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Automobile Epitaphs

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore
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July 13, 2013 4:11 pm

Automobile Epitaphs

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore

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July 13, 2013 4:11 pm

Christian Car Guy

The Christian Car Guy Show
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy Show
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy Show
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy Show
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy Show
Robby Dilmore
The Christian Car Guy Show
Robby Dilmore

Welcome to the Christian card I radio show talk show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book book.

Now the orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 186634218663487884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out as your host Roderigo more. What will your cars epitaph read. For example, might it say my beautiful Beemer lives here also vexed all because I tried to drive and or could possibly say in this yard lays old Mercedes had they cared for me, I'd still be Sadie's.

That's what it consists if this is fun is that you want to think of a hardship about this one planted here is Mustang Ford. His gas pedal had two long stayed floored. Well, if you ride the haunted mansion right at Disney outside the ride they had these funny little epitaphs like here lies the body of Arana done to death by a banana.

It was the fruit that later low, but the skin of the thing that made her go. And of course my personal favorite.

I'm sure it will be yours to hear lies in atheist all dressed up and no place to go saying this again this year. Reminded me of doing this a few years ago on the show and how fun it was and I know you want in on the action. So here we go again. We want to give your creativity a chance to call us with your funny epitaph 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. It's time to get those creative juices flowing. Because we have a very cool prize for the best epitaph today provided by our very own Tom slick with J&J liver can Tom tell them what that when women are everything you need. Find out if your engine and transmission differential is up to snuff, and whether not anything going on inside. So there you go with the $21 value is calling with your epitaph power that may be that you created it. We would love to hear it 866-348-7884 is a number to call in and try to win her 86634 truth and naturally there is a method to our madness. We know what you're part of a go to premature grave pressure so be talking about new ways to determine your cars health.

So join the fun. Freda funny car epitaph and when, for example, I have you know the giving stuff like this to work out. I just love it here lies the body of a Ford name Blake stepped on the gas instead of the brake things have my producer at Johnny Angel has quite a story along those lines, we may get them to share that a little later it's a unique I'm I have one as is well about Longley. The body of Wrangler Jeep. He climbed the mountain way too steep. It is actually a picture of that. By the way a Christian card. I have a picture of the Jeep and several of these epitaphs but we need you are so call us with your idea 866-348-7884. We do want to give away this oil analysis kit cockles at a $21 value does for Colin in the chair nearest and coming up at the end of the show in our appraisal by the real plaque but that's where we search the Bible for treasure. My brain went fried first second route for the sermon lift up our voices for understanding. Have you ever notice that God seems to have you and your life on a lesson plan. I've noticed that you will be studying something biblically and then two or three things happen in your life right along those lines, the kind of turn up the heat and then you turn on your Christian talk radio station and their talk about the very thing you been studying and then you switch over the music station and they play a song right along those lines go to church that day and guess what the pastor brings a message that parallels what your study and at that point. Even I say really God. Are you trying to tell me so maybe you need to stop and listen and pray and that's what exactly that's exact thing that's been happen to me over the last few weeks. The subject perhaps not pleasant, but it it's been death and deftly fears and God's had been on this lesson plan here for a couple three weeks and I get this call this week out of New York friend of mine that has a radio show called divine intervention had heard my testimony about being healed from cancer a few years ago and asked if he could write it in the new book he was in so I had to write out the story that I have really had not thought about in a number of years, I thought I'd written it. I never had. And as I mentioned it it my business Christian business men's committee meeting a couple guys looked at me and I said Robbie I've never heard that story and I thought oh my word, you nice to give this testimony a lot and I realize that some of my listeners may never heard that story so I am sure that story today, it was shown appraisal by the real black book and we have Denise and Clint North Carolina has an epitaph for us were excited to hear it Denise you're on a Christian card I show good morning early and I thought it I doubt that John was right track and leak mechanical epitaph that I not go right note that's great women) think that's awesome. We, God bless you Denise, thank you so much. Well we know you've got your Gucci creative juices flowing.

Now what if you got force, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH. We would love to hear what again this is fun and I will talk about anything so that's what we do.

If you're just tuning in to listen to Christian card. I show my names Robbie Delmore and I'm a Christian card I been in the retail automobile business 35 years, but more importantly your brother in Christ to Christian card I show hopefully change the way people look at their cars. They need to be paid for no debt. They need tender loving care, like old red that you see them out there an element since the 40s are still running well what you think. Because if you take care of the car at last as long as you do like old red Training 48,000 miles and we like to talk about driving safely. If you're following Jesus right he wouldn't be speeding and we talk about that.

Wear your seatbelt. Those kind of thing so we blubbered here in a Christian card I show today though we are talk about what might your cars epitaph be and we would love for you to call and I know some folks are: Emily will get your cause a lot of eyes lit up, 866348788486634 truth. We got Patsy in Lexington Patsy on a Christian card I show them on what you got for me that that I named Dutch visitors. Well that is a classic word love in Apache. Thank you for calling him. That's terrific, thank you so much.

I well I got a line and here we need to get years 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH I'm sorry Tom percent 110, my poor old Chevy.

I should have known where metals were too heavy.

The where that's classic only oil analysis kind, not Jim is in Greensboro.

Jim you're on a Christian card I show the morning good morning wonderful.

I'm excited to hear that you have for okay email you believe the wouldn't believe. So now the sample you know it really is. I hate to hear that but I guess it's the truth. So slowly we can face right, Jim, Mr. Willis, Jim, it's hard to be on the radio. I did a bit and a bit scary but we appreciate you calling with that very much. If I can clean it up here lack of legal wouldn't cry so will either have a better very good.

Jim God bless you nutshell see if that's when we appreciate you calling very much. Thank you. So we need to hear yours.

We know your creative you got one out there. This is your chance 866348788486634 point come back.

We got sent. I think it is Durham. She's got one force and we want to hear yours.

Plus we got to figure part of and end up with the premature pleasure unless it the clutch it could be something that name badge. Oh my word anyway. Thank you so much for all the call. So far we need to hear from you a lot more Christian card. I will your cars epitaph read with teeth are considering this question today as we discover, try to think your card doesn't end up in the premature pressure, but were thinking of creative ways to do then we got a prize or go to an F free engine oil analysis get a $21 value provided by JG lubricant services. Of course you can find out about that and lots of stuff Christian card. Like Jesus is labor love free car repair for single moms and widows across the country. Lots of articles. In fact, I wrote out that story about how I was miraculously healed from cancer. It's in there as well is my horse leaving roots. You would want to miss that article. It's all there Christian card. as well as podcasts if you want to hear. Later some of the creative epitaph that are called in today. You can find them there Christian card I got, the podcast would be. Is this show will be recorded and put it there later today. We got sent via in Durham, North Carolina.

She's got one forest. We need you to call us with yours. 86634878847. I am what you got force. LOL walking out all you have a lot more like this happen to me of the car, but that's got to be a heartbreaker and there she sits, but you know hopefully through the show today somebody will hear that and think and I really need to check my oil. The next time I go get gas. When you sell services anymore when I have people check in all will and it's amazing how many times I even either Christian card are you would be shocked. I got it. That's my wife's car and I haven't checked it with to have a court love those kind of things. But thanks for calling. Great great great epitaph. Matthew, she could be the winner.

Or you can be the winner, but we need to hear yours, 866348788486634 truth. Of course you know they let me listen here I go. Here lies Durango Dodge he get his get up and go was left in the garage forever and and and and by the way ideas were in a cemetery in England which I did find quite humorous. Tom, in which you may have heard this before but it's hilarious. Remember man as you walk by, as you are now so once was. I as I am now you so you shall be remember this and follow me, which someone replied, writing on the same tombstone. I understand to follow you. I will not consent until I know which way you went this bit anyway, 8668663487884 we wanted to share euros is a lot of fun.

We do have this kit we want to win, but we gotta talk a little bit about this kit and and we talked at length about the engine oil analysis is gone like checking your blood you know to see what's going on under the hood, so to speak. Is it is a good way to do that inexpensive way to do it and and find out. Like you said that there's heavy where metals or or some other contaminants in the oil. Even though the oil may not need changing from a standpoint of less than 3000 miles were only two months but might be some fuel in it and some of things like that right top correct the best oil the world before, but that you get a contaminated need to know about that because it's going to cause things go south since some of the things we have not talked about in the past that I did want to get to the show today are like the bit cool in itself, or what some people call antifreeze. That's another thing that is.

I guess that similar to to get an x-ray or some but tell us about what you find in coolant that would give you an indication of what might be going on well there are two main things we find what is the mixtures around so your boiling point in your freaking points on either one of those is that so you know your mixture of how much coolant water that's correct. It should be 50-50 and so and another thing we find it is if people are topping it off with the old garden hose and the radiator tricks… Well, if you live in Indiana like I do. That's a really bad thing to do because I water so hard here to put a lot of minerals in your system and and that's just not good for the pump. The whole system. The cooler so what you're saying is this, it's worth the $0.86 to go to the grocery store and buy down the distilled water yeah you want to buy the premix by premix antifreeze yet yet yeah that's what I may not get by premix and antifreeze because then it's got to be a nice water in it, you're putting the best thing into the system. Only best distilled deionized and then and obviously that's interesting.

I've never heard that before. And here I am at this so much. I do not know Tom it's a but you know, why would I buy the premix stuff. I mean it's kind of written me off your I can add the water, but now finding out something I've never known that. And obviously they get the mix exactly right. And then they have used deionized water so because one of the big issues like you know inside of of those coolant systems is also its electrolysis in all sorts of things that cause huge engine problems even in rare cases, you can have a clearly wrong on the battery and you happen very often you you you form little pieces of metal inside the system. It really doesn't some really weird stuff to the system so you know you probably want to check it. Wait, we recommend that people check their coolant once a year and that's that's usually good enough because it seemed like you know not been in the purpose and so long you know. I remember things in the old days, and I it would be rare that you would replace radiator you would know you know they they had a system a way that we actually redid radiators but didn't usually replace them. But today the radiators are completely different and is not uncommon at all for radiators to fail. You know two or three years into it.

If people don't flush them like they should in and take care right that you can get corrosion on the inside of the water jacket. Our data shows that about 40% of engine failures are attributable to bad coolant really so yeah so once a year and that's a good thing to describe right now just Tom JG lubricant services you're involved with all these dynamic fleets so you know who these trucking companies know that they're sending in their welding and analysis you got a great deal of data to go by when you're saying that 40% engine failures are caused by that. That's a fascinating statistic.

I would not have guessed, I don't think that's commonly known, of course, there's a lot of variability in some trucks might be different than passenger cars and things like that, but overall it that's true statement and so by sending this in your going to get this information that that that not only just tells you see, I know I needed to flush it. But also, there might be something going on that could be corrected in some other way. We are planning some fun games that we haven't heard any more epitaphs.

We got lines openly need to hear yours.

You know there is some funny my four Nissan Sonata lies here with piles of tires all the faded deflated. I should listen to my dad and stop tailgating conflating. I didn't do it right, but you could do yours right 866348884 follows what will your cars have been creatively answering today on the Coast Guard as show. We would love to hear yours.

Like I love these things gone to dust as my old Corolla crashed and stripped when some guy stole you turn me loose and who knows what may come out. We would love to hear yours were trying to what you can win this engine oil free engine oil analysis kit from JG lubricant services you can find out all about them and all about just click on the JG lubricant beaker there at the top of the website so I happen to know that our producer during the break. He came up one with one of his very own inside Johnny Angel is where this is our producer Johnny share with us and then he got a story that is really classic and I think very, very good for a lot of listeners to hear.

Go ahead John will both these stories actually about the same card the epitaphs and the story about my celebrity was the first car that I had when I was 16.

It is also release Chevy celebrities. They were there tough, no thing made of steel. Midway cars were back then, but the epitaph is a at this spot celebrity earned my deepest enmity and list were her moans and squeals so out of spite. I stole her wheels, but I'm one of the one of those wheels was a little bit because you you have other things were you slammed on the gas all my goodness yeah in the little town. Oh gosh, I can only really think about it scared me so much and I was first on the drive to Middletown stuffs on both sides of the road and you know right past the curb.

There's a no Hill goes down into a business and I was coming to a stop behind some traffic at the stoplight and I got a little too close to it and I was trying to slam onto the break, but instead I slammed on to the gas and I was rushing forward towards the car in front of me and I didn't know what to do. So I turned the wheel really hard hop to the curb ran down the embankment and came to a screeching halt in the parking lot of the real estate agent that was right there on the side and I then my car just shut off right there, as if it was just it had enough of me to try to hurt me and I need to go down right now.

I thought that car was dead, but it was done completely. I just sat there for about five minutes breathing. I'd I don't know how I didn't hit five of the cars and cause a major pile up in the middle of Kernersville, but I'd I did didn't hit anything else, and after about five minutes.

I just gingerly reached my hand out and turned the key and car started right up. Oliver I was going that day.

I just drove home and I like such a neat story and that I mean it was terrifying for you, but you can see God's hand in that you didn't slam into the people in front of you went out and it didn't hurt the celebrity except the wheels that later you stole apparently power that worked out well.

You need to get in on this fund.

We want to call with your car epitaph 866-34-TRUTH 878848664 truth you give us yours if it Tom and I selected as the winner, you will receive one of our oil analysis kits from JG lubricant services at any know it's it's just so much fun that we had the vet earlier named Dodge. But here's what I came up with already before the ship in this yard is my 67th that I went out to driver when it was to those things happen and where you guys so Tom say we've we've got the whole issue with the coolant women talk about that we talked about engine oil at length on different shows and transmission but then there's that that final drive back there in the end and and I can tell you that there's some danger if axles lock up and stuff like that so that's another thing that a lot of people don't think that when were as we certainly push people keep in their cars way past 100,000 miles on the show. So if you're like me and old reds got 340 some thousand miles on it. The thought starts to cross your mind that you know that Rex is been going round and round for a long time are those axles going to stay where they need to and so I could, I did the test sentiment. This final drive fluid and until about that time you send in the final drive fluid or that the rear axle fluid and in the good news is you guys said I was good to go.

Even at 3,047,000 of the components that that's probably the one that has the least impact from things going on in all the engines pretty dirty.

Get it firing all the time you get blow-by gas or something like that transmission and clutch is working. The differential set of gears and so what we find in them mostly if you know you can get too thin. At some point you're still okay, but those oils are designed in a long time and the biggest thing we probably find dirt and that's just dirt to get in there because the just natural dust coming in and can leak in, but that you have a check, probably once a year. Everything in the differential and then another one of those things that you can check with when you eat. If you're like me and you want to be able to jump an old red with 340,000 miles and you want to be able to jump in that garlic I got to go to California today. I got to go to Texas or whatever the situation may be, is pretty nice for me to know that according to that where metals that are in that fluid where metals and in my transmission fluid and what's going on with the engine oil that I can reasonably expect that I don't have anything that's not his like get the blood test.

The course it is me not to. So you have a heart attack is pretty good to know that the things I can check what's going on. Good. Now we do have Bill in Chesapeake who is a board up on what stations they dared to show I'm very excited about having Bill with Billy on the Christian card. I good morning Rob are you doing I am doing wonderful.

What if you got for me. I got one about 20 years old school all applicable my Volkswagen so peaceful and serene climbed pikes peak and came down the limiting actually, I didn't actually drive up there was in the spring when the snow was still about 34 feet at the peak of pikes peak so I know could grant them back instead… It was kind of cute but was at road dirt back then. I don't even know the road was open like the early spring was only at night now the clean old snow OF the crime of operating salon took advantage of that opportunity.

I don't buy my lie lived in Albuquerque for many years and have a beautiful family goes at Sandia Crest is just phone, it's a lot of fun and if you leave you I had a Volkswagen beetle thanked Eric on Bill we really appreciate it. WMT MH 10:10 AM work memories appreciated. God bless you and that is some cool stuff and we need to hear your epitaph. Your story, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH well I have since this is a fairly long story is going to move into our appraisal by the real black book.

That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure crown for discernment, lift up our voice for understanding, and as I mentioned in the beginning of shows ever notice that God seems to have you a lesson plan everywhere you turn, he seems to be teaching you the same thing if you turn on and after studying some. As I mentioned I was. I was kind on this death thing and death deftly fears and it seems like no matter what. I turned on. It was talk about that in the books I was reading.

If it was on the Christian radio station. I found out sermons about that and and and and on and on it when even music. And so my thought this must be what what God wants me to. So I start praying God, what is it that you want to teach me. Or perhaps what is it that I'm working through right now and I'm actually still working through some of that and on the battle now save that for later show but in the middle of all that I get this phone call from this friend in New York who says Robbie we really want to add your story, your your healing from cancer in the book were doing call divine intervention and and if you got that right now somewhere I thought I did, and I checked all my articles and things that I'd written over the years and I hadn't I've never written about.

I told lots of times even told on the air, but I never written it out. So I spent some time arriving that out, and when I did I was flabbergasted by some for so I'm just gonna tell that story and with some new insight that I really had never known before, because back in the day you could Google what I had because in 1996 is when this took place.

But before 1996 and 1995 God was teaching me something right then that was critically important to me say I think like a lot of us, we have these fears and one of mine was 6 foot five, 250 pounds. Yes, I was deathly afraid of the dark and my wife would tell you is only 5 feet tall that if there was a noise in the house. Yes, the 6 foot five, 250 pounds.

I would send the 5 foot tall lady pickups that noise might be as it was terrifying stuff and I had just come to Christ and I knew that I was posted somewhere another to give these fears to him, but I really did not know how to do that and so one night my wife and family had left to go visit some friends and another state, and I was left in this very dark creepy house and of course use picture the scene is lightning, thunder all the stuff and here's Robbie in bed and I cannot I'm just froze in fear. And so I was like Jesus I know, somehow I am supposed to give you this fear. But I have no idea how to do that and I'm just praying I'm saying.

God please show me what I need to do here and then all of a sudden God shows up and that was double terrifying. I think they're pretty scared and knows that God shows up. Then it gets all scary. But he says Robbie what's the worst thing that Heck it happened. I said something could come in here with a knife in his like that any he said some words that literally change my life in so many different ways. He says to me Robbie, what would be so bad about and all the sudden I started to contemplate what would be sub if I died I get to be with Jesus really threatening me with Jesus is and as I laid there and thought about that whole concept. I actually believe it or not. I went to sleep at night and over. Of time, I began to trust in that idea. More and more and more well it became critical because God knew, some I didn't know that in the spring of next year I would get these little sores all over me. They were would raise up in my skin and they would be flat and they would be read at night. They just I thought I had some kind of ranch but they were coming up all over the place. My wife says Robbie need to go to the dermatologist.

I go the dermatologist at the time I ran the Chrysler*Winston-Salem so I thought I was a big shot no doubt wasn't and that so they called with the results of my biopsy conveyed me and went to the dermatologist. They did a biopsy and a lady called and she says Mr. Kumar.

We have your results. We really need to get come down to the office and I said well you know I'm really busy man.

I got a dealership to run here in I'm a big boy you can tell me over the phone. What is it me know what I got and she says when you have lymphoma and I sit simple just being totally ignorant. As I mentioned earlier, there is no end of the things I don't know you said what's lymphoma and she goes well, that's cancer of the lymph system and I went oh, I'll be right there any hesitation about whether or not I need to come the office so I come down there. They do the pathology to make an extremely long story short, my sister the timer to the University mission hospital so they sent me very specific apology so I can send her to give it what it was called and it was in Anja centric T cell non-Hodgkin's cutaneous lymphoma and that meant absolutely nothing to me, as it probably doesn't mean much to you, but I gave that to my sister send it University mission hospital and she call me back about two hours later and she said Robbie I don't have to tell you this, but there's only been very, very few cases of that in United States and nobody's lived past a couple months. As a matter fact is called killer cell phone went, and so there I was in these tumors were growing like crazy all over me all the time and and more more showed up in the people Baptist Hospital were all enamored because it never seen anything like that they were taking pictures of my backside dollars.

It was so I was scheduled to start my chemotherapy treatment and on the Friday I'm in.

I was on a Monday and was scheduled been on the Friday before my chemotherapy treatment, a little gray-haired man came in to the dealership walked up to one of my managers and said God has told me that there's a man here that needs to be healed and the man who worked for me.

New he said well you must be talking about Robbie.

He said he is a general manager in his offices of activity doesn't come out much because he's covered in these tumors and is on immediacy and so I was back there and here comes, who I now know, was pastor little and universal gray-haired man and he's got this little vat of oil and he is put oil on manly hands and as I've often said that I did not have the faith they be healed here folks, because I have no clue what I was a baby Christian. I didn't know anything about be anointed with oil or laying hands on the I thought the guy was weird I'm I'm just telling you that's what I thought. And he laid hands on me and he prayed in some and let him talk about that when we come back to finish up our appraisal by the real black books that there's a new song called overcome around and play that little bit because that's what God allowed me to be was in overcoming the situation and you can be in overcome her, but we also have Denise who has an epitaph was regularly come back so much stuff in years, 866-34-TRUTH how I love that we left our hero and myself in the position I never thought I would be where I thought it was the end of my life in a way I should share that that it was like for me. I was I was facing that fear of death again and I was thinking while I get to be with Jesus because it looks like this.

Cancers can take me out, but I'd I still wanted to raise my family had all those things going on and it wasn't really interesting time in my life and as I mentioned I did not necessarily have the faith to be healed because I had no idea what anointing with oil was I had no idea what laying hands on was in here comes a strange little man and he's got this oil and he's want to lay hands on me and I'm not exactly sure what that means but it doesn't sound good, but he was in office and I was back there is a well I guess it can't hurt so I was covered in these tumors, which there if you go to Christian part. The stories outline and there's a picture with those look like there and he laid hands on me any anointing with oil in any prayed for me now. I know I felt something I cannot tell you I just felt something I said while and he got up and left and this was on Friday and then a whole lot of people praying for me. So never know exactly how it all worked out, but what I do know is Monday.

This was on Fridays or Monday morning I wake up and I do not understand.

I was covered in tumors. It was like you could see it was horrible when I woke up Monday morning. I didn't have any of the tumors under my skin. Other red places where they had been, but the tumors were all gone, and it was like one of them was gone. It was like hundreds of them were gone and I went to the oncologist and he looked me over and is like manner this is. I've never seen anything like this so they did another biopsy is going to the chemotherapy anyway, which they did do and what happened after that's another another story, but when the pathology came back they said the cancer turned on itself and eight it's and again I don't know how God arranged that all I don't know who I was involved but I do know the results and it's if it's a fascinating like a said last lesson plan that he had me on and the encouragement I I'm sure God wanted me to share that today for people hadn't heard that before.

As you may be facing something or you don't think there's any way out of this appear to be a way out and then all of a sudden God shows up and it's this. Not necessarily by your great faith that it hath its by you. I mean, he sees the star of the show so we got Denise and Louisville spinning on forever.

I hope she still there Denise are you all right okay and what what tell us your epitaph because we had to pick a winner will go around there. Don't know when all all all all. Did you happen to 25 line my mom and my mom went bad. Well, those are great because my father worked for doing so. It brings back a lot of good memories. Thank you Denise God bless you and appreciate your comments on all thank you Tom, we are left with the duty of taking a winner amongst all these epitaphs and and since you're not with me to where we can compare notes and you can you just have to tell me which which one do you pick personally that you like the best out of all that you heard. I like the one called talk about Jim in Greensboro about the atheist Jackie gave the gospel in a nutshell, I thought that was.

I will go along with you and will the clergy in the winter so and I was thinking also the one about the ducts of the clutch.

Can we give a clue, because that was really good that with the clutch. Come on Tom you can do it. Can we give way to all right that was that the chief event name Dutch that was led away because it is clutch. It was tough because the things that Lisa got oil analysis get out of the deal. You know what are all right. Thank you so much relisted to the Christian card I radio show. As I listens it make the show.

I want to thank Johnny Angel my producer for having some of wonderful stuff in there. My good friend Tom slick with JG lubricant services beginning find out all about the stuff that, by the way, if you want to reference that story about Pastor little in my healing is all their Christian card. Feel free to share that. If it blesses anybody. It blesses me remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went, got it all done

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