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Slam On The Brakes, It's A Moment Of Truth

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 9, 2012 12:16 pm

Slam On The Brakes, It's A Moment Of Truth

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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June 9, 2012 12:16 pm

Christian Car Guy

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Welcome to the Christian card I radio show talk show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book, not the blue book. Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions.

1866 34 truth. That's one 866-34-TRUTH 7884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out. Here's your host Robbie Gilmore big brother may soon be in your backseat listening to every word.

Yes, Senate Bill 1830, requiring every American vehicle to be equipped with a black box type recording and tracking device could be knocking on our door. No more talking politics while driving. This morning we have Gary creep for this present United States Justice foundation and is going to give us the facts on this issue, and the second segment, but also its national tire safety week so we have Rick Brennan, a vice president with Comeau tire here with us to share some easy ways to roll in the tire safety.

Welcome Rick hi Rob, I'm doing great. You're out in Los Angeles so we appreciate you getting up early this morning early. I'm lucky this time you signed so this a lot of people don't realize what they're rolling on right this very minute is a is a potential time bomb.

If they don't get just normal maintenance and so you guys have really cruel act acronym we went from the acronym part. But now the new one is called tire iron. We took the word tire and were trying to use it to get people to be more aware of the fact that they have to maintain the tires to get the most out of them and to keep them safe and with T stands for Trenton Trenton where I stand for inflation for rotation and five for probably one of the most important thing for people don't do is I inspection to be able to get down on their hands and knees and really look at the tires. It's amazing how simple stuff like that could be so we've got.

We definitely got a great opportunity for you to call in with that tire question today at 866-34-TRUTH 87884, but as always, the star of the show is Jesus and I would love to hear from you today on how the Lord may have brought you through what I'll call a moment of truth and what do I mean by moment of truth well. Just like Rick, with whom I tires going to point out that some of us may not pay attention to our tires and one day that lack of care inflation causes a blowout in that moment in that moment everything can change someone could lose a life or wreck their car or distant disable a stranger. That's what we might call a moment of truth. There's been some going on.

The whole time at all the sudden the truth comes out in that moment, everything changes.

We'd love to hear your moment of truth or your tire question this morning.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH. For those of you are digitally gifted and my blackberry phone. Also, this morning we have dance and really are Christian to modern Toyota well good morning Robbie how you doing this morning and you've got a moment of truth, the share to. I do and it is well moment of truth came in 2010 when I was taken to the emergency room and I thought I was having a heart attack while working here about that from Dan as well as a moment of truth. It may be for your car that moment she did, wow it could be time to trade it could be time to get new tires.

It could be time. What about those moments of truth, we'd love to hear yours, 866348788486634 truth and then in our appraisal by the real black book. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure crowd for discernment, lift up our voice for understanding similarly to Dan's moment of truth. My son-in-law a week ago Monday was just putting on his clothes, get ready for normal day at work but when I got to work. He passed out, and when they took him to the emergency room and that he is leaking fiercely and all the sudden, in a moment everything changed and I was studying Isaiah 15 this weekend my old friend Matthew Henry and I we started to see some of these moments of truth in the Bible and what that may mean for you and I might get to share that coming up into the show and are praised by the real black book. I am Robbie Gilmore, the Christian card I 35 years in the retail automobile business, but more importantly your brother in Christ Christian card I show hopefully is change the way people look at the cars and need to be paid for no debt watching people going to the slavery of debt for 35 years is a big reason we start the show and cars made tender loving care they need a name like old red if you think about it tractors a been run out Daniel and since the 1940s why you think well truth is if you maintain a car will last as long as you do and also we talk about car safety cars need to be safe and driven safely. We all talk about where your seatbelt.

Don't speed if you're truly following Jesus. In other words, if he's driving the car ahead of you on to say you know you wouldn't be blowing by him so it's it's estimated.

Actually, it is estimated by me that Americans waste 200 million gallons of gas a week on just beating and so I was talk about what we do and then there's and there's judgment, and frolic speeding if we don't straighten up so again this is a live show. We need to hear your story. We need to hear your testimony. Today's question what was your moment of truth and how did Jesus walk with you through that the time one moment changed everything and how Jesus walked with you. Perhaps you been tailgating for years and then this time 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH again. You can find out all this information about Kumo tires what tire means how to check your tire safely even have a video on how to check your tire pressure all there a Christian card. as well as information on this new Senate Bill 1830 and as always you can go there and ask an expert email Danmark Christian Toyota got my Christian body shop guy. My first mechanics. It's all there Christian card. as well as the Jesus is labor of love, which is free car repair labor for single moms and widows and families in a crisis across the country again were up to 31 outlets that are providing that for for folks in a crisis and if you need if you know somebody is in a crisis. We noticeably wants to volunteer for that program. It's all Jesus is labor. is well so getting right to Rick. We appreciate so much your time this morning. It's so cool to see what Kumo tires is doing in the way of safety.

You know, both now through national tire safety week but also you know you've got a new team thing that were gonna do show on later but Rick, how do people decide it's really time to change those tires well have to keep in their mind when they drive because tires are the only part of their car that touches the ground and each point that that tire touches only about the size of the palm of your hand so you have to rely on those things explicitly to keep keep you safe and make sure you can maintain your car so looking at the tires checking the tires pressure is the most important thing you can do.

Making sure that the tires have enough air in them. Make sure that they don't squish too much when they were all every every tires when you walk past that you can see kind of squishes down at the bottom from the weight of the car that is designed into the tire to be able to happen if you under inflated tires than that amount of squish gets more and that tire actually been more than it's supposed to do when you drive in at 60 miles an hour. A lot of people don't think about at that tire on say a Toyota Camry turns about 850 times a mile at 60 miles an hour driving down the highway that tires turning 850 times a minute and so that that tires flexing too much because it doesn't have enough air in it. It does not determine the somatic heat that can actually melt the rubber inside the tire so when that happened, then that's when the tire blows out because the rubber can no longer hold the pieces of the tire together so air pressure is the number one way to control of the biggest enemy of tires which is heat filter tires are properly inflated that overall for as long as the Treadwell asked so checking that tire pressure is the main thing and then getting down in your hands and knees and taking a look at the tire looking for cracks, gouges, anything that spoke into it anything that doesn't look normal because the tires cannot only be a eyepiece for what's going on with the tire. Many things may be wrong with the car can show up in tire wear as well and in the UK as it Kumo you come out with a new tire design that even though everybody needs to check these things but don't you have one, that when it begins to run flat actually tries to keep the beat up closer to this to the wheel so it doesn't lose that connection I of the aspects of safety on the tile in the tire debacle flat you still maintain control of the vehicle so Comeau makes a flat tire that actually has a extra support inside the house that will keep it totally collapsing and control of the vehicle.

We've got to go to a break. I know you not to get tired of the show working here over there in the second and we got here is with the United States Justice foundation and become just a sec. of the what was your moment of truth on the Truth Network but also on the Christian card I show wasn't something you did or didn't do your cardio tires. Maybe we've got Rick Brennan here with Kumo tires as well. As coming up shortly. We've got Gary creep with the United States Justice Federation in a talk about this new year, Senate Bill 1830 that could require a black box in everybody's car, so the government could be listening in on whatever maybe going working to hear about that coming up shortly, but we still got Rick with us from Kumo Rick Dan during the break in our Christian turn to God.

He's got a question for you okay do you do you run nitrogen in your tires out there. I doubt nitrogen actually molecules of nitrogen are larger than air so they don't leak out of the tire as much as it aired. The problem is, the difference is so small that for a lot of people. They spend a lot of money to have their tires inflated with nitrogen. It can help with a fusillade and raising because of the nature of the way tires it used in racing but for normal street driving it can give an advantage so that you, the tires can maintain an air pressure little better. They also it also makes it easier for the tire to maintain a constant pressure because there is no moisture in the air and moisture in the air that's inside the tire actually expands at a different rate when it gets warm in the air – so by putting nitrogen in the tire.

It can make it more stable, but the difference is very small so even if people can afford to put nitrogen on the tired just making sure that you check the air pressure weekly is the answer.

If you can't afford to have nitrogen putting your tires sometime much of $10.

The tired and nitrogen. So in certain climates like if you're out West where there is no humidity in California and New Mexico or someplace like that is one thing, obviously in North Carolina were you lifting it it it's a little bit different situation with the good news is there's free but that brings up a great point that the inflation not only has the issue with safety. Didn't you wonder how many millions of dollars. Get spent every day on gasoline for vehicles and vehicle because the run and under inflated tires, people realize what that cost millions of dollars across the United States. The air pressure goes down in the tire it makes it flexible out, which means that it doesn't role is easy and that one piece of energy that's used up by that tire to be able to all by itself really can make a big difference. I can save you over the years. It can save you hundreds of dollars at the pump, maybe not as much for each tank may be only a few miles preached painful but it adds up over time. So not only making sure that you can drive safely in the tires are maintained but technically degas as well that spectrum. Some of the hyper my was used to talk about too much air pressure in the DE when you go the wrong way.

You really put your family and wrist to say you need to get the proper air pressure for your tires. Now a lot of people would think that that's on the side wall. The tire, but is not is it rehab it's your owners manual and sometimes it's on the side panel of the door and always tell people you know, go to your dealer go online to Toyota or Honda were GM or Ford or Chrysler. They will send you an owners manual for two or three box that thing is invaluable and you if you if you have a car you need operators manual because those are the kind of things that you can only get from that particular publication date. Proper air pressure for the tires that are on your car is really based on how much your current waves and what the manufacturer decided the right tire to put on the guy who made the car consult with us and we put a tire on it and then the right air pressure is chosen so if you put what homicide will the tire that's just how maximum you can put in so that can make the tire more vulnerable to blowing up when you hit something hard like a curveball, a big hole as you're driving down the road That you may not see till the last minute.

Too much air can be bad not only for safety and the ability of the tire to withstand an impact, but also makes the tire wear left because you're actually putting a lot more stress and strain on the trade area itself in certain situations you much traction in the rain almost nothing. So the proper air pressure is extremely critical. But there's another safety issue that a lot of folks don't look to love you speak to Rick is tires are only supposed to take a certain amount of load now for people to drive trucks. They don't realize you yet you may have a three-quarter ton axle but we're tires are gonna be a big determining factor on how much weight that you want to put in your station wagon minivan and those kind of things because you you're affecting the safety of your vehicle and write.

You are right, especially for pickup trucks. In many cases, even big SUVs. People are buying big SUVs today to use as a car and they don't realize that sometimes they may use it. Okay, I can love this thing out because a big but, if they haven't put enough air in the tires or if the tires that were put on it when you purchased it purchased me tires going to write load capacity, then you're doing the same thing as if the tires don't have enough air in it too much weight on it tire they can't.

Executive thinking of having a tire that under inflated so making sure that that that tire that you purchase has the right load capacity is important and overlooked over the years the tire in the street that a lot of things that made it tough, but now we use what we call a load index. There's that simple number after the tire size that really tells you how much the tire can carry and as long as when you purchase the tires you make sure that that load index is the same as the tires that came on the vehicle which you can find on the door Packer door in the owners manual, then you're okay okay we're to stay with this through excuse me Rick is to stay with us through the end of this brakes.

If you have that tire question need to call quick and 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth working to move on to Gary who is with the United States Justice Federation and he's got this breaking news on this Senate bill welcome Gary, I appreciate you joining us so much this morning. Can you.

I know a lot of the audience may not of heard anything about this, can you kinda give them an idea about what this I guess you call the black box bill the farm transportation which would require the relation of a black on every car that the girl date legislation and the government is saying all this is just a shaky elected nation. But the reality is a lot more potential than that of all, it has the ability to give every day.

I concede like a middle-of-the-road working to find out a lot about this bill in the next segment of the Christian Car Guy ship and you take your calls on your moment of truth.

You call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 a lot more Christian card as shown, what was your moment of truth.

When was it that you found out while Congress is This going on there.

Fix the passive building where they can reap every movement what's going on with all that we've got. Prepare with this with United States Justice foundation Robinson Federation.

It's the foundation, which by the way, this is all their Christian card. you can find links to the national tire safety week two.

This legislation what's going on with United States Justice foundation Gary etc. is all their Christian card. as well as the Jesus's labor love. If you need to connect with our Christian turn to God and Santa really got a terrific question. Or maybe got a question for one of the mechanics is always good Christian card.

If you miss part of the plot. This this show and you're like man I needed to hear more about the tires he needed you've got going to Walmart and you're gonna miss out on what Gary's can assure you can always go later to Christian Car and download the podcast list to show any time is convenient for you will.

Gary getting back to this legislation.

I'm I'm curious about the black boxes is described as just like an airplane where it's going to record your every conversation as well as you know what the constant restart on outside attack your Bible study today is Ezekiel 33, 136. Now that's for those that don't have a Bible handy – the watchmen on the wall tradition and what it says those not familiar with that is that if the enemy approaches on the guard on the wall warns the people inside and they do nothing. Then there their blood is on their heads that if the enemy approaches on the guard on the wall does not warn the people inside the lots prepare them. Their blood is upon his neck.

So if you I what I do is try to give out warnings to people so that they can be prepared to defend themselves and this and this worldly country that were in where Christianity is reviled and correct so getting back to the specific issue.

It depends – a quick kiss depends on who you listen to. If you listen to the propagandist being put out by the government and all know they would never do that they would never listen to what you say they would never track you they would never do anything but the reality is is that it's all there just being this mentality that will be mandated to be put in every car.

If this legislation passes elsewhere signed into law a chance if the Obama administration pushing it. It's it's likely to be signed into law if it passes House of Representatives analog or public interest is reporting it on the basis of the allegedly good reasons because they want to try to be said to help people to be safe and to learn more about driving all that reality is that the insurance companies are pushing this because it will help them fight claims that are if you have a box and this is how it's actually described given box that will tell you a semi-steel gone 1 mile hour over the speed limit.

Well that's grounds to deny your claim. If you have a box that says what you broker you break it two seconds too late, then that could be grounds to deny your claim.

If you have the if you're in an accident that the brakes failed in the box erroneously reports that the bricks defined in this crash deny your claims. This is something pushed by the insurance companies as a way to save money while at the same time pushing the cost of it all onto the consumer because every time there's a man onto a car gets you casework will be consider Mr. and then you have the companies that are going to make billions of dollars by manufacturing and installing all these mandated that you would device it in the questionnaires as you raised are people going to be able to listen in on what's going on now, you say well that's far-fetched – science fiction but let me tell you about a couple of other things that the one of their failed at the Department of Justice was pushing that last year and that Bill would've barred use of cell phones and all vehicle what they want pushing at that time was a mandate to have all car dealers install a device which fluid is barred. The sending of any phone signal in or out of any vehicle not only will you have barred all of cell signals in and out of any vehicle flitted from the driver from the passenger got word barred all texting and it would've created a severe according to the reviews of the technology, but about 5 feet out the car so that means that anyone walking along the sidewalk endorsing a sidewalk café anyone in a vehicle that does not have the device. Next, you would all be barred from using their phone back to the to the black box 1 so going back to that piece of legislation. It is currently passed the Senate so all he needs to do is pass the house and so people can actually contact their congressman right now and say please please look hard at this particular piece of legislation. I feel like it's gonna mess with my freedom in a number different ways, not just the fact that you know they're in my car and they know Imad etc. etc. and they can use that information later.

If it's something even worse begins some conspiracy, but even currently, I'm concerned about how the insurance companies may use this against me, and of those kind of things about a good letter that will how would you propose they write their congressman while say that I would because we don't know what the hell Bill number is Senate Bill number is given a different number.

We would suggest people like their member of Congress and say I want you to pose the health version of the Senate Bill 1830. I don't want a black boxes in my car and went for responses that well, but this is a safety measure. Try to protect you have the response should be no this is an intrusion on my privacy now as as anyone I I'm been an attorney for 36 years I grew up in a caring family. I'm well aware of of health insurance take companies try to defend themselves and this is just a way for insurance companies to make it easier for acute defend against plaintiff now that there are other aspects of this process number you got a tremendous amount of data collection gauntlets black box and if the question is who can get access to that data. What the government obviously because they're the ones that are mandating this, but whose analysis is going to go to a number. There were some car companies and forgive me I don't have listen funny but some car companies are posted. They thought it was an intrusion of privacy so they opposed installing of the black.

The black box but they were overruled by the department of transportation and also by other card because understand that if someone sues the company. The DVD at the Maverick and the Pinto cars of Ford in the 70s where they had a number of accidents in the Ottoman leaders class action suit saying the car were inherently unsafe. Well, this is gonna this type of data there to collect this going to be able to be used only by the car company sale no car so sacred always driver error that doesn't bother me feel dry prayer. But if the tire is inherently unsafe awake part of the karst accelerator sticks or whatever it is that some hand in the vehicle. The state is going to be of use to fight all rightly or wrongly, the problem is that the consumer live will be harder to get claims paid for. An accident it will be harder to just compensation for cost-effective and is going to be costly you anymore because you know the cartilage gonna pass on the cost of the least instrumentality. There actually like in my case I drive a 1995 Dodge Dakota or they can enforce that I install one of these in my car will only provide for new cars.not for all cars. All partner leaving bill will be required to help the sales tax system manufacturing.

We appreciate your update. God bless you weekly. Thank you.

The work you're doing there at the again United States Justice foundation. Let me say right again.

You can find all that I appreciate you being honest today. I bless you. Well, that's quite an update in the mall. We need to be aware of and we always need to have people out there watching our Congress to see what they might be passed and you you might have a different view on that legislation you feel free to call us at 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 begin back to Ramona truth and you had one just it wasn't years ago when you went off October 2010 I had been not feeling so good for about a week and hear my neighbor is a nurse over for site medical center and have been talking to her about it and at one point on a Saturday. I thought I really was, but she said you know you need to get into see a doctor. Well, I had made an appointment to go into CM and two days before I was supposed to go on CM I was walking on the lot and I ran out of breath and I did make it back to the to my office, but somebody sense that there were some wrongly came back and he took me over to the hospital and I spent five days and I had all kinds of heart procedures I had a stress test ahead all kinds of testing in the last when I had I had and up having a heart cath and everything was fine but nobody knew what happened but that was a moment of truth that I thought you know what is going to happen, you know, if I do you know if I am having heart problems, you know, is just like that again.

Working use that as a segue in our appraisal by the real black purpose will research the Bible for hidden treasure crowd for the sermon, lift up your voice for understanding, I had this moment of truth. One time Dan. I had a normal day go and it was in May 2007. Everything seemed just fine and the Chrysler auditors. They come in and they did in an annual audit that was just part of what they did because we are with Chrysler Financial in the strictly day they knocked on my office door and the Mr. Gilmore we need to see.

As I greatly came in and they sat across my desk and here came in no a moment of truth is it Mr. Gilmore your shell and $500,000 more in your checking account and you have now that's a moment of truth on the naturally I thought your body or mind.

There's no way that I'm what you not, office manager there what's going on.

Well that moment that they share the truth with me. That was the truth. By the way, it was actually when it was all said and done, it wasn't just my checking. There was over million dollars in assets that were gone now and that one moment, everything changed in my life and for a long time is changed since then.

And that one moment, but see that it been going on. There were things that were going on at the dealership behind my back and illegal and all the stuff that led the people want to present but that been going on for a long long time. But in one moment and one moment the truth comes out and every single thing changes and as I mentioned at the beginning of the show you our study in Isaiah 15 this week and this is an interesting thing man Matthew Henry were looking at that in Isaiah 15 he's talking about Moab, and the destruction of Moab and he says he says it twice in the first two verses of Isaiah 15 this is Dion's good but the nonskid beak destroyed in one night proactive to be distraught destroyed in one night and as I was studying that I follow. That's interesting in one night everything changed for Moab, but did it really because God had been storing up wrath for Moab for some time. Ever since Lawton's daughters right and then remember the scene when the Israelites were trying to cross the desert and they tried to curse the Israelites and you have the whole guy with the donkey scene and then the Moabite women came in and they seduced so they been going up against Israel for some time.

So was it really just a moment of truth or was it that that we just aren't aware of the truth until that one moment you see the difference is like my son-in-law. How long of those cancer cells been building his body or when I had cancer before I found out Mr. Mr. Gilmore, your cancer, you have a heart issue and how long at the plaque been building up in your vein. You know all these things but then all of a sudden that one moment here comes the truth. Now here's the there's there's good news on the moment of truth stuff because as I thought about all these moments of truth my own life the moment I was diagnosed with cancer you know when I got Chris between the two cars. Everything changed in a moment, everything changed. The moment but you know what I looked at all those different moments they had no meaning. Really, in the long and the big big scheme of things, even the moment when Chrysler told all that money in the big scheme of things. There was one moment of truth that was so huge and in that a lot of our listeners have a similar moment of truth in John 1837 actually pilot was there before Jesus. Jesus was actually there before Pilate, you could make an argument either way.

Jesus answered Pilate, he said rightly. You say that I'm a king. For this cause I was born in for this cause I came in to the world that I would bear witness to the truth and everyone is of the truth hears my voice and what is the truth. The truth is that Jesus came to pay the price for my sin and for years and if you can accept that truth.

That's in a moment in a moment, everything changes right every year your future destination changes you've got this wonderful mansion were now reserving mansion number 275 or abandon any and all of the Golden Street there now that one number 236 or if you don't use it. Everything changes to please. We have one seat in the smoking section for dance and relish what's going on sweetie. In one moment everything can change. But everything can change drastically based on whether or not you accept the truth and so a moment of truth. Have you had one of Oregon to get a few more moments of truth we want to hear yours. We'd love to hear how God lost you through moment of truth, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH let's talk about your cars moment of truth within the week of that Satan, in one moment you can accept this gift and everything.

Everything can change for you not to death race destination.

But what goes on, you know, with the rest your life and how you live it and all those things can change in the twinkling of an eye, your new creation and while we just prayed anybody listening to this right now is thinking well maybe I do need to do that, you know what you can pull over on the side of the road right now and pray a simple prayer say Lord you know what I'm in, except that forgive them and admit that I've been on the wrong direction that I'm a sinner and Lord, would you please come and rule over my life and show me the direction to go and change everything in that moment, change your future destination. What a great thing to pray. We would love to help in any way shape or form.

If you need help in that way Christian card. or anywhere any place on

Obviously we can we can help you out with those kind of things but there's a moment of truth as well. For cars, Arthur Rob admitted this is not anything that I find easy to admit because old reds out there 330,000, big, big moment when we go 333 330 so that where one third of a million miles but see old reds been taken care of and has been maintained. So when it had. You know those oil change issues were needed to reds or whatever needed you know I always try to provide that if you don't do those kind of things. There comes a moment of truth for your car is not safe to drive anymore and things rushed through that the subframe can be rusted and you really literally cannot save certain cars at the moment of truth. At that point in time right then it's time to think about something and and so that's a real discernment issue and what are some of the things that you see. Damn is it some cars every day where people come to that moment of truth. Gas mileage, safety, yet it instigated the biggest thing today is a gas mileage. You know this is supposed to be a big year for all your manufacturers to sell cars because people been driving cars for over 10 years. The same car and anything about old reds, 50 but I mean it is amazing people have These cars going. I mean, I know that you take care of your vehicle but there's a lot of people that don't take care of them and you just sit back and you wonder how high because it's not.

It's not safe. It is not safe and not give you a quick click on a couple weeks ago one of the other sales associates old Toyota previous to that gentleman and his wife, and they were driving an old standard and it was all put together. The guy had an electrical cord on it. The to run the generator in the back. The passenger seat apparently broke it one time and he built of wood frame out of two by fours and I had. I wish I could've taken a picture of this card. I mean if there was not one thing that was safe about the car but that was his transportation. That's the thing that people really need, but he kept it because there's nothing more valuable than the you know the cargo that your attorney could be your family, your wife, your daughter and so yeah there does come a point. If you have but the cars got to be safe. And so, don't ever listen to me and say will Rob you said I can need to keep it for 30 years.

Yes, you do as long as you maintain it properly and is safe to go by the owners manual bike because the people that engineer.

That car they didn't make a wood frame for the seat for a reason. They knew that would wouldn't stand up and when the seat starts to demolish bad bad things can happen in an accident and and so you gotta be aware that even though you can be said and stopped at a stoplight. Somebody can slam into the back of your you could be the safest driver ever and and somebody can still get you know, we just watched a video a few weeks ago that Toyota provided an old Cadillac back in the 60s got hit right at the window post and there is a world in a car. I now think that car would be that it disintegrated is a big difference in the safety so make sure you do not want to thank Elvis, the Christian card I show this morning. Certainly it's our listeners that make the show was my good friend are Christian Toyota guy dance and a rally with modern Toyota fear in that area in the area. Here in Winston-Salem. I sure and ask to be sure no biomass for Dan.

The modern guy Gary treat the United States Justice foundation father Christian card I dot-coms want as well as Rick Brennan, with two more times what he was and Alex are new producer which is doing a great job man OR engineer.

Remember that Jesus is labor law free car repair for single moms and widows across the country find out about that a Christian card. slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done in 33 years and have you had that real moment of truth I'm talking about where Jesus and you got together and you got to see what the truth really is because the truth will set you free your listening to the truth and

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