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It Is Finished, So REST Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore
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April 20, 2019 12:35 pm

It Is Finished, So REST Into Your Hands I Commit My Spirit

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore

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April 20, 2019 12:35 pm

Do You Think its a coincidence that Jesus sixth word from the cross was “It is finished” and on the sixth day of creation God finished? Even more so, do you think its a further coincidence that Jesus seventh word from the cross was, “Into Your hands I commit my Spirit,” Find Out on this Easter Saturday edition of the Christian Car Guy

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This is the Truth Network radio show. He will be no test into your hands I commit my spirit. Interestingly, if you listen about intro, which I do love the Eagles caught that line and peaceful easy feeling where he says you know I got a peaceful easy feeling as I know you won't let me down. Well, that's where peace is there, because I know you won't let me down because I'm already standing on the ground while just what if you are in Christ is not gonna let you down and there is a peaceful easy feeling. As a result of it is finished. So what is all that mean Robbie well it's Easter Eve rhyming one exciting time to be on a Christian card. I shall write your absolutely big weekend that's for sure. Absolutely. And a lot know my bosses name is Stu Epperson just a wonderful man and he wrote a book she wasters ago called the last words of Jesus and those last words of Jesus in order of the six stored in the seven portents. It is finished and if you put that together with in your hands I commit or commend my spirit. Think about this. Is it any coincidence that Jesus is six word was its finished. When on the sixth day of creation six word sixth day of creation. It was finished and you even think that it's more of a coincidence that Jesus seventh word was in your hands I commend my spirit when that's the ultimate picture of rest right. That's the peaceful easy feeling. I mean, when we can just really trust God's got this, then we can rest now part of this is kind of a two-part show here. The first part is it is finished.

So it's really really good to finish something well and is a public speaker. I can tell you that part of our problem is we don't finish it. I go to preach a sermon.

It was probably really good about 10 minutes before I actually finished because I think I need to help got out and give that little extra you know or enough. Think of the project that you've worked on the computer and you can't just say it's finished.

You can't just be done with it. You have to write you have to not leave well enough alone. I guess Jerry is the way to put it in and maybe it's the when you wash your car right Jerry she just knew that. That's just human nature in Hawaii and I think if you have like to talk about doing a sermon status. We do think you know what if I can God just think he's got this message. I think you by skin about-just go a little further little further Satan washing the car, anything we do the maintenance the matter of get to that point and know that you know how you told Robbie we were talking earlier so much of that is just faith. Having faith in what you're doing and what you have done that his soon-to-be correctness outlets where you need to get to the point to stop and writes a couple weeks ago. This is an example of this accomplished. I needed to put a carburetor. I have a riding lawnmower but also a push lawnmower. A lot of us do to get the smaller places like having and so I needed.

I been needed for years to put a carburetor on this push and actually have the carburetor sitting there one of those jobs that I was just a little intimidated by this but anyway there was the carburetor it still in the box and there was the mower and it was springtime. It was a good day to do it so I might challenges I you know you take all the parts off the lawn more in order to put the new carburetor on the way I normally do projects like that unfortunately God gives me this you know I shouldn't say is that Satan is tempting me to want to test everything along the way so in all but one part on all test to make sure that's on right but the I'll test and I keep testing testing testing then going back to make sure that was exactly writer talk this way or that. Now go back and I can't be finished and so as a result, I often will never put back on those hoses or that last filter or most assuredly if you look at my writing all more like Robbie the covers missing off of this and this, in business and why is that because I was never finished, but in this case, God gave me grace and I I didn't even think about testing anything I put the carburetor on exactly like I thought it should be. Tighten the bolts torqued in the way I thought they should be without testing anything I put every single hose back and then you have been really impressed. If you're my wife Robbie put the cover back on the top before he ever pulled the rope now when you pulled the robe half by me. I just barely pulled it like halfway. The porridge is pregnant, you know, and actually ran absolutely marvelous but see then I rested because it was that it was a job I've done my part. Now I'm in trust God for the rest of the part right, I did what I could do and now cannot just be finished and trust God.

You know what that looks like you know what that feels like right well so there's the part about is it finished and now here comes the part about rest. I never thought about this with the only thing commanded to you in the 23rd Psalm right rest.

He makes me lay down and in either ear to get told lay down what's the difference between a good newborn baby and a difficult newborn baby answer right your spirit thinking with me. The one that sleeps through the night, the one that can rest so if you're a parent when you know that your children are resting in UMA trust you that blesses you. So if you look carefully at Genesis 23 which is where God is finished and it then it says, then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, and he ceased from all his work to meet and that God created for the purpose of preparing so it's fascinating that it says that God blessed the seventh day which word Brett Blass in Hebrew is Barack which means to Neil which is kind of a curveball like really God kneeled at me and how exactly did that work and what is at have to do, but let's just go back to the fact that, don't you just love Saturday.

Amen. It is Saturday and there's something special about Saturday and is no doubt my mind deserve yours Jerry that it God bless his where we just because of what are we killing goes you always. Everything even if you got a Saturday that you know just in the be pressure and and things you need to get done is just esteemed the week is a fresh start.

It's that week is behind us and yeah it's a special day so consider with me for a second that God has oneness. Jesus did finish it on the cross. It was finished and he did commit his his right and all that so but getting that idea that it is finished and finished well and God's got this and he's got my back getting that message from my head to my heart. Seems like all it's impossible.

Yesterday I was coming back from West Virginia.

I was actually up in Ohio and I had to come down 77 which those who made that trip know what that is and there is several tollbooths and is not hard to get caught up in traffic when they had some kind of construction going on but see I was trying to make it to Virginia because gas is cheaper and as I was coming down that last little corridor.

It said 26 miles to empty, and it was 5 miles to the Virginia border like I got it made us 26 miles to empty. It's 5 miles right to the Virginia border and all the sudden, everything comes to a dead stop and I look at my little Google maps and it says 43 minutes find out let me just tell you that I was not resting. I was like God's got this under control.

I was just like in total panic. So we get back to talk about resting or not resting. We want to hear your story of when it was finished or not finished and resting about listing 866-348-7884 and he no longer need on I 77 stopped in traffic and some watching. You know the little distance to empty thing is plummeting right because you know when I went into the traffic. It said 26 but now with just 2 miles down the road it it dropped to 18 you know and I'm realizing that while this thing is computing this distance to empty based on an average speed of you know something more than a mile an hour and so either I get more and more uneasy feeling right because I'm not sure his noggin, let me down here. It's pouring rain. By the way you're in the mountains of West Virginia.

You know there is a toggle between you know, Virginia and West Virginia got through in your mind is like this thing is going to run out again as Ms. Tunnell. I know if you think I have a peaceful and yet here I am.

I I've been preparing Michelle all week. I mean, I know that you know you're supposed to trust and rest. Only God's got this everything is going to be fine but you know I was. There's too much technology in cars today. I'm sick.

Just petrified by this readout going in a course I've got my phone so I'm checking Google Maps to see how long the slowdown is and I'm going back and forth now. One of the challenges my mother-in-law's in the backseat. What I turn around and what I realized was she was getting more and more and more freaked out. Now my wife is used to being around me is she's a little freaked out, but she's nowhere near as freaked out as my poor mother-in-law who sees me become the unraveled right she's watching me not rest.

She's watching somebody who's lack of faith is extremely obvious at this point you know is I'm looking at this doing that and and she's like she's praying in the backseat. Jesus told no one to do it's raining it's raining and and so my lack of faith. My lack of resting right has created this huge issue in this car that I you know I really couldn't help but see where I was responsible for that. So as I said it was very interesting. How far is it from the place where you know you're supposed but he's got this. He's on your side.

He's not got plans to harm you, but help you. How far is it to give it from your head to your heart.

It's it's always and so I think it doesn't hurt to be in a reminded but think about go back to the thing in Genesis because it says that he he blessed the day he kneeled and I've been thinking about that when you Neil and Sirs Larry, you're giving it to got your saying hey your God on not you have this under control and you are not you let me down so I should have a peaceful easy feeling. I mean, when you bow when you actually say got a know you got this then it blesses him sees like hey, Jerry knows that mother handled this, even though it looks like it's you know that your head and into the tunnel with no gas. You know that these can handle it right so I bet you're wondering, did I make it just keep you under that I make it jagged. Figure 1 well there was if you ever make the trip.

You will note right before the tunnel and I'm not even though this is like a bike trip right before the tunnel, not 1/4 of a mile. There's an exit there's no gas at that exit, I would point out that there is an accident if you go about 2 miles down that exit and then get off on another road, you know.

Thanks to technology we found the gas station and we do not run out of gas and we all survived and we once again had a peaceful easy feeling so that's my thing that I'm thinking because it is finished, we can commit right our spirit and so you got this God. So what's your story either where you want finished or where you were actually able to have a peaceful easy feeling. Maybe up a good story rather than Robbie's, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH Jerry can share some stuff on paint we gotta tell you that I have one of those Jesus liberal love stories that I think is to bless you and sure blesses me that I got to experience this week. One of those that I got a peaceful easy feeling and I actually this time I was praying and God came through in a miraculous way. Just unbelievable.

We would love to hear yours 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and same thing with telling right there in the thing is with everything that that had in life and we, being finishes just give the point of knowing that we've done the very best we can do with the knowledge we have and then to say God is his senior hands and tell but Dylan is just a note that that is just seven show in you.

Your submissive. Also, you're putting all your trust and that's what God wants us to do this you know what just completely trust him on the cross. Yet his part was finished but you know what, for us it was just in so many ways was just the just to start their ego, 866348788 force of Balmain from until the $13 Jesus labor love story on it. Do you dear distance of really cool story.

I convert this one out and then want to remind you that next week we are going to be in Douglasville, Georgia right outside of Atlanta to the west of the plan a little bit. There is a car show. We do out there every year at Sweetwater Baptist Church. I am rosette out again water is checked in Douglasville, Georgia, which is another way to Alabama so but I if you want to see how to do a car show for Jesus in my opinion these folks have and organize in such a way it is so cool how they do it in the structure that they put in so that everybody participating gets a chance to hear the gospel and they really do it.

Their sole purpose there like we're doing this because we know that a lot of these folks they don't have a church home.

They don't have a relationship with Christ or they don't have a community engagement. So next week Sweetwater Baptist Church Jesus mean excuse me? I feel like I talked about what happened.

We should've had an episode this week that I got tied up doing too many things to get to that so much more, state and means being nobody's still dusty, all the said ISU can compare that beautiful picture of stillness and peace in green pastures delayed and me on I 77 next to it with you. Notice can help but see how God is teaching me all along the way. You know every every day in the see how your faith really affects all the other people that are close to you and just wanted to point God this it is amazing how God teaches olive oil. How speak for myself on a daily basis. I sit there and look back and reflect and go you know what God was showing me this and has just just amazing in go back to the image we talked about the car show see and how to do car shows correctly. That's the tool that God is given that church to be able to reach those who don't know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. And you know what the reality is we all have a tool that is unique to us and we need to make sure we use and I said to him down and I was in my mind so to send though it either has to stuff so as I promise time community share the $13 story this this blows my mind really did. But, you know. So often I get overwhelmed by these applications.

They come in and when I saw this. Originally it was like I need a new transmission well at it with you. Even with our budget on the Jesus labor love which if you listen for the first time it's car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis and so were really good with breaks in front and these things are, two, three, $400 but when you start jumping up into the 1500 2000, you know, especially with some of these older cars you know I'm in need a car before I can put a transmission in the course of this. This one starts out I think I need a new transmission so you make that call. You're kind of like overwhelmed before you even get there but I the Lord is taught me that very shortly and the conversation is slated not bought this car terribly long ago), and Ellen and we pray and I'm telling God. You know, we need some help here were overwhelmed appreciate this lady scourged to fill out the application and come in and and so I said well first things first and it wasn't drivable know that's always difficult to know this and was drivable. The sun was drivable and she and she had called him two or three places and taken it by one and they told her that it was a Mercury and since it was a Mercury that the system is sealed, you can add transmission fluid to it without a special tool and she was wondering if Bill's auto clinic which is one of our greatest enemy make. They help me out so many times that in university and if you're in Winston-Salem on one of the greatest supporters of Jesus labor love like. And so I called Caroline and I were there. Bill's auto clinic which she's most helpful person on the planet. I tell her the story and she goes and Robbie that that system she's got to go to the dealer will now I think a new transmission and I got to go to the Ford dealer that now at this point time Robbie you're overwhelmed right. I mean, you're like this. Is this email but I'm okay so were going to the Ford dealer so I know the Ford dealer well here just worked on years ago and so you know I called her I said look it it it appears that in this Mercury district clerk that they can't do it without you know it's a sealed system need to scan add transmission fluid Celeste is taken to the dealer and see what happens. She takes it to the dealer and if I didn't live this. I would believe it. Right cheek.

She takes it one day and leaves it the whole day. She expect to get back at 5 o'clock. They haven't called her and told her anything and I'm like no man, and so she called me about 8 o'clock that night and she says will they say it's done didn't tell me how much it was her anything she said can you go by there and talk to him because he can't take a credit card over the phone so I was going to buy the next morning to pay for it. Nobody knows how much of this. So I get up to the counter, you know, and I'm expecting all sorts of things. But what I'm not expecting us. That'll be $13.50 picked up what yeah that's $13 and so much the fluid was the car had a recall and I should know this. I was a car dealer for a lot of years, Jerry. I should know.

Come on, Robbie.

Engage your brain. A lot of times these cars have recalls or they have something that the factory knows is an issue and you know so there it was plain as day that they done this, recall, and then she just had to pay for the fluid and and that's all it was and I was blessed us right out of my thoughts and that was in my favorite phone calls this week was to call her if I would guess that and I just think about this.

How cool is it that God orchestrated all that I mean, he orchestrated she contacts sheet she doesn't know what to do. She's overwhelmed she calls a ministry they pray she ends up going to the Ford dealer it ends up being $13 and God is in the whole deal. I mean it's just like oh my goodness this order. Sometimes we just need to say it often just want to get out of the way and unjustly because that means in my mind is okay if got a copy belly looked at it needs transmission need. We try to find a transmission and got Opening doors and let it back to taken back to the dealership but it's just like if you'll do your part. Robbie okay, which was you not have the courage to make this call. Don't think you can't handle it. Just let me know. Engage into the struggle. And I think often, and one of my favorite Jesus labor love story was was the lady with the air conditioner that showed up that time for you to let storage areas on the all-time greats years ago when we first started the program. The lady showed up. That said, can you help me with my air conditioner you know your body shop for all you devs want to just had I think it would just add that had the button pushed her right mean here. It is been sheet that thinks that she drove this thing for two summers with no air and burning up and combines it. I know that is her Jell-O raised body shop Rex of Sparta, Jesus labor love in didn't at that point, I don't think we even had the forms to fill out in advance is just copy and go out there and course air conditioner wasn't working on think you will wait a second here and you is that little button up as you put for the Aaron push the button and empty. One is that it would put a chill on yeah I mean it. As you no doubt that was nothing but you know God got to work things out sometimes and sometimes it is obvious is what we miss.

We miss the obvious.

So many times and probably this is a great lesson as far as recall. Step one of the first things they be having a problem how you dealer and see if there's some type of recall we do an estimate on a car. One of things we can do. We can pull up recalls the factory recalls that it will tell you what they are and you would be amazed.

Emily towns as they age.

You know, did you do this you had a factory recall in the last 18 months know but I've been having a problem with adeno taken it taken care of now.

That is, it is stating the obvious, and it's in scar 101 no doubt that that and and there's a place my website where you displayed.

Now there's a place for you put an ID number and I'll show you all the outstanding recalls he can get also get it. That's not hard to find it's it's on the Internet these days you can put your number in that the manufacturer site nonattainment recalls available but I don't want to miss the beauty of what God did in that suit lady situation. She was a widow you know so many ladies the other husband took care of their car. The whole life and and you know he was the one that was doing all stuff and so when he passed away in her air didn't work. She couldn't go honey can you go look at my air conditioner and an end reason through the fact that the little snowflake button on pushed but because God put in on our hearts to write he did. I didn't do it in the deep. He put it on our hearts to enter in for people that don't have husbands or you know whatever the situation may be fathers to help them. You know ended and that being united God put it on Robbie's heart and by God put it on Robbie's heart. He brought me and Bob and some others in on this. Because if God laid it on his heart and what a blessing just just think about it. I mean we don't we don't know how many lives are changed in and really the impact sometimes, but we know that that there is an impact. We know that through the whole process. What is the one thing we try to do in Robbie, especially trazodone and and is part of the heart of the ministry is yet probably a byproduct is to get the car back on the road and get them back in transportation and the purpose is to let them know that Jesus loves him now, and that's I was wide from the get-go.

It had to be with Jesus.

Labor love write this the make out the hero the story because the one is the one that really is all we have Sarah Linda are good friend and Port Orchard, Washington. She's got a story for Jerry Sarah Linda you're on the Christian car guy show. Again, good morning. I got short well now talk about certain sleep we got a break, and Absalom had to put you back on hold but please please please stay put, we want to hear this.When we come back to him. Here, Sarah, Linda and Port Orchard and a little bit more than Christian carcasses, stating it is finished. So rest into your hands I commit your spirit today on the Christian car guy show this Easter evenly left our hero Sarah Linda in war, Washington, Port Orchard, Washington. She had it.

I got I got it so your story sooner. I will know that you know. I knew to go with confident in the Lord feeling 19 wandering 99 that that is so well said, and it goes perfectly. It goes perfectly. Sarah Linda with some I think I want Jerry's hit done well in that role before I ran out again because that I'm writing about my life together have any man of God and yet a life a lot of growing to do and what year there like 10 years to seven years.

Each note by progression and outspend the book of Philippians and and and I heard it's going about it gave me confidence you confirmed what I what I knew last night and and and delete I'm so grateful for your program. You hear your car guy show me all you don't bring about all that God gave you daycare and I have read Indiana and I thank you thank you something from the list and sunk so they cure something and lost and God bless and have a happy Easter, but her story just in a Jerry did a funeral this week. Last weekend the voice again weeks ago for a fellow wrecker driver and at the end of that and and lodges that you tell what God puts in your heart is. This is awesome. I mean, you're gonna love to hear the story well I was a good way to do that is preparing for the funeral and stuff that I really was struggling about what to say and because I knew he was in be a diverse crowd in their maneuvers and be people who knew Christ as Lord and Savior's and be people who didn't end there is a be people who were wealthy did, but I God laid on my heart to tell the story about Albert Einstein.

If you ever heard the story about him being on a train machine it real quick and said that I back in the day Albert was traveling from New Jersey to upper New York and is the listed in the trying to conduct will go down the middle, bow and check all your tickets 20 was going down. Now he noticed that this gentleman was like searching and he gets down and he realized who it is and the doctor says you don't need a ticket.

I know who you are. Everything is fine. Don't don't worry about your ticket and just move zone is a diameter Alvernon to identify the effect those he goes down the end of the colony comes on his way back up Einstein's on the ground look inexistent frantically looking for that ticket. Conductor says Brownstein I know you are told. You don't need a ticket any last I looked at them in a panic and says you don't understand. I don't know where I'm going, so he needed that ticket to tell them what he was gone.

So I used in the funeral, to think, you know, how can you make a connection.

My thing was sticking in your pocket and everyone. Everyone of us have a ticket and a lot of us don't know where were going. We don't know where that ticket is punched unless we know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior is either going past one or two places either heaven or hell. And so we have our route were told that ticket in our pocket and pulled out make sure we know where we're going where our destination is because a table at the end of the day as this is Christ on the cross. It is finished as a be a day when our time here on earth is finished.

At that point we can go back and redo anything is to know that ticket is punished where our destination ran out of gas. And that's the end of the road and it's going down from a young alien internal you may be on the side the road today and going to matter when it has some others feel led.

Certainly Jerry to describe Mr. Liston and that touch your heart like man I don't know your so you can know.

I mean you can know that what they've been talking about Jesus dying on the cross that he really was the son of God coming that's part of the requisite is you gotta know that Jesus is in fact God son Jesus is in fact God and then you do have to see that you've got something that needs to be paid for and that's your sin.

The things that you've done that were out of alignment with God in the wages of that is death.

The wages of your sin and my sin.

What I've done. Somebody is gonna die now.

Do I believe that Jesus is the one that did the dying and I believe that not just in my head like I believe I got. I mean do I believe in my heart that Jesus really really really paid for all those despicable things I did and do accept that payment and will ask him to come into my life into my heart and make me a new creation and will I now accept that forgiveness and walk in newness of life. Because when you do that is going to give you a new heart and that new heart can be really sensitive to some new things, like when you some of those words used used that there it's going to be perfect and you feel that in so now you gotta have him as Lord of your life like and and you might know that Jesus at the end of the book of Matthew said go make disciples of the disciples are as enthusiastic learner so as a new believer, get yourself a Bible dig on in and find out all you can find out about Jesus. Find out all you can about God and and as you begin that process your new heart is going a lot more more and so connect yourself with other people, but you know and you can tell by the way they treat you that you they treat you like you're their favorite they don't judge you they're not you know that the person that sticks her nose up and judges you know this is the Christian that you see in their eyes that they love you and they want to walk beside you, in spite of the things that they know that your disappointing but but you know Jesus catches his fish with the claims of me don't clean them before this writer you know and and and the thing is that with our Christian walk where we can sometimes make a mistake. We think that you know what the hardships of this world and and the struggles and what was still going to heaven.

But is that hope in Jesus Christ. We know that know what Christ gave it all for me. Christ gave me hope for eternity. Christ gave me hope to get through this day. I mean there's days that we get up and it is just it just stinks but Jesus loves us. God loves us and God Not that he gave his son to die on the cross and also love that analogy where I was allowed to use it is where Christ was hanging on the cross you know any looks down on the cross and it wasn't that corral that he saw. He looks through eternity in his eyes was fixed only his eyes was fixed on Ravi's eyes was fixed on everyone that would look up and say you're the guy than he wants to punch a ticket yet wants you to know where you're going.

He wants you to be assured of anything he wants you to know that it is finished. Rest these got this. You've done your part.

He will do is I promise. And you know what it's gonna be absolutely phenomenal and is this weekend. Don't don't know things about the bunnies and the eggs that celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior and really cool. This week happens to be Passover week as well as a streusel. What a beautiful thing in the in the trees are shown in and all that stuff. Thank you so much for listening Christian Car Guy show. Happy Easter

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