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Wishful Thinking About Love

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore
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May 30, 2015 12:33 pm

Wishful Thinking About Love

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore

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May 30, 2015 12:33 pm

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Welcome to the Christian card I radio show.

The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book book book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 18663421 866-34-TRUTH 7884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out is your host radio more. Oh, did God have me a lesson plan this week and I get this share that with you today.

It has much to do with our Jesus labor love ministry. That's free car repair labor for single moms widows families in crisis. You may be familiar with that ministry corsets are Christian card. and talk about that some of the show today, but really exploded. One of the boxes that I had put them in perhaps I hadn't put in there and intellectually, but I sure had put them there in my heart so just in case you share this box with me. Let me take you through God's lesson plan this week. First off, to get a sense of the box. I'm talking about.

Perhaps you recall a movie. The movie Aladdin.

It was a Disney movie and here's sort of an encounter with the genie of the lamp complaint for that for you right now right here direct from lamp right here for you very much. Wish fulfillment thinking you wish fulfillment three wishes to be exact, and next day on they wishing for more wishes.

That's it states no substitutions, exchanges, or a fax now I know I'm dreaming so will it be nested if you going to grant me any three wishes I want great almost provides a couple could poke holes play.

I can't kill anybody set on ask. I can't make anybody fall in love with anybody else.

Your little one day I can't bring people back from the it's not a pretty picture.

Other than that it's's provisos, limitations, wishes some all power can even bring people back from the dead, who came to set his cave working so here you may agree with me that when it comes to those rules. Number one, you can't kill anyone.

Obviously God can certainly accomplish that and number three being in bringing people back from the dead. If you're Christian obviously you see that the Jesus accomplish that. However, it was that rule number two that if you told me a week ago it did it that it didn't apply to God you really surprise me. Can that rule is Ken God make anybody fall in love with anybody else so I understand you free will. Folks right this minute may be suspecting something in your considering change the channel, but channel but don't touch that dial. I promise I'm not to go there but I do want to share a couple of stories that perhaps will help you see that God may be up to something in your life and hopefully share some other car wisdom along the way.

It is the fifth Saturday of the month, which for those long time Christian card I listeners know that that was Dr. Sonny. Whenever we had a for Saturday in a month. We have Dr. Cicely under a short Dr. Sonny attribute a little bit later in the show and then at the bottom of the hour.

We are going to finally get the folks from the Fords Pro backup trailer since we are supposed to have last week, there can be colony and organist tear off all that but to start off with were honest God lesson plan and you now want to take you there in as I mentioned last Friday I mentioned this on the show last week that we had a bit of an issue in the Jesus labor. Love is like we say it's free car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis and we talked about last week that sometimes people have unrealistic expectations of it. It's very hard when you're trying to get people to call you back whenever you take your car in for service.

I don't care whether your asking for you know the Jesus labor help which is again the people that participate in that are going to donate the labor and this particular situation. The single mom that was involved got really upset because she didn't get a call back from it was all in all automotive au gratin tell the story, because I think that your to be blessed to know how Joey worked this out how God worked it out in the end, but it has a lot to do with this. Still, this whole idea of can God make somebody love somebody at and what happened in this situation was.

She got really upset.

I got a call last Friday night about 7 o'clock from Joey saying I don't know how I can help this lady she so upset at me she's you know we've got an employee that's upset in it was all a fairly big mess and so she was going to go. In fact, she did have her car towed away that Saturday. Last Saturday while we are on the air. There was a the tow truck, to get that cartoon of the way so that situation looked fairly black at the time and then to make matters worse, as I headed into work after the Memorial Day weekend celebration. Again thank you all are service folks for your service and certainly for families that lost loved ones, but so Tuesday morning on my way in.

I get a call from really one of the biggest suppliers we had in the Jesus labor levels.

A new car dealer and they called me and this again. Mom had called them and based on that you know a long conversation and they were really feeling frustrated by the situation they are dropping out of the program.

So now I've got to upset a lot of folks and I still got a mom that's upset and then shortly thereafter she called me and she actually emailed me and she wanted to know how is can help her while I was down to car repair centers based Was looking at. At the moment I'm like I don't know. I've got a board meeting on Thursday night. I'm in I have to see how that plays out. So were to leave our hero there on that part of the story for now and then I go tell you that you know how God has you lesson plan a lot of stuff going on in your life. That's all trying to teach you stuff that he's informing you well. I do a devotion at a nursing home. That's behind the dealership that we owned in Marksville and I've done it for nearly 20 years now and so I've been known as the man with the papers because every Wednesday I go out and I get my jokes together so I can laugh and we can. I like to laugh and we do all that. But I also try to find an inspirational story. I usually try to find some that short that I can do so I can go how to do my devotion was I'm working on this paper that I can print out to handle the people that Americans they love to get something when you do, devotion, by the way, it's great to have them something that they can take with and I come across the story and it looks way too long.

But as I begin to read Ida's son, Toby, Robbie read this and as I began to read it I realized wow this thing is more than powerful. I've got to use it and so this was my next step on the lesson plan and I can't help but share with you because this story is blessed me in so many different ways on so many different levels.

I know it doesn't have to do with cars, but it does have to do with God's lesson plan on car so here we go.

It's called the dying drummer boy and it was by Dr. ML, Rosalie, and it says I was a surgeon in the United States Army during the Civil War and after the battle of Gettysburg.

There were hundreds of wounded soldiers in my hospital. Many were wounded so severely that a leg or an arm or sometimes both needed to be amputated. One of these was a boy who'd been in the service for only three months since he was too young to be a soldier.

He enlisted as a drummer and when my assistance to gave him came to give him the chloroform before the application he turned his head and refused when they told him that it was the doctors orders. He said send the doctor to me. I came to his bedside and he said young man and I said young man why do you refuse the chloroform. Chloroform. When I picked up when I picked you up on the battlefield. You are so far gone that I almost didn't bother to pick you up, but you open those large blue eyes and it occurred to me that you had a mother somewhere who might be thinking of you at that very moment. I didn't want to. I didn't want you to dine the battlefield, so I had you brought here, but you've lost so much blood that you you're just too weak to live through an operation without chloroform. You'd better let me give you some.

He laid his hand on mine looked at me in the face and said Dr. one Sunday afternoon when I was 9 1/2 years old. I gave my life to Christ. I learned to trust a man and I know I can trust him now. He is my strength. He will support me while you amputate my arm and leg asking if he would at least let me give him a little brand so now as my Savior calls me. I asked if I could give him a little brand and I got a fine page 4, which again he looked at me and said Dr. when I was about five years old, my mother knelt beside my bed with his or their arms around me and said Charlie, I'm praying to Jesus that you will never take even one drink of alcohol. Your father dried it died a drunkard and I've asked God to use you warn people I've asked the HUD that she use you to warn people against the dangers of drinking and encourage them to love and serve the Lord.

I'm now 17 years old and I've never had anything stronger than tea or coffee is a very good chance that I'm about to die and go in the presence of my God, would you send me there with Brandy on my breath on never forget the look that boy gave me at that time I hated Jesus, but I respected that the boys the boys loyalty to a Savior. And when I saw how he loved and trusted into the very and something deeply touched my heart I did for that boy. What I'd never done for any other soldier.

I asked him if he wanted to see his chap and will continue this story. On the other end of the break. We do have much on the Jesus later love to talk fast. We've got the gentleman calling them from Ford. We got to Dr. Sonny attribute so much? I surely hope to get some calls as well.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH will be back. I don't think what you've got the show had God some kind of the genie box question that obviously I had to face myself as I was given the lesson plan this week in God make somebody fall in love with somebody else again working to share some stories from the Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms and widows that that kinda lead me along those lines. This lesson plan and you know right before the break we are sharing the story on the dying drummer boy that was written right shortly after the Civil War and I would point out that all this information is a Christian card. If you go to Christian card. The complete stories written out there if you want to share this because I think if your your mind can be blown. His mind was to see what happened but the question is, can God cause somebody to fall in love with somebody else and again I'm just sharing stories of things that have happened in so what can we do that. So, picking up our friend the doctors he was performed. This amputation with the boy without chloroform. He said he did for that boy would it never done for another soldier asked him if he wanted to see his chaplain.

The chaplain knew that the boy that chaplain knew the boy well from having seen them often, intent, prayer meetings, taking his hand. He said Charlie, I'm sorry to see you like this arm.

All right, sir answered Charlie. The doctor offered the chloroform but I told him I didn't want any. They wanted to give me Brandy, which I didn't want either. So now is my Savior calls me.

I can go to him in my right mind. You must not die. Charlie said the chaplain, but if the Lord does call you home is anything I can do for you. If after you're gone.

The chaplain said please at me said to impact chapter chaplain. Please return to my pillow and take my little Bible my mother's address is inside. Please send it to her and write a letter for me. Tell her that since I left home, I've never let a single day pass.

The matter if we are on the march on the battlefield in the hospital in the hospital without reading a portion of God's word in daily praying that he would bless her. Is there anything else I can do for you. My lab asked the chaplain yes please write a letter to Sunday school teacher at the San Street church in Brooklyn. Tell him that I've never forgotten his encouragement. Good advice in prayer for me. They've help me and comforted me through all the dangers of battle and now in my dying hour.

I thank the Lord for my dear old teacher and ask him to bless and strengthen him and that is all and turning to me he said I'm ready.

Dr. I promise I won't even groan while you take off my arm and leg. If you don't offer me chloroform. I promise.

But I didn't have the courage to take the knife in my hand without first going to the next room and taking a little Brandy myself while cutting through the flesh. Charlie Colson never groaned when I took the saw to separate the bone the lab at the corner of his pillow in his mouth and all I could hear them whisper was over Jesus, blessed Jesus, stand by me now. He kept his promise. He never groaned I couldn't sleep that night, which which ever way I tossed I turned I saw those soft blue eyes.

The words blessed Jesus, stand by me now kept ringing in my ears a little after midnight. I finally left my bed and visited the hospital something I'd never done before and less there was an emergency. I had such a strange and strong desire to see that boy and when I got there an orderly told me that 16 of the badly wounded soldiers had died was Charlie Colson, one of them. I ask no sir answered he sleeping is sweet as a bait. When I came to his bed. One of the nurses said that about 9 o'clock, to members of the YMCA came to the hospital to sing a hymn, the chaplain was with him and he knelt by Charlie's bed and offered a fervent install certain souls during prayer and while on their knees.

They sang one of the sweetest of all hymns. Jesus lover of my soul. Charlie sang along with them to. I couldn't understand how that boy who was in such horrible pain could sing five days after I performed the operation.

Charlie sent for me and it was from him that I heard my first gospel sermon Dr. he said my time is, I don't expect to see another sign of sunrise. I want to thank you with all my heart for your kindness to me. I know you're Jewish and that you do not believe in Jesus but I want to this day and see me die trusting my Savior to the last moments of my life. I tried to stay but I just couldn't. I didn't have the courage to stand by and see a Christian boy died rejoicing in the love that Jesus, who I hated so I hurriedly left the room about 20 minutes later. An orderly came and found me sitting in my office with my hands covering my face. He told me that Charlie wanted to see me. I just seen them.

I answered I can't see him again with the doctor. The doctor he says he must see you once more before he dies.

So I made up my mind to go and see Charlie say an endearing word and letting.however I was determined that nothing he would say would influence me in the least bit so far as Jesus was concerned when I entered the hospital.

I saw he was sinking fast so I set down by his bed, but that feeling.

I sat down at his bed and lost the page, but I found asking me to take his hand.

He said Dr. I love you because you're a Jew, the best friend I found in the world was at you asking who that was. And the answer Jesus and I want to induce you to him before I die, will you promise me doctor that what I'm about to say to you, you will never forget. I promised and he said five days ago while I while you amputated my arm and leg. I prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ and he answered and ask him to make his love known to you.

Those words went deep in my heart I can understand how when I was causing him the most intense pain. He could forget about himself and think of nothing but the Savior in my unconverted soul. All I can say to him was well my dear boy, you will soon be all right. And with these words.

I left them in 12 minutes later he fell asleep safe in the arms of Jesus. Hundreds of soldiers died in my hospital during the war, but I only followed one to the grave and that was Charlie Colson.

I wrote 3 miles to see them. I had them dressed in the uniform and placed in an officers coffin with the United States flag over it that boys dying words made a deep impression on me. I was rich at the time so far as money was concerned, but I would have to get I would've given every penny I possessed.

If I could've felt towards Christ as Charlie did, but that feeling cannot be bought with money. Alas, I soon forgot all about my Christian soldiers little sermon that I could not forget the boy himself. Well, we only have a couple minutes left in that story, I do want to complete that and then tell you about how that has to do with the Jesus labor.

Love we have the gentleman from Ford call in and talk about their backup system and the tribute to Dr. Sonny all coming up on a Christian partnership.

Plus we are taking her calls 866-34-TRUTH 8788 I is is not the Lord of the lamp. That's what were talking about today your dropbox or in this case, my God box.

How I thought my mind is God, capable of making someone fall in love with somebody else. I thought he lived under Jeannie report what we share the story so far of the dying drummer boy in the Civil War again if you want to hear the rest of that story.

You can go to Christian card. on a teller is the story but if you want to. If you came in late on the story and you want to see the beginning of it or you want to share with somebody or anything else that we do on the show. It's always a Christian card. as well as a whole.

Information on Ford's new backup system which really get to in a minute as their colony and but I did want to end the story so that did not leave everybody hanging. This is the Jewish doctor who it amputated the boys leg now says, looking back I know I was under deep conviction of sin.

At the time, but for nearly 10 years.

I held back until finally the deer boys prayer was answered and I surrendered my life to the life of Jesus. About a year and 1/2 after my conversion I went to a prayer meeting at one evening in Brooklyn.

It was one of those meetings where Christians testify about the lovingkindness of God, and after several outspoken and elderly lady stood up and said, dear friends, this is the last time I'll have a chance to publicly share how good the Lord is been to me. My doctor told me yesterday that my right lung is nearly gone in my left lung is failing fast and it best only have a short time to be with you, but what is left of me belongs to Jesus.

It's a great joy to know that I shall soon meet my son with Jesus in heaven. Charlie was not only a soldier for his country but also a soldier for Christ. He was wounded at the battle of Gettysburg and was cared for by Jewish doctor who amputated his arm and leg.

He died five days after the operation, the chaplain of the regiment wrote me a letter and sent me my boys Bible. I was told that in his dying hour. My son Charlie sent for the Jewish doctor and said to him five days ago while you're amputated. My arm and leg. I prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ for you. Again, the Jewish doctor speaking says as I heard this lady speak I couldn't sit still.

I left my seat ran across the room and took her hand and said God bless you, my dear sister. Your boys prayer has been heard and answered.

I am a Jewish doctor that Charlie prayed for in this Savior is now my Savior the love of Jesus has one my soul. That is the true account of Charlie Colson the Christian drummer boy taken from an old out-of-print book called touching incidents and remarkable answers to prayer. As I mentioned, it's a Christian card. but you have to think the story begs the question that I think God was teaching me this week which is did caught did God cause this Jewish man who hated Jesus the fall in love with Jesus and the did he do that through this young boy and his prayers. I'll leave you to ponder. That is what he get a chance to talk to break up cultus with Ford and talk about this phenomenal new Pro backup system. You guys have a better idea if somebody's got to back up a trailer brand. This thing is more than cool and takes you here, and there's a neat video we got it Christian card I that that shows it.

But if you've ever tried tobacco a trailer into the slip or or something along those lines, and it's a challenge.

Can you kind of explain to our listeners how this thing works absolutely. I think that drive the truck and use the truck of the story about your waiting at the boat ramp or trying to get their trailer to go and they wanted to go and most of our F1 50 customers use their truck to tell at some point all them every day but a lot of music sometime on the weekend or when they need you for working backing up a trailer with a pickup truck is our any vehicle. It is kind of counterintuitive. You gotta turn the wheel the opposite way of where you want the trailer to go and so what Ford had come up with that were really excited to have on the on the 16 mile your F1 50 is a feature called Pro trailer backup for and how it works. It basically when you buy a 16 mile your F1 50. It will come in if you have a trailer tow package, it will come with an and when you want to back it trailer up with your F1 50 turn the knob to the right trailer goes to the right turn the knob to the left trailer goes to the left and you and the driver usually are.

You need a rearview camera to watch what you're doing, but the truck itself uses a rearview camera. What we do is that when you turn that amount to the right. The truck, here's the trailer where need to go yet you literally take your hand off the steering wheel and the wheel and around and now the truck truck moved the trailer where you want to go so one thing hard enough that the trailer is gone back in a straight line and when you use this feature, and you put the vehicle in reverse and you use your mirrors and watch where you're going to struggle, go in a straight line straight back so it is for people to don't back a trailer lot make it a lot eat your need for customers that you get back, trailers all the time.

It makes it a whole lot faster to just have the trailer go exactly where you want to go.

I could not agree with you more just going in a straight line or trying to get it to go straight is a challenge that is cool if you just leave it straight and take your hands off the wheel let the truck figure out how to make all that happen, then NDE, who knows what it could say but also there are some safety in that in that you know so many incidents with pedestrians happen embarking that parking lots and people backing up and stuff like that and what trailers it's it's a non-it's a safety. Absolutely it is something that we take really seriously and I and our customers really seriously to know your your driver in a situation I'm in your you're working the break you're using your mirrors, your watch where you're going and that you know this helps you focus on a couple of things in and guide the trailer where you want to go is clearly a better idea brand. Thank you so much for being with us today. God bless you. But the good work about you thank you thank you for calling all rights it's all there. It Christian card. for its better backup idea is a video on how it works and all that, stuff that is is truly fascinating to me what the technology is that they continue to come out with it and in the certainly leads us to the wonder at some point in time. Are we still going to get the steer our staff are his big brother to take over. I don't know but and in those of us who have control issues.

Obviously, you know, you don't have to use it if you don't want to sell that work for getting back to my lesson plan and look in the in the topic for today show is to an extent, can God or do you believe the like the genie that he can't make somebody fall in love with somebody else. What is your thought process on that. Of course, if you've experienced it. I would love to hear from you at 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and if you listen to beginning a show I describe the lady that we are having some difficulty with whether Jesus labor love which again is free car repair labor for single moms and widows families in crisis and what it is, is that the people I job and dollar who are in town the story about they donate the labor but the single mom of the widow in this case would need the parts and there was a lot of discussion because it turned out that this car that were talking about right now. The Toyota Corolla had blown the head gasket and then blown it so bad that it did milkshake the oil is what we call it when you look at the oil it looks like a milkshake of the waters in the oil, which means as possible. Engine damage and it's really a serious situation and she had a serious situation which again we mentioned she got so angry that she had told her car away and she was asking for help, and that it was very distressing because I'd Artie had one big incident that I want to set up another one. So Thursday when I have my board meeting I'd Artie read the story about Charlie Colson got Artie had me on this lesson plan but I want to share with you piece of Scripture that that God had given me where it is from the book of Exodus. Not if you remember the situation that the Egyptians had gone through all these different plagues, but therein in Exodus 13 it says God had given the people given the people favor in the side of the Egyptian so they granted them whatever they requested and that word favor could be translated. Grace.

And so it was like I thought.

Wait a minute now. These people hated the Jews and they were telling them they were killing their firstborn all the stuff and they were certainly aggravated by all the stuff that happened but it said God granted them favor in the eyes of the Egyptians and the Egyptians gave them everything they requested, i.e., the gold and silver that was later used to make A tabernacle in all the items in the tabernacle, and when I read that that morning Thursday morning.

It just grabbed my heart and I said wait a minute you mean God can cause somebody else to falls in love with somebody else.

It's one thing for the Jewish doctor now that God was causing him to fall in love with God. But here's a situation where he's causing these the Jews to fall in love with another mean the Egyptians to fall in love. So I began to ponder this box that I put God in, and silver to get to the rest of that story here. The doctor sunny tribute in the course we'd love to hear your call 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH when we come back as God's plan for me this week in defining is he capable of making one person love another against the whole genie idea of you know the rules that that the lab was told he couldn't do, but God is been show me this week that well I don't know.

There's a couple incidences and we mentioned which I misspoke it's actually in Exodus 1133 through 35 that that he talked about how he caused the Egyptians to find favor. I mean that they did the Jews to find favor in the eyes of the Egyptians, and they plundered so taking us back to this lady that we had the trouble with the Jesus labor. Love the board met Thursday night and we had decided not to help. Due to the fact that we had the incidences and so she called me almost right on schedule first thing Friday morning and she was quite abrupt and are you can help me or not and I said no, the board met and we really did and she almost started another conflict and I said it's obvious that which is not a good fit. This just doesn't seem to be working out and I'm sorry and we hung up and I thought it was all done, but God had other plans. Almost immediately a friend of mine came in a pastor friend actually change barley from Lexington and we began to record another segment of the show. I do called disciple magazine where he does a moment of grace and as we were talking I talked to him about my struggle with that passage in Exodus we did mention the lady at all you guys said can God cause somebody to fall in love with somebody else in the and and I said I always thought that he couldn't. I thought it was like the genie, but now I'm thinking he can and he said Robbie it's almost exactly the opposite. Because how could I have fallen in love with God if he hadn't caused that to happen.

As I began to ponder that the more I thought about that of the more it started to stick in my soul and is he left that the all the sudden I began to pray God will do I do with this situation with the labor loving God put it on my heart. You need to call her back. You need to call her back.

You need to call her back. You need to try to help her. I was like wow this is hardly this is not somebody that I like this is hard, but God Put in on my heart to call her back when it was you might guess, I called her back and not only was she hopeful that we could get some help. We actually call Joab and Ola back, the Lord allowed us to find an engine for her car. Joey volunteered to do the whole labor to put in this whole engine which is a phenomenal thing, especially for a lady that we both worked little upset with. But God had caused it favor, God had caused this whole thing to happen. And again, we don't know how it's all gonna work out as we still got to get the car fixed, and who knows where this all may go but I can certainly tell you that it was a God moment that Robbie didn't have anything I have anything to do with a lady Joey wanted nothing to do with her. But then God came in and he changed everybody's heart now. Prayer is a significant part of this whole thing and it says in Romans obviously God will have mercy on whom he will have mercy needs can ardently skin art God sovereign, and these are things that we can consider as we go to prayer. Can God soften the heart of somebody we think is absolutely untenable. Well Scripture would say that it does.

But I couldn't finish the show today which being the fifth Saturday of the month.

I was thinking about doctor sunny, so I'm pretty sure that up close out most of the time we have together today to hear Dr. sunny but I would sure like to hear him one more time.

And one more for Saturday the month. Here is our good friend who went to be with the Lord last September.

Dr. sunny Dr. sunny foxes first show was in December 20 of 2008 in a course I had no idea who I might be interviewing his bio certainly stood out to me but very quickly into that show as you tell a star was fine as I could see God gifted him uniquely to share motorsports parables hear Dr. sunny's first words on the Christian card I show live from California.

He is the master of motorsports parables. The wizard of wide oval racetrack biblical timelines. He refers to himself as a recovering bozo is Dr. sunny Fox from team possibilities. Dr. sunny welcome morning good morning what you be on the night guide orgy added.

We always look for something in your bio that stands out, you know, and bozo you know that just being that I lived in Chicago at one point, always had an affinity for all recovering something is so I was called to the ministry to very simple six word present the gospel using motorsports parables and what God is asked me to do with the gift that he'd given me to try to update fishing and farming in the wind directing a tea party and all that into the 21st century.

So everybody has a car or knows a car or been around the car 75 million people attend motorsports event here in America had 200 million in Europe. We have lines open so if you want to test Dr. sunny he's up to it.

866-34-TRUTH here's what you can test.

He has an acronym for any automotive word you you can come up with it like a race was acting and Teresa Dr. sunny, responsibility, accountability, commitment, and education. Those of the four tires on the car. Anyone of those are flat did not go to get where you need. Our maybe you know it may believe that a well somewhere in your you try to put your car together once it was an acronym for weld out there somewhere. Dr. absolutely God's word equipped to love deeply.

Just like when you use metal together welding.

We are quick to love deeply. The deeper you love the closer we get all right there you go if you want to test Dr. sunny day. If you can think of any automotive word you know maybe you said nothing about Titania and Yahoo knows what call is within Dr. sunny promises by the end of the show.

He's going to have terrible 40s that works out about that Dr. Sawyer still with me after all that you don't think Marge is off. Thank you, thank you very much you are doing well. We got Jim in Missouri. Jim you're on the Christian card. I do morning good morning you got a car park for Dr. sunny and I'll make sure our target mechanical or body either one. Yeah, you go there but is probably a lot easier than I think will be the third quarter panel quarter panel by Dr. sunny here's your mission if you choose to accept it. By the end of the show if you words and quarter panel. I hope your spelling it right you know we got your your flight is 50 I can't spell my want my mother would tell you that. All right Jim here by the end of the show is for Dr. sunny when we left our you're trying to make a parable for quarter panel.

If you got it yet absolutely limited as you again for those existing and we have Dr. sunny Fox. He is with motorsports parables are that it's actually team possibilities and we challenge you today you come up with your word any automotive term and Dr. sunny will make a parable, you name it titanium summer. Now is the my friend called and he said quarter panel layout is Dr. sunny okay quarter panel. If you go to the my website debug you will see part of the oval racetrack is a bouquet of Bible timeline and all night quarter panel of one through 11 so you can walk somebody down is that of a crew cab and run the entire Bible timeline down there, but specifically my parables were you using water battle quickly undo anxiety. Repent today that the quarter will handle pride accumulates nonsense and eliminate love. So what you need to do it. If your quarter panel is out of whack. Take it to the auto body shop guy eliminate that's unbelievable just amazed you think we set that up all right you got your word. I was Dr. sunny Fox again. We are blessed to have had him on the show for all those years and is I never sign something would come at you with all sort of things we want to thank you for the show today as always go to Christian card. and find out about the dying drummer boy or for backup system, or any of our daily tips course of Jesus labor of love. Information is there free car repair labor for single moms widows families in crisis. And if you're somewhere where you're looking for somebody to work on your car in your ear when the areas of carrier program, chances are you've got some people listed there.

Give to the Jesus labor level.

What great people to take your car to

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