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The Pressure of Eternity

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore
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February 13, 2016 11:25 am

The Pressure of Eternity

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore

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February 13, 2016 11:25 am

Christian Car Guy

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Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show.

The cop showed dedicated to helping students buy and sell cars by the book book book, but by God's book Bible questions one 866-34-TRUTH 186-634-8784 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out. Here's your host Wally Gilmore the Jesus labor of love, ministry, Christian Car Guy show for about five years. It's car repair for labor is always in the past hard labor for single moms widows families in crisis and the large lessons to help, over 500 or so participants over the years and that and the interesting thing is that about two weeks ago or three weeks ago I got a call from auto parts company would consider helping underwrite the process because again we always had that labor but is the repair facilities that participate with this.

You know they donated the labor but the single moms of the families in crisis would have to come up with the money for parts or sometimes we got you guys who were listening to send money into the Jesus labor love through Christian Car to pay for the parts but how cool is it that we got this call and answer the prayer amount out so today our announcement is that we have this new underwriter it's auto parts Their prices are knots and it's really cool because they if even look at their website. You can see that they clearly have a mission for the honor God in all they do. And here's a Christian auto parts company out there and they have three guys that they call the knots, Andy Ryan, Jack, and they say they've got gasoline in their veins.

A been racing for combined over hundred and 10 years and we had today to share with you guys. One of those knots we have anti-Vitec with his welcome Mandy and so what I thought would be fun today for all of us listening is glean some wisdom because as people are out there thinking about there. The next auto part or whatever. What you know, there would be some questions that come to mind. Amanda, you, you jotted down some questions you think that are common that people would ask what what you come up with a lot of question when ordering online.

In general, and technical all subject to that wave know of online purchasing, which is grown by double digits every single year so people need to be cautious. They need to be aware. But it's also very convenient and the pricing on the Internet can be much better than going to your local store or a store because you're not paying Bielby stories on the Internet are not paying for the bricks and mortar, so to speak, and and higher in a high paid employees to be a counter for salespeople so a lot of benefits to doing it that you are shopping online and I think Rob you know you you touch a point about not cupping people. There were some of the questions of the common questions so I just went through an interesting fight left leg and I drive down some questions and I'm just thinking how I think what you were running. Also, an online business. So I'm not picking on the other side of it, but I bypassed my boy via my wife questions about how you feel when you're when you're online and you're ordering apart how do you worsen the question of the computer your mind and and in my business, not a part of the people, no one getting the right part. How I know I'm buying that correct part there was an online event, even though it quickly some cases people do it the next day and parked there. But how I know that if not for you who's making a judgment call and someone and what's interesting is more depth that you can get into when ordering apart more specific for your vehicle. That's how you can ensure that the part going to be very close to being correct or spot on and what I'm saying is, for instance, our site we have a vintage checker vehicle identification number checker so if a person is ordering apart, they can actually look at their insurance card or the other.

Their registration card and take the vehicle identification number-in and on the right side of our site and make it then they can access all the parts for that specific car and the reason I'm saying that it it it that specific because if you're driving a 2004 Toyota Camry. It may be a crossover year from the 2003 and parts may be totally different in midyear. So from in 2004. They may have switched spindles or something that you understand anything that the detailed thing and so is your listing right now you think I was on about this. I always wondered about that. If I was going order part online. What happens if it's not right.

When I got to return it. All those things are dancing around in your mind you call us right now. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. What about ordering parts online. What is that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is number calling. We would love to hear your question in a course from having amnion for the whole show at the bottom of the hour. We have Ron Martin, Donna is a Michelin tire expert is with Michelin tires and the reason we have him on and we got Annie as our parts experiment got a tire expert on is I got this email a few weeks ago and this email was a question that that a listener had you may have a similar question.

He said I am a Christian mechanic that I've used for over 20 years and I must say some of the best I've ever experienced is a certified Ford expert mechanic and worked in their shops for years before opening his own business.

He advises me to run my truck tires at the max PSI printed on the tire is given me the reasons that I should do this to get longer tire wear better fuel mileage prevent cupping better cornering, and claims that that there is less chance of tire damage on the inside, and thus lowers the chances of sidewalk blowouts. He also adds that recommended PSI shown on the front door poster. Basically a matter of comfort in the tires ran those pressures will wear quicker and that makes the tire manufacturers happy and he said I have a 1995 Ford F1 50 and ousting of about applying this to pastor cars also. So should I do this for my wife's car and this was my question for which I almost went your wow you know that's real scary what you're talking about beers but I answered the question like this are in and so you can be thinking about this in your own mind. I said thank you John, great question. I think I will throw this one out to the audience and I will also throw it out to some manufacturers to see what they say my off-the-cuff response would be that I pray the manufacturers have a better motive for what they put the doorpost and then what you and what your friend says but I do know that and I do know this, that overinflated tire will get a better gas mileage and be less likely to pick up road debris that's true. However, it's far less footprint on the pavement. This brace greatly increasing stopping distance and decreases wet in inclement weather traction and handling. So for my wife and children.

I'll trust recommended pressure in the door. Another note would be the wear and tear on the suspension shocks and struts is overinflated tires bounce a great deal more, and so they know when you hit a bump or curve.

Those are gonna get you into trouble, so to speak, so that said, I'm a do some more study as I did and I actually got the people on for Michelin. There can be here at the bottom of the hour so not only can you call in today with your online parts question, but you can also call in with that tire inflation question were to get that settled at the bottom of our with our expert for Michelin tires. Then we got so much more for your mission, not the end the show in our appraisal by the real black book.

That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure crap for understanding, lift up our voices and see we have experts today on both parts and tires and to me. Experts are a great example of the wisdom that that's out there in life and that the Holy Spirit lights our hearts with and you've heard me speak before that if the Christian's body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and where might the holy of holies be made if our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit wherewith the holy of holies beat and I would suggest it. It's our hearts. Well this week I was asked to give the message that the 11 o'clock service next week at peace church in Durham. That's next Sunday summer to be at peace church in term of anybody wants to make a berry have at all. It Christian Car By the way, if you want to see how to get there, but my friend Pastor James bank banks asked me to speak and so I stable you guys in a series.

Is there a particular passage you would like me to speak on and he said yes. Revelation and I would like you to speak on revelations 15 through 22, a little bitty passes for slide status set me back in my chair for a second and and then I thought before I responded that you know any time God gives us an opportunity to speak.

He downloads this message to you, my thought, man oh man I can agree to do this and got him to give me something on revelations 15 through 22, and man oh man, bitty, and I get to share that and that illumination coming at the end of the show in our appraisal by the real black so right now we want to get your calls. What about if I order a part online how I know to not get my mind out of that. I know that might not lose my identity. You know what, 86648 auto parts, not as a new underwriter labor love in the Christian Car Guy radio show. Welcome back were so excited today about this because for a long time. You know you were were praying God.

We need more resources in order to meet the needs of the people in the applicants that come in, so let me just start off again by saying that if you know somebody that is in an emergency car repair situation.

Single mom families in crisis.

Widows often they can go to Christian Car in their click on the Jesus labor love banner in there.

There's a form that they can fill out so we can make sure that they're qualified and and that were seen with the need is specifically and how we might handle back and again as we said with this week were so excited because we have now added a new resource to that as we have the underwriters auto parts and we have anti-VTEC is here with us today to talk about some of those questions you may have. As you go online to order parts and it's kinda cool for me or for my standpoint any of the people that help us with the Jesus labor love all the car repair places across the country and now auto parts Think about it.

If you need help if you need auto repair.

Why not look at these people that are helping out single moms in widows and families in crisis. If you need parts. Wow, what an opportunity to, you know, invest in the kingdom is all these people are investing in the kingdom in the Jesus labor love so excited to have Andy with us and we have Michelin coming out of the bottom of the hour, but right now are talking about those questions that everybody might have is they order those parts and that's one of those. It just comes right off the top of my mind and is how do people know that they won't lose their identity.

You know if I order some of my credit card on the online I could just go away and through a lot of identification identity theft and credit card want and it obviously unlimited. It is a big concern and it was one of my questions that I wrote down as I mentioned before my wife and children think and what were some of the questions that you have your online finger ordering something and is my information secure when ordering online and are given example I can general your when you call some company and you give them your credit card information or check information that you were doing the checker's ability credit card information giving that person.

Your your credit card information or personal information.

Your three digit number on the back for digit you're relying on that person not to distribute that information so I can I get calls all the time thing. Can I order this over the phone because you know I'm I'm concerned about identity theft. So Mike might give what I first explained your better off doing it online rather than giving a personal credit card information of because it is in many cases extremely secure and I can I can tell you from our site that we do not keep credit card information so that the consumer goes on and purchases the part they picked apart the quicker credit card information. Shipping address, mailing address, and so one and when they can enter processes through one of the gateways of the credit card industry like these are MasterCard processes through that and there I think from my background is originally in banking and so on. I am denying. I know the security end of it and they are very very secure their always changing their methods of security and clinically on top of this, so there's no breaches were. I think the consumer needs to be cautious in the sites that they're buying from some do continue to keep your credit card information on file within their system are not. It is immediately destroyed. So if we were ever hacked as a company you are all the packing: to gain information like that they can't find anything. Nothing there so I think deeply consumer needs to be confident when they're dealing with Internet company that their credit card information will be secure, but be sure that if you're dealing with the company maybe for the first time deftly read their disclaimers about credit card information: be sure that they don't store it for future purchases arriving like that that smaller sites are more vulnerable to hacking working on another agency.

Grabbing their information. When I was in parts which the actually when I got the car business originally back to my teen was in parts and it was quite often that people would use electrical parts as a test see I don't know if this is the United says I need a sensor according to this code so they'll order this answer when they're not absently certainly need this answer. But then a lot of times once they've been used their electrical they're not returnable. How does that work when it comes to you guys pretty much the same electrical parts that that's an area that you need to be. I think when I'm working on my own car, which I do and I test and the code comes up and says you know to center with an oxygen sensor in the exhaust. It could be one of four or five different centers on that one side it could be something else. So you buy an electrical part and install it through the code. The first thing you want to do is you want to send it back but you need to be very careful with, especially electrical item because if you install it properly could short out. If you strip the threads on O2 sensor something you damage the wires your document you not to be able to return no.

We have our policy is part of the work for you back you know if it's the wrong part.

Obviously, if in the back. Okay, but you definitely need to be cautious and I think my advice in that area.

Specifically, specially electrical, don't take it out for the granite base code and just take it for face value thing. This must be it. Double check it on the Internet Google it you want to searching search that part search you'll find sure you can find any car that you're having an issue with. If you googled it.

That specific problem you can have 1021 even YouTube videos showing you how you got to see this showing could be for signs of heart and all those things that we got a lot more with Andy coming up we got this whole tire pressure should we overplayed our time should we trust what's on the door to find out when we come back we still need your questions 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Would love to hear from you 866-34-TRUTH you may feel under pressure. When you lift and all the tire pressure is what were fixed the dark about the day on the Christian card as showing our producer found a very assertive full of air.

Tonight I'd forgotten about lack of a better way to put is working to get into this question about tire pressure, but we have anti-Vitec is well with us today with auto parts and we have Ron Marga Donna with this from Michelin and welcome Ron and Rhonda's attire safety expert with Michelin and as I was telling our listeners at the beginning of the show. I got this email and this person at a very specific question, and they informed mechanic had told them many been informed mechanic 20 years, you have fully certified told him to run the maximum PS I've printed on the side of the tire, and he felt like the tire pressure that was printed in the door jam was simply a suggestion from the manufacturer based on they wanted you to wear your tires out too soon and so it had me a little worried that people do that because it just is. There is a lot of safety issues there and I was wondering your response that Ron Robbie many many times daily for consumers because there during instructions on tire pressure but air. Here's what Michelin recommend their we feel that the pressure that is on the doorjamb or what we referred to in the industry of the tire lacquered which you can find in your doorjamb on the glovebox but you have to remember now that the car manufacturer or the truck manufacturer each and every tire goes through a very stringent hub obligation expectation profit with the auto manufacturing engineers and those that are particularly involved in the Caspian pension design of that particular vehicle and really those are the people that that those pressures on the placard that am talking about and what are they looking at well looking at many property tire, but they're looking for what I would say that best balance of tire performance with the vehicle in concert with the suspension might talk about one talk about things like you know the handling characteristics of the vehicle. The right comfort of the vehicle currently fuel economy is important to the original equipment manufacturer but also the tread life so what we have taken the position of in North America with Michelin is that our publications in our communication to all of the people lipservice are tired use that placard pressure because those are the people that that no ultimate performance.coming back you mechanic running a little bit higher pressure that totally wrong, I mean the answer is no doubt the optimize level. I think one mistake that he may be concluding that they will get better where that's not really true because a higher pressure sometimes changes what we call the contact pressure rest area of the of the road surface and higher pressure sometimes is not the best world where life I think it's somewhat of a myth that the current manufacturer are lowering the pressure tried like I think the real answer is to put the pressure there to balance all of the performance of their speaking in that particular there's one more thing that I would like to mention about that Robbie and that is not only Michelin but probably most of the time and factors are putting higher maximum pressures that are branded on flyball used to be in 15 years ago 35 psi would be a common pressure back but now today were you think 44 and even in many cases 50 1 PM time in the placard pressure is… Meditate lacquered 30 2:33 PM five so I think it would be erroneous for anybody mechanic or consumer to look at the flyball to put the pressure because they would create quality in battle two things that jumped out at me. Ron were stopping distance and in bad weather, hydroplaning.

That kind of thing does not greatly and if you are overinflated you don't get that phone tire pad on the ground and you're right, right. Another reason for safety are bright, hydroplaning, which are really two different mechanism what you want to have good eating and contact pressure with the road service to ensure that any of the reasons why they would look lacquered and not deviate.

There's one thing that can be said and I'm sure you would agree with me.

Ron if anybody is at least paying attention to the tire pressure there ahead of most that you know one of the biggest problems obviously is people don't even check their dark, that one of the issues that we make sure that there are maintenance truck. No problem from a recommendation we we tried to encourage people to check their place in proper monthly certainly possible, but normally most people to tires rotated and when they get the road. I'm sure the service technician will adjust the pressure again to the black. You know it's funny because your reader to note recommending on the hi-fi going viral pressure.

One of the things that we worry about it under inflation with it out with the tire overheating a whole other issue humorists that were brought about by the look lacquered in a brain area certainly be on the hi-fi will we tested this by the way Christian as well as all the parts nuts and in this article talks about the end of the show if you look at the picture that Michelin provides there at their website they have a really really cool looking tire gauge and I was extremely jealous when I saw that picture I was like man I guess it doesn't just measure the tire pressure and has all sorts of readings there give you a cool gadget doesn't really take that really old aged. I'm sure all the auto part or you can buy eight dollars in the accuracy may be that when you're describing currently enough to give alarm the underinflated or not, and yet yeah I know you're on with this.

I have a little tire gauge that's magnetic.

And the reason why I like it is because I put it in the inside of my gas tank door to remind me of when I open my gas tank door there since his tire pressure gauge. And even if I don't which I tried to almost every time I project might fill up with gas. Check the tire pressure than at least I'm looking at the tires gone well you know what was going on here because even a simple visual expression and inspection can help out right. Ron well it can remember no radial tires. Construction even when their properly inflated.

You have a little bit of voltage in a worrier in contact with the road surface or the driveway where we are looking though sometimes it's hard.

If a tire is like 10 psi or even 20 psi underinflated that can be readily apparent to you know the everyday consumer know me being in the car industry. I probably would pick that up because am an expert in the area, but I mean I think the everyday consumer could have a problem and that's why we don't rely on visual certainly visual. One way of looking at but get yourself a good day and measure it monthly. Just to be what we recommend you race cars so I'm sure you have some thoughts on this with Veronica. He got it tremendous amount of insight specially by what they were.

The radial tires and the individual. I run. I have a couple different cards values every day that not everything that I rotate the truck and so on and when I'm getting just visual and audiovisual. If you're in tune with your car. I think drivability will be different. If you have low tire or tires and wanted especially in the wintertime you have the cold weather that is going to reduce the contract, the Aaron lower pressure more often. So you need to really check in the wintertime I fully worry about bringing the Vega garment. There the rule on the weight you for every 10° drop in temperature to the Big Apple. There, sobbing. If you review at the just say hypothetically you had your wife excellently. On July 1 in your tires are properly inflated. Become like December January in South Carolina here are temperature high 2030 service to the house and stop this is so interesting that we got a go. This segment we come back to appraisal by the life of Ron that was just awesome. My fish is on so much with this will have the mission is well come back are producers found the exact song talk about the pressures of tires that we've been talking about. We've been talking about the wonderful announcement of Jesus labor love, now has a new underwriter auto parts single moms widow's car repair that we've been doing for number years now we have a resource to help us with qualified participants to be of the provide those parts and along that way you have a resource now on the Christian card – you can call with your questions about buying parts online or parts in general. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I've got Andy VTEC one of the three parts nuts with us and by the way next week on our Christian card I theater we have a new episode which is going to feature the auto parts nuts called tight is right. I'm very excited about hearing that are anti-caraway, and so in the last segment of Christian card I show you know we do our appraisal by the real black book and that's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure Crown for discernment lift up my voice.

Understanding comes it's always my pleasure to see what God has been teaching me through the week are wise to see how that applies to my spiritual life and this week I felt like he gave us some real illumination through experts like Andy and Ron and how does God illuminate our hearts as the Holy Spirit, so to speak, and if I spoken before that the bodies is the temple of the Holy Spirit will this week I was asked to give a message.

Actually, a week from Sunday next week from Sunday at peace church in Durham and Mike friend, Pastor James Banks asked me to speak. If I could on revelations 15 through 22 was like oh my work out you know that's a series that's a lot that I don't know about one sermon about size, but I thought well if if God's got this for me. He's going to be this download and man oh man did he give me a download. This week is brought well I'll reread 15 through 22, with fresh eyes and so when I started to read that. All of a sudden it hit me like a ton of bricks that I never cease to amaze me how little I know about this at this.

I had a giant misunderstanding about eternity because in revelations 2122 and you click this, by the way, we have all the stuff and all the links and stuff, talk about here in a minute.

It's all Christian Car you'll see a picture of the menorah you if you click on that article, you'll see all this, but in Revelation 2122 it says I did not see a temple in the city talk about the new Jerusalem. I didn't see a temple in the city because the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its temple in my heart would just like bewildered. Wait a minute, I had this picture of heaven with the lampstand in the thrones in the end, and the four living creatures and wait a minute, you may normally go through eternity.

Apple what does that mean and so I decided to go back and do some more study on the menorah because you know how if people listen regularly know how I love that picture of the seven spirits of God in Isaiah 11 and how those lamps and the menorah are the spirit of wisdom and counsel in my knowledge and in all those things illuminate the delight in the fear of the Lord which is which is Christ, and so I went back and studied the menorah and I found something that was just really a neat picture of what I'm talking about in it again there's a link to it is called a closer look at the menorah and the thing that struck me was that when you look in Numbers 82. It tells them how they were supposed to light the menorah and when you look at it.

It's a little hard to understand, and the translation that we have it when you really study it wicks of the six lights were supposed to point towards the center one and so all the lights were supposed to illuminate the centerline. What when you begin to think about that if if the Holy Spirit there to illuminate Christ in our hearts. It only makes sense that all those lights would be pointing towards Christ, which is a picture of what we had in the menorah what God gave him in the temple and the article goes on to explain that the word menorah meant actually hard to make and that in the mid-rash which was some Jewish writings they they had said that they through Moses through a bar of gold into the fire and God had to make the menorah because it was so hard to make that with all its you and all the things that were assembled there and that the menorah that was in the temple was had a miraculous quality unit that the middle light and it says this).

The midrash had no idea the mid unite the bad to keep the lights kindled all night long with the middle light never went out miraculously that all the other six would burn out.

But the one that was in the middle based on the way.

It was made in the way. Hello, I would suppose or something. It would never go out and tell the night that the veil was torn into and the it's actually in the midrash, it's actually in the red bionic writings not in the Bible now, but in their writings and there's a link to it in Christian Car or after Christ died. The light no longer stayed lit through the night for the 30 years prior to her 40 years prior to the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D. and there were three other miracles that went into that. I won't go into detail, but if you come to the sermon that I give it peace church on Sunday and Durham happen to be in that area anywhere. I would love to see you and again the links there.

I can give you the story of the other miracles that accompanied that one where the light didn't stay lit, but the picture is this that when we go off into eternity. We are joined where the bride of Christ in the that the illumination that comes from all that to illuminate Christ is going to be inside of us and we're the tabernacle of God is now admin.

And so, how cool is it that we get a chance to do that and so also thought it was really wonderful that this illumination provided us with auto parts The God illuminated us in this ministry to that resource how to be really good for you guys to hear you know Andy you had a relationship with Christ and he kind of drew you into this and can you kinda tell us a little bit of the story of your life and how God you know got you where you are now sure everything is a little bit. My background is not just the geeky guy so to speak, computer guys at the start site I grew up in a small town outside of Scranton, Pennsylvania and I was driving I first started writing I was sick. We only had a part-time policeman in the town and didn't really get what you want from my first car in on that hand. I met with the Pontiac GTO PPO and then I my brother's eye. I'm the youngest of four and they were all were all in the cards and I had 165 cards by the time I was 17. So we had a little restaurant my parents at a restaurant there and if someone broke down traveling through town.

My dad would they made their way to the restaurant you to phone my dad would whistle for us and told to go get the car got car in the person's car. Back to the restaurant fix-it foreman when we become active for all those years of common interesting upbringing but Lotta love a lot of weekly church in God and so on in our lives. The entire time). I been racing for 25 years and currently I my favorite part of that I have few racecars, the late Jim Fitzgerald's car was originally from the area. While and his daughter Mary Jo. Her birthday was yesterday. Now I music this year and we don't have a lot of time left. I did want to make the connection cool that God gave Andy a father that wanted to reach out and help folks that were stranded out there and now he's given them a way to do that through the Jesus labor love you have Andy on again real soon so you can hear a lot of how he actually gave the Christ in his testimony that Andy, thank you so much for being on with a straight arrow at house on again go to Christian Car

Find out all those links. Grandma speak in Durham next week and by all means idea of what your picture of eternity is and spend some time in the Lord that week this week enjoying that check those tire pressure you know. Check out all the parts The website remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went

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