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“LIVE ON LOCATION TODAY” Middle Eastern Christian Festival

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore
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September 17, 2016 1:09 pm

“LIVE ON LOCATION TODAY” Middle Eastern Christian Festival

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore

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September 17, 2016 1:09 pm

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Thank you for listening to this edition of the Christian heart podcast is brought to you by Mr. quick logging road. Mr. quick is the opportunity for you to start your own roadside assistance business.

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Whether you're looking for a business opportunity or need of emergency roadside assistance. Is Mr. quick to clock in Now sit back and enjoy this podcast, the Christian card and welcome to the special location edition of the Christian card I show yes on location at the Middle Eastern Christian festival in Kernersville come break pleaded with us for this amazing selection. The Middle Eastern food and dancing and music people here from all parts of the memories Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Iran places I never heard of. If you're in the area. Come join us will be on location all day. Now sit back and enjoy this special live on location ignition of the Christian card I radio show Christian Car Guy radio show initiation Bible style is live in an Jesus himself was live on location in the Middle East. At one point, I write Bob questions a day on the Christian card I show were pondering this. A lot of them hope you ponder with this is when it comes to your vehicle.

Jesus said, apart from me you can do nothing.

Jesus was pretty clear on that. When he Bob Johnson 15 five apart for me.

What can you do nothing about, found that out anytime this week I got a very clear yeah yeah talk about that a minute so yes were here on location of the Middle Eastern Christian festival. In fact, we have Majeed with this Majeed you are from Iran. Iran is material and how long have you been here in the United States 21 years 21 years and you are a member here at the Arabic Christian church is one 2000 reveal it to me just talk to me this release your belief that you use to accept me as your Savior. Since that and I'm sending the churches I went to the different churches get to know the service pack 2004 since the coming only. So when you are ready when you are born in Iran. I born in Kuwait Airways and gloppy neuron in Kuwait.

Both and so were you brought a puzzle. She had fundamental radical is not Federalist, just just know very conservative's most and so when you hurt God, through Jesus Christ.

Here you know is not an easy thing for your family. We always as Muslims believe that Jesus was a prophet and Jesus didn't die somebody else look like came cursive and then the one that the old lady told me you wanted Jesus come to your heart's tall and Jesus can come to my heart, but is Jesus as prophet is like me and you know Jesus is God's ability for things is going to come to my heart easily.

Let it come the same nine scene they baptized Holy Spirit, and I accept the symbolism sandwich is a heavy-duty thing is culture.

It is heavy-duty. My call to see if you convert to different belief which is I believe Christianity is not religion is the belief his relationship with you convert it you will be paying in cursive. I think that Hank you say the difficulty of yes and we have got again with you can come join us if you're in the area today in the Kernersville North Carolina area you come out quicker road and believe me you will be amazed because the neat thing is, you have Majeed here Fred he's from Iran, but about two stations over from the people in Israel because there is Middle Eastern and we have Iraq and we have people from Kuwait where people from Lebanon. We have been using in Syrians Egyptian different backgrounds Middle East and it's absolutely free admission and free parking. There are so many attractions or stuff your kids to do. There's all sorts of reasons even have stuff to give away yet we doing that almost as to the next. I think is seven years old eight years executive. You continually doing that so we successfully in the food Bob, it's a treated Allison that I look forward to coming every time. Now they have these things, they look like. There's Thomas.

I know there's these the stuff that's wrapped in kebab Bath at the Grapevine real man is just amazing. So by all means, if you're hungry this afternoon.

The weather is what opportunity to come out the Kernersville and join us. But as we are talking about in the Christian card. I realm how do you abide in Christ when it comes to your car so yes we have some car prayers to share and how you can be a good racecar driver Bob has a tip for that one, but we need your input, your sit there today going with this is how I abide in Christ comes to my vehicle will have to do that with your tip.

Call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH if you digitally gifted your tip might help thousands abide in Jesus. Or maybe there's a story like you just heard from Majeed on how you abide in Christ. How that happened in your life how that became a radical change for you because it is for every single person we said is heavy-duty and is culture.

Honestly Bob is heavy-duty in our culture. It is for Sharon. It's just amazing how that message came to my ears and that I'm looking forward to sharing that in a little while.

So what if it feel like for you 866-34-TRUTH 87884 tell us your story of abiding in Jesus, 866 is the phone number because it's low like if I said for fast 866-348-7884 the toll-free call and we got 20 lines open. We would love to hear from you that for me I had to share this one story of I was abiding in my car. One time I was on my way back from the National religious broadcasters convention in Nashville Tennessee that year and I'm driving back across the mountains of Tennessee and I am praying God, I know you want more out of the Christian card I show them what were doing and I have the sense that and what can we do it on praying and praying and asking God and I'm listening at the same time as you might imagine Howard to Christian radio and as I'm listening to Christian radio. These men are on there and talk about that on the weekend. They have a team that goes out the first Saturday of every month to single moms and widows that it wouldn't go by themselves that they would go out as a team and they would help a single mama widow with repairs on their gutters. Or maybe they had some plumbing issue or whatever it would be that as a team they would go out there and as I was listening to this I thought God is this what you tell me we need to do this through the Christian card.

I surely could create something for single moms and widows and thus was born the Jesus labor, low which is car repair for single moms and widows and families in crisis across the country. Any we get involved in this every week and you know it was part of how I abide in Christ that they in the car and it was in 2000 11 February 2011, but just this week I have to take this quick story.

It all has to do it abiding abiding today. I had a an application come in from a lady I want even tell you the state because she was a victim of domestic violence and so she was under protection. I couldn't even get her last name.

I got the reference information so I could see you know who and where is all that was involved that this lady was literally on the run from her husband and she her car was broken out was making this horrible clicking noise. I thought it was a CV joint based on what what she was explaining to me, but what I knew is it she knew she knew nobody in the area because she was in a strange area. This man was clearly still stocking her. They had police all over looking for him. It was it was a situation and so I just couldn't send me your address. Bob sizable, just send me the ZIP Code.

If you send me the ZIP Code that I can Google find a good somebody in the area right so here you are, your praying, Lord, I need your help because I don't know anybody in this area country, not a softball. I do not suckle for probably 300 miles from where she was and the first-rate glycol demand was actually pretty rude and I thought well this is a good connection here, so I'm to say okay will thank you for your help and so I called another one which is a tire company and talk to a man I told him the situation and he immediately and his name was Joe Bob J. OBE I felt like I had to be in the right place of an Job said probably object or object recurrent for free to skitter over here and will find out what's going on and what was going on was an emergency break in stock and completely worn out. The brakes on the car and so she needed like what was $600 worth of stuff and editors and yeah you know the whole situation and it was really I was like, way more than I could even swallow. But he said I'll try to work with you on a price you you do what you can do and will talk to her. I hear the music in the background and we gotta go to breakaway comebacker here. The rest of the story. Find out what our appraisal is by the real life according to hear more from Majeed from find out where the family. But most of all I need to hear from you is a way that you abide in Christ, 864 8788, not welcome back to the first day we are live on location Festival location is is and one of the reasons that were here today, Majeed is to really give folks another face of the Middle East. People see Middle Eastern people and they naturally think they're all Muslim and they naturally have all these different thoughts in their mind but there is a Christian faith to the Middle East and when you see and hear all combined in the festival like this is really wonderful and and so that's what you guys are kind of explains our listeners why you guys do this every year as a nation talking about that since the goal bring the people Christ get to know them who they need to believe that there who's going to be trusted.

If you're looking for salvation to Christ. The snow questions is no. The explanation out on not fašade 40 call preacher or explanations.

I don't know anything is to explain, but what I'm saying that from my experience I believe the Christ, the way to get the point you are looking for your attorney to go in and you know Bob, one of the things that I just amazes me about this every year as we hear all these amazing stories we see how God is working around the world, but is sometimes just working right on presence like in the story outside about the Jesus labor love. I need to finish. Actually, people wondered so the good news was that we got it to where we could get this car fixed for 300 we could get to work.


Not completely fixed but where she could get her and she had a child that she was driving out of the car. The car was not drivable. It was not safe for $325 and you know we have some donations we were hope to get some donations. Lastly for the lady that was living in a car and many come in. So I'm just praying God, I don't know what would I do that meet the needs and all the sudden the donation came in for 250 and where I would meet this need for this lady and you should've heard her.

The sound of her voice when she was able to drive her car and get her child around trying to find a job in a new location. All that was going on in your life and you can see, you know that she, I gotta take this part story when I was waiting to find the other money I got a text from her since I don't know, to do this I will have so much for my light bill and so much my power bill and I just I just don't know what to do and I'm praying and praying and praying that I know God is to provide for this will during the time that I did know that she went to go get ready to leave her car. I got the other donation, and that would make make it happen for her so that it would be painful.

Resident will email back that I was I was praying and then all of a sudden here it was and it was so clear to me that Jesus was the hero of the story which was the whole idea that Jesus labor love is is God comes from for people in it happens time and time again, and he did in your life really your obedience with this program.

It's just amazing to me the first time he approached me about it just sounded like a great idea and an unheard of bad guys going and working on people's houses and helping out with yard work and stuff like that but I never heard of the car thing and it was just such a miraculous idea handed Larry standing help so many people with programming and I just had the people realize how help ideas and how much you know were spreading the gospel and showing God's love by helping these ladies out with their cars and not jumping behind this was some donations and the hippocampus where you know where we can be helpful to fund if we do still have that lady was living in her car and we have other needs for that car that I was just describing and so you can you can go online to Christian Car By the way, to find out where were out here Kernersville the day and come join us and find out all about the festival but you can see a place to donate their Christian Car as well as you can go to the Jesus I mean you can just mailing a check to Jesus labor love. It's 238*SAU RA laying in my Senate right now. Yes Eric 238 Sarai Ln. in Winston-Salem, NC 27727107. Again Jesus labor love 238 Sarai Ln., Winston-Salem, NC 27107, but father was on actually went on in your life as well. This week, but you are your abide yes her brother and this week that I had some really big nations working itself as a nation you every day, says that it hasn't worked has its own level of stress and anxieties and everything and and I can handle that. If everything else is in balance in my life and that I let my life get a little bit out of balance. I was just just not a great point ally absolutely was.

I was distressed. I was concerned about my son and I was really down about that and a dear friend of mine that lost his daughter to addiction show that and he was talking to me about. May she be afraid of him God to God, thank you and he asked me said Bob told Lori a manager. Why you and I think everything's fine and all the now had hadn't thought about her well as soon as five minutes after he laughed I was coming to know why I went ahead and confessed to her, you know where one is in my mind and not how bad my heart was how I needed help and that I went ahead and convinced that Erin Brandon also asked me about the help I got in the past. In the context of those nights and I've been up to my wife about it and shortly thereafter Robbie Gilmore came by and visited with me and like the Lord just pelted me with friends and healing in an analysis to relieve the stress and my depression and everything just a great day for me. Oliver said that it all came from my afternoon at Sharon with the people closest to me about my problems instead of trying to just man, Sam.

You know, again, it's all a part of being a brother in Christ you know that hey you got people you can share this with you don't have to go it alone. Your abide in your car. You're biting at work tomorrow for your biting in the Middle East and Chris that what we need your call to tell us how you doing 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH so much more shall not come back to this area. Middle East is on location with Kareem and all these people that I believe we we found a monument. It's amazing to hear their stories and to hear how they are abiding in Christ, and we would love to hear how you are abiding in Christ.

You call us with how you do that in your car. What is your tip on how to be a great car driver, 866348788486634 Trussell machine when you're been here for 20 years. How old were you when you left for actually when conveyed by a locked back nine euros and I had to go to Iran for years after nine months trying to get the visa so I can you 994 and 94 was almost like 20 so were you driving back in the days when your so you have to check what is driving like in the RAM versus driving in was just absolutely driving a neuron is complicated and hectic for those terrorist did not dry out all the get on freak out. But again, it's still clearly different.

Again, this is not the same.

So because it is not the same.

Driving is not the same as US hear more, organize more actually managing or probably for cultural density of the cultural is so it's a wild thing to drive is interesting irrefutably interested to see that he not going to say that they cannot kill each other by driving under the get to see that the expert driving mean me one traffic wise like put it in New York, New York, Chicago we drive is too hectic to try to get all zigzagged together. Same as exceeded what what kind of cars that they have, you remember what was the cool car that's funny the things that's all. Rosie was a you have a car where did you have a refrigerator over this. It will we all live in the 21 first century expecting I was riding the horse and donkey over there is always going to sign so I'm going to say that people some of the will's percentage of people they don't have the educational do not educating themselves upon others countries history a jackal so it's good teeny tiny get to know that I read in the banister, so I know that you have a call, you are not gliding. Thank you, cartage. Actually, my dad will basically driving. That's because it was cute. Karina 1978 in 19 Toyota 19 778 Corolla Karina line Karina Brawner from Cooley while he was leaving late and we still have it sitting how we use it. So Bob, if you ever on the similar to the Corolla display. I can't say that I have is not in US so that there had Chris and Karen Robbie still have Karina brothers of the Corolla and we had.

We still have and you never trust one never did.

I didn't realize what I was scratching at that time so you can picture yourself driving around in quavering around you can picture yourself driving New York maybe you live in New York. Maybe your driving today in Seattle Washington.

How do you abide in Christ while your under the traffic and and and Bob is a pretty good tip today.

You know, one of the ways you can be a racecar driver fighting the first time you said racecar driver. I thought you said a racecar driver is not like that's not really the point that I realized great and the driver around and show God's grace wheel. When the person beside you may begin a new year number one and not necessarily right and nosing and people get really excited out there and I used to be so aggressive in my driving and I was a Hornblower and that whimper whipping out of his lane into another line and I finally heard it 1 Day You Will Dr. is Jesus Christ sitting in that passengers it will improve your driving. It will improve your attitude and your mental disposition and will improve the way you handle people other papers driving and help you stay calm because you're not going to do hand signals inappropriate hand signals in the car with anything everybody would drive just like that the master himself was right there in the car with just improve everything about your job. I'm not going to say I'm perfect driver now that I'm exactly where I need to be conscious, need to accomplish. I have a better attitude about driving and my/restful for me that seemed a little while we you know, had a question that we did years ago we had people calling in.

What is it that you can do to react to that person it's texting and driving. That's right in front of you. What is it that you can do to react that you know personally just flew by you in a motorcycle when you saw them just change over three lanes yourself. Oh man, I hope please order whatever it is that you may be thinking, how is it that you can react gracefully to that is a great question and my mother actually years ago called in with the answer that after we get a whole show like this and she called him and she said well what you do on this. You know I struggle with the same thing she said you pray for them to sit there and and that one piece of insight. My mother gave me years ago. I cannot tell you how many times I just this week there was a man that I don't know how fast he was going by me on a motorcycle when I sign this stuff. I was like man that's not good, but I immediately went to prayer think I can't do anything else to pray for the man because you know he's really endangering his life. It's scary to watch others and others are sometimes when you realize that where only endangering our sales inappropriately where endangering others around us. So many people just don't take a minute thing is not going to happen you get there that much faster. So there is that kind of abiding warrior in the heat of the moment kind of thing. But then there's an overall kind of abiding, and I thought through some of these carburetors. I called him that. You know I want to glorify God with my car. How is it that I can go about doing that and you know one of the most interesting things I find that so few people are truly including me.

I have to really work hard at being grateful grateful for a radio show that where I can talk to people like you today grateful for Christian festival here in a Middle Eastern Christian festival but I just grateful for the Lord is provided a car that I'm not on a horse for the sake and you don't really as I get into my car thinking God. This is really cool that I have read which I do and I believe me every time thousand miles on it, fine. Thank God I'm like wow you know there's just a grateful heart is saying you know I I wonder how many things that I come up short in that particular way of abiding of just truly being grateful and then begin the thought. Think about this through the Lord's prayer right that his kingdom would come, and what you describe as if Jesus is there with you his kingdom would come into your car, but it is kingdom would come through what it is that I'm fixed on my on a mission that is know in any way and expand the kingdom or whatever. So think about how many trips you've taken over the last month or two where you had sort of a captive audience right I got to go take my daughter yet until this week and that discussion that we have for that 45 minute is a real opportunity right to bring the kingdom of God. When you have a captive audience you had one this week. The your statement about the added strategies healing medicine in the world so many times when I'm having my worst day is when I'm caught up, fail and be grateful that I can help people and you know what he wants me to do this to my fail, and in fact my that is best for me being grateful for me that how we got to go to another break.

I'm sure you have that wonderful music of the fact that if you could smell the food on my world and I just had his coffee was actually coffee and tea well come back to live on location background were drinking Turkish coffee, which is out of this world is waking us up in about yellowcake, but if you're sitting right here I'm sitting you can look and you can see the smoke coming up from the kebabs and smell all those wonderful smells and then I see it over here with people from Syria and then that flag right there.

Majid wears that Iraq Iraq Iraq infant flag and then over here we have Israel what's is that Egypt that flag, Jordanians, Syrians, sign the first things that low coming and so the town that you grew up in, and he ran. I grew up in Kuwait, you grew up in Kuwait. How big was what town wasn't quick, candid makers around political, five, six hours, not without city different neighborhood Kuwait City Central Kuwait, which is making those businesses. Financial goals and other neighborhood called Brassfield thing, but I'm I my dad's hometown is Esfahan sensibility line and I also went to school over there until his tingling and went back so when you came over the United States and you been a member here, the friendlier brick church in Cartersville for some time. I'm wondering what you saw that your like wow God I never would've thought my life would be here and what what that felt the first when I came actually I was walking dead neighborhood in 9001 the I'm going to attend.

I see the signs is one coming into different languages and I will send means will come and I'm wondering is church a year or not they are accepting people to hold speaking Arabic to so never been there this past six years when I was in before even though I said because I never attended after on two years after prior to that, I accept the cries and attending different American churches incident the one of the settings for an as you want a job for one of the guys which is sending a member of the church and the I came in the work for him in unit accepting Christ and coming so deep in the environment is church and I went without exactly used to be in Greensboro right now. Been here for seven years so you are there times that people come in because they recognize this culture and they go wow that looks like people that speak my language kind of things that are actually it's not that it's not that one day they will not know common kit with their own language people but again the whole purpose. It's hard to two interviews Christ because they believe they have dozen let him go, what you need to believe in their sticking their tradition. They had a very deep traditional really is so out your recommendation to be friends that are that have friends from Syria or from whoever has it will widen and listen for that one the first things that the Christ taught us to have them love of each other so get to know a person having love for them. Get to know you and then from that through the process God will because there are so just plan to see and pray he got exactly and he does this doesn't mean that you need to leave them alone will be sticking friends with them. Try this is candid and praying with them all the you found that with your own family. I was struggling with my mom insisted they are back home, but always talking about Christ ago. Make sure that you looking for the celebration. It's very painful for me that my mom and sisters. Not believing in Christ by the will coming mean that I'm Christian, not hating.

There are not strictly means you are not rejecting all the things that absolutely because and they have they don't have any problem and also the boundary we have everything. The family is strong those listings we can be praying for Majid's family for his mother for his sisters just this week I heard greatly for my own family. I will cure necessarily somebody that I've been praying for a long time, long time in my family. I heard it come to the Lord is just amazing thing that God does that well.

I want to share that I told you last week about this book I'm reading Julian of Norwich. Her 16 divine revelations of lives. It was the first book written in English by a woman translated are. She noted she was English in Norwich in 1375.

She was dying of the bubonic plague in 1375 and she saw Christ and again andeverybody in England was Giving everybody in your post catheter reformation at and so she is getting the last rites and she sees his crucifixion above her head and it believes, and she actually begins to see these things of God, and at first it sounds like you out and about this, but the more you read it tomorrow.

You realize that this lady had an encounter with Jesus Christ and this lady is sharing with you the things that he taught her, and she clearly clear I made for me.

It couldn't be more clear how the love that she had for God and what he was showing her and she really Lamenting the fact that she couldn't abide in them constantly if you're like me in the morning you get up and you praying you do these things in and you maybe read your Bible.

I hope you do and then you feel like close to God.

What about 15 minutes down the road I work in a hard cause and whatever happens in or I can get my computer set up the remote, totally not abiding at that point and she was really frustrated with that and and and and she said God why is it I can't get it. I can't get it. I showed her this picture that I want today that I thought was so glorious. It was a picture of the Lord and the servant and the Lord she said was such a person that was his gracious and wonderful and have this wonderful smile and demeanor and the servant really came to him as I really really want to serve you and I want to go do something in whatever it was that he sent them to go do.

He immediately fell in a big mud pile and he cut himself and he got hurt and he was struggling and he couldn't get out and he couldn't serve the Lord.

This was a Lord and of those days in England right you see in the Lord in the servant and she said can you see how this Lord is so blessed by the servant and our bodies trying, in spite of the fact that he's getting covered in my knees hurt and all this is showing them grace and that's how the Lord feels when he sees your heart take off in the morning and you're trying to serve, but that doesn't take long to fall in the mud and you get cut up and there you are all the things I will remember the Scripture chapter 7 right that I want to do. I don't do that, but I do that I don't want the whole battle, but she was given this picture of grace time of your friend Adam drapers another picture. Grace that you can see these things so were so blessed that you joined us today on a Christian card show again. If you're still in the Kernersville area or in North Carolina somewhere. We wish you, join us here and we got a lot more coming up from the Middle Eastern Christian festival here on the Truth Network. But thank you for was a Christian card. I sure remember Jesus walk everywhere he went, got all done 33 years and slow down thank you for listening

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