all wobbly on my wife last year we had a young child. But when you found out Hercules with what you said. I want to be there the next month and absolutely so you like, and circulate one of my personal favorite former professional wrestler Ted DiBiase, the million dollar man who had an extraordinary career in the wrestling profession and he accepted Christ that has a powerful testimony of how God turned his life around. If you remember, you go back to what promos you would always day of the rest of the everybody's got a price for making our Manley wrote a book called every man got it right and he talks about how God save them and turned his life around.

So I'm pretty excited about that. I am too. I'm a big wrestling fan and I know we have mutual versus elected office. He was wrestling to government after wrap it up I want to thank you tells again your website where people can learn more in the faith and order for a lot of folks out there. Jason Williams and Dr. Paul Brantley, thank you so much for being here folks. There's not a better organization. You can be involved with. Then the faith and freedom.

Coalition and Jason you watch him easily or rising star on the on the national scene, and I'm just so proud of what both of these men are doing on the front lines to make a difference for Jesus. But I want to tell you again, I would be there next week. And even if I wasn't speaking I would go the North Carolina salt light conference is a great great event. It's a national caliber event that encourage you to come you come you get to meet you know that the speakers are very accessible.

You have a chance to buy books, many of them will have tables and were even that of be having our podcast recording live from the event. So please come and see faith and

Thank you for joining me today. I'm Chris Hughes and this is a Christian perspective. Please subscribe like a podcast and share with your friends on social media, Jalisco impact culture.

Jesus Christian perspective refuse learn more about impacting the culture for Jesus Christian perspective US this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about.

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