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Driving Out in Faith (We Believe)

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore
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February 21, 2015 11:28 am

Driving Out in Faith (We Believe)

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore

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February 21, 2015 11:28 am

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Welcome to the Christian car guy radio show.

The cop show dedicated to helping Christians binds all cars by the book of the bluebook knobby orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie card with your questions. 18663421 866-34-TRUTH 7884 as being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host Robbie Gilmore this week we are throwing the book at you and so many different ways.

This is going to be really fun show with all the snow this week in so many areas.

I know we certainly had it here in North Carolina landed in Tennessee in some of you are just used to it.

Jerry and I have assembled a bit of a book that we don't talk about what I do when I need to get a tell what I do when I'm stuck in the ice and and all those kind of things Jerry. This is a people out of their comfort zone and it's hard to know what to do in emergencies.

Are you getting you the snow brings own such a crisis for so many people on the roadways and making those decisions know what to do in advance can save a lot of frustration heart ache and financially save you some money at work and I hope all those things as well and not only for you because you may know some of the stuff, but to rehearse it mentally with people in your family people that may not always be so prepared because when they find themselves in that situation. Also, there's decisions have to happen immediately, and I have thought through some of the stuff you had at times extremely helpful for you to give your book along those lines, but this week as I often do since I had a little extra snow time in my house. I have the a lot of estrogen and it must have my granddaughter living with me and my daughter daughters and my wife and so nobody had school and and so I have this extra quiet time this morning and you know what I was with Robbie if he gets the pondered and I started pondering what was God's relationship with Adam after the fall in Genesis. What they know after he left the garden. What was that like between Adam and God, and I couldn't help but think of some cool stuff like, you know, Adam had to know Enid pretty good. I mean they were differently, can tear and live 930 years and and so before any cleanup of God. Not long before any client.

God is when Adam died, but he knew that. I mean, they lived together a couple hundred years so I can see some of that stuff and as I was looking at all this stuff that was chronicled there in Genesis thought, wow, look how careful God was to chronicle all these people even came who know certainly disappointment.

I'm short and and a lot of aspects for killing his brother Abel. But still there's a lot of stuff about them and I began to wonder about these books that are mentioned in Revelation 21 about those books that can be opened.

The Lamb's book of life is obviously one of them, but I thought hey I bet God's been chronicling all this stuff in Robbie's life so can you imagine with me for a minute. The books that have your name in there times that you believed God, and it was credited to you is righteousness even more so he did something amazing, because you believed in and so I'm asking today when we open up the books. What might be one of the stories in your life where you believe you believe what God said and he did something amazing through you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 as a member to call in 86634 truth, we would love to hear that story of when you believed in you walked out in faith, but it didn't seem to make sense. We have a soundbite I was getting ready for Donna National religious broadcasters convention next week and I often get highlights from my last year show of this salad and this one came as the man, this lady here.

She got something from God and she believes let's listen to what this sounds like when you believe what God is telling guy nine young male boy, and now it might help my writing. I was going later nylon anything I now I write or laugh and I would be high and so you can see she had had that moment where she could believe that voice to put on her seatbelt and she did and God did something amazing and and think about this with me. Not only did God do something amazing for her. She then had the courage to call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and share that so you could be encouraged in it so that I could be encouraged and I got a few more those soundbites highlights from last year's were people believed God, but we need to add your highlight. That's the one. The skin encouraged me.

I know when I get it and I can encourage all our listeners call us with your story. When did you believe God, 866-348-7884. There's a book being made right Jerry absolutely no at that pond. There were doing the 40 day devotion book and part of it is your story. Your story is specific to you and your story. Definitely no matter how minor it may say, no matter how insignificant it may be know what that's your story and ask God stories with you how got tested unit just like a woman put in a hearing God say you have the voice but the seatbelt on when we we sit there so many times think was that coincidental.

You know what, or is that just God, yeah. So again, your story can invert courage. So many people. Please call us with years 866-34-TRUTH 87884 as a member to call in 866-34-TRUTH and speaking of books, well, like the Bible, the God gave us in our book to navigate life will people get a book when they buy a car from the manufacturer. It's called an owner's manual and that owner's manual is often overlooked. Well we have one for Lincoln Christian car now or anybody here I'm I listed every manufacturer that I could think of and then some where you can only order your owners manual and often they're terribly expensive just a dollar or two and then you'll have the source materials which really going to what all that is. But all that's a Christian car and then coming up, the end is shown appraisal by the real black but that's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure crown for the sermon lift up our voice for understanding, I have a few stories set off of when I believed God, he gave me some interesting instructions and in following those I got a chance to see how cool God is, when it was actually quite terrifying at the time and administer those that come in at the end of the show in our appraisal by the real black book. By all means check all this out in our website Jesus Christian car is the name of the website. The Jesus labor love free car repair labor for single moms widows families in crisis. All these owners manual links and we got so much more, not share what we have got it a couple callers come in and we got Duane is in Seattle. He stepped out in faith. I'm very anxious to hear this planar on a Christian car guy show good morning good morning are you doing I'm excited now only yeah yeah I give you one of several okay yeah the good Lord. It led me with simple but that what it was.

I had a daughter. My daughter was premature on audit 1 pound.

14 ounces and so we took her home and then but she loves about the we took her home and my wife was the he had a better job than I have echoed down by my previous job so she could work about the home baby and so we had to sterilize all the bottles that she was susceptible to infection. If anything, okay, so I put the bottles on the stove and and and now she was laying on the bed and she was glad for the plan and I didn't need to fall asleep, but I get Andy's a plastic bottles and I could hear her playing now suddenly came a voice like that never heard it wasn't. It wasn't a voice outside… I don't know his inside my mind. It was most beautiful boys I never would love and all it said was weak and I can't straight out because I was so startled and I will is full of smoke and so I opened the windows and and and put the pot in the bathroom will turn on the plan and was the voice I knew that if they were out there. Duane, what a blessing blessing that God and I know you know I've heard that voice, and it is the most beautiful voice, there is.

God bless you, I joined woman question how old is your daughter how she doing 31. Now she graduated cum laude from Seattle. All I have yet all right okay I tell her that story to acknowledge the good good good good as you. She can see that God's working in their life and the stories mean a lot on my they mean them to my children as well. Duane can't bless you, thank you so much for calling and chanted the lessee. All right, we got Phyllis isn't well.

We got Phyllis in Hendersonville and we got Diane in Ames Iowa coming up. They both stepped out in faith, we can hear their stories only come back see him stay tuned. I know I'm in the state and hopefully they'll be on.

We got stories of the family at the book on what to do in your car stuck in the snow owners manuals all man.

We got stuff we today somehow kind of excitement and call us with your story, 86634878847 and that's what were asking today on the Christian car guy show and we may just find that in the books coming up.

We got books on whether we got books on owners manual, but most of all we want to hear your story of when you heard that voice when you step out in faith and what did God do when you believed we've got Phyllis is in Hendersonville, North Carolina Phyllis here on a Christian car guy show good morning what it got Morris program leave God all our went to buy some apples and and heart with family card that hearkened property by so I parked there, and I heard a voice at the my mind it don't park there and I said I'm in a hurry.

I'm okay. I checked it out. I was like a map both. Then I heard a crash and I do not, a woman had backed out of her parking place and it is my brand-new car and after that as I thought about the situation. I knew that it was God talking to me and I didn't pay attention to believe me when I hear his voice and think like the one God that is extremely powerful and, and I'm so grateful for your courage: tell us that that that encourages me tremendously that next time I hear, obedience is the key and God bless you, thank you so much for calling in today. That is awesome yeah that those are the stories that we got Diane is in Ames Iowa were to get her in just a second, but generally got to talk a little bit about what happens when you're stuck in the snow when you got a car in that situation when the weather is getting bad. One thing I want to bring out real quickly. You gotta get that car gone off the side of the road quickly because supplies are coming through.

And you don't have the time you normally would. So time is of the essence is when you break down the weather like this. Yeah, you know some people think that the vehicle breaks down the got 2448 hrs. before they have to move a bit of bad weather, smooth and in law enforcement is on the move that vehicle soon as they come up onto gone call to get it moved and into the thing is that that if you are there and you break down just get it taken care of right then. Don't assume anything and if you're going to leave the vehicle to go get gas or something. Put a note on there and if you have a cell phone but on that note, your cell number so that law enforcement rolls up on it they can call you to make sure your coming right back.

If not, they would have that vehicle towed because the tiles are coming through and is gotta be moved.

We got Diane is in Ames, Iowa – evening in a long time force Diane you're on the Christian car guy show good morning, what have you got for us will then be like when a young lady, the Lord what I got one of those on your heart.

Real strong. So tell us that lady young lady that with all the work in the quality assurance area and we hear the secretary will allow for picking out 15 back and with the night that going on right about being patient, not laying that indent in the pool as you want by the world outgoing looking lady and all. One more thing I think because I break the law. I ate the Lord suddenly all I'll go with you Diane Knight. On that on the floor. Usually they turn the knife out that one night with Mary, like the fact night so the light was off, and then laid out in the light in the hall. He was off but you could see visible crack of the door being open at the end of all, what terrible go down go down into the world.

All all right. We go down in The Door and a I and That She Was Turned toward the Window on the Issue Is a Little Frail Things.

It May Work on A Lot and with the Guys out. That I Don't Delete yet You Can Write on the Window at All. The Lord Healed Her and She Went Back to the Church. The Next Go over How Great a Dog or Break You Anointed with Oil and Then What Happened Slowly Away Going to Take a Nap When Going from That Running to the Ladies Room When We Get Back We Need to Hear Your Story Because 866-34-TRUTH and Today on the Christian Car Guy Show and We've Had Some Amazing Stories of People Who Step out on Faith Were Talking about Throwing the Book at People What to Say in the Book about Your Story about Your Life When You Step out in Faith and Believed God, and That Where Got A Few Other Books We Got What to Do in Your Car Is Stuck in the Snow and That Would Need to Tell and How about Owners Manuals and We Got an Amazing Appraisal by the Real Black Book Coming up but First We Got a Situation or Diane. When We Left Her Here She Was Running to the Restroom I Can Find out What Happened.

Diane You Ran to the Restroom, Then What Happened Was Only One Stall Was to Meet One of the First Day Went down and I Want like the Way the Critical Situation Was the Real Healing That Is so Powerful Thing Wow Wow What Praise God That Is Awesome.

You Believed and You Are Obedient to Go and He Healed in Ways That Are Way More Miraculous Than When We Get to Heaven Will Get to See Mary As the Occasion Mary, Bless You Diane, Thank You for Calling and That His Cigarette Is Encouraged to Call in and Share That Story with A Lot Of Folks Who Need to Hear from You Today. Thank You so Much God Bless You. Jerry We Got to Talk about Cheese Got so Many Other Things. I Got All These Calls Are Very Excited about, so I'm in a Disco Ballot and All Nominally Got the Shield Is in Raleigh, North Carolina. I Guess North Carolina Shall Be You've Been Hanging on a Long Time. Hope You're Still with Us.

Can You Hear Me in Raleigh Shield. She May Have She May Have Left Us, but We Got David Is in Richmond Virginia. We Need Your Call 866-348-7884 David You're on the Christian Car Guy Show Good Morning Program. So Thrilled to Hear These Stories Is Just past the Stuff That That We Get to Hear the God Justice Blesses Everybody. David Got One of the Will Know What It Took a Chest X-Ray and a Two Man in the Same and I Was a Major Problem Because This Is 98 of March at 12 1986.

I Told Lord If You Live Me from His Cigarette. I'm like a Big Emotional so He Delivered Me. Initially I Had No Withdrawal, No Psychological Withdrawal No Physical Withdrawal. I'd Spoke for 28 Years This Coming March at 12 Would Be 29 Years I Been with a Cigarette Which Gone Some Absolutely Diane a Minute Ago Was Actually I Have a Story Being Delivered from Cigarettes, Myself, Which Is Completely Different God Mud and Put It on My Letter That Is so Cool David God Bless You. That Is Also Appreciate You Calling so Much but We Do Have Sheila Back in Raleigh and She Held on for so Long Put on Children, We Are Excited to Hear Your Story. Thank You Real Quick.

I Had a Hand over 20 Years Ago Where I Was before That with All God Using Me to Pray for People and I Was on Four People for a Long Time and Getting Heal from Different Things.

So Anyway, One Day My Captain Came Back Each Came to Check on Me Because I'm Not Competent Anyway.

Tell Me How to Pray for People on Finding and When I Pray for Me to Never Anyway Going to Be Healed and Hurting All Day. Would You Pray for Me Right Now and Pray to God, and It Would Never Go You're Going to Be Able to Pray for People Trying and Many Charts on Finding I Told You That Because It's Not Hurting Anymore. So When I Got to Church on Sunday July Because It Coming Right Here She's Coming out in a Wheelchair. She's Not Going to Know What That Radio and She's Not Going to Have To Worry about Walking a Wheelchair for, but Happening Told Me, and I Want to Get Crying for, Pray for Upright Body and People Were Feeling Battering and Blank. I Got on My Got to Hurry Plaintiff during Looking for Her to Get up, Go Right Now but Get so Anyway Land We Got Ready to 90 Holy Communion, and When We Went out like You Go to When Everybody Was Going out.

They Felt Light Rail Door. She Put Everything for Her. Oh Yeah Yeah Wheelchair.

She Will Walk and She Did Walk in the Wonderful Thing about That As I Listened to That Is That Was the Original Obedience Where God Said, Let Your Gonna Be Able to Do This, Which Is Very. When God Gives You Some like That.

It's Is It's a Scary Situation like to Armor and Then He Told You That This Lady Is Gonna Be Healed in the Wheelchair and in the Unit. Even Necessarily Have the Faith of That Moment Yourself, Which I Understand That All Too Well Because Quite Often I Feel the Nudge People Stop Looking for an Wonderful Girl You Do. You Gotta Believe What He Says Is There That Is Not to Believe That Walkabout Called Me Back Surgery and Drink to Get so You Knew It Dr. Wait to Get Ready for Their Care Healed 25 Years Ago. So Much God Bless You and Appreciate You Calling in and We Need to Hear Your Story. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH When Did God Tell It to You and You Believed, or Is One Case the Letter That Was a Blessing When She Didn't Listen and and and There It Came in Away Again. You Know Robert Allison. One Thing about All Car Accidents Are Not a Bad Thing on Me Just a Nobody Gets Hurt. This Is the Voice of Our Christian Body Shop There. But We Do Have To to Get to This Book about What What We Do, That the Weather Is Come in.

Are You or Something Situation Happens Where You Find Yourself Have To Be Towed and Is so Helpful to Have Mentally Rehearsed What Am I Going to Do What Should I Tell My Daughter to Do in the Situation and One of the Things It Comes up Almost Every Time Jerry Whether the Weather Is Better Not Is What about the Keys You Have To Leave the Car. What We Do the Keys You Have Figure out Somewhere on Your Vehicle Rated You the Ending Gas Tank Are Somewhere That You Can Leave the Key Because When You Leave a Vehicle and Needs to Be Towed or You Do Not Have the Keys You Have Makes the Job That the Toe Technician It Comes out. The Tow Operator for You Know That They've Got to Do A Lot More Work and Secure the Vehicle You Got the Keys There Can Save A Lot Of Time, and Most Importantly A Lot Of Money Yeah and That's Something We Got A Few More Tips like That. We Got Other Stories and We Need Most of All Your Stories. When Did God Come through for You. 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 Truth Is I the Last Words of Jesus by Stu Epperson, the President of Truth, Broadcasting Is Feature Here A While Ago. The Book the CD All Those Links Are There in Christian Car I'm in a Tell You What That Was the Third Song on That Soundtrack on the CD Jerry It's It's Out Of This World Cool and I'm Excited to See What It Was Their Language and Get That Hello Are You Christian Car and and You Go Right There. But Today Were Talking about When Did You Believe Step out in Faith and How Will That Story Be Written in Those Books That Are Opened up. In Revelation 20 and in One of the Places As I Mentioned in the Beginning Is Showing My Praise by the Real Black Book That I Had a Chance to Believe Was I Was Coming Back from the National Religious Broadcasters Convention Maybe Six Years Ago and I Felt God Tugging on Me to Start the Jesus Labor Love Free Car Repair Labor for Single Moms and Widow and He Outlined It to Me. Actually, As I Was Listening That These Repair Shops Would Do the Labor and Then the People Could Do the Parts and and I Was like Are You Sure These People to Unite Was Terrifying Because Alice Is Not. I As I Started to Think through This Ministry That I Had to Make Those Calls to People like Jerry and Say Jerry Would You Consider Donating the Labor If We Could Start This Jesus Labor Love Where People Would Come in Our Website Where They Would Ask for the Help and the Next Thing I Know People like Jerry and Car Repair Centers Where We Had the Christian Car – a Plan Believe What I Said You Know.

And God Showed Me That We Could Start Repairing These Cars, What One Long and I Was Totally Overwhelmed with All the Stuff That Was Coming at Me and It Was Clear That I Needed More Volunteers. Once Again God Said Robbie You Need to Call and Ask for Help. You Need to Figure out Who God's Got Volunteer Wise and You Gonna Start Reaching out and Doing That and so I Got for Killing Other People. God I Put It out on the Air That I Need Volunteers and God Provided Volunteers. I Put It on the Air That I Needed a Prayer Team.

God Provided Priority and Then Now Jerry, Believe It or Not, I Think We Went over the 400 Car Marks and Scars That We Touch through the Jesus Labor Love and I Could Tell You Story after Story after Story Where I Had No Idea We Didn't Have the Resources and We Stepped out in Faith in God Showed up and 60s, and God Certainly Showed up. And You Know What That's That's You and Answering the Call and Then Hearing God's Voice to Do It in and to Do It in Faith You Know We We Are so Many Times in Our Lives. We Have His Battle with God Where We Think We Know What God's Trying to Tell Us You Know What Just Listen to What God Has To Say and Just Step out in Faith.

And You Know That Needed Steel Is As Huge As Big As It However Was so If You You Know Repair Centers. I Mean, I Know, I Think We Talk about Raleigh in Richmond and Some There Is That There Is There There Is New York Right Now. So If It's It You Maybe Got Some Money That You Could Donate or Urine You Want to Volunteer All Those Things Christian Car Go to Jesus. Labor Love Find a Way to Connect.

If God's Put That on Your Heart You Know Be Obedient. We Have Michael Is in Greensboro. He's Got One of Those Where He Stepped out for Is Michael You're on the Christian Car – of the Morning.

Wonderful. I'm Anxious to Hear Your Story about My about Their Child and We Have One Daughter That Already and You Have Two of a Kind That Were Going to Follow with the First to Work You Have Two Daughters That There Was Going to Be That Daughter That Is Our Friend. God Knows They Got. I Need a I Cannot Take All the While around and I You Know I Need Someone to Call My Name. My Legacy and so Plan Plan and Will Try and the Light Try to Get Pregnant and Nothing Was Happening so We Would Transition between Church Went to Church Meeting. About of the Radio and Really and We Got There We Just Had a Wonderful Time. Praise and Worship and Praise and Worship God and Always the Gentleman Just Walked up and He Said Yellowish Run Have a Baby Right and It Just Told the Call of God, You Know, Anybody, Nobody Knew, and We Use That Yes We Are Not. I Would like Why You Know I Want You Gonna Have a Spine and God Said Don't Worry about Anything You Go Take Care Of Everything. You Never Have To Bomb Anything.

Gotta Go Take Care Of Everything and Sure Enough Yesterday Said God Spoke to Him and He Is Going to the Wife Got Pregnant and and and Story to That One Is That She Stayed in the Hospital Step Him and She Could Hold Any Food down She She She Got down to about 99 Pounds and She's Been off about 30 Today so I Had to Lift My Two Girls I Would Doing the Hair Out Of Taking the Work of Mabe Automatic Job I Could Do That and I Don't Know I Made at the Time but Will Plan Because You Can Keep Any Food down 20 Know God, What Do We Do in the Hospital They Will Feed Her Nutrition Call the Pic Line I Direct Line. If You Have Blessed and I Want to Commune It and Not That You Know You Need to Go and Have Communion with That. You Know That They Need to Going on Home. Both of the Hospital and Have Communion with Your Life.You Can't Swallow It. You Can't Eat Anything That the State down Her Stomach to Go so Went to the Hospital and Right at the Community with Their Told Me What Needed to Be Done and She Was Taken to Medication at Different Intervals. Tell Her to Take Him at the Same Time and Know so That the Midwife Walk through the Doors. You Know What I Have an Idea. Let's Combine These Two Medication to Think That the Ones That Happen Everything Is Okay and so Now My House. I Mean, This Is like a Triple Lab Plus the Good News Is Jerry He's in Greensboro so We Might Meet This Way Because Anytime There's Miraculous Birth like This in the Bible That There Is Certain Thing That God Has on the Young Man's Life Held His Email Will Now Was His Name like That Name Is Michael Manuel. I Know That You Blessed Our Socks off with That Story My Friend God Bless You, Thank You so Much for Sharing That. That Made My Day. Man, That Is so Cool.

God Bless You. Thanks. We Got Alyssa Is in Virginia. Virginia Literally or on a Christian Car – We Don't Have A Lot Of Time.

Can You Doing about a Minute You Go Okay and How Dark the Man. Actually She Actually Dad Had Called Her Back to Life so I Traveled around Holding a Leisurely.

We Got Ago Did Your Mom Make You Believe You Believe God Bless You I Hate That. We Got a Run on the Show. We Had so Much More to Cover, but God Covered What He Needed to Have about You This Week.

What's Gotten Right in His Book about You When You Believed. And It Was Credited to You, Do Some Believe in This Week.

Thank You Philistine

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