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Christian Car Guy - A Real Insurance

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April 4, 2020 12:51 pm

Christian Car Guy - A Real Insurance

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore

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April 4, 2020 12:51 pm

Robby is off and the Christian Insurance Guy, Bill Mixon is at the mic.   A good friend named John calls in and shares in the encouraging fellowship.

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I had a leaf. Set aside. Quit worrying about the future go to for health insurance like you need protection, Christian Car Guy radio show Johnny on the regular on Robbie Cargile show a month ago when Robbie informed me he would be away this week, the mescaline journey bouquet. The world felt very different. You know, tomorrow is Palm Sunday, which commemorates the interests of Jesus into Jerusalem. This is the day that we remember and celebrate the day Jesus entered into Jerusalem as Savior and King, as Jesus rode a donkey in detail into Jerusalem, a large crowd gathered in like palm branches and clicks it on the road giving Jesus a royal treatment of royal welcome hundreds of people sheltered Hosea that to the son of David, Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest heaven before Jesus was arrested on that holy Thursday and his crucifixion on Good Friday yet is as difficult as life is right now as much as were going through right now. Yet times have been far worse, certainly far worse then and then far better for mankind. When Jesus went through this difficult week and we've gone through many wars that went through Good Friday and we came out of it very very strong as a nation tomorrow marks the beginning of holy week the final week of Lent, we celebrate this special time as we go through this trying time together in my life. Certain scriptures that come to mind in difficult. One of them is Olympians for I can do all things through Christ who strengthens in Philippians 44 rejoice in the Lord always didn't say sometimes it doesn't say in just good taught. Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again rejoice, let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by the prayer and petition with Thanksgiving present your requests to God and the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Paul said we've got the legal right petition the legal right to go to God and tell him what our concerns are at our big brother Jesus promises to go to God and over lunch. Sit there with him and share with him the concerns we have. We have an unbelievable advocate.

They are sitting at that table.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admire about if anything is excellent or praiseworthy think about those things whenever you have learned or received or heard from Paul. You see in Paul put this into practice in the God of Paul said, I rejoice greatly in the Lord that at last, your renewed concern for Paul.

Indeed, you were concerned for him, but he had no opportunity to show that I am saying this because Paul is in need, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstance that the folks out there listening that are blessed like myself that have regular paycheck coming through this difficult time and there's those of you out there that don't have a regular check coming through this difficult time and all of us know others that we come in contact with don't have a regular check coming through this time, we need to lift those people up in our prayers and we need to ask God what is the appropriate way to help those we come in contact therefore is God's chosen people in Colossians all said we are holy and dearly loved, and we should close our self in compassion and kindness, humility and gentleness and patience you blessed that I've got children that have going through this difficult time with steady paychecks to, but then their people around me that I know that are what are we doing to make a difference in their lives. How are you dealing with this difficult time are you spending more time in prayer. Are you spending more time in the Bible are you reaching out to neighbors you haven't talked to recently. Are you picking up the phone and calling family and friends you haven't talked to in a while. Are you making a difference in the people's lives. You come in contact with. I've got a special guest. He's coming on John Holland.

He is a dear friend.

He's a person I've looked up to for a long time. He is my elder and he was one of the key leading folks that help build a new church that God sent me to and John are you there Bill good morning, thank you so much for coming on you been a driving in all the wonderful things that our church is been doing to reach out to our members are Thursday night group meets because of you over our iPads in our ministers putting out a Sunday sermon. I'd love you to share some of the different ways that our church is making a difference through this difficult time in first August 1. Thank you for the kind remarks you gave me you know what I think are all called to do. Love our neighbors love ourselves bad. Your dear friend you enjoy your wife Caroline. My wife really appreciate you guys really much about Lord Scripture, and so forth. To say that. And yes, as a matter fact, our church is very much spraying like every other church and without having that continuity of people getting together and we got together elder teen and look at ways that we could still keep that connectivity, keep moving, moving off for the Lord each week as we do when we come together over the Lord and so will the first thing was to get everybody connected the so you're watching the news talk about it, I'm Skype, but it is called, you can have a paid account, but there's a free account that you can get resume signing up you get 40 minutes of free connectivity if you will with your congregation or one-on-one or small group and you have a future phone or tablet or your laptop is a camera video capable very easy to set up very easy to get connected and you can see somebody real time on the screen and have that conversation, even though we can't see there physically and even if you saw somebody in the park lot you want to say that faith you can have that same know I probably feel of connecting the screen and sharing your life with others. So I think that's a wonderful thing that we've gone I know how you feel about.

I like it not our Gideons or meeting with week using the same program just a really neat way for a large group of people to not only talk but you can see those little pictures and you can make funny faces at each other while you're at your listing to your group leader try to do something important right back. You might be more apt to make 20 faith you would) your living that they have to make a funny face.

Even we all gathered together, that's right right you were also couple of things we know that it's very easy to get concerned and anxious. I appreciate the work you shared earlier looking for and rejoicing and not being anxious over anything, you know, one of things were trying to do a redemption Hill church is we have a weekly podcast on on Wednesday.

We have been doing daily devotionals were we actually have been walking the book of Philippians. Over the past 14 days and the elders taking a passage of Scripture in Philippians and doing a devotional between El Al 08 12 minutes just to keep people connected have coming in on Facebook going for addition Hill genre, do a commercial that I want to remind people were college, call 866-348-7884 and share what you're doing in your church is doing 86637884 let let share with each other how we getting this difficult time. John will be back I had any sense. Quit worrying about the future for health insurance and John glad you're with us this morning we were talking about some of the things that our church is doing to help stay connected with with each other. I know that our small group is looking for opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. I've been taking collections to a wonderful group called dwellings working with the homeless in our community try to get by drop-off care packages. It retirement home. What are some things that you know that our church are you with the small groups doing to make a difference in the lives of a well I think first off, I think we have to have prayer life and that the overarching piece of the equation.

I think you have on it. I think you be looking out at door neighbors. I think this is a wonderful time or where we become really the feet of Christ, we are being fat as Christ sent the disciples out world.

We are now in the situation where I believe Christ is sending us out as well and we we don't way were hunkered down in our homes but we do go out and get the mail and paper the paper nowadays, but we have neighbors to the right of the left and we put a note of encouragement in their mailbox and we put a note asking hey I'm going out to the store and I get you something and I can drop it off on porch those little things can strike up a conversation. Build a relationship that somebody who might be anxious might be worried or concerned might even be going through an illness and wondering how they're going to survive this little and and so this becomes my weight on the build that relationship. So I think those are something spraying and then putting feet to having a time where you can not have a physical contact, but be able to tangibly touch a neighbor with some black I know that one of my favorite restaurants in town is punctured via an I've tried my best couple times a week to call in place in order and try to help them in business hits the neighbor kids come by and asked if there was anything they could do to make some money and decided to let somebody else mow my yard. You yes you are one of the lucky ones that have the steady paycheck coming through. I'd encourage you to pray about what you can do to make a difference in the lives of those people that are important to you if you doesn't have a regular paycheck coming through than you need to pray about economizing, but you also need to be sure not to be too proud and asked those people in your church in your small group your community of friends and let them know that you going through some tough times and you appreciate them praying for you and praying for your situation and not be too proud to take a little bit to help if it's offered. I noted that there are times in my life when you really was going through difficult times and it was hard to take help had a situation once with a family member that was in the hospital for a very extended time and the church came in and mowed the yard clean the closets and scrub things I and I remember how difficult it was to accept that help but by the time we got through it all. It really cemented some great friendships and help me appreciate that there people out there. More important, and I think John will tell you he is John your wife is somebody that just I admire so much. It's her hardest to help people. And when when those of us that need help, let those that want to help, help that they appreciate the opportunity. We appreciate the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. Don't be too proud right and I think it goes back a couple things. One is that we have the example and ask effort to where the early church comes together in a broad all their things together and live communally if you will, so that everybody had enough and so sometimes when I hear people family don't want to accept charity or they say no, and I could be somebody that momentary situation financially and I think that well you know in a couple weeks things will bounce back and I really don't needed. I'm not that desperate person but it's okay because we are all brothers and sisters in Christ and taking that thing refusing to take somebody offering a brother or sister removed the blessing that person who is being called by Christ, care of the brotherhood Christ so there's that. The other piece of it to Bill and bring up is that through this time it's very easy to forget about tithing and supporting the church. There's there's a lot of things of the church is not only does it pay for their staff right you know we sometimes forget about they may be in a situation where their brothers and sisters in Christ, just as we are and they need food on their plate and were not taking care of church then those people may be suffering. Secondly, we want to keep the ministries alive. We want to be able to continue to push the word out and be the hands and feet of Christ for not giving then were not meeting our responsibilities as the Lord has charged us with as the church so those are two things that you know we need to make sure that were doing and balance. I will say this. The difficult times like this you need to tithe based on your current situation, not the situation you were in before the situation or after point that if you got very little money coming in that little bit that you get to the church is just as powerful and important to God is a large amount, but got John your listening to the Truth Network and I had any sense. Quit worrying about the future. Go get more health insurance. Okay, I wanted move the totally different direction for second insurance agent here nationwide. We've been having some really interesting calls and trying to clarify some situations going on there a lot of large companies out there that are making life a little bit easier for those folks that are having financial difficulty. Some people think they heard the governor say that their insurance premium would be forgiven for a month and that's not the case. Most of the large insurance companies are willing to work out a payment plan for people that are unable to make a monthly premium that does it mean that that amount of money they disappears, it means that the payment is structured and they're given a little bit more time and a lot of companies are saying if you had a problem. If you are already late. You were already two weeks behind. They had already gifted you a bit of freedom on your bill before the governor said we really wish you companies would be nice that that didn't help them so what I'm saying to you is you know you had a building last week today. Next week, and you can't make it, really need to get on the phone and call that insurance company and say I understand that you're making life a little bit easier for those of us that are in hard times and you need to write down the day in the time you talk to the person you need to get that person's name and employee number and asked them what can you do to help me and then you need to understand exactly what that means.

They may say you have an extra two weeks to make this payment, but in two weeks you get OS X that in three weeks you get a Y and next month go to see Ed until you get caught up. Your payments are going to be and then I would highly recommend one. Write down exactly what they say repeat it back to them and say please assure me that you going to go in my permanent notes you gonna write down what you just told me you going to put your name and your ID and that permanent night and then you might ask, is there any chance you can send me an email. The chances are really, really, really good. They're going to say sorry, we can't do that but they all should be able to put a note in your permanent file. I know that some companies that I have worked with phone companies and cable companies that made all kinds of promises and I felt right. When I hung the phone up and then a month later when absolutely nothing. They promised me happened.

I called up and said they assured me did put a note in that permanent file with a put a note in that permanent file I was able to make everything work out wonderfully if I didn't ask them to put a note in that permanent file and more mass than I was before I called.

John works for a national company that is in the gas business and I noted that some of the gas companies are trying to be wonderful neighbors and trying to make a difference. John, do you have any idea what. In general, the gas business is doing to help people well you got on all the different gas company were propane energy for other people think about their propane gas grills but were larger than that. As far as the propane industry. We even have automobile and truck propane all sorts of commercial heaters and application for energy provision to create energy and electricity. We can use that for steam generation for turbines to create electricity and fan for that piece our company which is AmeriGas were the largest propane provider and unite, we want to do one thing number one and that is to make sure gas is falling for cost right now as you said a hard time not only are people worried about making the payments but people worried about will be cut off. That might be electric or the water and I think the state done a really good job with a we don't want to do that with little infrastructure. Somebody home and worry company is not of a utility municipal utility were company that is in the public or private sector and we want to make sure customers what is residential or commercial real know they're going to get there regardless of where they are there in good standing continue that work something out with them, but we understand the hardship that they are in. We want to make sure that we do everything that we can get them through this piece and one other thing that stood idle, but I will write my company, we understand our healthcare workers are on the frontline and their exhausted and they have the highest likelihood of contracting coded 19 and one of things that were doing, especially in the northern state's were providing gas grill cylinders like you get at Home Depot. That's one of our and were provided gas cylinders for those patio heaters and are using that in the triage to keep the doctors and nurses that are assessing people and bringing them into those pets want to keep them warm.

So I'm very proud of our organization that is literally being on call and delivering the cylinders were ever there needed for the use of healthcare workers so they can do their job.

The best situation I can when Ernie's outdoor triage I think it one thing that I'm very proud of and then also making sure they were keeping our customers and gas so they don't have to worry about that one extra problem that's going on in their life, but nobody's making that bill disappear all the good news to help read it out. You need to call and ask. It's not going to be automatic that sit there and think I don't need to make my bills. I don't need to call because if that happens, you are going to get cut off what you got to do is to contact these companies and explain to them and in some cases, some of the companies are going to require some type of proof. But in any event, you need to have that conversation and you need to keep night. Another thing I'd like to lift up is when you think about healthcare professionals and people on the front lines. There are an awful lot of those people in retirement communities and rest times in memory care units. Yet John's daughter is one of those people. I know that in one of the local retirement centers that I'm connected with. We went to the local pizza place and we got a couple hundred dollars worth the coupon so that their staff could order pizzas when it hit their schedule. So if you got loved ones in a community like that. Remember that they've got people looking after them and taking care of them that are in a extremely high risk situation and they understand that all they have to do is to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and get coughed and that means I can't go to work anymore, but worse than that they could take in those germs and calls an awful lot of damage. I read about a couple retirement communities were over half the patients got infected. Well, that happened because somebody came to work and they didn't realize that they were a hotspot themselves so if you're looking for a way if you got a check coming in on a regular basis. If you're one of those people that really aren't going to a financial bind in the situation.

Think about the facts that you know that are in retirement communities that are being taken care of by nurses doing a job that is really a difficult job that takes a really huge heart to do. And remember that those folks need a little love in comparing compassion from those of us call the facility and say look cannot drop off some gift certificates to the Wendy's around the corner. Can I give you since certificates for the local pizza delivery place. Pray about those folks that are looking after our elderly pray about our elderly. Think about ways you can make a difference now understand you can't just drop stuff stuff. Often a lot of those facilities sometimes if you got an aunt or cousin or a mother that similar retirement community like that.

The thing to do is to buy in bulk in a big package take it by let them open it and let them put put it to work but think about the folks in our retirement communities and what they're going through right now. Pick up the phone and call and use your iPad-pray about it. This lecture will need his care and compassion you're listening to Truth Network and I had any sense. Quit worrying about the future. Go get more health insurance will gotta say we've had a wonderful show is right to have John John's one of my good hiking buddies think I wore his knees out.

The last time I went had a great hike yesterday when it to Lindell Gorge and the gate was locked, so I had a 2 mile hike into the park and then got about 8 miles hike around and I mean it was gorgeous and hike back out.

We are allowed to go out and hike were allowed to go to the park's were allowed to keep fit, and I'd encourage you to do that and I just want to put a plug-in for my Facebook page Facebook bill.Mixon in my exit when I got some beautiful pictures on their and John has done a great job keeping up with all the news going on in the coronavirus and has posted some great stuff that's in there to.

This is a wild time were going through right now.

I think before it's all said and done, were all going to have to catch it.

The key is to spread that out so that our healthcare workers don't drop dead exertion. Luckily, it looks like it yet.

Most people are going to get through it with not much problems and if you are going to get with serious problems and a few of them won't get with it all set.

We need to lift all those people up, but to keep all those healthcare workers in mind. His work were praying John you're your daughters what she doing what we're shooting right now.

Well, what you said she works and living all and so of course all of those are locked down there and not letting the relative I think you nailed it perfectly.

They have to be very careful.

Those that are the caregivers with looking on to make sure that they don't contract over 19 and then spread it among the people that quite frankly will you know when your assisted living quite a few that are in unhealthy state right or compromise state so she is being very careful making sure that she doesn't come in contact.

She is taking care of the hygiene and washing the hands and also on the back is mentioned about walking in the parks and so forth.

I heard somebody tell me that they were out playing with parking and walking and beautiful weather reports Penguin the trail is one of the boys walked and and it was like a 50-50 way so there were people that were keeping their distance when they passed all men are other people that this kind of greed.


Almost shoulder to shoulder, and I would just recommend folks to make sure that you your outside and you got a breeze to feel, safe out there and united in the closed area with somebody, make sure you keep that safe distance because again you could be a systematic and not realize that your giving it off to somebody else who might be a caregiver and that caregiver might be somebody might be taking care of somebody you love and we just don't want to see that happen. I also like the lift up and say your you're allowed to do things for nonprofit so you got some extra that you want to drop off of the nonprofit.

It want to help a nonprofit deliver food to the needy. Your lab today that at the biggest one right now. We were in a dire Straits for blood before all this happened and now it's off the chart. If you are healthy.

If you are healthy you need to give serious thought to go in any given blood, and if you have given blood before I do highly encourage you to look up a pheresis and understand that there's a way for your blood donation to do about six times more than a regular blood donation is. But if you've got a a blood center and we got one in Winston-Salem on Coliseum Drive can call up and say you know it's been a while since you put one of those needles in the butt. I need to come back high on everybody's priority list right now. If your health is to go give blood. It is just absolutely dire the situation that there is now all of the this is a Christian network everybody out there if you've got Jesus in your heart. You are an ambassador for Christ. We have a responsibility in the morning when were talking to daddy to say daddy how do you want me to make a difference in my community. How do you want me to show the light of Christ today. What are we doing to make a difference in that the lies of our neighbors and our families and our friends. In this we come in contact prayerfully we need to be looking for a way to make a difference for God's grand plan to our efforts.

I know John just does a wonderful job at this and his wife.

There's an even better job than that your small group can get together in that work on a project even though you can't be in contact with each other physically, you can all pray about what he was. A group can do to make a difference in your congregation in your neighborhood in your city. John, what are we doing it at at church right now to make a difference in the community.

I know there's there's one neighborhood in east Winston with been helping yet we been no working with the folks out. We went Avenue and unfortunately were not able to be physically present and be there but were making sure that they're being keep in touch with the people that are there at kids extreme left the program at Cleveland Avenue and were really looking forward to getting out and being back there feet on the ground and without like to share it.

If you are in a small group of people that are within your congregation that you are having a hard dealing with the normal problems of life or an illness thing on the news. A lot of these drive-by array and I would encourage very social thing but everybody being in their car and just go by harmful porn and make some posters until there is no love one of their group or congregation hate me love you for thinking about you.

Praying for you and really lift their spirits. I would encourage more of those kind of things to really take care of the body of Christ. You get there people out there the organizations out there there there folks you can help by calling up one of the meal delivery places and say luck. Let me give you my credit card. Will you please take a pizza to the youth center to the retirement home or to the but you need to call first to make sure how that works on their in. We need to do if we got that regular check come in in use this period of time to make a difference in the lives of those folks that are having a hard time getting through it. We need to be praying for people we need to let them know that were praying for foot. We don't want to just hide on our sofa through this difficult time. This is the time when we can shine. This is the time when we can show the world what an ambassador of Christ looks a lot pray about it. Spend more time talking to our creator spend more time talking to our big brother spend more time making a difference in the lives of those we come in contact.

We appreciate you tuning the end. We want you to keep the station in your prayers want you to remember Robbie at all that he does and we want you to find a way to be Christ in the lives of those come in contact with. Thank you for tuning in. We will get through this. You're listening to the Truth Network and

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